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The midsole of the Li Ning Sonic XI 11 features LightFoam Plus+ technology in the rearfoot, which provides responsive cushioning and excellent shock absorption. According to official Li Ning data, the LightFoam Plus+ midsole increases forefoot and rearfoot rebound by 6.1% and 18.5%, respectively, enhancing the shoe’s performance during gameplay.

The Rush Wave colorway is inspired by Chinese aesthetics and features a white base color with a jade-like TPU module on the front of the shoe’s upper. The shoe’s upper is constructed with a large area of woven material, complemented by Li Ning’s COOL SHELL breathable technology to ensure optimal ventilation during gameplay.
The Li Ning Sonic XI 11 is a low-cut basketball shoe is now endorsed by Fred VanVleet that features a sleek design with smooth lines. The shoe’s toe box and heel area utilize Li Ning’s popular upward design, which enhances its overall visual appeal. The shoe’s design logic emphasizes lightweight performance, with a low-cut profile and a three-dimensional tongue for a comfortable, snug fit.The shoe’s heel area features a 180-degree TPU module design that provides excellent support and stability. The same jade-like TPU design used on the upper is also used on the heel, further enhancing the shoe’s visual appeal.

Who wears Cariumas?
The minimalist design of Cariuma’s sneakers is loved by both fans and celebrities alike. A few summers ago, Mirren wore an emerald green pair at the Cannes Film Festival, while Kutcher donned black Cariuma shoes on Good Morning America. Pete Davidson and Jon Hamm have also repped the brand in recent months.
The Li Ning Speed 9 Ultra Low is a new 2023 model from the Li Ning Speed line, designed for basketball players who require quick and agile movement on the court. The shoe is endorsed by Fred VanVleet and CBA. The first colorway available is called “Summer Oil Painting,” featuring a combination of white, green, orange, and yellow colors. More colors are expected to be released soon.The midsole of the Li Ning Speed 9 Ultra Low features Li Ning’s proprietary Boom lightweight cushioning technology. This shoe is a luxurious option in terms of its features and design. The “Summer Oil Painting” colorway offers a refreshing aesthetic, and the low-cut design of the shoe gives it a sleek and stylish look that is arguably better than the standard Li Ning Speed 9 Ultra.The shoe has a mesh upper that features Li Ning’s new “Boom Fiber” technology, which is expected to be used more frequently in Li Ning basketball shoes. The SOLID SYSTEM lace-up design enhances the overall fit and support of the shoe. The heel of the shoe features a holographic TPU module that provides additional support, although the effectiveness of this design is somewhat debatable.

“Pink lemonade is another important thing to me,” said Tatum. “Even to this day, lemonade is something that I order to drink whenever I go out to eat.”Jayson Tatum has celebrated storytelling through his sneakers since signing with Jordan Brand in 2019. Leading into this month’s debut of his first signature shoe, the Jordan Tatum 1, he’s already worn nearly a dozen different editions.One of the simpler colorways of the Tatum 1 sneaker is a white and black version, accented by red and blue stripes along the heel tab and five gold stars.

As a headliner of Jordan Brand’s annual flagship model since the Air Jordan 34, Tatum has worked with Jordan Brand senior color designer Kelsey Amy to create colorways and themes for each model. Almost all of the stories stem from his passions and upbringing.
The tweet went relatively under the radar until the Orlando Magic’s rookie of the year front-runner took the court in late March in a sneaker resembling tortillas, eggs and avocados.

No matter what sneaker he laces up, his pregame ritual also includes grabbing a Sharpie, writing “Deuce,” the nickname of his son, Jayson Tatum Jr., and drawing a heart along the heel of each shoe.From the time Tatum laced up his PEs of other models to now seeing Jordan Brand’s latest star signing in his first sneaker, his ascent as a signature star has felt like a full circle moment.

What shoes did Brad Pitt wear?
Brad Pitt Continues His Love Affair with Adidas x Gucci Gazelle Sneakers.
Tatum has also celebrated his upbringing and family through his tattoos. His back piece highlights his hometown and along his left leg is a portrait of his mother Brandy and son Deuce, just below the phrase “Momma’s Boy.”

“It’s surreal to say this, because I never take any of this for granted, but I truly did dream of it. I did speak on all of this to my mom and my grandma. ‘When I get older, I’m going to be the No. 1 draft pick, be an All-Star and have my own shoe.’ It’s a nod to that and that way of thinking as a kid.”
“It’s a nod to my watch collection and my love for the hobby of buying and collecting watches,” said Tatum. “One of my favorite watches is a blue and gold AP, so that’s where that idea came from.” When Tatum stepped onto the court for this year’s All-Star Game in Salt Lake City, the bright pink and seafoam tones that draped his launch colorway were immediately recognizable to fans who followed his footwear. “I think most people had seen the clip when I was mic’d up, where I was talking about how ‘I’m top five when I get a cut,’ ” said Tatum. “I’ve always been nominated on Twitter for having the best line, taper and haircut, so that was just showing love to my barber.”“I wanted it to stand out,” Tatum said of his shoe’s design. “But also, as an athlete and a basketball player, I wanted it to be comfortable. It’s essentially an extension of yourself. The shoe being stable and comfortable and able to react with your body was most important. The colorways are the icing on the cake.”

Who is fredderick VanVleet?
Fredderick Edmund VanVleet Sr. (born February 25, 1994) is an American professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the NBA. He was signed by the Raptors after going undrafted in the 2016 NBA Draft. He was a member of the 2018–19 Toronto Raptors that won the 2019 NBA Championship.
The launch colorway of the Jordan Tatum 1 encapsulated his time with the company to date, his son Deuce and his love of storytelling, all in one silhouette.“That’s something that he wanted to do,” he said. “It’s little things like that, where I was honored, that people wanted to make their own version. When I saw that he was making that, I couldn’t wait to get my pair and wear ’em on the court.”

“That’s a nod to my mom,” he explained. “Besides Deuce, that’s my best friend and the person I give all the credit for raising me to be the person that I am off the court and the man I grew up to be. My mom’s favorite color is neon green, her favorite flower is a white calla lily. That was the thought process behind that and I wanted to give her some love.”

Nick DePaula is a footwear industry and lifestyle writer at Andscape. The Sacramento, California, native has been based in Portland, Oregon, for the last decade, a main hub of sneaker company headquarters. He’ll often argue that How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days is actually an underrated movie, largely because it’s the only time his Sacramento Kings have made the NBA Finals.

“But also, it’s storytelling around part of the campaign, which is that ‘I always knew.’ I always had these goals and mapped out my life’s plan: Go to high school and win every award I could. I went to college for one year, and I went to Duke. I wanted to be the No. 1 draft pick and ended up being the third.
The “Blueprint” theme stands out on this version of the Tatum 1. The royal blue upper resembles the graph paper footwear developers use to create the tech pack for production, all the way down to the coding text along the panels. “Vector-shaped” squares along the heel highlight the Jumpman and “JT” logos.

What is Zion Williamson shoes?
Even better, he was finally able to play in his signature Jordan Brand shoes. Williamson missed all last season due to injury and never wore his first signature shoe. But the All-Star forward has put in work in the Jordan Zion 2.
“That was cool, because that’s the origin of me being with Jordan Brand,” he said. “The first PE [player exclusive] that I ever had come to life was the ‘Welcome to the Zoo’ Air Jordan 34. It was showing the relationship that I have with Deuce and the things that we bond over, like his love for animals and his love for going to the St. Louis Zoo.”“It’s been since he was born, honestly,” he said. “Maybe a few games after that. I’ve been writing it on the back of my shoes, ever since my first year.”The colorway was back yet again and incorporated into his recent Tatum 1 commercial as an Easter egg in the scene where he rides in a private jet with Jordan collaborator rapper Travis Scott.

“I wish we were selling that one,” said Tatum. “ ‘The Blueprint’ is the phrase we used when we started the conversation around me having my own shoe and my business within Jordan Brand. It’s a nod to Jay-Z, my favorite rapper, and The Blueprint is my favorite album.
“We’re evolving the stories that I’ve been telling since I started with Jordan Brand,” he added. “We had Lemonade 34s, 35s, 36s and 37s. A lot of these stories were started as PEs on the game shoe, and now we’ve expanded it to the Tatum 1.”

“Man, that was superdope,” said Tatum. “He’s somebody I have a really good relationship with through Duke [University]. That’s something where people are making PEs of my signature shoe.”
“I can’t take all the credit for the little details in the shoe,” he said. “I help come up with the ideas for what’s important to me and the stories that I want to tell, and then Kelsey does an incredible job with switching up the fabrics and throwing the little curveballs and things in to really make the shoe pop.” “The coolest part is coming up with colorways and seeing it come to life,” the Boston Celtics forward said. “But just the reception that it’s gotten from everybody loving the shoe, loving the colors and going out and buying them, seeing them on people’s feet – that’s a supercool feeling.” Before almost every home Celtics game, Tatum will post a photo on his Snapchat account as he rides to TD Garden. Seated in the right rear passenger seat of a Maybach, Tatum makes sure his sneakers are always in the shot, and he wears a watch from his rotation of Rolex, Richard Mille, and Audemars Piguet options.

Fred VanVleet is an American guard on the Toronto Raptors. Formerly signed with adidas — where he primarily wore Hardens and Dames — and with streetball brand AND1 — where he rocked the AND1 Attack 2.0s — VanVleet has turned to growing Chinese sneaker brand Li-Ning, joining Jimmy Butler, D’Angelo Russell and retired star Dwyane Wade.
Cariuma, the internet-famous shoe brand worn by celebrities including Ashton Kutcher and Helen Mirren, just released the Naioca Canvas Sneaker in so many summer-ready hues, including staple white, black, pink, gray, and blue.

Because wearing sneakers in the summer can occasionally feel hot, the sneakers are designed with breathability in mind — they have an ankle-skimming low cut to let air in. To keep your feet extra secure, the shoes have a snug lace upper that can be adjusted for a custom fit, plus the natural, slip-resistant sole has tracts to keep you stabilized. Inspired by the feeling of walking barefoot in nature, the Naioca Canvas Sneaker is crafted with a custom bio-memory foam insole, which cushions your feet for all-day comfort and support. The insole is made with a mamona oil, bio-based cork insert for an earthy look and soft feel. When you visit the site, Dotdash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your devices and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site.

Whether you’re commuting to work, heading on vacation, or running errands, Cariuma’s Naioca Canvas Sneaker will keep you cool and supported all summer long. Shop more summer-ready hues below.
White sneakers are a warm weather essential — they’re comfy, lightweight, and can be worn with practically anything in your closet. And, just in time for summer, one of Hollywood’s favorite sneakers brands dropped a white canvas shoe that’s designed to streamline your closet.Known for designing comfortable, sustainable, and minimalist sneakers, Cariuma has outdone itself with the Naioca collection, which is 100 percent vegan and made with consciously sourced materials like heavy-duty organic canvas, ethically sourced natural rubber, and recycled post-consumer plastic.

The minimalist design of Cariuma’s sneakers is loved by both fans and celebrities alike. A few summers ago, Mirren wore an emerald green pair at the Cannes Film Festival, while Kutcher donned black Cariuma shoes on Good Morning America. Pete Davidson and Jon Hamm have also repped the brand in recent months.
And just like other Cariuma shoes, this canvas sneaker also helps to give back, as two trees are planted for every pair sold to encourage the restoration of a Brazilian rainforest. Not only is the shoe chic and comfortable, but it’s also made of ethically sourced materials and supports environmental initiatives.US10.5/ EU44/ JP280, US10/ EU43.5/ JP275, US11/ EU45/ JP285, US12/ EU46/ JP 295, US13/ EU47.5/ JP305, US6.5/ EU39/ JP240, US7.5/ EU40/ JP250, US8.5/ EU41.5/ JP260, US8/ EU41/ JP255, US9.5/ EU43/ JP270, US9/ EU42/ JP265 Probar LOC is a stabilizing device embedded in the arch of the midsole to connect the forefoot and heel, which can properly support and protect the arch of the foot in every step of movement and improve stability. Li Ning light elastic technology is an innovative midsole material independently developed by Li Ning. It is prepared by supercritical fluid foaming process. Compared with traditional materials, it greatly reduces the weight of the midsole, significantly improves the springback performance, and has a longer service life, which greatly improves the function of the product. At the same time, through more targeted adjustment, it can meet the competitive needs of different sports, such as running, basketball, badminton, table tennis, and provide good performance support for athletes in various events.This shoe can achieve different functional support by adapting insoles of different materials, such as support, cushioning, lightweight, rebound, etc. it can flexibly adapt to the suitable midsole for basketball players’ personalized choice of shoes, so that the same product has more diversified experience.Carbon fiber board is made of carbon fiber with lighter weight and better strength than traditional TPU material, which has good toughness, earthquake resistance and impact resistance. It helps to provide good support and force transmission during sports, reduce sports losses and improve sports performance.

What shoes does Jimmy Butler wear?
What is a surprise is the shoe company Butler reps ever since leaving Jordan Brand in 2020: Li-Ning. In 2022, Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler raised eyebrows by signing with Chinese shoe brand Li-Ning, ending his long-term relationship with Jordan Brand.
On Wednesday night, Morant debuted a new colorway of the Nike Ja 1. The shoes feature a white mesh upper, a yellow Swoosh logo, and a mix of blue and green detailing around the shoe.

This is similar to the ‘Phantom’ colorway that surfaced online several weeks ago, but the noticeable differences lead us to believe it is a player-exclusive model.Since debuting the shoes, the high-flying point guard has tantalized sneakerheads with multiple unreleased colorways. Below is everything fans must know about Morant’s shoes.

On Wednesday night, Morant returned to action as the Memphis Grizzlies hosted the Houston Rockets. With all eyes on him, Morant used the opportunity to debut an unreleased pair of his first signature basketball shoe with Nike.
Morant has worn the Nike Ja 1 during games since officially debuting the shoes in December. Morant’s shoes were met with critical acclaim from fans and athletes. Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant praised the shoes last month at All-Star weekend.

It has been a rollercoaster season for Ja Morant. The 2X NBA All-Star enjoyed a stellar first half of the season before getting embroiled in controversy. Morant just finished serving a nine-game suspension after showing a gun in a Denver nightclub on March 4.
Additional colorways scheduled to release throughout the year include ‘Scratch,’ ‘Trivia,’ and ‘Chimney.’ Fans should have plenty of opportunities to purchase Morant’s shoes in the very near future. Stay locked into for all your footwear news. Luckily for fans, they do not have to wait much longer to purchase Morant’s shoes. The Nike Ja 1 is expected to release in the ‘Day One’ colorway on Saturday, April 1. The shoes will come in full-family sizing and will cost $110 in adult sizes. We want to hear your thoughts on the Air Jordan 37 Low and Tatum’s ‘lemonade’ colorway. Give us your hottest takes on Twitter. As always, stay tuned to to learn more about what your favorite athletes wear on and off the court.

Sure, Boston lost the game, but they are still four games above the rest of the Eastern Conference. Plus, Celtics forward Jayson Tatum treated hoops fans to another impressive 26-point outing. Not to mention, Tatum did it all in a new colorway of the newly-released Air Jordan 37 Low.
Currently, there is no confirmation that Tatum’s ‘lemonade’ colorway will enjoy a general release. The never-before-seen colorway used a bright yellow upper with light blue and orange accents on the heel. The phrase “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is printed on the tongues.Until the launch of Tatum’s shoes, the All-Star forward has more work to do in the Jordan Brand’s newest flagship model. Below is everything fans need to know about the Air Jordan 37 Low ‘Lemonade’ worn by Tatum during last night’s game in Orlando.

What shoes is Fred VanVleet wearing?
Formerly signed with adidas — where he primarily wore Hardens and Dames — and with streetball brand AND1 — where he rocked the AND1 Attack 2.0s — VanVleet has turned to growing Chinese sneaker brand Li-Ning, joining Jimmy Butler, D’Angelo Russell and retired star Dwyane Wade. Cached
Recently, Tatum made headlines when an image of his first signature shoe with Jordan Brand leaked online. Tatum tried throwing cold water on the rumored photos, but the internet remains undefeated when it comes to sneakers.The Air Jordan 37 Low launched on January 19, 2023. Fans can still purchase the new model in the classic Chicago Bulls-inspired colorway for $175 on Nike’s website. The performance basketball shoe touts much of the same tech specs as the Air Jordan 37 but with a low-cut silhouette.With almost half of all NBA teams playing on Monday night, there was no shortage of highlights. One of the better games was the Orlando Magic’s 113-98 upset victory over the Boston Celtics.At Auburn High School in Rockford, Illinois, VanVleet was an All-State player who was mostly recruited by mid-major basketball programs. In college, he contributed to a resurgence of Wichita State Shockers basketball that included a Final Four run in the 2013 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament by the 2012–13 Shockers team as a freshman and an undefeated regular season by the 2013–14 team as a sophomore. By his sophomore year, he was on midseason watchlists for most major awards. He was named as a 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball All-American by a variety of media outlets. As a junior for the 2014–15 Shockers, he was an All-Missouri Valley Conference first team selection and received All-American honorable mention recognition from the Associated Press. He is the Wichita State career assists leader. He was named Missouri Valley Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Year as both a sophomore and a senior.

Fred VanVleet wears Li-Ning Yushuai 16 V2, Li-Ning Speed 9, Li-Ning Sonic X, Li-Ning Speed 8 Premium Low, Li-Ning Unknown, Li-Ning Way Of Wade 9 Low, Li-Ning YuShuai 13 Boom Low, Li-Ning Speed VII, AND1 Attack 2.0,
The Li-Ning Speed 8 (sometimes written as the Speed VIII), is the next iteration of Li-Ning’s very successful flagship basketball silhouette. Though worn by only a small handful of NBAers (most prominently Fred VanVleet), the Speed 8 is chock full of performance features, including upgraded support and traction, and some design hints borrowed from the Way of Wade series.The Jordan Zion 2 launched in two premium colorways in June 2022 for $140. Following the launch, the retail price has remained between $120-$130 for the release of multiple colorways.

On Wednesday morning, the basketball world learned that Zion Williamson is at least two weeks away from returning from a hamstring injury. The New Orleans Pelicans forward dominated the NBA through 29 games this season, averaging 26 points and seven rebounds.
Not only does Williamson’s second signature shoe tout top-notch technology, but it has dropped in some fire colorways that received near-universal approval from sneakerheads. Now is the time to purchase the Jordan Zion 2 before he returns to the court and reminds everyone of his greatness.Even better, he was finally able to play in his signature Jordan Brand shoes. Williamson missed all last season due to injury and never wore his first signature shoe. But the All-Star forward has put in work in the Jordan Zion 2.The Jordan Zion 2 introduced a new concept that decouples the Strobel, shifting it from a full-length unit to a focus on the heel, allowing for 20 percent more Zoom Air on the forefoot and a smoother, more comfortable landing on the hee. Additional support is provided by the cup sole, which wraps high up the foot, and a forefoot strap that works in tandem with the lacing system for optimal support.

The performance model is segmented into three key areas: the heel for impact resistance, the midsole for resilience and containment, and the forefoot for comfort and mobility.While fans anxiously await Williamson’s return to the court, they can at least purchase his signature shoes at a discount. The Jordan Zion 2 is available in multiple colorways and discounted at 14-34% off the retail price on Nike’s website.

Celebrate Global Running Day by putting on your best pair of running shoes and hit the track, street or treadmill. Need a new pair of running shoes? Check out the half-off deals from top running shoe brands below.
The sole of the shoe is made with a block design that enhances grip on different stress areas and adds stability on the road. The midfoot technology gives increased support designed to reduce injury. Like its basketball shoes, Li-Ning’s running shoes feature high-performance technology in the sole that replaces traditional EVA and makes the shoe lighter.Known for lightweight materials and extra support in the heel, Li-Ning also features eye-catching color ways and design especially fitting sneaker heads who want a quality shoe that stands out from the rest. (Note that prices may vary by size.)

Step off the court and into Li-Ning’s lifestyle shoe, the 001 BTC Rich. Embedded arch support makes these comfortable and the foot well-supported. These shoes are lightweight compared to similar everyday shoes due to the high-performance technology in the midsole — their light foam which is more porous than traditional EVA. The shoelace is adjustable based on the wearer and the sole is lined with non-slip, water-resistant technology.The heel is fitted with Li-Ning Boom, which provides increased cushioning in the heel. Li-Ning’s light foam cushioning technology makes these shoes lightweight with increased stability from the forefront to the heel, which keeps the foot stable and grounded while in play.

In 2022, Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler raised eyebrows by signing with Chinese shoe brand Li-Ning, ending his long-term relationship with Jordan Brand. Former Heat megastar Dwyane Wade had previously signed a lifetime deal with Li-Ning and New Orleans Pelicans star CJ McCollum, Toronto Raptors star Fred VanVleet and Los Angeles Lakers star DeAngelo Russell all joined the roster.

For Game 1 of the 2023 NBA Finals Jimmy wore a throwback shoe, the Jimmy 1, his first Li-Ning signature shoe dating back to 2020. The Jimmy 1 is hard to find, with inflated prices, but Amazon’s great selection of Li-Ning sneakers will get you close with the Li-Ning Speed. Butler, VanVleet and McCollum have all worn on the Li-Ning Speed on the court.Wednesday, June 7 is Global Running Day. It’s a day where participants pledge to participate in a running activity. First held in 2016, the Global Running Day is now supported by hundreds of organizations, including USA Track & Field, Boston Athletic Association (host of the Boston Marathon) and more.

Jimmy is no stranger to the NBA Finals. The Marquette alum has made two appearances in the Eastern Conference Finals and one previous appearance in the NBA Finals (2020 vs. the Lakers). It’s no surprise Jimmy is back, coffee cup in hand.Anyone who thought the Denver Nuggets were going to be able to sweep the Miami Heat in the 2023 NBA Finals has not watched Jimmy Butler in a fourth quarter when the Heat are down. Jokic, Murray and the unrelenting Nuggets roster may have sent the Los Angeles Lakers to Cabo (if you know, you know), but the Heat are proving to be quite the adversary.

What is Fred VanVleet's speed VIII?
The 2021 winter release is Speed 8 while this one is made exclusively to Fred VanVleet, which is limited release and available on sale now. Dressed up with Toronto Raptors inspired colorways, Li Ning bring this hot Speed VIII to new signature player Fred VanVleet.
Related Galleries Culture News Pride 2023: Standout Moments, Celebrities and Photos of Parades Around the World Fashion Trends They Are Wearing: Paris Men’s Spring 2024This is just one of the many similar outfits that evoke this vibe vibe for Pitt recently. He’s also worn yellow Gazelles with a lime green suit, which is a real sentence to wrap your mind around. He’s also worn them in a bit more accessible white color with dark stripes, paired with a loose navy suit and topped with aviators. It’s fun to see Pitt wear the casual sneakers to something usually so formal. The Adidas Gazelle is a training shoe, after all, but the Gucci makeover (and signature stamp) certainly makes it feel more red carpet-esque. The Gazelle was originally a training shoe that Adidas launched in the ’60s, which has become a staple sneaker from the archives that continues to be remade and restyled so that it keeps up with more modern style. The Gazelle was born for sportswear, and it solidified its place in Adidas history by being the first performance-based shoe to come in suede. For the ’60s, this was a brand-new fabrication. The suede was durable and protective, but moved a little easier than your standard leather athletic sneaker would. The Gazelle has a low-profile, protective heel tab and those signature three stripes. Over the years, there have been different iterations for different occasions, like changing up the outsole for tougher traction. In 2016, Adidas reissued the Gazelle style from the ’90s and it has stayed in cool, retro sneaker rotation ever since . The retro style — similar to the Adidas Samba and Stan Smith shoes — is having a renaissance. Style is in a place right now where effortless comfort is key, but without sacrificing a look that is cool. The Gazelle speaks to the current moment of cool, easy dressing. The Gucci version is a real investment in the movement with its $850 price tag, and you can shop all of the styles now at Alternatively, if you’re looking to get your hands on a more affordable classic, snag one of the many cool colorways from Pitt is, through and through, a movie star. Not just in the sense that he’s an actor, but also in that he embodies the glitz and glamour that comes along with it. And for as long as he’s been in the public eye, he’s looked the part. His red carpet style has historically been pretty movie star-like. He wears tailored, expensive suits in event-appropriate colors. Maybe he’ll grow his hair long and slick it back or wear a tux with a fun dress shoe. For the most part, Pitt has stayed pretty buttoned-up. But for the past few weeks, Pitt has been hitting red carpets in loose-fitting suits and the coveted Gucci x Adidas Gazelle sneakers.

Who is wearing Jordan 37?
A detailed look at Jayson Tatum’s shoes. The Air Jordan 37 Low launched on January 19, 2023. Fans can still purchase the new model in the classic Chicago Bulls-inspired colorway for $175 on Nike’s website.
Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train red carpet outfits have been uncharacteristically casual, but it’s a strong look considering he’s doing “casual” in the much-anticipated Gucci x Adidas sneakers. Most recently, he wore a red pair of Gazelles with an airy linen suit. It takes a whole air of confidence to wear a look like this — the proportions are risky, the vibes casual. It’s one of those outfits that you might not know how to evaluate, except for that it is Brad Pitt, Style Icon, and therefore the outfit must be good.

What shoe does Jokic wear?
Nike Air Zoom G.T. Jump Jokic plays every game in the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Jump basketball shoes. Look closely, and you will see his wedding ring tied up in the laces (wedding ring sold separately). Much like Jokic’s game, his shoes are wildly underrated.
VanVleet closed with 26 points (8-22 FG, 7-13 3Pt, 3-6 FT), 12 rebounds, eight assists, one block and one steal in 42 minutes during Wednesday’s 109-105 Play-In Game loss to the Bulls.

While the criteria for the league’s most valuable player is inherently subjective, there is no denying that Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic hits the constantly moving target. Jokic averages roughly 24 points, 12 rebounds, and ten assists per game for the best team in the Western Conference.
Not only is Jokic the most integral part of Denver’s roster, but the quiet star offers so much that old-school hoops fans yearn for. Jokic rarely misses games, he’s arguably the best passing big man of all time, and he never left the team that drafted him (in the second round).Jokic plays every game in the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Jump basketball shoes. Look closely, and you will see his wedding ring tied up in the laces (wedding ring sold separately). Much like Jokic’s game, his shoes are wildly underrated.

The Nike Air Zoom G.T. Jump is currently available in adult sizes for $180 on the Nike website. The shoes feature the brand’s most responsive cushioning systems ever created. The full-length Air Zoom Strobel unit is double-stacked with Zoom Air in the heel and forefoot.
The discourse around the NBA is often toxic online. Somehow, the debate surrounding the league’s MVP award got even worse during nationally-televised sports talk shows this week.The only thing more quiet and underappreciated than Jokic’s game is his Nike basketball shoes. In addition to revitalizing the sport, the 6’11” phenom has brought back high-top shoes. Below is everything fans must know about Jokic’s kicks.

Will Jokic or his shoes ever receive the love they deserve? Probably not. But real basketball fans and players can recognize greatness when they see it. Now is a great time to purchase Jokic’s shoes before he wins his third consecutive NBA MVP award.
The cushion works in unison with the external jump frame made from PEBAX® that’s lightweight, springy, and strong. The woven exoskeleton-like upper offers stability and lockdown so players can move with confidence. A thin-web rubber outsole uses a zigzag herringbone pattern that has been perfected over the years.

What is Jayson Tatum's shoe?
An Air Jordan 37 features Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum’s tattoo artwork by Steve Wiebe. Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum’s vintage Mustang-inspired the black gloss and quilted seat look of the Air Jordan 37 Low.
Endorsed by Jimmy Butler, Li Ning Speed series is also sponsored basketball shoes for CBA basketball players, which is designed for fast reaction and speed. The 2021 winter release is Speed 8 while this one is made exclusively to Fred VanVleet, which is limited release and available on sale now.A 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m) point guard, VanVleet played college basketball for Wichita State University before starting his NBA career. He contributed to the resurgence of Wichita State Shockers basketball including a final four runs by the 2012–13 Shockers team and an undefeated regular season by the 2013–14 team. VanVleet was named as the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball All-American by various media outlets. As a junior for the 2014–15 Shockers, he was an All-Missouri Valley Conference first team selection and received an All-American Honorable Mention from the Associated Press. VanVleet is the Wichita State Career Assist Leader and was named the Missouri Valley Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Year, both as a sophomore and as a senior.During the NBA Bubble Down at Disneyland in Orlando, VanValet got a nice visit from Shontai, who tugged with her kids. The happiest place on earth became even happier for Fred, as he enjoyed every moment he had with his family, whom he hadn’t seen in two months.So there you have it. Fred VanVleet’s girlfriend is a nice lady who takes care of Fred and their two children. What more could a Raptors guard ask for?