Dj Duffey Husband

Duffey confirmed that she was in a relationship with the famous rapper Drake. She dated Drake while she was still in high school in 2011. However, their relationship did not last long, and they broke up.

To do that, she worked a shift of 12 hours in the Enterprise Rent-A-Car firm. While Duffey was busy with her shifts throughout the day, she used to practice as a DJ all night.
It states that she graduated with a major in communication. However, additional info regarding her educational qualifications is still behind the curtains.Then Duffey’s breakthrough came when she was selected to spin at Amber Rose Slut Walk in 2015. Her career took a flight, and she gradually toured as the official DJ of French Montana and Curren$y in the following years.

Duffey was born on 24 August 1998. She is an Afro-American from Dallas whose real name at birth is Latosha Duffey. Along with being a media personality, a reality star, and the official DJ of French Montana, she is also the official DJ for the famous rapper, Curren$y.
DJ Duffey, who was known as the star of the Vh1’s hit television series Basketball Wives, became a hot topic after the fans discovered that she was the official DJ of the famous Moroccan-American rapper French Montana. She is a reality star who hails from Texas.He was in the NFL. He took all the money, he took my car away. I literally had nothing. I had to start over,” she added. “When I would look at my son, I’d be like, never again will someone be able to take anything from us, I’m gonna have it myself.

The net worth of Basketball wives star, DJ Duffey, is estimated to be above $3 million. It is because she is a wise woman who has established several sources of her income. So, it is not questionable that she possesses great wealth and fortune.
Duffey married her ex-husband, Brian Jackson, at the age of 21, who is a former New York Giants cornerback. It is said that she married her ex soon after her graduation. And since he was a resident of New York at the time, she decided to relocate to be with him. Shortly after, the couple welcomed their first son together.However, the marriage did not last, and Duffey returned to Texas after just a few months. In her interview with Revolt TV, Duffey revealed that her ex-husband left her. She also said that he took everything she had to offer.The infamous DJ and reality star, Duffey, is a lot taller than she may seem. She stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches which is pretty tall for a woman. In metrics, her height measures around 173 cm.Moreover, her older brother was a football player in college. At the same time, her junior brother got a scholarship to play quarterback at Texas Technical University. Even in high school, she played Basketball and was a member of the four-time state-champion girls’ basketball team. DJ Duffey is currently engaged to former NBA player Iman Shokuohizadeh. According to sources, Duffey and Iman met somewhere around 2016. And after just a few months of being together, the couple got engaged. Duffey is active on all sorts of social media platforms. Moreover, she became famous after Basketball Wives and has collected many followers. Also, she likes to share her daily moments and family experiences with her fans.

What is DJ Duffey real name?
Born LaTosha Duffey, BBW star DJ Duffey hails from Dallas, Texas.
Before starting her career as a DJ, DJ Duffey played Division 1 basketball for four years while studying at the University of Arlington. According to sources, the father of Duffer used to serve in the military while her mom was a Collegiate Basketball player.According to sources, Duffey went to a local school in her hometown named Mansfield Summit High School for her studies. And for her undergraduate studies, she went to the University of Arlington.

Within a short amount of time, Duffey has established a successful career and has been living a lavish lifestyle. She is a well-known cast of Basketball Wives. Moreover, she has her career as a disk jockey for famous rappers.
Duffey started her career as a DJ and started performing in various clubs. According to sources, Duffey learned from DJ Asap from Texas. Her career was gradually growing; thus, she quit her job and focused solely on her career as a DJ.

Not only did Duffer suffer through a failed marriage, but her ex-husband also left her with nothing. And according to sources, she had to work hard to make up for her and her son’s living.

Moreover, their relationship was also featured in Season 5 of Basketball Wives, which helped viewers to catch a glimpse of their story. And it seems Duffey is finally happy in a relationship. She looks so in love and smitten with her current fiance Iman.
She has an account under the username @duffey with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Similarly, she is active on Twitter under the username @IwantDJDuffey, with over 23.7k followers.However, Duffey did not reveal much about her relationship with Drake apart from the fact that they were together. And though they have a past together, Duffey claims that Drake still supports her work.

Who is Duffy the DJ married to?
DJ Duffey’s fiancé, Iman Shokuohizadeh, is a former NBA player turned professional agent. DJ Duffey has always been a catch on the dating front. While she confirmed in the past that she briefly dated rapper Drake, she was also married to NFL player Brian Jackson, per Film Journal. Cached
While Duffey was still married to Brian, she gave birth to her son, Heir. And in her relationship with Iman, she gave birth to a daughter named Shadi. So, altogether, she is the mother of two. Moreover, her son with Brian, also has a lovely relationship with her fiance.The reality star has been through a lot in her past relationships. She said that after she and her son were left with nothing following her previous marriage, she made a promise to herself that no one will take away anything from her and her children again. Still, DJ Duffey (real name: Latosha Duffey) has continued to get support from fans. Unlike many Basketball Wives cast members, Duffey is actually coupled up with a man who works in the NBA. And that alone has left many fans to wonder about her personal life, since her beau has never appeared on the show. It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen DJ Duffey grace the small screen. The star was introduced to the world — via Basketball Wives Season 5 — by fellow alum Brandi Maxiell. Duffey’s time on the show allowed viewers to get to know more about her and her work as rapper Curren$y’s official DJ. However, she was fired from the show after a controversial season.One quick perusal of DJ Duffey’s Instagram page will show you that she loves to turn up. Aside from her fun and bubbly personality, she is also an amazing mother of two beautiful children.

Is DJ Duffey a real DJ?
But today Duffey has managed to do just that, and last year alone — after only three-and-a-half years as a full-time DJ — she performed at the NBA All-Star weekend, headlined Amber Rose’s Slut Walk and toured as the official DJ for New Orleans rapper Curren$y.
If the name Iman Shokuohizadeh sounds familiar, it’s likely because Duffey’s main squeeze is a former NBA player turned professional agent. Wealthy Genius reports that Iman helps NBA players secure lucrative contracts.DJ Duffey has always been a catch on the dating front. While she confirmed in the past that she briefly dated rapper Drake, she was also married to NFL player Brian Jackson, per Film Journal.

How old is Duffy the DJ?
35 years (May 25, 1988)DJ Duffey / Age
There is no telling if Duffey will decide to have more children in the future, but it’s great to see that she has a loving family and a supportive partner. It can be hard to navigate love and life as a celebrity, but Duffey is doing it all with grace.And those relationships fizzled out for a reason, especially as she’s been completely smitten with fiancé Iman Shokuohizadeh since 2016. After dating for a few months, the couple got engaged that year and have been locked in ever since.

“I went through a divorce where my son’s father left me,” she told Revolt. “He was in the NFL. He took all the money, he took my car away, I literally had nothing. I had to start over. When I would look at my son, I’d be like, ‘Never again will someone be able to take anything from us, I’m gonna have it myself.’”
Having reportedly accumulated a net worth of $3.5 million, Iman is clearly very good at what he does. The site also shares that he recently brokered a deal of $1.4 million for a Boston Celtics starter. Not to mention, Film Journal reports that Iman has a roster of up to 70 athletes that he currently represents.

How old is Duffey?
35 years (May 25, 1988)DJ Duffey / Age
After studying business in college, Tiffany embarked upon a career she never dreamed of. She became a stay-at-home mom and writer with her own blog. Her writing gained recognition and since 2009, she’s written for sites such as What to Expect, Where’d My Sanity Go, and dozens more. She collaborated with the NFL, CDC, and Heads Up Football Program in 2012 and 2013. Her writing has allowed her to visit NYC for Fashion Week events since 2015, and she’s worked with clients in almost every field, from dentistry to law and family to entertainment. Tiffany and her husband are the proud parents of four children in her free time.Despite her life not going the way she thought it might go, she’s currently living her own happily ever after. She’s back to work as a DJ, and she has a job as an official DJ. She’s working for French Montana, and it’s going well. She’s also in love, and she’s got a second baby now. She met and began dating a man in the NBA back in 2016. His name is Iman Shokuohizadeh. It did not take them long to fall head over heels for one another, either. Rumor has it that they got engaged within months of meeting. Additionally, we think it’s going well, considering they are the proud new parents of a little girl who was born in 2020. They are still together and going strong, and it looks like they are in such a good place.

When love found her, it wasn’t with Drake. Though that’s a cool story, she found love with an NFL player. Some people were unaware of this, but she spent many years with NFL player Brian Jackson. He played for the New York Giants. That’s when she left Texas. She got married, moved to the Northeast to live with her husband, and they welcomed a darling son. His name is Heir. Sadly, their marriage did not last. The truth, however, is that no one knows much about her marriage to this man. They did get married and have a baby, but it’s been said she was only living with him for a matter of months prior to the divorce. Some fans aren’t even sure they were married when their son was born.As for her own son, it seems that he has a lovely relationship with his future stepfather. He’s been part of the child’s life for many years now. Iman seems to make it clear that his fiance’s little boy is just as important to him as his own daughter, which is nothing short of entirely lovely. This is a happy story, no matter how you paint it. We are happy for DJ Duffey and her newly expanded family.French Montana Basketball Wives is one of those shows that comes back time and time again. It sometimes brings with it a new face. Sometimes, the show is back with the same faces you’ve been watching since the start. On occasion, though, a blast from the past makes an appearance, and we all love it. When the show came back in the summer of 2022, it brought back a familiar face. Back in 2016, DJ Duffey joined the cast as the friend of a former star. However, she’s on television this year as the main character, and the world wants to know more about her. Who is she, and what does she bring to the table? She’s a little bit of everything, so go ahead and buckle up. We’ll start with where she is from. She comes from the big state of Texas. She went to college there, and she graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington. While she was there, she played Division 1 basketball, which made her a basketball player, too. She might be a Basketball Wife on this show, but she’s a woman who did a lot for herself playing the sport. She’s athletic and talented, but that is not what she chose to do with her life.

While DJ Duffey is not one to do much talking about her ex, she did have something to say at one point when she was asked about her ex-husband and their marriage. “He was in the NFL. He took all the money; he took my car away. I literally had nothing. I had to start over. When I would look at my son, I’d be like, never again will someone be able to take anything from us; I’m gonna have it myself,” she said. It sounds like a dark time and a dark place, and she said he left her with and took it all.She decided to go to work as a DJ. She’s done well for herself, too. For a short time, when she was working as a DJ, she was linked to a very famous star. He’s been linked with more than a few women in his time, but it appears that Duffey may have been romantically involved for a short period of time with none other than Drake. While it didn’t go anywhere – it’s a fun story.

But she isn’t the only BBW star who made a comeback this season. DJ Duffey — who joined the cast as a friend of Brandi Maxwell in 2016 — also returned to the franchise. Now, viewers are curious to know what she’s been up to since we last saw her on the small screen. Here’s everything we know about the BBW star.
Despite being romantically linked to Drake for a short time in college, she ultimately found love with an NFL player. At age 21, she married former New York Giants cornerback Brian Jackson. After graduation, she relocated up north to be closer to her then-husband. Together, they share a son named Heir.

Duffey’s DJing career took flight after she was enlisted to spin at Amber Rose’s 2015 Slut Walk. In the years to follow, she’s toured as the official DJ for rappers like French Montana and Curren$y. Her debut on the small screen came shortly after.
The two welcomed their baby girl, Shadi, in November 2020. Duffey’s son, Heir, appears to have a great relationship with both his baby sister and his soon-to-be stepdad.Reports state that DJ Duffey and Iranian-American NBA agent Iman Shokuohizadeh met sometime in 2016 and got engaged months later. Viewers got a glimpse of their relationship in Season 5 of BBW and it seems the two are still going strong.

Although it’s unclear when the pair divorced, reports suggest that Duffey and Brian’s marriage was short-lived as she returned to Texas after only months of living together. She previously told Revolt TV of her ex, “I went through a divorce where my son’s father left me.”
Angel Brinks made her debut in Season 5 of BBW, and now, nearly a decade later, she has returned for Season 10. So far, we’ve gotten a glimpse into Angel’s life as a newly engaged mother-of-three. Born LaTosha Duffey, BBW star DJ Duffey hails from Dallas, Texas. Long before she started her career as a disc jockey, she studied at the University of Texas at Arlington, where she played Division 1 women’s basketball. “He was in the NFL. He took all the money, he took my car away. I literally had nothing. I had to start over,” she added. “When I would look at my son, I’d be like, never again will someone be able to take anything from us, I’m gonna have it myself.”Season 10 of Basketball Wives kicked off in May 2022. Along with being reunited with longtime cast members Jackie Christie, Jennifer Williams, and Malaysia Pargo, fans were blessed with a blast from the past.

But a lot has changed for the BBW star in recent years. In addition to welcoming another child, she also got engaged to be remarried. Who is her fiancé?
Yes, her father was a military man, and her mother was a basketball player. As a result, she obtained a basketball interest and skills from her mother.

Iman Shokuohizadeh’s height measurement is 6 feet and 2 inches, and he weighs about 80 kg. He is a basketball player, so he maintained his body well and seemed fit for a 39-year-old.
But he didn’t lose his heart; instead, he joined the NBA as an agent. Everyone will face this dilemma at some point in their lives: if we truly love our jobs, we will not be able to leave them.He had put all his efforts into his interest—basketball was his only goal in life. Regrettably, the universe has other plans for him. The NBA did not draft him.

There is no information about his siblings, and his parents’ names are unknown. Iman is a more conservative person, and he is not willing to include the personal details of his family members.
Do you like this article? We request the readers provide valuable feedback for this article in the comment section. It will help us to enrich and upgrade ourselves. Sepacegzarm!Iman and Duffey are the most influential couple in the United States of America. She was born in Texas on August 25, 1988, to a military and sports family.

Iman Shokuohizadeh’s net worth is between 3 and 4 million dinars. He will earn more than $800 annually as an NBA agent and has been in the industry for nearly two decades.
Till now, Duffey and Iman have been leading a beautiful husband-and-wife life, so we request the readers not to believe any false and malicious rumors that are spreading around this couple.

What is Duffey's real name?
Born LaTosha Duffey, BBW star DJ Duffey hails from Dallas, Texas.
Iman and Duffey also shared their beautiful bond as a lovely couple. Duffey is also a social media influencer; she has many followers on TikTok and used to duet with her husband, Iman.

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Following her graduation, she went on to attend the University of Texas Arlington, where she played Division 1 varsity basketball for the duration of her 4-year bachelor’s degree. He offered to show her the ropes and mentor her to teach her the ins and outs of the industry. Immediately after meeting him, she resorted to Craigslist to buy her first pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last, so they separated, and DJ Duffey moved back home to Texas with her newborn son. They eventually finalized their divorce. Following this, DJ Duffey served as the editor of a book with her uncle, who was a professor at the University of Houston. The book “Why “We” Didn’t Choose You, Vol. III: From a Woman’s Perspective (Volume 3). When national musicians began to recognize her talent, she was contacted by well-known artists to spin for their parties. She took up every offer that was extended to her, and she eventually became the official DJ for American rapper, Curren$y.“It’s an amazing blessing, and it’s definitely something I’ve worked for, so you know I’m happy, I’m proud,” Latosha told Cosign Magazine. “It was a goal of mine to be a DJ.”

The future continues to look bright for the ambitious DJ, and her inspiration runs deep in the national and international female community. She has been a pillar of womanhood and has singlehandedly taught women what it takes to be single moms while making their dreams come true.
In the beginning, she struggled to land gigs which are expected for an amateur DJ. However, she began to notice traction in her career over time, and eventually, she started to land paid gigs.

When she relocated to Dallas, she was accompanied by her young son as she was a single mother. When she wasn’t working, she spent her evenings practicing to become a DJ because it was her dream to transform her life.The book was written from a woman’s perspective and provides an opportunity for women to explain to men how to create strong, emotional bonds with them to form serious, committed relationships.

Duffey made numerous headlines and gained massive attention after she briefly dated rapper Drake. It was reported that the couple first met at an event held in college. As per some sources, the two are still good friends.

DJ Duffey initiated her career working for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and barely had any money in her account then. She later moved to Dallas along with her infant son and eventually reached out to a famous Dallas DJ ASAP.Bron and raised in Texas, DJ Duffey initiated her career working for Enterprise Rent-A-Car but later established herself as one of the top American DJs. She worked as Currensy’s official DJ and spun for Amber Rose’s SlutWalk in 2015. The following year, she went on to join the cast of Basketball Wives LA.

Duffy did her schooling at the Mansfield Summit High School, where she joined the winning four state championship girls’ basketball team. And then, she went on to study at the University of Texas at Arlington and played Division 1 basketball for four years.The 34 aged celebrity personality has over 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account as of 2022. From her social media handle, she can command $2,411.25 to $4,018.75 with an engagement rate of 0.55%.

Who is Brandi Maxiell husband?
Jason MaxiellBrandi Maxiell / Husband (m. 2010)Jason Dior Maxiell is an American former professional basketball player best known for his tenure with the Detroit Pistons from 2005 to 2013. He played college basketball for the University of Cincinnati and professionally in the NBA, China, and Turkey before retiring on August 4, 2017. Wikipedia
Following their separation in early 2016, Duffey started dating NBA player Iman Shokuohizadeh. The two also got engaged in late 2016. They have been living together and don’t shy to share their lovely relationship on social media platforms. However, they haven’t disclosed anything about their wedding details.The pair are experiencing their fatherhood and motherhood raising their two kids. A son from her previous marriage and a daughter with Shokuohizadeh with the name Shadi.

Just after her graduation, DJ Duffey got married to NFL player Brian Jackson at the age of 21. Along with her ex-husband, she moved to New York. After only five months of living in New York, she moved back to Texas. The two got divorced soon after.
After long days of working and being a full-time mom, Duffey subsequently started practicing four to five hours a night and decided to put all her efforts into becoming a full-time DJ. She was gradually performing for 300 people in a night. She quickly became successful to established her name in Dallas and started being recognized nationally as well.

According to some online sources, DJ Duffey has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. She is also the proud owner of a luxurious Volkswagen car worth about $26,415.
Along with her uncle, a professor at the University of Houston, Duffey also published a book in 2016 called Why We Didn’t Choose You Vol. 3. As of 2018, she works on a headphone line with Dallas Creative Director Don Smith.DJ Duffey was born on 25 August 1988 in Texas, in the United States. Her father was in the military, while her mother used to play college basketball. She belongs to a family of athletes as her older brother played college football and her younger brother accepted an offer to play quarterback at Texas Tech. Shokuohizadeh is a professional NBA agent. Firstly, he tried his luck in basketball games. He also played basketball with his college team at the Centenary College Louisiana. In the year 2008, Iman was not drafted into NBA. After that, he decided to become a free agent. As per the sources, he belongs to the Muslim religion. Iman attended a local private school for his basic studies. He also joined Centenary College Louisiana for his higher studies. After that, he started focusing on basketball.According to the reports, he also joined Moberly Greyhounds. Not only this, but Iman has also served the position of director/officer for The Lanshire Group LLC. He is also well-known as the partner of DJ Duffey. Read this article, to know more about Iman Shokuohizadeh. DJ Duffey’s fiancé, Iman Shokuohizadeh is a famous NBA agent and former basketball player. As per the reports, Iman has also played basketball with his college team at Centenary College Louisiana. Moreover, he is well-known in the country as the long-time partner of DJ Duffey. Iman was born to his parents on Tuesday, March 22, 1983, in Iran. As per the sources, he moved to Mansfield, Texas after some time after his birth. He was raised in the United States. Talking about his age then, Iman is 39 years old (as of 2022).At present, Iman is living in the US along with his lover. Talking about his kids then, Iman is the father of a beautiful daughter named Shadi, who was born in November 2020.Moreover, his ethnic background is mixed. As per our guess, Iman’s father is a businessman and his mom is a housewife. We will update his exact family details very soon on our page.Iman Shokuohizadeh (born 22 March 1983, Age: 39 Years) is a famous Iranian-American NBA agent, celebrity partner, basketball player, media face, and entrepreneur from Iran. As per the sources, Iman was raised in the US. He is also currently living in the United States. Apart from this, Iman is very popular as a professional NBA agent.

Iman is popular in the country as the fiancé of DJ Duffey. According to the reports, DJ Duffey and Iman are dating for a long-time. According to the media reports, Iman proposed to DJ Duffey in 2016 and the couple got engaged.
According to the reports, Shokuohizadeh was born to Iranian parents. However, he does not share any details about his family members. As per the sources, he also holds Swedish citizenship.According to the reports, Iman makes good money from his professional NBA Agent career. As per a guess, Iman Shokuohizadeh’s net worth is around $3-4 million (approx.).Apart from this, he has also a stepson named Heir from Duffey’s past relationship with Brian Jackson. According to some media reports, Iman also had previous affair with Rebecca E. (Swilley). However, it is not confirmed yet.Let me tell you that, DJ Duffey is a professional DJ and social media influencer. She is also a TV personality, who has appeared in lots of TV shows including Basketball wives. Today, he is a famous NBA Agent. He also joined the Moberly Greyhounds in 2006. Not only this, but Iman is also an inactive director/officer for The Lanshire Group LLC. Moreover, he is focusing on his professional career. Normally I am. Normally, I want to feel like everybody else is feeling, but I don’t want to be too lit. I’m not trying to mess up, but I want to be feeling like y’all feeling. When I’m completely sober and I’m DJing, it’s not as fun. I have a job where it actually helps to be a little lit. Not too lit, but lit enough.It feels good because I always want a little mixed baby with good hair. [laughs] I be combing and brushing her hair like girl, I wish I had hair like this. This is so nice. I would’ve never shaved my hair if I had hair like my daughter. She wakes up with these big spiral curls, super soft. Perfect wand curls, her hair is gorgeous. My little Barbie doll baby.

But Steve’s so cool. I could see Steve hearing it and being like, “See, I told her to ass not to fuck with that n*gga. Her ass don’t want to listen to me, now he’s saying my name in songs.”
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Are DJ Duffey and Iman still together?
The reality star and Iman Shokuohizadeh started dating in 2016 and got engaged the same year after dating for just a few months. Duffey has two children, one of whom she shares with Iman, as they welcomed baby Shadi in November 2020.
Being an athlete most my life, I think that helps. I’m a naturally thick person, naturally small waist. But to lose weight, I use my products. I use appetite suppressants, because I love food. If you had food on the table right now and I wasn’t hungry, I would still eat some. But when I take my appetite suppressant, I don’t. I’m good. It takes away my cravings, so that helps me a lot. I would workout, but girl I hurt my knee.I fell on an escalator trying to run up the escalator, get a hundred bill I dropped. Busted my knee open. This was a couple of years ago. I’m so gangsta that I went to the ER, got that shit stitched up. Got on a plane, a two-hour flight, DJed in heels that same night. Swear to God.

Yup, my daughter goes to bed at 7pm at night and she gets up at 6:30am. We on clockwork. I do not play by my baby’s sleep schedule routine. I don’t care if I’m there or not there, my fiance knows you better be on the schedule. If I call or I look on the camera and she’s not down for her nap by the time she’s supposed to be, we have a problem. I do not play with the schedule.Right now, I’ve been here since June. I’m here when I’m working, I got some stuff going on. I’m executive producing now, trying to get some records done. I’m doing my DJ Khaled thing, trying to get some people on some records. “I want DJ Duffey!” on the beginning of the track. [laughs] I’ve been talking to some of my little industry friends and trying to get these verses. It’s hard because everybody has their own thing going on. Right now, I’m hustling trying to get these records. Me and my best friend Zoe, she’s a really big A&R in the industry. She’s helping me and I’m excited. I can’t wait to have a record and you be like “yo, that’s Duffey’s record!” I’m working.

Who does DJ Duffey DJ for?
Dj for @frenchmontana Mama to @iwant_shadi & @heir_kicks. Owner of @finefine. store & @my_custom_wig.
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It was cool. It was something I manifested. When I was younger and saw Real World and Road Rules, as soon as I’m 17 I’m applying. I think I did. I tried for something when I was 17 or 18. I always wanted to do reality TV so when the opportunity presented itself, wow they’re really about to let me be on TV! This is crazy, I was really excited. It was when I was DJing for Curren$y. I thought “they gon’ laugh at me, they gon’ think this is crazy. They let me on Basketball Wives?”
I started out opening up at 10:30pm. A couple of years later, I had the hottest nights. I’m closing, celebrities coming through on my nights when they in town. I was poppin’, I was the woman.

How many children does DJ Duffey have?
While she has a wide array of talents, the multihyphenate is a mother first, who recently welcomed her second child, baby Shadi, into the world. On the entrepreneur tip, Duffey launched her own product titled Fine Fine, to help girls with their weight loss goals.
Through his experience in partnering with dozens of companies in highly competitive industries and markets, Ross Kernez felt a need to give back and pass on the proverbial torch to inquiring minds seeking to learn more about digital marketing.Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Duffey is the definition of somebody who put in the work: taking over the nightlife scene and solidifying her name before embarking on her next endeavors. While she has a wide array of talents, the multihyphenate is a mother first, who recently welcomed her second child, baby Shadi, into the world.I don’t know, all I know is she’s going to be a boss. Even running my business now from home, she’s watching me. Wow, you get to see me. By the time she’s 10, I’m going to have whatever companies. It’s going to be crazy. Whatever she does, she’s definitely going to be a boss. Period. Maybe even a singer. When I hit a high note, she’ll hit a high note. When I hit low, she’ll hit low. That’s really advanced for 10 months. Oh my god, are you a singer? Because you know, I’d be a crazy manager mom. My babygirl would make it, if she could sing.

Over 2000 individuals are already a part of SEO Meetup, and this number is growing rapidly. Ross Kernez began SEO Meetup as a way to communicate with other specialists and digital marketing leaders throughout the globe.I’m still a lit mom. I’m a cool mom. Sometimes it feels crazy, when my 10 month old gets up at 6am and wants to play and watch Barney. I had to be in the studio until 3pm, trying to get myself a record. Times like that I’m like, “This is crazy. What am I doing?” But then I get messages from other moms or aspiring females who say, “Wow, you inspire me. Wow, I want to be like you.” Oh yeah, I am doing something cool. It’s rare. The people really remind me that what I’m doing is cool and rare, and I should really appreciate and live in the moment.

Amazing. I love traveling the world with French and doing really cool things with him. Documenting it on Instagram so other girls can see it and be inspired.
Lit, Vegas is a vibe. I used to think Vegas was the biggest, craziest clubs in the world. Now, it’s my job in my office. I go in, the club used to look crazy years ago. Now, it’s work. It’s always fun there because everybody’s there to party and have a good time. It’s Vegas, everybody wants to have a good time. You can’t go wrong.My goal is to have 3 businesses going by May. The projects I’m working on in LA right now that I can’t say, I’m really excited. I’m really, really excited, some big shit’s coming in. I’m really excited for the future. I’m excited to be a mom of two now. A successful digital marketer with over a decade of experience, Ross Kernez, is helping business owners and individuals to learn about online marketing practices through SEO Meetup. With his substantial knowledge of online marketing, Kernez started SEO Meetup as a hub to attract professionals on any level, to gain the necessary skills to succeed in their efforts to grow their career and business through digital marketing and SEO. My first pregnancy, I was going through a divorce so I definitely experienced postpartum depression. But the second time, I was so happy. I was with my family. I didn’t have to move from my house. I felt bad, I kept my pregnancy a secret for a long time. Because when I’d go on social media, it’d be Black Lives Matter stuff going on. Then it was COVID, the world seemed so sad. I didn’t want to be like “I’m pregnant and happy!” Everybody’s like “look what’s going on!” So I held it for a long time because I was in a different space from the world. Whether you’re an individual trying to grow your following, or whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to improve your brand, if you fit in this category of ambitious self-starters, SEO Meetup is the digital medium that could benefit every avenue you’re looking to reach. On the 27th episode of Shirley’s Temple, I spoke with DJ Duffey about her first time DJing at Coachella, traveling the world with French Montana, welcoming her second child, naming her daughter Shadi, how she met her fiance, being a Division 1 athlete & why she quit basketball, former job working at Enterprise, how she ended up DJing for Curren$y, an epic moment playing songs for Lil Wayne, her favorite 42 Dugg song, why she kept her second pregnancy a secret, her weight loss company Fine Fine, a hair company in the works, being a tomboy, manifesting her way onto Basketball Wives & why she got into it with Tami Roman, why she stopped managing artists, and more!

And they love it. They love everything about it, and the men love him too. That’s the thing, they know all the Future lines. They always copy him. Under our photos, we might put Drake. They putting Future lines under theirs. Now, it’s turned more into Lil Baby, a lot of people are putting Lil Baby lines.
It was good. It was during COVID, so I would’ve been in the house anyway. I lucked up. I’m calling all my girls like “ya’ll this is the best, you need to get pregnant. This is the time.” Because a lot of my female friends are in the industry, there’s never a right time for a female in the industry to have a baby. I didn’t mean to do this, but literally the best time ever. And it was: the whole time I was pregnant, French did not do one show. I got to go throughout my whole pregnancy stress-free. I didn’t have to feel sad I missed work, I was home and happy.

No, I gave that up girl. They were so unappreciative. It was like having some bad ass kids that don’t appreciate shit. I’m like “Get out! Get out the house.”
I’m a tomboy y’all. I’m not going to lie when I’m at home, I’m not in LA doing something with TV or filming, or at a show in French, I’m at the house bald head. No wig on. I shaved my hair bald myself, my man loves it. That’s his favorite style, me bald.

I’m thankful I was in that because last time, I didn’t get to enjoy it. If it’s too much for me, I just block it out. Sometimes, social media can be too much. I had to turn off CNN. I was watching CNN too much, it was depressing. Over and over again, all day. Boom, boom, boom, the world is crazy. I unplugged, spent time with my family and learned about new businesses.I can still hoop, I don’t because my nails. And I’m tired, and I weigh about 80 more pounds. [laughs] I used to be really good. My dad pushed me my whole life, I was a basketball player my whole life. Division 1 athlete, had a full scholarship. I was really good. I probably would’ve been better but my freshman year in college, I Googled how much WNBA players get paid. When I read that, I said, “Dad, I don’t know why the hell you had me working out for the last 8 years. Maybe for the scholarship, cool, but I have no desire to go to the WNBA.” It wasn’t enough money for me. They’re starting to get paid more, and that’s great. I want to advocate for that. WNBA players should be making a lot more money compared to the males.

All are welcome to join SEO Meetup. With the inclusivity and the access that SEO Meetup offers, experts in the field will solidify the sense of community, accepting anyone that is willing to learn and utilize the information provided.I had a beautiful daughter named Shadi, I love her so much. She’s the most perfect little girl in the world. She’s so happy, she’s so smart. Her name means “full of joy” in Farsi. Her dad is Persian, so I had to give a Persian name. She literally lives up to her name, it’s crazy. She’s the most happiest baby.

On the entrepreneur tip, Duffey launched her own product titled Fine Fine, to help girls with their weight loss goals. The pills are cosigned by Duffey herself who not only used them to slim down, but regain energy and confidence after giving birth to her second baby.
If you’re an aspiring DJ and you need some inspiration, look no further than DJ Duffey. From long nights practicing and teaching herself how to DJ to touring the world as French Montana’s personal DJ, Duffey is a superstar in her own right. If you’ve had the opportunity to see her live, you already know the energy she brings: twerking, turning up the crowd, and bringing the party with her anywhere she goes.A little bit, but they cut out that part. I never spoke to her. Now that I’m older and wiser, I know reality TV better and how it works, what she did was nothing personal. She was trying to make a good story, but I didn’t know that being my first time. I’m like “Why are you picking on me?” I took everything so personally. There’s no hard feelings for me, and I know she ain’t thinking about that.

Because my hair is just a lot. When I did decide to shave my head for the first time: if I hate it, I wear a wig. Not a big deal. But when I did it, I felt so empowered. I felt so sexy, and I’m so happy that my man feels the same way. He thinks it’s so beautiful when I do that, I’m really happy about that. I hate getting my nails done. I don’t understand why we have to sit in there for 2.5 hours.I’m always on every show, completely nervous all the way up to about song 3. “Okay the music’s going good, everything’s going good,” because people don’t realize there’s so many things that could go wrong. For me, there could be 20 different reasons why the music isn’t playing. Sometimes, it’s not even me. Somebody else might have messed up, or their chord or their sound at the club. But then right around song 3: “Alright, we got this.” Me too. I can’t, at all. I used to, but after so many people tell you no. [laughs] Tell you stop. God gifted me with so many talents, I’m a very talented woman. My friends ask “What can you not do?” And when they make that statement, I’d say sing. I wish I could sing, but I can’t sing. I started a weight loss company, Fine Fine. We’re slowly adding products and wow, it’s doing amazing. I’ve sold out 4 times in a row. I’m not going to lie, I’m rich bitch! [laughs] I’ma keep growing on that. I’m working on some other businesses, which I don’t really want to say too much. One’s a hair company. You know wigs, that’s my thing. I’m working on that, you’re going to see more of the entrepreneur spirit in me.No man, I needed a break. I DJed 9 years straight on every birthday, every weekend, every holiday. I was always working for 9 years. With French, we had traveled the world for two years straight. 13-hour flights, 14-hour flights. I have young kids. To be able to be with my son then be carrying my daughter, being around my family during that time, I really took it as a thankful time. I was happy to slow down because I’m a go-getter: go, go, go. You see, we back outside. I’m back going, but it was fun to take it easy and be with my family.