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Resin sculptures have warmed their way into our hearts within a quite short time. And now resin has become a favorite material for casting statues, figurines, award statuettes, etc. There is nothing better than resin when it comes to casting your favorite character’s figurine.
You can find resin sculptures in many gift shops, art shops, etc. You can even order online after choosing which one you want. There are many online shops that sell resin bronze sculptures. is one of the best places where you can purchase various kinds of statues and artifacts. Along with resin statues, we sell famous bronze statues, lucrative wall paintings, wonderful modern arts, golf statues, top-notch Remington statues and so much more.

If you are about to purchase your first resin statue, or already have purchased one or a few, then the first thing you need to know is how to protect them.
Resin statues are made of plant secretes – a type of coating plants use to heal and cover their injuries, and other organic substances. The sticky characterization of resin makes it a great adhesive as well. It is also quite light compared to some other statue material. That means you can carry it easily from one place to another. Resin is also used for various purposes such as in movies as props. The food and even some of the statues and figurines used in movies are mostly made of resin. Resin is pretty great for casting statues because of its incapability of dissolving in water as well.

Many different materials and alloys can be used to create statues. However, that doesn’t mean all of those materials are good for casting statues and such. The materials actually good for casting statues are – bronze, resin, stone, ceramic, wood, clay, ivory, plaster, etc. Although, people have their own preferences when it comes to statue materials. Because each material has some advantages and some shortcomings, it depends on what you can handle and what you can’t.
Inflammable – Dry resin is very much inflammable. It can be explosive if it comes in contact with heat or flame. Not to mention, heat can distort the shape of resin statues.We cannot forget the cleaning part while we are talking about protecting your resin sculptures. To keep your statues shining and new, clean them with mild soap and warm water. And afterward, dry the statues completely. Make sure to clean every nook and corner so the dirt comes off completely.

If yours an outdoor sculpture made of resin, then use a UV protectant spray to protect it from the harsh rays of the sun. UV rays can cause the paint or the coating of the statues to come off and make them look ugly.

Resin products have many qualities that make them desirable from an artistic perspective. Water-resistance is one of them. You can easily keep your favorite statue outdoor in the garden if you know a few tricks on how to protect them. Since they are quite lightweight, you can also bring them indoors when the weather takes a difficult turn.
Resin – especially, polyester resin or, polyresin – is prone to heat and flame. They can become explosive and cause little hazards when in contact with fire. Make sure you keep your statues away from these hazardous substances.

When resin comes in contact with freezing temperature, the harsh weather can cause damage to the outer surface. Although, you can use appropriate paint or sealer to protect the outer layer of your resin statues. But, it’s safe to say that the best option is keeping the statues indoor whenever winter hits hard.
Freezing weather – Just as resin sculptures can’t handle too much heat, freezing weather is an enemy of them as well. Cold temperature can cause cracks in the surface of the statues.

Resin sculptures and statues are relatively new additions to the statuary world.Resin sculptures get their name from the material resin, which is a combustible organic component. The sticky material is insoluble in water.
Resin is quite fragile compared to bronze or marble. A bad fall can break your resin statue. And even if it doesn’t break, there is a good chance it might bend out of shape. And a distorted statue can cause as much heartbreak as a broken one can. So, to prevent your favorite statue from breaking or bending, keep it in a safe place.We all have some favorites when it comes to movie characters or anime characters. The most enthusiastic of us even indulge ourselves in purchasing collectible statues of the characters. We like to collect the best figurines and show them around to our friends. But only collecting your favorite sculptures is not enough. Because you also have to take care of the precious collection, or they will waste away. If you have a passion for collectible statues and sculptures – especially, resin sculpture – then you also need to know how to protect them. No matter how strong some of them might seem, all kinds of statues need protection. Resin is generally waterproof, but even too much water over time can harm your sculptures. Especially, if you are keeping your statues outdoor, use paint to coat the outer layer to ensure it’s completely waterproof. Even then, repaint your statues in a few months to keep the sculptures looking new. The best kind of paint for your resin sculpture is acrylic paint. It’s waterproof so it won’t melt or peel off your resin statues. You can also have fun with painting your statues by glazing to give them different looks.With a bronze resin sculpture indoors, more often than not you will only really ever need to give them a gentle dusting with a cloth. It can also be useful to give them a wipe with a wet cloth then followed by a dry cloth if they have been touched frequently. This is so as to avoid a buildup of grease. For intricate sculptures with lots of tight angles and fine details, we would recommend using a fine paintbrush. This way, you can get into all of those small areas which might be harbouring dust but with a tool that’s going to be soft and not abrasive in any manner.

How do you protect resin statues?
Spar Urethane is the product that turned up in my searches time and time again. It’s what I now apply to every resin figurine I use in making my garden art. This wonderful product has superior UV protection that keeps resin ornaments from fading.
If you have recently picked up a new sculpture from us, you might be wondering the best way to look after it. One of the good things about resin sculptures, apart from their stunning appearance, is that they are a piece of art for the home which will be extremely long-lasting. As with any ornament or surface in the home, you may need to clean a resin sculpture from time to time to ensure that it continues looking great, just as it did on arrival.After cleaning your sculpture, whether it is an indoor or outdoor piece, it is then recommended that you give it a polish. For this you will need some bronze resin wax and a couple of dry cloths. You may also need your handy little brush for intricate sculptures. With a cloth or a brush, work a thin layer of the wax onto the sculpture so that it is evenly coated, then wait for it to dry. You can consult the packaging on your wax of choice to know exactly how long this should take. Then, with a clean cloth, you should buff the wax off, making sure to give your sculpture an extra polish in those areas where it may have been dulled the most. Even though your sculpture may not look dirty, it is recommended that you give even indoor sculptures a clean and wax about once or twice a year.

We have a wide range of impressive resin sculptures here at Sculpture Gallery, each a joy to behold. Resin sculptures including those in our collection are often ‘cold cast bronze’ sculptures, which is a mix of bronze powder and polyester resin. Find out more about the cold cast bronze casting process here.If the bronze resin sculpture has been left outside for years without having a few cleans along the way, then it will likely need something a little more substantial than what’s already been mentioned above. Along with water, you might use a resin cleaner, but a standard soapy wash will also be beneficial for getting rid of mossy coverage. As you will need to break down the layer of dirt, you can use some fine steel wool to give the piece a gentle but thorough scrub. Some people like to have their resin sculptures outside and if you are one of them there are some things to consider. A sculpture kept outdoors might need more than a dusting, as outside it will be more likely to pick up mud, grime and even a light layer of moss on its surface over time. The good news is that, as your resin sculpture is happy getting wet, you can simply use a hose or a gentle soak in warm water to get rid of any light dirt or grime which has found its way onto the surface. It should be noted with outdoor resin sculptures that they will not rust. So, if you see what looks like rust, it might be small fragments of steel wool used to finish the sculpture. These can simply be brushed off the piece as they are not part of the bronze itself. Resin that’s glued to something else, like a piece of wood, may break along that seam, especially if the resin shrinks a lot during curing. This usually isn’t an epoxy resin problem but is one of the challenges of using polyester resin.The easy rule is that resins for casting cure harder than resins for coating. Anything made with a casting resin can crack or shatter if dropped on a hard surface. This includes all types of resins that cure hard.It’s why I wrote the resin beginner book, Resin Fundamentals. I’ve condensed my 15 years of resin artist experience into an ebook you can download and read today. It’s the PDF book I wish I had when I started with resin.Well. Under normal circumstances, fully cured resin doesn’t break easily. In fact, it shouldn’t break at all. Resin doesn’t spontaneously break without something going wrong first.

Can resin touch your skin?
Both epoxy resin and hardener can cause acute contact dermatitis. Discomfort can be severe but usually disappears after stopping contact with the irritant. Repeated skin contact with resins and hardeners may also cause chronic contact dermatitis, which is usually milder but longer lasting.
Hardener burns are uncommon. Mixed epoxy is unlikely to cause burns. By themselves, WEST SYSTEM epoxy hardeners are moderately corrosive. If left in contact with the skin, they can severely irritate it and cause moderate chemical burns. Chemical burns develop gradually and first cause irritation and slight pain. The burn may discolor and slightly scar the skin. The time it takes for a hardener to cause a chemical burn depends on the area of contact and hardener concentration. When resin and hardener are mixed, the hardener is diluted and, therefore, less corrosive. Although mixed epoxy is less corrosive, never leave it on your skin. It cures rapidly and is difficult to remove.

We strongly discourage spraying epoxy because it increases the amount of hazardous volatile components released from epoxy compared to other application methods.

You may become sensitized to epoxy after many exposures or just one. It could take ten days of exposure, a month, or even years. It is best to avoid all exposure because you cannot know ahead of time how much you can tolerate before you become allergic.
Fewer than 10% of epoxy users react when overexposed to epoxy resin or hardener. The most common reaction is contact dermatitis or skin inflammation. Both epoxy resin and hardener can cause acute contact dermatitis. Discomfort can be severe but usually disappears after stopping contact with the irritant. Repeated skin contact with resins and hardeners may also cause chronic contact dermatitis, which is usually milder but longer lasting. If left untreated for long periods it can progress to eczema, a form of dermatitis that can include swelling, blisters, and itching. Partially cured epoxy sanding dust, if allowed to settle on the skin, can also lead to contact dermatitis.Never breathe the sanding dust of partially cured epoxy. Epoxy chemicals remain reactive until they have cured. Serious health problems can result from sanding epoxy before it is fully cured. When you inhale these dust particles, they become trapped in the mucous lining of your respiratory system. The reactive material can cause severe respiratory irritation and/or respiratory allergies.The following are the most common health effects stemming from epoxy use. Nearly all of us can prevent these problems. The majority of those who do develop a health problem can continue using epoxy with adequate precautions.

Breathing highly concentrated epoxy vapor can irritate the respiratory system and cause sensitization. At room temperature, epoxy vapors are unlikely to be highly concentrated. However, if you are already sensitized to epoxy, exposure to low concentrations of epoxy vapors can trigger an allergic reaction. At warmer temperatures and in unventilated spaces, the epoxy vapor levels increase.
Allergic dermatitis is one of the more serious health effects, but less than 2% of epoxy users are likely to get it. Allergic dermatitis is when the body overreacts to an allergen. Sensitization is the condition of being allergic to a substance. Your immune system and the degree and frequency of exposure to epoxy affect your chance of becoming sensitized. You are most susceptible if you have been grossly overexposed to epoxy or if you are inherently sensitized or allergic to a component of epoxy. You are also more susceptible if you have fair skin, if you’ve already been exposed to other sensitizing substances, or if you have hay fever, other allergies or are under stress.Inhaling concentrated epoxy vapors, if done frequently or for long periods, can irritate your respiratory tract. Exposing sensitive skin areas, like the eyelids, to highly concentrated epoxy vapors may cause itching and swelling.

See a physician if irritation persists or worsens after avoiding epoxy for several days. There is no specific antidote for epoxy sensitization, but symptoms can sometimes be treated with medicine.
We have a long history of working with and around epoxies daily. As builders and epoxy manufacturers, we’ve had a much higher risk of exposure to epoxy than the average builder or casual epoxy user. Through our own experience and the experience of other builders, we can estimate the likelihood of health effects from handling WEST SYSTEM resins and hardeners.

Once sensitized, additional (and sometimes increasingly severe) reactions become likely upon future exposures, even to tiny amounts of epoxy. It is difficult, but not impossible to prevent recurrences. Resume epoxy use only after symptoms disappear, and strictly follow the recommended handling procedures to prevent exposure. Read the product’s material safety data sheets (MSDS) so you can identify symptoms and employ preventive and first aid measures.
WEST SYSTEM fillers present few hazards by themselves. However, breathing any nuisance dust will worsen existing respiratory problems. Smokers and others whose lungs are under strain are far more likely to develop serious respiratory problems.

CAUTION! Always buy WEST SYSTEM products in original, sealed factory containers. We cannot warranty decanted products because they may be diluted, contaminated, or not actually WEST SYSTEM products.
Allergic reactions to epoxy can result in irritated skin or respiratory problems. Irritated skin is by far the more common of these two health effects. Usually, it appears much like a reaction to poison ivy and may include swelling, itching, and red eyes. Just as with poison ivy, the irritation can be mild or severe, acute or chronic.In der Standard-Sortierung, ohne Eingabe eines Ortes, werden neueste Anzeigen (alternativ änderbar auf “Günstigste zuerst”) oben gezeigt. Diese werden mit Eingabe eines Ortes auf den Ort bzw. den Radius eingegrenzt. Falls ein Ort sowie ein Radius ausgewählt wurde, ist auch die Sortierung nach Geringste Entfernung zuerst möglich.

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If you’re marketing your work on Social Media your prices may change over time as your audience changes. What may start out as your friends and family following you might turn into different people you have never even met, who then have different set points for spending money.If you’re already an experienced artist, share your awards, the courses you’ve completed and the customer reviews you’ve got so far. Let people know you are the talent and authority in your field.

Why is resin art so expensive?
Resin Geodes use more expensive materials to be made, and they generally look more expensive and therefore you can set a higher price. Larger resin projects can fetch a higher price too. Traditional art can be priced up by its square footing, and resin art is no different.
There are people out there who will buy your work and will value it for what it is and how it’s been created and the time this has taken. Price higher at first then run offers if you have to rather than pricing too low and not making any profit.You might again need to start small, start selling via Instagram through Direct Messages, you might then move onto selling via Etsy, then have your own website built. You might then decide to sell in person in someones shop, or your own gallery!

Supply and demand can affect the price. If the resin artwork you are creating is original and not many other artists are creating work like yours then you can usually charge a higher amount. However sometimes it is also more lucrative in the long run for you if you can sell a large number of less expensive reproductions.
Obviously don’t say it if it isn’t true, and at the start you might not be that experienced but this is why you should keep your profiles up to date. Add your experience as you get it, and then adjust your prices accordingly, letting people know why. Although you are selling your resin projects, you’re actually also selling yourself. You’re the artist behind the work, write a narrative for your bio and selling pages that tells the story of your skills. The better you sound on paper the more you can charge for your work. It would also be beneficial to factor in the cost of where you create your work too. Do you create your work in a workshop that charges you rent? Do you create from home, but in the winter you need your heating on more?All of these things factor heavily in your customers buying decisions, so no matter what price you charge if you’re telling a great enough story about your project then someone will buy it because of how having it will make them feel.

When marketing your resin creations tell your story and your projects story too. What’s behind the creation, what special feelings does it emote from you when you look at it, what benefit will having it add to someone’s life?
Everyone values resin art differently, the price you sell your work for is ultimately up to you. But don’t sell yourself short because you think you’ll please others by doing so. Have the courage and confidence to know your own worth and the true cost of the work you put in! When you start selling your resin projects, price point can be one of the most difficult things for resin artists to set. Finding the right price for your work needn’t be stressful, there are a few things to consider that will help you set your price. Before we begin, there isn’t actually a right or wrong, one price fits all way to price your resin projects. Every project is different, every artists creates in a different space, using different tools from different brands and takes varying amounts of time to create their work.

Is resin statue durable?
A: Even though resin garden statues can last a long time, they are not as durable as alternatives like bronze and concrete. A fall from a considerable height can break them, and they may even bend out of shape.
If you do have a special pop up shop in a gallery, or in a boutique in town, how much do they charge for you to sell here, how much does it cost to get you and your work there to display?

What does a resin statue feel like?
Polystone resin is the material that makes a high-end statue feel like a statue. It’s very heavy, giving collectibles a substantial, stone-like feel and balance. It allows of an intense amount of small surface and paint detail.
We have attached a giveaway to these Topic Of The Week announcements on our Instagram platform, this is helping us to spread the knowledge of how to use epoxy resin further, but also enabling anyone who helps us share this information to win free resin and mica powders.

Speak to other resin artists to find out why they priced their work the level they did. But don’t ever let one person who knows nothing about what goes into resin art and how much it truly costs to make, put you off charging what you want for your work.

Other times of year you may want to offer special discounts. Black Friday has taken off in a big way around the world and you may want to offer a special discount at this time and sell off old stock that hasn’t been bought yet.
And remember – there are people out there who pay billions for artwork just because of the story behind it, the love that went into creating it and the way it makes them feel when they look at it!If people are buying virtually from you then you also need to factor in the shipping costs. Not only the delivery costs but how much does your protective packaging cost so the items arrive to their new homes in great condition.When considering offers, how much to discount and what to offer still consider your costs and the time it’s taken to create what you have. Don’t reduce your prices so much that over the time frame your offer runs you aren’t making a profit!

This is also where being an instructor on the Craft Resin Academy platform could raise your prices, if people know you teach the skills you have, this validates your worth even more.

Tip: Offering a range os sizes can be beneficial when selling your work as clients can pick the size and price point that best suits them, increasing their likelihood of buying from you.
Another great idea to sell stock that you have had around for a while is to offer it to past customers at a special discounted rate at an exclusive event you host just for them. This can be in person or even a virtual event these days. This will value your past customers whilst also not devalue the work they bought from you in the past which they paid full price for.

Certain resin art forms fetch more money. For example you can usually set a higher price point for a Resin Geode Artwork than a normal Artwork covered in Resin. Resin Geodes use more expensive materials to be made, and they generally look more expensive and therefore you can set a higher price.Larger resin projects can fetch a higher price too. Traditional art can be priced up by its square footing, and resin art is no different. The larger your resin piece, the more materials are used and therefore it costs more to make.

Can resin statues break?
Resin is quite fragile compared to bronze or marble. A bad fall can break your resin statue. And even if it doesn’t break, there is a good chance it might bend out of shape. And a distorted statue can cause as much heartbreak as a broken one can.
A: The garden statue you purchase should reflect your personality and likings. Ponder over things that are important to you, and choose one that you think is in line with your beliefs. The two adorable children sitting on a bench will definitely add a friendly vibe to your lawn. Its small size means that the statue can be placed even in small gardens, and it is freestanding, saving you the hassle of having to mount it in place. The company provides hassle-free returns and satisfaction guarantees. You can find numerous options on the market available in different sizes and made from different materials, which can make your decision quite confusing. In order to assist you, we have shortlisted the most sought-after garden statues of 2023.If your statue comes with solar-powered lights, then you will need to make sure that it is getting enough direct sunlight to charge the lights. The purpose of garden statues is to create a friendly and welcoming environment, so you can even place them near your door to greet your visitors.

Concrete is one of the most durable options when it comes to garden statues. This is because it is weather-resistant and will not get damaged in rainy conditions. Garden statues made out of concrete do not need a lot of maintenance because most of them just need to be wiped using a wet cloth. If your statue is painted, you will need to take special care to prevent it from chipping off. Consider investing in sealants to increase its life. Statues made out of concrete or stone can be expensive, so keep your budget in mind when browsing for one.
If you are looking for a cute little garden statue that you want to place in a compact space, you should consider this Collections Etc Garden Statue. The materials used are durable and weather resistant, making it ideal for outdoors. It is made out of resin, and the exterior is hand painted a grayish cement color to bring an eccentric and antique look to your garden. You can even paint on top of the base if you prefer a colorful look.

Garden statues are available in a range of different materials that differ in durability, quality, and price. We have discussed the most common ones below along with their pros and cons.

If you are looking for a colorful option that will be appreciated by your kids, you should try the SOWSUN Garden Statue. This garden statue is a dinosaur figurine that comes with small individuals attached to different parts of the dinosaur. The company has paid special attention to detail, and the statue has been hand-painted using vibrant colors and UV-resistant paint. The resin material used in its construction is also durable, so this garden statue will definitely last a long time.The size of this garden statue is small enough to decorate different places including the patio, balcony, and yard. It is packaged well and will make a pleasant housewarming gift. The professional after-sales service means that you can purchase it with confidence. Thanks to its durable construction and built-in LED lights, we chose this garden statue as our top pick.

A: In order to increase the life of your resin garden statues, you will need to make sure that you are keeping it safe from the UV rays of the sun. Look for UV-resistant paints or a polyurethane spray.

Are resin statues toxic?
Epoxy and resin can be poisonous if they are swallowed or their fumes are breathed in.
The color and finish of garden statues are definitely important factors to keep in mind, as they can have an impact on your mood and emotions. Some people find the rustic and classic look of grayish-white statues calming. For an antique appearance, look for brands that provide attention to detail and carve out scratches and cracks to make it seem old. Colorful options are a good idea when the statue is designed to give out a bright vibe. Statues of animals and individuals are a good colorful option.

Garden statues are considered a statement piece, and will definitely stand out as the central point of your lawn. As long as it is the right size and is placed correctly, a garden statue will beautify your garden, while making sure that it reflects your personal tastes and personality. It is important that you choose one that stands out, but also does not seem out of place. You want to make sure that your garden does not appear cluttered, as this can destroy the entire look and purpose of your statue.Bronze is a heavy material, so garden statues made from bronze will be quite heavy too. If you do not plan to move around your statue, only then one made from bronze will be suitable for you. The finish and shine that a bronze statue can provide is unmatched and cannot be met by other materials. This is why bronze is a popular choice when it comes to high-end and expensive statues.

A: Even though resin garden statues can last a long time, they are not as durable as alternatives like bronze and concrete. A fall from a considerable height can break them, and they may even bend out of shape.
The Alpine Corporation Garden Statue is ideal for those who like to meditate and are looking for a statue that will add a relaxed and zen vibe to their yard. It is a statue of Buddha, who was one of the most staunch believers in the power of meditation. This statue is constructed using artificial stone, but comes in natural stone color with a bronze finish, which gives it a beautiful finish. Statues have served as decorative items for quite a while now, and lately, they have become a popular garden decoration. If you have never bought a garden statue before, you may get confused between the different materials and designs available. This buyer’s guide is designed to provide you with all the information you will need to purchase one for yourself. It is important to find the right placement of your garden statue if you want to make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing. You will need to keep the size of your garden and the statue in mind when deciding on a spot. Most statues serve as good centerpieces, but before you put them in the middle of your lawn, make sure it is large enough to be used as a statement piece. Small statues go well on the sides of your lawn, patio, balcony, or even window sills.Its small size and friendly vibe makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, which makes it extremely versatile. The manufacturers have carved out the details carefully to give the statue a realistic look. The cement-like color gives it a rustic appearance, and it will complement most garden themes. It will make a pleasant housewarming gift for your friends and family. Last but definitely not least, the CT Discount Store Garden Statue is another ideal option that is constructed using high-quality resin material that is bonded with real crushed stone. These materials make it weather-resistant and durable. This statue has been crafted by hand, which gives each piece an individual and unique finish. The sleeping dragon design is cute and will brighten different kinds of decor. It is suitable for all weather, including sunny, rainy, and snowy conditions. The dinosaur has been mounted on top of a stable base to make sure it does not topple over. You can place it in your garden, patio, backyard, and balcony, depending on the space you have available and the overall decor. The company provides a 90-day replacement and refund warranty.Resin is a suitable option for those who are looking for a cost-effective outdoor statue.It is incredibly lightweight, which means that you can move it around easily. The resin material is resistant to most weather conditions, but you will need to cover your statue in extremely cold and freezing weather. When paired with crushed stone, it becomes more durable and will last longer. When buying a resin statue for your outdoor garden or patio, make sure it is designed to withstand different weather conditions.The Nacome Garden Statue is a turtle figurine that is equipped with LED lights that will brighten up your yard during nighttime. It is constructed using durable resin material and is rated IP44, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. The lights are solar-powered, so you will not need to connect it to a power source. The LED lights and the solar panels are covered properly to prevent them from coming in contact with water.The exact materials used are polyresin and stone powder, which make it durable and weather-resistant and rust-proof, ensuring that it lasts a long time. All details have been carved out carefully, and the cracks in different places make it seem like an original statue. This garden statue is very lightweight and not too huge, which means that it will fit most yards easily.

I came across her one day, as I was shopping at my favorite local thrift store. An adorable pair of resin fairies. They were exactly what I was looking for and a ‘steal’ at $1.00 each. Gluing the one fairy to a pretty ceramic pedestal, I set her out on the front porch with my flowers. Little did I know the peril she was in.
What would you like to share with our readers? Do you have a favorite garden craft you love to make? What about garden design experience? Or, simple inexpensive ways to accomplish something that brings comfort and enjoyment to outdoor spaces? Why not share your ideas, HERE? I’ll even help you write it up, if you’d like! Click the “Get in Touch” button above to submit your suggestion. Hope to hear from you soon!The seller explained that the resin frog had been purchased the summer before and was in great shape. It’s just that Mr. Frog spent too much time in the sun and all his color washed out. Suddenly, I thought of my fairy. I brought her inside and then sat down at my computer to see if I could find something on the market that might save her and preserve her beauty.

You found a little corner of the garden world that’s all about imaginative and whimsical places. We’re the creative side of Gardening. If you like dish flowers, flea market, fairies and “secret gardens”, you’re in the right place!Spring is here. As you’re getting out your lawn ornaments, you’re probably thankful that they’re not too heavy. That lightweight material is most likely resin. That makes them easy to handle as you bring them out of the garage or storage shed. But perhaps you’ve also noticed that they just don’t have the deep, rich colors they had when they were new. Red has turned pinkish and blue is almost gray. That’s a common problem with resin lawn ornaments.

Whether that’s painting the garden shed a vibrant color, decorating a fence, or getting creative with thrift store finds, there’s many ways to make your yard or garden beautiful without spending a lot.
** Note: My recommendation is based solely on experience with the product as an artist and it is not to be considered an advertisement. I do not receive any benefit from promoting this product nor do I have any connection to the manufacturer.Thank you for your kind words. We’re a new art & garden blog, and hope you’ll return to our site for help and ideas in the future. Sincerely, Kristen, MIAG Editor

Can resin statue be washed?
Along with water, you might use a resin cleaner, but a standard soapy wash will also be beneficial for getting rid of mossy coverage. As you will need to break down the layer of dirt, you can use some fine steel wool to give the piece a gentle but thorough scrub.
I’m glad I found your page!! I have a couple of resin statues that have faded as well as two decorative wood birdhouses that have faded/weathered and need to be repainted. I’m thinking they will need to be cleaned a bit before repainting, but not sure whether a cold rinse under the garden hose will suffice or if I need to wash them with some kind of soap. Can you advise me as to how to prepare them before repainting them? Thank you in advance 🙂You did a good job getting in touch! Those must be very special pieces to get such wonderful attention from you and to be made like new again to shine in your garden. One of the first articles I wrote for my page was about resin yard art. As mentioned in my previous response, wash the resin piece gently with dish soap. Repaint with craft paint and use a sealer or try a spray coat of spar Urethane for exterior to protect your paint job. If the wooden bird house has peeling paint, get all the loose paint off first. Otherwise maybe just wash gently to remove dirt and allow to thoroughly dry before adding a new coat of paint. Let me know how it goes, ok? Have a great summer, Kristen

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Fact: resin lawn ornaments are prone to fading. But, I didn’t realize that my darling little resin fairy could lose all her color by the end of summer. She is such a perfect accent among my potted plants.

Can resin break easily?
Under normal circumstances, fully cured resin doesn’t break easily. In fact, it shouldn’t break at all. Resin doesn’t spontaneously break without something going wrong first.
In a nut shell, resin is a tough, synthetic plastic which makes it ideal for outdoors. It’s quite popular for yard and garden decor because unlike stone or ceramics, it’s light-weight. Who doesn’t appreciate that? However, most of these resin lawn ornaments sold at big box stores (and sometimes at smaller garden centers) are made in China. The quality of the dyes in paint is often poor and prone to fading, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Sadly, one summer may be all it takes for your little elf or frog to lose its luster.If your resin lawn ornaments are badly faded–don’t give up on them just yet! They can be re-painted with regular craft paint. And then, of course, sealed with the Spar Urethane. Craft paint is pretty cheap and the original colors on those figurines are quite easy to match . You might consider giving this a try. You’ve spent good money on those charming figurines and want them to look nice in your yard or garden. It’s a shame to have to throw them away when they are no longer attractive. Maybe now, you won’t have to! It wasn’t too late for my fairy, and chances are good its not too late for your lawn ornaments. Otherwise, the next time you purchase a resin statue, treat it first with spar urethane to ensure it stays looking good for many years. I prefer the spray which gives excellent coverage and comes in gloss or satin finishes. Again, make sure it says “exterior”. There is no strong odor like spray paint and it dries super quick and crystal clear.

Spar Urethane is the product that turned up in my searches time and time again. It’s what I now apply to every resin figurine I use in making my garden art. This wonderful product has superior UV protection that keeps resin ornaments from fading. Make sure it says “exterior”. It also comes in a liquid form that’s applied with a paint brush. But that can be messy and you may get drips that when dry, mar the appearance of your lawn decor.
Also, we’d love to have you be a part of our art & garden lover’ community. Scroll down just a bit to join. You’ll get my 10 Best Garden Decor Tips” FREE, as well a our monthly newsletter. No weeds or spam…we’re the real deal!A week or so later, I was on Craig’s List scrolling through the Farm & Garden listings, as I do from time to time. An ad with an awful photo of a grayish-green blob immediately caught my attention. The ad said “Garden Art”, except it was impossible to identify the item. I just had to know what the thing was. Turns out, it was a frog.

Outcome depends on the amount of damage. Damage continues to occur to the esophagus and stomach for several weeks after swallowing the poison. Perforation (holes) may develop in these organs, leading to serious bleeding and infection. Death may occur months later. Treatment may require removal of part of the esophagus and stomach.Reviewed by: Jesse Borke, MD, CPE, FAAEM, FACEP, Attending Physician at Kaiser Permanente, Orange County, CA. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial Director, and the A.D.A.M. Editorial team.

This is a free and confidential service. All local poison control centers in the United States use this national number. You should call if you have any questions about poisoning or poison prevention. It does NOT need to be an emergency. You can call for any reason, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Swallowing such poisons can have severe effects on many parts of the body. Extensive damage to the mouth, throat, eyes, lungs, esophagus, nose, and stomach are possible.Plastic casting resins are liquid plastics, such as epoxy. Poisoning can occur from swallowing plastic casting resin. Resin fumes may also be poisonous. This article is for information only. DO NOT use it to treat or manage an actual poison exposure. If you or someone you are with has an exposure, call the local emergency number (such as 911), or the local poison control center can be reached directly by calling the national toll-free Poison Help hotline (1-800-222-1222) from anywhere in the United States. Pfau PR, Benson M. Foreign bodies, bezoars, and caustic ingestions. In: Feldman M, Friedman LS, Brandt LJ, eds. Sleisenger and Fordtran’s Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease: Pathophysiology/Diagnosis/Management. 11th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier; 2021:chap 27.The provider will measure and monitor the person’s vital signs, including temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure. The person may receive:

What is resin statue?
A resin sculpture is a piece of three-dimensional art that has been cast using fiberglass resin. Resin is fairly lightweight. It is a durable material that can be painted and glazed to look like stone, porcelain, bronze or marble.
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Resin is a mixture of materials. This includes urethane, silicone, epoxy and polyester. A resin sculpture is hardy but not indestructible. Cold conditions can cause resin to crack. As the material contracts and then expands when the temperature rises. It is suggested that in some climates, a resin sculpture kept outside should be brought indoors during cold weather.
When the casting material has dried, the mould is removed from the model. The mould is separated along the parting lines. This creates distinct moulds for the different parts of the sculpture. For resin sculpture art, moulds made of rubber, silicone and other flexible materials often are adequate for casting. Other rigid materials, including metal, wood and plaster, can also be used to make sculpture moulds. The inside of the mould could be painted with polyvinyl alcohol or powdered with talcum to ensure that the resin sculpture can be removed easily. When the resin sculpture is cast, the liquid resin mixture must have a catalyst added to begin the hardening process. Common catalysts include methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, which can be highly volatile, and the less-hazardous benzoyl peroxide. Our extensive range includes sculpture by world-renowned artists and pieces that vary in size, style and investment value. We offer sculptures in various materials including: