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The 911 Carrera T offers optional Adaptive Sports Seats Plus (18-way, electric) as well as the even sportier and exceptionally lightweight full bucket seats featuring Race Tex seat centres. The Carrera T interior package is offered with an optional extended leather interior. The armrests on the door panels and centre console are also in leather, along with the upper parts of the dashboard and door panel trim.On the exterior, the Porsche 911 Carrera T stands out from the rest of the model line with Dark Grey accentuating details. Contrasting elements such as the top and bottom trim on the exterior mirrors, the new door logos and the rear logos, and the trim strips on the rear lid grille feature Agate Grey. The windscreen also features a grey top tint. The tailpipes of the sports exhaust system are in high-gloss black. It all gives the new 911 Carrera T an even more extroverted and dynamic look.All said and done, the 2023 Type 992 911 Carrera T is Porsche’s model for those that want nothing more than a sports car that wants, needs, begs to be driven. No distractions, just hands on the wheel, feet on the pedals, feeling the way the tires bite into the pavement as you enter a turn, then dancing the car with steering and throttle to exit the turn and send it to the next corner.

However, with all its standard equipment with the 7-speed manual, the Type 992 Carrera T weights in at 3,241 lbs (1,470 kg), the lightest 911 with the entry-level engine. That is an awe-inspiring 77 lbs (35 kg) lighter than the Carrera with an 8-speed PDK, which is already a light car in the sporting world at 3,318 lbs (1,505 kg). Paired with the 20/21-inch Carrera S wheels wrapped in 245/35 front and 305/30 rear rubber, this gives the T a 0 to 60 time of 4.3 seconds (3.8 seconds with the PDK).

How much does a 992 T weigh?
3,241 lbs However, with all its standard equipment with the 7-speed manual, the Type 992 Carrera T weights in at 3,241 lbs (1,470 kg), the lightest 911 with the entry-level engine.
Inside, the aesthetics are purely driver-focused. Matte black with high-gloss black accents give the interior a subdued but purposeful look, and there are no buttons, no touchscreens, nothing that doesn’t absolutely need to be there for the car to function. While it may look sparse compared to even the base-spec Carrera, one must remember that the Carrera T is always and only about the driving experience, which can been accentuated with the Carrera T Interior Package. This adds contrast stitching and stripes to the seats, contrasting floor mats, and extra seat belts in either Slate Grey or Lizard Green.

The engine is the same 3.0L twin-turbo flat-six that sits at the rear of the Carrera. It’s no slouch, however, as it produces 380 HP and 331 lbs-ft of torque. This is mated to a 7-speed transmission, although it has a Carrera T-only short final ratio to make the car pull harder off the line and exiting a corner, helped as well by Porsche Torque Vectoring, included as standard. Porsche has also given that engine a microphone as the Carrera S’ sports exhaust is fitted, and made it able to dance as the limited-slip differential from that car is also included.
To achieve this goal, absolutely everything that is not vital or necessary for the act and enjoyment of driving is removed. Then, a what’s what of options are added as standard equipment. The 911 Carrera T also comes standard with the Sport Chrono package and the PASM sports suspension (-10 mm) – features that only the Carrera T offers in combination with the 385-PS engine. This is available as an option in the 911 Carrera S. On request, the Carrera T can also be ordered with the optional rear-axle steering, which is also normally reserved for models from the Carrera S and up. The “T” in the model designation of the Porsche 911 Carrera T stands for touring and traces its history back to the homologation of the 911 T as a touring car in 1968. This first 911 T was offered until 1973, and in 2017 Porsche revived the purist 911 variant with the 911 Carrera T of the 991 model line. Since then, the concept of the stripped-down, yet exceptionally sporty setup has been successfully brought to other model lines with the 718 Cayman T, the 718 Boxster T and the Macan T.The new 911 Carrera T slots in between the 911 Carrera and the 911 Carrera S. The Carrera T takes its biturbo engine with 283 kW (385 PS; 911 Carrera T models: Fuel consumption* combined (WLTP) 10.9 – 10.3 l/100 km, CO₂ emissions* combined (WLTP) 247 – 233 g/km, Fuel consumption* combined (NEDC) 10.2 – 9.5 l/100 km, CO₂ emissions* combined (NEDC) 232 – 217 g/km) and 450 Newton metres of torque, and which accelerates the sports car from zero to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and to a top speed of 291 km/h, from the entry-level 911. The standard equipment from the Carrera S with a manual transmission is augmented by Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) with a mechanical rear differential lock.

There are some options for those looking for the Carrera T to be as light as possible, with the carbon fiber interior package replacing many leather surfaces with genuine carbon fiber to remove nearly 22 lbs (10 kg) of extra weight from the car.
The standard 911 T features a seven-speed manual gearbox. An eight-speed PDK is also available. The rear seats are omitted. Featuring a PASM sports suspension with 10-mm-lowering and reduced insulation, the new 911 Carrera T is the epitome of purism and exhilarating driving pleasure. You can feel it on winding mountain and country roads – and you can hear it too. The sound of the six-cylinder boxer engine is now an even more striking presence in the interior.

The same goes for the decorative stitching, the 911 logo embossed in the headrests and the stripes down the seat centres. The floor mats also offer the logo and stitching in the contrasting colours of Lizard Green and Slate Grey as an option.
Porsche has so many different types and versions of the 911 that it sometimes feels like there’s too much choice. You can choose coupe, cabriolet, or targa. You can choose how much power you get from the 3.0L or 3.7L flat-six engine. You can add a variety of packages and options. Basically, you are spoiled for choice.The Sports Chrono package, combined with PASM Active Suspension, give the driver the ultimate range of driving modes, as well as dropping the standard ride height by a meaty 10 mm (just under 0.5 inches). The dynamic engine mounts from the Carrera S are also here as standard.

The car’s sportiness is underscored in the interior by the standard four-way Sports Seats Plus. Decorative trim in matte black and decorative inlays in high-gloss black round off the T interior. Customers seeking even more distinctiveness can choose the optional Carrera T interior package. In this case, they receive additional safety belts in the contrasting colours Slate Grey or Lizard Green.
Carrera T-specific options are that you can add rear axle steering, adaptive power steering, and if you find that the 4-way Sports Plus body-hugging seats are a bit basic, you can upgrade to an 18-way electric Sports Seat Plus.The Porsche 911 Carrera T will go out to dealers in February 2023 and can be ordered now. The price in Germany starts at € 123,845 including VAT and country-specific equipment.

19/10/2022 – Porsche is adding to the 911 family with the lightweight sports car, the 911 Carrera T. The letter “T” stands for touring and describes models that offer a purist driving experience with exceptionally sporty equipment.
However, while equipment and options are one thing, exclusive Carrera T-only aesthetics and details are another. Compared to other Carrera’s, the T gets exclusive Dark Grey accentuating details in areas such as the top and bottom trim on the wing mirrors, the lower door logos and speed stripe, and even the rear logo is subdued under a grey sheen. The windshield gains an T-only grey top tint, and the tips of the sports exhaust tailpipes are a deep glossy black. Sitting side by side with a Carrera and a Carrera S, you would have no problems picking out the Carrera T.

What is the difference between a 994 Cat loader and 992?
The Caterpillar 994 is the largest-ever wheel loader built by Caterpillar. At 427,209 lbs., the giant Caterpillar 994 dwarfs the 992, nearly doubling the already massive wheel loader in terms of weight, power, and bucket capacity.
The new 911 Carrera T is available in the four solid colours Black, White, Guards Red and Racing Yellow as well as in the four metallic finishes Deep Black, Gentian Blue, Ice Grey and GT Silver. Available special colours are Chalk, Ruby Star Neo, Carmine Red, Shark Blue and Python Green. Buyers of the 911 Carrera T also have the option of using the Paint to Sample programme, which offers paintwork in over 110 available colour tones. The Carrera T is not for everyone, and Porsche admits openly. This is a car for the driver. This is, if you will, the distillation of the Carrera and Carrera S to the purest type of car that Porsche has been making for over 70 years: A lightweight driver’s car. T-specific equipment features include 20- and 21-inch Titanium Grey Carrera S wheels in front and back, respectively, with 245/35 (front) and 305/30 (rear) sized tyres. The 911 Carrera T also comes standard with the GT sports steering wheel, sports exhaust system and Sports Seats Plus (four-way, electric). Weighing just 1,470 kg, the 911 Carrera T with a manual transmission is the lightest series 911 with the entry-level engine, coming in 35 kg lighter than the 911 Carrera with a standard eight-speed PDK. In the 911 Carrera, the manual transmission is no longer available. Beyond the omitted back seats and reduced insulation, lightweight glass and a lightweight battery shave off even more weight.

Is the 992 a supercar?
No, GT3 is not a supercar, but GT3 RS = supercar.
For them to add another model to the lineup seems almost counter-intuitive. That is, until you realize that the model they are adding is the Carrera T, and then it makes sense in the fact that this specific model has the shortest options list of any 911. In a way, the car may seem sparingly equipped, and apart from the paint color, the wheels, and if you want a 7-speed manual or 8-speed PDK, it is. But it’s what it’s equipped with that makes the Porsche purists smile.There’s a big discussion on tiktok as to what a supercar is, with some sighting the 911 GT3 as a supercar, while others say no. I was wondering the reddit’s opinion.

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Caterpillar 992K models are historically listed by sellers in Earthmoving Parts, Wheel Loader and Wheel Loader Attachments categories. Caterpillar 992K models make up % of historic Earthmoving Parts enquiries, and % of all Caterpillar enquiries.Of all the Caterpillar 992K models listed 100.00% have been listed by professional machinery sellers, 0.00% by private businesses. There are currently 1 items for 992K listed in Australia from 1 professional sellers and 0 private businesses.

Historically Caterpillar 992K models have been listed between $20,000 and $1,850,000, averaging at $936,300. The current average price of a 992K listing is $0.
Hi ! was able to retrieve your Caterpillar profile, but requires a few more pieces of information that you don’t have stored. Please review and provide any missing information.Your Caterpillar account is the single account you use to log in to select services and applications we offer. Shop for parts and machines online, manage your fleet, go mobile, and more. Need help finding a Cat dealer near you? Our dealer locator provides the most up-to-date information on Cat dealers close to you. Simply enter your address and select the type of equipment you’re looking for. Or, if you already know the name of the dealer you’re searching for, you can type in the dealer’s name for a list of locations. In just 3 simple steps size a generator set that meets your project power requirements and view matching diesel products from inventory or the factory.

Mobile equipment operators need to be keenly aware of their environment, especially when putting their equipment into motion. Object Detection combines radar and camera systems to warn operators about light vehicles or stationary hazards within the immediate vicinity of their machines. Available for any machine, the system improves operator awareness and enhances safety all around your site.
CAT Vocational Trucks are currently available only in the United States and Canada. If you search for vocational trucks elsewhere you will not get any results.Whether it’s telematic data from equipped machines that gives you better insight into your operation. Or, onboard construction technology that helps you get to grade faster, hit target payloads, and keep you safe. Cat® technology and services give you the edge you need for success.

The Cat 992 Large Wheel Loader has set the standard in its size class for more than 50 years, delivering industry-leading productivity, unparalleled reliability and long life. Today’s 992 raises the bar. Compared to the 992K, the new 992 is up to 48% more efficient and 32% more productive, thanks to higher payload for improved pass match, increases in rimpull and breakout force, and an optimized linkage design. Extended component replacement intervals plus increased filter and turbo life help reduce maintenance costs. These improvements — and many more — combine to provide significant savings over the life of the machine for the lowest owning and operating costs in the industry. With both standard and high-lift configurations, the 992 offers the ideal pass match for fleets of Cat 775, 777 and 785 trucks.
Cat dealers provide the on-the-ground service and support that keep your operation running — as well as a single, local point of contact for all your needs. Fill out this form and your Cat dealer will contact you with more information.For both surface and underground applications, Cat® MineStar™ Health is an industry – leading technology offering that helps you maximize equipment availability and reliability. MineStar Health keeps you connected to your machines so you can head off small problems while they’re still small, run machines as efficiently as possible for as long as possible, and keep unplanned downtime to a minimum.Cat MineStar Fleet is the single best source for fleet management information. An integrated fleet monitoring and management system, it can be used with any machine or system to measure, manage and maximize every facet of an operation, no matter the size or type. Fleet provides real-time visibility to cycle time, payload and other key operational parameters. It monitors machine locations and material movement and provides alerts of misroutes to ensure material is moved to the proper location.

Notice: Every data listed is verified by LECTURA Specs team experts. However, incomplete data and mistakes might occur.Contact our team with any change suggestion.
Caterpillar currently produces 45 other wheel loaders, which range from 4.1t up to 240t – the most visited on LECTURA Specs are 926M, 966M, 988K. Ranked in the LECTURA index at #33, this 992K wheel loader has models that date from 2012 to 2018. Want more detailed specifications? Download the latest Caterpillar 992K specs data sheet on LECTURA Specs today!

The 992K is manufactured and distributed with Aircondition. Diesel particulate filter, Quick hitch hydr. And telescopic are not provided on this model as of 2018. Take the original Caterpillar 992K datasheet for even more detailed specifications and machine details. Available in German and English, LECTURA Specs offers a free download of highly detailed specifications and machine descriptions of this model.More technical details, like: bucket capacity, transport width, dimension lxwxh, revolutions at max torque, max. torque, no. of cylinders are available in the full technical specs.We use cookies in order to ensure the best and most relevant web-experience on LECTURA. We personalize the website content and tailored ads based on your given interest in specific topics. By clicking the button “Understand & proceed” you additionally consent to the use of cookies that allow for personalized retargeting ads on third party websites based on your interests in accordance with our privacy policy.

What is the largest caterpillar loader in the world?
994K The 994K is Caterpillar’s largest wheel loader on the market today. This massive machine has a 1,739-horsepower Cat 3516E engine, an operating weight of 534,852 lbs (242,604 kg), and a bucket capacity of 25-32 cubic yards (19-24 m3).
Equipped with a powerful Caterpillar engine, this 992K 98.2t machine can provide 597kW or 800 horse power for the wheel loader. The Caterpillar 992K can be grouped in the biggest machine segment in the wheel loaders category. The 992K’s size is 4.82m x 16m x 5.59m. Standard tyres for this Caterpillar 992K wheel loader have a size of 45/65-45. 24.8km/h is a maximum speed of which this Caterpillar Wheel Loader can travel. The bucket capacity of 12.2m³ and the maximal discharge height of 4.48m are about average for this type of machine. 4.824m is the width of the bucket attached to this Caterpillar 992K wheel loader.Inquire the spare part you look for from our partners with a few easy steps and choose the best offer. Wether you are a dealer or an operator, LECTURA can guide you to the right direction. Order the Wheel Loaders spare parts easily today – worldwide.

The new Cat 992 Wheel Loader has many breakthrough benefits. Including up to 32% more productivity, 48% more efficiency and 10% lower maintenance costs than its predecessor, the 992K.
Fleet management is not a one-size-fits-all process. We need to understand the unique challenges of your operation, your maintenance and repair practices, and your fleet.Our safety experts are on hand to help. Please get in touch if you’d like more information about our products and services, to arrange a demo of SafelyHome, or to discuss how we can help your organization achieve safety excellence.

How much is a 992 loader?
Historically Caterpillar 992K models have been listed between $20,000 and $1,850,000, averaging at $936,300. The current average price of a 992K listing is $0. Caterpillar 992K models are historically listed by sellers in Earthmoving Parts, Wheel Loader and Wheel Loader Attachments categories.
Caterpillar OEM Solutions provide partial machine configurations, including bare chassis, systems and first-fit components, to create specialty machines and unique equipment to meet your project needs.Its new 53.5/85-57 tires would weigh in excess of 13,800 lbs each and have an overall diameter of nearly 13 ft, making them the largest tires in use until the eventual release of the even larger LeTourneau L-2350 wheel loader.

How much does a 992k loader weigh?
Operating SpecificationsAlternator Supplied Amperage150 AFront Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity95 gal (360 l)Fuel Capacity413 gal (1,563 l)Operating Voltage24 V VOperating Weight214948 lbs (97,500 kg)
The Caterpillar 994 would have to wait several years after the first loaders left the Decatur assembly plant for Arizona’s Cyprus Sierrita copper mine before manufacturers could release new, larger, tires to allow the machine to operate to its full potential.Finding its home on mining sites around the world, the Caterpillar 994 wheel loader is known for its durability and productivity. Its huge 23 yd capacity bucket can haul up to 70,000 lb at a time, enough to load a 150-ton hauler in just 4 passes, and its mobility means it can quickly fill in for a mining fleet’s giant electric shovels if the need arises.By 1998 Caterpillar had sold 200 units and was ready to release an upgraded version, the 994D. The improved loader featured a strengthened frame and reinforced lift arms and was powered by a Caterpillar 3516B TA 69L engine generating 1,375 horsepower. Its steering system got an upgrade as well, the previous steering wheel now replaced by a joystick control mounted to the left of the operator’s seat.

How much does a 992 Cat loader weight?
Operating SpecificationsOperating Weight233430 lb 105882 kgRated Payload – Standard25.5 ton (US) 23.1 tRated Payload – Standard (Material Handler)30 ton (US) 27.2 tRated Payload – High Lift22.5 ton (US) 20.4 tRated Payload – High Lift (Material Handler)27 ton (US) 24.5 t
The latest model, the Caterpillar 994H, now weighs in at 430,858 lbs and is even more powerful than its predecessors. The 994H finds its power from a Caterpillar 3516B HD EUI 78L engine generating 1,577 horsepower and a massive 6,289 lb ft of torque at 1,000rpm.

Standing at 22.1 ft. tall, everything about the Caterpillar 994 is oversized, right down to its tires. So much so that, when production began on the first prototype in 1989 at Caterpillar’s newly formed Mining Vehicle Center, the largest tires in production were only just barely adequate for the huge machine’s needs.The Caterpillar 994 is the largest-ever wheel loader built by Caterpillar. At 427,209 lbs., the giant Caterpillar 994 dwarfs the 992, nearly doubling the already massive wheel loader in terms of weight, power, and bucket capacity.

Ritchie Bros. sells thousands of wheel loaders each year, including ones like the big Caterpillar 980M pictured above. This massive dirt moving machine stands approximately 12.5 feet tall, has a 425-horsepower engine, and max bucket capacity of 5.25-16.0 cubic yards (4.2-12.2 m). Yet, as big as the Cat 980M is, it’s nowhere near as big as the large looming loaders below.
The Caterpillar 993K is the 994K’s little brother, but is still very powerful, with a 973-horsepower Cat C32 engine. It has an operating weight of 294,687 lbs (133,668 kg approx.) and has a bucket capacity of 16-31 cubic yards (12.2-23.7 m).

While we might not have any Komatsu P&H L-2350’s in our inventory right now, we still have hundreds of loaders to choose from. Create an account and start your search today!
Also originally a LeTourneau machine, the Komatsu P&H L-1850 has an operating capacity of 120,000 lbs (53,431 kg) and can center load haulage trucks with payload ratings ranging from 240 to 360 tons. The L-1850 has a 2,000-horsepower engine.

The 994K is Caterpillar’s largest wheel loader on the market today. This massive machine has a 1,739-horsepower Cat 3516E engine, an operating weight of 534,852 lbs (242,604 kg), and a bucket capacity of 25-32 cubic yards (19-24 m).The L-2350 is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest wheel loader. Originally manufactured by the Texas-based company LeTourneau Technologies, the L-2350 is now part of the Komatsu product line. It has an operating capacity of 160,000 lbs (72,5674 kg), a 2,300-horsepower engine, and stands 22 ft (6.7 m) tall.

Available Operator Coaching empowers operators to exceed productivity targets by measuring and providing feedback to teach proper operating techniques. Among other operating techniques, this feature shows how to properly shorten travel, avoid unracking in-dig, enter the pile with a level bucket, reduce the dump height, and use the kickout.
The new Cat 992 Wheel Loader features an on-demand throttle mode to optimize payload-per-fuel efficiency without slowing production. New standard automatic retarding controls disable the impeller clutch, enable the lockup clutch, and use the implement and fan pumps retarding to slow the machine on grade. The available advanced automatic retarding controls with engine brake feature offers full control of the loader’s speed on grade to maintain a desired hold speed.Offering convenient and improved access to maintenance items, the service center has been relocated to the left-hand side of the machine, along with the fuel tanks. S∙O∙S fluid sampling ports are safely accessed from ground level and filters are organized by type and change interval to increase maintenance efficiency.

CAT, CATERPILLAR, LET’S DO THE WORK, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Corporate Yellow,” the “Power Edge” and Cat “Modern Hex” trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.

The newly redesigned Cat 992 Wheel Loader cab increases visibility, offers intuitive control, and incorporates next-generation technology to boost efficiency by providing easily accessible information. Its taller windshield increases the glass surface area by 25%, resulting in 10% greater visibility. Operators will appreciate the cab’s 50% increase in legroom and more width by the knees.

Powered by the new Cat C32B engine with U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V and Tier 2 equivalent emission engine options, the new 992 meets the global industry’s demand for high-production equipment with greater payloads. Powertrain design enhancements to the transmission, axles and final drive, along with the new engine, deliver a 20% longer interval for planned component replacement.
Automating critical digging cycle elements, optional New Autodig Components further improve productivity and efficiency while reducing tire wear. To stop slippage before it happens, a tire slip prevention feature reduces rimpull before the tires are set and increases rimpull when downward force is applied to the tire. The tire set function detects pile contact and automatically lifts against the pile to set the tires and increase available traction. The lift stall prevention feature automatically manages rimpull in-dig to prevent hydraulic stall while lifting through the face, so the 992 spends less time in the pile.

Providing shift-long operating comfort, the new 992 controls feature electrohydraulic speed-sensing steering with force feedback. Two 254-mm (10-in) color LED monitors display machine control and operating functions. A separate 203-mm (8-in) screen provides a dedicated viewing feed of the standard rearview camera, upgradable with an optional 270-degree vision and object detection. Note to Editors: Caterpillar rolls out products and services in each of its territories at different time intervals. Although every effort is made to ensure that product information is released only after Caterpillar has received confirmation from our dealer network, our plants, and our marketing subsidiaries that products and services are available in the relevant region, editors are kindly requested to verify with their local dealer for product availability and specifications. Extended major component life on the new 992 and improved service access deliver up to 10% lower maintenance costs. Automatic lubrication to Z-bar linkage pins with robust guarding helps to deliver more reliable operation. A front walkaround platform simplifies cleaning of cab windows. Two large openings per machine side offer quick and convenient access to the improved cooling package, reducing cleaning time.

What size bucket is a 992 loader?
The 992K’s size is 4.82m x 16m x 5.59m. Standard tyres for this Caterpillar 992K wheel loader have a size of 45/65-45. 24.8km/h is a maximum speed of which this Caterpillar Wheel Loader can travel. The bucket capacity of 12.2m³ and the maximal discharge height of 4.48m are about average for this type of machine.
A new Z-bar linkage optimized for performance, and improvements to rimpull and breakout force, deliver greater machine capacity and efficiency. The new 992 has demonstrated in field testing up to 48% greater payload-per-fuel efficiency in applications where a four-pass match to 90.7 tonne (100-ton) trucks was achieved, versus five passes with the 992K. The powerful and efficient 992 provides up to 9.5% more rimpull during digging and up to 20% more breakout force, increasing productivity.

What are the biggest loaders in the world?
The L-2350 is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest wheel loader.
Offering both standard- and high-lift configurations, the 992 delivers the lowest cost-per-ton when paired with fleets of Cat 775, 777 and 785 trucks. Standard-lift payload capacities reach 23.1 tonnes (25.5 tons) for quarry face applications and 27.2 tonnes (30 tons) for loose material handling, while high-lift capacities reach 20.4 tonnes (22.5 tons) and 24.5 tonnes (27 tons) in respective applications.Improved hydraulic systems filtration and pump prognostics for the implement pump reduce machine downtime. The new loader displays the remaining useful life for the engine air filter, allowing technicians to plan ahead for machine servicing.

Building on a more than half-century legacy that includes the best-selling large mining loader model of all time, the new Cat 992 Wheel Loader sets a new standard by offering up to 32% greater productivity. This new large mining loader reduces maintenance costs by as much as 10% and offers up to 48% greater payload-per-fuel efficiency than the earlier model 992K.Improvements to the setback and strike plane angles, a longer bucket floor, and a stronger and larger bottom section increase the bucket fill factor by 10%. The taller side plate with level top surface helps to improve visibility beyond the bucket edge to the material pile.

What is the best Cat wheel loader?
Take a look at our suggestions to learn more about some of the best farm wheel loaders in each class:Cat® 903D Compact Wheel Loader. The Cat 903D Compact Wheel Loader packs an impressive amount of power into a small-scale machine. … Cat 926M Small Wheel Loader. … Cat 950 GC Medium Wheel Loader. … Cat 988K Large Wheel Loader.
Optional new Payload Overload Prevention allows for productivity and efficiency improvements by providing a large enough bucket to be used to achieve target pass-match across a range of material densities without the risk of overload. With the overload value fully adjustable based on the target payload, this feature can be configured to automatically stop or slow the lift function when the overload value is exceeded.

Mit Telematikdaten entsprechend ausgerüsteter Maschinen haben Sie die betrieblichen Abläufe besser im Blick. Moderne Technologie beschleunigt Planierprojekte, hilft beim Einhalten von Soll-Nutzlasten und erhöht die Sicherheit. Kurzum: Technologie und Dienste von Cat® verschaffen Ihnen den nötigen Wettbewerbsvorteil.
Bestimmen Sie in 3 einfachen Schritten die Größe eines Stromaggregats, das dem Energiebedarf Ihres Projekts entspricht, und schauen Sie sich entsprechende Diesel-Produkte aus dem Lagerbestand oder Werk an.Hallo ! konnte Ihr Caterpillar-Profil abrufen, benötigt aber noch weitere Angaben, die Sie nicht gespeichert haben. Bitte prüfen und fehlende Informationen nachtragen.Sie möchten mehr darüber wissen, wie wir Ihnen helfen können, Ihren Betrieb zu optimieren? Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche unten und füllen Sie das Formular aus. Eine Fachkraft des Cat-Händlernetzwerks setzt sich dann mit Ihnen Verbindung, um Ihnen mehr über diese Maschine sowie unsere anderen Produkte und Dienstleistungen zu erzählen.

Der große Cat-Radlader 992 setzt seit mehr als 50 Jahren den Standard in seiner Größenklasse und bietet branchenweit führende Produktivität, unvergleichliche Zuverlässigkeit und eine lange Lebensdauer. Der 992 von heute setzt die Messlatte höher. Im Vergleich zum 992K ist der neue 992 um bis zu 48 % effizienter und 32 % produktiver, dank höherer Nutzlast für ein besseres Ladespiel, höherer Felgenzugkraft und höherer Ausbrechkraft sowie einer optimierten Gestängekonstruktion. Verlängerte Wechselintervalle für Komponenten sowie eine längere Lebensdauer von Filtern und Turbos tragen zur Senkung der Wartungskosten bei. Diese Verbesserungen – und viele weitere – sorgen für erhebliche Einsparungen über die gesamte Lebensdauer der Maschine hinweg und damit für die niedrigsten Vorhalte- und Betriebskosten in der Branche. Mit Standard- und Hochhubkonfigurationen bietet der 992 das ideale Ladespiel für Flotten von Cat-Muldenkippern der Serie 775, 777 und 785.
Der Prozess Zero-Incident Performance (ZIP™) ist ein Modell der fortlaufenden Verbesserung, das Unternehmen hilft, betriebliche Exzellenz durch Entwicklung einer Sicherheitskultur zu erzielen. Durch Verpflichten des gesamten Unternehmens, Anwenden messbarer Systeme für die Rechenschaftspflicht und Einsetzen von betrieblichen Mitarbeitern zur Entwicklung fehlersicherer Prozesse wird die gesamte Sicherheitskultur verbessert, während Sicherheit im Unternehmen zur Selbstverständlichkeit wird. Bei Cat Used-Ausrüstung finden Sie Qualität in allen Alters- und Betriebsstundenbereichen — und zu unterschiedlichen Preisen, die Ihr Budget nicht sprengen. Mit Ihrem Caterpillar-Konto können Sie sich bei ausgewählten Services und Anwendungen anmelden, die von uns angeboten werden. Erwerben Sie Ersatzteile und Maschinen online, managen Sie Ihre Flotte, werden Sie mobil und vieles mehr.Nutzen Sie die mit Caterpillar verbundenen Daten und Sicherheitsprinzipien, um die Effizienz zu verbessern, die Produktivität zu steigern und Ihr Unternehmen profitabler zu machen.

Learn more about the Cat® 992 Wheel Loader is helping customers increase productivity in a variety of applications — while also improving on the efficiency of its predecessor.Edge is a new technology platform that delivers more connected, integrated, scalable and intuitive products that extend further up and down the value chain.

No matter the size, Cat large wheel loaders have the capability to quickly dig through material and the power to lift full buckets. They’re proven to deliver industry-leading availability, working around the clock to keep production moving.
Clear snow, relocate animal feed and more with a single piece of equipment. Using a single tool increases efficiency on your farm and can help you save money by maximizing your return on investment.

Cat 926M Small Wheel Loader machines showcase two operating modes (standard and performance) for versatility. Standard power modes focus on minimizing cabin vibrations and saving fuel, while performance modes push engine power by as much as 10 percent with the press of a button. Cat large wheel loaders are necessary for land clearing tasks. If you have to move rocks, hay bales or mounds of soil, the Cat 988K Wheel Loader is appropriate for these demanding applications. A Cat C18 engine with over 500 horsepower and steel lift arms makes it easy to dump supplies and aggregates with control. With optimized Z-bar linkage, the 926M provides greater efficiency and tool attachment usage. This small wheel loader comes with customizable features like Rimpull and Creeper Control, scheduled maintenance alerts and an advanced diesel particulate filter to offer exceptional usability and a long life span. It also supports sustainability efforts with its environmentally friendly Clean Emission Module.The experts at NMC Cat understand that farmers need equipment engineered for optimum performance, so we are proud to recommend genuine Cat machines for diverse applications. Whether you are working on a dairy farm, caring for livestock or growing crops, there are wheel loaders designed for your operations. Use the information below to select world-class technology you can rely on for years to come.NMC Cat supplies new wheel loaders to farmers within Nebraska. Our inventory is always growing with the latest technology from the Caterpillar brand for unmatched performance and durability. We’ve been working in the industry for decades, meaning that we have the experience to help you find the wheel loader you need on your farm.

Cat 926M Small Wheel Loaders feature a Cat C7.1 engine for plenty of power at a quieter volume. Stay comfortable inside the cabin for projects that take more than a few minutes to complete. Select Cat 926M Wheel Loader packages include rearview cameras and heated seats, useful when working through evening hours.Farmers and professionals in agriculture are always moving supplies from point A to point B. Completing operations by hand can take weeks with just a shovel, so a wheel loader is necessary for maximizing profits. If you are in the market for Cat® loaders for farming, selecting the right wheel loader for your efforts is the ticket to streamlining responsibilities.