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Dave Auten, the National Sales Manager of TYM North America, sat down with Tony’s Tractor Adventure Homestead to discuss the benefits for all TYM and Branson owners. From our founding over 70 years ago to today, our constant drive has been to deliver customer-centric solutions that enrich the lives of people everywhere. “With the integration of Branson (Kukje Machinery), we are excited to bring together into a singular brand more than 100 years of experience in agricultural manufacturing, creating a brighter future for us all.”

With TYM’s acquisition of Branson, all Branson dealers have become TYM dealers. Now, the full network of TYM dealers can service both TYM and Branson tractors with increased availability of parts.

TYM has acquired Branson (Kukje Machinery) to bring our shared vision to life and create a brighter future for our customers. This project aims to consolidate TYM as the integrated brand, provide a wider array of product choices, more in-depth services, and unified support to our partners and customers. To that end, you can look forward to even more benefits.

If you have questions regarding TYM integration, our products or services, please fill out our contact form and a member of our team will follow up with you shortly. We are always here to help.

Through our expertise in design, engineering, and manufacturing, TYM helps owners overcome every obstacle as they shape the world around them. Headquartered in Korea with distribution across North America, Europe, and Asia, and assembly operations in the USA, TYM has been empowering customers for over 70 years.
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

They have three warehouses in Rome, GA, Plainview, TX and North Plains, OR. Their Georgia location is also their corporate office. All three locations area assembly and distribution centers.
At Tractor Barn, we carry a large inventory of Branson tractors to meet the needs of local farmers in the area. If you would like a FREE quote, call (330) 892-6014.

Branson tractors are built with cast iron axles, transmissions, and rear end housings, along with steel hoods, fenders and a large open station platform.All Branson tractor products feature 4-wheel drive. These tractors are built with strength and quality. If you’re looking for a compact tractor, Branson Tractors are the way to go. They come with:

TYM Corporation, the parent company of TYM North America, will be constructing and expanding upon a new headquarters facility located in Rome, Georgia. The $20 million, 142,500-square-foot project will include an expansion of the site’s current assembly lines, parts warehouse, and the addition of a TYM Technology Institute (TTI) for service education.ROME, Ga. / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2023 / TYM USA and Branson Tractors, two leaders in the agricultural tractor manufacturing space, have officially merged and rebranded as TYM North America. The merger, which went into effect on Jan. 1, 2023, has resulted in the launch of an entirely revamped tractor lineup. By combining both TYM USA’s and Branson Tractor’s product offerings, TYM North America now offers dealers some of the best customizable tractor models on the market.

TYM tractors are designed and manufactured in Korea and finally assembled in the U.S. and made to help shape your world. Whether you are farming, building, clearing land, or doing heavy lifting, our tractors are made to help you accomplish more. TYM tractors range from 19 to 130 horsepower and are augmented by a comprehensive suite of implements and advanced automation technologies. Designed to stand out, engineered for productivity, and built tough, our tractors are made to empower your work.TYM creates agricultural equipment that exceeds customers’ distinct needs. For over 70 years, we have made tough and reliable products tailored to individual requirements, bringing together alluring form, advanced function, and accessible value in every machine. We are driven to help customers overcome challenges, augmenting productivity through technology and quality. Tough and reliable by design, TYM equipment empowers owners to tackle any obstacle as they shape the world around them.

The merger also saw the two former companies combine their human capital resources, as TYM North America will now be able to supply more attentive and readily-available service and support to both dealers and customers. The new manufacturer has also increased its parts availability and implemented an enhanced dealer network, providing customers with easier access to products and services. The combination of these internal improvements has already led to increased levels of customer satisfaction.
TYM also plans to increase its annual tractor production capacity from 30,000 to 50,000 units by accelerating its operations in its North American plants. This will be made possible by the company’s plans to increase parts and supply to over 300 dealerships in North America. Serving as the distribution arm of the firm, TYM North America aims to generate $1 billion (USD) in revenue within three years and rise to become one of the top companies in the agricultural industry.

“We still know what makes a TYM Tractor an elite tool for our customer base, and the same can be said for the leadership team behind Branson Tractors. With this merger, we are only going to be improving upon two already-successful product lineups.”
In addition to being part of our world-class Thermo King dealership network, CSTK’s Oklahoma City location offers a complete line of livestock and horse trailers from premier manufacturers such asCSTK, the Midwest’s premier provider of construction and trailer equipment, is proud to announce our Wichita location has become an authorized Grasshopper dealer. Grasshopper zero-turn mowers areBranson Tractor was founded in the US in 1998 as a tractor distribution company. Branson Tractors are built with cast iron axles, transmissions, and rear end housings, along with steel hoods, fenders, and a large open station platform. Their greatest asset is the strength, quality, and features that come with every tractor. Before you purchase your next compact tractor, visit CSTK Wichita and test drive a Branson Tractor today! We are an Authorized Dealer for Branson Tractors at our Wichita, KS location. Bransons’ greatest asset is the strength, quality, and features of their tractors. We offer their full line including attachments and accessories, as well as service, repair, and parts. Our CSTK Wichita location stocks a large inventory of Branson parts and accessories and also has easy online access to the complete line of inventory in order to get you what you need, when you need it.No need to drive to Atlanta or Chattanooga to pick up parts for your Branson Tractor. If you’re in the area, come on by and we’ll help you find the Branson Tractor parts you need! Call ahead and we’ll have your part ready to pick up! (706)517-8922

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Branson Tractors are built in South Korea by the Kukje company. They have over 40 years experience designing and building tractors for the domestic and international market. Branson have tractors ranging in horsepower from 24 to 74 over 12 models with a choice of manual and HST transmissions throughout the range.
Branson Tractors Australia offer quality South Korean tractors and loaders at affordable prices guaranteeing you get the best tractor possible at the best price possible.Branson Tractors offer a large range of factory supplied optional attachments such as front-end loaders, 4-in-1 buckets, grabs, pallet forks, grader blades and grass management tools to perfectly complement your new Branson tractor.

Branson Tractors Australia offer high quality South Korean built tractors at affordable prices. This means that you get a fully featured high quality tractor that looks great, is a pleasure to operate and is right for the job, all for a great price!
We stock the full line of Branson Tractors and tractor packages. You can browse them all below. Our experts are also here to help you choose the right Tractor for your jobs. We’re just a phone call, text or email away.Other manufactures offer economy or down specification models to offer cheap prices. Branson tractors don’t remove features such as 3 range transmission or synchronized range shift to offer cheap prices. We offer full spec engines and transmission and well as including all the optional extras to make sure you get the best value possible. Branson Tractor have also included an over-ratio rear PTO in most of their tractor range meaning that the required 540 rpm for most rear implements is achieved @ 2600 RPM instead of full engine RPM giving even greater fuel economy for PTO functions such as slashing. At Branson Tractors Australia we want to give you the best quality tractor possible at an affordable price. It’s worth spending a little more to receive a tractor that runs smooth, is easy to operate and will keep looking good for a lifetime because that’s what you deserve.

Branson Tractors Australia have more than 20 years experience importing tractors into Australia. We know the pitfalls of so-called reconditioned Japanese tractors that in some cases can be more than 30 years old. Spare parts supply is difficult and in some cases impossible due to the age of the tractor. Often you don’t receive an original owners manual and usually they are fitted with non-factory approved attachments.
In operating the tractor the first thing you notice is how easily all the gears select with the synchro-mesh gearbox. The factory fitted loader control valve provides smooth and controlled loader operations complemented beautifully with the synchro-mesh forward/reverse shuttle lever for fast and easy direction changes.

Most tractor manufacturers claim the horsepower of the tractor at the engines maximum RPM. This means that for you to actua
lly get the horsepower you bought the engine must be set to maximum RPM moving the engine further away from its maximum torque and using unnecessary fuel.
We also are well experienced in Chinese tractors while they seen amazing value for money there are some downsides not obvious to new tractor buyers. The engine technology used in Chinese tractors is very old, the engines tend to be noisy and run rough compared to a Japanese or Korean engine. The gearboxes used in Chinese tractors are mostly non-synchronized, like the old crash box in the truck. Gearshifts are difficult and clunky and often you are not able to shift on the move like you would with a synchronized gearbox in the Branson Tractors. While they look nice and shiny in the showroom you often find your new pride and joy doesn’t look so good 12 months down the road as paint quality and surface preparation tends to lack on most Chinese tractors.It make sense, not only do Branson Tractors deliver excellent value for money during the purchase process they continue to deliver cost savings for the life of the tractor.

Branson tractors are manufactured in South Korea by the Kukje company, a subsidiary of the DongKuk Steel company. The DK symbol from the parent company proudly placed on all Branson Tractors. The Kukje company has over 40 years experience designing and building tractors with technology sharing from a famous Japanese tractor manufacturer. In 1995, Kukje established its diesel engine manufacturing plant, and in 2002 established an agreement with Cummins to build and supply engines for them.
When comparing compact tractors horsepower alone does not tell the whole story. Many compact tractors, no matter how famous the brand name, are build on light chassis. Not only may such concepts be questionable when it comes to durability , it leads to problems with transferring horsepower to the ground where it is needed the most. Lighter tractors produce excessive wheel slippage and suffer from imbalances when implements such as loaders and slashers are added. Adding additional ballast can fix these problems but can be expensive and also inconvenient.Looking great is one thing but its the unseen that makes the Branson really shine. The ergonomic suspension seat gives the operator a comfortable seating position with easy access to all levers and controls and makes you feel like you can work all day. Turn the key and the Cummins engine comes to life quickly running smooth and quite.

What diesel engine is in a Branson tractor?
Cummins Diesel Engine 2023 Branson Tractors 15 Series 4815h Branson Tractors designed their midsize tractors with rugged, dependability in mind. Features may include: Compact Design with 48hp Cummins Diesel Engine.
The Cummins engines used exclusively throughout the Branson Tractor range in fact produce more horsepower than the claimed horsepower on the side of the tractor. What does this mean for you? You only need to run the engine @ 2600 RPM to get what you paid for. In turn lower revving engines run closer to the maximum torque of the engine making the tractor feel more grunty and they use less fuel, run quieter & cooler ultimately saving you money.

The first thing you will notice is the quality finish of the metal panels used for the bonnet and mud guards of the Branson. Metal panels don’t flex and wobble while the tractor is running and don’t split or break if you hit something. The metal panels are meticulously prepared and power coated for a high gloss finish that looks amazing and will last a life time.
Branson build concept is a little different, the ballast is build into the chassis of the tractor, the weight is where you need it most to get the horse power to the ground and at the same time you get a much stronger and sturdier tractor.

At Branson Tractors Australia we have worked closely with the factory to offer a range of factory approved attachments and implements to make sure you get a high quality implement that perfectly matches your tractor. Factory approved implements ensure you obtain maximum efficiency from your tractor and chosen implements. More importantly your factory approved attachment has undergone strict quality and suitability testing and does not affect your tractor warranty.
FPT Industrial ships engines from Italy for the Arion 400 and Axion 800 and 900, while John Deere’s Saran plant in France supplies diesel power for the Arion 500 and 600 tractors.

Power comes from Mercedes-Benz branded off-highway versions of Daimler OM engines prepared by MTU, a division of Rolls-Royce Power Systems, in Friedrichshafen, north-west Germany.Historically, the larger 6-series tractors (170hp-250hp) were also built in Waterloo for the US market, but this arrangement is coming to an end, which means Mannheim will now build all 6R models for global sale. Engines are also built locally, at the Linnavuori factory to the south-west of the tractor plant, while cabs for the Suolahti-built models are assembled in Yliharma, to the north-west. The T9 artics are from the Fargo plant in North Dakota, using powershift transmissions from Univance in Japan and Auto Command stepless transmissions from the Eccom range of ZF.

Orchard and other specialist A series models were previously sourced from Turkish partner Hattat, but the newly introduced F series tractors come from Carraro’s Agritalia operation.
An integrated manufacturing and assembly plant for transmissions, engines and finished products in Chennai, southern India, produces Tafe tractors for manufacturer Tractors and Farm Equipment.

As part of the Agco “global platform” family, the Valtra A series tractors use 12×12 mechanical transaxles from the Changzhou factory in China and HiTech 4 powershift transmissions from Gima in Beauvais.
Further afield, Austria, France, Germany and Italy have managed to retain tractor production on a large scale, as have Japan and the United States – the latter being the source for the majority of the highest horsepower models used in Britain.The Magnum is assembled in Racine, Wisconsin, on the west bank of Lake Michigan, using CNH powershift and stepless transmissions also built there, and front axles from Dana’s Spicer range.Claas outsources its smaller, more specialist tractors – the Nexos orchard and Elios farm models are built by the Agritalia unit of Carraro Group in Rovigo, north-east Italy, while the Atos 200 and 300 come from SDF Group’s Treviglio factory further west.

Are Branson Tractors still made?
Branson Compact Tractors They are shipped to the United States and assembled in Georgia, Oregon, and Texas for distribution by dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Browse our Compact Tractor Inventory or call us in Lynden at (844) 303-3515 or in Burlington at (844) 303-3516 today to learn more!
But production of simpler Farmall A tractors is shared by Jesi (85A to 115A) and CNH’s Türk Traktör joint venture in Ankara, Turkey, which also produces the FPT S8000 engine that powers them.

Who is the manufacturer of Branson Tractors?
Kukje Machinery Branson tractors are made by Kukje Machinery, a South Korean Company, along with combine harvesters and other machinery under the Kukje brand. Kukje is a subsidiary of Dongkuk Steel, which is one of the largest and most reputable steel companies located in South Korea!
Components are manufactured and assembled at three Argo Tractors plants in northern Italy, where powershift and CVT transaxles and front axles for all models up to 140hp are built in-house.

The Winnipeg headquarters factory of Buhler Industries in Manitoba, Canada, builds the big four-wheel-drive and Delta Track articulated tractors, using powershift transmissions from Caterpillar’s Peoria plant in the US and Cummins X15 engines from Jamestown, New York. Front axles from Dana’s Spicer range produced in Italy include the central housing and independent wishbone suspension units on the new 900 and 1000 Vario models. For the larger M7003 Series tractors, Kubota set up an assembly-only plant in Dunkirk on the northern French coast, using engines from Japan and transmissions from ZF.In many cases, the manufacturers make the engines, transmissions and cabs that go into the finished products, or source major components from independent suppliers such as Carraro, Cummins, Dana, Deutz, FPT Industrial, Perkins and ZF, and local cab suppliers.Cab production is in a dedicated plant nearby, while Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 powershift transmissions for all models are manufactured and assembled in the Gima joint venture with Claas that forms part of the main factory complex. From 100hp up, engines are sourced from the relatively new Doosan Infracore compact diesel operation at the port city of Incheon to the north-west of the tractor plant. Cab production is more diverse – for the T4 F/N/V and T5 Utility and Electro Command, glazed frames from Cab Plus in Jesi are “dressed” in the tractor plant.Production of Fendt tractors is concentrated in the Bavarian town of Marktoberdorf, southern Germany, along with the Vario stepless transmissions that go into them.

Today, only CNH Industrial’s New Holland plant in Essex survives as a major tractor assembly centre, with JCB’s Fastrac production line near Cheadle, Staffordshire, being the only other source of UK-built tractors.

Axles for the Fastrac 4000 are built by JCB Transmissions in Wrexham, north Wales, and purpose-built axles for the Fastrac 8000 are shipped from Dana’s Graziano facility in Italy.
While that remains true for the Proxima and Forterra, the Major and top-end Crystal models also built there now have Deutz engines from Germany. The 43-49hp Perkins-engined Utilix and 68hp Deutz-powered Hortus are sourced from TYM of South Korea.

Is John Deere leaving Russia?
Deere & Co., the maker of John Deere farming equipment, said it has stopped shipments to Russia. Caterpillar said it was shutting down manufacturing facilities there amid “supply disruptions and sanctions,” with its charitable arm committing $1 million in support for Ukrainians.
These feature powershift units from Univance in Japan and a ZF CVT from the Eccom range built in Passau, south-east Germany, and the town of Steyr in Austria.The 2 Series compacts, Rex 3 orchard and Trekker crawler tractors are all assembled at the San Martino in Rio factory near Modena, along with cab versions of the Rex 4 fruit tractors.

Are versatile tractors made in Russia?
Buhler, which makes Versatile tractors and Farm King equipment, is majority-owned by Rostselmash, based in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, near the eastern Ukrainian border.
Although tractor sales growth in China has stalled over the past two years, the trend towards better-equipped machines – and big investments there by Western manufacturers – have strengthened the country’s potential for export sales.CMatic stepless units for the Arion 500 come from Claas Industrietechnik in Paderborn, Germany, and for the larger models from ZF Friedrichshafen’s German and Austrian plants.This also builds Challenger versions for the North American market, but the bigger 1100 MT has a locally-built cab and a powershift transmission from Caterpillar’s factory in Peoria, Illinois.

Are Branson tractors made in China?
Branson. Branson is the export brand of Kukje Machinery Company and the tractors are built in Okcheon-gun, a city in central South Korea.
Argo’s own powershift transmissions go into the 70-140hp X4M to X6.4 models – plus the X6.4’s VT-Drive stepless option – while orchard and vineyard tractors are built in the Luzzara and San Martino in Rio factories nearby.Both series have a bespoke chassis fabricated by GKN Wheels & Structures in Telford, Shropshire, while driver accommodation is produced by JCB Cab Systems in a new factory near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

Cabs for TD5 models are shipped from Yaris Kabin in Turkey, where CNH’s Türk Traktör joint venture builds New Holland T4 and T4S models powered by FPT S8000 engines.Towards the lower end of the range, the 5M tractors are sourced from a John Deere factory in Augusta, Georgia, while the 5E comes from Deere’s Hadapsar factory near Pune, south-east of Mumbai, India.

Apart from the 110-126hp Deutz-powered 5 Series tractors, all the Treviglio-built products have SDF Farmotion engines assembled in the group plant in India.
Tractors carrying the Kioti export brand of Daedong Industries are assembled along with engines up to 73hp at Dalseong-gun near Daegu, in the south-east of South Korea.The 500 to current 900 Vario models have Deutz power; and the new Fendt 900 and 1000 Vario tractors have diesels from the newly formed MAN Engines unit of MAN Truck & Bus in Nuremberg, southern Germany.

Are Branson tractors made in USA?
Branson Tractor, known for quality and rugged dependability, are assembled in the United States. Branson was founded in the United States in 1998 as a tractor distribution company.
All Deutz-Fahr tractors in the 6, 7 and 9 Series – from 126hp to 336hp – are built in a new factory at Lauingen, 80 miles north-west of Munich in southern Germany.Check the map below to see which manufacturers are based in which countries – we’ve divided them into components and tractor assembly, cabs, engines and axles/transmissions.

Is Branson a good tractor brand?
Branson Tractors rank among one the reputable tractor brands. The brand originated as a Tractor distribution company in the USA in 1998. The tractors were originally manufactured by a South Korean company called Kukje machinery.
Tractors supplied under the Armatrac export brand of Turkish manufacturer Erkunt Traktör Sanayi are assembled in the town of Sincan, on the outskirts of the Turkish capital Ankara.

All tractors in the Zetor range have traditionally been built in the company’s Brno factory in the Czech Republic, along with engines and transmissions.
The factory in St Valentin, northern Austria, assembles all Luxxum (formerly Farmall Pro), Vestrum, Maxxum, Puma and Optum tractors for the UK, using transmissions from CNH’s Antwerp facility in Belgium and FPT engines from Turin, north-west Italy.As one of the core plants producing Massey Ferguson tractors for global markets, the factory in Beauvais, northern France, turns out five series from the 5700 Dyna-4 to the 8700 S Dyna-VT.

In Europe, JD’s Mannheim facility in south-west Germany assembles all the 5R-, 6M- and 6R-series tractors up to the biggest 6250R model, with cabs shipped in from Bruchsal, 30 miles south of Mannheim, and engines from Saran, near Orleans in France.
The VT-Drive stepless transmissions for the X8 and X7 models are built in ZF’s German and Austrian plants, along with the X7’s P6-Drive powershift transaxles.All of the Finnish marque’s mainstream products, comprising the A, N and T series, are built at the Suolahti factory in the south of the country, with the exception of the flagship S4 series produced in Massey Ferguson’s Beauvais plant.

Is Branson the same as TYM?
ROME, Ga. / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2023 / TYM USA and Branson Tractors, two leaders in the agricultural tractor manufacturing space, have officially merged and rebranded as TYM North America. The merger, which went into effect on Jan. 1, 2023, has resulted in the launch of an entirely revamped tractor lineup.
Cabs, transmissions, front axles and engines are also produced there, but the smaller capacity Farmotion diesels are shipped from SDF’s Indian factory.Tractors carrying the Solis export brand of India’s International Tractors Limited (ITL) are manufactured in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, alongside transmissions and engines. Smaller compact models are sourced through a partnership with Yanmar of Japan.An integrated complex of factories producing engines, transmissions and cabs feeds the assembly lines of Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ), which turns out Belarus tractors in the east European country of the same name.Cabs for all McCormick tractors come from Argo’s own facility in Fabbrico. Engines from 114-310hp are courtesy of FPT, while all smaller models get Deutz power (other than the Yanmar-powered X2 compacts).Engines for the Landini 2 Series are shipped from Yanmar’s Biwa factory, north-east of Osaka in Japan, and for the Rex 3F from Kohler Power in Reggio Emilia, 20 minutes up the road from San Martino in Rio.The business, owned by Indian group Mahindra since 2017, sources transmissions from Carraro Group, which has plants in Italy, India and China, and engines from Deutz in Cologne, Germany, and Perkins in Peterborough.Most use diesels from Deere’s engine plant nearby, but the top-horsepower 9R and its derivatives are powered by a 14.9-litre motor from the Jamestown factory of Cummins in Lakewood, New York.

Are Branson Tractors made in Korea?
Branson tractors are manufactured in South Korea by the Kukje company, a subsidiary of the DongKuk Steel company. The DK symbol from the parent company proudly placed on all Branson Tractors.
It uses transaxles manufactured in a CNH plant in Antwerp, Belgium, fully-dressed Horizon cabs from Croix near Lille in northern France, and FPT Industrial engines from Turin, north-west Italy.While the new Same Dorado Natural range of 65-97hp tractors are built in SDF Group’s Bandirma factory in Turkey, the rest of the range comes from the headquarters plant in Treviglio, northern Italy.

The Jesi factory near the Italian port of Ancona produces the T4 specialist fruit and vineyard tractors, the TD5 and T5 families and the transmissions that go into them, while engines are from FPT in Turin.The M4002 and M5001 series tractors are built in Tsukuba near Tokyo and the M-GX series at Sakai, near Osaka, using in-house engines, transmissions and cabs.