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What country has dancing bears?
The cruel training was finally banned in Bulgaria in 1998, but the practice continued until 2007, when FOUR PAWS rescued the last ‘dancing bears’ and brought them to their forever, species-appropriate home at BEAR SANCTUARY Belitsa.
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What age is dancing bear for?
Dancing Bears Book A is for children who have started to read simple CVC words but who have poor decoding skills and are struggling to keep up with whole-class instruction. Many schools use Dancing Bears A in Years 1 and 2 and with older children who have a reading age of 7 or less.
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What do bears symbolize in Germany?
The bear was their animal of choice because it has long been the symbol on Berlin’s coat of arms. These bears are meant to promote tolerance and peace amongst the world’s many different religions and cultural groups.
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Where are the dancing bears?
Since opening during the 1980 Olympics, Dancing Bears Restaurant has become of the best and most beloved restaurants in Lake Placid, NY.
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Which countries have dancing bears?
Most of the bears in this sanctuary were former ‘dancing bears’ from Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania. Dancing bears have been common in Europe since the 19th century and describe bears that have been captured at a young age or bred in captivity and then used to entertain people by performing tricks on the force.
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Are dancing bears still a thing?
Dancing bears were commonplace throughout Europe and Asia from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, and can still be found in the 21st century in some countries.
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VVBRF was created in collaboration with the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department in the Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal. The bears in the facility were rescued or surrendered by their Kalandar masters after months of intensive community outreach work or handed over by the Forest Department for lifetime treatment and care.

For more than 400 years sloth bears in India were exploited as dancing bears. A nomadic tribe known as the Kalandars would ‘dance’ the bears for the emperors during the Mughal era. Then, over the centuries, as the kingdoms in India disappeared, the dancing bears became cheap roadside entertainment for villagers and tourists who paid to watch them ‘perform.’ In reality the bears were reacting to excruciating pain.
We are committed to providing the rescued bears with a safe haven where they can live free from fear and pain for the rest of their lives. We aim to give them not only food and shelter but an environment which is as close as possible to life in the wild. The bears have plenty of trees to climb in the free-roaming forest and bathing pools where they can play and cool down in the heat of the day. We work hard to keep the bears healthy and happy. They are given regular medical and dental checks and enjoy a range of environmental enrichment to keep them mentally and physically active.After the quarantine period, the bears have access to large socialisation enclosures where the behaviour and personality of each bear is closely monitored by the vets and staff.

Each rescued bear undergoes a 90-day quarantine period during which he or she is given a complete health check and treated for any diseases, wounds and parasites. The bear is vaccinated against rabies, leptospirosis and infectious canine hepatitis. When first rescued the dancing bears also often needed surgery for horrific nose wounds, broken teeth and infected gums.
At the end of 2005 International Animal Rescue and Wildlife SOS were given the chance to set up a second sanctuary for dancing bears in India within the beautiful Bannerghatta Safari Park outside Bangalore in the south.Once the Conservator of Forests had visited the Agra Bear Rescue Facility he knew International Animal Rescue and Wildlife SOS could be trusted to look after the bears in Bannerghatta. Our two charities were given the go ahead to care for them and give them their freedom, and also to convert their prison into a brand new sanctuary for other rescued bears in the south of India. Mother bears were killed so that poachers could take and sell their cubs to perpetuate this barbaric practice. Through underground trading as many as 200 cubs a year would end up in the hands of the Kalandars. Without administering any anaesthetic, a red hot iron rod would be driven through the muzzle of the bear cub which was usually only about six months old. A coarse rope would then be threaded through the open wound. The rope would be tugged and yanked to make the bear ‘dance’ and for many bears over the years, a life at the end of a rope was all they knew. In 2008, as more families began surrendering their bears, IAR provided the funds to create a third bear rescue centre in central India – the Van Vihar Bear Rescue Facility. With hundreds of dancing bears being taken off the streets in a short time, there was an urgent need for another facility.The practice of dancing bears was made illegal in India in 1972. Working with our Indian partners Wildlife SOS (WSOS) we rescued more than 620 dancing bears and in 2009 together we rescued the very last one off the streets. The survivors of this cruel trade live in sanctuaries in India where they receive loving care and enjoy a peaceful and pain-free retirement.

When were dancing bears banned?
The practice of dancing bears was made illegal in India in 1972. Working with our Indian partners Wildlife SOS (WSOS) we rescued more than 620 dancing bears and in 2009 together we rescued the very last one off the streets.
The sanctuary is fully equipped to treat and rehabilitate rescued bears with a state of the art veterinary surgery, allowing accurate diagnosis of injuries and ailments for swift and efficient treatment. The veterinary team also undertakes advanced research and disease management and provides specialised geriatric care for its population of ageing sloth bears.This was a major breakthrough in our campaign to rescue bears in India. It spelt an end to the misery of the 26 bears and also provided the foundations for the sanctuary in southern India that we had been looking for.

Based on each bear’s personality, he or she is matched to a group and then moved to a larger free-range area. Full-time wildlife veterinary doctors and a dedicated team of bear keepers care for the rescued bears. The bear hospital is equipped with a laboratory in addition to essential equipment like X-ray, Ultrasound, Dental suite, Operating Theatre and other equipment required to meet any bear care need that may arise. A special cub weaning area of the bear sanctuary is dedicated to fostering bear cubs rescued from poachers as the young bears require a lot of careful attention during the early months.
In 2002 we helped our partners Wildlife SOS (WSOS) complete the construction of the Agra Bear Rescue Facility, enabling us to rescue the first six bears on 24 December 2002. From then on the project went from strength to strength, becoming so successful that by the end of 2009 we had rescued all the dancing bears from the streets of India. The majority are housed in Agra, others at a second sanctuary in Bannerghatta near Bangalore in the south and a small number at a third centre in Bhopal, central India. Since those early days, much money and time has been invested in Bannerghatta so that the care and housing it provides for the bears equal the standards in Agra. The Agra Bear Rescue Facility (ABRF) lies a few kilometres north of the famous Taj Mahal in India. The largest sloth bear rescue facility in the world, it is run by our Indian partners Wildlife SOS and their expert team of vets and keepers, with funding from IAR to cover the considerable running costs and care of the bears. The facility is situated on land within the government-owned Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, under the overall supervision of the Uttar Pradesh Forestry Department. The sanctuary provides a beautiful natural forest habitat where the bears roam freely after a period of quarantine and rehabilitation. The socialisation areas have freshwater bathing pools, purpose-built dens, feeding and resting areas, as well as climbing frames and other types of environmental enrichment. Many other species of wildlife also choose to make the facility’s forest habitat their home.

The rescued animals suffered from health problems such as tumours and tuberculosis; problems of malnutrition and dehydration; cataracts and opacity of vision; muzzle injuries, maggot wounds and ulcerations in the mouth; severely broken teeth and gum infections. They were restored to health with expert veterinary treatment and loving care, allowing them to enjoy a peaceful and pain-free retirement at the rescue facility.

The Indian Conservator of Forests was extremely concerned when he learned of the neglect of the bears. He contacted Wildlife SOS for advice, who in turn called on International Animal Rescue for help.Since the rescue of the last dancing bear in India, investigations have shown that some bears have been smuggled across the border into Nepal by their Kalandar handlers and continue to suffer cruelty and abuse. We will continue to support Wildlife SOS in their efforts to track down the smugglers and cut these bears free.

What are the dancing bears in Germany?
The name Haribo is an acronym of his name: HAns RIegel, BOnn! In the 19th century in Germany, dancing bears would perform at street festivals. Hans Riegel saw these bears and became inspired to created the Tanzbär gummy bear sweet, which later became the Goldbär gummy bear.
The nature reserve is home to antelope, elephants, tigers, crocodiles and a variety of wild birds, and at the centre of the forest is a 37 acre area set aside for bears. Twenty-six bears were being kept in cages in the park in appalling conditions. They were suffering terribly from their long imprisonment and showing signs of psychological and physical trauma.

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1890) prohibits bear baiting in Pakistan, however this legislation does not include bear dancing or using a bear for begging. So as well as providing an alternative way of earning a living for bear owners, we are also campaigning for changes in Pakistani law. As well as this, we are helping to change the attitudes of the public, so they no longer pay to watch such horrendous cruelty.
World Animal Protection. Company Limited by Guarantee in England and Wales, Registration No. 4029540. Registered Charity 1081849. 222 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8HB, United KingdomWe need to explain the intense suffering that they are forcing their bear to endure, and help them find an alternative cruelty-free way of earning of living, for example we often help owners set up a small shop. Without providing this education and support, the cycle of bear dancing would never end.Bear dancing is a cruel spectacle, where bears who have been taken from the wild as cubs are forced to ‘dance’ on the streets, mainly used as a form of begging. Passers-by, including young children and families, pay to watch a bear, decorated with ribbons and bells. Sadly, the bears are trained using incredibly cruel methods and live their lives in a constant state of pain and fear.These dancing bears are usually kept by very poor, semi-nomadic people who travel from village to village with their bears, making whatever money they can by begging. These people live in extreme poverty and are considered to be at the very bottom of society. I know it’s difficult to believe, but often they do not understand how much their bear is suffering.

Donations received from World Animal Protection supporters help to fund our partner, the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC) in Pakistan. The BRC negotiate the surrender of dancing bears, and bring them to the safety of the Balkasar Bear Sanctuary in Pakistan (pictured below), where rescued bears can live the rest of their lives in peace. Donations also help with the running of the sanctuary and the campaigning and education work mentioned above.Unfortunately we can’t simply rescue a bear from its owner straight away. If we did the owner would likely just replace their current bear with another cub poached from the wild. To convince a bear owner to give up their only known way of earning a living, trust needs to be built and this involves a series of negotiations that may take several months.