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Chasen Petcovic was a remarkable young man who touched the lives of many in his community. Beyond his talents as a football player, he was a beloved son, brother, and friend to those who knew him. From a young age, Chasen had a passion for football, and he quickly proved to be a gifted player, excelling in multiple positions including quarterback and wide receiver. His speed, agility, and leadership skills made him stand out on the field, but it was his hard work and dedication that truly set him apart. Chasen was known to be a humble and kind-hearted person, always striving to give his best both on and off the field.His love for football was rivaled only by his devotion to his family, especially his father Steve, who served as one of his coaches. The sudden and tragic passing of Chasen has left his family, friends, and the wider community in deep sorrow. The loss of such a bright and promising young man has been felt deeply by all who knew him.Chasen’s teammates and friends are showing their love and support for him by wearing blue today, and a candlelight vigil in his honor will be held tonight at 8pm at Stonecreek Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. Those who knew Chasen have been deeply impacted by his sudden passing and are eager to show their support for his family during this difficult time. Information on how to support the family will be communicated as it becomes available.

My son doesn’t attend Hopewell anymore but Brayden Wallace wore Blue in honor of Chasen to his school today. Our family is so heartbroken for his and our thoughts and prayers are with the family. #66
On March 20, 2023, a devastating news broke in the community of Milton, Georgia. The sudden and untimely passing of Chasen Petcovic, a promising football player, has left many in shock and deep sorrow. His tragic death has impacted not only his family and friends but also the wider community, who have been left reeling from the loss. Keep reading to know more about Late Chasen Petcovic.

The community has rallied around Chasen’s family and friends, expressing their love and support during this difficult time. The loss of such a promising young athlete and kind-hearted person has left a deep void in the hearts of those who knew him, and he will be greatly missed.Many have reached out asking what they can do to help the Petcovic family. Hopewell Baseball is teaming up with the Cambridge Feeder Football program to kick-start the “Live Like Chasen Petcovic Foundation”. All money raised by the below Give Send Go will go directly into the foundation. The Petcovic family has decided to start this foundation so that Chasen can continue to live on in big ways by giving back to the sports he loved to play in our community. Please donate if you are able and please continue to keep the Petcovic family in your thoughts and prayers.The Live Like Chasen Petcovic Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) public charity that is being created in his honor to give back to the community by helping support causes Chasen loved; youth sports, church groups, and various other school programs. Additionally, the longer-term goals of the foundation will be to provide support and assistance to families that have experienced unexpected life altering tragedies. We also plan to partner with other nonprofit organizations and charities to help accomplish these goals.Chasen Petcovic tragically passed in his sleep on March 21, 2023. Hours before, he was playing first base and pitching for the Hopewell Dodgers and celebrated in an after-game party with his baseball team and his Cambridge Bears football team. Chasen was very well known and loved throughout the community. He had a happy, energetic, larger-than-life personality making an impact on everyone that he interacted with. His passing has left the community devastated.

Currently, the Hopewell Youth Association is teaming up with Cambridge Feeder Football to kick-start this foundation for the Petcovic family. Just like Chasen’s larger than life personality, the Live Like Chasen Foundation is hoping to go BIG! If you feel led, please contribute or if you can help in any other way please reach out. Thanks to everyone that has shown so much love and support to the Petcovic family.
Chasen Matthew Petcovic passed away unexpectedly in his bed on March 21st at the sweet young age of 13. Our hearts are broken, as just hours before he was pitching in a baseball game and then celebrating with his friends, playing football afterwards. A… View Obituary & Service Information

Chasen Petcovic Obituary Milton GA, Cambridge Feeder Football Player Died In Car Accident: Just recently, we acknowledged the passing of Chasen Petcovic through a post shared by Cambridge Feeder Football. According to Cambridge Feeder Football, Chasen Petcovic passed away abruptly this week. Chasen Petcovic was a resident of Milton GA. What happened to Chasen Petcovic Milton GA or how did Chasen Petcovic die? Chasen Petcovic’s death is a huge loss to the entire community of Cambridge Feeder Football. We have got some details about him such as Chasen Petcovic obituary, cause of death, and funeral.
As of yet no information related to Chasen Petcovic’s cause of death shared by his family or Cambridge Feeder Football. But an unofficial report stated Chasen Petcovic suffered a car accident.Many have asked how they can support the family in this time of need and we will communicate those details as they become available. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and support of this wonderful family now, and in the times to come.

He passed away after involving in a car accident. However, it is not clear what circumstances were surrounding before the accident in which Chasen Petcovic sustained fatal injuries.Cambridge Feeder Football family organized a vigil for Chasen. Many of Chasen’s teammates and friends are wearing blue in his honor today and a candlelight vigil will be held at Stonecreek Church tonight at 8 pm (13540 GA-9, Alpharetta, GA 30004).

Currently, his family is not is a state to address Chasen Petcovic car accident news. Probably, they will share a post to explain what actually happened with Chasen Petcovic.At 8 p.m., Stonecreek Church will hold a candlelight vigil for Chasen. Bring your candle early. You or your child can talk to grief counselors before and after the vigil. Many enjoyed being with Chasen Petcovic. He lit up a room when he entered because he was so alive. He had extraordinary artistic talent. His demeanor was imposing, even as a small child. Per *concern* about injury photo shared by family after an accident, I’m disappointed by tweeters whose *need* to control the world requires erasing the pain of others. Or policing it. A gentrified mental landscape aspires to be a gated community. Both harm. Both disgust me.

During their time together, Chasen Petcovic had an endless supply of both happiness and energy. Everyone who ever engaged him in any kind of conversation was left feeling nothing but adoration and respect for him after the conversation was over. The young man was exceptionally bright and had a smile that could make anyone’s day better. Simply by flashing a grin, he had the ability to make anyone’s day better. He was a good and generous person who never put his own needs ahead of those of others in order to ensure that those who were closest to him experienced a high level of contentment. He did this so that those who were close to him would enjoy a high level of happiness.
Chasen Petcovic was constantly happy and energetic. Everyone who spoke to him admired and respected him. The genius teen’s smile could make anyone’s day. His smile could make anyone’s day. He was kind and generous, always prioritizing others’ needs to ensure his loved ones were happy.