Bars In Beacon Ny

Attended an event at Smug Brewery! Tim and Annie were awesome!!! Fun and informative….they are passionate about Bonsai and it shows! Looking forward to future events with different species!! Highly recommend! You won’t be disappointed!No. Our events are ticketed per person, not per tree, so everyone attending must have a ticket. This is because space is limited in our venues and we need to be able to sell tickets for every seat we have available. If someone takes a seat in our space without having purchased a ticket, that means someone who purchased a ticket may not have a seat. Thank you for understanding.

We had an amazing time and now my husband is bonsai obsessed! He’s been researching and watching videos, and every walk he is looking out for more trees that would be good to bonsai. This was the perfect introduction to a new hobby! Y’all were so knowledgeable, funny, and inspiring. We hope to make part 2 in 9 months or so. Thank you!We went to Bonsai Bar at Trident Booksellers on 10 FEB 2022. We had a great time, thank you so much. I highly recommend doing this. Tim and Ben made it relaxing, funny and they were super helpful.

What bars are in New York New York?
Best bars in NYCMace. Bars. Lounges. Greenwich Village. … The Long Island Bar. Bars. Cocktail bars. Cobble Hill. … Attaboy. Bars. Cocktail bars. Lower East Side. … Sunny’s. Bars. Dive bars. Red Hook. … Bemelmans Bar. Bars. Lounges. Lenox Hill. … Clover Club. Bars. Lounges. … Sunken Harbor Club. Bars. Downtown Brooklyn. … Good Judy. Bars. South Slope.
What a fun event. my husband and I both had a good time. The guys were knowledgable, funny and so helpful. If you haven’t signed up for one of these classes yet..DO IT!!I had a great time at the most recent Bonsai Bar event. The class was fun and informative. The instructors were very hands-on and you could tell they truly enjoyed what they were doing. If you are interested in getting into bonsai this was a great place to start. I could not have been happier with the entire experience.Maybe! We want everyone of all ages to get to enjoy the fun of tiny trees. Luckily most of our venues are family friendly and allow those that are underage to enter with a parent/guardian. Please see the “UNDER 21 POLICY” listed above or contact the venue directly.Your budget may not allow for routine trips to Whole Foods, but it’s worth it to go and peruse the crowd. Whether you’re walking up and down the aisles or sitting in the food court area, you’re sure to find a variety of attractive, eco-friendly, health conscious women. Indeed, Whole Foods after 5 PM becomes a sea of yoga pants and messy buns. New Yorkers travel far and wide and wait on lines that extend out the door just to get whatever it is that Whole Foods is offering, so don’t underestimate your chances of meeting the women of your dreams here.

It’s ironic that in a congested place like New York City, people can wind up feeling totally isolated. It’s hard to find a shop or a street that isn’t filled with bodies, yet many single New Yorkers find that it’s difficult to meet new people. Men find that the classic approach to meeting women, (i.e. the bar scene) grows old fast and proves futile. So, where can you meet great women in New York? Below you will find some not-so-typical tactics to help you find the best single ladies in NYC:
Robyn Raynes is one of Three Day Rule’s longest-tenured Matchmakers, and has always been known among her friends as the “connector.” Robyn knew her path would lead her to a role where she could help others find love.

Looking for a wing woman to help you scout these venues? Schedule a free meeting with a Three Day Rule matchmaker and get introduced to the best single women in NYC. Get started here.Specifically, Barnes and Noble, Strand, and Housingworks are all great options. This one goes hand in hand with museums and art galleries. Finding a woman who is an avid reader is a gold mine. There are a ton of opportunities to strike up a conversation, whether you both find yourself in the cookbook section or perhaps by highly recommending the book she has in her hand. Housingworks’ mission is to end homelessness and AIDS so you’ll most likely find a woman here who cares about social causes. Intelligent and socially aware? Check!

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To find out how not to totally blow it when talking to members of the fairer sex, we consulted a group of women who’ve collectively been romantically flailed at by thousands of hopeless men. Here’s their advice, in their own words. If you’re in a bar, flirting with a woman you’re interested in doing sex stuff with, there are a million ways to screw up that encounter. You could be creepy. You could forget to buy her friends a drink. You could accidentally attribute a poem about love to Rilke when it was clearly John Donne! “I feel like having the right mindset going in is key. That person you’re going to approach is just another human. And if they don’t want to talk to you, it’s okay, you will find someone who does. They’re not a bad person or a bitch or an asshole just because they’re not interested in having a conversation with you.”

What street is full of bars NYC?
New York’s historic Stone Street in the Financial District is a very popular nightlife destination, featuring a variety of bars & restaurants with outdoor seating during the warmer months.
“Wait for a response. Guys nowadays think that buying the drink gives you permission to talk to and even harass that person. You should always think of buying the drink as a selfless gesture. It deserves no more than a ‘thank you’ if accepted.”Dan Gentile is a staff writer on Thrillist’s National Food and Drink team. He’d like to thank all the women who contributed to this. May their lives be filled with free beverages of their choosing and tasteful jukebox selections. Follow him to giving all this a try at @Dannosphere.The last drinking neighborhood on our New York list is Greenwich Village. Dante, Café Wha?, and a host of other cocktail and beer serving bars and restaurants deliver a memorable experience, giving Existing Conditions a run for their cocktail money in the market. The latter operate cocktail vending machines that run all day, providing bottled martinis, manhattans, cokes, and rums infused with popcorn.

Campbell is one of the most famous bars in the entire city of New York. The bar has beautiful settings that are unique to its style and designs. The bar still maintains its stain-glass windows, huge fireplace, and painted ceilings. Surprisingly, it is hidden away from the typical public view in the Grand Central terminal basement.
Though it’s a small neighborhood, West Village features some of the most celebrated drinking outlets ever. Little Branch, one of the speakeasies in the area, offers classic cocktails that usually attract a huge crowd. The basement bar is unmarked and has no written menu. However, the bartenders own a traditional repertoire of excellent recipes.

Does Santa Monica have bars?
Santa Monica Dive Bars Known as the “celebrity dive,” Chez Jay has been serving Santa Monica nightlife for more than 50 years. Grab a seat at the bar and rub elbows with locals while enjoying a glass of wine or pint of beer.
In the middle of dumpling houses and restaurants, lay several cocktail bars. Go to Doyers Street and Apotheke, where New York die-hard drinkers run rampage on boozy elixirs featuring exotic spices and herbs you will see in the neighborhood’s Chinese shops. The space inside have an old-looking setting that reminds one of the apothecary worlds.The golden city of New York is home to some of the wildest population of booze lovers in America. There are ways New Yorkers viewed their neighborhoods when it comes to drinking. In this case, you have o locate the best bars around a particular neighborhood if you want to enjoy the best from drinking. If you are one of those nightlife enthusiasts, the East Village neighborhood offers you an incredible experience. Here in this area, you will see more people during the night than you have in the day. The other bar is Diamond Lil. Space here is smaller, compare to Goldie, but have a better intimate feel. The cocktails list sold here is excellent, and the prices are reasonable.Apart from the art galleries that dominate this neighborhood, there are places where you can have a good drink. If you are on a date, visit the Raines Law Room. The bar is unmarked, and as you step into it, it would feel like you’re stepping into a parlor complete with Victorian design plush sofas and fittings. It’s a great place to request excellent table services.But for the serious and dedicated cocktail lovers, Attaboy is the bar to be. Just a few blocks from Apotheke and you will find yourself in this dimly lit bar space of excellent memories.While there are many dive bars and Irish pubs in Midtown that serve the crowd’s needs that come visiting after working hours, this neighborhood still has some remarkable cocktail bars that are worth considering.This neighborhood boast of two beautiful bars. The first is the Broken Shaker that lay side-by-side of the Gabe Orta’s record-breaking bar and Elad Zvi, whose famous cocktail is causing a scene—has attracted huge crowds since it started operations at the top of the hotel’s roof. However, if you feel that you cannot stand the line up there, proceed downstairs and et into the George Washington Bar. The Old Town Bar also offers some nice shots, or go to Union Square for some quality beer.For a new and unique speakeasy experience, visit the 18th-Room and enjoy a bespoke and tasty cocktail concierge moment. Joseph Boroski, the international bartender, is on round to provide you with quality sustainable cocktails.

Dive bars such as Death & Company—the best of them all– for a round-table cocktail experience, McSorley’s Old Ale House for the cocktail den, and Armory Amargo’s specialty in Italian bittersweet liquors makes East Village an excellent neighborhood for drinking.

But if you’re looking for the best craft beers around Greenpoint, hit Torst, a bar with a Scandinavian design that commands respect with its rotating brewery selection on tap. There is also the Capri Social Club marked by a reliable Polish-inspired dive bar that has a jukebox, dollar jello shots, and cheap beers.
When you move farther North to St. Regis, NY, you will find the King Cole Bar, which happens to be among the best hotel-bars around. It is popular for inventing what everyone knows as the Bloody Mary. Another three restaurants that sell wine, beer, and cocktails opened last year at the Philip Johnson’s Seagram building. A new Pool Lounge is also in that area. The cocktail old here (with mixtures of cucumber, absinthe, cane sugar, and lime) is among the most delicious and prettiest cocktails in the entire city.I know you’re conversant with the fact that Greenpoint is synonymous with wealthy bars and great restaurants. Go to Nassau Avenue, and you will find two of the most excellent bars in the neighborhood. The first is Goldie, with a surrounding that evokes memories of the 70s. The tables are topped with glitter gold design, jungle animal paintings, and red leather booths with portraits of dead celebs create a serene atmosphere for a memorable drinking night. You might think all of these don’t make for the right drinking settings, but you are wrong. The craft beer selection at Goldie is solid, plus it also has several frozen cocktails they usually served their visitors out of good-looking slushie machines. Plus, you can request and get free gold-fish crackers.

Is Santa Monica good for nightlife?
Santa Monica has a vibrant and diverse nightlife scene with plenty of options to suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for a rooftop bar with stunning views, a lively bar with live music, or an upscale lounge for a more sophisticated night out, Santa Monica has it all.
Go a bit farther, and you will arrive at Employees Only, a bar that is regarded as one of the world’s best. The interior design is gorgeous, and they serve creative tastes of different varieties.

Melzingah Tap House describes itself as a “gathering place for craft beer enthusiasts,” and that couldn’t be more true. The bar, run by Kevin & Dana from the Barking Frog had some heavy hitters on the men during our visit. Cans of Heady Topper from the Alchemist Brewery in Vermont, Founders KBS on tap and a selection of Suarez Family Brewery beers made it difficult to leave.
As we continued our crawl we hit Beacon’s newest bar, The Vinyl Room. Recently relocated from Wappingers Falls, the Vinyl Room was packed with a young crowd and loud music. The record store/bar appears to have focused more on cocktails after their move to Beacon, but still had a wide variety of beers on tap.With so many new bars and restaurants open in Beacon, deciding where to grab a pint can be a bit overwhelming. On a recent tour (er, drunken pub crawl) around town, I made it my mission to discover the bar with the very best beer list.

As you can probably guess by now, it’s pretty impossible to decide which bar actually has the best beer list in Beacon. Luckily, you can’t walk a few feet down Main Street without passing someplace that serves great beer. I think anyone visiting Beacon would be doing themselves a disservice if they just stuck to one location. With so many new bars and restaurants, and even more on the way, the city is the perfect place for a good, old-fashioned pub crawl.
With all of this great beer being produced in Beacon, you’d think the bars would be stocked with some of the finest ales and lagers in the world — and you’d be right. On a recent trip to Beacon, we toured several establishments and were blown away by their on-tap offerings.Our next stop was Wonderbar, an upscale spot located just off the lobby of the movie theater. This cozy little bar was a pleasant surprise. Although Wonderbar is more focused on cocktails, the limited beer menu still included some winners like the Von Trapp Vienna Lager and Logical Conclusion from Threes Brewing. A bonus was complimentary still or bubbly water, which was a nice way to stay hydrated as we prepared for our next stop. If you think a hybrid brewery and record store is unique, you won’t have to travel far for another great bar/business mashup on Main Street. Happy Valley Arcade Bar is exactly as advertised. The bar and retro video game arcade doesn’t take itself too seriously, and how could it? With the sounds of power pellets getting munched and high scores being broken, the wide-open space is an adult playground. Old-school laminate booths are scattered around with plenty of places to sit and relax, that is if you can tear yourself away from the games. There are beers that will satisfy everyone from the casual drinker to the serious beer fan. On our visit, they had Blue Moon, Coors Light and Heineken as well as beers from Industrial Arts, Sloop and cider from Hudson North. Just up the street is Draught Industries, which is a place that needs to be on every Beacon pub crawl list. The long, skinny bar surrounds happy drinkers with walls of old, rustic brick. While their tap list was impressive with beers from Toppling Goliath, Hill Farmstead and Grimm, visitors shouldn’t forget to check out their rotating can selections. During our visit, Draught had Focal Banger from The Alchemist, which I actually prefer over Heady Topper. There were also some incredible offerings from Equilibrium, Hudson Valley Brewery and Foam, a great little brewery in Burlington, VT.

Beacon is home to some world-class breweries. Sour lovers flock to Hudson Valley Brewery right on East Main Street, while hops fans line up at Industrial Arts to stock up on their world-famous IPA, Wrench. Locals, however, opt for the quiet, out-of-the-way vibe of Two Way Brewing.
This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu.(g) The provisions of Subsections (d) and (e) of this section shall not apply to a private residential parking lot which is immediately adjacent to the posted premises. (Added by Ord. No. 158,498, Eff. 12/31/83.)The ordinance, which was requested by the Santa Monica Police Department, amends the City’s existing law’s prohibition against drinking in public by further prohibiting any person from carrying open alcoholic containers within public parks and beaches. The ordinance provides an exemption to persons consuming alcohol or carrying alcoholic containers on public property, if they are doing so pursuant to a City issued license, permit, or lease which authorizes such activities.

Can you drink on the street in Santa Monica?
(c) No person shall drink any malt, spirituous or vinous liquor containing more than one-half of one per cent of alcohol by volume, upon any street, sidewalk or parkway, park, playground, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, or in any railroad depot or bus station, or in any public place, or in any place open to the …
(c) No person shall drink any malt, spirituous or vinous liquor containing more than one-half of one per cent of alcohol by volume, upon any street, sidewalk or parkway, park, playground, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, or in any railroad depot or bus station, or in any public place, or in any place open to the patronage of the public, which premises are not licensed for the consumption of such liquor on the premises.(f) As used in Subsections (d) and (g) of this section, “posted premises” means those premises which are subject to licensure under any retail package off-sale alcoholic beverage license, the parking lot immediately adjacent to the licensed premises, and any public sidewalk immediately adjacent to the licensed premises on which clearly visible notices have placed pursuant to the provisions of Subsection (e) of this section. (Added by Ord. No. 158,498, Eff. 12/31/83.)

(d) No person who has in his or her possession any bottle, can or other receptacle containing any alcoholic beverage which has been opened, or a seal broken, or the contents of which have been partially removed, shall enter, be, or remain on the posted premises of, including the posted parking lot immediately adjacent to, any retail package off-sale alcoholic beverage licensee licensed pursuant to Division 9 (commencing with Section 23000) of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California, or on any public sidewalk immediately adjacent to the licensed and posted premises. Any person violating any provision of this subsection shall be guilty of an infraction. (Added by Ord. No. 158,498, Eff. 12/31/83.)
Heads up to everyone that attends the Santa Monica Pier “Twilight Dance Series“: The Santa Monica City Council just passed a new amendment to 4.08.200 of the Municipal Code that makes it easier for the police to ticket people for open containers in the public parks and beaches of Santa Monica!

Where to meet girls in New York?
Below you will find some not-so-typical tactics to help you find the best single ladies in NYC: Coffee shops. Coffee is a huge part of NYC culture and an amazing way to meet women during the day. … An educational class or workshop. … Your apartment building. … Art museums or galleries. … Whole Foods. … Bookstores.
(e) All retail package off-sale alcoholic beverage licensees licensed pursuant to Division 9 (commencing with Section 23000) of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California shall install and maintain signs on the licensed premises, clearly visible to the patrons of the licensee and to persons in or on any parking lot or public sidewalk immediately adjacent to the licensed premises, which notify all such persons that the provisions of Subsection (d) of this section are applicable. Any licensee violating any provision of this subsection shall be guilty of an infraction. (Added by Ord. No. 158,498, Eff. 12/31/83.) (h) No person shall have in his or her possession, with intent to consume any part of the contents thereof in any public place not licensed for the consumption thereof, any bottle, can or other receptacle containing any alcoholic beverage which has been opened, or a seal broken, or the contents of which have been partially removed, upon any street, sidewalk or parkway, park, playground, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, or any railroad depot or bus station, or in any public place, or in any place open to the patronage of the public, which premises are not licensed for the consumption of such alcoholic beverage on the premises. Any person violating any provision of this subsection shall be guilty of an infraction. (Amended by Ord. No. 160,458, Eff. 11/28/85.)* This woman-owned brewery opened its first taproom in Williamsburg in March of 2021, followed by a second this June. In addition to refreshing, fruit-forward beer and seasonal suds, cocktails, wine, and snacks are also on the menu. Sit inside our out, grab a draft and pick up some canned beer to go when it’s time to say goodnight.

How to pull girls in NYC?
Below you will find some not-so-typical tactics to help you find the best single ladies in NYC: Coffee shops. Coffee is a huge part of NYC culture and an amazing way to meet women during the day. … An educational class or workshop. … Your apartment building. … Art museums or galleries. … Whole Foods. … Bookstores.
This ideally-calibrated restaurant and bar opened in January, with the former mostly up front and the latter in the back. That dedicated drinking section has a long row of high-back stools, a few roomy booths and a pool table all surrounded by exposed brick walls, a black and white-tiled floor and a pressed-tin ceiling. The recessed dining room is awash in red sauce charm. NYC’s best new martini is available throughout, plus more cocktails, wine and beer.

This three-year-old bar in Greenwich Village was recently named the tenth best in the world, making it NYC’s highest-ranking contender. See what the buzz is about over highballs, carefully crafted signature cocktails, boilermakers, sake, beer and wine across Katana Kitten’s two stylish floors. Skewers and small plates are available to pair.While many of the best views in NYC are free, they’re even better when they come with cocktails. Panorama Room on the 18th floor of the Graduate Roosevelt Island hotel has outstanding vistas of the NYC skyline through its walls of windows and from out on its sweeping terrace.

How to pick up girls at bars?
How to Flirt With a Girl at a Bar, According to GirlsDon’t stare.But eye contact is very important.Buy her a drink, the right way.Buy her friends one, too.Or try buying songs, not drinks.Don’t expect anything in exchange for that drink.
Pegu Club alum Kenta Goto’s polished black-and-gold venture is nicely secluded from the chaos of nearby Houston Street. Expert cocktails are joined by many Japanese whisky varieties and a brief but satisfying snack menu.Good Judy has been “a home for queers + allies to join together in unity and solidarity” since it opened in July of 2020. Enter through the narrow facade and you’ll find a half-dozen seats at the glossy bar on the main level, a piano lounge upstairs and a patio in the back. Good Judy also hosts events like karaoke, bingo and viewing parties.

You’ll need to act fast to nab a seat at the short, cinematic and dramaticly lit bar that sets the stage at this romantic restaurant. Or just grab a spot elsewhere in the long dining room, where excellently inventive cocktails are paired with great Szechuan tapas.
Expertly shaken and stirred cocktails have been topping 67 Orange Street’s bar and two floors of tables since it first opened uptown in 2008. Slip into the stylish brick-lined space for novel cocktails created by its own bartenders, plus beer and wine.

What neighborhood has best bars NYC?
Best Bars For Drinking According To NeighborhoodsGreenpoint. I know you’re conversant with the fact that Greenpoint is synonymous with wealthy bars and great restaurants. … Flatiron District. This neighborhood boast of two beautiful bars. … Chelsea. … Chinatown. … West Village. … East Village. … Greenwich Village.
This mildly maritime-esque bar’s menu is frequently updated with themes like CATS!–”not the musical” and Nicholas Cage. This season’s sips nod to summer camp, evoking in its drinks s’mores around the campfire and games of truth or dare. Some of Grand Army’s greatest hits are also available.

Visit the beautiful Bar Room in the historic Beekman Hotel for high-key romance that really wows. The soaring atrium locale is ornate from its soaring ceiling down to the bar, which is topped with martinis and all manner of other classic and creative cocktails. Tables, armchairs and large booths populate the rest of the space, should you wish to sink in a little longer.No dearly departed hares here: The Dead Rabbit has been one of NYC’s most award-winning locales since it first opened in the sometimes sleepy Financial District in 2013. The place still gets packed for terrific food and drinks, including a best in class Irish coffee.

Not to be confused with similarly named establishments around town, Russian Vodka Room’s stout 52nd Street exterior opens to a long piano bar and dining room filled with vodka infusions, occasional live piano tunes and a full menu including pâté, salmon roe, caviar, schnitzel and stroganoff. It’s an old favorite with a lot of character, seemingly impervious to Times Square’s chain-creep.
First opened in the earlier years of NYC’s great cocktail resurgence, Death & Co. is still a top pick for booze devotees who take their spirits seriously. Seating is first come, first served in its effortlessly glamorous space, so prepare to break a sweat if you’re trying to nab a spot at peak imbibing times.Milday’s is back, baby! Previously a beloved dive bar by the same name that occupied this space for several decades, it’s been lovingly reimagined with excellent cocktails and a lengthy menus, including one of NYC’s best burgers.

The last few years brought a (re) resurgence of speakeasy concepts to NYC, and Nothing Really Matters is among the best. More incidentally hidden than many ironically more heavily branded bars of the genre, its gently obscured subway platform-adjacent location makes it feel safely ensconced from friends, foes and social media followers, even if it does have a particularly Instagram-worthy bathroom.
Sohui Kim, Ben Schneider and St. John Frizell’s glittering Gage & Tollner revival was one of NYC’s best new restaurants of 2021, and the team followed that smashing success with Sunken Harbor Club upstairs. The permanent addition picks up where Frizell’s weekly parties of the same name left off at Fort Defiance when the Red Hook favorite relocated. Sunken Harbor Club’s new forever space has dramatic enchanted shipwreck themes and studied drink menus as deep as the sea.If you know anything about one of the world’s most famous speakeasy-style bars (sip the irony), you know that it is located down a few stairs, inside Crif Dogs, and beyond a phone booth that longtime bartender and present owner Jeff Bell points out may be unrecognizable to the newest generation of drinkers. Whether you’re dabbling in low-ABV libations, making your way through dedicated martini menus or collecting passwords for pseudo speakeasies, there is an ideal location for every taste, tolerance and occasion. Find them among the 50 best bars in NYC right now. Smith Street’s designation as an eating and drinking destination has ebbed and flowed over the years, but Brooklyn Social has held steady as a prime cocktail spot since 2004. It seems to have settled out of its once impossibly crowded state, but we’re always looking over our shoulder for the masses to return to its low key bar, flock around its backroom pool table and fill up its hidden patio once more.

Every drink seems ideal when you’re at the perfect bar. Your dive’s beer is frosty, rooftops send you soaring toward the clouds and cocktail destinations shake and stir myriad ingredients into ideally calibrated glassware unlike anything you have at home. The options are unending, the ice is nicer and you aren’t just drinking, you’re at the spot.
Hovering near the top of special occasion libation destinations, Overstory is also poised among the clouds on the 64th floor of a downtown Art Deco skyscraper. Yes, special occasion is still a euphemism for spendy, and Overstory actually pays off as a ‘worth it’ splurge. Its nicely crafted cocktails are all $24, and the views from its wrap-around terrace approach priceless.

An ideal neighborhood go-to now in its second decade, Sweet Afton must be doing something right. The beer, wine, cocktails and weekday happy hour where some of the above are priced from $5-$13 are a good start, and the roomy indoor and back patio seating areas don’t hurt, either.
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As evidenced by La Noxe’s popularity, the New York City subway system sure does drive people to drink. This subterranean destination is adjacent to the 1 train in the 28th Street station. When traveling above ground, try your luck at the bell at 162 West 28th Street; you’ll need all the good fortune you can get for a shot at sampling the buzzy spot’s exclusive libations.
The Central Casting ideal of Old New York, the Carlyle Hotel’s throwback grandeur is juxtaposed with Ludwig Bemelmans’ whimsical original murals here at his namesake bar. It’s as expensive as you’d expect, and the cover charge that starts at $10 after 5:30pm gets you a seat and nothing more, but $24 cocktails like the JFK daiquiri, and aviation aren’t too much more than you’ll spend in less lovely environs.Occupying a corner spot that operated under the same name for five decades, and now ten years into its second act, Long Island Bar comes by its retro-lite ambiance honestly. Its flickering neon beckons eventual—inevitable—guests from all the way down the block, and rewards their patronage with comforting, welcoming environs and best-in-class gimlets and martinis, plus beer, wine and a full menu. It has a way of filling up fast, and the addition of outdoor seating hasn’t actually eased the crowds that much.

The team behind Dear Irving added a second outpost on the 40th and 41st floors of the Aliz Hotel in Times Square in 2019. Its high design is a little 60s-era James Bond and a little Art Deco, and -on Hudson serves some of the best cocktails in an area where venues often skate by on simply existing.Aptly named Old Town has occupied its ever-changing neighborhood a block above Union Square since 1892. It was possibly pushed into actual speakeasy status during prohibition, but the bar does not dine out on that confoundingly popular designation today. Instead, the large-but-easily-crowded staple’s neon sign beckons all for beer and all the other expected beverages, plus bar food. It’s also one of the easiest hangouts in the retail-saturated Union Square area. A real-deal dive bar in an area less and less hospitable to the genre, Montero’s a grizzled old charmer decked out in the seafaring accoutrement you’d expect from a spot that got its start serving sailors so many years ago. Today, it lights up on karaoke nights when visitors belt out PBR-emboldened versions of former and current hits. Grand Central Terminal itself is rather beautiful, but running its gauntlet always requires a reward. The Campbell, née, The Campbell Apartment, in the building’s southwest corner, is the closest and best place to get one. Once the massive office of the ur-rich NYC finance guy for which it’s twice named, The Campbell’s present form toasts its original leaded-glass windows, soaring hand-painted ceiling and stone fireplace with classic cocktails. This is what all those latter-day speakeasies aspire to without the goofy costuming.Historic Julius’s autobiographical headline is “New York’s oldest gay bar and Greenwich Village’s oldest bar.” Today, the small, iconic spot hosts parties, events and a happy hour weekdays from 5pm to 7pm. It’s also known for its burgers, available in a few varieties, plus sandwiches, classic sides and bar snacks.

A canonical NYC destination, Sunny’s still feels serendipitous when you luck into it on a random, meandering afternoon. It has nautical nods, a long bar and booths up front, tables and enough room for twangy live music in the back and a side yard for alternating breaths of fresh air and the opposite of fresh air. There’s a full bar, but they’re particularly adept at making beer here.
Dating back to 1762, Fraunces Tavern doesn’t look a day over 261. In addition to modern conveniences like indoor plumbing, its distinct spaces serve as a one-stop-shop for a few different photo-ops: grab a beer at the main bar, sip Brenne beside the fireplace in the whiskey room or head up to the landmarked building’s more recent concept, its, second floor piano bar.A few steps below the sidewalk, Jadis wine bar seems suffused with effortless romance and incidental magic–qualities frequently copied with low, golden lighting schemes and chicly rustic design, but seldom truly captured at quite this pulse-quickening pace. Be careful who you share that carafe with, as it’s easy to get infatuated here.Best New Bar honoree in our 2021 Best of the City Awards, Sidney’s Five is also a terrific full-service restaurant with fantastic charbroiled oysters, andouille corn dogs, fish and chips, burgers and raw bar items. The whole place is great, and its lovely, long bar shines even in the super booze-saturated East Village. Sidle up for a whole dedicated martini menu, plus more cocktails, wine and beer.Manhattan’s best dive bar in a borough where they’re ever-dwindling, Jimmy’s Corner first opened near Times Square in 1971. Today, the late famed boxer and trainer Jimmy Glenn’s iconic, memorabilia-rich spot attracts excited crowds from near and far, while maintaining its neighborhood charm with easy to swallow prices.

One of the oldest bars in New York City, McSorley’s Old Ale House has the sawdust on the floor and dusty aged curios to prove it. The prices seem suspended in time, too: Dark or light ales are $6 per pair of half pints. Yes, you must choose from just two beers, and your one [1] order is served in two [2] mugs. Most of McSorley’s food (sandwiches, burgers, dogs) is under $10.
Evil Twin’s novel suds are beloved by craft beer devotees who got a brewery, nicely-sized taproom and adjacent, roomy outdoor space to sip the stuff back in 2019.The bar at Contento, one of the best new restaurants of 2021, has enough wines by the glass to keep us coming back, but not so many that we never get around to actually ordering, plus beer, cocktails and a terrific dinner menu. Said bar also has just enough spots to give the full-service restaurant equal drinking and eating crossover destination appeal, and its design keeps people with disabilities front of mind.

This Williamsburg mainstay beloved for its chicly distressed interior and romantic ambiance is best known for its oysters and absinthe. Sip a potent variety of the anise-forward spirit in the lush backyard.The team behind Harlem’s popular ramen destination ROKC (where drinks quickly became the main attraction) was at it again at the end of 2019 when they opened NR on East 75th Street. Super-simply named cocktails betray their show-stealing presentation: the mezcal-based Grapefruit is literally smoking, the tequila Cucumber is served in a green bell pepper, and the Pineapple + Passionfruit with rum is on fire. One of NYC’s latest viewstaurants (that is, restaurants with a view) opened on the sixth floor of Williamsburg’s Wythe hotel in 2021. In addition to its lovely vistas, Bar Blondeau has small plates, plus lots of beer, wine and cocktails to choose from, including more low- and no-alcohol options than you’ll see elsewhere. Yet another one of recent years’ ubiquitous speakeasy-inspired bars, Saint Tuesday is closer to the archetype than any of the rest. Its Cortlandt Alley entrance is hard enough to find to humble even the most smug among us, and getting to the bar still feels like the Goodfellas Copa shot once you’re through the door. It’s also pretty inside with vaguely old-fashioned design, there’s live music every night, the drinks are good and, as of last spring, reservations are available to make getting in a little easier.Mace has been a regular on local and international “best of” lists since it first opened in 2015. A later move to West 8th Street gives the perennial fave a little more room for outdoor dining, in addition to a comfortable interior and 27-foot zinc bar. Sip spice and botanical-forward cocktails, or one of the best frozen drinks in town, and see how fast you’ll make Mace your own personal recommendation.

This decades-old East Village mainstay—said to have hosted Frank Sinatra, Allen Ginsberg and Joey Ramone—is a welcome anomaly in a city with so much turnover. And though the place has been polished in more recent years—duct-taped booths traded for green banquettes, neon beer signs for gilded sconces—its charm never dulled.

This Time Out New York Best of the City award winner first opened in Queens in 2009. The ever-popular spot still makes standout cocktails, including the bespoke creations that first put it on the map, in an environment that’s relaxed a lot over the years.An NYC classic (of somewhat recent origin; Attaboy opened in the famed Milk and Honey space in 2012) untethered from speakeasy-trappings in 2020 with an outdoor expansion, this LES cocktail leader was one of a few bars in its genre to demonstrate greatness even absent all the cloak and dagger themes. It decommissioned its patio last fall, so you can get back to fully playing prohibition at the steel-brushed bar inside.

One of Smith Street’s finest since 2008, Clover Club has endured while other beloved restaurants and bars have come and go. This one’s both, plus it’s pretty all around, comfortable and still feels special, whether you’re a regular or coming by for the first time. Its bar’s the best seat on the block, and you’ll need one to peruse the whole novella of a cocktail menu. Or just try the Clover Club.
This exemplar cocktailer in a historic clock tower that was once a piano factory where portraits of long-ago luminaries presently line the walls sure checks a lot of boxes. Fill in the rest over Champagne Charlies, made with gin or vodka, honey, passionfruit, lemon juice and prosecco and served in a coupe.By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions.

Bartenders at this cool downstairs bar serve fantastic sips in such unlikely vessels as upturned “lightbulbs,” honey bears and even glowing approximations of lava lamps. Retro tunes and amber hues play off of wood paneling and beaded curtains inside, and there’s a dreamy, vine-lined garden out back.
Helmed by beloved neighborhood fixture Lucy herself, Lucy’s is best experienced in the lively evening hours. After dark, locals shoot pool on two worn tables and choose tunes from a jukebox that includes Paul Stanley and polka king Stan Yankovic. Plan to pay cash for your beer and shots.From Business: Hudson Valley’s premier music and fine dining destination featuring two stages. Open for dinner and weekend brunchHudson Valley’s premier music and fine dining… From Business: Eclectic menu of german and american dishes for every taste. From authentic dishes such AS potatoe pancakes and Weiner schnitzel to american classics like NY… YP – The Real Yellow Pages – helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to select from a local Yellow Pages directory, including proximity to where you are searching, expertise in the specific services or products you need, and comprehensive business information to help evaluate a business’s suitability for you. “Preferred” listings, or those with featured website buttons, indicate YP advertisers who directly provide information about their businesses to help consumers make more informed buying decisions. YP advertisers receive higher placement in the default ordering of search results and may appear in sponsored listings on the top, side, or bottom of the search results page.

From Business: Business casual. Friendly atmosphere. Comfort food. Live music. Daily specials for dining room & bar. Home of award winning Chicken Pot Pie! Its Kinda Kozy… From Business: An all-new gathering place for craft beer enthusiasts, cocktail connoisseurs, and food fanatics located in historic Beacon, NY. #melzingahtaphouseAn all-new… From Business: Meyer’s Old Dutch Food & Such is a fun & casual, modern interpretation of the classic burger joint with a full-service bar. We use the finest ingredients…From Business: Craft beer, Cocktails, Yummy Food, Vintage Arcade Games. Colorful, fun interior and outdoor patio on Main Street. Located around the corner and out of this…

Where are most bars in NYC?
Best Bars For Drinking According To NeighborhoodsGreenpoint. I know you’re conversant with the fact that Greenpoint is synonymous with wealthy bars and great restaurants. … Flatiron District. This neighborhood boast of two beautiful bars. … Chelsea. … Chinatown. … West Village. … East Village. … Greenwich Village.
From Business: Live music every Saturday night. Gift certificates available. Available for private parties. Wines from around the world, micro brews, light fare menu, outdoor…From Business: Founded in 2011, The Trestle brings the best Local Bar and casual American dining experience to the greater Hudson Valley community. We offer a variety of…

From Business: Located at the historic Storm King Golf Club-one of the 100 oldest courses in America. We have panoramic views of Black Rock Forest and offer American food with…
From Business: Temporarily Closed Established on Beacon NY 13 years ago. Very relaxed chill place to hang out. Wine/Beer and light food in a very casual atmosphere. Eat and…With a rare and advanced tap system with 20 rotating tap lines, Draught offers craft beer, craft cocktails and a large selection of whiskey and tequila all of which pair perfectly with some of the best Mexican food around!Upscale sports bar with the perfect spot to meet with friends, enjoy a round of artfully crafted cocktails and a delicious meal. The attractive décor and friendly service is sure to make for a memorable night. Eclectic American fair with a twist!

INSIDE+OUT is pleased to share our go-to list of bars and lounges in Beacon New York. When you want to unwind or wrap up a busy day with your favorite libation, here is our list of bars, pubs and taprooms. Let us know your favorite or if we missed anything!
True to its name, this bar has plenty of vinyl. Records fill the walls behind the bar counter and the owners also buy vinyl. They currently serve 12 rotating craft taps, an extensive cocktail menu, wine and cider, plus a small menu. With its checkered floor and marble counter, the bar revives the glamorous allure of the Roaring 20s. Wonderbar serves a variety of tasty cocktails with fun names, such as the Laugh It Up, Fuzzball, but also offers a delicious bar menu that includes dishes such as Truffle Tots, Avocado Fried Rice and Bhanger Steak. The brunch menu includes Chicken and Waffles, Shakshuka and Steak and Eggs. Dogwood is known in Beacon as the bar where Beacon locals gather. The friendly laid-back eatery is also known for its hearty food, nice selection of craft brews and cocktails plus live music.

Hidden at the back of the Hudson Valley Food Mall, this bar is a great place to grab a quick drink. Friendly bartenders and delicious cocktails. The bar is located in the former Roosevelt Theater.The casual taproom serves an ever-changing list of artisanal beer amid wooden tables and steel tanks. The taproom’s mission is to use Hudson Valley resources to produce unique local beers at a brewery where people can relax, hang out and participate in the craft beer experience.

Aside from serving delicious southwest cuisine, including tacos with a twist, Baja offers over 130 top-shelf tequilas. Their cocktails and cuisine are made with the freshest and most flavorful ingredients.
Bright green with pale straw. Aromatic herbaceous notes balanced seamlessly with hints of cut capsicum, Finnish blackcurrant leaf and freshly squeezed lemon. (Australia)Regularly voted one of the best West Side happy hours by publications in Los Angeles, The Misfit Restaurant + Bar’s Happy Hour is hard to beat. Running every day, this shindig includes discounts on cocktails, sangria, mimosas, wine, and beer.

The Calabra rooftop bar and restaurant is located at the top of the Santa Monica Proper Hotel. It features a Mediterranean and California cuisine menu and a circular bar, complete with a sundeck and an indoor lounge. If you need a late-night snack, dinner is served until midnight on Fridays & Saturdays.
When it comes to rooftop bars, few do it better than the buzzing Elephante Beach House, with a vibrant nightlife scene, unique cocktails, custom furniture and unbeatable atmosphere.With everything from dive bars to upscale lounges and live music venues, Santa Monica’s nightlife scene has something for every kind of nightlife-goer. Unlike other parts of Los Angeles nightlife, where table service and being on a club promoter’s list determines where you’re going and when you’re getting in, Santa Monica’s nightlife scene is much more relaxed, both in atmosphere and expectations for dress. The dress code, in general, is much more casual (it’s the beach!), and getting in depends less on who you know and more on what time you arrive. The Room Santa Monica is where locals head for a night out dancing. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in here, the crowd is a mix of people and they’re all there to dance the night away with friends. Santa Monica’s first and only brewery, Santa Monica Brew Works crafts California-inspired beers brewed right onsite, including multiple vegan options! They have a daily rotation of food trucks, including some of the best in LA. Well-behaved pets are allowed in their outdoor seating area and families can enjoy the brewery with children until 8 pm.Harvelle’s Blues Club, the oldest live music venue on the West Side, is a small, dimly-lit venue hosting live music and dancing nightly. Check the club’s calendar online before you go; with blues, jazz, rock, funk, and burlesque on the agenda, there’s something different every night.Consider The Daily Pint for another Santa Monica nightlife go-to dive bar. With pool tables, shuffleboard, darts, plenty of big screen televisions, and a hefty selection of draft beers and whiskey, it’s a great place to crack open a beer and have a great time. Whether it’s to watch a big game or just unwind after a long day of sightseeing, this offbeat Santa Monica bar on Pico Boulevard near the 10 Freeway is a low-key hideaway. They even have a craft beer and whiskey club with specials and discounts for the true connoisseur.Stepping into The Bungalow at The Fairmont Miramar Hotel is like stepping into the coolest California house party you’ve ever seen. From the cozy décor to the ping pong tables and readily available board games, it’s easy to feel comfortable here. Stop in early to avoid a long line (before 8pm), grab a Bungalow Margarita or Lychee Gimlet and let the night unfold in front of you. The crowd here is young and very trendy. For a list of all after-hours nightlife activities available in Santa Monica, search our Santa Monica nightlife listings. Turn a night out into an extended stay with a list of Santa Monica hotels and restaurants. ONYX Rooftop Bar perched atop the The Beacon Hotel, is an iconic rooftop bar in Santa Monica known for its carefully curated menu of small plates and exquisite drinks. The views at this open-air bar experience can’t be missed, and neither can the DJ sets every Saturday from 8pm until midnight!

Housed inside the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Fig Restaurant offers a weekly happy hour alongside it’s seasonal and locally-sourced ingredient driven menu.
TRiP Santa Monica offers something unique every night of the week, from live music to open mic nights, and burlesque shows to trivia, there’s something for everyone! No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find a live performance 7 days a week, as well as dancing, art, 16 beers on tap, and craft beers from around the world.For unparalleled views of the Pacific, a staple in Santa Monica is The Penthouse, located at the top of the upscale Huntley Santa Monica Beach. Enjoy California cuisine alongside signature craft cocktails in one of their swanky restaurant cabanas all while you soak in the 360-degree views of the city, beach and Pacific Ocean.

For a more romantic take on Santa Monica nightlife and fit for a special date night, Bodega Wine Bar is one of those places where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine and have a conversation without yelling. The lounge stays open late every day, and offers a simple menu of small bites and pizzas (including a gluten-free option) that are perfect for sharing, and a happy hour every day from 5-7pm.
When you mention dive bars in Santa Monica, Chez Jay is inevitably going to come up in conversation. Known as the “celebrity dive,” Chez Jay has been serving Santa Monica nightlife for more than 50 years. Grab a seat at the bar and rub elbows with locals while enjoying a glass of wine or pint of beer. Chez Jay also has a happy hour, running from 4-6 pm Tuesday – Friday, with specials on wine and a few food items.Shop, sip, and nibble at Esters Wine Shop & Bar, a local favorite housed in a beautiful 1937 Art Deco building. Eats range from snacks and charcuterie to a full menu after 4pm.