Colonial Garage Doors

Our unique designs, quality and industry leading prices set Lux Garage Doors apart from our competitors. Our Colonial Wood Doors Collection incorporates handcrafted wood enhancing its classic appearance. This collection combines the modern look of sectional doors with a classical appearance of swinging carriage house style wood doors. Lux’s wood garage doors offer prominent features including, vertical grain lumber, all sections are reinforced with a heavy duty struts Support in the back of each of section giving the section extra strength and durability to last for many years. Vinyl installations are not recommended for dwellings in extremely hot settings since additional insulation is needed to keep storage areas comfortable. Custom Overhead Doors has been serving customers across North Carolina since 1989. We’re happy to offer a variety of residential garage door products to those in our local community, and we can take care of repairs as well.

What is a traditional garage door?
What Is a Traditional Style Garage Door? Traditional style garage doors appeal to homeowners who prefer more of a clean, classic look. These doors typically feature raised rectangular panels, which the buyer can customize by choosing from a wide variety of panel styles.
A vinyl garage door is an excellent choice for a rust-free overhead door. This garage door material stands strong against dents. You might purchase a vinyl garage door if you live in a damp environment.

What are the 5 types of garage doors?
5 Types of Garage Door Materials ExplainedSteel Garage Doors. Steel garage doors are excellent for homeowners who need a durable installation. … Vinyl Garage Doors. A vinyl garage door is an excellent choice for a rust-free overhead door. … Natural Wood Doors. … Fiberglass Garage Doors. … Aluminum Garage Doors.
Wooden overhead doors are excellent in mild locations. Routine painting, staining, and sealing may be necessary to keep your investment in peak condition.Aluminum garage door materials provide a contemporary style. The surfaces of aluminum overhead doors are highly customizable, and products are lighter in weight than steel. One significant benefit of aluminum garage doors is that they are naturally resistant to rust.

Choosing a new garage door is a huge step in the replacement process. You want your installation to function for years and complement the rest of your home’s exterior. Here are some of the most common residential garage door material options.
You might purchase a fiberglass overhead door if you live in a hot environment and are chasing the natural wood aesthetic. Your overhead assembly will be lightweight for manual opening and closing. Applying a clear protectant every few years can help keep your door looking beautiful.

What was the first garage door?
The earliest garages were not equipped with overhead doors, and instead swung open like conventional doors. In 1921, an inventor named C.G. Johnson patented the very first overhead garage door. His amazing invention retracted upwards towards the ceiling, making it much easier to drive a car into the garage.
Wood overhead doors give you endless options for wood grains, colors, and finishes. These installations are some of the most beautiful products on the market, providing a timeless appearance for numerous architectural layouts. People prefer wooden garage doors because they are environmentally friendly and offer a unique look.If you want the look of natural wood without the maintenance requirements, fiberglass garage doors may be your best bet. Some fiberglass door materials have realistic wood grain textures and panels.

Steel garage doors are excellent for homeowners who need a durable installation. These garage doors are low-maintenance and economical, and you can often select from various colors. Most installations let you incorporate insulation to enhance R-value. Properly maintained steel doors won’t dent or rust.

The 5 Series Overlay Collection garage door is made to impress. You can choose the garage door color you want to fit in with or complement the rest of your home. Your 5 Series Colonial garage doors will last for years to come and help make your home a neighborhood stand-out.
Colonial style garage doors have an emphasis on natural elements, balance and a few traditionalist elements that characterize the style. They offer an eye-catching look with a durable construction. At idc-Automatic Garage Doors, we have garage doors with the distinctive colonial character and charm for the perfect complement to your home.

As versatile as they are beautiful, the custom-made wood garage doors in the Overlay Collection promise years of exceptional performance and unmatched curb appeal. These doors are designed to perfectly blend in with almost any type of architectural decor. All Overlay Collection Colonial overhead garage doors include key features like:
If you want to get maximum personalization out of a masterfully crafted garage door, pick the X Series from the Overlay Collection. Engineered to be individualized on several levels, an X Series Colonial garage door allows you to change everything from the garage door’s basic design to the edging, window and hardware details. This option is a bestseller for homeowners looking for a unique garage door solution.We are a Clopay Master Authorized dealer as well as the largest Clopay installing dealer in the five-state area. We are dedicated to providing high-quality customer service, and we have a reputation for our prompt, friendly and expert service. Contact us today for more information about our garage doors and our services or request a free estimate.At idc-Automatic Garage Doors, we have a large selection of colonial style garage doors for you to choose from. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the perfect match for your home. With more than 40 years in the business, we pride ourselves on providing the best service possible. When you work with us, you can count on:

What is a colonial style door?
Colonial-era entries started modestly, with the batten door that had origins in the Middle Ages. Made up of vertical planks battened by horizontal boards, exterior versions of these unframed doors are usually constructed with two layers of planks on either side of the battens.
Are you looking for a garage door that offers even more customization options to suit your home’s style? Discover the 7 Series in the Overlay Collection. You can personalize 7 Series Colonial-style garage doors through your selection of wood grains and wood overlays. Sit down with one of our team members to find the wood style that will work best for your desired garage door and see the curb appeal results.These steel doors come in a wide variety of designs and colors to work well with any home. They have a traditional raised-panel style for a classic look, and are available with or without insulation. Some key features include:

These carriage house style doors look like real wood, but they are actually made from multiple layers of low-maintenance, durable steel and insulation. They are topped with a woodgrain textured composite overlay for a classic look with modern overhead door construction. Features include:
This collection features steel traditional style garage doors with a grooved panel design. They are very versatile with many color choices and decorative options. Their key features include:

What is colonial layout?
Colonial houses are built in a traditional style of architecture that dates back to the U.S. Colonial era. They are designed to comfortably serve as a family home, and typically feature a rectangular shape with gabled roofs, symmetrical windows, neutral color schemes, and flat exterior walls.
Colonial style homes are very popular in the Twin Cities area and across the country. They offer a classic look with the opportunity for unique touches. idc-Automatic Garage Doors has a large selection of colonial garage doors to choose from, so you can find just the right fit for your home.

What makes colonial style?
American Colonial homes are generally characterized by a square or rectangular facade, a central entrance and windows symmetrically placed on either side of the entrance. They are typically made of wood, stone or brick and will generally have uniformly sized doors and windows with shutters.
City and town gatehouses served as the first vehicle storage spaces back in ancient times. In the 18 and 19 centuries, carriage houses appeared as storage. In places like colonial America, these carriage houses were rarely attached to homes, meaning owners had to walk through the elements to get to their carriages. These carriage houses weren’t much more than barns, featuring dirt floors, simple walls, and gates that served as doors. Through the 1980s, garage doors did not retract when they came into contact with something. This created an expensive mistake if a car was left parked under a door, and it created a dangerous mistake if the door closed on a child or pet. A nationwide law passed in the 1990s that required sensors that would signal garage doors to retract if they came into contact with an object before reaching the threshold. A garage is so much more than just a place to park a car. And the history of garage doors includes a long line of innovations and adaptations that have given today’s home and business owners a lot of options when choosing the perfect garage door. Let’s take a look at the many twists and turns in the history of garage doors:

Interestingly, many homeowners are now seeking out carriage house-style garage doors that include the convenience of upward operation. About 80 percent of homes today include at least a single-car garage, and nearly 20 percent of newly constructed homes include three-car garages. Given the convenience a garage presents, it serves as the front door for many families.Early garage doors looked a lot like carriage house doors. They featured swing-out doors that created a problem when it was snowing or otherwise blocked, because the doors wouldn’t open. These carriage house-style doors wore down quickly and required regular replacement. Sectional doors soon appeared as a solution to these problems.Carriage house doors hung from hinges and swung outward. To prevent sagging, the doors themselves included Z- and X-shaped designs that strengthened the doors and distributed their weight.

What will you use your garage for? How would you like it to look? At Custom Overhead Doors, we have served homeowners in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Greenville and other North Carolina communities for more than 25 years. We can help connect you to high-quality, durable garage doors from respected manufacturers. Contact us today!
Through most of the 20 century, garage doors were made of wood. The 1970s brought a shift in materials, making steel, aluminum, fiberglass and other materials. These new materials were a predecessor to the unmatched options home and business owners enjoy today, including composite materials with synthetic insulation. Aluminum and glass garage doors are also popular with the owners of contemporary homes. You’ve probably never heard of C.G. Johnson, but he’s the inventor of the garage door featuring overhead operation. Johnson created the first overhead garage door in 1921, and he took advantage of another new development when he created the first electric garage door in 1926. There’s also significance beyond vehicle storage. 85 percent of homeowners use their garages for something beyond simple storage of their vehicle. For example, many modern corporations like Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Google and Amazon first started in garages. Where would they be without garages and garage doors?This is when personal garages began to appear. The Sears Roebuck catalog offered portable garages and mail-order garage kits, and the Sweet’s Catalogue offered the first upward operation garage door in 1906.At the end of the 1800s, cars appeared and slowly began replacing horses and carriages. By the early 1900s, thanks to Henry Ford, cars began to proliferate — and storage became a problem. Garages began to appear, but only slowly. In fact, the term garage first appeared in the English dictionary in 1902, a derivative of the French term “garer,” which means shelter or cover.The earliest cars needed shelter first because they were open — they didn’t have roofs. Early cars were also expensive, and owners didn’t want them to get soaked in a rainstorm or fill with snow. Because of this, many car owners parked them in barns or other existing structures. In urban areas without these kinds of structures, large, private garages appeared. These garages charged a monthly fee, but they still weren’t a perfect solution. Soon cars became widespread. Not only did the private, fee-based garages begin to overflow, but automobile owners also started to note their shortcomings. For example, to get to your car in a private garage, you had to walk or find other transportation to get to the garage in the first place. This setup subtracted from the convenience of automobiles. The history of garage doors dates back thousands of years, to 3500 BC or perhaps even earlier. That’s when the first wheels appeared. Since the first moment humans used wheels for transportation, they’ve been looking for places to park their vehicles.By the middle of the 20 century, architects began designing homes with garages attached. This made garages as convenient as possible, allowing homeowners to access their vehicles without having to step out into the elements. After World War II, cars grew larger and larger, and many households began to own two vehicles. Garages grew to accommodate multiple larger vehicles. By the 1960s, the garage represented about 45 percent of a home’s square footage. People all around the country have loved — and continue to love — Colonial homes for their distinctive charm and character, but they’re still often open to modern twists to keep the house convenient and current. Clopay® manufacturers different Colonial style garage doors that fit the demands of old-fashioned homeowners, and Liberty Door and Awning is a proud carrier of those products. The term “Colonial” can be split into various substyles, as different groups of people created their takes on the American archetype, which drew inspiration from European influences. You can find Revivalist Colonial homes, which became famous starting in 1876 during the country’s centennial, as well as French, Dutch and Spanish Colonial homes.Colonial style homes are some of the most popular here in the area. Liberty Door & Awning has a number of Colonial style garage doors to provide the best match for homeowners here in New Jersey.

In fact, we are the largest Clopay dealer throughout New Jersey, as our dedicated experts have supplied to clients for more than 20 years. With unmatched skill, snappy service and a focused approach, we aim to solve problems and provide satisfactory results for anyone looking to match their garage door to their home’s style.

Each group added their unique spins — like distinct Dutch roofs that utilized steeply pitched gambrels and flared eaves with a porch beneath — to the basic blueprint, which usually specifies that a house has the following:
disengage the garage door and it got stuck and would open and close. Steve from Liberty who is hands down an expert when it comes to Garage doors was not only able to fix the issue but went above and beyond to make sure it operated smoothly both with the opener and without. He explained everything to me in great detail. He was professional and pleasant. Bottom line is Liberty didn’t hesitate to send someone right away to resolve our issue without a charge. They absolutely stand behind their work. Not too many services out their will do that. We are super impressed and will definitely have them back to do our awnings. Great service and reliability. Highly recommend them.

With that in mind, a Colonial garage door should attempt to coincide with the house’s design. It needs balance, an emphasis on natural elements, callbacks to the house’s traditionalist roots or some combination of all those qualities.Colonial-style homes date back all the way to when European settlers crossed the Atlantic Ocean, giving them a reputation steeped in rich history and consistent popularity.

We offer colonial style doors, which harken back to the days when homeowners kept their horsedrawn carriages in storage buildings such as barns. Not only can you implement a historically accurate concept, but these doors also utilize tasteful wood paneling, decorative windows and beautiful hardware, making them perfect complements for homes that exhibit similar qualities from the Colonial period.
Colonial Overhead Door offers the following services: Sales, service, and installation of overhead doors and openers. Sales and installation of entrance doors. Established in 1992, We are a family owned and operated business who employs our own team of installers. We take pride in our workmanship and customer service and therefore it reflects in our average 55% repeat and referral business. … Spanish Colonial architecture is identified by its white-plastered walls and terracotta tiled roofs. Iron forged balconies with hanging clay pots of luscious green plants with colorful flowers. Locals taking an evening stroll enjoying the views and colonial architecture while taking in the smell of the gourmet cooking and water-soaked earth smell coming from the freshly washed courtyards. When designing a custom garage door in the Spanish Colonial Style we use elements such as decorative iron clavos, rustic woods such as Alder, Rough Cedar and other wood species that we distress to capture the glamour of the historic Spanish Colonial styles. In order to accomplish an outstanding Spanish Colonial Garage Door, we first have to understand the culture and take in all senses of what Spanish Colonial Living really means. Understanding the history and lifestyle of yesteryear is the key to designing some of the most gorgeous Spanish Style Garage Doors in the world.As the premier Spanish Garage Door manufacturer, Dynamic Garage Door’s in-house designers have captured the old Spanish Colonial world through our discerning collection of high quality garage doors. Travel ages past everyday as you drive up to your very own Colonial entrance at the push of a button. Escape the daily routine into your very own Spanish Colonial retreat starting the minute you drive into your garage in authentic architectural style. Without a doubt, the pride of owning your very own custom-designed Dynamic Garage Door will last for decades to come. Because our door designers are experts in old world door design, rest-assured your custom garage doors will pass the test of time. Browse our Spanish Colonial Garage Door photo gallery to view garage door ideas and designs that might work your home’s existing architectural style or let our experienced designers create one for you.You’ve likely seen a Dutch Colonial at some point, but they can be hard to identify if you’re not familiar with the architectural style. This design features dormer windows, matching chimneys on each end of the house, and a rounded gambrel roof shape that comes to a central point at the top (best viewed from the side of the home). Some Dutch Colonials also have columns and round windows on the front-facing side of the home, though these features aren’t always present.

Colonial houses are built in a traditional style of architecture that dates back to the U.S. Colonial era. They are designed to comfortably serve as a family home, and typically feature a rectangular shape with gabled roofs, symmetrical windows, neutral color schemes, and flat exterior walls.Georgian Colonials also typically feature second-story balconies above these porches, which can either be small and round or wide and rectangular. It’s also common to see twin chimneys and dormer windows built into Georgian styles (similar to the classic windows on a Cape Cod).

Over centuries, the Colonial house was adapted and reinvented around new materials, technologies, and building techniques. By the late 1800s, it had organically evolved into a style called “Colonial Revival” that has yet to fall out of fashion.
When Colonial homes were first built in America, they typically followed the early British Colonial floorplan. They were characterized by a large central fireplace (and central chimney on the roof), steep roofs to weather harsh winters, and exterior wood shingles or plank siding. These were the original structures used to create the first Saltbox homes, and their layouts were also the foundation for Cape Cods. These original U.S. Colonials were constructed with rustic wood frames and often had features like diamond-pane windows. Georgian Colonial homes are named after four British monarchs, King George I-IV. This architectural style became popular during their reign, which lasted from 1714 to 1830. These houses are similar to other Colonial styles, but often include a small, covered front porch over the door with columns extending from the main structure. They are usually framed in brick on the exterior with white columns.Colonial Revival architecture set the stage for New Traditional Colonials to become popular today. But unlike modern homes, this style was defined by many smaller, closed-off rooms rather than today’s open-concept living areas. Extending from the centralized core of the house, New Traditional Colonials can branch off and have any number of floor plans or outlines. Modern Colonials usually have attached, multi-car garages. Other popular home extensions include in-law suites, guest rooms, office spaces, and mudrooms. Their exteriors are clad in modern vinyl siding, brick, or stone (for more upscale models). Since this simple design is so adaptable, many different variations of standard Colonial homes exist in America. From the early colonists to today’s modern architects, home builders have created new takes on the traditional style for generations.

If you were to purchase a newly-constructed Colonial home in America today, it’s likely to be designed in the New Traditional style. With modern influences, these homes often feature open-concept layouts with large primary bedrooms, on-suite bathrooms, and roomy kitchen and living spaces.These homes commonly feature upscale crown molding, detailed fireplaces, and formal entryways. The layout of modern Colonial homes creates plenty of space for large families to reside in, often with four upstairs bedrooms and finished basements that offer additional space to host guests and recreational rooms. Their main living areas, like many other homes from the era, are laid out to largely focus around the kitchen and den. Colonial Revivals tend to be the most neutral of the various Colonial home styles, but you can upgrade the exterior of yours by trying out current paint trends, landscaping, and window treatments to give off a modern appearance. This revival is commonly credited to the Philadelphia Centennial of 1876—the first World’s Fair to be held in America, celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.French Colonial homes are most often found in the southern United States and are classic examples of architecture in cities like New Orleans. What makes French Colonials stand out from their simple, unassuming counterparts in the North is their signature two-story front porches and vibrant exterior colors.

Symmetry is the most defining aspect of a Colonial-style home, made immediately evident by the front door, which is located smack-dab in the center of the house and flanked with windows. Upon entering, you’ll find a central staircase with access to large, ground-floor rooms on either side. On the second story, the staircase opens into a hallway that runs across the middle of the floor, connecting the bedrooms and at least one bathroom.
Like many homes from this era, Colonial houses have adapted and changed over the years. The first designs began with two simple rooms—one downstairs, one up—that always had a central fireplace to keep the home warm during harsh winters before the invention of electricity. Early homes were typically built in a simplified British Colonial style, as colonists built with the architectural layouts they were familiar with.In modern interpretations of early U.S. architecture, open layouts are becoming more and more common, with spacious living spaces flowing directly into large kitchens and dining areas. Upper levels no longer follow the strict symmetry of earlier Colonial homes, eschewing small, boxy bedrooms in favor of large primary suites, walk-in closets, private bathrooms, and other modern amenities.

What type of door is best for garage?
Ideally it should be a solid- core door, one that is as tough as the front door to your home. Solid-core doors are excellent for sound insulation and act as effective fire doors because they are heavy and dense with a thickness of 35mm or 40mm.
Similar to the rocking-chair porches of the Southeast, these homes make a point of having ample outdoor space in the front of the home—but their layered second story makes them all the more extravagant. French Colonials may also feature dormer windows on the roof.

The original design of traditional Colonial homes was almost as simple as simple can be, which makes it the perfect starting point for additions, alterations, and reinvention. The core of these houses is the centrally-positioned front door, which is crowned with a small pediment or columned portico, with tall windows positioned on either side.
For a brief period in U.S. history, Colonial homes were built significantly less as the Queen Anne style became popular (with Victorian-influenced architecture that featured wrap-around front porches, ornamental colors, conical roof towers, and detailed, patterned trim). But the late 1800s brought the Colonial Revival: A resurgence in Colonial-style architecture that laid the foundation for modern Colonial homes being built today.During the Colonial Era, America was home to Spanish, French, Dutch, and British colonists, all of whom incorporated the motifs and methods of their homeland into their architecture. Though many styles are still popular in certain parts of the U.S., the standard British Colonial style has become the basis of many Colonial-influenced popular home styles, like the Cape Cod and Saltbox styles.

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In traditional Colonials and Colonial Revivals, there are firm divisions between rooms, which are separated with doors or other defining architectural elements like archways. The exterior of the home hasn’t changed much over time, though Colonial Revival homes were often finished with brick or vinyl siding.Colonial architecture had an enormous impact on Indigenous communities and systems of oppression. As the colonists re-settled in the U.S., Indigenous communities were displaced and many of their traditions, including their own architecture, were destroyed to make room for colonial homes.Allison Robicelli has over a decade of experience as a food, humor, and travel writer who also covers home décor. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Food & Wine Magazine, Bon Appetit, Food Network, Eater and more.

Colonial houses can trace their roots back to the U.S. Colonial Era. Though true Colonial homes stopped being built after the American Revolution, their basic framework—simple, symmetrical, and at least two stories tall—has remained an extremely popular influence in residential architecture for over 200 years.Double-hung sash windows are arranged around the house symmetrically (of course) and are normally installed in pairs. Colonials have sloping, medium-pitched gabled roofs with shingles and gutters, and older homes will have a pair of chimneys in the center of the roof leading down to twin first-floor fireplaces. Modern Colonials may have them just for show.

What are the old style garage doors called?
Side-hinged garage doors Side-hinged garage doors are an old-fashioned design that swings opened and closed from a frame where they have been hinged. They will remind you of barn doors. The construction materials used for this type of garage door are wood.
If you are in the market for a new garage door, you will find that there are several different styles available. When it comes to the curb appeal of your home, you do not want to forget your garage door. Far too often, people just have whatever door put on, and they do not pay attention to how it looks. If your home has a front-facing garage, the first thing people will see when they pull up into your driveway is that garage. You will want to make sure that it looks great and that it enhances your property. Roll-up garage doors are typically seen more in commercial applications than residential. However, people with space issues sometimes opt for roll-up garage doors at their homes. If you have limited ceiling space, this may be the option for you. Typically, these are made with steel slat sections, and they roll around a drum when opened. These doors are made to be high-performance and can withstand even the heaviest of usage. They can be built without springs if freezing, corrosion, and rust are a concern. Since this is a heavy-duty model, you can expect to pay more for this style of garage door. This style of garage doors slides to the side just like the name says. When they are opened, they bend to one side of the garage. These were one of the first styles of garage doors ever used. They were created for people who had limited ceiling space in their garage. In order to function, they have lower trolleys that are built to be flexible. This helps the garage door move over any slopes on the floor. This type of door does not have springs and has a motor that allows for automated operation.Side-hinged garage doors are an old-fashioned design that swings opened and closed from a frame where they have been hinged. They will remind you of barn doors. The construction materials used for this type of garage door are wood. Some heavier duty models for commercial applications use a galvanized steel. Over the past few years, the popularity of these style doors has increased. This is especially true if the garage does not have a whole lot of headroom or if there is some kind of obstruction in the garage. These style doors can be automated, and they can be purchased to fit inside existing openings.If you are in the Virginia Beach area and you are looking to replace your garage door, please give Commonwealth Garage Door a call. We can help you to determine what style of garage door will work best for your home and for your budget. Our team has years of experience with garage doors and can help to ensure that you have the proper functionality you want and the curb appeal you need. These style garage doors are made in one solid piece instead of sections like other garage doors. They are built with a hinge mechanism that can pivot. This allows them to tilt up more into the garage. When you have one of these styles of garage doors, they will sit out past the house when the door is open. This design is similar to the tilt-up canopy design, but the garage doors lift up and go completely into the garage. There is a frame that suspends them independently, so there is no garage door going out past the front of your home. However, this type of door will require that you have a lot of space. They can also be difficult to operate in comparison with the other garage door styles out there, and they are generally more expensive.You can choose from several different styles, and once you have chosen your style, you will have to choose things like the color, finish, and if you want any special options like hardware, windows, and insulation. Taking your time and choosing the right garage door for your garage will help you to have the best-looking home on the block. This will also help to increase the value of your home.

Sectional garage doors are the most popular in the United States. They are created out of panel sections and are then connected with hinges. The door is closed and opened by wheels that are in each panel. They roll on a vertical track that sits inside the door opening on either side. The hinges that are on the panels will bend over the curved portion of the track. This helps the door sit parallel to the ceiling. There are also a set of high tension springs. These are located above the opening and are attached via cables. This allows the door to be operated and held when the door is in a partially open position. These doors are known to be low maintenance, and they are created out of steel. There are several different options that you can get with these types of garage doors, including different textures, colors, hardware, and window inserts. If you want your garage door insulated, these can come insulated.
The right garage door can add beauty and value to your home. At Colonial Building Supply we carry and install the full line of Residential Garage doors from leading brands Amarr, Clopay, and Martin Door. Our prompt and friendly installers can also professionally measure your garage door opening to make sure you get the perfect fit for your home. Come to our show room to speak to our expert salesmen about all of our garage door and opener options.While steel and wood are the most sought after materials for garage doors, Colonial Building supply also carries a variety of styles in other materials such as aluminum and composites. Ask our expert salesmen about all of our product options when ordering your garage doors.

Whether you’re looking at a new garage door or love your old one, a high quality garage door opener adds value and reliability to your home. We carry a wide variety of garage door openers from the leading manufacturers LiftMaster and Marantec. With innovative technology such as LED lighting systems, extra secure remote controls, and quiet performance motors, it’s easy to get the best features for your garage door openers at Colonial Building Supply. Ask our friendly salesmen about LiftMaster’s MyQ enabled garage door openers and smart-phone app. You’ll never again wonder if you’ve left the garage door open.
Decorative Accents and Specialty Products – Window inserts add style and function to any garage door while allowing natural light into your garage. With options for glass or acrylic in a wide variety of styles, colors, and privacy options, it’s easy to get a custom look for your home. Decorative wrought iron and leaded-look windows are also available. Decorative hardware such as clavos, straps, and handles add a rustic, old-world feel to many garage doors. With a large variety of styles and finish options, it’s easy to match and complement entry door hardware, lighting fixtures, and other home features. Additional garage door accessories including mail slots, vents, and extra security locks and latches are also available.Our friendly and professional installers work with your schedule to get your garage doors and openers installed and working the right way the first time. If you ever need a tune-up on any of our products, give us a call! We can usually come out the same day you call. We carry many replacement remotes, keypads, and other garage door parts in our shop making repairs quick and easy. For more information and advice on all our door services, call or visit our door shop at Colonial Building Supply.

Because of the simplicity of this garage door style, you can leave it as is or personalize it with accents to draw in elements of the rest of your home.
Get this home a fitting room! We encourage new door shoppers to bring a picture of the front of their home to upload into our visualization software. This will help give you a better feel for what your home will look like with various garage door styles, materials, and colors.Adding accents to your home can elevate its appearance and provide an element of interest that draws in the eye. Incorporating elements from your home into your garage door through accents is an effective way to add cohesion to your p
roperty overall.

A colonial home’s architecture is consistent with the colonial period of the United States (1600 through the 19th century) and encompasses a wide range of house types ranging from log cabins to large estates. In general, all colonial-style homes have the basics in common. Check them out below:
In order to ID which door designs would be the right match for this distinct home style, we started by thinking about the features that make colonial homes unique.

Time to choose a garage door style that complements your colonial home. You don’t need to find one that matches exactly, as some contrast can add interest and appeal. But, you also don’t want to go with a door that’ll be completely out of place in the context of a colonial home’s historic look. Here are the door styles we recommend:
Now that you have some information about the different styles and accents that’ll look great on your colonial home, it’s time to check them out for yourself. Delaware and Maryland area homeowners like you can head out to Precision Door’s showroom to see our garage doors in person and get a better idea of what will look the best on your home.There are many traditional and classic elements of a colonial home, and finding a garage door that can mimic this style can be difficult. Luckily, Precision Garage Door of Delaware has plenty of tips to help you choose the best one for your home.

What are the disadvantages of garage doors?
These doors are of high cost and also have a high maintenance cost. These are not easy to handle, and one mistake can cost you a good amount of money. They are also not very easy to replace and repair. It is also very hard to install it.
According to Better Homes & Gardens magazine, the colonial home is one of the most popular house styles in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. A colonial home’s striking architectural elements give it a historic charm and distinctive look.Our residential and commercial overhead door and loading dock experts enjoy sharing our knowledge with our customers. We’ve been in business for over 45 years!

When selecting a colonial-style garage door be sure to consider complimenting the overall appeal of the project by adding an appropriate decorative hardware option. There are many styles and finish options available to tie beautifully with other architectural features of your project. As you can imagine from this brief description there is an appropriate colonial door selection for any project. Visit our showroom or schedule an appointment more about these beautiful garage door designs.
Traditional garage doors with raised panels are the first and most common choice, these doors come prefinished in a variety of standard colors to complement your home. The most common selections include square raised panels, ‘V’ grooved raised panels, and recessed panel designs. These doors are offered in single-layer un-insulated, two-layer vinyl-backed insulated, and three-layer steel-foam-steel laminated insulated models. Additionally, you can select from a broad range of window options. You may be pleasantly surprised by the number of budget-friendly choices in this product category.

What did the first garage door look like?
Early garage doors looked a lot like carriage house doors. They featured swing-out doors that created a problem when it was snowing or otherwise blocked, because the doors wouldn’t open. These carriage house-style doors wore down quickly and required regular replacement.
2. Carriage-style vinyl, composite, or wood garage doors are offered in semi-custom or full-custom designs. You can choose from vinyl face, composite products, or stain-grade premium wood products. In this product category, if you can draw it, we can build it. The available designs are limited only to your imagination. Many of these products are even available with reclaimed wood selections which provide a completely authentic appearance.1. Steel carriage-style garage doors have many features as traditional garage doors in terms of insulation options, color choices, and design choices. Additionally, these products feature larger height sections and larger window panels to closely resemble the look of a colonial-era barn or carriage house doors. These products are available with many different face designs including vertical panel, half buck, cross buck, ‘V’ groove, recessed panel and raised panel. Two-tone color selection and several wood grain color choices make this product category a very popular choice when a traditional door does not offer an appropriate design.

Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey has been in the industry since 1972. Our professional service technicians offer top-quality installation, maintenance, and service for your garage doors; residential garage doors, traditional garage doors, carriage house garage doors, contemporary garage doors, and colonial-style garage doors.

Your new door will make your home the showcase of the neighborhood, as well as provide many years of reliable service. Read on to learn more about the various Clopay traditional garage door styles.
Traditional style garage doors appeal to homeowners who prefer more of a clean, classic look. These doors typically feature raised rectangular panels, which the buyer can customize by choosing from a wide variety of panel styles.Material options include steel, which offers the benefits of longevity and ease of maintenance, and natural wood, which provides a rustic look and feel. The traditional style is compatible with numerous home decor types, making it one of the more popular garage door design choices.

Choose from three-panel designs including Elegant Long, Short and Flush. Select from eight stunning factory finish paint colors or Ultra-Grained stained wood to achieve the ideal visual presentation. (Note: Ultra-Grain is not available with flush panel doors.)Customize the look of your door and enhance its curb appeal by selecting from a dozen gorgeous paint colors. You can also choose from an array of window options including insulated, acrylic, frosted, obscure and rain.

You’re also free to stop by our fully equipped Toledo showroom to get a closer look at the top traditional garage doors in person. Bring along a photo of your house and allow our expert staff to help you make the right choice for your home. You can also call us for a custom consult via telephone.
If you’re looking for the top traditional garage doors in Toledo, you’ve come to the right place. Quality Overhead Door is your headquarters for high-quality, attractive products from Clopay, North America’s largest residential garage door manufacturer. As a Master Authorized Clopay Dealer, we carry the complete line of Clopay traditional garage doors that combine remarkable aesthetic appeal with superior construction and craftsmanship.The three-layer construction features a 1 5/8″ section thickness that provides excellent protection against the elements and other potentially damaging forces. Doors with insulation are also available for enhanced energy efficiency. Select from a factory primed or painted white finish.

The Clopay Coachman Collection gives you the toughness of steel and the look of natural wood for the ideal blend of beauty and practicality. These traditional garage doors are expertly crafted with multiple layers of rugged steel topped with an attractive wood grain texture that closely resembles authentic wood — visitors and passersby won’t be able to tell the difference!

Depending on the design of a home, a garage door can comprise 30 percent or more of the exterior facade. Therefore, choosing the right door is essential for maximizing the home’s curb appeal and ensuring it complements the rest of the decor. While there are several styles from which to chose, many homeowners in the Toledo area have discovered that traditional garage doors work best for their property.
The budget-friendly Clopay Value and Value Plus Series offer the ideal solution for cost-conscious traditional garage door buyers. The Value Series includes single-layer, heavy-duty steel doors without insulation, as well as a choice of two-panel designs with optional windows. Five alluring factory finish paint options are also available. Are you have trouble deciding which of these fabulous styles will make the best traditional garage door? With the online Imagine design tool, you can see what any Clopay garage door will look like on your home before making a purchasing commitment. Using Imagine is easy — simply upload a photo of your home and then choose from the different style, material and color options. Have fun as you experiment with multiple combinations until you find the perfect match. It’s hard to match the beauty of natural wood. Classic Wood Collection, from Clopay, is a traditional style garage door that enables you to choose between cedar, redwood or hemlock, three of the most attractive and durable wood species available today. The raised, recessed and flush panel options allow you to customize the finished product and complement your home’s exterior.

Clopay’s Premium Series gives you a seamless blend of durability, energy efficiency and quiet operation, along with the classic appearance of a traditional garage door. The three-layer design consists of two galvanized, pre-painted steel skins in your choice of a 1 3/8″ or 2″ thickness. The middle layer includes either Intellicore® or polyurethane foam insulation that enhances the door’s energy efficiency and promotes a quieter opening and closing.
Gallery doors, from leading garage door manufacturer Clopay, combine the strength and durability of steel with a distinctive grooved panel design for a vintage look and feel. Available in one, two or three-layer options, you can also choose polyurethane, polystyrene or vinyl-backed polystyrene to maximize the door’s energy efficiency. A hot-dipped galvanized coating provides an additional layer of protection for the steel skins.&nbspThere’s also a replaceable vinyl bottom weather seal that provides extra protection against the elements. Choose from multiple door and window designs to customize the door’s appearance and ensure it complements your home’s exterior decor.

The Value Plus Series also features a heavy-duty steel skin, along with a layer of polystyrene insulation for increased energy efficiency. Choose from two insulation thickness options to meet your needs. Select from five factory finish paint colors and three-panel designs with or without windows.
Quality Overhead Door has been helping Toledo-area residents find the right garage door for their home since 1982. Besides offering the best traditional garage doors in the region, we can handle all your installation needs. We’ll also be there to provide timely preventive maintenance and expert repair service to keep your door in peak operating condition. We’re proud to be an award-winning Clopay Master Authorized Dealer that makes customer service our top priority.

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Most modern homes are equipped with garage doors and garage door openers. While garage doors are incredibly commonplace today, they are actually a fairly recent architectural development. Over the decades, the overhead garage door has evolved to provide convenience and safety to the modern family. When you are in need of new garage doors, a company specializing in overhead garage door in Jacksonville can help you purchase the right new doors for your needs. With many garage door parts and materials to choose from, a new garage door is a versatile and functional addition to any household. Let’s take a quick look back at how garage doors have evolved over the course of recent history.The Emerald Series is a functional and affordable garage door option. The Emerald Series offers five-panel arrangements to suit any style of home. Whether your home is a Contemporary, a Cape, or a Cottage, this door series has both modern and traditional features to blend with your home’s character.

Colors as shown are not exact due to differences in monitors. Accurate color samples are available from the Fagan Door Showroom. Trinar® colors carry a 35-year finish warranty, making them ideal for projects that require extra-long lasting durability and beauty. Carbon Black includes a cool chemistry paint finish but is not recommended for projects with extreme exposures to heat and sunlight.All Seasons Overhead Doors & More LLC offers Free Quotes. We measure your garage door precisely, discuss your needs, and help you find the perfect balance between style, durability, weather resistance, and your budget.

Colonial Style Garage Doors Offer a Multitude of Decorative Window Options and One of the most popular looks for homes of all architectural styles. With near endless color options and glass combinations, it’s hard to go wrong with a Colonial Style Garage Door.
A five-year-old new colonial-style in an affluent neighborhood will cost more to purchase but less to maintain than a 300-year-old Colonial in rural Maine.Dutch and German-style Colonial homes are characterized by their gambrel roof and overhanging eaves, which makes them look barn-like. Dormer windows and a matched pair of chimneys on either side of the house are common, too.The offers that appear on this site are from companies that compensate us. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they may appear within the listing categories, except where prohibited by law for our mortgage, home equity and other home lending products. But this compensation does not influence the information we publish, or the reviews that you see on this site. We do not include the universe of companies or financial offers that may be available to you.Bankrate follows a strict editorial policy, so you can trust that our content is honest and accurate. Our award-winning editors and reporters create honest and accurate content to help you make the right financial decisions. The content created by our editorial staff is objective, factual, and not influenced by our advertisers.

Georgian is the quintessential colonial style, the one most people envision. It is almost always two stories with a central entrance, sometimes marked by columns or porticoes. A small balcony over the entrance or along the roof line is common. Windows are symmetrical and a uniform size with shutters. They are typically brick or stone with white wood columns, but modern variations can be made with vinyl siding.