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Blue balls is a slang term to refer to a mildly painful feeling in the testicles of unrelieved sexual arousal. It can also refer to “sexual frustration” in general.

Who makes the Blue Bowl concentrator?
Pioneer Mining Supply is the home of the famous Blue Bowl concentrator in Northern California.
This is not meant to be a formal definition of blue balls like most terms we define on, but is rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of blue balls that will help our users expand their word mastery.Metaphorically, blue balls is sometimes used to refer to non-sexual situations when one is frustrated by a long wait. For example, if someone has been waiting in the doctor’s office for an hour past the scheduled appointment time, they might say that the doctor is blue-balling them.

Blue balls has seen a number of colloquial extensions. Given its connection to unreleased sexual tension, blue balls can refer more generally to a state of horniness.
According to slang lexicographer Jonathon Green, the term blue balls for “intense sexual frustration” dates back to at least the 1910s. In the 1920s, Green notes, blue balls was also used as slang for a venereal bubo and gonorrhea.Similarly, blue balls can also playfully describe a situation when people get a taste of something they want, but not enough to satisfy them. For example, one might experience blue balls if craving a food in the middle of the night only to discover a small amount of it in the fridge.Blue balls are sometimes seen as a way for one partner to guilt another into continuing sexual activity even though one party may not want to. Men and women can use the phrase blue balls in both sexual and nonsexual contexts. A female equivalent of blue balls has been dubbed blue clit, though the phrase blue balls has been so metaphorically productive that one need not have testicles to use blue balls in reference to their own sexual frustration.

Blue balls has since gone on to specifically describe a dull, aching sensation that occurs during sexual arousal before or without ejaculation. Medically, this is sometimes called epididymal hypertension, which causes an increase in blood pressure in men’s genital area during sexual arousal. The presence of deoxygenated blood, which is bluish in color, around the testicles during this state explains, for some, the blue in blue balls. However, the blue likely alludes to the use of the word’s meaning as “sad,” characterizing a male’s frustration when experiencing blue balls.
Looking for a tool to help you separate gold from other fine materials like black sand? Look no further than the Prospectors Blue Bowl Gold Concentrator Kit, available exclusively at Prospectors Corner. This highly effective and useful prospecting and mining tool is a must-have for anyone looking to strike gold on their adventures. With our Blue Bowl Gold Concentrator Kit, you’ll have everything you need to get started. The kit comes complete with instructions, but if you want to set it up as a 12-volt recirculating system, you’ll need to add our 750-gallon-per-hour pump, 3 feet of 3/4 inch flex hose, and a pair of battery clips. Please note that the optional leg levelers are not included in this kit, and you’ll also need a five-gallon bucket, which we do not supply. But with all the essential components included, the Blue Bowl Gold Concentrator Kit is a no-brainer for anyone serious about prospecting for gold. With its ability to separate gold from other fine materials, this gold concentrator is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their prospecting efforts. So why wait? Order your Blue Bowl Gold Concentrator Kit today and get ready to strike gold with ease.Fill the Bowl with treated water; shut off the water supply, then add one cup of concentrates along the outer edge the Bowl (inside). Always close the water supply valve before adding more concentrates. We recommended adding no more than 1 ½ cups at a time. After placing the concentrates in the Bowl, open the water control valve until the water level reaches the top of the outer rim without spilling over the rim. When the water reaches the top outer rim of the Bowl, adjust the flow to prevent it from flowing over into the 18-gallon tub.

Level the Bowl so that the water is even with the top (outer rim) of the Bowl, the Bowl is equipped with adjustable folding legs that extend to level the Bowl on the bucket it rests on during operation. The use of the optional levelers with hold down clips make the Bowl more stable as it rests on the bucket.Before getting started you will need to wash the interior surfaces with a mild dishwashing detergent such as Ivory, Joy, or Dawn to remove any oily residue. This should be repeated periodically to ensure the Bowl surfaces are clean and oil free. Never scrub the Bowl with an abrasive, ever!

Place the Bowl over a three-five-gallon plastic pail (10″-11″ ID) inside the 18-gallon tub; attach the hose from the pump (water supply) to the Blue Bowl, then level the Bowl. Position the pump inside the tub, beside the pail, about 2″ +/- from the bottom (placing the pump in the tub helps avoid getting trash in the pump.) Placing the pump on a common brick works well. Fill the pail with water first; then fill the tub to within two inches of the rim of the bucket; add Jet Dry to the water then start the pump.
Using a self-contained method is the most efficient and recommended way for processing your prescreened concentrates. First, prescreen your concentrates to at least 30-mesh using a classifier sieve. Screen them into the pail you store your concentrates, with water until you are ready to process them. Keep the concentrates wet with water treated with an emergent such as “Jet Dry” to break the surface tension, and prevent fine Gold from floating over the top of the cone. Jet Dry and similar products are available at most grocery and discount department stores.

A 12-V, 750-GPH submersible pump provides an ideal low-pressure water supply for the unit. Pre-rigged 12-V pumps are available at Pioneer-Motherlode Mining Supply.
Eliminates timely panning. Water flow available from hose or pump. Very portable. Will set on top of 5 gallon bucket. Made of high impact plastic. Size 15½”x5½”.This isn’t rocket science… If material flows over the edge of the Bowl, or the water flow is too great causing gold to be swept over the inner cone into the retention bucket, don’t panic, the gold will remain in the bucket, or tub for that matter. The learning curve is about as steep as the mountains of Florida. If the water flow rate is to great, cut it back; too low, increase the flow. Watch the discharge over the rim of the inner cone; if you see micro Gold being swept over rim, slow it down a little.

For optimal results, it is imperative to prescreen the concentrates using a 30-mesh sieve before adding them to the Bowl. Classifying the concentrates using nested sieves (30, 50, 100) will speed up the process considerably. For example, 100-mesh concentrates require more time to process than 50-mesh, etc.Once the Bowl is level, adjust the water flow so that the water is running at the top of the outer rim of the Bowl, but not over flowing. An even swirl pattern around center cone is desired. Keep the water inside the Bowl; this will allow the vortex to maintain its strength and remove the black sands from your Bowl.

Note: If there is a small amount of minus 30 garnets, black sand, or other foreign matter that will not wash out of the Bowl, shut the unit down. When the water flow has stopped and the level has dropped, use a bulb snuffer to blow the material to the outer side of the Bowl then restart the unit. Material trapped by Gold can be able to be swept away by the vortex.

To recover micro-fines, prescreen the concentrates using a 50, or 100 mesh sieve. After adding the concentrates to Bowl, adjust (increase) the water flow slowly until waste discharges over the center cone. Set the control valve to maintain a constant water level. Note: Maintain the water level 1/4″ from the top of the outer rim of the Bowl when using 50 mesh pre-screened material; 1/2″ from the outer rim if prescreening using 100 mesh pre-screened material. A good rule of thumb is, the higher the screen mesh number, run lower and slower.
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What is the blue bowl for gold prospecting?
“The Blue Bowl” as it is commonly known will quickly recover your fine gold with only the water from a garden hose. Panning fine gold and black sand concentrates by hand is very difficult and can be incredibly tedious. The Blue Bowl can recover Gold as fine as talcum powder when setup and run properly.
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What is a blue bowl used for?
THE D.A.M. Gravity CONCENTRATOR BOWL or “The Blue Bowl” as it is commonly known, will quickly recover your fine gold with only the water from a garden hose, or it can be rigged to recirculate with just a 12 volt pump (optional) and a 3 or 5 gallon bucket (not included).
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Did you know that more than 190,040 tonnes of gold have been mined through human history? There are a lot of different processes that gold goes through after it is mined and before it reaches us, be it as jewellery, bars, coins or any of these ways gold is used in everyday life. The first step is refining.Gold, the most loved metal in India, does not exist in its purest form naturally. The metal is extracted from its ores, which are mined from the earth. The gold obtained after the mining process isn’t pure. It is mixed with many impurities that need to be removed, which is done through gold refinement process.

Out of the processes mentioned above, the Wohlwill Process is known to be the best technique for refining gold. The reason being that this process very successfully produces 99.99% pure gold. The cost and the time involved in this process are probably the only drawbacks.
This is the most common method to purify gold. In this method, strong acids are used as a means of dissolving impurities. Hydrochloric acid and nitric acid are the acids used in this process. When gold is added to the solution containing the acids, impurities separate from the gold. After removing the other substances, the precipitate that remains is 99.999% gold.

Can you make gold pure again?
Using Acid This is the most common method to purify gold. In this method, strong acids are used as a means of dissolving impurities. Hydrochloric acid and nitric acid are the acids used in this process. When gold is added to the solution containing the acids, impurities separate from the gold.
Cupellation is a process that purifies ores by separating gold and silver from base metals and other impurities. The process makes use of a cupel – a high temperature resistant flat bowl. The ore is placed in this cupel which is put in a special furnace. Hot air is then passed through it to remove the impurities. The impurities and other metals either vaporise or are oxidised or absorbed by the cupel.

Can you over burn gold?
Real gold does not burn or get dark under heat. It simply melts: this is why it can be molded and shaped into different forms without losing its luster and beautiful yellow gold color. On the other hand, other metals like copper, iron, and brass will change color and get darker when exposed to flame.
This process is known to purify gold to 99.95%. This method got its name from Francis Bowyer Miller, its inventor. In the Miller process, unrefined gold is first melted. Then, chlorine gas is passed through it. The gas turns other metals and impurities into a solid form, making it easy to separate them from gold. Even after this process, the gold that is obtained is 98% pure. This gold is then further purified electrolytically, thus removing platinum and palladium.Another process that is used to refine gold involves the application of heat. This is the oldest method of obtaining pure gold. Gold scraps are placed in a crucible (a container that can withstand very high temperatures). This crucible is then placed in a furnace which is heated up to almost 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The gold melts at such a high temperature. It is then transferred to another container, leaving the impurities and other substances floating at the surface.Purifying gold using electricity is commonly known as the ‘Wohlwill Process’. The method got its name from Emil Wohlwill, who invented it in 1874. This requires three main components: Anode (made with Gold that needs refining), Cathode (made with 24-karat gold), and an Electrolyte solution. Once the anode and cathode are suspended in the electrolyte solution, an electric current is passed through it. This causes all gold to travel from the anode to the cathode. All the impurities get dissolved in the solution. At the end of this process, what is left is a highly pure gold cathode. The gold is then removed, melted and then arranged in the suitable form.Here you will find items we offer online. If you want to see even more of our great products, come visit us at our store location. We have a large selection of books, metal detectors, wet suits, rock tools, and any other prospecting tools you may need.

The complete nesting Blue Bowl concentrating system is available at Pioneer-Motherlode Mining Supply and authorized dealers. Prices range from $169.95 a standard kit, to $214.95 for the deluxe outfit. For optional equipment, contact Heather. Customized outfits are available through Pioneer Mining Supply.
You can raise or lower the bowl by turning the large disc clockwise or counterclockwise while attached to the bucket. The flange will hold the leveler in place as the disc is moved in either direction.

Step back in time and experience the Gold Rush adventure. You supply the dream, and we supply the gear to make it a reality. We stock new power sluices, sluice boxes, pans, and all your basic needs for prospecting.
Panning fine-Gold concentrates by hand is difficult and tedious. The Blue Bowl can recover Gold as fine as talcum powder when setup and operated properly. Every new piece of recovery equipment has a learning curve; the Blue Bowl system is so simple a child can use it effectively, with outstanding results! Just ask Tyler.

Pioneer Mining supplies is located at 878 High St, Auburn, CA and caters to prospectors and treasure hunters worldwide. Heather Willis is the store manager.

What size mesh for blue bowl?
But according to the Blue Bowl instructions I have, they recommend going to 30 mesh.
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What does blue bowl mean?
Blue balls is a slang term to refer to a mildly painful feeling in the testicles of unrelieved sexual arousal. It can also refer to “sexual frustration” in general.
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What is a gold cube?
The Gold Cube is small and consists of stacking trays made of indestructible plastic low density polyethylene that’s as thick as a cutting board. The slick plate on the Gold Cube has a precisely controlled water flow that is designed to process very large amounts of 8 mesh and smaller material in a very short time.
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The 750 GPH pump is designed to attach to a regular 12 volt battery and will supply the required steady water flow for the blue bowl. It comes pre-plumbed, wired easy-to-use positive/negative clips and is ready to use.
Set of 3 Wire Leg Brackets for use with Blue Bowl Concentrator. Attach to bottom of Blue Bowl Concentrator. These are the same wire brackets that come standard with every blue bowl.Easily attach your Blue Bowl to a standard 5 gallon bucket. Turn leveler kit dials adjusting height to make Blue Bowl perfectly level for best performance.

How do you make a blue bowl gold separator?
It up just like that cut my line and bam. We have a blue bucket.
Includes: Blue bowl, Valve, 3 mounting brackets, instructions, 12V Pre-Plumbed Pump wired with clips, Leveler Kit, How to Process Gold Concentrate instuctional Blue Bowl DVD, FREE SHIPPING within USA. Shipping Fees: All amounts are in USD: USA $21.95, Canada $39.95, Australia & New Zealand $54.95, Europe $49.95, UK $49.95, Germany $49.95, Ireland $49.95PRICE ONLY VAILD ONLINE Includes: Blue Bowl, Valve, 3 mounting brackets, instructions, 12V Pre-Plumbed Pump wired with clips, Leveler Kit, How to Process Gold Concentrate instuctional Blue Bowl DVD, 30, 50 & 100 Mesh Classifers. FREE SHIPPING within USA.

Panning fine gold and black sand concentrates by hand is very difficult and can be incredibly tedious. The Blue Bowl can recover Gold as fine as talcum powder when setup and run properly.
No, gold does not react when exposed to sunlight. In other words, authentic gold jewelry will not tarnish or lose its golden shine. If your item starts to change color or lose its luster, it’s probably counterfeit. When you’re looking at the price of gold, pay attention to the “spot price.” This is the current market value of gold, and it’s what you’ll use to calculate how much your jewelry is worth. The first test is also the easiest test: try to burn your gold. If it’s real gold, it will get brighter as you apply the flame but it won’t actually catch fire and burn. If your gold piece starts to smoke or gets darker, you likely have imitation gold.The “heavy” designation means there’s a thicker outer layer of gold, but it’s still not genuine gold. If you see any of these markings, the piece you’re looking at is most likely fake.

What is the best way to recover fine gold?
The most cost-effective gold recovery solution for placer deposits is using a gravity concentration circuit. First, the material is screened to remove large rocks and boulders. Then a sluice or jig is used to recover the gold.
White gold is an alloy that is made by mixing real gold with white metals like silver and palladium. The final product has a white, or silvery, color. Whether it’s real or not depends on how much gold is actually in the alloy.If it’s real gold, your skin will not react to the metal. If it’s fake, you may notice your skin turning green, blue, or black where it’s come into contact with the jewelry.

While this test can help you get a better idea of how much your gold piece should weigh relative to its size, it’s not a foolproof way to tell if gold is real.
Gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry can also leave a yellowish or golden streak due to the thin layer of gold on the surface. But since these types of jewelry are not made entirely of gold, you’ll typically see a darker streak underneath the yellowish one.

While no single test is foolproof, if you perform a few different tests, you should be able to get a pretty good idea of whether or not your gold is genuine or not.
Vinegar is incredibly corrosive. So, if your gold jewelry is made of a different metal or alloy, the vinegar will cause it to tarnish. Gold is a non-reactive metal, so it will not react to vinegar.The most common metals used to make gold alloys are silver and copper. Other valuable metals, such as palladium and titanium, are sometimes used as well. Before you buy gold, get a written description of the jewelry, including its carat weight, color, and any other important details. A receipt is even better. Request an appraisal document if possible. For this test, you’ll need a piece of real gold that’s identical or similar in size and weight to the piece you’re testing. Use a caliper to measure the thickness of both pieces.Some fake gold pieces, such as those plated with gold, can be the same size and weight as real gold because they’re made of a solid metal base that’s covered in a thin layer of gold. If you’re still not sure whether or not your gold jewelry is real, take it to a jeweler for an appraisal. An appraisal is a professional evaluation of the worth of your jewelry. Apply a few drops of white vinegar to your gold jewelry. Real gold will not change color, but vinegar can cause fake gold items to react and change color.If the mark’s still there, apply a drop or two of nitrohydrochloric acid. Unlike nitric acid, this one can dissolve gold, so if the mark disappears, it’s probably because your jewelry is made of gold.

To conduct the test, get a dark surface like a black stone. Rub your gold jewelry on it until it leaves a visible mark. Apply a few drops of nitric acid to the mark. It will dissolve any metal that’s not gold, so it should basically clear out the mark.You’ll need two types of acid for this test: nitric and nitrohydrochloric. Nitric acid will dissolve any non-gold base metals in your piece, while nitrohydrochloric acid will dissolve gold.Gold is one of the most expensive metals known to man. In fact, the price of gold hit an all-time high in August 2020, with one ounce of gold costing over $2,000. That makes gold a fantastic investment and a great way to get fast cash if you ever find yourself in a pinch.

Gold-plated jewelry is not considered real gold. The majority of the time, there is a very thin layer of gold that is applied to another metal. The gold quickly starts to wear off, exposing the metal beneath.
Buying gold jewelry, whether it’s a ring or a gold bar, is a big investment. Aside from conducting the DIY tests we shared above, we also invite you to take your gold jewelry here at AaLand for an expert and professional gold appraisal.

The flame should get hot enough to actually affect the metal. If you’re testing a large piece of gold, like a gold bar, you may need to heat it for longer.
While 24k gold is indeed pure gold, be careful of anyone who claims that their gold ring, necklace, or other jewelry is 24 karat. Pure gold is too soft to be used in jewelry, so it’s always mixed with other metals to make it more durable.

A good appraiser will give you a detailed report that includes the weight, purity, and current market value of your gold jewelry. They will also take into account any special features or design elements that could add to the value of your jewelry.The karat is the unit used to measure the purity of gold. The higher the karat, the purer the gold. The most common karats you’ll see are 10k, 14k, 18k, 22K, and 24k.