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Bamboo is a more sustainable alternative for golf tees than plastic or wood. It grows far quicker than trees and requires no pesticides. Unlike plastic, it is biodegradable, perfect for the eco-conscious consumer.This product is shipped from Europe. You will enjoy fast shipping and each golf tee is carefully engraved and inspected by hand to ensure it meets our quality standards.

One of the primary advantages of bamboo golf tees is their sustainability. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource, known for its fast growth and regenerative properties. Unlike hardwood trees, which take years to mature, bamboo can grow up to three feet in just 24 hours! This rapid growth rate allows bamboo to be harvested sustainably without causing significant harm to the environment.
Apart from their eco-friendly nature, bamboo tees also offer a stylish and unique appearance. The natural grain and texture of bamboo give these tees a distinctive look that stands out on the golf course. You can add a touch of sophistication to your game while staying true to your environmentally conscious values.When it comes to golfing, every detail counts, even down to the tee you choose to launch your ball. If you’re an environmentally conscious golfer looking to reduce your carbon footprint, consider switching to bamboo golf tees. These eco-friendly alternatives offer several benefits over traditional wooden or plastic tees, making them an ideal choice for both avid golfers and those new to the game.

Another advantage of our golf tees is their biodegradability. When you accidentally leave a broken plastic tee on the course, it contributes to the growing problem of plastic pollution. On the other hand, bamboo tees decompose naturally over time, minimizing their impact on the environment.All Items are dispatched next working day. We use Royal Mail for UK shipments, a signature will be required upon delivery of your order. We offer free delivery on all UK orders.We use cookies. Many are necessary to operate the website and its functions, others are for statistical or marketing purposes. With the decision “Only accept essential cookies” we will respect your privacy and will not set cookies that aren’t necessary for the operation of the site.

Sustainable and strong bamboo golf tees. With our signature print on the cup and green stripes on the body. Can be used for all different shots and clubs. Biodegradable and no plastic!
At Stix we like to think green. Ok, well mostly black and red…Anyway, these tees are made from sustainably harvested bamboo so you can feel a little better when you lose them at every tee box like us.

Stix Golf will happily accept returns due to change of mind as long as a request to return is received by us within 30 days of receipt of item. Return shipping label will NOT be provided by Stix Golf. The customer will be required to arrange and pay for their own shipping.
Once returns are received and accepted, refunds will be processed. International and Expedited shipping costs will not be refunded. International duties and/or import taxes are non-refundable. We will notify you once refunds are processed through email.At Green Swing, we have a passion to make a change and manufacture good and fit for purpose products that will positively impact golf. With our range of bamboo golf tees, we hope to offer a fantastic alternative to plastic and wooden golf tees. We are proud to present the largest selection of bamboo golf tees to make the switch from plastic easier than ever. As well as this, our bamboo golf tees come in different colours to suit your style, so you can make a positive impact on the environment, keeping with your unique aesthetic. Get an exclusive -10% for subscribing and be automatically entered into our competitions! Receive exclusive advance information on new products and much more.

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Didn’t need any tees wham I was buying new bag but I ended up throwing these in just to get free shipping or a bundle discount or something like that, I can’t remember now. Long story short, played one round with them and I am never using any other tees. You guys better don’t discontinue these.
A perfect towel for any round. This stylish, awesome, towel keeps my clubs clean and dry throughout the entirety of my round. If you’re looking for a golf towel…look no further!”Great feeling tees! I love the strength. I love how I can barely feel them as I swing. It’s great that they are strong enough to use many times!” – Jeremy Stewart, United States 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Additionally, these high-quality and durable bamboo golf tees are completely eco-friendly, so while playing the course, you’ll be helping the environment.