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All we know is that net worth depends highly upon the sources of income a person has. As Bill himself has a huge company and also used to hist a channel as well. So, he must possess a huge amount of money. So, it is concluded from the experts that Bill Carlton Net Worth is very good, and nearly 5 million dollars. Let’s see his last five years’ net worth in the below table:

Bill is a married man and the name of his wife is Jennifer. She is the best life partner and business partner ever for Bill Carlton. As she helps her and used to direct their company as well. The couple has three children as well, and the name of their kids is Keegan, Presley, and Corbin Carlton. He must have other family members but he kept all those members in secret, may e want privacy in his personal affairs and relationships.
Bill Carlton came into being on 11 February 1976. He was born and raised in Houston, Texas, USA. His father was a mechanic who used to repair different automobiles. This is the reason, Bill got internet in automobiles, and he started learning about automobiles from his father in his father’s garage. His passion brought him to the trade school where he started learning about different vehicles such as cars, and trucks, and how to repair and fix them.

Is Bill the owner of Ekstensive?
Owner: Bill Carlton of Ekstensive Metal Works.
He struggled a lot, and now he is well-known for his best work and automobiles. He is extending his company from simple automobile, and fabrication to designing and modifying trucks, and cars as well.Currently, Bill Carlton is the owner of his company, and the name of the company is Ekstensive Automobiles. This company was founded in 1994, and now it is running at its peak. He started this company from a small shop and now he owns a very big company. So, it shows that he is very experienced in his profession.

Does Bill Carlton own extensive metal works?
Extensive Metal Works, a fabrication and bespoke automobile design enterprise founded in 1994,is also owned by Bill. It is a Texas-based company that designs and fabricates automobiles. In the Texas Metal TV show, Bill Carlton and his team demonstrated how they can customize and redesign cars, as well as adapt other sorts of trucks and cars.
Bill Carlton is a 46 years old successful businessman, the owner of a company, and a host of a famous TV show. He was born on 11 February 1976, in Houston, Texas. He has good physical attributes as well, as he is 5 feet 8 inches tall. His weight is also not too high at this stage of life, as he weighs about 75 kg. He is the son of a mechanic, and his parents must be proud of him. Let’s read his complete biography in the below table:

Now Bill Carlton Net Worth has increased very much, as we can see from his work in almost every single automobile. Later he launched a company named Ekstensive Automobiles, which is also one of the best automobile companies in America. He also used to host a TV show.

Who is Bill Carlton?
Bill Carlton is the face of the popular television show ‘Texas Metal’ and owns the auto augmentation workshop Ekstensiv Metal. Have you ever wondered about Bill Carlton’s net worth, his wife, and how he got his start to fame and fortune? If so, keep reading to find out.
As we do know that Bill is a professional mechanic. He also used to host a TV show, and the name of the show is Texas Metal. Her wife is the director of this TV show. He is a very experienced mechanic as he started learning this work in his childhood. He worked hard and started his own career in a small automobile shop. This company plays a huge role in Bill Carlton Net Worth.Jennifer is the name of Bill Carlton’s wife. Bill is married to Jennifer, and the couple has three children as well. She is very beautiful as well as attractive. She is also a good wife, as she not only helps her husband in their private life but as well as she helps her husband in his career. As she is the director of the show hosted by her husband.Bill Carlton is a famous American businessman, and a millionaire, who worked hard to achieve his career best. It is estimated that Bill Carlton’s Net Worth is nearly $5 million. Bill Carlton is also very famous for a show, he used to feature named Texas Metal. In his family, he has parents and other family members. The name of his parents is still unknown, but it is known that his father was a mechanic. So, interest in automobiles was developed in Bill Carlton throughout his early life. So, his father helped him a lot to see the inner behavior of automobiles effectively. Jennifer is the name of his only wife. She is not only her wife but also the director of the show named Texas Metal, hosted by her husband, Bill Carlton. The couple is living their life happily, with their three beautiful children.

What is Ekstensive Metal Works annual revenue?
Ekstensive Metal Works’s revenue is <$5 Million What is Ekstensive Metal Works's SIC code? [/su_service]Another thing that takes a great part in his progress is a company that he owns, and the name of the company is “Extensive Metal Works”. This company is based on custom automobile design, and fabrication, which is used to design automobiles approximately all over America. [su_quote]As we have discussed earlier that Bill was born on 11 February 1976. So, by the year 2023, he is 47 years old. He looks very fit and handsome and has some maintained physical attributes. He used to celebrate his birthday every 11th of February, with his family.[/su_quote]Bill Carlton’s show is very popular in America, in which he used to show auctions of his designed automobiles and everything related to business. His actual career started when he; founded his company Extensive Metal Works in 1994.[su_highlight background="#D6FFD9"]When we look at the sources of income Bill Carlton has. He is a well-known businessman and the owner of a company named Extensive Metal Works. Another source of income which he has is his show which is very lovable for the audience. So, we can conclude that Bill Carlton Net Worth must be very high. It is confirmed by Forbes, that Bill Carlton’s Net Worth is near about 5 million dollars. For more information about Bill Carlton’s Net Worth, and biography, see the below table:[/su_highlight]It is very difficult for a person to find a such partner who could help him in his life as well as his professional life. Bill Carlton is one of those people who has such a kind of life partner who not only helps her in their private life as well as direct and helps her husband in her career.A successful businessman and a professional automobile mechanic are Bill Carlton, who is currently among the millionaires of the United States of America. This is the time when Bill Carlton Net Worth is sky-high, as he is running his career very well. He owns a company Ekstensive Automobiles. Instead of successful professional life, he is also living his married life very happily as well. He must be proud of his father as he did what his father couldn’t do in his life. [su_note note_color="#EFF1F5" text_color="#333333" radius="20" class="border-none"]Bill possesses very good physical attributes, which make him very attractive at this stage of life. As Bill is nearly about 5 feet and 8 inches tall which suits him very well to his physique. Bill Carlton also weighs about 5 kg, which shows that he is physically very fit. He must have a proper diet plan for his life.[/su_note]Instead of a huge number of customers, he also has a huge fan following on social media. This is the reason that Bill Carlton’s Net Worth is increasing over time.Bill Carlton is the owner of Extensive Automobiles and a TV show named Texas Metal. He is spending his luxurious life with his family. We can see that Bill Carlton net worth is increasing over time, and currently Bill Carlton Net Worth is $5 million. We do hope you have enjoyed reading the above article. Keep us following for more articles like this. Regards! [su_quote]Later he graduated, ut the name of the institution is unknown. After graduation, he started attending his father’s garage with more attention by taking more time, which led him to open his own automobile shop. Now his passion has made him able to become a most successful mechanic and a millionaire in America.[/su_quote]He doesn’t go into what symptoms he had or how it affected his health, but the negative test seems to have put his mind at ease. It may be safe to assume that catching the virus affected his business since he wouldn’t have been able to interact with any customers or staff.If you’re into custom auto work, Texas Metal on Motor Trend is the show for you. Following the crew from Ekstensive Metal Works, you get to see them make all kinds of things, so the cars and trucks they start with aren’t the same by the time they’re done. The shop’s website says the company has won thousands of awards and been on all kinds of magazine covers thanks to their work. [su_quote]In March 2021, Heath posted on his Instagram that he no longer has the novel coronavirus. The post is a screenshot of what looks to be an email of his test results, with the results coming back negative. The email goes on to say that a negative test doesn't rule out the virus completely and that he should follow guidelines given by the CDC to ensure he's being as safe as possible.[/su_quote]As to why he’s no longer on Texas Metal, Heath hasn’t said. His website only mentions that he was on the first three seasons of the show. It does make sense that he may have used the show for exposure for his business like other reality stars have done, but catching COVID-19 may have also kept him away from filming. If you miss him, you can check out his podcast Our Lifestyle, which was inspired by trucks, of course.”Got to hug my wife and daughter again,” Heath says in the post’s caption. “Besides wondering if the virus would kill you in your sleep. Not being able to touch them was the hardest part. Today is gonna be great.”Heath’s wife, Rebecca, is a big part of his business. A crucial part of his three-person team, he calls her “Super Mom, Teacher, and Manager” on his company’s website. Her bio on there says, “Besides being Super Mom and an awesome teacher, she is the first person you will speak to when calling to set up an appointment or to get a quote!”Fans of Texas Metal have seen the work of Heath Moore. This guy is more than just a car’s outer appearance. He has a whole business dedicated to handmade car interiors. He was on the first three seasons of the show, but in the latest one, he’s nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, he revealed on Instagram that his health took a bad turn. He even says he wasn’t sure if he was going to survive. [su_box title="Where is Bill Carlton from?" style="bubbles" box_color="#5CB85C" radius="20"]Carlton was born in Newcastle, New South Wales and was the son of a waterside worker. [/su_box]Heath and Rebecca have a daughter named Kyra. According to her Facebook, she worked at her dad’s business until May 2020. Her account is private so you can’t see much else besides that, but she also worked the front desk at Ekstensive Metal Works for a few months back in 2018. [su_quote]In the early 1940s, new and used metal was in short supply, but Texas Iron & Metal worked hard to supply steel to their commercial and industrial customers.[/su_quote]In the late 1980s, Max Reichenthal took over as president of Texas Iron & Metal. He became the 3rd generation to run the business, continuing the legacy that his namesake had begun over 50 years before.Between 1960 and 1980, Texas Iron & Metal expanded their services to include surplus steel. In 1954, Texas Iron & Metal moved to their current location. [su_note note_color="#5CB85C" text_color="#FFFFFF" radius="20" class="border-none"]Texas Iron & Metal was the first salvage yard in Houston. The usable inventory was separated from the scrap and some was sold for commercial usage. This was very important to the community at a time when most steel was being used for the war effort and not always readily available to commercial buyers.[/su_note]After almost a decade of running the business from his truck, Max Moore proudly opened the doors on Texas Iron & Metal’s first location. He built a strong business, laying the groundwork for generations to come.Texas Iron & Metal has been selling to the community for over 75 years. Houston has come a long way, as seen in this early aerial photo taken in the 1930s. [su_note note_color="#EFF1F5" text_color="#333333" radius="20" class="border-none"]Today, Texas Iron & Metal’s legacy of providing great products and services to its customers continues. At the helm sits Max Reichenthal, who continues to grow the business.[/su_note]Bill, a third-generation welder, and his team work on everything from rusted-out wrecks, muscle cars, and monster trucks to high-end vehicles until they are almost unrecognizable from their original form.I watch ur show on a regular u r the man ur team don’t know what to say they along with Bill put out some crazy beautiful shit enjoy watching the show Bill is real keep up the good workTexas Metal is a reality TV show based on the outrageous, sometimes beastly, and almost always desirable customizations of vehicles created by Ekstensive Metals; an automobile customization shop owned by Bill Carlton. [su_note note_color="#F9F9F9" text_color="#2859FC" radius="0" class="border-none"]Ekstensive Metal (founded in 1994) has been proudly transforming vehicles of all types into original works that are probably best described as art on four wheels.[/su_note]There have been five seasons of the show. Not only do they work on creating outrageous designs from prestige cars, but celebrities also frequent them, like wrestler turned actor John Cena and rocker Ted Nugent.As he learned more from his father and his skills grew, his business eventually developed into full-fledged auto customization and quickly grew into one of the most recognized brands in the industry.

Love the show ,, I’ve got 67 Chevy step side 6 cyl three spd on the floor , 12 bolt possi rearend, I love to have you restore it , hot rod it , make it my own , what’s the going rate to a job on itThe show’s primary focus is on the challenges they face turning the impossible into possible, and the tight deadlines that make each job a daunting prospect, but one the intrepid team always manages to overcome with unbridled ingenuity mixed with a heavy dose of determination.

Ekstensive Metal Works – Texas Metal – We specialize in one off custom cars and trucks. As a custom automotive shop we strive to serve our customers with the highest quality most reliable builds in the industry. Texas Metal Velocity Network… Read More
Ekstensive Metal Works – Texas Metal – We specialize in one off custom cars and trucks. As a custom automotive shop we strive to serve our customers with the highest quality most reliable builds in the industry. Texas Metal Velocity NetworkRead MoreHe restores antique automobiles for clients, giving them new styles and increased power. Millions of people enjoy the show since he and his crew are successful in the auto sector.

Bill Carlton was born in 1988 in the United States. He is 33 years old now. Every year, he celebrates his birthday. We don’t know his zodiac sign because he has never shared his date of birth on social media.

How much does Texas Metal make?
Texas Metal Works Inc peak revenue was $1.0M in 2022.
Carlton, a 33-year-old man, is a successful businessman. His body is in excellent condition. He is 6’3″ tall (1.83 m). He is 80 kg in weight (176 lbs). 44-28-40 inches are his body dimensions. He has 28-inch biceps. Bill is a charming individual. Green eyes and brown hair characterize him.He launched his own Texas-based company, “Extensive Metal Works,” in 1994, after learning from his father and using his experience customizing and fixing cars.

After several years of hard labour, he decided to start a reality television show in which he and his crew will demonstrate how they customise and re-build automobiles, as well as give old and underutilized cars a new lease on life. Bill owns a large collection of automobiles, including a 1955 Chevrolet Pickup, a 2014 Porsche 911, a 1967 Lincoln Continental, a 1966 Chevrolet C10, a 1961 Cadillac DeVille, a Hummer H2, a 1962 Belvedere, and a GMC Kodiak 6500. After graduating from high school, he began aiding his father with automobile maintenance. He also opened his welding shop, where he repaired automobiles. With over 200 thousand followers on his Ekstensive Metal Works Instagram account and powerful branding on his automobile company’s website, he is also well-known on the internet. Bill Carlton is a well-known businessman and reality television program actor who is best recognized for his role in the show Texas Metal on the Moto Trend channel. In the Texas Metal TV show, Bill Carlton and his team demonstrated how they can customize and redesign cars, as well as adapt other sorts of trucks and cars. Carlton was elected to parliament as the Lang Labor member for the safe Labor seat of Glebe at the 1935 state election. He replaced the incumbent Lang Labor member Tom Keegan who had retired. The following year Lang’s party and its Members of Parliament, including Carlton, were readmitted into the Labor Party. At the next election in 1938, Carlton faced a strong challenge from Horace Foley, the candidate for Robert Heffron’s breakaway Industrial Labor Party, which Carlton won by less than 2% of the vote. Glebe was abolished by a redistribution at the 1941 and Carlton won Labor endorsement for the marginal seat of Concord. In Labor’s landslide victory at that election, Carlton defeated the sitting incumbent United Australia Party member Stan Lloyd. Carlton retained the seat for Labor until his death in January 1949. He was the Labor Party whip between 1941 and 1947 but did not hold any other party, parliamentary of ministerial office.Carlton was born in Newcastle, New South Wales and was the son of a waterside worker. He was educated to elementary level and was employed by the New South Wales Government Railways as a boilermaker’s assistant. He became an organizer for the Australian Railways Union. During World War One, Carlton served as a private in a machine-gun company of the First Australian Imperial Force. Carlton was elected as an alderman of Glebe Municipal Council between 1929 and 1935.

Who owns Texas Metal?
Bill Carlton, the owner of Texas-based auto shop, Ekstensive Metal Works is also a well-known TV personality. He is the host & lead character of MotorTrend’s auto show, Texas Metal. Cached
William Joseph Carlton (2 May 1894 – 30 January 1949) was an Australian politician and a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly between 1935 and his death. He was a member of the Australian Labor Party (NSW) and Labor Party.Bill Carlton is a highly goal-oriented person who also makes an effort to keep a good physical fitness level. Unfortunately, there isn’t any available information on her size or weight, and there’s also no information about her other physical qualities. Moreover, there is no information on any of her other physical features. Both his eyes and his hair are a dark brown color. Bill got hazel eyes.

What shows has Bill Carlton been on?
Bill CarltonReality Cast Member. 1 Credit. Texas Metal. 2023.Actor. 2 Credits. Texas Metal. 2021. Texas Metal.Moderator. 1 Credit. Texas Metal. 2018.
On the other hand, it is possible to speculate that Bill Carlton has a net worth of more than $5 million. This figure is an assessment of one’s net worth.

He is a well-known businessman and actor. He is also the successful founder of Ekstensive Metal Works and a skilled metalworker. His wife’s name is Jennifer, and he has three children.
The Instagram account of Ekstensive Metal Works, which he manages, has more than two hundred thousand followers, and his automobile company website has a strong online brand. However, only a little information is available concerning Bill Carlton’s earnings and overall wealth.

At Texas Metal Industries, employees earn anywhere from $2,729,794 to $3,526,707. The average salary is $3,095,015. However, this salary depends on the person’s position in the company. Generally, it varies from person to person.
Bill Carlton is a popular businessman and actor who has appeared in many reality television shows. He is most known for his role in the show Texas Metal, which airs on the MotorTrend TV channel and is produced by Discover. In addition, Bill is the proprietor of “Ekstensive Metal Works,” a firm established in 1994 and specializes in the production and design of custom automobiles. The company, situated in Texas, is in the business of designing cars and also offers fabrication services.

Who is Bill Carlton married to?
Bill Carlton is a married man, as of 2021. He is married withJennifer Carltonfor over 22 years. Couple have three kids together to be specific Keegan, Presley, and Corbin Carlton. Keegan is the oldest child who is right around 19 years of age.
He began offering services of bespoke vehicle design through this company, and he also provides fabrication services through this company. He is the proprietor of this company. He is assisted in providing one of the highest quality services to his customers by a group of highly skilled professionals that he has assembled around him.Because he and his team are incredibly successful in the automotive industry, the show is watched by millions of people. He has not disclosed any of his data on the internet, as no information is available concerning the date he was born. On the other hand, he is a native of the United States.

After graduating high school, he immediately began assisting his father with the family business, which was the vehicle repair business. In addition, he opened his own welding business, which also fixes automobiles. In 1994, he established his own business in Texas under the name “Ekstensive Metal Works,” drawing on the knowledge he had gained from his father and his experience in automotive customization and restoration.
Businessman and successful talk show host Bill Carlton is the head of Ekstensive Metal Works and runs the company. Carlton is well-known for his philanthropy. We will discuss his personal life and many more.

In the television show Texas Metal, Bill Carlton and his crew have demonstrated that they can personalize and redesign automobiles and modify various trucks, cars, and other vehicles. He recreates their classic automobiles with contemporary styling and engine technology for his customers.
He has done fantastic work with the rest of his Ekstensive Metal Works team; there is no question that Bill Carlton is exceptionally well-known among millions of people. In addition to this, he is well known on the internet as well. There is no information available on Bill Carlton’s father, mother, or even any of his siblings because he never disclosed such information about his family. Her wife is Jennifer. He has three children named Keegan, Corbin, and Presley Carlton. Keegan is the oldest child; despite these facts, no information about his wife or other children has been revealed. After spending several years in the workforce, he decided to produce a reality television show in which he will demonstrate how he and his team modify and re-build automobiles and How they breathe new life into previously disused cars. Therefore, in 2017, they launched a show on the MotorTrend TV channel titled “Texas Metal,” which was streamed online. It has finished airing its approximately four seasons at this point.

Yes, Bill is a married man with a wife. He and his beautiful wife, Jennifer Carlton, have been together for quite a long time now. It is estimated that the couple exchanged their wedding vowed more than two decades ago. Though they have been together for so long, the pair have never been a part of the controversy and are seem to have a satisfying marital life.

So overall, we must say that his appealing automobile business and the entertainment world have blessed Mr. Carlton and have provided him with a fulfilling life. He lives in his family house in Texas, but not many details are revealed.
Bill has made a professional career in the field of automobiles. As a child, Bill was fascinated by his father’s work of modifying various vehicles, and that is when he was determined about what he wanted to do when he grew up. So, Bill’s career is highly influenced by his father. He began working on automobiles right after he completed high school.Now, talking about some of his personal details, the businessman seems to be a man in his mid-40s. As he has remained quiet about his personal data, his exact age and date of birth are still a mystery among the public. Likewise, we are also not sure about his parents, childhood, and education.

In fact, he started his company on the same land that he grew up on. He first began with a little welding shop, learned things from his father, worked really hard, and became one of the most recognized automobile companies in the United States.
As per reports, the entrepreneur has amassed a colossal net worth of $1.9 million in 2021. The primary source of his income accumulated from his automobile firm. And, now, he has also been earning from being a reality TV star.

Mr. Carlton is the owner of Ekstensive Metal Works. He founded the company in Texas in the year 1994 AD. The company mainly focuses on the specialization of automobiles and makes a variety of extensions and modifications to them.
The pair’s love has bloomed, and they have three children together; 2 sons (Keegan and Corbin) and a daughter (Presley). Their eldest son Keegan is now 19 years reported a source.As said earlier, Mr. Carlton is now a reality TV star staring on the fourth season of a reality show called “Texas Metals.” The show is all about customers, challenges, and strict deadlines. In the fourth season, the show features Bill’s automobile company, Ekstensive, and the great team behind it, who design, create and modify vehicles. Despite the complicated tasks and multiple challenges, Bill’s team stands strong and proves themselves at every given task, making them the star of the show. Nonetheless, besides being the founder of an automobile company, he is also a TV star now. We can see him on a show called Texas Metal, according to a source. The show is all about making car lovers who are passionate about making modifiers to automobiles according to the desire of clients. He has been married to Jennifer Carlton, his stunning wife, for a long time. The couple exchanged their wedding vows, on average, more than two decades ago.The fourth season of the reality series “Texas Metals” has Mr. Carlton as a featured participant. The focus of the program is on difficult problems and deadlines. The Ekstensive crew, which designs, builds, and modifies automobiles, is featured in the fourth season of the program, which is owned by Bill. Bill’s crew perseveres and proves themselves in the face of several obstacles and challenging tasks, making them the highlight of the performance. Additionally, Bill is the proprietor of “Ekstensive Metal Works,” a fabrication and bespoke automotive design business established in 1994. It is an organization with a Texas base that fabricates and develops cars. Their relationship has blossomed, and now they are parents to three kids: two sons (Keegan and Corbin) and a daughter (Presley). Keegan, their oldest child, is now 19 years old. Bill does really have a wife and is married. He has been married to Jennifer Carlton, his stunning wife, for a long time. The couple exchanged their wedding vows, on average, more than two decades ago.

Bill Carlton and his team have demonstrated on the Texas Metal TV show that they will customize and remodel automobiles, as well as adapt other sorts of trucks, cars, and so on.Bill Carlton is a well-known businessman and reality television actor best known for appearing in the program Texas Metal, which was shown on the MotorTrend TV channel Discover.

He established his own business, “Ekstensive Metal Works,” a Texas-based business, in 1994 after learning from his father and using his knowledge in customizing and fixing automobiles.
After several years of hard labor, he decided to start a Reality TV Show in which he and his team customize and re-build automobiles, as well as give old and underused cars new life.

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Due to the excellent job he and his crew perform in creating and restoring various sorts of automobiles and trucks, his TV show has millions of admirers.Since he was a young boy, Bill Carlton has been interested in the automotive industry and in rebuilding and modifying vehicles. He learned how to mend and restore vehicles from his father when he was growing up. Well, he began assisting his father with vehicle repairs shortly after graduating from high school. In addition, he opened a welding business where he fixed vehicles. He transforms old automobiles for clients into new ones with fresh styling and power. Millions of people like the show since he and his crew are successful in the car sector.

Who has left Texas Metal?
Fabricator Heath Moore from ‘Texas Metal’ has not returned for the show’s fourth season.
In 2017, he made his first appearance in the episode Low Down and Dually and has had a consistent appearance till 2019. In 2020, he emerged in the series Texas Metal as the self-owner of Ekstensive, and his last episode in the series became A Texas-sized surprise in 2021.Talking about his presence on social media, the reality TV star doesn’t have a personal account. But, he has been featured on TikTok which has accumulated over 43 million views as of May 2023. Also, he keeps appearing on the social media account which he opened for business, Extensive Metal Works. Bill’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. His major source of income is his automobile business Ekstensive Metal Works. Further, As a star cast of Texas Metal for 4 years, he must have accumulated a good amount of money. To date, Ekstensive’s Insta page has gained 209k followers. Likewise, it’s also on Twitter with an intro ” Building Custom Cars and Trucks on #motortrend‘s #texasmetal “. Its Twitter account has 4638 followers with 1510 tweets in total.

Bill Carlton is a reality TV star and an entrepreneur. He is best known for his popular appearance in the reality TV series Texas Metal. In the show, he showed up in a total of 42 episodes from 2017 to 2021. Further, he is also the owner of the automotive design company, Ekstensive Metal Works.
Born to a family with a business background, Carlton had a decent childhood. In fact, he grew up on the well-off property that his father purchased in 1976. While his dad was a kind of automaker who used to transform cars and trucks into powerful vehicles, the detail of his mother is not known.From his marriage with his wife Jennifer, Bill is the proud father of their three children. He has two sons Keegan Carlton and Corbin Carlton, and a daughter named Presley Carlton. All his children have already been featured in the show Texas Metal. Bill’s son Keegan appeared in the four episodes of Texas Metal from 2020 to 2021.

But as per the post shared on his shop’s Instagram page of Ekstensive metal works, it seems like he is preparing to appear in the next season of Texas Metal. On February 22, 2023, the page shared a texas metal post with a caption,As said earlier, the owner of Ekstensive prefers to keep his personal life out of media access. However, it is known that Bill and his wife Jennifer have been leading a delightful married life for over two decades.

After having more than two decades of experience in automobiles, Bill made an effort to manifest it to the outside world. With this intention, he alongside his genius team participated in the series Texas Metal. The show featured him and his team working on designing and developing outrageous cars and trucks. He consistently appeared on the show from 2017 to 2021.Since Bill grew up seeing his dad working on cars and trucks and converting them into beautiful and powerful vehicles, he also developed an interest in them. He started working on a family business out of passion following his high school. But some years later in the 1990s, he finally gave thought to turning his passion into the profession.

Alongside Bill Carlton, Tim Donelson was featured as a self- General Manager in 42 episodes of Texas Metal from 2017 to 2021. Likewise, other star casts are Jamie Dwayne Marshall, John Burgees, Jessie Flores, Valerie Nicole Riojas, and many others.As a result, in the year 1994, Bill founded the automotive design and metal fabricator shop Ektensive Metal Works in Housten, Texas. As of today, it has been one of the most recognized shops in the automotive industry which specialized in one-off custom cars and trucks. For its service, the shop has received thousands of awards and has been featured in a number of magazine covers.Ready for a new generation of jaw dropping monster machines? 😲 Watch the Series Premiere of Texas Metal’s Loud and Lifted in 2 WEEKS on @MotorTrendTV and @MotorTrendPlus!

The main star cast of Texas Metal, Bill Carlton is a married man. He is married to Jennifer Carlton. Details on his marriage and how the couple met is not known in the media.

With his thriving career in the automotive industry, Bill keeps quite an active social lifestyle with his active presence on social media handles. However, it’s been really difficult for his viewers to know about his personal life as Carlton hardly shares about his family which indeed arouses an eagerness in people in regard to his inside life. After he graduated, he went to work for his father full–time. He worked long hours and learned everything he could about cars. Eventually, he opened his own shop and started repairing cars for people in his community. He quickly gained a reputation for being a fair and honest mechanic. People trusted him to fix their cars and they were always happy with the results. Bill Carlton is a successful businessman and mechanic because of his hard work and dedication to his craft. Bill Carlton was born on 11 February 1974, making him 44 years old. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. He has always been dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He is a role model to many people who look up to him for his achievements. Bill is a successful businessman and a loving father. He has always been an active member of the community, and he is always willing to help others. He is a true inspiration to everyone who knows him.

Bill Carlton is a successful businessman, inventor, and engineer and also a TV personality. He has an annual income of around 400k USD and a monthly income of around 33k USD. Accordingly, his daily income is around 1.1k USD. Bill is the founder of a successful company and has many patents to Ekstensive Metal Works. He is a well–known figure in the business world and is highly respected by his peers. Bill is a generous man and often donates to charities. He is a strong supporter of education and often gives speeches at universities. Bill is a role model for many people and is an inspiration to others.
Bill Carlton‘s father was his idol growing up. He started working on cars in his father‘s garage and his father taught him everything he knows about them. Now he is one of the most famous custom car makers in the world. He has built some of the most iconic cars of our generation and his work is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. His cars are works of art and his attention to detail is unrivaled. If you are lucky enough to own a Bill Carlton car, you have something truly special.The company quickly gained a reputation for being able to create custom cars that were both aesthetically pleasing and mechanically sound. This combination of form and function helped Ekstensive Metal Works stand out from the competition and soon established them as one of the premier custom car builders in the country.

Bill Carlton is the founder of Ekstensive Metal Works, a company specializing in custom metal cars. His net worth is around 6 million dollars, making him one of the wealthier people in the automotive industry. Despite his wealth, Carlton is still very down to earth and takes great pride in his work. He is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his products and Ekstensive Metal Works has become one of the premier names in the custom car world.
In 2017, Bill took his love of cars to the small screen with the launch of his TV show, Texas Metal. The show follows Bill and his team as they build custom cars for clients from all over the world.After high school, Bill took a job at a local auto shop. It was there that he honed his skills and developed a true passion for the trade. In 1994, he decided to strike out on his own and started Ekstensive Metal Works.

Bill Carlton was born in Houston, Texas on 11 February 1976. His father was a mechanic, and Bill became interested in automobiles from him. At an early age, Bill started working in his father‘s garage. He was fascinated by the inner workings of cars and how they functioned. When he was old enough, he started attending automotive trade school to learn more about cars and how to fix them.

Bill Carlton married to Jennifer Carlton, who also works in the company as a director. Together, they manage everything in the company and have built it into the success it is today. Bill is a highly respected businessman, and his wife is equally respected in her role. They are a power couple that is always looking out for the best interests of their company and their employees. They have three children Keegan, Presley, and Corbin Carlton
Bill Carlton is a passionate entrepreneur who started his professional life by working in his father‘s garage. He eventually found his calling in the automotive industry and went on to start his own company, Ekstensive Metal Works, in 1994.Bill‘s passion for cars began at a young age. growing up, he would often help his father work on their family‘s cars. This early exposure to the automotive world sparked a lifelong interest in all things car–related.

The show has been a hit with fans and has helped raise awareness of Ekstensive Metal Works. Thanks to Bill‘s passion and expertise, the company is now one of the most respected names in the custom car industry.
Bill Carlton is a businessman and also a popular TV Show host. He is the owner of Ekstensive Metal Works. Carlton has been successful in a variety of businesses and is known for his philanthropy. Today we are going to know about Bill Carlton Net Worth, age, height, weight, wife, and many more hidden information.Bill Carlton is a very successful metal worker and founder of Ekstensive Metal Works. His net worth is around 6 million dollars, and people love his TV show, Texas Metal. Carlton is a very talented and skilled individual who has been able to achieve a great deal of success in his career.