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FACILITY FIT works in the field of facility management and engineering services. We successfully created a complete portfolio of day-to-day facility management services, which ensures covering all our clients’ scope. Our dedicated teams thrive to expand our comprehensive scope of integrated facility management services through continuous technical and business development

FACILITY FIT will operate, update and maintain an asset management system/database using customized software that contains relevant information for key equipment/assets within all facility management portfolios.
FACILITY FIT offers a full solution of risk management services and security consultancy services to fulfil customers’ needs according to a defined scope and time, cost, and quality criteria.We collaborate to maximize our shared knowledge and bring greater value to our customers. And continuous improvement in our work habits and business results.

Service quality must equal customer satisfaction. It starts with our approach to design and implement our services and continues with how we interact with our customers with the biggest challenge to ourselves to deliver all our services in time.

FACILITY FIT provides a comprehensive soft landscaping and grounds maintenance service to compounds, resorts, malls, office buildings, hospitals, the construction industry and commercial clients. We offer maintenance work that covers the planning, designing and caring of landscaping.
Our team is committed to provide all our business partners with reliable and sustainable facility management and engineering solutions with the highest quality and optimum cost by creating smart solutions and providing efficient asset management customized to each partner with a stress-free experience through our team.We are committed to the idea that each client is the company ’s most valued asset. Because of this, we focus on customers’ needs and design our services to meet those needs with ideal follow up.

FACILITY FIT has a complete range of engineering & MEP maintenance services to our clients, with experience covering corporate, commercial, and residential work including maintenance and installation work within units and buildings.FACILITY FIT has a specialized team in water tank cleaning using world standard procedures and proper cleaning equipment and chemicals to provide safety for both consumers and workers.FACILITY FIT Manages to provide a variety of extra services to our clients where we can provide fully integrated services portfolio. Our integrated services enable clients to focus on their core business as we support their objectives by combining the full range of support services under the umbrella of a single contract.

FACILITY FIT offers an entire suite of professional housekeeping services. These include housekeeping services, serving corporates, commercial, retail and institutional spaces.To make FACILITY FIT the first choice as a business partner for clients seeking integrated facility management and developing a personal understanding and establishing an enduring connection with a strong relationship to create plans that will achieve customer goals.

FACILITY FIT offers a complete solution for Health and safety starting from preparing safety plans and safety policy documentation for special projects to comply with client requirements. and provide the projects with all necessary tools and equipment.
FACILITY FIT offers an integrated system of customer service that includes A hotline to receive all customer complaints Designing a mobile application for the project Creating and managing websites and other things.

We are committed to deliver services tailored to the unique requirements of each client. This allows greater control over the quality, maximizing the lifecycle, and adding value to our client’s assets.
Viruses and bacteria can contaminate the air and stay on the surfaces for days. Ordinary sterilization will only provide temporary and immediate protection, the special sterilization service will make you feel safe about the spread of any viruses.

FACILITY FIT team of pest control have the expertise to protect our clients from pest problems. An infestation can be very distressing and disruptive, so we believe in pest prevention and not just cure. Our consultative approach means we can design solutions that fit your business needs rather than using a one-fit-all approach.
FACILITY FIT provides a complete solution for the full-scope turnkey interior solution including fit-out furnishing, for the retail, commercial, and office sectors that illustrate our skills in combining aesthetic and operational requirements to create the harmonious and complete results our clients expect.Our core asset is employing and developing the best people in the business. We develop our expertise through innovative and leading -edge approaches to create and deliver the right solution.

Health and safety are always a priority. Now more than ever, a high standard of cleaning is needed to support employee attendance and the seamless operation of your business.Maintaining a consistent standard of cleaning and disinfection in a commercial property in the Greater Toronto Area is essential to the value of your business or organization. It supports your great reputation in the eyes of employees and patrons alike, and our recurring cleaning service will help you ensure consistent results.

Have the carpets in your facility professionally cleaned to remove stains, restore their like-new appearance, avoid premature replacement and help minimize dust allergies.Enjoy the peace of mind of our Facility Pro Clean Guarantee. This means doing the job right so you are happy, and if you are ever not absolutely satisfied with any service we provide, let us know and we will promptly return to address your concerns, at no additional charge.

You put a lot of care into creating a shopping experience that attracts loyal shoppers. Nothing leaves a lasting positive impression like an immaculately clean store.The appearance of your dealership is an important part of the buying experience. Protect the image of your brand and seal the deal with a gleaming, expertly cleaned showroom.Achieving a clean space is about much more than the products or equipment that are used. It’s about using safe, effective and appropriate products and equipment for the type of space or surface that’s being cleaned. It’s also about employing the right people who care and can provide detailed cleaning, understanding the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, and employing best practices to ensure desired results.

Facility Pro employees strictly adhere to protocols for the effective cleaning and sanitization of surfaces. Whether it’s maintenance cleaning of a car dealership, office, bank or grocery store, we focus on the details and on using appropriate cleaning and disinfection products and practices.Facility Pro management brings 13 years of experience in the cleaning industry, starting with its award-winning sister company, Hire A Maid, in 2008. Like Hire A Maid, Facility Pro brings high levels of integrity, dependability and a commitment to outstanding quality and service. You can count on us to deliver on your needs as a trusted partner in the cleaning and sanitation of your commercial facility.Implementing a proper facility cleaning routine can help protect the well-being of your staff and visitors. Whether in a warehouse facility, office space or grocery store, maintenance cleaning must be performed regularly to ensure a safe environment. Janitorial maintenance cleaning will minimize the risk of illness, reduce employee absences and boost productivity, which in turn saves you money! A proactive, robust cleaning schedule is essential to help ensure the smooth operation of your facility and prevent premature wear and tear of surfaces.

We can assist you in setting up a recurring maintenance cleaning schedule for your facility in the Greater Toronto Area to help you keep it safe and protect your most valuable asset: your employees. A high-quality janitorial and commercial cleaning service can be critical to the successful and profitable operation of your business.
The management team of Facility Pro has 13 years of experience in the cleaning industry, with an award-winning reputation built around integrity and a track record in providing exceptional quality cleaning and outstanding customer service.Janitorial maintenance cleaning is critical for the efficient daily operation of your facility. When you are diligent about your maintenance cleaning routine, you’re showing employees that you care about their health and well-being. You are also conveying to customers that you pay attention to details and value their business. These attributes are helpful to keep staff focused, motivated and productive, and to attract and maintain loyal customers across the Greater Toronto Area.

Stand out and attract loyal customers by giving them a perfectly cleaned store to shop in, and the confidence that cleaning and sanitation are a priority to you.
Whether it’s cleaning and sanitizing the common areas of your condominium building, or preparing a rental unit for tenant turnover, Facility Pro can make your property shine.Customer satisfaction is our number one goal! As a team, we strive to earn your trust and confidence by providing a uniquely tailored service and exceptional, consistent quality. We are committed to rising to your expectations and ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with our work.

It’s important to note that not all cleaning companies provide both janitorial and commercial cleaning services. Facility Pro offers the convenience and cost-savings of having one service provider that is able to help you streamline and manage all of the cleaning requirements for your property.
The focus of janitorial services is on regularly performed tasks included in routine maintenance cleaning. At Facility Pro, we can design a customized plan for your facility and help you set up an optimal service schedule to meet the needs of your business. Now, more than ever, the emphasis for commercial cleaning is on safety and disinfection, however, these values have always been a necessary part of high-quality, professional cleaning. Facility Pro cleaners adhere to protocols that support effective cleaning and disinfection processes. We offer fair pricing for a premium quality service that is tailored to your needs and expectations. Our commercial cleaning and janitorial services are available across the Greater Toronto Area and our customer support is prompt, responsive, and easily accessible.Our mission is to provide an end-to-end outstanding customer experience and quality that is aligned with your high standards. All of our employees are trained professional cleaners who share our passion and commitment to you and your business!We also offer specialty services such as window cleaning and pressure washing to help you make your property noticeably cleaner to support your business’ professional image.Cleaning uses tools and cleaning solutions to remove dirt from a surface and make it look fresh and tidy. The cleaning process alone does not necessarily kill germs. Disinfection goes a step further by safely using chemicals to kill any harmful microbes and lower the risk of spreading infection. Both of these steps must be performed properly as part of a thorough cleaning and disinfection routine to help minimize illness and keep your facility safe.

As a business owner or manager, you are responsible for keeping the workplace clean and safe. With all of the duties you need to juggle every day, it can be challenging to plan and manage your workplace cleaning routine and keep it functioning like clockwork. Let our friendly, knowledgeable staff facilitate the process by implementing your customized recurring commercial cleaning plan anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.
Receive our concierge service of a full-time maintenance cleaner trained in our detailed cleaning and sanitation methods, and ready to tackle any immediate cleaning needs that arise during the work day. We are driven by a genuine commitment to our clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our work is centred on achieving your satisfaction and earning your trust and confidence. We got our start in the home cleaning industry, where outstanding attention to detail is essential to meet the exacting needs of homeowners. Facility Pro management has a demonstrated track record for finding excellent cleaners who take pride in the quality of their work. For our janitorial services, we use employees (and not subcontractors) who care about keeping you happy day after day and year after year.Although janitorial service and commercial cleaning are often thought to be the same, there are significant differences in the type of cleaning that’s performed and the frequency of those tasks. Commercial cleaning involves larger, complex or specialized tasks such as power washing, hard surface floor stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and window washing. These services are typically performed every 6 or 12 months as part of a comprehensive cleaning schedule. Janitorial services encompass everyday tasks that are necessary to maintain a clean facility. This includes cleaning washrooms, mopping floors, vacuuming, regular dusting and disinfecting of surfaces. Pressure washing is an effective and efficient method of cleaning and removing difficult stains or unwanted substances to restore your building’s appearance. Create a pleasant, welcoming environment that conveys respect and fosters trust with your clientele by providing a consistently high standard of cleaning.Experience that you can count on and customizable commercial cleaning that follows a proven, effective step-by-step process that you can depend on for consistently high quality.

Allow us to help you save valuable time and bring you peace of mind by turning your facility into a visibly clean, fresh, healthy environment that is safe and welcoming for employees and customers alike. Contact us now!
Commercial cleaning and janitorial services include the cleaning of commercial
properties and premises. At Facility Pro, we can take over the regular maintenance cleaning of your office, store, or any other type of commercial property in the Greater Toronto Area.

We employ effective processes, tools and cleaning solutions to match your efforts to create a welcoming environment and protect the health and safety of your employees and customers.
Aramark’s FacilityFit™ technology is an innovation designed to help hospitals and healthcare facilities drive efficiency and predictability and improve the patient experience through better management of functions that touch patients every day, like room cleaning, heating and cooling, and building maintenance. Watch this short video to learn more.To complete work orders, it is imperative to track assets, parts, people and budgets. It is perhaps more important to systematically track these elements to minimize asset downtime, protecting your people, patients and bottom line. Patient turnover times can be challenged by multiple variables — from the facility’s communication system to the cleaning protocol. FacilityFit Pro actively manages bed cleaning scheduling. Improve patient throughput using these features: Having easy access to space dimensions and contents improves space analysis and utilization capabilities. Avoid wasted resources, higher costs, and lost opportunities. FacilityFit Pro delivers key features that support optimize space management:FacilityFit Pro’s robust administrative capabilities support on-demand access to the right data. Improve productivity levels and efficiency through the following: Through insight-driven data, FacilityFitPro monitors satisfaction levels and enables on-the-ground teams to take proactive steps that elevate the patient experience, while supporting nurse engagement and enablement. As healthcare regulations become more complicated and numerous, avoiding high penalties requires a commitment to quality control and assurance. FacilityFit Pro delivers quality control with a range of capabilities:

Enables faster, more efficient and consistent service delivery of functions that touch patients every day, like room cleaning, heating and cooling, and building maintenance.
EVS schedules often overlap, are delayed, or may even be missed. All negatively impact response times and throughput. FacilityFit Pro delivers a wide range of scheduling capabilities that balance and adjust workloads in real-time, including:

FacilityFit Pro brings leading-edge innovations to the point of care on mobile devices, traditional workstations or call center environments, linking facilities management team members to the platform.Healthcare administrators need to stay abreast of operations in real-time, including work completion rates, throughput efficiency, cleaning efficiency, safety performance, work history, response times, labor utilization and financial efficiency. The robust reporting capabilities in FacilityFit Pro deliver optimal reporting in an easy-to-use dashboard, featuring:

FacilityFit Pro is a fully integrated information and management platform covering critical areas of healthcare facilities performance — from space management to employee productivity optimization — for every department all from one platform.
Without strong labor productivity optimization, including robust employee training programs, both the healthcare entity and workers can become overburdened and frustrated. FacilityFit Pro delivers a human resource tool that optimizes labor productivity with capabilities, including:

Robust asset management prevents losses and ensure every asset is optimally managed — and available for critical use. FacilityFit Pro protects investments in equipment and asset management. Features include:
Ensures standardized processes for environmental services, maintenance and operations, patient transport, patient throughput, bed management, training documentation and other facilities management services.When you partner with Aramark Healthcare+ for facilities management, you gain much more than just our expertise. You also gain the benefits of FacilityFit Pro, today’s leading multi-service support solution. This Integrated Service Information System can revolutionize every aspect of managing and maintaining your healthcare organization’s space and assets.