Dial In Board

If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. Please note that Checkout Prices will be in US Dollars.We also have the only board with the “LOCK” feature, which will lock the dial value in memory. You can now avoid changing a dial-in by mistakenly hitting the Control Box.

Mega Dial is a two piece unit. Both the Control Head and the Display Board require 12v or 16v power and ground to operate. (also included is a 14′ telephone cord that is used to send information between the two units.). The Control Head is typically placed near the driver, and the Display Board is mounted to face the tower. This is independent and works alongside any delay box, throttle stop, or ignition.

Mega Dial also has the ability to store two times in memory, called “Time 1” and “Time 2”, allowing for large number changes without a lot of time wasted scrolling. This can be beneficial for ¼ mile and 1/8 mile racers, they can store 2 different dial ins, or a driver who “super” class races can store his “super” dial in, and his bracket dial in.The display board was designed for use with the Dial Board Brackets (sold separately), but will fit inside any bracket that is 7.5″ wide. Or, it can be fastened to a window or on Plexiglas with Velcro strips.

Another benefit of Mega Dial’s design over our competitors is a very low current draw, so it can be connected to the master switch with no concern of having to turn it off between rounds. It draws less than ½ amp in when set to bright, and less than ¼ amp when set to dim. Some of competitor boards can draw up to 6 amps.Drag racing dial in boards, panels, markers, and digital dial in systems are simple to use. Dial-in markers write directly onto the passenger glass window so all you need to do is mark your ET legibly so the tower can read the numbers. Boards either require digital input through a controller or swapping numbers out and attaching them to the board and provide a “cleaner” look Boards are also the only option if your vehicle doesn’t have any glass, such as on a dragster.When participating with index or bracket racing, a drag race dial in board kit or window marker is needed to display your ET so that the officials in the tower can key your time into the computer and properly set up the timing system at the starting line. There are many different options on how to display your ET or set up your dial-in board and sometimes this can cause confusion. To help you out, we have provided answers to the most common questions about digital dial-in boards and products:If you are participating in bracket racing, your vehicle’s ET must be displayed on the side so that the tower officials can key the numbers and data into the timing system. JEGS offers a large selection of digital dial-in boards, markers, and systems from top manufacturers like Geddex, Biondo, Lokar, JR Race Car, JEGS, and others. Browse our full line of dial-in boards and products to be ready for your next race at the track.

Having your dial-in displayed on the passenger side of your vehicle is required for participating in NHRA bracket racing events. This allows the race tower officials to see and enter your ET into the computer timing system so that the race can begin. Installation of a digital dial in board, number sign, or by hand-writing the numbers on the window is necessary in order for this to happen.
At the next trip to the drag strip, don’t forget to bring what you need to display your ET on your race vehicle. Whether you want to keep it simple, or go digital, choose from our large window marker, digital dial board, and number panel selection to make your E.T. easy to see from the tower at your next race.

Depending on the design and manufacturer, the steps to mount dial in display boards will change. However, most boards use either hook & loop tape for the side window or a bolt-on mounting setup with dial in board mounts for either roll cages or scoop tray mounting in dragsters.
The primary reason that you need a dial in board or paint marker is because it is required in bracket / index racing. The tower officials at the track need to key your vehicle’s ET into the timing system to properly initiate the race through the starting line “Christmas tree”. Dial-in boards are also easy to use along with hand writing the numbers on your vehicle’s window.

The Control Head features the same quality and innovation Digital Delay builds into our entire line of products, with simplified wiring, and a six-level intensity setting that makes our Display Board visible in daylight and at night.
With these features you are able to double hit the tree with 1 button or 2 separate buttons. “How Late” Display will show you which “hit” launched the car and by how much.Our patented “Driver Reaction Tester” allows you to practice your reaction times while sitting in your car and using your own button. A true reaction readout is displayed. (Covered under U.S. Patent Number 6,166,629).

Run Completer – This program will predict what the elapsed time and MPH would have been on a run that was aborted prior to the finish line. In break-out classes it is common practice to lift off of the throttle or to brake the vehicle prior to the finish line in an effort to take only enough win light to get there first and to avoid the possibility of breaking out. This program utilizes the 1000 ft elapsed time, the 1/4 mile elapsed time, the 1/4 mile MPH from a previous full run, and the 1000 ft elapsed time from the aborted run. To use this program for 1/8 mile racing, substitute the 330 ft elapsed time for the 1000 ft elapsed time, the 1/8 mile elapsed time for the 1/4 mile elapsed time, and the 1/8 mile MPH for the 1/4 mile MPH.
Below is just a summary, but to really appreciate all that the “Race Air Pro” can do, you will need to read about the features below, or you can go directly to the Computech Racing Systems Web Site, and view the entire instruction manual. (If more than 1 racer is getting predictions for another car, these texts, and or page, a license fee for the pager enabaled software, costs about $199.) B&M Pro Bandit cables and assorted hardware are made specifically for the Pro Bandit Shifters only!! Other hardware kits and cables will not work so be sure to buy this shifter with the complete kit if needed.