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We asked players to rate disc golf brands in a few other areas that weren’t directly related to product quality or availability. The top three brands in those categories are below.

When disc golfers talk about “consistency” from a manufacturer, they’re referring to how much they can rely on new discs of the same mold in the same plastic and weight (how heavy a disc is affects its stability) to fly the same way. This is important when players lose discs or when discs beat in and their flight patterns alter (frequently used discs tend to get more understable over time).During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a mixture of unprecedentedly high demand for disc golf discs and supply chain issues made availability a huge factor for disc golfers. Things have normalized in the market, but it’s still worth knowing which brands are best at meeting the demand for their discs. No matter how much you love and trust a brand’s discs, you can’t throw them if you can’t find them. For two years now we’ve offered disc golfers the chance to share their thoughts in a survey in the UDisc disc golf app. Both times, a section of the survey asked for feedback about disc golf disc brands. Kastaplast has come out on top of the “best disc golf plastic” category in our survey for two years in a row. It’s a Swedish company that might be a bit too popular to call “cult” nowadays (though there’s absolutely a cult around their putt and approach disc the Berg), and it made a name for itself first in Europe and then North America by producing plastics that disc golfers just love. Fellow Swedish brand Latitude 64° became a co-owner of Kastaplast in 2022, but these survey results suggest that hasn’t changed how disc golfers feel about the products. Year-to-year, about 4% more of respondents expressed an opinion about Kastaplast’s plastic in our latest survey, and the company’s average score changed by a whopping 0.02% (in the positive direction).Note that though this survey was available to anyone with the UDisc app, the people who spent their free time completing it were, unsurprisingly, more into the sport than most. We know that because most of the participants had far above the average number of rounds logged in UDisc. That means the results you’ll see below are based on the opinions of people who spend more time with discs in their hands than the typical player.

We do want to hightlight that Innova had the highest percentage of Excellent and Above Average ratings of any brand included in this year’s survey. A combined 68.81% of survey respondents awarded the brand’s plastics 3s or 4s. It barely missed making this year’s top five mostly due to a relatively high number of “Average” ratings. Our best guess here is that Innova has been around so long and is so ubiquitous in disc golf (just see how it completely owns the “availability” category) that it’s likely many players have Innova in mind when they consider what “average” quality means – making it hard for the company to crest that rating with some disc golfers.
The thing you’ll most want from a brand isn’t just great plastic or mold consistency but a mixture of the two, so we took a look at which brands came out on top when their scores in these areas were averaged out.You’ll find no names that weren’t in previous tables, but you’ll notice that Discmania’s advantage in plastic quality helped it make this top five over Westside (which ranked sixth here) despite its higher consistency ratings.

Once you’re hooked on disc golf, that’s it. You’ll find your disc collection expanding from one or two to a dozen, your weekends will be spent in search of the best courses, and you’ll find that the Coles bag you’ve been storing your discs in just isn’t cutting it anymore. When you start browsing through disc golf bags, it can be easy to get swept away by brands or fancy features. That’s why the team at Disc Connection are here to cut through the noise and give you a few tips on picking the right disc golf bag for you.
At Disc Connection, we live and breathe disc golf. We’re passionate about this rapidly-growing sport, and as our name suggests, we love connecting people with discs. We aim to provide the widest range of high-quality disc golf equipment at the lowest prices in Australia. With over ten years of experience in the sport, the Disc Connection team can help new players get started, and seasoned players find the latest and greatest discs, bags, baskets, and accessories. If you’re looking for disc golf bags, head to Disc Connection.I decided on the Super Heropack because I like to carry a large number of discs with me. However, if that price tag is a little steep for you, I recommend you shift down to the Innova Heropack instead. The difference here is you’ll only be able to carry 25 discs. But really that is more than enough space for pretty much everyone out there. The best part is this bag is incredibly inexpensive for what you get.I’ve spent a lot of time and money over the years researching and testing the best disc golf bags on the market. Believe me when I say there are tons of them out there. I’ve put together a comparison of 18 different bags on the market that you should consider when making your purchase.The most important takeaway from this comparison, I believe, is that I don’t think you need to purchase a bag that is ultra expensive to be happy. I’ve researched and tested multiple high-end bags and I don’t think they are worth the extra money for most players.

Be sure to check Infinite Discs from the current prices of all these discs. For convenience, I will also provide a direct link for each of these bags so you can quickly check on it:
I’m Scott Heywood, the guy behind Disc Golf Report. I’ve been playing disc golf over the last several years and have become obsessed with it. At least a few times a week you’ll find me out on a course playing, but when I’m not, I’m writing about the sport here on Disc Golf Report.If you play once or twice a week like myself, you will be more than happy with a bag under or around $100. I bought an expensive bag and it was fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t recommend those bags for most players given the extra cost for such a small incremental benefit.After considering all 18 of the above bags, I decided to stick with the Innova Super Heropack for taking with me to the course. For me, it’s the perfect balance of price, quality, comfort and convenience. It has many of the features of the high-end bags with 30 disc capacity at half the price. I’ve been really happy with it, and have since retired my old bags to the closet.

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If money isn’t an option and you just want a bag that will last, I would point you toward the Prodigy Pro BP-1. The Grip EQ BX bag has better overall durability, but not by far. And the Grip bag holds way less for a much higher cost. The Prodigy Pro BP-1 will definitely be the last bag you purchase for a long, long time.

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a disc golf bag, so before you rush for the coolest looking bag on the shelf, think about your purchase and how it can keep you comfortable while playing.I have a paratrooper and it holds about as many discs as I’ll need on the course. I’m really just looking for a bag thats the same size, I can get discs out easier, and has the ability to hold umbrellas/disc catchers and drinks. Thanks in advance folks and merry Christmas!

By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising.ll size backpacks can get unwieldy at times. Not the Excursion Backpack. It has the space you crave for your tournament gear, but feels like a smaller mid-level pack on your back. There are lots of monster courses out there, give your body a break with the Excursion bag.

Ranking remarkably well where it counts the most (durability, amount of features, bag weight, and affordability), the Adventure backpack is the best disc golf bag for the money. Situated smack dab in the middle (in terms of bag size), it’s a great first bag or the next progression after growing out of a smaller bag. It can handle a bunch of discs without putting a burden on your back.
When the course demands everything you’ve got, it’s time to step up to Innova’s top-of-the-line backpack. With the Innova Safari bag, you get a tour style bag like the pros use, but at half the price others go for. Not only is there plenty of space for your tournament lineup, you’ll find it super easy to pull them in and out, too. Fit a full-sized hoodie in one of the spacious side pockets when temps start to rise and turn to the Rainfly cover when the thunder rolls in. You won’t find a tour-level backpack like this for this price.These full-featured backpacks have the highest disc capacity and are designed for the serious tournament player. For whatever you’ve got, there’s a pocket for it.

Other Features: Water Resistant Base, Insulated Bottle Holders, Expandable Side Pockets, Mobile Phone Dedicated Pocket, Included Rain cover in rear zip pocket
“I’ve used this bag since the day of release. I love the feel to it. It is a sturdy bag and has shown no signs of wear. Holds a solid amount of disc for half the price of other bags. 10/10 would recommend to anyone with more than 15 disc.”Pros use disc golf backpacks that are big on features and carrying capacity. These bags can carry 20 or more discs plus water, towels, minis, rangefinders, and other round essential gear. Innova’s Excursion and Safari Bags have a place for all of that and more. And, best of all they come at a great price. If you plan on playing disc golf on a regular basis you should invest in a disc golf bag. Improvised methods like grocery bags and bookbags can get you through a round, but after a few rounds you’ll quicky see their limitations as far as durability, comfort, and accessing your discs quickly. The Innova Disc Golf Bag that holds the most discs is the Safari Backpack. It can hold 25+ discs. It includes a top disc pocket that holds 3-4 putters and a front pocket for additional putter storage. Plus, the Safari bag has lots of other storage room for gear and when you need to shed your hoodie. Before we detail our backpacks, let’s explain the difference between backpack disc golf bags and a regular backpack. Disc golf backpacks are made to arrange several discs (sometimes up to 20 or more) so that they can be easily selected during a round. Plus, these specialized bags have specifically designed compartments for common disc golf gear like towels, grip aides, and water bottles. Regular backpacks have no interior structure, which means all of your discs and accessories would be piled on top of each other. Regular backpacks are also not made to withstand regular outdoor use. Disc golf bag tags are small, numbered badges that attach to your disc golf bag. Organized by local clubs, these tags are often used to indicate a player’s numbered rank among his or her club members. Each time members play, bag tags are swapped based on round performance.Carrying a lot of stuff on the course isn’t for everyone. But, the ultra-minimalist approach of using a plastic grocery bag or a retired book bag can only take you so far. Regular play requires a bag designed for disc golf. It’s as simple as that.

If you like the super light, classic approach, you’ll feel like the Innova Standard Bag was made just for you. It’s a step up from the entry level Starter Bag with features like tougher fabric, a padded adjustable shoulder strap, and extra room for your stuff. This bag is a pleasure to carry and will be at your side for years on end. Easy on the wallet, too!
Disc golf bags can seem expensive at first. But there are manufacturers out there like Innova Disc Golf that specialize in offering durable bags and backpacks with the features you want at an affordable price. The Innova Safari Backpack has all the features of popular tour bags, but at half the cost.Disc golf bags and backpacks are specifically made to hold disc golf discs and gear in order to provide easy access to them during a round. Innova has quality bags for every type of player and experience level of the game, all at the best price around.A staple in the Innova bag lineup for years, this entry level bag has helped introduce the sport to countless people. If you’re testing the waters, this is the bag to do it with. It is extremely affordable, super light, but still has the basic options you need on the course.Building a disc golf bag is about choosing the right discs for your skill level and frequency of play. Beginners only need a few lighter (understable) discs. As you gain skill, you’ll gain more advanced discs to round out your lineup. The key is to pack the discs that provide the most utility without overfilling your bag.

Your first disc golf bag can be a backpack thanks to the affordable Discover Bag. It keeps the frills and do-dads to a minimum but still has plenty of room for your starting lineup. If you’re looking for a pared-down backpack that keeps rounds light and fun, this is it.Hands down, this is the lightest and most affordable way to carry a few discs. Crumple it up and store it anywhere, this durable tote is no worse for the wear. Also, works great as a feather weight pack for Ultimate discs, spare clothes, and shoes.Ricky Wysocki, from Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, is one of the best Male Professional Open disc golf players in the world. At the end of the 2021 season, Ricky signed a four year, $4 million endorsement deal with Dynamic Discs. Wysocki also set a new PDGA record with the most money ever earned in a single season in 2022, a total of $105,776. Wysocki had an incredible 2022 season, even though he didn’t win a Major that year, he won a total of 5 DGPT Elite Series events including DGPT Championship, where the prize money was a staggering $35,000.We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page..

Do pros throw max weight discs?
Experienced pro players have very good throwing form and exceptional arm speed behind their throws, which means that they are more able to throw a max weight disc with the spin required to get it up to speed. Although, pros and amateurs alike will throw a heavier disc when it comes to putting.
InfiniteDiscs is the #1 retailer in disc golf with individual pictures of every disc in stock and they usually have over 50,000 discs in stock! Click here to shop on

The cart’s main compartment fits up to 25 discs comfortably and is designed to take on any terrain on the disc golf course. In addition, it helps with back strain and pain from picking up your disc golf bag after every throw. It’s an excellent disc golf equipment for tournament play. Furthermore, the top of the Transit Cart doubles as a portable seat so you can take a seat any where on the course.
Grip bags check the comfort box with padded back support and shoulder straps. The durability question is backed by the company’s lifetime warranty. And the quantity of discs a player can fit into a Grip bag is completely customizable based on style and number of discs needed. Even the high-end, custom player bags don’t run any higher than $279, making affordability another key component that sets Grip Equipment apart.

The AX Series is their most comprehensive model, with the ability to hold 22 discs in the main compartment and four more in the quick-pull top pocket. The BX Series has an 18-disc main compartment and 3-disc quick-pull top pocket. Just a touch smaller is the CX Series which, similar to the BX Series, has a 3-disc quick-pull pocket, but can only fit 16 discs in the main compartment. And one step smaller is the CS Series with a 2-disc quick-pull pocket and a 14-disc main compartment capacity.

How many discs do pros carry?
How Many Discs Do Pros Carry? Professional disc golf players will carry 20-25 discs in their bag at any given time. Some players might even carry as many as 40 discs in their bag. Most players, even professionals will only routinely use 10-15 of these discs when playing on any course.
These specialized disc carriers come in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes, but the best products have three key elements: comfort, durability and capacity. To help point you to the best bags on the market, we’ve done all the research for you. All you need to do is take our advice.

How do I choose a disc golf bag?
Look for something durable. You don’t want to find yourself buying dozens of disc golf bags because they keep breaking! Make sure the bag you choose is made from strong, fade-resistant, waterproof material. If your bag isn’t waterproof, consider waterproofing it before you use it to extend its life.
You throw a disc for the first time. You get hooked. You go out and get a few more discs. You fall in love. Suddenly, two hands are no longer enough to carry the tools you need to excel on the course.Grip Equipment, Squatch, Pound and Upper Park currently have the most popular backpacks on the market. You’ll generally see the top players from around the world sporting one of these four brands on their back during an event.

Grip also produces a single-shoulder line of bags known as the G-Series. These carriers are perfect for light travel and mobility on the course. They hold between 8 and 12 discs in vertical formation and also provide a 2-disc quick-pull pocket.
Grip Equipment also offers customized colorways and designs like the brand-new A-TS Series for the 2023 Ledgestone Open, along with player-specific AX5, BX3 and G2 editions for top pros like Paul McBeth, Eagle McMahon and Paige Pierce.Although, pros and amateurs alike will throw a heavier disc when it comes to putting. When you’re ready to putt it at a closer distance, a heavier disc is almost always the better choice.

What 3 discs should every disc golfer have?
In order to play disc golf, you need at least 3 discs: a driver, a mid-range, and a putter. But you should carry at least 6 discs (2 of each type) with you whenever you go out to play a round.
A pro player will never throw a disc in a competition that weighs over 200g. This is because of the PDGA Technical Standards that we discussed earlier.Mid-range drivers aren’t designed to be thrown as far as the driver. The mid-range will favor accuracy over more distance, so selecting a slightly heavier weight will be beneficial for a mid-range disc.

What bag does Ricky Wysocki use?
Dynamic Discs Transit Cart Ricky Wysocki is currently using the Dynamic Discs Transit Cart by ZUCA. The cart’s main compartment fits up to 25 discs comfortably and is designed to take on any terrain on the disc golf course. In addition, it helps with back strain and pain from picking up your disc golf bag after every throw.
If you’re unable to get a heavier disc up to speed when thrown, you’re going to find that the lighter disc will often fly farther, but it won’t be as stable or have as much control.

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According to the PDGA Technical Guidelines, no disc used in a PDGA sanctioned event can exceed 200g. Most disc manufacturers follow these guidelines when producing their discs. Experienced pro players have very good throwing form and exceptional arm speed behind their throws, which means that they are more able to throw a max weight disc with the spin required to get it up to speed. Pro players won’t automatically use a heavier disc just because they are a pro. Often a professional player will use whatever disc weight best suits the situation. A new player should choose a driver in the weight range of 160 grams to 167 grams. A driver that is below 160 grams might be too light to be thrown with consistency, so staying on the light to medium weight range is best. The weight of the disc can affect the flight characteristics of the disc when thrown. For example, a heavier disc will be more overstable and perform better in the wind because of the additional weight.Hi, my name is Marty. Sporting Disc is dedicated to delivering actionable tips and information when it comes to enjoying any disc sport. Whether it’s disc golf, ultimate frisbee, or any other disc sport, I want to help anyone get out there and take their game further.A heavier disc golf disc thrown by a beginner will not fly further than a similar lighter disc. This is because a less experienced player won’t have the arm speed and refined form needed to throw the heavier disc with the power needed. An advanced player will often throw a heavier disc further.A beginner player will want to use a mid-range weight between 165 grams to 170 grams. This will add a little weight to keep the disc flying straighter when distance is not as important.

The wind can be a factor affecting stability. If a heavier disc is thrown into the wind it will be more stable than a lighter disc. The additional weight of the disc will make it less likely to turn over in flight.If you’re a beginner, you won’t have the option to throw a heavier disc correctly because you haven’t gained the skill and experience required to properly throw a heavier disc.

The truth of the matter is that a heavier disc won’t always fly further, but it can fly further depending on the conditions and the person throwing the disc.
Disc golf takes skill and experience to play, and more advanced players know when to throw heavier and lighter discs to get the shot they need in certain situations.As you can probably see by now, there are times when a lighter or heavier disc weight is right. It depends on a player’s experience, skill level, and age. Remember, they are trying to win, not just throw a heavier disc because they can. With that said, a professional disc golf player has the choice to throw a wider range of weights. We all want to get more distance on disc golf drives. But, would a heavier disc or a lighter disc fly farther when thrown? I’ve tried both to see if disc weight will affect throwing distance.In disc golf, the weight of the disc will be measured in grams. The weight of a disc will normally be written on the underside of the disc, near the middle of the disc.The disc golf bags come with padded straps to distribute the weight over a larger area of your shoulder. This way, you won’t feel sharp, shooting aches in the muscles or bones. Apart from this, the backpack-style bags have a padded back panel to make you feel more comfortable and prevent aches in the spine and the surrounding muscles.The disc golf bags make carrying all your frisbees more convenient and hassle-free. They come with different capacities, materials, number of pockets, and so many other features that you are bound to end up being perplexed and overwhelmed by the end of the day. With so many similar products, choosing the right bag is undoubtedly a cumbersome task. To help with that, we have created a complete buying guide for you!

The main compartment has at least one divider in most disc golf bags. It will help you store the discs in a segregated manner so that they don’t mix up. For example, if you use two different-sized frisbees, you can easily separate the smaller discs from the larger ones with the divider. Similarly, it will also help you store midranges, drivers, and putters separately so that you don’t have to rummage through the discs and waste time.
The disc golf bags are manufactured with a wide range of materials, each having different features, pros, and cons. Therefore, without knowing more about them, you won’t be able to decide which product is best for you. For this reason, we have explained the three most used fabrics for manufacturing disc golf bags.

How many discs should a beginner have?
For true beginners, the best way to start is with three discs; one fairway driver, one mid-range and one putter. Make sure these discs are straight to understable so that you learn proper technique. One mistake many beginners make is throwing overstable discs and crafting your form around your disc.
You can carry the golf discs with both the frisbee bag and cart. Out of these two options, the former one sounds to be more relevant and feasible. In this below section, we have illustrated their differences so that you can understand the benefits of using the disc golf bag over a cart.

In most disc golf bags, you will find two side panel pockets for storing the valuables like cash, wallet, cards, and other such items, while an additional accessory pocket for keeping the essentials within reach. Tote-styled frisbee bags usually have a hidden zippered inner compartment and an outer pocket for your valuables and essentials, respectively. Sometimes, you can find the valuable pocket at the back where it will stay hidden from everyone’s eyes.
Most tote disc golf bags have front magnetic closure so that the flap can stay nicely closed, no matter whether the discs are rattling against each other or not. Besides, the closure will ensure that all the frisbees are secured in the compartment, regardless of their sizes or the number of units you are carrying.Most disc golf bags are reinforced with an adjustable shoulder or sling strap. This way, you can change its length and ensure that carrying the bag becomes more comfortable. For instance, if you have a backpack-style frisbee bag, you can easily adjust its shoulder straps to ensure that the product aligns with your height. On the contrary, when you use the sling bag, its adjustable strap will help you transform it into a crossbody bag easily.

As the disc golf bags have different capacities for the frisbees, you must choose a big enough product to hold all your discs easily. For example, if you play with a beginner disc pack having 8 to 10 units, go for a bag that can accommodate at least 10 discs. Similarly, when you have a set of 20 frisbees, you must go with a product with a large compartment that can store 18 discs and an upper pocket for the additional putters.
The price range of disc golf bags varies between $18.99 and 39.99 based on many factors. For instance, backpack-style bags are costlier than tote frisbee bags. Similarly, if you choose a bag that can hold 24 discs, its price will be higher than other products.

A: As the disc golf bags can get dirty, you must keep them clean for more longevity and reduced wear and tear. To do so, use a damp cloth for wiping the messes and removing the grime. Do not put it into the washing machine unless stated otherwise.

As you can get thirsty easily while playing frisbee out in the open, most disc golf bags come with an additional water bottle holder. Its size will vary from one product to the other. So, make sure to choose a bag whose bottle holder can accommodate your drink bottle easily. One of the salient features of this holder pocket is the availability of a drawstring using which you can adjust its tightness and secure the bottle.

A very experienced player will be able to identify the type of throw needed and select the correct disc to make the shot. However, most of these players won’t use every disc in their bag when playing a course.Glide indicates the disc’s ability to stay airborne after being thrown. a Disc with a high glide rating will stay in the air longer than a disc with a lower glide rating.

Renting discs might sound like a silly idea, but if you’re wanting to just try some out before you buy, renting some discs to play might not be a bad idea.
There are no rules that say a person has to use special discs or have a huge selection of discs at their disposal. Using only one disc to play can either be by choice or necessity.If you’re just getting started playing disc golf, you know you’re going to primarily be using three discs: the driver, mid-range, and the putter. We’ll add one more optional disc for the beginner: the fairway driver.

Fairway Driver: Fairway drivers are very similar to distance drivers, but will give the player a little more control and accuracy when thrown. For beginners, a fairway driver isn’t going to make or break a hole, so don’t worry if you only have a distance driver.
If you’re playing in a disc golf tournament, you can bring as many discs as you need. There are no rules to the number of discs allowed in a disc golf bag.Each disc used in disc golf includes what are called flight numbers on the front of the disc. The flight number will give the player an idea of the characteristics of the disc when it’s thrown.

The speed of the disc doesn’t necessarily mean that the disc will fly the furthest, but when thrown properly, a disc with a higher speed flight number will have the greatest potential for distance because it will fly faster through the air.
When it comes down to it, you can play an entire round of disc golf using only one disc. All you need is one. A person could even just use a normal frisbee to play if they wanted to.

Some disc golf players carry bags full of discs for every conceivable situation during a round of disc golf. But, if you’re a beginner only learning the ropes of disc golf there is only a bare minimum number of discs needed to cover most throws you’ll be making during a game.
These numbers will range from 1 to 7, with one being the least amount of glide, and 7 being the most. Higher glide ratings are most useful for longer shots when more distance is needed.

For example, a putter will have a speed of 2-3, mid-range will have a speed of 4-6, a fairway driver will typically be between 7-9, while a distance driver will have a rating of 10+.

If you’re visiting a different city, a great way to spend time with the family or alone is to try out the local disc golf course. Some larger courses will offer a disc rental. A rental can include a driver, mid-range, and a putter.
My final thoughts are this, three discs are all you need to get started playing and having fun. There is no need to intentionally overcomplicate things in the beginning.Mid-Range: The mid-range disc is used after the drive, when you’re too far from the hole to use the putter, but too close to use the driver again. The mid-range offers even more tight control and accuracy when approaching a basket.

Who makes the best disc golf discs?
Best Disc Availability: Top 5 BrandsRankBrandAverage Score1Innova3.29/42Dynamic Discs3.07/43Latitude 64°2.96/44MVP2.90/4
In this article, I’m going to explain the basic number of discs a beginner needs to play a round of disc golf, and what the purpose is for each disc type you’ll need.There are no restrictions on the number of discs a person can carry in their disc golf bag. The number of discs will mostly be limited by the holding capacity of the disc golf bag. On the other hand, buying a disc is not very expensive, and if it turns out you don’t like the disc or discover disc golf is not for you, there are options to resell the disc or be out $10 to $15. Either way, it’s not a large investment to try out a couple of discs and see for yourself. A disc with a higher fade will turn more sharply to the left and hit the ground at a steeper angle than a disc with a lower fade rating. The number on the disc for a fade will range from 0 to 5.Some seasoned players choose to practice using one disc only. They do this if they are trying to learn a new disc. Using a single disc for practice can teach a player to learn to throw many different shots with the same disc.

Why is disc golf so expensive?
Demand, plastic and parts availability, and inflation make higher disc prices. Especially demand. Anyone find Discs Getting Expensive?
When throwing a disc backhand style with the right hand, you might always expect a disc to turn to the left, but a disc with a high turn rating (-5) will turn sharply to the right. The experience level of the player can also determine the number of discs in the bag. But, most players will simply carry only as many discs as they are comfortable with using during play. When playing disc golf, a beginner should have only three types of discs to start with. A beginner should use a driver, mid-range, and a putter. Carrying a duplicate of each type is good practice in case of a lost disc. Using these three different disc types, a beginner can make every throw required to complete almost any disc golf course.

What should be in a beginner disc golf bag?
A very basic bag will contain discs that can do these things:An overstable driver with a lower speed: Innova Thunderbird.An understable driver with a lower speed: Discraft Avenger SS.An overstable fairway driver with low fade: Innova Teebird.An understable fairway driver: Innova Leopard.
As a beginner, you should only be carrying around 6-8 discs in your bag. Again, these are the distance, mid-range, putter, and optional fairway driver. Also, carrying a spare of each is a good idea in case of a lost disc.Putter: A putter is one of the most important discs in the bag for any player. The putter is a more rounded disc that increases control and decreases the speed so they won’t fly too far past the basket in case of a miss.One more reason to add some discs to your bag is for spares. Losing a disc can happen, it’s happened to many people. Or, you might damage a disc, like from hitting a tree or other object.

Some people might be playing for the first time, and only own one disc. There is nothing wrong with doing this either. Depending on the disc you’re using, you might be limited in the shots that can be made with the disc.
Disc golf discs can be rented in certain locations. many discs are rented for a day at a time at a set price. A distance driver, putter, and mid-range disc can be rented on a per day or per hour basis at most courses that offer rentals.Distance Driver: Distance drivers are designed to provide the most range and glide when they’re thrown. Most distance drivers will provide a straight flight line when thrown and are made for long throws to start a hole.

These are specialized discs that are used by experienced players. For the beginner learning the basic throws, it’s not necessary to know what the discs are or how they are used until you gain some experience. These people are professionals for a reason.
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If you’re counting those, that’s about 20 discs, give or take depending on the player and their personal preferences. If you see a lot of discs on this list with funny names and descriptions, that’s OK too.As you advance in your game, you’ll understand how the discs are meant to fly and identify throwing lines that call for a specific disc. At this point, you’ll want to start adding discs to your bag to address these situations.

A disc with a higher turn rating, when used by a right-hand backhand thrower, will angle to the right. The turn ratings are slightly different than the rest. A turn rating will range from +1 to a -5. Most turn ratings will appear on the disc as a negative number.
The longer you play disc golf, the more discs you’re going to begin to accumulate for use in those tricky situations. But, those situations only come with lots of practice and experience.As you advance in your game, you’ll start to see how different situations might call for a slightly different disc that will fly or perform in a particular way.

It’s a good idea to get the basics down first when you’re new to any sport, disc golf included. Learning how to use and throw the distance driver, mid-range, and the putter will go a long way to taking your disc golf game to the next level when you’re ready.
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Star Frame was founded in the middle of a disc golf round near West Bend, Wisconsin. We’ve set out to create the best, durable disc golf bags with coolers that make playing the sport more fun! Do you love what we’re building here at Star Frame? Then we invite you to apply to become a brand ambassador! As an ambassador, you’ll receive your own branded promo code that can be shared to friends and family. Star Frame is a family-owned and operated company based out of Wisconsin that proudly offers high-quality disc golf bags with coolers, kneepads, disc golf apparel, and more.The Retro is Star Frame’s attempt at a smaller, yet still awesome disc golf cooler bag…and they nailed it. This bag has a lot of the same features as the Brick 2.0, but it’s just a bit smaller (and of course a little cheaper).

What disc golf bag has the most capacity?
What disc golf bag holds the most discs? The Innova Disc Golf Bag that holds the most discs is the Safari Backpack. It can hold 25+ discs. It includes a top disc pocket that holds 3-4 putters and a front pocket for additional putter storage.
I used a crappy gym bag at first. Then I had a backpack that was super aggravating and a backsack that was even worse. I hated all three. I used to only carry about 5-6 discs with me because more than that would clutter my bag and make it annoying to find the right disc. You don’t really need more discs than that, but a good bag can help you carry up to 20 or more in an organized manner. All of your discs are stacked up front or neatly kept in a pocket ready to be thrown. You don’t need 20 discs, but you may want to throw a few extra per round. Nothing wrong with that.You can also grab a copy of our book, “The Disc Golf Player’s Manual,” here on the site. It’s packed full of extremely practical tips and tricks to help you immediately start improving on the course!

The Lowik disc golf bag is an excellent beginner bag that is cheap and holds 16-20 discs. Lowik states that “this is a stylish economical introductory disc golf bag for disc enthusiasts, suitable for beginner and hobbyist. With great volume and thoughtful detail, you should get such a disc golf backpack.”
Instead of thinking about placing discs into a regular bag with no organization or getting irritated when you can’t find the right disc when you’re looking for it, an awesome bag helps you keep your discs in order and organized for when you need them. The Innova Champion Standard Bag has been a staple bag for many disc golfers. This bag, which can hold 10 to 13 discs, is considered by Infinite Discs to be “an ultra durable bag that is just the right size for the average disc golfer.” The Standard Bag is a very affordable and convenient option for all skill levels, and if you want a great bag, you can grab one here on The Fade Crunch bag is a reasonably-priced, well-built disc golf bag that weighs only 11 ounces! It can hold 9-11 discs and is a fairly decent option for your grab and go rounds. If you don’t want a backpack bag, this is a great option for your round under $50 dollars. Check the current price here on Amazon. The Weekender bag is a really great option for both new disc golfers and competitive players. This bag can hold a max of about 10 discs and has enough room for a water bottle, a snack, and your wallet/keys. If you want a good small bag for quick rounds, grab this one here off of The FITactic disc golf bag could make a really nice addition to your arsenal. On top of the 25+ disc capacity, there are multiple pockets to put just about every piece of gear imaginable. This is a very spacious, well-made bag that runs about $100 bucks. Check it out here on Amazon.The Disc Living Bag is another good sling bag option for your game. I like the Rogue Iron bag a bit better, but this bag is pretty good as well. This bag can hold up to 10 discs and is another good way to quickly get out and play. Grab the Disc Living Bag here on Amazon. The Infinite Discs Slinger Bag has become my new favorite bag to use on the course. It allows me to carry everything I need, provides me a ton of comfort with minimal weight, and is relatively inexpensive. You can get this bag here on A disc golf bag is an absolute necessity out on the course. And hopefully, I’ve been able to help you pick out the right bag for you. There are a lot of fantastic bags on this list, so grab the one that you like the best and get rollin’! Thanks for reading, disc golfers!The Kestrel pouch bag is a really cool little disc satchel that makes it a super convenient and easy to play your rounds. This bag holds about 6 to 10 discs and is a perfect quick round bag. You can get one here on Amazon.