Destiny Hunter Cosplay

Hunters can sometimes be perceived as too dangerous and reckless. However, they are brave guardians who have contributed to several discovering starting from the Golden Age.You will be able to distinguish Hunters by their appearance easily. They wear hooded cloaks, have light armor, and are thin builds. Their armor-to-cloth ratio is approximately 50:50.

Hunters are also the only Guardians who have a sniper rifle at the start of Destiny 2. However, Titans and Warlocks only have shotguns. This may be done to build their characters and make them suitable for long-range shooters.

Hunters are one of the most aggressive characters in the Destiny 2 game. They are very quick on their feet and powerful. Hunters have been present in the Destiny world much before any of the other characters.
Whether you are cosplaying as a male or female hunter, there will not be much difference in the costume. Using this costume, you can connect with other Destiny 2 Hunter cosplayers from around the world.If you cannot find any item, there are alternatives mentioned in the guide that you can try out. Find all the necessary items and create the perfect Display 2 Hunter costume!

Hunters have a rustic feel to their costumes, and you can easily create them using your daily items. It is very easy to bring out the essence of the character with the right items.
The Hunter is one of the Guardians of Destiny 2 known for its marksmanship, mobility, and stealth. They can fight amazingly and quickly with a blade and are much quicker to draw it. Hunters are also called the Masters of the Frontier.

The guide mentions different items that you need to assemble the costume. Ensure you have all these clothing items to create it. The guide also contains the places where you can find the items.
Hunters wear a tactical vest, and you would need the same. It is used to cover their chest area and save them from injuries. It is best to find a vest with multiple pouches to keep bullets and other essential things.By following the guide, you can create the perfect Destiny 2 Hunter outfit. Once you finish, you will find it hard to distinguish between ready-made and your DIY costume. Let us check out the essential items you require to create a full Destiny 2 Hunter costume.

Generally, Hunters wear a helmet along with a mask. However, you can also use a normal helmet for this. Use a helmet that is brown, black, or light green. You can use spray paint of the said color if you do not have any of these colors.

Another essential piece of armor is the knee pads. Hunters need to move around in the wilderness and need protective gear. This is needed to keep them safe from injuries and attacks from enemies.
The knee pads also protect the Hunters from scratches and injuries during combat slides. You can use tactical knee pads that are specially made for combat costumes.

The only exposed parts are their eyes, for which you do not need any make-up. Hence, you will not have to bother about the make-up of any kind. This is great for people who do not have any make-up skills or wish to attempt them.

You will need a mask if you do not buy a helmet with a mask. The mask is required to cover the face of Hunters so their enemies cannot recognize them. Without the mask, your costume will not be complete.
The next important element of the costume is a cape. It is best if you can get a brown or green cape. The attire worn by Hunters act like camouflage, so do not go for bright colors.Alternative: If you cannot purchase a jumpsuit or are not comfortable wearing one, you can always wear a black top and slacks. Make sure they cover your body completely like the jumpsuit.

Alternative: There is no real alternative for a helmet. You can invest in a low-quality helmet if you want and use spray paint to color them. Other than that, you will need to have a helmet.
You already know about the different items you need to assemble the costume. While assembling your costume, there might be certain questions that arise in your mind. The guide answers some frequently asked questions that can help you with your costume.This subclass was also present in the first title, but Destiny 2 has a more advanced form. Gunslinger helps to harness the power derived from solar energy. It also focuses on making precise kills using knives, the Golden Gun, and gunplay.

Answer: You will not need any major accessories other than guns and knives. If needed, you can add fake bullets or the ones given with the toy guns. Depending on how you wish to dress up, you can modify the accessories.
You will use the base to attach other components of the costume. Ensure that the jumpsuit is comfortable, and you can wear it for a long time if needed.You can buy different kinds of gloves for this part. It is best to choose combat gloves or normal hand gloves. They should be from the three colors that have already been mentioned for the other costume elements.

Hunters belonging to the Nightstalker subclass can wield dark Void energy. They are masters at trapping foes and vanishing. Nightstalker Hunters have the super ability of Shadowshot.
Ideally, Hunters are said to be present in the wastelands and wildernesses. However, they often go out of the wild to spend time which often lands them in trouble. This is something that their commanding officers do not appreciate.

Knives are an essential weapon for Hunters, so this should be present with your costume. You will find many toy combat knives which you can use for this.That being said, each of these items is necessary and would help complete the dress-up. However, cosplayers often modify certain items they might not be comfortable with. Hence, you can modify the costume as you wish, keeping in the basic essence of the character.

People cosplay as different characters to feel their essence and characteristics. If you want to cosplay as a fighter and bold character, then nothing can be better than Destiny 2 Hunters.
One main objective of Destiny 2 is to loot. This means you will need to search for gear in different locations. The gear has to be better than the ones you are equipping right now. However, when going in The Crucible, it is better to equip a low-level gun.A helmet is another essential part of the armor. It helps prevent head injuries and also camouflage the Hunters. They are also one of the components in this costume that you can easily find.

When cosplaying as Hunter, you will need to portray the same personality. You will need the right costume elements and pieces to cosplay as Destiny 2 Hunter.
Hunters learned to survive the wastelands and wilderness through the Traveler’s manipulation. They have a knack for breaking the rules to suit different situations. Hunters are trailblazers who are often sought out in dangerous and hostile territories.Availability: You can get a cloak from any online garment store. If there is a costume store near your house, it would be easier for you to get a cloak.Hunters have an amazing skill-set and are proficient in handling all weapons in the game. However, their most common weapon is a utility knife which is also called the Hunter Knife. They use this for melee combat and stealth kills.Answer: Hunters wear attire that covers them from head to toe. This means they are in no need of make-up. They wear helmets, gloves, masks, and other essential items. Availability: You can either get a vest online or even rent one from the costume shop. It depends on whether you want the vest for other costumes or need it for a single-use. Both female and male Hunters can use the web harness. Harnesses are used to hang holsters or pouches for keeping different items. This is not an essential item, but you can always use it if you wish.

Hunters also wear gauntlets, leg armor, helmets, and chest armor. There is also a fifth armor slot that is exclusively for them. The cloak they wear on their head and back distinguishes them from the other guardians.
The type of mask you use depends on individual cosplayers. Your ultimate goal will be to find something that covers your face. Only your eyes will be visible above the mask.The base of the costume has a black one-piece jumpsuit. This goes for both male and female Hunters. The base doesn’t need to be one piece. However, it will help in easier management and free movement.You will buy multiple elements to create the correct Destiny 2 Hunter costume. To help you with the DIY costume, we have mentioned where most of these elements will be available.Alternative: If you do not want to invest in a vest, you can use a thick cloth to cut in the form of a vest. You can also create pockets using the cloth, and you have a vest.

Use a light olive green, brown, or even a black cape. You will also need a hood which you can attach separately or works great if you have a cloak. If you use a separate cloth for the hood, make sure it is nearly the same color as your cape.Answer: Hunters wear multiple layers of clothing like a bodysuit, cloak, vests, and such. Hence, it can be a little uncomfortable for some people who have not worn multiple clothing layers. Guns are one of the essential weapons used by Hunters. You can use any type of toy gun you want for this. There are multiple models of toy guns available in the market. The last piece you need to complete is the look boots. Hunters use combat boots that save their feet from alien items in the wilderness. Moreover, the boots should be comfortable so they can move around easily.Their ingenuity and daring attitude make them perfect for dangerous situations. Most Hunters are lone wolves and prefer working alone. However, at certain times you may find them forming a group.

If you want to cosplay as Destiny 2 Hunter, it is best to create a costume yourself. You can find many ready-made Hunter costumes on the internet. However, nothing beats the fun you will have while creating a DIY costume.

Answer: Hunters are generally very stout and large. They need to be of intimidating physique since they are a fighter. However, when you are cosplaying, you can be of any physique.
A Hunter costume contains several small elements and might take up a significant amount of time. However, there is no denying that you will have a lot of fun assembling each of those elements.The belt is an important element, but you can choose not to wear it. You can use the belt to hang different pouches which are used to carry things. However, if you are wearing a vest with pockets, then you might not need the belt.Irrespective of what you look like, carrying the costume depends on your personality. If you can portray the character and personality, then the costume will look perfect on you. Each of the characters in Destiny 2 is amazing, but nothing beats the Hunters. They are one of the oldest characters in the Destiny universe. The Hunters have been scavengers even before the concept of Guardians was formed in the Destiny world. Apart from knives, hunters are known to use numerous weapons skillfully. They are experts in using hand cannons or even long-ranged and sidearm weapons. You will also find hunters using smoke to make their enemies disoriented.