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Prior to joining Farmobile, Joan was a partner in Husch Blackwell LLP’s Kansas City office. Well-known for her legal accomplishments in food and agribusiness, while in private practice, she counseled clients on intellectual property and licensing matters, food safety regulations, and data privacy. She also is a seasoned intellectual property and commercial trial attorney.Steve’s background in the precision agriculture arena has its roots back to 1999 when he created his own precision ag services firm Record Harvest. He is a fourth generation farmer and is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with B.S. degrees in agricultural economics and agricultural journalism.

As Farmobile’s chief technology officer, Chris leverages his 33+ years of technology experience. He has worked extensively across all of the major computing platforms ranging from mainframe to mobile technologies. Throughout his career, he has been an early-stage contributor specializing in startup ventures.
Prior to Farmobile Jason led internet and ag tech companies for more than 15 years. His previous company, Farms Technology, created an electronic marketplace to automate grain transaction and risk management processes, offering automated hedging algorithms accessible via smartphones and tablets. Farms Technology was purchased by DuPont/Pioneer in December 2021.Heath grew up row-crop farming and raising a variety of livestock in Southwest Iowa. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, his brother, sister and their families continue to farm. The challenges of farming during the 80’s and 90’s cultivated creativity, resourcefulness, a strong work ethic, and a passion to solve agriculture challenges.Jason joins AGI from his prior role as Co-Founder and CEO of Farmobile where he built a team that created a truly unique ability to collect and standardize valuable field and machine level data — in real-time across farm and ag retail equipment — to evaluate product, field and fleet performance, while automatically preparing field-level data for ESG reporting and program participation.

Who owns farm Sim?
GIANTS Software We are GIANTS Software, creators of the globally acclaimed Farming Simulator series.
Learning how to extract value from this information collected at the grower level for their benefit has been Steve’s motivation and direction since the beginning.The knowledge and the foundational business model for Record Harvest came from the precision activities implemented on his farm starting in 1995. It was then that he was able to convince his dad to put a yield monitor on their John Deere 9500 combine and start using GPS grid soil sample data.

Randy, Farmobile’s director of engineering, grew up and attended school in the Cornhusker state. His engineering pursuits led him to positions in the PC, cellphone, automotive and healthcare industries. Randy has used his expertise in embedded systems and communication system design to develop products for HP, Intel, Stanley, Samsung and Motorola.
While getting a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, Nathan discovered geographic information systems (GIS) leading him to shift focus from animal science to a career in technology. Nathan’s career began with implementing geospatial solutions across several industries including defense, railroads and rural water systems.

Jason earned a degree in Financial Economics from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter MN and an MBA from The Fogelmen School at The University of Memphis. Jason served as the Pipeline Entrepreneurs’ Member President and is currently on the Pipeline Board of Directors while remaining actively involved in the Midwest entrepreneurial community.
Heath pursued a career in technology in 2000. In the decade following he successfully deployed hardware, internet, and mobile technology solutions for healthcare, agriculture, weather, finance, and ministry non-profits. Heath has honed skills in a variety of design disciplines ranging from traditional print, interactive displays, and mobile and web user interfaces.Working in the agricultural industry has allowed Randy to get his boots dirty, literally. Driving over 70,000 miles to farms and getting on hundreds of machines, Randy has learned a few things. His goal is to standardize data from disparate systems, so it can be collected and managed in a single place. The precision agriculture landscape can be confusing, but at Farmobile he is determined to bring clarity to ag data.Joining Farmobile in 2017, he has combined his passion for agriculture and technology; first by serving on the product team and now, leading customer operations. Nathan is dedicated to delivering technology solutions that meet agriculture’s challenges and helping family farms to succeed and grow. He lives in Lee’s Summit, MO with his wife and two children.Previous to Farmobile, Bradford developed sustainable sourcing, food ingredient and logistics businesses for Agspring and served as Director of Marketing for On Demand Technologies and Embarq Logistics. He has also held management and consulting roles within in the telecom, engineering, healthcare and media industries. He currently sits on the board of the Food Equality Initiative, a non-profit focused on improving access and availability of free-form foods for those in need and advises active food waste prevention efforts.

Joan has repeatedly been recognized by Super Lawyers in the area of intellectual property litigation and has been named one of the top 50 female attorneys in Kansas and Missouri and top 100 attorneys in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Joan is involved in a leadership role with the American Bar Association’s Section of Litigation.
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Prior to his most recent startup venture, Chris was the chief technology officer of a well-established technology consulting firm in Kansas City. While there, he helped local and regional clients achieve demonstrable returns on large-scale technology investments.
With a diverse background in executive leadership and as an entrepreneur, Chris understands the value of capital investment and how critical decision-making drives innovation while balancing the financial objectives of the business.

Jason Tatge serves AGI as the senior vice president of AGI SureTrack. In that role, he is responsible for oversight of the integration of the Farmobile and Suretrack organizations and is focused on the growth of the Suretrack platform. (Farmobile, an independent data technology company based in Leawood, KS, is the newest member of the AGI family of brands.)
Bradford brings Farmobile more than two decades of diverse experience with both industry and consumer markets. His work with agricultural information systems, consumer packaged goods, and sustainable food ingredients has spanned market planning, product development, business development, marketing and sustainability roles.Farm Pro Tractors is a tractor importer based in Huntington, Indiana, USA. Farm Pro is a division of Homier Distribution, a large tool and household item importer that sells its goods via website and traveling tent sales. They began importing and selling tractors and implements in 2002. In about 2011, implements began being imported under the Minneapolis-Moline brand and colors.

Lack of competition and advances in technology has made life more difficult for end users. Proprietary technology and parts, computer-driven components and complicated service manuals means when farmers have a breakdown in the field, they often must wait weeks or months for available parts or a specially trained mechanic to show up wielding a laptop.“What we are offering is to get back to a tractor that is ruggedly and simply built that anyone can work on,” Harmon said. “Everything slides out of the tractor. It’s really the complete opposite of what we see going on in the industry today.

“We use largely Cat components. Our criteria is we like to see proven technology and parts out there for 10-15 years or more. Anything new to the market we aren’t interested in,” Harmon said.The Big Bud 747, a one-off that rolled out of the factory in 1977, is considered the largest farm tractor in the world. It’s so swole, it makes an International Harvester look like a Mini Cooper. Today, that one-of-a-kind Big Bud 747 sits outside the Big Equipment Co. (Harmon’s reborn manufacturing business based in Havre, Montana) as a testament to man and machine. This scaled-down old-school Big Bud will still be one of the largest farm tractors on the planet. Many of the parts required to build and repair it will come from the mining sector, including its meaty 85,000-pound axels.A state-of-the-art redesigned AGCO cab should provide the kind of fingertip control most operators have grown accustomed to without creating a spaceship-style motherboard that controls everything.

The high-horsepower articulated tractors were some of the biggest and baddest in the field, tugging a 35,000-pound cultivator down rows at an acre-a-minute.As your #1 Wyoming News Source our mission is to provide you high quality statewide and local news for Wyoming. Wyoming News brought to you by locals for locals.

He’s not simply remarketing a machine known for its old school durability after a 40-year hiatus. Harmon’s reintroduction of the Big Bud is a gamechanger.The Big Bud 747 weighs in at 135,000 pounds fully ballasted and its 1,000-gallon fuel tank topped off. At 1,100 horse power, nothing in the American heartland can touch it.

“We all like electronics, but what you won’t see in our tractors is a master computer system special to Big Bud that operates everything,” Harmon said. “Any time you limit the owner or the independent mechanic, it further strains the ability of whoever the closest dealer is; the ability to locate a part or find time to get an authorized technician out to fix it.
But Harmon is not a man easily put off by disappointment. Last week at Con Expo in Las Vegas, proof of his dream and the rebirth of a legend was the talk of the industry as thousands marveled at the shiny new prototype.“Our production will be held to match demand. Demand seems to be pretty high to us right now,” he said. “We can get maybe 30-40 tractors out of the facility we’ve got now.”

How many HP is farm Pro 2425?
Farm Pro 2425Farm Pro 2425 PowerEngine:25 hp 18.6 kW5 Jun 2020 Cached
Several years ago, Harmon decided to partner with the Rome Plow Co. based in Cedartown, Georgia, to reintroduce an American-made tractor that would hold its value because of its rugged durability and versatility.Harmon expects to roll out 10 Big Buds in 2023 to start. Tractors sell more tractors, so he hopes to get back to the days when his company was churning out 120 tractors a year at peak build.

“We want to be strategic,” he added. “We can probably sell all our own tractors right up here in Montana. But that’s not the point. We want to spread them out across the country. Let people see what these things are capable of.”
“I’ve been in business since ’74. Back then there were 10 or 15 manufacturers. Today, we’re down to just three. Only one is American-owned, and that’s John Deere,” Harmon said of the tractor industry.

They were heavy-duty, American-made workaholics designed for megafarms like those in the Canadian wheatbelt and the vast Western plains spreads where farmers could be found plowing not the remote back 40, but the back 400.

If the return of Big Buds proves successful – if these sturdy American-made tractors prove as functional, standardized, serviceable and long-lasting as they’re billed to be – it will mark a return to common sense in engineering and American agriculture.
In a world that has experienced consolidation of manufacturers of nearly everything we buy and use to the point of near monopolies, and acknowledging designed obsolescence is now the standard, a little machinery shop in Montana is set to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

Who owns farm Mobile?
Farms Technology was purchased by DuPont/Pioneer in December 2021.
A legendary piece of giant farming equipment, the 70,000-pound (135,000-pound fully ballasted) Big Bud tractor, is being built again after 40-year absence. It was reintroduced at the Con Expo last week in Las Vegas.

The all-new Big Bud will be modelled off blueprints from the original best-sellers Big Bud 500 and the 700. It will feature an 18-liter Cat engine that will be good for 650 to 750 horsepower.Anyone growing up in the Midwest remembers the legendary tractor made by Ron Harmon and the Northern Manufacturing Co. An estimated 550 tractors were built and sold from the 1970-80s, with the last run in 1991.

What is the fastest farm tractor?
– and it recently averaged 135 point one nine miles. An hour with a peak speed of more than 150 miles an hour as it set a new world speed record for modified tractors. It’s the subject of the 2019.
But by the mid-1990s, the 747 went the way of the dodo, as did the rest of the line when United Tire Co. of Canada went out of business. It was the only manufacturer making the 8-foot-high tires large enough for Harmon’s beasts.The Kubota MX5000 is listed as an intermediate model between the series L and series M. If you are looking for something bigger, the next model up is the Kubota MX5100.Kubota’s M Series feet is very large. The M Series is mostly marketed towards the farming community. A great and versatile option for hobby farmers and small farmers that require some pulling power.

For more information on this new utility tractor, as well as additional model specifications and to find a dealer in your area, check out the New Holland website here.
For more information on this new utility tractor, as well as additional model specifications and to find a dealer in your area, check out the John Deere website here.

What is farm pro?
FarmPro is ifac’s premium service for future-focused farmers. It combines expert financial reporting, planning and forecasting with our new leading, dedicated farm software to help you better run and manage your farm. Sign upLog in.
For more information on this model of utility tractor, as well as additional model specifications and to find a dealer in your area, check out the Kubota USA website here.

How heavy is a tractor in KG?
Most standard utility farm tractors, with a horsepower between 52 and 75 will weight, on average, 2,388 kilograms.
The 5E Series are ideal for producers, professional landscape contractors, and property owners who need just a little more features and power in a farm. This model also comes in 3 or 4 cylinder models, as well.The Kubota M4-071 is one of the newest farm tractors in the Kubota M series of tractors. These tractors are ideal for hobby farmers and, possibly, small cattle farmers. This site is owned and operated by Christy Bouma. is a participant in several affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to various company websites. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to other companies linked to on this site. The Kubota L4850 is a 5 cylinder diesel engine with 53 horsepower. It weights 1,850 kg (4,080 lbs) and is 4WD. This farm tractor has a category 1 three point hitch and a PTO rated with 42 hp.

The Kubota M6060 and the rest of the fleet in the M60 Series have a deluxe and comfortable seat, armrests, wide area floor mat and ergonomic controls built into a console.
As with anything you buy in life, farm tractors come in a variety of shapes, weights, horsepower, and widths. You can generally count on them being around 2,388 kilograms in weight, but there’s a bit of variety from one model to the next. Below I’ve gathered 11 examples of utility tractors to compare their weights and other basic measurements.The John Deere 5000 Utility Tractor fleet is favored by small farmers and hobby farmers. The 5000 Series fleet are big enough and powerful enough to do the tough jobs but not so large that they are cost prohibitive to the farmer.

If you select a PowerStar T4.75 without a cab, you still enjoy the benefit of the flat deck, comfortable seating, outstanding visibility and controls that come easily to hand. A folding ROPS is standard equipment and safety is further enhanced during loader activities by the optional FOPS-compliant canopy

Who makes farm Pro 2420?
Farm Pro 2420ProductionDistributor:Farm ProManufacturer:JinmaType:Compact Utility tractorFactory:China11 Aug 2019 Cached
Most standard utility farm tractors, with a horsepower between 52 and 75 will weight, on average, 2,388 kilograms. As the value of horsepower increased, so did the overall weight of the tractor. Type of tires, ballasting, enclosed or non-enclosed cab, full fuel tank or empty, can also effect the weight of a tractor.This model comes in two options – 2WD or 4WD. Each model comes with the option of a cap or open station. The open station has a standard ROPS which folds. This folding feature makes it easier to store in smaller garages.

Which HP tractor is best for farming?
15 to 20 is a range of horsepower which is the lowest range that supports farming activities. For ordinary garden tasks like mowing, plowing, and towing small trailers, the horsepower range is sufficient. Tractors in the 15-20 horsepower range have numerous great features that make them ideal for use in gardens.
Hi! I’m Christy. A few years ago, my husband bought a utility farm tractor for our acreage in the country. Ever since then, we’ve been tearing up the land with our tractor and immersing ourselves in the knowledge of tractors, as well as gaining on-hands experience in hobby farming. He has become obsessed with the tractor and so have I. This website is where we share everything we’ve learnt about our tractor, including our mistakes.

The John Deere 5075E comes with 75 hp, some reviews say it doesn’t feel “meaty” enough for 75 hp so might need to do additional research on it. Better yet, take it for a test drive and test the front loader system.The Kubota M6060, as well as the rest of the M60 Series farm tractors are designed for the farmer with 10 to 75 acres. It’s an ideal model for those who wish to have more comfort. And for those who wish a step up in features from typical standard farm tractor.

For more information on this new utility tractor, as well as additional model specifications and to find a dealer in your area, check out the USA Kubota website here.
For more information on this new utility tractor, as well as additional model specifications and to find a dealer in your area, check out this website here.

Who makes the heaviest tractor?
The Big Bud 747, a one-off that rolled out of the factory in 1977, is considered the largest farm tractor in the world. It’s so swole, it makes an International Harvester look like a Mini Cooper. The Big Bud 747 weighs in at 135,000 pounds fully ballasted and its 1,000-gallon fuel tank topped off.
The John Deere 5055D farm tractor is similar to the John Deere 5055E. If you are looking for a smaller tractor the version prior to this one is worth exploring – it is the John Deere 5045D with 45 hp and weighs 1,900 kg.The Smaller models include the John Deere 5065E, while if you are looking for something that is bit bigger, you should check out the John Deere 5083E or the John Deere 5093E.We found that Kubota, John Deere, and New Holland are some of the top brands that create the best utility tractors in the industry. When we were buying our first farm tractor, the weight of the farm tractor was one factor for us when making the decision on which type of farm tractor to purchase.

Almost every major agricultural sector in the United States is prioritizing its business future in China, as DTN/The Progressive Farmer reports this week. DTN continues to investigate what this means for American farmers who have become increasingly reliant on China.They’re also sold under a variety of different names. Jinma, Farm Pro, Nortrac, and three other names are currently unavailable. Although parts are readily available, they may take some time to arrive at your location. It is based in Huntington, Indiana. Homier Distributing Company Inc employs 260 people across all of its locations and has a revenue of $42.15 million (USD). The Homier Distributing Company Inc corporate family consists of two companies. Farm Pro Tractors, based in Huntington, Indiana, is a tractor importer. Farm Pro is a subsidiary of Homier Distribution, a large tool and household item importer with a website and traveling tent sales. In 2002, they started importing and selling tractors and implements.

The Farm Pro brand is one of the most renowned and reliable tractor manufacturers in this industry, with a global reputation. It comes in the sub- section of agricultural faculty manufactured by Homier, a company based in China.
These tractors are known for their exceptional quality and for producing maximum power without wasting fuel. Farm Pro will provide the desired quality and meet your expectations, whether you are looking for a compact, sub-compact, or larger tractor.If you have a minimal understanding of agriculture, you’ll understand how important it is to find the best tractor for rural industries. Talking of the best ones, The Farm Pro Line of cost-effective diesel tractors is ideal for farm, ranch, and lawn maintenance projects.

Farm equipment manufacturers have been able to sell fewer “Made in America” machines to Chinese farmers. China, on the other hand, continues to be a good location for manufacturers to produce farm machinery for sale to Chinese farmers.
From that point of view, Farm Pro tractors are based in China as an export market but they have branches in the US as well. The brand has been famous in the US now, as well as exported to farmers all over the world.Farm Pro grew and acquired different other manufacturers over time, that helped them build this machinery company. Farmers and commoners would surely know its name, but it is mostly recognized in China, the United States, and Canada.

Farm pro tractors are mostly made by their own company. But as they are the subsidiary group of Homier Distributing company, they also have the ownership of these tractors. Homier Company Inc is in the Building Material and Supplies Dealers industry.On the other hand, FarmPro is Ifac’s product for farmers who are looking to the future. To help you better run and manage your farm, the company tries to add farming techniques with classic system.

We all know American companies as the mainstream of automotive products, right? But if we talk about “the best” American Agricultural companies, then it’s…
According to the pros at Good Works Tractors, all a Farm protractor needs is a good cleaning, wax, and shine to look brand new. In the sun, the Kubota orange can fade to a pinkish hue, making it difficult to restore its original appearance.Furthermore, metal is more susceptible to dings and can rust, whereas polymer does not. Kubota tractors have a treadle pedal with all of the pedals on one side. Farm pro, on the other hand, has two forward and reverse pedals on one side of the driver’s seat.

In his article, we will walk you through different aspects of Farm protractors and let you know who makes farm protractors. Also, we will talk about the ins and outs, also the infrastructure regarding this very model of vehicle.
Implements bearing the Minneapolis-Moline brand and colors began to be imported around 2011. From about 2003 to 2012, when Homier phased out the tractor line, the Farm Pro brand was in use. The tractor in question is manufactured in China.

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Farm Pro makes several automotive products like- mowers, motors in addition to tractors. Jinma, the owner, founded it in Illinois in 1837 and from that time, it has gained the trust of almost 5 million people worldwide.302,000 tractors were sold in 2020 alone. Farm Protractors have received some of the industry’s most prestigious awards. These tractors are known for being tough and long-lasting, particularly older models.

The Farm Pro company sells more than 200,000 tractors per year and has sold more than 2.2 million tractors worldwide since its inception. It has grown to become one of the world’s largest tractor manufacturers, with tractors sold in more than 40 countries.Farm protractors combine cutting-edge technology with superior tractor functionality at an affordable price. The company manufactures tractors in response to farmer demand while keeping prices reasonable. While the final decision on which tractor to buy is based on personal preference and job requirements, there are a few areas where Farm Pro tractors outperform Kubota models. One difference is that the polymer plastic used in Farm protractor models does not fade in colour like the painted metal used in Kubota tractor models. They are best known for their field tractors, which allow farmers to make large profits at a low cost. And as we have talked about who makes Farm pro tractors, there’s no chance that you’ll doubt the quality!

What is the weight of a farm Pro tractor?
The standard operating weight for a Farm Pro 2425 Farm Tractor is 3925 lbs. This height can vary depending on the machine configuration and attachments. If you need detailed operational specs, we recommend you check out Ritchie Specs.
These are crucial to consider because determining the amount of horsepower you need for a specific task isn’t based on hard numbers; rather, it’s a complex equation that depends on the size of the implements you plan to use, how quickly you want to use them, the type of soil you’re working with, and many other variables.Commercial farming is suited for tractors with 100 to 150 horsepower since they can perform all but the most difficult farming chores without issue. However, this power and capability come at a high cost. The main concern is whether you can effectively utilize a tractor of this caliber. A tractor in this price range is probably not necessary for the average hobby farmer to perform enough extensive farming duties.15 to 20 is a range of horsepower which is the lowest range that supports farming activities. For ordinary garden tasks like mowing, plowing, and towing small trailers, the horsepower range is sufficient. Tractors in the 15-20 horsepower range have numerous great features that make them ideal for use in gardens. They use less fuel, are simple to maneuver, are more affordable, and are safer for farmers.Would you like to get 10 acres ready for planting? Have you had enough hay to make 20 little square bales? Or do you prefer working in a field and are primarily seeking a tractor with a front-end loader? The horsepower is the stronger component of the tractor. The higher the horsepower greater the speed of the vehicle lowers the range of horsepower lesser is the speed of the tractor it would be. One horsepower is roughly equivalent to 746 watts of power according to current standards, while there are other variants, such as the metric horsepower, which is around 10 watts less. It’s also important to remember that a tractor’s “engine horsepower” rating—which is distinct from the horsepower provided by the power take-off and is lower than the rating for the engine—is what is typically meant when discussing horsepower. However, for broad comparisons of tractor strength, engine horsepower is an appropriate unit of measurement. If you need to know the PTO horsepower rating of a specific tractor, you’ll need to search through the manufacturer’s specs.The information provided by TractorGyan on (the “Site”) is for general informational purposes only. All the information on the Site is provided in good faith, however, we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, or completeness of any information on the Site. Third party logos and marks are registered trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Since horsepower directly relates to performance, it is a crucial statistic for consumers to consider. For a given vehicle, an engine with higher horsepower and torque will accelerate more rapidly and provide greater towing reliability, both of which are significant for drivers who frequently use highway on-ramps. A lower-horsepower engine will provide better fuel economy for the same vehicle in exchange for a more gradual acceleration. Subcompact tractors and entry-level compact utility tractors typically have 25 to 35 horsepower. They can use a front-end loader or a backhoe attachment due to their increased power. Additionally, small-scale field cultivation is possible with the correct tools. Compact utility tractors, unlike lawn and garden tractors, frequently incorporate a power take-off, or PTO, for powering implements. Implements like a mower, loader, or backhoe can draw power from the engine to run thanks to its rotating driving shaft.The variety of farming tasks you can take on greatly increases when horsepower levels between 40 and 50 start to blur the distinction between compact utility tractors and standard utility tractors.

A utility tractor with this range of horsepower, especially at the upper end, can likely complete any task a hobby farmer would reasonably expect it to. The tractor is more stable and can handle even round bales of hay thanks to the increased strength, which also allows you to utilize bigger, wider implements more quickly.
Take your farm wherever you go. From plowing to harvesting to selling products, Farming Simulator 23 invites players to take control of their own farm to build an agricultural empire!