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What car has the Flying Goddess hood ornament?
Rolls-Royce hood Depicting a woman in flowing gowns, leaning forward as if to jump into the wind, this Rolls-Royce hood ornament statuette has often been identified colloquially as ‘the flying lady’. However, there’s a deeper history and meaning here that every true Rolls-Royce fan should understand.
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What does the hood ornament represent?
A hood ornament (or bonnet ornament or bonnet mascot in Commonwealth English), also called, motor mascot, or car mascot is a specially crafted model which symbolizes a car company like a badge, located on the front center portion of the hood. It has been used as an adornment nearly since the inception of automobiles.
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Looking for a little luxury? This “Spirit of Ecstasy” figure replicates the hood ornament from Rolls-Royce cars. In 1909, car enthusiast John Douglas-Scott-Montagu commissioned sculptor Charles Sykes to create a mascot for his Rolls-Royce.Lamp, oil, chinoiserie, opaque glass, white, double gourd shape, painted leafy and fruiting branches, mounted as table lamp, 22 x 6 inches, pair, $255. Q: I have a whole set of blue Currier & Ives dishes, platters, bowls and serving pieces. I am now drawn to the pink Currier & Ives sets. What can you tell me about them? Furniture, desk, neoclassical, Hollywood Regency, oak, black lacquer, cream leather writing surface, three over two drawers, knee hole, tapered legs, Baker Furniture Co., 29 x 46 x 23 inches, $310.Current prices are recorded from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and auctions throughout the United States. Prices vary in different locations because of local economic conditions.Their prices are starting to creep up, so buying a whole set is becoming pricey – at least $10 a dish, and as much for bowls and serving pieces. Currier & Ives pieces were produced up until the Royal China Company closed in 1986. Most of the Currier & Ives sets are blue, as you mentioned. In addition to the rarer pink, you can also find green and brown-on-white sets. The rarer colors are more expensive.

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What did the Flying Goddess hood ornament come from?
In 1909, car enthusiast John Douglas-Scott-Montagu commissioned sculptor Charles Sykes to create a mascot for his Rolls-Royce. Sykes made a sculpture of a woman bent at the waist, leaning forward so her robe flows behind her like wings. The model was Eleanor Thornton, Montagu’s secretary and, secretly, lover.
Silver, candy bowl, Arts and Crafts, hinged handle, pierced, four angular scrolls around rim, hand hammered, R. Wallace & Sons, 19th century, 5 inches, diameter, $75.A: The optical instrument company Rollei was founded in 1920 by Paul Franke and Dr. Reinhold Heidecke in Braunschweig, Germany. The camera had two separate lenses: one for the view and one for taking the photo. Their Rolleiflex TLR (twin-lens reflex) camera was sold in 1929. Paul Franke died in 1950. Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel answer readers’ questions sent to the column. Send a letter with one question describing the size, material (glass, pottery) and what you know about the item. Include only two pictures, the object and a closeup of any marks or damage. Be sure your name and return address are included. Questions that are answered will appear in Kovels Publications. Write to Kovels, (Name of this newspaper), King Features Syndicate, 628 Virginia Dr., Orlando, FL 32803 or email us at [email protected]Sykes made a sculpture of a woman bent at the waist, leaning forward so her robe flows behind her like wings. The model was Eleanor Thornton, Montagu’s secretary and, secretly, lover.A: Precious Moments, like Beanie Babies, were wildly popular and people collected them assuming they would increase in value. Most have not. Artist and illustrator Samuel Butcher began drawing pictures of stylized, cute children in the 1970s. He and a friend began a company to make and sell greeting cards and posters that featured his “Precious Moments” artwork.

What is the rarest hood ornament?
Located in the centre of Rolls-Royce hoods, the Spirit of Ecstasy is one of the world’s most highly desired and prestigious hood ornaments. With a valuation of hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is also the world’s most expensive hood ornament.
By 1911, Sykes’s sculpture was made the official Rolls-Royce hood ornament. “Spirit of Ecstasy” is its official name, but it is also known as the “Flying Lady” or the “Silver Lady.” The hood ornament was originally silver plated, but has since been made in other silver tone metals like chrome or stainless steel.The letter would have to have been written between 1929 and 1950. Letters signed by famous people are collectible and valuable. The letter could be of interest to camera collectors and camera historians if it is an authentic letter and not an advertising piece. An authentic letter probably would have a date. You may have to take it to an autograph expert to determine the value.

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In 1978, Enesco Corp. developed a line of porcelain Precious Moments figurines. Demand was high. Sales kept growing, too many different figurines were made and the market crashed. Many buyers still love them, but they sell for very low prices. Your “Someday My Love” figurine was made in 1988. It sells for anywhere from $14 to $25.Q: My grandmother loved Precious Moments figurines. She gave me the Precious Moments figurine of a bride called “Someday My Love” when I got married 20 years ago. Is it worth anything?

Some hood ornaments are attractive for more than the car’s owners such as the red-white-and-blue golden lion crests that were on the hoods of 1950 Fords that children took to decorate their hats, belts, or bicycles. The company solved the problem by offering a free miniature crest to all the kids that wrote letters requesting one.
Restrictions to the fitting of ornaments on the front of vehicles have been introduced in some jurisdictions. Projecting decorative designs on the hood may increase the risk of injury to pedestrians in the case of a collision.Brand identification continues to be important “as firms try to distinguish their company’s cookie-cutter SUV, sedan or pick-up truck from another company’s cookie-cutter SUV, sedan, or pick-up truck merely with a hood ornament or a name on the bumper.”

In the European Union, since 1974 all new cars have had to conform to a European directive on vehicle exterior projections. Rolls-Royce’s mascot is now mounted on a spring-loaded mechanism designed to retract instantly into the radiator shell if struck with a force greater than 98 newtons (22 pounds-force). The Mercedes-Benz and many other ornaments were designed with a spring mount to fold on impact. For aftermarket ornaments, breakaway nylon fixings are available that comply with EC Directive 74/483.

Regulations introduced in the United States for the 1968 model year vehicles meant the disappearance of fixed stand-up hood ornaments, as well as spinner wheel protrusions. Later versions featured flexibly mounted (spring-loaded) stand-up hood ornaments designed to fold without breaking on impact, such as on the 1973 Ford Thunderbird, 1974 AMC Ambassador, and on the 1986 Jeep Wagoneer (SJ).
A hood ornament (or bonnet ornament or bonnet mascot in Commonwealth English), also called, motor mascot, or car mascot is a specially crafted model which symbolizes a car company like a badge, located on the front center portion of the hood. It has been used as an adornment nearly since the inception of automobiles. Additionally, many models in all price and market segments such as Buick Regal, Chevrolet Impala, Jeep Grand Wagoneer (SJ), and Chrysler Cordoba featured unique emblems and accompanying distinctive standup hood ornaments. In the early years, automobiles had their radiator caps outside the hood and on top of the grille which also served as an indicator of the temperature of the engine’s coolant fluid. The Boyce MotoMeter Company was issued a patent in 1912 for a radiator cap that incorporated a thermometer that was visible to the driver with a sensor that measured the heat of the water vapor, rather than the water itself. This became a useful gauge for the driver because many early engines did not have water pumps, but a circulation system based on the “thermo-syphon” principle as in the Ford Model T.Many automakers wanted their own emblems displayed on their vehicles’ hoods, and Boyce Motormeter accommodated them with corporate logos or mascots, as well as numerous organizations that wanted custom cap emblems to identify their members. The company had over 300 such customers at one time during the mid-1920s, for car, truck, tractor, boat, airplane, and motorcycle manufacturers, and in 1927, had 1,800 employees in six countries: U.S., England, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany. The hundreds of motor vehicle manufacturers before 1929 meant many customers for their customized emblems.According to the author of A History of Cars written for youth, the first “hood ornament” was a sun-crested falcon (to bring good luck) mounted on the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun’s chariot.

Hood ornaments are usually cast in brass, zinc, or bronze and finished in a chrome plated finish. During the years when chrome plate was unavailable, they were plated in either silver or nickel. Some also incorporated other materials, such as plastic, bakelite, or colored glass. The 1950 Ford Custom DeLuxe hood ornament was molded in Plexiglas. Others incorporated a light bulb for illumination at night. Pontiac featured a lighted Indian-head hood ornament through 1955 when it was replaced by the flying V design.
Moreover, a market developed in the supply of accessories to those who wanted to add an ornament or car mascot to their automobile. These were a way to express the owner’s love of their car or customizing to express individuality. Most of these companies went out of business, with only Louis Lejeune Ltd. in England surviving. Sculptors such as Bazin, Paillet, Sykes, Renevey, and Lejeune created detailed sculptures in miniature, like statuettes.While “originally designed for a purpose” the hood ornament became “transformed into elaborate decorations or symbols.” As a result, the radiator cap was changed into an art form and became a way of individualizing the car, “representing a company’s vision of the automobile”, or “speaking volumes about the owner” of the vehicle. Another design objective developed for the hood ornament “reflected an idea of motion and speed and grace.”Hood ornaments were popular in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, with many automakers fitting them to their vehicles. During the 1920s, advertisements for Mercedes-Benz emphasized their “star” hood ornament as representing the “world-famous product of the oldest automobile works in the world” and as the ultimate symbol of luxury.The best-known glass mascots were made by René Lalique in France. Other sellers or producers of glass mascots include Sabino in France, Red Ashay in England, and Persons Majestic in the U.S. The latter two had their products made in Czechoslovakia. The Lalique company, like Louis Lejeune, is one of the few survivors from this era of motoring.

There are legal issues in protecting the designs of hood ornaments. Less expensive than patenting the design, protection by copyright may be possible “only if, and only to the extent that, such design incorporates pictorial, graphic, or sculptural features that can be identified separately from, and capable of existing independently of, the utilitarian aspects of the article.” Thus, the Rolls Royce ornament could be used as a separate sculpture while most other distinctive hood ornament forms would not be considered free-standing items.
He turned to Sykes to produce a mascot which would adorn all future Rolls-Royce cars and become generic to the marque, with the specifications that it should convey “the spirit of the Rolls-Royce, namely, speed with silence, absence of vibration, the mysterious harnessing of great energy and a beautiful living organism of superb grace…”

What is the lady symbol on Rolls-Royce?
An Icon is Born. In 1909, Eleanor Thornton’s presence was crystallised in the form of an ornamental figurine, by the artist Charles Sykes. A figurine that, to this day, is an exclusive addition to every Rolls-Royce motor car, to encapsulate the pursuit of personal liberty, and freedom from conformity.
Sykes was once again commissioned by Rolls-Royce in the 1930s to make a lower version of the mascot to suit the needs of the new sports saloons by providing their drivers with a clearer view of the road ahead.Sykes’ brief from Claude Johnson had been to evoke the spirit of mythical beauty, Nike, whose graceful image was admired in The Louvre, but Sykes was not impressed. He felt that a more feminine representation might be apt.

The kneeling lady mascot was unveiled on 26 January 1934 and was as undeniably a reflection of Eleanor as it was a symbol of the Rolls-Royce. It also bore on the plinth the inscription “C. Sykes, 26.1.34”, the date when the first piece was finished. This version was, however, discontinued after the Silver Dawn, Phantom IV and Silver Wraith models, in favour of a smaller version of the original standing mascot, and so it remains to date. The last Phantom IV delivered and the final 4 or 5 years of the Silver Wraith carried this standing version.
Eleanor (also known as Thorn) was the secretary of John Walter, who fell in love with her in 1902 when she worked for him on the aforesaid motoring magazine. Their secret love was to remain hidden, limited to their circle of friends, for more than a decade. The reason for the secrecy was Eleanor’s impoverished social and economic status, which was an obstacle to their love. On the other hand, Montagu had been married to Lady Cecil Victoria Constance Kerr since 1889.The new Spirit of Ecstasy stands 82.73mm tall, compared to her predecessor’s 100.01mm. Her robes have been subtly reshaped to make them more aerodynamic and realistic.

Earliest prototypes showed a drag coefficient of just 0.26, making it the most aerodynamic Rolls-Royce ever created. The drag coefficient is expected to improve during the product’s testing protocols undertaken in 2022. The Rolls-Royce Spectre is expected to debut in 2023.The Spirit of Ecstasy, also called Eleanor, Silver Lady, or Flying Lady, was designed by Sykes, a graduate of London’s Royal College of Art, and carries with it a story about secret passion between Montagu, second Baron Montagu of Beaulieu after 1905, a pioneer of the automobile movement, and editor of The Car Illustrated magazine from 1902, and the model for the emblem, Eleanor Velasco Thornton. It was again Miss Thornton whom he had in mind. Sykes chose to modify The Whisper into a version similar to today’s Spirit of Ecstasy. He called this first model The Spirit of Speed. Later, Charles Sykes called it “A graceful little goddess, the Spirit of Ecstasy, who has selected road travel as her supreme delight and alighted on the prow of a Rolls-Royce motor car to revel in the freshness of the air and the musical sound of her fluttering draperies.” The Spirit of Ecstasy is the bonnet mascot sculpture on Rolls-Royce cars. It is in the form of a woman leaning forwards with her arms outstretched behind and above her. Billowing cloth runs from her arms to her back, resembling wings.Eleanor died on 30 December 1915 when the SS Persia was torpedoed by a U-boat south of Crete. She had been accompanying Lord Montagu who had been directed to assume a command in India. He was thought to have been killed too, but survived and was saved after several days adrift in a life raft.The figurine is now braced for the wind, one leg forward, body tucked low, eyes focused eagerly ahead, “a true goddess of speed”. Her new shape has been digitally sculpted, adding an authentically contemporary aura to her dynamism and commanding presence, including elegant facial features and expression, combining focus and serenity. She has, previously, stood with her feet together, legs straight and tilting at the waist.

Royce was ill during the commissioning of the flying lady. He did not believe the figurine enhanced the cars, asserting that it impaired the driver’s view, and was rarely seen driving one of his company’s vehicles adorned with the mascot.
Claude Johnson devised the description of the Spirit of Ecstasy, he described how Sykes had sought to convey the image of “the spirit of ecstasy, who has selected road travel as her supreme delight…… she is expressing her keen enjoyment, with her arms outstretched and her sight fixed upon the distance.”

A new design was specially made for the all-new-electric Spectre, after it was first registered as intellectual property, in 1911. The figurine has been remodelled with a lower, more dynamic stance that brings her much closer to the original drawings made in the early years of the 20th century. The new version created for the Spectre will appear on all future models.
Today’s Spirit of Ecstasy, from the 2003 Phantom model onward, stands at 3 inches (7.6 cm) and, for the safety of any person being accidentally hit, is mounted on a spring-loaded mechanism designed to retract instantly into the radiator shell if struck from any direction. There is a button within the vehicle which can raise/lower the emblem when pressed. She can be made from highly polished stainless steel, stainless with 24-carat gold plating, or from illuminated frosted crystal – the latter two being optional extras. Aftermarket customized versions are also available, including those covered in a matte black paint or studded in diamonds. The company created one as a Fabergé Egg.Royce made sure it was officially listed as an optional extra, but in practice it was fitted to almost all cars after that year, becoming a standard fitting in the early 1920s. It was silver plated from 1911 until 1914 when the mascot was made with nickel or chrome alloy to dissuade theft. The only departure from this came in Paris at the competition for the most apposite mascot of 1920, where a gold-plated version won first place. Gold-plated versions were subsequently available at additional cost. The design of the mascot has had eleven main variations in its life. Lowered height of coachwork forced subsequent reductions in the mascot size. Consequently, several alterations in the original design were made.

The first Rolls-Royce motorcars did not feature radiator mascots; they simply carried the Rolls-Royce emblem. When John, 2nd Baron Montagu commissioned his friend, sculptor Charles Robinson Sykes, who worked in London under the nobleman’s patronage, to sculpt a personal mascot for the bonnet of his 1909 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Sykes chose Eleanor Velasco Thornton as his model. Sykes originally crafted a figurine of her in fluttering robes, having placed one forefinger against her lips – to symbolize the secret of the love affair between Thornton and Montagu. The figurine was consequently named The Whisper and is on display at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu along with other Spirit of Ecstasy figurines.
By 1910 personal mascots had become the fashion of the day. Rolls-Royce were concerned to note that some owners were affixing “inappropriate” ornaments to their cars. Claude Johnson, then managing director of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, was asked to commission a more dignified and graceful mascot.In February 1911 Sykes presented to Rolls-Royce the Spirit of Ecstasy, which was easily recognisable as being a variation on the theme of The Whisper. The similarity was hardly coincidental because the model for both had been Miss Thornton. The sculptor’s signature appeared on the plinth and were either signed “Charles Sykes, February 1911” or “Feb 6, 1911” or “6.2.11”. Even after Rolls-Royce took over the casting of the figures in 1948 each Spirit of Ecstasy continued to receive this inscription until 1951.

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Our newsletter is for everyone who loves design! Let us know if you’re a freelance designer (or not) so we can share the most relevant content for you.Whenever luxury affords us the chance to enjoy that same illusion, we will be in the company of Eleanor’s spirit. Leading now, just as she did then. Transcending time for each new generation – a guiding light for the fearless. For those who would change the world, she is the star to set their course by.A certificate of conformity is no longer available directly from our head office. Requests are now dealt with by any authorised Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealerships.

Looking further to the future, we offer a range of Apprenticeships and a Graduate Scheme, details of which can be found on the careers page on our website.There have always been, and will always be, those whose hopes and desires are not restrained by the customs of their day. Individuals for whom the accepted norm is a challenge, not a boundary.

Prominent were Charles Rolls, aristocratic showman and partner of self-made engineering genius Henry Royce. Also, Claude Johnson, the Automobile Club’s original first secretary and John Douglas-Scott-Montagu, a pioneer of automobile journalism.
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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is committed to producing and delivering products and services of the highest standard, but we do understand that sometimes things can go wrong. If you have a concern or are dissatisfied in any way, please visit this page for more details.
From a modest background, her intellect and charisma saw her rise through an elitist society. She became the central presence of an unsung, yet immeasurably influential coterie of mavericks; one that helped to shape the future of motoring.

What is the lady with wings for hood ornament?
The Spirit of Ecstasy is the bonnet mascot sculpture on Rolls-Royce cars. It is in the form of a woman leaning forwards with her arms outstretched behind and above her. Billowing cloth runs from her arms to her back, resembling wings.
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Now, her aura is free to imbue the dreams of all whose imaginations are fired by her legacy. As Charles Rolls’ desire permeates those creations that still bear his name, every statuette that slices the air atop a Rolls-Royce personifies Eleanor’s own tilts at freedom.
Please follow the link to locate your nearest Rolls-Royce Motor Cars authorized dealership by selecting ‘Enquiry’ then ‘Find a Dealer’ from the top right hand side.Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. is a separate legal entity from Rolls-Royce PLC and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BMW Group. Based at Goodwood near Chichester in West Sussex, it commenced business on 1st January 2003 as its new global production facility. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars manufactures and sells the worlds pinnacle super-luxury automobiles, including the Phantom, Ghost, Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan models.

What are the most stolen hood ornaments?
Police and car dealers said the most popular hood ornaments are those on the Mercedes-Benz, followed by those from Porsches and BMWs. One reason for the popularity of the Mercedes ornaments, said police, is that they are relatively easy to remove.
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Their lives now intertwined professionally, as well as by the bonds of friendship, it was her voice that led them. She was a mercurial force that galvanised the group, allowing them to stand together at the forefront of a new frontier of motor travel.

How much is the Rolls-Royce Flying Lady?
Rolls Royce has come out with a new hood ornament called the Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet sculpture. This little charm costs a whopping $200,000! It’s made of platinum and diamonds… about 150 carats!
And Charles Robinson Sykes, a bohemian artist and sculptor. His friendship with the maverick group led to his creating the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ – an emblem that has stood as an internationally-recognised symbol of perfection ever since.The prices of our model range would depend on the specification. For further information please contact your nearest Rolls-Royce dealership who will be delighted to assist you further.

Since 1904, Rolls-Royce has created instantly recognisable motor cars that have made the marque an icon all over the world. Discover the whole story here.

Now for that hood ornament… do a quick search for “flying woman” or “nymph” hood ornament and you will have plenty to choose from. There are also quite a few on Amazon here. Below is my favorite from all the images that come up…It is fantastic. There is something about this commercial that you can’t get enough of it. It’s a happy commercial . Freedom from all the cares heartfelt singing The Mirage hotel and casino has a very similar statue in their lobby. So my thought was that the driver was headed to Vegas for the weekend. Anyone who’s taken that drive would agree the scenery would also be supportive of this theory as would the lyrics “let’s make lots of money.” The guy is just having a TGIF ride to take a shot at winning —- subconsciously, the viewer association is Allstate customers are (hopeful) winners too. Subliminal suggestions are a part of all advertising. Even the semi creepiness of the statue is meant to invoke interest and get viewer attention. Looks like a home run! Good job Allstate ad people!!! I love this add, it reminds me of my dad’s truck and or cars he always have hood ornaments and as a child I would fantasize that they actually did sing as we drove down the road.

If you people would do a search on Allstate commercial 2021, you will find all kinds of videos and information on the Allstate commercial…The song is by the “Pet Shop Boys” and the car is gender neutral so as not to advertise a car company…It is for throwing caution to the wind as a commercial often does and is not meant to irritate anyone other than those folks that cannot understand a simple advertisement…It is for fun and allowing Allstate to mention themselves in a commercial that happens to just be fun…My husband and I like it and find it a cheap thrill considering other boring commercials that air…The “wet teddy bears” commercial has to be the worst…
Not certain, but the location of the last scene (aerial) in the commercial looks a lot like Nevada Highway 375, a few miles east of the “black mailbox”???What’s really creepy is the Progressive commercial with the half man half motorcycle to emulate a Centaur. Centaurs had a really bad reputation in Greek myths and mythology. They were mostly famous because they were extremely violent towards women and other people. There are numerous myths and stories about centaurs violating women in Greek mythology.

Based on the shape of the headlights, the lower grill around the fog lamps, my best guess is this is a 2016 BMW 435i Cabriolet with a custom front end. See in the pic below how the basic shape and structure of the BMW grill matches the car in the ad.About the car itself… Obviously Allstate didn’t want to give any free advertising to an automaker, as you can see (refer to pic above) the car has no visible logos or emblems on the front grill where most car companies place their signage.

Being in media advertising…this is an AWSOME commercial. The guy in the car is perfect….the blend is unbelievable 1930 Buick hood emblem is great. I now want one. This makes a huge attractive statement. GREAT JOB!
This add makes me want to sing. It’s one of a few adds that I do not fast forward through. The hood ornament looks like one from a 1938 Cadillac brougham.🎼So well said, Jen V! 👍. Those are the words that smart people use when they pool their talents and strengths to succeed. It’s ambition in catchy music!

What does the Flying Lady mean on Rolls-Royce?
An Icon is Born. In 1909, Eleanor Thornton’s presence was crystallised in the form of an ornamental figurine, by the artist Charles Sykes. A figurine that, to this day, is an exclusive addition to every Rolls-Royce motor car, to encapsulate the pursuit of personal liberty, and freedom from conformity.
Some of you people are reading to deeply into the meaning of this commercial. The song was a poke at Thatcherism when it was released, and for those of us that liked the song when it came out, we are the current 45-55 demographic. It has nothing to do with race; it’s the joy of out driving your car singing along with a good song. Stop reading into meanings that aren’t there.I agree! In the new ad those poor crabs are dancing around because they don’t know what awaits them. It doesn’t convey a pleasant message like Duet does.

What car has angel wings?
Aston Martin, Chrysler and Bentley are iconic car companies with wing logos.
Yes… I agree! But, I still drop everything to try making out what the hell is it she’s singing throughout the remaining commercial..😠 Drives me 🤪 crazy😄! Brain, Braun, Money… I got that – what else????I dislike this irritating commercial SO much, I will never bother with Allstate Insurance! I wouldn’t even call them for a quote! It is hideous, disturbing and just repulsive! Oh how I wish they would remove it from our tv viewing. I just can’t stand it. Please Please go away!!

Excellent interpretation! 👍. Very intelligent commercial. Not everybody gets it. He’ll be using the $718 savings on his Allstate insurance shown on his cell phone to make lots of money in Vegas!
Anytime there is a person of color in a commercial there was a conscious effort to do so. While I don’t agree with Adelle; this commercial is creepy and not at all humorous. You braindead frick’in Moron.cuz the song sucks and in typical shitty music style millenials are known for it falls right into the sucks badly and is annoying category.Facts. Trash music 101.

If you say the word “creepy” enough people are going to start believing it, like believing that the presidential election was “stolen” – duh. It’s a fantastic ad & I’m always irritated that it doesn’t go on longer. It’s FUN.