C3 Corvette Wheels

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What size are stock Corvette wheels?
C7 Grand Sport wheels from GM come in 19 x 10 front and 20 x 12 rear.
Nothing dresses up the exterior of your 1968-1982 Corvette better than a new set of wheels and tires. Zip Corvette has available correct reproduction steel rally wheels, trim rings and center caps that will restore your C3 Corvette’s original appearance. Looking to upgrade or replace factory optional aluminum wheels found on 1973 and later Corvettes? Zip has the closest replicas available. Get a better riding Corvette with repro tires which are available in correct F70 sizes or retro style radials. Choose from black walls, whitewalls, red and gold line tires from Firestone and Goodyear. Zip’s line of Corvette parts also includes spare tire components, jacks and lug wrenches. Count on Zip for all your Corvette parts and restoration needs. Our showroom is open to the public Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:30pm (EST). We take orders in our showroom or you may call your order in over the phone and we will prepare your items in advance so you do not have to wait. If you have any questions or comment for us, fill out our Contact us form with all of your details or send us direct email.📧: [email protected]

Is there anything sexier than a C3 Stingray? Bob Gawlik’s absolutely gorgeous 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was built by the team at Detroit Speed and debuted at the 2019 Goodguys PPG Nationals. It’s powered by a 600HP LS7 and rides on Detroit Speed suspension, JRi shocks, AP Racing brakes, 305/30R19 & 355/30ZR19 Kumho Ecsta ACR tires, and 19×11/19×12.5 Forgeline GA3R wheels finished with Graphite centers & Polished outers.No matter how much work you’ve done on a third-gen Corvette, it won’t be ready to hit the road until it has a good set of tires. Find some new driving shoes from our selection of C3 Corvette tires for factory restorations, show cars and track days. Eckler’s Corvette is an authorized distributor of Coker Tire, who produces C3 Corvette restoration tires using the original specs from brands like Firestone and BF Goodrich. We also have a large selection of Goodyear C3 Corvette tires that faithfully recreate their classic tread design, shape and style using modern radial construction.

Since the first generation of the Chevy Corvette, the Eckler’s family has been here for DIY enthusiasts. Use our Generations filter or the “Add My Vehicle” tool to view the Corvette C3 tires that are a guaranteed fit. Customer support specialists are available by email seven days a week if you have further questions. Eckler’s Corvette has everything else needed for putting on new tires, including C3 Corvette wheels, lug nuts, center caps and wheel spinners – all with a Price Match Guarantee. The Corvette is meant to be driven, and that eventually means you’ll need to replace worn-out sneakers. We’ll make sure you’re purchasing tires that fit and are ready for tens of thousands of miles on the open road. Most C3 Corvettes from 1973 onward use P225/70/R15 tires as the standard size. For the older 1968-72 Corvette, we offer F70x15 tires. If you own a 1978-82 Vette with the required factory fender trimming, bolt on a set of P255-60-R15 Corvette tires that are wider for better grip. All-season Corvette tires keep you going in areas where the weather can take a nasty turn. Stylish raised letter tires, C3 Corvette whitewall tires, pinstripe tires and red speedline tires add custom style to the luxury performance. Parts handed Left and Right are as you are sat in the car looking forwards. Left side is Nearside and Right side is Offside. Please specify year of car when ordering.Free shipping is added to the cart automatically – No codes required. All NON MAINLAND UK orders will receive a discounted shipping rate on orders over £99 – Complete your cart and we will email your reduced shipping costs

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What size tires are on a 1973 Corvette?
Before 2019, Corvettes still featured a staggered setup with front tires ranging in size from 245/40R18 tires to 275/35R18 tires and even 285/30R19 tires on some Z06 models. Meanwhile, the rear tires went from 285/35R19 tires to as wide as 335/25R20 tires.
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Every wheel and tire package is inspected and carefully boxed by our staff to ensure you have a perfect set of wheels and tires, out of the box and ready to mount on your Corvette within minutes of delivery. You would have a difficult time finding a better deal on a Corvette wheel and tire package trying to price it all separately. We’re ready to earn your business!Many of our customers prefer a complete, ready to mount solution when upgrading the wheels on their Corvette. Our Corvette wheel and tire packages let you select your wheel and finish, the tires, Year (for sensors) and come complete with center caps and lug nuts. Your wheels and tires package are mounted and Hunter Road Force balanced … the best in the industry. A complete turnkey package for our discerning customers who demand the best and want a no hassle solution. C7 black wheels are still very much one of our top sellers. Most of our OEM Corvette wheels by GM are available in black in both satin and gloss. C7 Z06 wheels are one of our best sellers. Z06, Grand Sport and ZR1 wheels share the same offsets and sizes (the C7 ZR1 front wheel is .5 inch wider) and interchangeable. If you have a Z06 and would like to upgrade to set of GM ZR1 Corvette wheels, they will fit fine. C7 Corvette wheels are one of the first upgrades most owners make to their Corvette. The choice in wheels is as personal as the music we listen to or the clothes we wear. GM Corvette wheels are quite popular. The designers at Chevrolet’s Corvette Division are on top of their game and have produced some stunning Corvette wheels over the past few years.Reproduction wheels for the 2014-2019 C7 Corvette Stingray, Z06, ZR1 and Grand Sport are an excellent choice for the budget minded who demand quality, but GM or high end aftermarket wheels are not an option.Base 2014+ C7 Stingray Corvette wheels are available in size 18 × 8.5 in the front and 19 x 10 in the rear. The recommended tire size for the Stingray wheels is 245-40-18 front and 285-35-19 rear.OEM reproduction wheels come in the original factory OEM sizes, but often come in larger or smaller sizes so that specific model “type” wheels can fit on other models. For example, GM C7 Z06 wheels will not fit on the C7 Stingray, but there are reproduction C7 Z06 wheels that do come in stock C7 Stingray sizes.

C7 Grand Sport wheels from GM come in 19 x 10 front and 20 x 12 rear. The recommended tire size for the Grand Sport wheels is 285-30-19 front and 335-25-20 rear.
C7 ZR1 wheels from GM are available in size 19 x 10.5 front and 20 x 12 rear. The recommended tire size for the ZR1 wheels is 285-30-19 front and 335-25-20 rear.Whether you are looking for factory GM wheels, OEM reproduction wheels, high end after market Corvette wheels, Corvette Garage has the wheels you are looking for. In most cases our Corvette wheels are in stock and ready to ship and all are available as turnkey wheel/tire packages.

What size wheels fit on a C3 Corvette?
15”x8” All C3’s are fitted with 15”x8” rims with a 4” backspace (except 68 which uses 15”x7” rims). The stud pattern is 5 on 4.75” diameter. The rims are located on a 2.8” diameter boss on the hub. Cached
This is an area of automotive development that has seen an avalanche of new products and applications in recent years and continues to see expansion of your available choices. The number of ignition devices that increase engine power and flexibility … [Click here to read more…]
General Motors and a few other auto manufacturers use the same 5-on-43 ⁄4 lug stud pattern and spacing. BMW uses the same 5 x 43 ⁄4 pattern with a larger centering hub for broader coverage. The typical wheel manufacturer uses the larger BMW centering hub size to make the system easier to fit large groups of vehicles and save money.
Race lugs should have open ends to allow the race inspector to see that the studs are at the end of the lug nut. This is for your safety and the others around you. Always look over the lugs and studs for damage. I also require all the guys in the shop use a torque wrench to tighten lugs.

This style of wheels are by far the most worrying to me and should be absolutely avoided when it’s time to look for a set of new or used wheels. Used wheels can be a good deal if they are not bent; sometimes it is not obvious until the wheel is spun on a wheel balancer. If the wheels are inexpensive enough it may be worth chancing it. I prefer to negotiate after visiting the closest tire store to have the wheels in question spun on a balancer. Quite possibly the seller does not know the wheels are bent, so keep that in mind when considering used wheels.
That makes sense for a serious racer who wants the least amount of tire sidewall fl ex; street-driven vehicles need to compromise. As the wheel diameter increases and the tire sidewall decreases, so does ride quality. The 18-inch-diameter wheels for the Shark are the limit for me: they won’t beat you up on rough road surfaces and still provide minimal sidewall fl ex and great handling capabilities.

A couple of general rules: Don’t go below the tire manufacturer’s recommended lowest pressure, and always remember that tire pressures increase as the temperature increases. Low tire pressures create more heat as the sidewalls of the tire squirm around, causing friction and high-heat buildup. If you run any tire low on pressure, always check the sidewall for damage. Often you can see a ring around the middle of the tire’s outer sidewall where the damage occurred. Tires with sidewall damage have sudden major blow-outs and the tire shreds.
For those of you who are really serious about the best possible tire traction, Michelin Sport Cup tires are the ultimate. Their treadwear rating of 80 says it all: they stick well and can handle the temperature. Their grooved footprint lets you run in light rain safely. Most of us would never use these tires to their limit, especially on a factory Shark chassis. If you have gone the aftermarket purpose-built chassis route, these tires complement the handling.However, before you buy a set go visit a local driving school and thoroughly understand how to drive, or you are spending dollars you really don’t have to.

Tire wear can occur from many factors: incorrect alignment, worn shock absorbers, and worn suspension components (which affect alignment). Tires that wear smooth on the inside or outside have camber alignment issues. If the tires are wearing with rough irregular edges on the inside or out, there is a toe-in or -out problem.
Wheel spacers are rarely hub-centric; they are bolted on with lug nuts and center on the studs. These, of course, are the thicker spacers that allow enough room for the lug nuts and still allow the wheel sit fl at on the spacer. Hub-centric wheel spacers are available and are considerably higher in cost because of the extra machining work required. If you need a spacer thinner than 1/4 inch, always check the stud length once the spacer and wheel are bolted up to the hub. You should have at least 3/4 inch in the lug nut for safety reasons. Any spacers more than 1/4-inch thick should have longer studs installed in the hubs. The best policy is to avoid spacers if at all possible.The template was used because I needed to verify that the caliper did not have enough clearance to the wheel. Most brake manufacturers recommend at least 1/8 inch of clearance at all points from the wheel. If you change your brakes to a floating-caliper system, you must recheck the fitment of the caliper with new pads. This setup may take up more room and not fit under the wheels. When it’s time to service the brakes you may discover that the wheel doesn’t turn. I install two or three flat washers on the studs if I think the caliper is too close. Then I remove the washers one at a time until I know the caliper isn’t gouged from the wheel; I can then use the appropriate thickness spacer.

What size are my factory rims?
Look at the backside of the wheel. If it’s an original wheel, you’ll ordinarily see imprinted on the spokes the make, origin country, OEM number, and size. But for a steel stock wheel, you may find the wheel size on the front side, or the face, of the wheel. For example, the size of the wheel will look like “18×7 ½ ”.
By now you have most likely figured out that any and all performance modifications should be a balance of what works for both daily driving and a weekend performance event.The simple clip-on wheel balance weight does not usually work and few shops want to look at them. Many aftermarket wheels do not have a lip suitable for the clip-on wheel weights. If there is a shop that uses clip-on weights, that is the best possible place to have the tire/wheel balanced. This parking brake cable–mounting tab is welded to the arm on all Sharks. Wheels with 41 ⁄4-inch backspacing clear the cable. However, in most cases the cable still runs close to the retaining clip and hits the wheel at 41 ⁄2 inches of backspacing. The wheel’s outer rim or drum position is offset relative to the wheel’s center. Due to wheel hub placement, C3 wheels have positive offset with the center section of the wheel closer to the outside of the wheel. You will have to remove the brake cable and use a reciprocating saw to remove the mount. If you are an auto enthusiast you have probably changed wheels whether it was for a performance vehicle or not. So, many of us are aware of the top wheel manufacturers on the market, such as Weld Racing, Enkei, and American Racing. When the time comes to make a decision, you’ll find that wheels are like everything else that is manufactured. You get what you pay for and top quality is not “cheap.”The owner of this vehicle ordered a set of wheels before the brake decision was made. I used this cardboard template to make sure the 13-inch rotor and caliper clear the 17-inch wheel. Moving the cardboard template around the rotor and caliper should leave a minimum .125 inch clearance between the caliper and inner wheel drum. Companies such as Baer Brakes have templates available to print out to check fitment. I did mine the old-fashioned way: I cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside the wheel and transferred it to the template used against the wheel hub. I went all the way to the wheel’s outer edge so I could rotate the template with the wheel and check the entire circumference for any possible clearance issues.

For many first-time owners of any car who have aspirations of building the ultimate performance machine, wheels and tires are the first purchase. This may be because you want your performance car to have a certain “look.” And that drives the desire to put your hard-earned dollars and soul into it.The latest tire balancers let the operator choose between balancing methods, including where the weights are placed. Let’s say you decide to use stick-on weights for the outside of the tire balance point. The balancer has a measuring device and you can place it where the weights are to be installed. This was a major breakthrough: now you can use stick-on weights accurately and have a dynamically balanced wheel/tire assembly.

You need to know what the absolute outside of the tire sidewall is for an accurate clearance check. There can be a significant difference in the dimension depending on tire tread width versus wheel width, especially on tall-sidewall tires. As the wheels turn they can hit at numerous places and rub the sidewalls on the frame rail. The smart move is to find a wheel with the backspacing you need, mount a tire, and see how it all works.
Today there are usually numerous wheel repair shops in most major cities that straighten and weld broken wheels. I do not like the thought of driving at high speeds knowing a crack was welded up and then machined. The theory is good, but I would feel better possibly using one on a grocery getter, not my performance car. It really does not take much to bump and bend a wheel, so some minor straightening would not worry me. It’s just the thought of a major reconstruction of the wheel that turns me off.

Fender flares are another way to get wide rubber under a Shark. Fender flares were the rage for most of the 1970s; but not today, mainly because they required major body surgery. Usually when someone goes for 12- to 13-inch-wide wheels they make the rear a narrowed solid axle with mini-tubs for drag racing. Shark owners who consider resale may find hat the fender flares limit sale potential due to the cost of restoring the fenders to the original look.
Hammering the lugs on with a large impact takes a toll on the lugs and studs; your brake rotors are also abused from the unequal pressure. Some may say, Well look at NASCAR! They hammer the wheels on as quickly as possible without even using the star pattern. They are using steel wheels with massive brake rotors and closely regulated air pressure on their impact tools.You have many choices when it comes to lug nuts: your main concern is that you use 7/16-20 thread nuts. Most aftermarket wheels use lugs with sleeves that go into the wheel’s hub (and always a washer) to avoid gouging the wheel. Some aftermarket and all factory wheels use tapered seats to firmly hold onto the wheel; make sure you have the recommended lugs for your wheels. I look for the tapered-seatlug wheels because of how easy they are to install and well they hold on to the wheel. A couple of pages back I mentioned hub-centric wheel benefits. Tapered-seat lugs are the best for allowing the wheel to center on the hub. This is important if you plan on any true high-speed driving.

Tires with scoops of rubber missing are bouncing on the pavement from worn shocks or an imbalance condition. Wear at the center only is due to high air pressure or a tire that is too wide for the wheel.
Chrome-plated lugs may look nice as long as you rarely remove them; each time the socket hammers on the sides of the lug the chrome begins to chip away. Race cars typically don’t have pretty wheels or lug nuts; they are constantly removing them and it shows.

Obviously, an engine that has experienced parts failure will have some extra debris trapped in oil galleries and tight crevices, but it’s amazing how much debris and deposits can be found inside of an engine block that has been leading a normal life … [Click here to read more…]
Balancing a tire is simple but the technician must have the proper training. First, you need to know that there are two basic balancing procedures: static and dynamic.Verifying fitment is an important part of the wheel selection process. I mentioned backspacing and the limitations of the Shark chassis. You also need to consider that the tires bulge beyond the wheel’s inner or outermost edges. Brake calipers can also get in the way because they protrude beyond the outer edge of the wheel’s mounting hub. Increasing the wheel’s diameter beyond 15 inches usually helps caliper clearance for bolt-on aftermarket brake calipers. Many wheel companies now have templates that you can construct out of cardboard to check wheel clearance.

For this example, there is no way to center the wheel or the spacer via the hub, and the studs are going to be too short. I use these inexpensive aluminum spacers for wheel fitment during chassis setup; they give me an accurate way to check caliper-to-wheel clearance. If you decide to use spacers such as these, please install longer studs to ensure that the wheel lugs have a minimum 1/4 inch of stud sticking through them. The chances are high that a wheel could come off because of the poor fi t causing vibration and minimal lug nut thread purchase.Herein lies the problem with that simple formula: Wheels rotate with fewer anomalies when they are centered on the wheel hub, rather than using studs for the centering process. A few companies saw that problem and came up with hub-centric rings to center the wheels on the hubs properly.

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Gorilla Automotive has stainless-steel lugs that can take a beating and maintain a clean appearance. I have two sets: one for the street and one for race day to limit the amount of time the pretty lugs are removed.
For the 1968–1982 Corvettes, the maximum safe backspacing for front and rear is 41 ⁄4 inches. Modifications must be made to accommodate wider and deeper-offset wheels, some minor and some major. For example, to gain a mere 1/4-inch-deeper backspacing at the rear wheels, modifications must be made to the parking brake cable bracket on the trailing arms. (I discussed offset trailing arms in Chapter 10.) If those modifications have been made, you can go with a 43 ⁄4-inch offset.

Static balancing is the simpler; a wheel weight is placed on the light side of the tire, which worked fine for 3- to 4-inch-wide tires. As tire width increased, dynamic tire balancing was developed to balance the tire on the inside and outside of the wheel/tire assembly. Static-balanced wide-wheel/tire assemblies had a tendency to cause steering wheel oscillations as speed increased. The steering wheel moves back and forth like a fish nibbling on a line, which is why it is often called steering wheel nibble.

Uni-lug wheels allow more than one wheel stud spacing. These wheels are difficult to install; couple that with larger-than-required center hub diameters and who knows where the wheel sits relative to center. You have to be extra careful with the elongated washers that cover up the large wheel stud holes; misplacing them can cause the wheel to rotate off-center.

Is the C3 a muscle car?
The Corvette C3 is an american icon, and it’s no surprise that still today this muscle car is adored by many people all around the world. It was 1967 when Chevrolet introduced its iconic Corvette C3. This was a muscle car and had some differences from its predecessor, the Corvette C2 Sting Ray.
If possible I rotate my tires at every other oil change (7,500 to 10,000 miles) to keep the tire warranty in force. Rotating the tires flattens out the wear that occurs on the front tires and keeps them alive a bit longer.

Dynamic balancing took the nibble away by placing weights on the inside and outside of the wheel. You may get your wheels dynamically balanced and find out that they only have one wheel weight on the inside or outside. That means the tires were very close to perfect balance, requiring only a minor bit of weight. High-end tires are apt to be this way, whereas inexpensive tires may require massive amounts of weight to balance.
Coated clip-on weights should be used on any alloy wheel to prevent corrosion and/or clear coat damage. If they use clip-on weights on the inside, they should also be coated to prevent wheel damage. That is a great question to ask when you begin the search for a reputable shop to do your tire work. If they don’t know about coated wheel weights, I would be concerned about their commitment to quality. Coated clip-on wheel weights have been around for many years and by now all shops have access to them. They do cost a bit more.Eaton cast-iron differential housings were installed on 1968–1979 Sharks. A Dana aluminum differential housing and mounting structure was installed on the 1980–1982 Sharks. This Tech Tip is From the Full Book, CORVETTE C3 1968-1982: … [Click here to read more…]The most important part is keeping the studs safe from stretching and the thread damage that can occur from over-tightening the lugs. You may be the one on the side of the road trying to loosen a stubborn lug nut one day; proper torquing makes an unhappy situation a bit better when the wheels come loose without using the biggest cheater bar you can fi nd.The simple facts are that the overall tire diameter cannot exceed 25.75 inches and 10 inches wide or you have issues during turning. The fender outer lip hits or rubs on the frame rail at the rear of the front wheel. You have to modify the fender lip and limit the turning radius, which is not stellar now. Don’t forget about trailing arm interference at the rear, 10 inches maximum here too. Always check for tire clearance with the wheel at ride height and when bottomed out or you may ruin an expensive set of tires.

Wheels and tires are an important part of your performance Shark’s ultimate equation. Developing a good overall plan is especially important because many other factors play into your purchase decision. For example, wheel offset and width depend on how far you go with chassis and body modifications. Brake rotor and caliper choice also play into which wheel works with your application.The stock W engine’s valvetrain strong and reliable enough to open and close the valves on stock engine up to 6,000 rpm, but the mechanical cam and valvesprings have a tendency to float at 6,000 rpm or more. If an owner installs bigger heads, a more … [Click here to read more…] If you have a nibble at the steering wheel and only one weight on the inside or outside, you found the problem. Cheap tires are difficult to balance because their casings are not as true as a quality tire. As the tire sidewall decreases so does ride quality, while cornering improves. Bouncing tires are rough on the suspension and shock absorbers from the rapid oscillations. Of course the latest trend is rubber bands on the tallest wheels you can possibly get. Many want the later 19-inch-and-larger-diameter wheels because they look “cool.” The idea behind the larger diameter was to limit tire sidewall height and the resulting fl ex that occurs with the oldschool 15-inch wheels.

One of the advantages of cylinder heads is that they are relatively easy to work on and don’t require a garage full of specialty tools to do simple maintenance and/or assembly work. The work that we do not cover in this chapter is the more … [Click here to read more…]
Stroker engine packages are a popular option because the Ws can retain their stock appearance, but with the increased displacement, pack far more potent punch than a stock engine. After all, we’ve all seen sleeper cars and trucks that look like … [Click here to read more…]

Now that you know what to look for on the mechanical side, the aesthetics come into play. That may seem easy enough: the wheel looks good and that’s all that matters. You really should consider upkeep too, or those shiny wheels may be in rough shape before you ever get to drive the project on the street.This is how wheel manufacturers measure wheel backspacing: place a flat object across the wheel’s inside lip. I recommend removing the wheels from their packaging as soon as possible after receiving them and checking backspacing. More than once I have received wheels with different backspacing, always a minor discrepancy. However, it’s too late to call after weeks or months have passed. Look the wheels over and handle the return immediately.

Is the C3 reliable?
Citroen C3 reliability Reliability itself was better than average, with just 18% of Citroen owners reporting a fault within the first year of ownership. The C3 itself came 25th out of the top 75 cars in the 2022 survey – it hasn’t featured since 2019, so its reappearance and placing is a positive sign.
Multiple options are available when it comes to second-generation Corvette engines. The original engine can be restored, rebuilt, or replaced. Engine restoration consists of rebuilding the engine from top to bottom to factory specifications and … [Click here to read more…]Every wheel balancer has a calibration setup procedure to be used often. During my time on the balancer I calibrated after every 10 hours of operation per the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you find that you have no success with tire balancing, it’s probably best to move on to another shop.

All tires need valve stems and they are more important than many think. Every time the tires are replaced the valve stems should be too due to rubber degradation. Check the tire manufacturer’s recommended pressures: some rubber valve stems do not meet this requirement, which is why I use metal valve stems. Rubber valve stems are cheap, and metal stems are slightly more expensive. Why chance the loss of a tire over a valve stem? I know we should all know this, but sometimes I find that tire shops do not routinely replace the stems. It’s up to you to make sure they do. In the performance world, tire pressure is everything to maximize traction and handling. Checking tire pressure regularly is the key to good handling and tire life. The other important part of the equation is a good tire pressure gauge; many are available that vary widely in accuracy. Spend the extra dollars and get a good gauge and take care of it.Caliper Special 2 is CA’s most comprehensive kit, giving you everything you need aside from rotors (and let’s face it – time) to do a complete brake job on your Corvette. You can direct attention to C3 Corvette rims using new tire valve stem caps from Top Flight Automotive. We stock our inventory with tire valve stem caps featuring generation Crossflags and other stylish logos to dress up your ride. Check out our available tire valve stem caps made by Corvette America. Customers can shop our inventory of 1968-1982 Corvette Rallye wheels for a seamless match to vintage setups. Depending on your restoration need, you can purchase Rallye wheels in groups of four or individually at your convenience. Top Flight Automotive customers can expect the following when ordering a Rallye set:Corvette restoration projects let you customize your C3 model to suit your lifestyle and driving applications. Here at Top Flight Automotive, our online store contains wheel accessories to complement the exterior features of your C3 Corvette. Some of our most popular C3 generation accessories include:

Nothing is more satisfying than restoring a classic C3 Corvette to factory condition. Our experts can recommend wheel and rim sets for specific model years of the C3 generation. Our sales representatives speak fluent Corvette and will connect you to reproduction parts engineered to meet or exceed original specifications throughout Chevrolet production.
The Corvette community adores the C3 generation as these vehicles still provide a thrilling behind-the-wheel experience 50 years after their debut. As one of the most popular sport car models from Chevrolet, owning a C3 is a great way to enter the classic Corvette market. If you recently purchased a vintage C3 model or need to replace the wheels/rims on your favorite ride, look no further than Top Flight Automotive.Top Flight Automotive professionals keep your restoration projects right on schedule. As part of the Extra Mile Brands Family of companies, our experts are members of a team that has been serving the Corvette community for over 40 years. For more information about C3 Corvette rims and wheels, contact Top Flight Automotive today.Restoring a third-generation (C3) Corvette allows you to cherish a piece of American history. With production ranging from 1968 through 1982, the C3 Corvette stands as the longest-running line of these sport car vehicles by Chevrolet. Consumers were drawn to the return of the \”Stingray,\” ZR1 racing packages, and Small Block V8 engines capable of achieving 370 horsepower into the 1980s.

What is the original tire size for a C3 Corvette?
Most C3 Corvettes from 1973 onward use P225/70/R15 tires as the standard size. For the older 1968-72 Corvette, we offer F70x15 tires. If you own a 1978-82 Vette with the required factory fender trimming, bolt on a set of P255-60-R15 Corvette tires that are wider for better grip.
Top Flight Automotive enables you to restore and replace C3 rims with our stainless steel configurations. Similar to wheel sets, you can order 7-inch and 8-inch rims separately or a four-piece bundle to enhance the look and performance of your classic Corvette. Rims at Top Flight Automotive help reduce tire friction while your vehicle is traveling at high speeds.The Top Flight Automotive site is the place to turn for all things related to 1968-1982 C3 Corvette wheels and rims. We offer the largest selection of C3 Corvette parts online to meet your needs.

Why is the C3 Corvette so cheap?
Two reasons, with Corvettes two generations prior are usually the cheapest because of age and the successor generations were considered to be better cars yet the nostalgia hasn’t kicked in to drive the prices up. With the C-3 we also had some model years that were dismal for performance. I mi…
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What size are C3 tyres?
195 / 65 R15 195 / 65 R15 Front Tyres & 195 / 65 R15 Rear Tyres.
Citroen has had a mixed reputation for reliability in the past but recent models appear to be quite robust. Its 1.2-litre petrol and 1.5-litre diesel engines are certainly well-tested, having appeared in a multitude of Citroen and Peugeot models. The C3’s Euro NCAP crash-test score is respectable for an affordable supermini, although it was tested a few years ago and the criteria for four stars gets tougher every year. Novel features like a dashcam show Citroen is keen to usher in convenient tech that helps it stand out amongst rivals.

Citroen isn’t generally known for bulletproof reliability but our 2022 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey saw it come 13th out of 29 brands overall – a big improvement on its 28th place result in 2021. Reliability itself was better than average, with just 18% of Citroen owners reporting a fault within the first year of ownership. The C3 itself came 25th out of the top 75 cars in the 2022 survey – it hasn’t featured since 2019, so its reappearance and placing is a positive sign.
The C3 was awarded four out of five stars for safety by Euro NCAP. Crash testing revealed physical protection of occupants to be very good, but the car was marked down for its lack of autonomous emergency braking (although it is standard for the Shine Plus trim). There’s plenty of standard safety kit, however, including mandatory items like tyre-pressure monitoring, stability control and a plethora of airbags front and back. You can also get equipment like blind-spot detection and a driver fatigue monitor that can sense how long you’ve been driving and suggest when you need to take a break.Click button drop-down to lock your search to specific years or catalogs. Choose ALL PARTS to clear the lock and search all years, all catalogs or GM #.

What wheels fit a 1987 Corvette?
1987Model1987 Standard1987 Z51Front Wheel Size16 x 8.516 x 9.5Front Offset+32mm+38mmFront Tire255/50VR-16255/50VR-16Rear Wheel Size16 X 8.516 X 9.5
Issues may come upon when discovering your wheel size because some stock rims look the same or very similar to others; however, they are not the same. That’s when 1-8000EveryRim OEM Wheels will be more than happy to help. Our OEM wheel experts are knowledgeable in new take-offs, reconditioned rims, and used wheels. We are always available to aid in your search to discover the size of your OEM wheel.If it’s an original wheel, you’ll ordinarily see imprinted on the spokes the make, origin country, OEM number, and size. But for a steel stock wheel, you may find the wheel size on the front side, or the face, of the wheel. For example, the size of the wheel will look like “18×7 ½ ”. “18” is the diameter of the wheel, and “7 ½” is the width.

When you look at a tire, you see something like “265/50R16.” The diameter of the wheel is marked “R16”, “R” is the contrustion type and the diameter of the wheel is 16”. But, keep in mind that some tires may have the diameter of the wheel marked in millimeters as opposed to inches. And the width is not referenced on the tire.In all of this, the Chevrolet Corvette C3 comes out on the market and immediately amazes everyone with its iconic design and solid performance for the sports cars of that time. But let’s take a closer look at this marvel dating back about 55 years.

The car then stands out for its long, almost mammoth bonnet is swollen around the front wheels and pointed in the center. Probably, the hood is the most characteristic that makes this car aggressive. On the back, however, the 4 red and round headlights give it a superfast sports car tone, which it actually was and still is.
Firstly, one of the main reasons why this car has been so popular and has become so iconic is definitely the engine. The performance of this car, in fact, for the time it came out, was very good. It is a car that, over more than a decade, has been improved. This has been made available with various engine types and hence performance.It was 1967 when Chevrolet introduced its iconic Corvette C3. This was a muscle car and had some differences from its predecessor, the Corvette C2 Sting Ray. Unlike the split “Sting Ray” name, the ‘Vette C3 opts for a single word, Stingray. And the third-gen Corvette was the start of an iconic sports car.