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What are the directions for IGORA Vibrance?
Dual System Application On dry hair, apply IGORA Royal to root regrowth and allow to develop for 10-20 minutes. Apply IGORA Vibrance to mid-lengths and ends and develop for further 10-20 minutes. Rinse, wash and style.
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More versatility: The liquid demi-permanent colour allows you to choose between a gel or a creamy consistency for a quick application with gel, and a precise application with cream.
Love hearing about new product launches that are set to shake up the industry? Are you ready to reimagine demi-permanent hair colour as you know it? Here at Salons Direct, we are delighted to stock the latest demi-permanent hair colour innovation from Schwarzkopf Professional. Hair colour has been at the heart of Schwarzkopf Professional for over 50 years and there really is no stopping them, as the Schwarzkopf team have recently launched their new, moisturising hair colour range, IGORA vibrance!Social media continues to be a brilliant tool for the hair colour industry, not to mention the trailblazing hair salons such as ‘Not Another Salon‘ using Instagram to show off their striking, vibrant hair colour creations. Here at Salons Direct, we like to bring your clients choice, and IGORA Vibrance is perfect for those clients who want to be able to change their hair colour…without the commitment.

IGORA Vibrance is the first ammonia-free tone on tone colour that doesn’t fade, but evolves over time, meaning your clients are treated to a refreshed new tone after each wash! IGORA Vibrance is perfect for when you want to offer your clients fresh and intense colours with +70% shine. What’s more, it is absolutely ideal for those who like to go bold with their hair colour!
IGORA Vibrance is not permanent – it’s a demi-permanent hair colour that lasts up to 25 washes. Perfect for clients who love to switch up their colour, you can use IGORA Vibrance for…No matter what shade you’ve chosen to cover gray hair, it’s important you maintain it at home with the correct care for colored hair. Step one is finding a shampoo that protects your locks from the fading effects of everyday life; namely pollutant particles, which cause color to look dull and brassy over time. Try lathering up with ColorMotion+ Color Protection Shampoo, which is boosted with antioxidants. These shield your strands from the often-damaging effects of the air around us. By following up with the ColorMotion+ Color Reflection Conditioner, your dream shade will always look fresh and shiny – until your next salon appointment, that is.

Does IGORA Vibrance cover grey hair?
The Igora Vibrance Tone-on-Tone Coloration by Schwarzkopf Professional is a highly intense, innovative and moisturising demi-permanent hair colour with a liquid consistency. The versatile hair colour lasts for up to 25 washes and provides up to 70% grey-hair coverage.
It’s a myth that redheads don’t go gray. Red hair often fades lighter as it loses its pigment over time, so if you want to get it back to its brightest and boldest, a mahogany or cool copper shade could be your new go-to. If you opt for mahogany, ask your colorist to apply it all-over, which will ensure you catch every last gray and get hair looking ultra-radiant. To work with your grays, request copper highlights, which can be applied over the top of white pieces or intertwined in between them.The right styling products are key, too. If you use heated tools to coif their locks, a heat protection spray is a must. Try EIMI Thermal Image. Perfect for bumping up shine, smoothing frizz and safeguarding hair from scorching temperatures, it’s designed to be spritzed from root to tip before blow-drying or tonging. Cocktail it with EIMI Perfect Me styling lotion if hair is particularly dry, then finish your look with a light layer of EIMI Glam Mist.

Does igora vibrance damage hair?
No damage or breakage to my hair, only a very slight burning sensation but I do have a sensitive scalp (this was most likely due to the developer and not the toner).
There are three reasons we recommend blonde highlights when covering grays. First up, the difference between blonde and silver shades is subtle, so gray roots won’t appear as visible – even if it’s been six to eight weeks since you last went to the salon. The second reason is because highlights and babylights allow your colorist to tactically target gray patches, meaning they’re able to home in on and treat the most stubborn stray strands. Finally, highlights (and lowlights, too) soften the root area, reducing the demarcation line you might get with an all-over dye. That said, bright blonde highlights on dark hair can emphasise the look of grays, which is why the next technique may be a better option for brunettes…It’s true that gray hair can feel a little wiry. This is because, as we age, the oil glands in our scalp produce less sebum, causing strands to become coarser and drier. For this reason, gray hair tends to look slightly dull, which means – even if you’re sticking with a natural salt ‘n’ pepper look – a Pure Glossing Service can be the perfect pick-me-up to help you get that glow back. Unlike your usual color appointment, it uses just a small level of toner to enhance your existing shade, mimicking the effect of a shiny topcoat. Best of all, it’s a quick fix that can be completed in the space of a lunchbreak, so you can be in and out of the salon in under an hour when lackluster locks need a boost.

You’re ticking two boxes here; you’re covering grays by getting them blended away, but you’re also leaning into the natural graying process by working a silver hair. The result? If your roots are coming in entirely gray, you’ll get the subtlest regrowth going. Plus, silver shades are hugely on trend for 2021, so you’re nailing one of this year’s hottest looks. If you go down this route, ask your colorist to take a peek at your natural gray pattern first, so they can figure out a shade of silver and an application technique that works for you. For example, if you have a mix of icy white and charcoal strands through the temples, they can ensure they match this multi-tonal effect through the lengths.If you aren’t looking for an all-over color switch and you don’t want to take locks lighter, adding a few subtle lowlights can disguise low-level graying while lending a volume boost. It all comes down to clever placement, with your colorist carefully picking out gray strands, then painting them in a shade that’s two or three levels deeper than the base. Just be aware that gray regrowth contrasts against brown lowlights, which means you should ask your colorist to feather toner at the roots. This will create a softer baseline.Now, you may want to just go with your natural hue, asking your colorist to match it through the roots to get grays under wraps – all without undergoing a major transformation. However, if you’re looking for a fresh, new shade that comes with the bonus of covering grays, keep scrolling for the very best camouflaging colors, from platinum to golden brown hair…

How long does IGORA Vibrance stay on?
Schwarzkopf Professional® introduces the new IGORA VIBRANCE®, a state-of-the-art demi-permanent haircolor. The liquid formula can be used as a gel or cream for more service options. IGORA VIBRANCE® lasts up to 25 shampoos and is available in 68 shades that harmoniously match IGORA ROYAL®.
When it comes to gray hair, there’s no wrong or right; you can embrace those shimmering silver strands or seamlessly blend your roots away with the help of a colorist. If you’re going for the latter option, your go-to salon pro will have the technique down, leaving you with only one thing to consider: what are the best colors to cover gray hair?

Real talk: only around 2% of us are truly natural blondes, while black or dark brown hair makes up over 75% of the world’s population. That means, for the majority, grays create a clear contrast against our natural color, with silvers sparkling brighter on a brunette base versus a blonde. However, that doesn’t mean you should be ditching browns and reaching for the bleach; if you’re a die-hard dark brunette, all you need to do is opt for a warmer undertone. Ash brown or cool black shades can make us look a little more tired as we get older, while golden brown or chocolate brown hues help your complexion glow. What more could you ask for from a hair color?For grays that are on the lighter side (think white or pale silver), an icy blonde hair transformation guarantees stray roots are virtually undetectable. Best for those with existing cool undertones, this shade will create a seamless blend – though it may take a couple of lifting sessions to reach the perfect hue. Always work with a pro and expect to book in for two or three lifting sessions to reach a frosty sheen. It’ll be worth it when your hair shimmers and your gray roots can only be spotted with a magnifying glass. Starting at the hairline for the top section, foil fine back-to-back slices to create a bold face-framing highlight using COLOR 01. For the rest of the top section, tease and highlight hair slices in foils to help create a soft, blended result at the root. Develop for 30 minutes. For color correction, cross-part hair from ear to ear. Start at nape area and use a slicing technique to apply COLOR 01. Apply COLOR 02 with a bowl and brush to paint in between foils, roots to ends, working towards the top and sides of the head. Develop for 20 minutes, then rinse. Cross-part hair from ear to ear. Start at the back, nape area, using a slicing technique with COLOR 01. Continue with the same technique working upwards on the back side of the head. Develop for 30 minutes. For open-air balayage, begin at the front hairline, take fine slices and apply COLOR 01. Use a bowl and brush to paint in between foils with COLOR 02. Develop for 20 minutes.

Our new IGORA VIBRANCE Level 10 Toners come with a new formula with balanced pigment combinations and FibreBond Technology integrated, for glamorous and healthy-looking blonde results.Starting at the nape, repeat cross-part sectioning and take slice sections. Tease and highlight hair using COLOR 03. For the top section, start at the front and use a freehand painting technique with COLOR 04. Leave for 20 minutes, then rinse and shampoo.

Our new formula with balanced pigment combinations comes with FibreBond Technology integrated for reduced hair breakage and healthy-looking beautiful blonde results.

Push the boundaries with our creative looks-based styling range. From Prep to Style to Texture to Finish products, now you can achieve the unachievable.
We love a blonde hair color at any age, and the platinum blonde is a perfect shade to cover gray hair and make a statement at the same time. This color is so unique and empowering! So many customizable tones, blends and maintenance schedules are available. So many options and ways to serve a beautiful blonde and make it your own.

What is the color ratio for IGORA Vibrance?
1:1 What’s the mixing ratio for IGORA VIBRANCE®? The gel-to-cream formula, with a 1:1 mixing ratio, allows for easier formulation, faster mixing and more efficient application.
If you prefer darker shades, consider embracing the richness of brown hair tones. With the permanent hair color placement, you get full gray coverage and may also spice up a traditional one-dimensional color with lighter pops.The art of customizing your color to your lifestyle is taking this industry by storm. Whether you are a busy mom who wants to feel good with minimal maintenance or are busy with your career and need a color that always looks fresh, you are sure to find the perfect option for your gray hair coverage.

Can you put IGORA Vibrance on dry hair?
Start application on dry hair 1. Apply IGORA ROYAL to re-growth taking fine sections (leave to develop 10-20 min) 2. Apply IGORA VIBRANCE evenly to mid-lengths and ends (leave to develop for another 10-20 min.)
There are many shades and professional hair color techniques available when it comes to dyeing gray hair. Light blonde shades and gray blending with highlights and lowlights make gray regrowth seamless and unnoticeable. Medium brown shades look nice and youthful on older women too. Some colors I don’t recommend for gray blending are reds and copper. They are absolutely beautiful and unique in their own right but, unfortunately, their gorgeous vibrancy makes ashy grays more noticeable!

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I’m too old for that,” “Isn’t that too bold for my age,” “I have to cover gray hair, it shows my age?” I’m here to tell you something exciting! Times and trends are changing, and we, stylists, are here to tell you that stigma is in the past. Women of any age should feel confident whether they have chosen to grow out gray hair or cover grays with their dream hair color shades.
With toner services, it allows you to customize the shade to your skin tone and hair goals! Also, the beauty of this color is you can go 2-4 touchups in between balayage services so you get more out of your look, and only need small services, which saves money!

Today, stylists use babylights and lowlights to mimic the salt-and-pepper nature of gray with a modern twist. This lets you blend gray roots, and the color itself is so beautiful and dimensional! The overall look can be customized in so many different ways based on your gray growth pattern and desired tones. No root coverage needed means less maintenance for you!If you’re looking for something classic, blonde babylights are always in. They blend gray so well and help keep you feeling bright. Since they look like fresh highlights, your hair constantly looks freshly foiled.

Adding life and depth to your hair color can make you look younger and feel so confident that you won’t even pay attention to occasional grays growing in. After all, temporary cover-up solutions can back you up and disguise the regrowth.
When going for bright cool blonde hair color to cover gray locks, consider getting a root smudge for a more natural, lived-in look. A simple solution that adds so much deepness, dimension, and interest!If you are starting to see grays creeping in, consider canceling out warm tones (think bright golden and honey blonde) and opting for cooler shades for your bleached hair (think icy and silver-blonde hues). Ash-blonde tones often look like gray hair itself and thus help disguise any new grays perfectly well!

Classic blonde balayage is not high maintenance too. Sunkissed pops of color resemble the natural lift of the hair and add a beautiful dimension that won’t need to be brought up for 4+ months! With custom placement where the grays grow in, no root touch-up for gray coverage is needed.
If you’re the type of gal that wants to cover those roots but still feel trendy in style, this one is for you! Root touchups offer full coverage and can always be spiced up with some balayage or highlights. Balayage is the process of hand painting brightness into your natural color. By adding pops of brightness into your mids to edges, we can add so much life to your color and keep it feeling modern!There is no doubt that wearing a hair color that compliments you can make you feel amazing. Finding ways to embrace and seamlessly blend gray hair has brought a new level of confidence to middle-aged women sitting in my chair. These hair colors and, more importantly, color techniques can help keep your salon trips for gray coverage to the minimum while ensuring an impeccable look.

If you don’t like those gray roots, why not transition to gray in one session? The icy gloss makes this color a real blonde hair envy. Maintenance for this hair color looks like this: gloss every 4-6 weeks, at-home toning shampoo use, minimal washing with color-safe, hydrating products, and lightening session every 8-10 weeks.
As life gets busier, we take on more roles and have less time for our hair, but there’s always a color that can fit your hair goals, growth pattern, and lifestyle! I strongly believe no one should have to choose between the hair they want and the hair they feel society pressures them to keep up with!Natural skin care goes its own way – the caring products from Dr. Hauschka do not relieve the skin of its tasks, but help it to achieve a balance with strengthening impulses.

Which shade is best for grey hair?
1. Blonde Highlights. There are three reasons we recommend blonde highlights Opens in a new tab when covering grays. First up, the difference between blonde and silver shades is subtle, so gray roots won’t appear as visible – even if it’s been six to eight weeks since you last went to the salon.
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Do you apply IGORA Vibrance to wet or dry hair?
Start application on dry hair 1. Apply IGORA ROYAL to re-growth taking fine sections (leave to develop 10-20 min) 2. Apply IGORA VIBRANCE evenly to mid-lengths and ends (leave to develop for another 10-20 min.)
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Mit BC Color Freeze Shampoo shampoonieren. Nach dem Shampoonieren, für langanhaltende, intensive Farbergebnisse verwenden Sie BC Color Freeze Conditioner oder Kur.

IGORA VIBRANCE ist eine innovative, feuchtigkeitsspendende, demi-permanente Intensivtönung mit einer flüssigen Formel, die sich in ein Gel oder eine Creme verwandeln kann.
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