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Sometimes, a look just isn’t complete without a fully grown beard. These celebs have all rocked a beard at one point or another, and some have even made it their signature. (Jason Momoa, anyone?) From short stubble to a longer, tailored length, these guys prove there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to facial hair. Whether at a movie premier or Hollywood party, beards are just as prevalent as their clean-shaven counterparts.

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Hudson shaved her head in 2017 for a film directed by Sia. She told Jimmy Kimmel that as it was happening, she thought: “Oh! What is the shape of my head going to look like? I really started to panic.”Guys like Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney get plenty of praise for their full heads of hair, but bald is also beautiful. Need proof? Look no further than Terry Crews, Bruce Willis, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Cranston shaved his head to play Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad. According to the show’s costume designer, Walt started wearing the Heisenberg hat because Cranston needed to keep his bald head protected from the sun.
Some of the celebrities on this list shaved their heads for acting roles; others have done it as a point of personal style. Either way, they make being a cueball look good. So without further ado, here are 30 celebrities who’ve shaved their heads.Damon Wayans almost always has a bald head. This even goes back to his days on In Living Color. It may be hard to find him out with a full beard, but he usually wears some type of mustache or goatee. That qualifies him for our list!If you are looking for a bald actor with a beard and glasses, then Brian Cranston has that look. Most famous for his character in Breaking Bad, Cranston is one of the best in pulling off the shaved head with a goatee. Back in the 1990’s Bruce Willis had hair. He slowly lost it, and now he embraces the bald life. Anytime he plays a character in a movie with a beard, we think it looks spot on. Now that he is getting close to 70 years old, he rocks a grey beard. Travis Fimmel is the definition of a hot bald actor with a big beard according to women. Forget being clean and tidy because that is not what he is going for. His character in Vikings looks perfect due to the way he has grown out his beard. He only kept this look during filming apparently because now he looks like a model with longer hair.This English actor knows how to play a tough guy. His balding hairline combined with short stubble makes for a great look. We can all agree that losing your hair is not something that men look forward to. But, if you can pull it off like Jason Statham then more power to you. Hi, I am James Woods, the founder of Beardedblade. I have extensive experience working in the men’s grooming industry. I have worked in the beard care and shaving industries, so I have first hand experience working with products in those areas. I also enjoy all things outdoors and topics related to men’s lifestyle. I am an avid camper, hiker, biker, and all around outdoor enthusiast. Taye Diggs is a bald black actor with a beard. He was in movies like The Best Man and All American. He is probably best known for acting on the show Private Practice.There is no shortage of men without hair. For some, losing hair comes naturally, and for others, it is for style. Hollywood actors are no different. There are some actors that are always bald like Danny Devito. And some actors like Travis Fimmel play a bald character with a big beard. He is one of the stars of Vikings.

So you’re going bald. Big deal. It happens to the best of us. (And by “us,” I mean literally everyone but George Clooney. The day George Clooney goes bald is the day we should all really start to panic.) So don’t despair. Though it doesn’t always feel like it, you’re more than your hair. And if you woke up one morning and then started closely examining your upper forehead in a panic, or, hell, if the events of the last year alone set your hairline back by half a decade, fret not. Going bald is far from the end of the world. Consider all the time you can now dedicate to thinking about other, more important things. (Like, say, what to wear!)The Chicago-born rapper turned actor (and prodigious bald-head-haver) has recently taken to pairing his pristine dome with a neatly-trimmed goatee in a masterful swerve that’s best left to god-level MCs.

2020 is the year we all remembered why we love Stanley Tucci, and we’d be lying if we said his famously bald head didn’t have anything (read: a whole lot) to do with his raw, unadulterated, tenured-Classics-professor energy.Travolta, a relatively recent entrant into the hallowed halls of baldness, shows there’s no shame in shaving it all off once your hair really starts to go. In light of your newfound baldness, you’ve got a few options. You could become a beanie guy. You could grow a beard. Or you could embrace the look wholeheartedly, like any of the famous—and famously bald—dudes below. All of these guys are not only bald, they revel in their baldness, taking so much pride in their signature shiny domes it’s hard to imagine them looking any other way. These are the dudes holding it down for bald people the world over since time immemorial—or, uh, at least since they all got their big breaks. Which is to say you’d never so much as consider asking any of them if they think of their baldness as an impediment, let alone something to be ashamed of. The surf legend and Outerknown mastermind has made his perfectly sheared dome a signature part of his look since he burst onto the scene in the early ’90s, racking up a whopping 11 (count ’em!) world surfing championship wins in the process.Avidan Grossman is the Style eCommerce Editor at Esquire, covering men’s fashion, shoes, grooming, and accessories. He spends way too much time deciding what to wear. Needless to say, his parents still have no idea what he does.In need of some inspiration now that your hair has up and gone the way of the dodo? Together, these guys prove once and for all going bald isn’t the end—it’s only the beginning. (Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, etc.) Because, as the kids say, we stan a bald king. Especially when he looks this damn good. The Die Hard actor is well known for his rugged and masculine appearance. His latest bald looks include untrimmed gray stubble that’s heavier along the chin than the sides of his face. Sure, this type of style doesn’t need a lot of grooming, but Bruce Willis can pull it off! Seeing how Sir Patrick Stewart has looked the same for almost 30 years, his beard hasn’t changed much either. He keeps things simple with a light stubble that he trims from the cheek line and the neckline.

One of the most popular bald black celebrities with a beard is Dwayne Johnson. The Fast and Furious actor, who has been bald since his wrestling days, is often seen sporting a round goatee beard, which complements his masculine features.
The NBA superstar was known for having a memorable presence on and off the court. The bald-headed African American celebrity’s beard style changed throughout his career. He nailed a short afro, goatee, and clean-shaven face many times. He paired his bald look with trimmed stubble on some occasions.

Plenty of bald celebrities with beards have made creative choices in how they wear their facial hair. While most go for light stubble, others prefer a goatee or a short beard. You can take plenty of inspiration from these different actors and choose a style that fits you best.
The drummer-actor is among the well-known bald celebrities with beards. He prefers trimmed stubble across his chin and jawline to complement his bald looks. Considering his unique face shape and sharp facial features, the stubble definitely suits his style.Sam L. Jackson has never been one for appearances, since most of his effort goes into the excellent performances he’s given. Regardless, his scruffy, salt-and-pepper stubble looks especially good with his choice of glasses.

Terry Crews has a goatee that’s almost as famous as his comedic antics. The comedian has a perfectly strapped goatee without a soul patch. He does keep it in good condition by thinning out the mustache and shaving the sides.
Moby’s famous for his odd choices in fashion and tattoos, so it was strange to see him with such a simple beard. He has a trimmed long stubble with specks of grey and black sprinkled throughout.The Transporter actor has flaunted plenty of beard styles both on and off-screen, but the one he’s best known for is his full stubble. While he does keep it trimmed, he never lets it grow out and always keeps it light.Damon Wayans has been bald for a big chunk of his career and has plenty of beard styles to go with them. Right now, he has a thin pencil mustache with a short goatee for a much smoother look. Shaq is a big man with an even bigger personality, so it only makes sense that he has a fun beard to go with his sense of style. The low box beard with patches of gray and white shows he’s coming on in years, but he still looks as good as ever with his neatly trimmed cheek line. Many celebrities will flaunt unique beards, but bald celebs often prefer a clean-shaven face. However, in this list, you will find some of the most popular bald celebrities with a beard.The actor and director has been bald for most of his career. He is often spotted with a light stubble around his face. Of course, he does experiment with this look by trimming his stubble or shaving the sides of his face, but the classic stubble has always remained a staple of his look.

Over the years, Hollywood celebrities have inspired countless eras of fashion. From clothes and hairstyles to facial hair, celebrities have set a number of trends. The trend of bald celebs with beards has gained popularity in recent years.
Famous for his role in Better Call Saul, Jonathan Banks’s classic bald look includes a round goatee beard. He prefers his grey beard to be neatly trimmed beard with clean edges on the inside and outside of his goatee, which he pairs with a thin mustache.While the House of Cards actor has worn wigs for some of his roles, you can often see him with some classy beard styles with his bald head. He looks great with a short full-face beard covering his face sides.

Mostly known for his role in the Titanic, Billy Zane still looks as handsome as ever with his salt and pepper stubble. While his mustache is primarily black, the rest he keeps in different shades of grey.
The famous boxing champion has never been one for impressive facial hair, but he does manage to pull off a full curly beard. The scruffy look suits him, and he even keeps his patchy mustache.Best known for his iconic performances in Pulp Fiction and Face-Off, he’s one of the few celebrities with a beard who still has a full beard. The scruffy look means that he doesn’t trim the cheek and neckline and really just lets his beard grow out.A goatee with long stubble is a perfect choice for Billy Joel, given his rounder face. He keeps the beard neatly trimmed and leaves the specks of black and grey in between.Taye Diggs, known for his incredible stage performances, finds beauty in simplicity with his subtle short goatee and pencil stash. It especially works with his choice of glasses and piercings.

You’ll see the Sherlock Holmes actor wearing the occasional hair in some roles, but he’s well-known for his bald looks. He prefers to pair it with low box stubble covering his jawline to give his face a chiseled appearance.Michael Chiklis doesn’t overcomplicate things with his choice of facial hair and goes for an extended goatee. The salt and pepper goatee isn’t too prominent and is followed by the light stubble on the neck, which suits his rounder face.

The combination of a bald head and a beard has become a popular look among male celebrities. From Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Jason Statham, this style has taken the fashion world by storm. Tim Howard keeps things fresh with a scruffy garibaldi beard, which lets his curls loose. He keeps his beard in check, though, by trimming the cheek and neckline while cutting down on any stray hairs coming out from the beard. While the Two and a Half Men actor did have hair and a clean-shaven face for his iconic role, his latest appearances show otherwise. Nowadays, he prefers a bald look with longer stubble on his face. He is one of those actors over 50 with a stylish beard.The Breaking Bad actor decides to keep his iconic goatee well after his defining role. With the finely trimmed edged and curls cut off, Heisenberg stays as sharp as ever.

The Mission Impossible actor hasn’t been known for his choice of facial hair since he rarely has anything more than a soul patch. But he’s added a light mustache to that soul patch, which really brings his entire look together.As a result, it has become a popular choice among the younger generation too. A bald head with a beard has become a sign of confidence, masculinity, and sophistication. While the rapper has been bald for much of his career, he has experimented with different beard styles like trimmed stubble and even a round full-face beard. One of his famous beard looks is a circle goatee beard with neatly trimmed edges and a soul patch. The ‘Home’ singer is famous for his minimalist rocker style and has sported several beards throughout his career. From goatees to round beards, he’s done it all. Lately, he prefers to keep it simple with a bit of stubble.So are you someone who is struggling with baldness and looking for inspiration? Or, you are just curious to know which bald celebrities rock the beard? Either way, you have come to the right place!

The old actor with a beard is known for his roles in films like Shutter Island. The celebrity sported a goatee with his bald look. Despite his long acting career, Sir Ben Kingsley has decided to stick with a thin round goatee beard as his signature look.
The multitalented Idris Elba has walked the red carpet with his impeccable choice of fashion and keeps a small chevron with a goatee. He skips the soul patch and still manages to pull off this goatee without connecting the sides.Michael Jordan has always been one for taking things simple, and his patchy goatee is exactly that. With the rest of his beard shaved and a thin goatee, he always gets to show off his pearly whites.

There’s something about a gray beard that adds a touch of class to any man’s image. A gray beard with a bald head may give away your age, but at least these guys are growing old gracefully.
The Titanic villain’s hair may be long-since departed but his beard is still ship-shape. Thick facial hair suits Billy, and his Twitter fan club has voiced their approval.The Rock sat on top of the mountain while rocking a bald head and goatee in the ring, and these days Dwayne can be seen sporting a gray, but unquestionably manly full beard.

Mr. Worldwide is arguably as famous for his image as he is for his music. The Fireball rapper, who pairs sharp suits with his trademark facial hair, doesn’t talk about going bald much but has previously convinced Hollywood friends like Jon Travolta to brave the shave.
We’ll forgive Jonathan the undisputed worst beard ever seen on TV during his appearance on CSI Miami, not least because of his legendary Breaking Bad run.Ginger people go bald at the same rate as those with black, brunette, or blonde hair, despite the myths thinking they are either more or less likely to lose their hair.Another who usually opts for the goatee, he shaved for a role in 2009’s The Invention of Lying and in his own words, “My chin, and the one behind it, looked like a porn actor’s shaved balls.”

The former Mr. Demi Moore has worn a hairpiece in many of his movies – I guess old habits Die Hard. He’s much more at one with his beard though, and has tried out a few different styles over the years.
One half of the infamous designer duo Dolce & Gabbana, Domenico’s sense of style allows him to confidently step out in a more casual look than you’d expect of a fashion legend.Terry Alan Crews may be a former Washington Redskins linebacker but he was born to play Captain Terrence “Terry” Vincent Jeffords in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Shaq is one of many bald athletes, with sportsmen more likely to go back due to the stress produced in such a high-pressure environment, as well as inflated levels of testosterone.
Whether he’s performing death-defying stunts alongside The Rock in the Fast & Furious franchise or fighting giant prehistoric sharks in the underrated The Meg, Statham’s shaved-head-with-beard look remains a staple of his tough-guy image.This post may contain affiliate links. If you click one, I may earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Shaq is a big strong man with a big strong beard. Whether it’s a full beard or a goatee, the former L.A. Laker always has a great look, except maybe that one time he lost a bet and was forced to let his hairline grow out. The original Bond was clean-shaven and debonair as the British secret agent, and while the handsome thespian lost his hair, he lost none of his trademark style in later life. Diggs says he went for the fully-shaved look as soon as he started receding. Some of us take some time to get used to the idea but given how great he always looks, there was no way the How Stella Got Her Groove Back star was going for the comb-over. Although bald on top, he doesn’t seem desperate to shave the back and sides, instead pairing an exposed scalp with a ginger beard, and occasionally throwing on a baseball cap if there’s a breeze in the air.

One of America’s funniest men, Louis refuses to shave what’s left of his long-since receded hair but to be honest, he just wouldn’t be the same without his unmistakable orange halo.
When Star Trek: The Next Generation hit our screens, Stewart’s thoughtful and diplomatic Captain Picard couldn’t have been more different from William Shatner’s impulsive James T. Kirk.Another goatee advocate, the comedian-turned-actor made a misstep when he started to go bald early in his career, choosing to cover up his thinning hair with a toupee.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman started his musical career with the typical long rock star locks, but by the time the band released the anthemic Bullet with Butterfly Wings his hair’s days were numbered.

The extent of his baldness has long been debated, but in more recent years he’s taken the focus off the ink by growing out a silver beard that’s as impressive as his jab.
Clean shaven but already thin on top when he rose to fame as Bacon in 1998’s Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Statham soon embraced the stubble that would define his hard-man look.While he’s yet to shave the back and sides, the man who brought us George Costanza isn’t afraid to groom his facial hair. We’ve seen the neatly trimmed approach, the goatee, and the full bushy beard at various stages of his public life.

The man who single-handedly made wrestling cool again in the 90s did so with a goatee beard and a bald head, despite being one-half of the tag team ‘The Hollywood Blondes’ in WCW earlier in his career.
Another actor who has worn a variety of beard styles over the years, the bald Brit even paired thick facial hair with a turban for his role as a Sikh taxi driver in 2014’s Learning To Drive. I’ve been shaving my head for nearly 20 years. I’m here to share that experience, good and bad, help you embrace your hair loss, and live your best bald life. There’s a chance he regrets the mustache that adorned the cover of his debut album Cold Spring Harbour, but it was 1971 after all. He soon grew the beard out as most men in the 70s did, and he sported a gray goatee while still performing well into the 2010s.

While the Happy Days star could have been included in the actors list, he undoubtedly did his best work as a director, winning Best Picture and Best Director Oscars for A Beautiful Mind in 2002.
It wasn’t just the characters that were opposites though, Shatner’s thick head of hair made way for Stewart’s clean-shaven dome. Then later in life, the knight of the realm grew out a dashing white beard to round off the quintessential classy English gent image.

The musician told The Guardian that he started to shave his head because he was dating a woman who liked the look, and by coincidence started losing his hair at the same time without even realizing it. Actor Woody Harrelson has embraced his bald celebrity status. While he wears a variety of hairstyles for his acting roles, he usually sports a shaved head when he’s not filming. Jason Alexander played George Costanza in Seinfeld, who was famously based on Larry David. So it makes sense that he should have similar levels of natural baldness as Larry himself.

Patrick Stewart has revealed that he started losing his hair at the age of 19. While it’s not exactly stagnated his 57-year career, he hasn’t always been at ease with his hair loss:Former footballer and current Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer has had significant hair loss over the years, but reports suggest he’s happy with his look, leading him to resist getting a hair transplant [2].

There’s been some speculation that boxing icon Floyd Mayweather has undergone a recent hair transplant, appearing with longer, thicker hair in 2021 after being bald for most of his career.
Matt Clarke’s hair was thinning bit visible when he signed for Brighton aged 22. Since then, he’s shaved his hair to disguise his hair loss at the age of 26.

Losing your hair is an opportunity to experiment with a new look. These eight celebrities have grown out their facial hair while embracing their baldness.“It all happened in the space of a year. I thought everything was over, especially one aspect of my life – ladies. Finished! No-one is going to want me. It actually didn’t end up that way, but I felt like I was inhibited by it.”

With longer hair, it’s clear to see that Jason Statham’s hair is thinning on top. Fortunately, he’s forged a career from his signature look: a buzzcut and a short, stylish beard.

Male pattern baldness and other types of hair loss affect everyone — including the rich and famous. Just like the rest of us, dozens of celebrities eventually lose their hair, especially as they get older.
Actor Terry Crews is a big fan of the bald-and-beard combination. But he’s not naturally bald, having stated in an interview that he shaves his head everyday:YouTuber Nicolas Srut Roman was diagnosed with alopecia universalis at the age of 7. Now, aged 22, he uses his online presence to raise awareness of this condition.

Spiderman actor Jacob Batalon is believed to suffer from alopecia, leading to his baldness at the age of just 26. He wears a wig in the Spiderman franchise.
Even the royals aren’t exempt from hair loss. Like his dad, who also has classic male pattern baldness symptoms, Prince William has extensive hair loss across his scalp.

Hair loss affects the majority of men at some point in their lives. As the stigma around hair transplants decreases, more and more celebrities are choosing hair transplants to restore their hair.
Former Manchester City captain and current Burnley manager, Vincent Kompany, has always worn his hair short. But in recent years he’s opted for a completely bald look to hide his slightly receding hairline.A couple of Vin Diesel’s early movies showcase him with hair. But it’s his slick bald look that’s seen him through 9 Fast and Furious movies (plus several others outside the franchise).

Widely regarded as the best football referee in the world, Pierluigi Collina is proof that alopecia universalis — total loss of scalp and body hair — doesn’t need to halt your career. His iconic bald look is famous among football fans.Fabinho has worn his hair short throughout his footballing career, with his hair showing signs of recession at a relatively early age. Now, age 29, he wears his hair fully bald.

Stanley Tucci’s baldness (combined with his signature thick-rimmed specs) makes him instantly recognisable. He’s starred in dozens of independent and Hollywood films, from Supernova to The Devil Wears Prada.
But going bald isn’t a death knell for a great career. From actors to musicians, athletes to politicians, baldness has become a hallmark of success and individuality.Actor Donald Faison occasionally grows out his scalp hair (and facial hair). But he’s better known for his closely cropped hair, perhaps due to his temple hair loss.Bryan Cranston still has plenty of hair, but he became known for this bald bearded look in his performance as Breaking Bad teacher-turned-drug lord Walter White.Like lots of actors, John Travolta has switched up his style for various roles over the years. As a result, there have been rumours that he’s had a hair transplant in recent years, though this has never been confirmed. He’s now more often seen sporting a fully bald head.

Channing Tatum mixes up his hairstyles for different roles, but his stylish buzzcut is a firm fan favourite. If you don’t have the hair for it, scalp micropigmentation can create a similar shaved-head look.
Seinfeld co-creator Larry David embraced baldness way back when. He’s had a similar style since the early days of Seinfeld, including in his 1994 cameo appearance.Aged just 26, Moroccan footballer Sofyan Amrabat made a name for himself at the 2022 World Cup. Despite appearing to have a relatively full hairline, he wears his hair fully shaved.

Dwayne Johnson proves that you don’t need hair to become a bankable movie star. His now-signature look has paved the way to becoming the world’s highest paid actor [1].
“I am living a lie, because I am really not bald at all. I shave my head every day. But see, the thing is, if it grows in, people will go, ‘Who is he? What is that?’ And people get really disturbed when I grow it. So I’ve been this way for 30 years.”We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page..

The bald head with beard and mustache is quite a sexy and bold style for anyone that wants a beard with a bald head. The mustache lies on your upper lip, while a full thick beard complements it at the bottom. This can make an excellent combination for those that want a masculine beard with a bald head.
Stubble is a look that just about any guy can carry. It is a good choice for minimalists that want to make a statement with their style. All you need is light or medium stubble, as this is a great bald, bearded guy look.Jason Statham tends to change between two looks: sometimes, he is clean-shaven, while other times, he is sporting a tidy trim. Such trim might have been growing for a couple of days. Regardless of whatever hair trend that’s going on, this is one bald, bearded guy that looks sharp by changing his look just as often as you see him dressed on your screens.

As its name states, the anchor beard looks like a ship’s anchor. The beard points downwards and forwards along the jawline. It doesn’t come with any sideburns. When you pair this beard with a mustache, it can be an excellent choice for bald guys that have oblong or square faces. It might surprise you that celebrities are not exempt from becoming bald. And considering 85% of men experience hair loss in one form or another, we are all in this together. In this article, we will highlight famous bald actors with a beard. He typically sports a goatee but usually goes longer or shorter depending on the role’s requirements. His bald head, coupled with the fact that he has some grey, makes him look distinguished.