Cookie Dough Slime

This is the perfect slime for anyone who has ever wanted to play with cookie dough because it looks and smells just like the real thing! We made it using our soft airy cloud slime base that is perfect for drizzling! We colored in the perfect dough color, then added in small foam chunks to look like chocolate chips. We scented it with an authentic cookie dough scent.All slime orders include a slime care card and either activator powder (borax) or a free “magic mist” activation bottle for slime purchases of $20 or more. Slime may need to be reactivated upon arrival. During hot seasons we recommend refrigerating slime before opening. Please read slime care card before playing with slime. I have to say, it’s so satisfying when you get that fluffy recipe just right! After a few attempts with the kids, we nailed down a recipe that I can personally highly recommend.If you find that your slime is sticky and won’t hold together, add a few more drops of activator and work the slime until it’s mixed in. Repeat until your slime has your desired consistency.

What is the fluffiest slime?
Continue stirring until you have one giant blob that doesn’t stick to the side. And then you’re done and our slime is ready for play I cannot wait to touch this. Okay.
I hope this fluffy slime recipe brings you joy! It’s fun to get a little messy sometimes. If you try and love the recipe, be sure to rate it below! xoxo

What are 3 ways to make slime?
Step 1: First you put your glue into a bowl. … Step 2: Add the baking soda and stir in, before finally adding the contact solution. … Step 3: If you have glitter, glow-in-the-dark paint or food coloring for your slime, now would be the time to add it.
This is the best, easiest fluffy slime recipe ever! Our kids can’t get enough of this sensory and science-based activity. Check out all of the tips for making fluffy slime with Borax.

For making the best fluffy slime, I find that it helps to have minimal food coloring in your mixture. Each time we’ve tried, the batches with the most color have a little trouble fluffing up (no matter how much shaving cream we add).
My 3 year old discovered slime on YouTube kids, and so I stumbled on this “recipe”. So easy and we had so much fun!! How long does this last before it’s no longer good to use?For making the best fluffy slime, I find that it helps to have minimal food coloring in your mixture. Each time we’ve tried, the batches with the most color have a little trouble fluffing up (no matter how much shaving cream we add).

What does cloud dough slime feel like?
CLOUD. Think of a super stretchy and fluffy slime that feels cottony and feathery to the touch. That’s cloud.
This is the best, easiest fluffy slime recipe ever! Our kids can’t get enough of this sensory and science-based activity. Check out all of the tips for making fluffy slime with Borax.I’ll let you know up front, you should be ready for a little bit of mess. But I’ve actually found a few ways to make slime to minimize that mess and make easy clean up.

Borax Powder. Borax is an activator. It’s what makes glue move from being liquid to more of a solid. The more Borax solution you use, the stiffer your slime will be. Another activator you could use is certain types of contact solution, but I find Borax to be more affordable (a little goes a long way) and more kid-friendly.This is the perfect tutorial to come along right now. My son Hudson asked for a slime themed party for his 7th birthday in March and I think it would be fun for his friends to make their own! Definitely saving this recipe.Shaving Cream. This is what puts the “fluff” in fluffy slime! You can use shave gel as well, but I think traditional shaving cream works the well to produce great fluffy slime.Be very careful to add activator little by little. You can always add more but you can’t remove it. If you add too much activator you’ll find that your slime becomes stiff and loses its stretching capabilities. The kids love the messy part, though, and they love so much more about it as well. There’s plenty of mixing and pouring, and lots of opportunity to personalize it. A slime with spongy cubes that are fun to press. Pressing it breaks down the sponge which also impacts the texture of the slime. Jelly cubes are also often used in jelly and clear slimes.Cloud Creme is similar to cloud though it’s not as fluffy and it doesn’t offer the same drizzle impact. It feels creamy and is inflatable (the more you play with it, the bigger it grows due to the fact that air gets trapped inside of the slime). It makes gorgeous swirls and pops.

A crunchy slime with the addition of floam beads. Overnight, the beads float to the top so the first crunch is incredibly satisfying. When making the base, it’s key to have it feel a little bit stickier than other slimes in order for the beads to stay inside the slime (otherwise you get what’s known as “fall out,” which is when the floam beads fall out).Cloud Dough is also in the Cloud Family (with Cloud and Cloud Creme), though it’s heavier than both due to the addition of air dry clay, creating a dough-like texture that is spreadable (though it’s also more dense than butter). It’s known for stretching (very good for hand and arm movements/muscles).

One of the original DIY slime textures, thick and glossy is both thick and glossy. It is known for the way it pops and makes bubbles. It’s poke-worthy for ASMR sounds.

Think of a super stretchy and fluffy slime that feels cottony and feathery to the touch. That’s cloud. It’s airy and known for the way it drizzles (a lot like soft serve ice cream falling down unto itself). The key ingredient is inflatable snow (we use SnoWonder). It takes time and nuance to perfect the making of a cloud – it also requires practice to learn the art achieving the perfect drizzle.Pronounced “icy,” it’s a clear glue-based slime with wet fake snow (SnoWonder) though not as much as you’d add to a cloud slime. The more water you add to the snow, the “wetter” the slime feels. The feeling of icee is a lot like you’d expect as it mimics the look and feel of the Italian dessert of the same name. It’s a “cousin” to jelly slime.Slime with plastic beads or pellets known as “slushee beads.” These beads give the slime a super crunchy feeling and sound; it’s important to use Victory Pellets (not only are they recyclable but they make for the best crunch and they stay in the slime well).

Butter Slime is called “butter” because the texture is spreadable, much like butter itself. It has a creamy, soft, pillowy feel. The key is the addition of air dry clay (the clay we use is especially supple; not all brands create a good butter slime). It tends to be less sticky than other slimes. Words associated with Butter: playable, holdable. It is also a favorite of adult slimers as it isn’t as sticky as some other types.
A float slime is the combination of clear slime and cloud slime, assembled with a beautiful layering effect, where the cloud slime literally looks like it’s effortlessly floating on top. It’s best to mix this one slowly so you can see the combination of textures. The resulting mix is light, fluffy, airy, stretchy, and playable.

What is the most fluffy slime?
Simply put, the more shaving cream you add, the fluffier your slime will be. For making the best fluffy slime, I find that it helps to have minimal food coloring in your mixture. Each time we’ve tried, the batches with the most color have a little trouble fluffing up (no matter how much shaving cream we add).
A sizzly, crunchy slime thanks to the addition of fake snow (the snow we use is made from upcycled plastic hangers). It has a sandy texture, almost similar to an exfoliator at a spa.Clear slime mixed with white and colorful slime on top; the weight of the top layer will seep down, almost like melting lava, resembling a marble-like avalanche.

How do you make slime with 2 ingredients?
But it’s totally worth that you get a very shiny. And fluffy slime. And this is what it looks like when you make it without any food coloring.
DIY Clay slimes come with a clay topper (often sculpted into fun shapes – sports balls, unicorns, animals, desserts, etc.). You mush the clay into the base slime, which turns the texture into one that is more buttery by nature. So a cloud will turn to a cloud dough and a thick and glossy transforms to butter as examples.

Clear slime is made with clear glue so it is typically transparent, even when color is involved (if you add a lot of pigment, the slime may seem opaque but when stretched, you will be able to see its beautiful translucent). This slime is the best for BIG bubbles, huge pops and ASMR sounds. The trick to making it is to keep everything super clean in order to maintain the most transparency possible.
Feel free to use cookie cutters to create realistic cookies! Sprinkle in your chocolate chips and voila. You have NON-EDIBLE Gookie Dough that is super cool to play with. *Warning, aliens may appear!*

Take your black eraser and use scissors to cut into little pieces, these will be your ‘chocolate chips’. Use clear nail varnish to paint each off the pieces so it stops the rubber from shredding and ruining the slime.It’s recommended that you use the American measuring cups for this DIY. Mix one cup of glue and one cup of water in a bowl. Then add the baking soda. This is used as it creates firmness. Pop in the vanilla extract so it smells yummy and gives it a good stir. Everything in the bowl should be thoroughly combined. Add the saline solution which enables the stickiness. You should see that the slime starts to pull away from the bowl and has become rubberier.

What are 3 ways to make edible slime?
All you need for this edible slime recipe is three simple ingredients: any color of your favorite JELL-O Sugar Free Gelatin, one cup of cornstarch and ½ cup of hot water. Make this edible slime recipe for an upcoming themed birthday party or a Halloween get together with family and friends.
Slime is plastered everywhere on social media. Whether you’re looking at the featured section on Instagram or scrolling through Facebook, it’s guaranteed that you will see some kind of slime of different colours. Some sparkle, some are mermaid magicalness but we’ve kept it simple. We’ve got on board the trend, this is how to make cookie dough slime (which is vanilla scented), Gookie Dough style!

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Butter slimes get their name from the fact that they look, feel, and spread just like butter! Butter slimes are typically made with some type of air dry clay to create that buttery and spreadable consistency

Clear slimes are just that – slimes made with clear glue so you can see through them. This makes them great for adding charms, glitter, or other add-ins! Clear slimes can be a bit more tricky to start off playing with than other slimes, but once you learn how to handle your clear slimes they are a great addition to your slime collection
Thicky, or Thick, slimes are slimes made with a blend of glues to make the bases more thick and holdable than classic slimes! Thicky slimes will hold their shape when you take them out of the container and have an almost “chewy” texture

What is cloud dough slime texture?
Our textured cloud dough slimes are a hybrid between a butter, cloud, and snow fizz slime. They tend to have a very thick texture that stretches very slowly.
Cloud creme slime is a super creamy and smooth texture created by adding instant snow powder slime in juuuust the right way! Cloud creme slimes are made with instant snow powder to give them that spreadable and squishy texture perfect for slime newbies and anyone looking for a calming, low-maintenance slime experience!

How do you make 2 ingredient edible slime?
Or two big spoonfuls. Now it’s really really sticky. So just be prepared when you first start to make it that it’s going to get on your fingers. And sticky but that’s okay it washes right off.
This slime is very good. I will share my whole experience. It’s December as I got it, so it was cold (obviously), so I set it down for a while so it can get to room temperature. It’s very pokeable and is very stretchy! The scent is not strong, you have to bring it close to your nose to smell it. When you smell it, it smells SO good and makes you want to eat cookie dough! First impressions are good. The slime is so fluffy, soft and stretchy. I will definitely buy from this shop again for a 3rd time!The smell of this slime is out of this world! I wish they made candles, I would buy it so fast! The lightness and fluffiness is so amazing. Great slime!!Don’t you worry! We know that you are too impatient to wait forever for you slime to arrive. We would be too 🙂 This is why your order will ship the same or next business day (unless you provided an incomplete address, and we need to check in with you first).

Do not purchase if you think you are at risk of having an allergic reaction to borax, glue, shaving cream, baby oil, lotion, soap, coloring, instant snow, cosmetic grade pigments, and/or fragrances/essential oils. Slime is recommended for ages 8 and up. Always keep away from small children! SLIME IS NOT EDIBLE.
Actual product color may slightly vary from the images shown. Slime may arrive sticky, which can easily be fixed with the activator that we include with every order.This is SUPER fun to play with. And it smells AMAZING!!! It’s really fluffy and easy to take care of. I wanted some slime to help with my anxiety and this has really helped me. I 100% recommend this slime!!! I love it so much!

The smell was amazing! The texture was very hard to play with and stuck under my nails often, if you want a slime just for the aesthetic and smell of it this would be perfect but hard to play with sometimes /3 Loved it though!
Cookie Dough is a creamy cloud creme that is 100% inspired by the real thing. The thick, holdable, and buttery texture makes this slime look and feels super realistic. To make it even more fun, we added squishy brown foam chunks aka java chips, and crumbly chocolate sprinkles which represent the chocolate chips. The mouthwatering scent of cookie dough makes it such an iconic slime!