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I have several older Glocks and I got the 19x because the mags are all interchangable. I don’t believe that is the case with the Gen 5’s which would include the 45….

That being said though, Glock fans are coming out in droves and snapping up these latest pistols specifically for their daily carry loadout. They work great for Concealed Carry if you’re not scared of a service pistol-sized grip. Especially in the right Glock 19X holsters and Glock 45 holsters.

I currently have P320s (in both full and compact size) and I have to say I do like the full size grip better than the compact, but the shorter barrel make it the ideal truck gun (not a hell of a lot of space to move around when needed).
Instagram or Facebook has lots more pics, a kydex holster sets the bar. Exotic Leathers Sucks. Leave the leather in the 20th century where it belongs and get a quality kydex holster. Makes even the Glock line of guns look good, Thanks-just my humble opinion. J.R.The G19x also has the maritime firing pin spring cups. Another difference is the G45 is available in an MOS version. Also all the previous G17 magazines will work with the G45, if you don’t need the right side mag release, Gen 1-3. Another difference is the 19x and all Gen 5 require a taller front sight. With the addition of the marksmanship barrel the point of impact changed about 2.5 inches higher at 25 yards.

Is the GLOCK 19X better than other Glocks?
Those who have big hands will find the G19X is a better model to have at the gun range allowing you a more relaxed grip. This improves the overall balance, improved controllability and thus better accuracy over the G19-5. Why most people have a problem with the G19X is because of the extra half inch of the grip frame.
The Glock Gen 5 pistol lineup has proven to be the most reliable pistol Glock has ever tested. The Gen 5 platform pistols will fire more rounds than Gen 4 Glocks before a malfunction eventually happens.I have both the G45 and the 19X I like the G45 hands down. A big problem I’m finding with the 19X is the muzzle is starting to get black from shooting it a lot and it’s getting harder to clean it. The front of the 19X magazines are already so black I can’t get it clean very disappointing so with that said get the G45 and avoid the hype of the 19X.

The G45 has nice ballance and feels great in hand, I find it points well, I have two Gen 5’s, and love them, I think this G45 will end up in my carry rotation….
Unless Coyote Tan is your favorite color, the obvious choice here is the Glock G45. The Glock G19X has no clear advantages; unless you consider color and a lanyard loop advantages.It helped me a lot in deciding towards the G19X (for now) but also setting space and $$ aside for the G45. Not a huge fan of extended grips (full size grips), but do like the extra ammo capacity in all crossover guns. I don’t carry, but I have a friend that carries the G19X and he swears by it and says that there is almost negligible printing. I have both the 19x & G45. I like them both (I’m not a Glock Fan-Boy, they don’t fit my chunky hands). I like these 2 models better than any other Glock I’ve ever handled, probably due to the lack of finger grooves (hate finger grooves). The 19x feels & handles better to me. Not sure why but it does. I’d carry it on duty if I could but alas I can’t so the G45 rides in my duty holster & that’s OK. I’d love to know however just why the 19x feels better to me. I’d actually go out on a limb (remember, I’m not a Glock Lover) I may be in love with the 19x! This works out for civilians too! For instance, the Sig P226 is an amazing gun. However, I carry the P229 much more often because it doesn’t jack my belt up when I sit down.However, it’s important to note that the Glock G45 isn’t just a Glock 19x black. While the G19X looked like a Gen 5 pistol, it was more like a Gen 4.5. The G19X doesn’t have the flared mag well. The flared mag well on the newer Gen 5 pistols helps guide the magazine in easier and faster during reloads. Outstanding review, spot on with every detail. I’m 6’7″ & have pretty big mitts so as much as a liked the size of the G19, the G17 was so much more comfortable in my hands. I was just going to figure some way to deal with the length when behind the wheel. Sitting in a full-sized vehicle like a Crown Vic was challenge enough. The Explorer is like riding in a clown car for me. Maybe a Tahoe or Expedition would be better but you gotta deal the hand you are dealt. OK, all of that said, then I got my hands on a Model 45 at the Glock Booth at the Modern Day Marine Expo in Quantico. Again, everything you mentioned is spot on & so now I’m waiting for my Model 45 to come in. So, during those times when I know, I’m going to be on foot and not in and out of a vehicle, I’ll strap on the Model 17. Keep up the reviews, they are great!I personally went with the G45. I also added glock oem maritime spring cups that come standard onthe 19x. I also added 2 oem +2 mag plates so my package came just like the 19x (2-19 rnd and 1 flush 17 rnd mags) along with a black glock oem lanyard loop (it’s just a “grip plug” that fits on any gen 5. Also added an ameriglo “cap sight” on the front and a tritium 2 dot police standard rear sight. I don’t do “red dot” as they cost half the price of the gun and can break/fail too easy and leave you without a way to aim (unless for MORE money you buy tall iron sights to “co-witness”through the glass (which could be broken/cracked/shattered to deal with. Instead….I added an olight Baldr S for a green laser and 800 lumens to light up that dark alley. And btw, it conceal Carrie’s very well with an iwb kydex holster made specifically for the g45 w/olight Baldr. Unless you are REALLY going for a “look” (which has zero effect on what weapon you choose) then the g45 is king. Add the spring cups and lanyard loop…and you get the spec and “look” you want minus color. Not to mention the g45 will accept any mag from any gen as long as it’s double stack.

Why didn't the military use the Glock 19X?
The U.S. military chose the Sig Sauer P320 over the Glock 19X because the latter did not meet the required specifications.
It has front serrations on the slide. Front serrations are preferred by some for press checking their pistol. Glock has started adding these front serrations to more of their pistols. I’d look for them to add them to many more models in the future.I have both. Haven’t torn the G45 down to see….but does it have the maritime striker cups like the 19X? Love the way both models feel in hand. I normally CCW a 19, but the grip is a little short for guys with bigger hands. The 19X and G45 just feel right.

The Glock G19X uses the older Gen 4 Magazines. This means the new Gen 5 magazines won’t fit. The Gen 5 magazines have a longer base plate that extends further forward. The longer base plate is supposed to make it easier to yank out stuck magazines.
For people saying the coyote tan is a deal breaker you can get it changed, go check out Omaha outdoors plumb or cerakote blue, or black if you want black. Both guns are the perfect choice Don’t like the tan? Change it, I prefer the extra 2 rounds.I was not disappointed with the 19x being in law enforcement. I tried to qualify with it. And I do mean tried because it kept being snatched out of my hands after ever string of fire. I bought the G45 the same day it came out. It’s the perfect gun for us out in the field working the streets. Absolutely love it. Thank you glock.

I have both G19 and G17 Gen5. I prefer the longer grip on th G17. I’m going to buy the G45 with Ameriglo sights. The Coyote Tan was a deal breaker on the 19X.
Because (most) police aren’t concerned with concealment, they wouldn’t want to give up the ammo capacity of the G17 to switch to the G19. But giving up an inch of barrel length doesn’t have any major drawbacks. The cutouts on the front strap were included on the G17M and G19M at the insistence of the FBI, for whom the models were built. Those models morphed into the original Gen5 G17 and G19 models, and the early units included the cutouts. However, the cutouts proved to be unpopular, and have now been discontinued. Cutouts were never used on any other Gen5 models. Those with bigger hands can get pinched when reloading the Glock G19. The magazine base plate and the bottom of the grip can pinch your skin pretty good if you’re not careful. It’s rare but has been reported on many forums and Youtube videos.Man this guy can write. Every question I had thought of and a few points that I never considered were covered in this article. Why is this writer not doing Youtube reviews and other gun related content? Outstanding article – thx! You did not mention the one advantage the 19x has over the 45 and that is it uses the old style magazines. As one who has accumulated a pile of 17 and 15 round G17,G19 magazines I do not have to go out and buy new magazines. Also I do not have to be concerned with mixing up new Gen 5 magazines with my older magazines. So if you are new to the game I can see why you would go with the 45 but for those of us who have been enjoying shooting the most reliable handgun on the planet you will want the 19x. One last comment the 19x shoots the first time I picked one up I cleaned steel bowling pin rack 3 times in a row with out a miss. Ahh lifes little pleasures! When designing the G19 MHS, they envisioned a Colt Commander sized pistol as an ideal military sidearm. Many expected Glock to offer up a Glock 17 variant to the MHS competition.

Thanks for the article. Is South Africa the G45 comes with 2 17round mags and the 19x with a 17 + 2 x 19 mags. It also has the metal night sights that sway me to the x over the 45. What do you think?
If you want a quick-handling gun with the advantages of a full-sized grip and large bullet count, these two crossover pistols from Glock will be just what you’re looking for. So many bashers of both these guns from people not understanding why Glock released them. They both are “1911 Commander-ish” size guns, competing with the Sig P320 Carry, FN-509, VP9 and a few others I’m forgetting that also have the similar full size grip and shorter slide length. Thank you for writing this review Chris. This is one of the best review articles explaining exactly WHY the Glock 19X and G45 exist and WHO they were designed for. Neither was ever built for the conceal carry market. Both are duty purpose designs for MIL/LEO respectively. With tons of gear on their belts and tons of electronics and gear in their vehicle, police don’t have much wiggle room behind the wheel of their vehicles. Most civilians will reach for the Glock G19 for Concealed Carry or home defense. Some will prefer the Glock G17 for home defense and sometimes even Concealed Carry.I just recently bought the G45. For some reason it was $100 cheaper than the 19X at my local store. Before I purchased it, we tried every 9mm double stack mag, from every 9mm Glock in the case. They ALL worked fine for the G45, however the G45 gen 5 mag would not click into place on the 19X.

Why is the GLOCK 19X so popular?
It’s sized just right It’s smaller than most duty-sized handguns, like the M9, M17, and M1911. The Glock 19 is a good in-between size that allows it to serve as both a duty handgun and a concealable firearm. The CIA and Marines specifically wanted a concealable pistol with the Glock 19.
If that sounds a little like there isn’t a safety at all, you’re not alone. Some people are dead set against this type of set up. Others see no problem with it. From the standpoint of writing fiction, I don’t think this should prevent you from assigning Glocks to your characters. They became some of the most popular guns in the world for a reason. Just remember that when it comes to safeties on Glocks…

accidents don’t happen with guns unless there is a finger on the trigger not even on a revolver they showed us with a cocked revolcer pulled the hammer back and dropped the gun, nothing happened be cause there was no finger on the trigger . because even revolvers have a safety mechanisism in there that has a safety bar that comes up and covers the firing pin if there is not a finger on hte trigger I’ve thaught safety classes on thiis also testified in court and had to demonstriat to people that don’t get it.
There is no real safety on a Glock… Which is why they viral video idiot shot himself in the groin. He bent over, something, like his shirt maybe, caught on the trigger and a round discharge, point blank, into his crotch. Of a Glock had an thumb safety or and external hammer, add thus a much longer trigger pull in double-action, dude wouldn’t have blown his giblets off.the word “safety” is the key when describing a Glocks features . I prefer to NOT rack-a-round when im not intending to fire my pistol . That one motion is serious buisness Thats why i Love Glock . ( they arent the prettiest weapon but they are reliable and can take a beating without issue .) I think most people rely on a Safety feature on other pistols . However if there is a round racked , no “safety” in the world is 100 percent Safe TLDR: Glock handguns use three safety mechanisms, but none of them require a character to switch anything off. Disregard Glock safeties entirely when writing fiction. Although they’re known for their simplicity, 99 percent of Glock handguns actually sport three safety mechanisms: trigger safety, firing pin safety and drop safety. Don’t worry if those sound foreign to you. You really only need to know one thing. See this tab in front of the trigger?

That on the trigger only prevents the gun firing if dropped. It lacks a manual safety that prevents the gun from firing even if the trigger is moved. Glocks are similar in function to a cocked revolver.
Normal striker vs DA/SA debate – debate’s healthy (our universities and politicians will rediscover that one of these days). Former military, LE, homeland security, instructor with all. Good points all around, but it’s the stress in dangerous situations (and how often, if at all, you can train for them) that makes the entire debate worthwhile. With frequent, persistent training, with at least periodic doses of combat stress training, any firearm off-safe should be no cause for concern…but, under it, the history of NDs even with Mil and LE folks (let alone civilians) is well documented. Not a fan of NY, but most people who have been where I have think it was actually a very smart idea to add the “NYPD trigger” (12-lb) to their Glocks…if you train, that much pull becomes a moot point. Good control at your range with your 4- to 5-lb trigger is easy when stress is absent…that control erodes quickly when real-life hits. Experience tells me a safety is always useful, even if your experience and skill means you are well-versed regarding it’s on/off timing. The fact that more striker-handgun manufacturers are either providing standard safeties, or offering them as options, attests to an evolution of thinking on their part, and awareness on the part of civilian handgun owners. Btw, strong recommend learning the DA/SA system first, then moving to strikers…why?…like learning to drive a stick before an automatic, you learn the difference in the manual of arms. In an emergency or civil unrest situation, you’d want to be familiar with manual of arms for both. OK, back to work – stay safe out there, folks.there are a couple of is that make an aftermarket safety, there’s 2 or three glock models with a safety but the are rare commercially and in civilian issued service in the USA

Is GLOCK 19X safe?
Although they’re known for their simplicity, 99 percent of Glock handguns actually sport three safety mechanisms: trigger safety, firing pin safety and drop safety. Don’t worry if those sound foreign to you.
In keeping with the recent theme of things that may or may not have safeties (knives, revolvers, etc.), let’s talk about Glock handguns. I (and probably some regulars of this blog) can remember reading novels and short stories where a character switched the safety off a Glock semi-automatic pistol. This is a boo-boo. Glocks don’t have safeties that switch off.Even a little kid has seen enough movies to know what a safety switch is. The fact is if your finger is on a trigger you intend to shoot. You must be from California. Troller

This is what’s known as a trigger safety. The tab prevents accidental discharges because the trigger must be pulled in a certain way (right in the center with rearward pressure) for the gun to fire. Deactivating that safety is as simple as pulling so the tab folds into the rest of the trigger, like this:
Despite the UFA, the Glock 17 went on to become one of the most popular semi-automatic pistols of all time. It’s a great go-to pick for your characters. (Image via Glock)If you’re going to reference a Glock in a story, make it an actual Glock. Pick out a model from the Glock website so you write with something in mind. Some models I think are great for fiction are:

What pistols do Navy SEALs use?
The M11 Sig Sauer P-228 was introduced in 1989. It is a compact version of the Sig P-226, just 7.1 inches long and only 1.5 inches wide. The Navy SEALs and Special Boat Teams consider it a favorite, and use it as their standard carry pistol as it is small, light, durable, accurate and easy to conceal.
someone trained with a glock oistol with a safety in a foreign armed forces carrying ine as a specialist, someone modifying a weapon for personal preferences based on lived experiences etc

That on the trigger only prevents the gun going off if dropped. It lacks a manual safety that prevents the gun from firing when the trigger is moved. Glocks are similar in function to a cocked revolver and are known for accidental discharges by policemen who are working under stress. When raised, this they did not accept as design fault. But after wards, they made the trigger harder to pull as a remedy.I was a police officer for 20 years carried a glock as our duty weapon never had an accidental discharge it all depends on your training and your training instructor.Very true,, if a child pulls it out of his moms purse points it at her pulls the trigger she’s dead…I guess you can call it a safety if you want, but I think the mother would disagreeGlocks are certainly modern and use semi-auto actions, but they’re far from the only handguns fitting that description. Because some semi-auto pistols do use safeties that switch off, the feature somehow appropriated onto Glocks. The pop culture zeitgeist tends to do things like that.If the guy bent over and a shirt caught the trigger, that means he didn’t have a holster for his firearm, and was carrying like a gangster… Or if it was holstered, had very little retention. Again, HUMAN error .. don’t blame Glock for his ignorance

Maybe you’ve heard that tip before in lists of common gun mistakes writers make. The advice might’ve abbreviated this nugget down to “Glocks don’t have safeties.” That’s actually not true.
The Writer’s Guide to Weapons: A Practical Reference for Using Firearms and Knives in Fiction (Writer’s Digest Books) comes with everything but the ammo. Pick up a print or digital copy from these fine retailers:Glock semi-automatic pistols are some of the most popular handguns in the world, which makes them easy picks for assigning to all sorts of characters. Pictured is a Glock Model 19, which can hold 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The U.S. Marines Special Operations Command adopted it for use in early 2015. Good news for your characters: You don’t have to be in the military to own a Glock 19. (Photo via

Don’t believe it had to have a finger on the trigger for that gun to go off . I garuantee it . he was probably holding the gun for it not to drop but there was a figger on that trigger . The police acadamy took a 9 mm glock and threw it across the room and it didn’t go off .
Technical jargon aside, it’s actually pretty easy to write about characters using Glocks. Forget about the safeties entirely. A character could pop a magazine (but not clip) into the pistol, “rack the slide” to load the first round into the chamber and pull the trigger until the ammunition is gone. Remember that because they’re semi-automatic pistols, Glocks will only fire one time per pull of the trigger. Fully automatic Glocks do exist, but I’ll save that for another day.Thank you for this great article. I own a couple of Glocks and know they have no safety that “clicks off”. I’m always leaving a note in the book reviews telling authors this little fact after I read about their character having done this silly non-existent step. I have emailed authors and told them this, too. I’ve never gotten a thank you or a commet back from any of these authors. I’m going to include your article from now on. I think these authors believe I’m some old lady who doesn’t know anything… Haha. I looked it up today just to make sure Glock hadn’t come out with a new gun with a safety that “clicked off”… Nope they had not. Lack of that type of safety is why I love the Glocks. Again, thanks for this article.

If you do not carry with a live round in the barrel it could cost your life some day. I wish Glock would add a grip safety to block firing pin like the Springfields have , but I am going to buy a Glock 48 anyway because they are the perfect carry size. JB from Ky.if it has a safety name drop who made it and why give the specifics of it, its a modification or model choice that can be used to flesh out a character

Glocks never used safeties that switch off, so how did fiction get this area so wrong? There could be many reasons, but here’s my theory. Somewhere along the line, “Glock” became shorthand for “any modern, semi-automatic pistol.”
Glocks dont have a safety period except for the one that requires a tool to set which no one would ever use in a carry consideration. A true safety if the trigger is pulled the gun wont fire The Glock Model 17 was introduced in 1982. It remains popular to this day, and wouldn’t look out of place just about anywhere in fiction. (Image via Glock) Welcome to Hogue, Inc., home to a proud family tradition of American quality and innovation since 1968. Every Hogue product — from handgun grips to long gun stocks to specialty knives to gear and accessories — is built in the spirit of fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and complete dedication to the legacy of founder Guy Hogue, carried into the next generation by his sons Aaron and Patrick Hogue, by Hogue Tool & Machine Company president Jim Bruhns, and by Guy Hogue’s grandson Neil Hogue.

The manufacturer raised over $100,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation through the sale of these NSW serialized pistols. Established in 1980, the Foundation provides support, primarily scholarships, to ensure that all the children of Special Operations personnel who have given their lives in service to our country, will be able to go to college.
The M11 Sig Sauer P-228 was introduced in 1989. It is a compact version of the Sig P-226, just 7.1 inches long and only 1.5 inches wide. The Navy SEALs and Special Boat Teams consider it a favorite, and use it as their standard carry pistol as it is small, light, durable, accurate and easy to conceal. The M11 is a recoil-operated, semi-automatic pistol that fires a 9mm NATO round in both single- and double-action modes from a 13-round magazine.

In 2004, SIGARMS of Exeter, NH released a limited edition of specially serialized P-226 pistols produced to the exact same specifications as those which have been the official sidearm of the Navy SEALs since 1986. Designated SIG P226-9-NAVY, this unique version includes special phosphate corrosion-resistant finish on internal parts, contrast sights, a slide engraved with an anchor to designate them as Naval Special Warfare pistols, a unique serial # starting with NSW 0001, and certificate of authenticity.
I took Glock until the 5th Gen to make a handgun designed to fit the hand of an average human being male or female. There was a time when they were abnormally reliable and low maintenance.I am not anti-Glock either I just do not see what they have to offer at the significantly higher price point. They have to either lower their price point or offer many fold great reliability, durability or accuracy to be worth the money in light of the significant competition that is on par with them today!

Me…. Retired infantry officer. Currently rotate EDC and today carry a para ordinance 1911 GI LTC . I have a Glock 19 that I will rotate as EDC this month. I will always be a 1911 man and yet I love my Glock 19. If I were to recommend a single pistol.i would recommend the Glock 19.I own pistols from every major manufacturer. Multiples actually. I love them all. The Glock 19 is still in the running for best of class after all these years. You may have a different favorite from another manufacturer and that is fine. So do I. The Glock 19, however, is still relevant and that says a ton.

It’s large enough to be easy to control, and its 9mm rounds aren’t known for their excessive recoil. The Glock 19 has zero issue using standard ball ammunition or the latest Winchester JHP load. Further, its magazines are insanely well made and last for basically forever.
Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record-setting 11 months at sea. He’s trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines, and the Afghan National Army. He serves as an NRA certified pistol instructor and teaches concealed carry classes. The popularity of Glock pistols has ensured an entire cottage industry has popped up to support them. This includes tons of options for holsters, magazines capacities, lights, sights, barrels, and more. Glock even produces optics-ready models that make it easy to attach a red dot. SOCOM has done just that by adopting the Trijicon RMR as the optic of choice for these handguns. The Glock 17 used by General Miller, a former Delta Force commando, shows some of the modularity that the firearm offers. His model features an optic, magazine well, magazine extension, and compensator. An individual operator can outfit the gun with an optic, a threaded barrel with a suppressor, a larger magazine capacity, and more for whatever mission they may face.Glock’s have some very simple external controls. You have a trigger, a magazine release, and a slide lock. That’s it. This simple design makes it easy to get the weapon into action.It’s smaller than most duty-sized handguns, like the M9, M17, and M1911. The Glock 19 is a good in-between size that allows it to serve as both a duty handgun and a concealable firearm. The CIA and Marines specifically wanted a concealable pistol with the Glock 19. Other special operations forces have a diverse mission set that might call for a concealable weapon on Monday and a duty weapon on Friday, and the Glock 19 is just right in the size department for a multi-mission role.The Glock 19 isn’t special or unique. It does, however, have a long track record of reliability that cannot be disputed. Is it perfect? No. Does it do exactly what a midsize pistol should do better than most pistols? Yes.

What Glock does John Wick use?
TTI Glock 34 TTI Glock 34: Wick uses a Glock 34 pistol as his primary weapon in the first film. The Glock 34 is a 9mm handgun with a long slide and barrel, which gives it improved accuracy over shorter-barreled models.
I’M JUST A CIVILIAN. NEVER SERVED. NEVER WORE THE UNIFORM. NEVER SWORE THE OATH. BUT ME AND MY GLOCK 19 WILL BE WITH ANY PATRIOT IN NEED OF BACK UP AND SUPPORT. AT MY AGE SIMPLE IS BEST. LIKE MY ONE TON DUALLY CREW CAB. IT’LL HAUL EVERY BODY AND EVERYTHING I NEED. TWELVE YEARS AND MANY THOUSANDS OF ROUNDS DOWN RANGE AND MY 19 HAS NEVER MISSED A BEAT.I wouldn’t say Glocks vary in shape unless you’re specifically talking about the grips. Literally all the same shape, just the size and caliber are different. I’m on my 4th Glock and they literally all feel the same in the hand minus the texture. Otherwise, good write up.

Although the Glock 19 lacks a manual safety, one isn’t needed: A professional soldier, police officer, Marine, or spy should be able to use a handgun safely without the need for a manual safety.Additionally, the pistol features three safety devices known as the Glock Safe Action. The trigger features a trigger safety that doesn’t allow the trigger to be pulled unless it’s depressed. To back up the trigger safety, there is a firing-pin safety and a drop safety. You can jump out of a plane, go hands-on, or take a fall out of a turret, and your handgun won’t just go off.

Is GLOCK 19X military grade?
One new solution for self-defense against attacks is the military-grade Glock G19X. As part of the Army’s Modular Handgun System competition, the G19X pistol was created to ensure that Soldiers had the best, most reliable and accurate pistol to protect themselves in the most extreme and relentless battle conditions.
Any handgun should be accurate, easy to control, and usable with all manner of ammunition. The Glock 19 is all that and more. Glock 19’s striker-fired trigger design makes it easy to engage with the pistol accurately. Its trigger pull is fairly lightweight, with a positive and short reset that makes shooting the weapon easy.I have the G21sf and up graded it totally from the Glock store. I am 76 and I have owned a lot of the pistols. This gun is something else. You will love your 21.

I own 3 Glocks. A G17 Gen 3, a G20 Gen 4 and my every day carry G19 Gen 5. I love the size of my 19 as it’s concealed easily yet feels good in my hands. Breaking it down for cleaning is a snap and the 15+1 capacity is reassuring. I didn’t buy Glocks to win any beauty contest…I want reliability and trust my life with it.Agreed. It’s a better overall gun. High capacity magazine, tough, durable, simple design etc. It’s a gun that can take a hell of a beating and keep on shooting.

The Glock 19 has become the official sidearm of numerous special operations forces. Army Special Forces, Delta Force, Rangers, and even the CIA and FBI use it. The Navy SEALs call it the Mk27, the British call it the L131A1, the Marine Corps calls it the M007, but most everyone else calls it the Glock 19.
Glock pistols are absurdly simple for a modern firearm. You can take a Glock down to its parts and pieces with nothing more than a punch. Reflecting the gun’s simplicity, just an eight-hour class makes you an official Glock armorer.I either carry a Glock 19X or a Glock G42. Absolutely love them both. They chamber any style of ammo. Sometime I think they would chamber a garbage can lid!! Lol!!The Glock 19 isn’t a fancy firearm. It’s not like a Staccato STI or some tricked-out race gun. The Glock 19 is fairly simple but extremely effective. If you need a simple but well-made, fairly compact weapon, the Glock 19 is the way to go. The Glock 19 is the choice of armed professionals across so many spectrums of warfare and law enforcement because it works and keeps working even when the chips are down. And when the chips are down, you need your handgun to work the most.Glock pistols may vary in size, caliber, and shape, but they are all relatively the same gun. Calling one or another the flagship of the Glock line is problematic, although the Glock 19 is about as close as it gets.

I am just saying that while there is absolutely nothing wrong with a Glock they do not represent what they once did especialy in the civilian market. In the Military arena many brands and designs have been fantastic military designs Special Ops really do not count for much since they have a separate budget, separate needs and can have a variety of weapons that are never adopted by the larger main stram military. To base civilian ownership on something as stupid as what special forces uses would be like civilian aviation basing what they use based on what NASA or Space X uses! It is apples to oranges!Just got my first glock today. Glock 19. I always thought the glocks were just culookie cutter mass produced disposable pistols for lack of a better term. Man was I wrong. So I far I love this little gun. Everything about it. Love it

I spent a career w a major city LE agency. When we transitioned to semi-auto’s, the city issued 1 gen. Glock in 9mm. Mine was manufactured in Georgia. It’s workmanship was horrendous. Mine had manufacture drag marks on the ramp of the chamber. The weapon malfunctioned quite often with class three stove pipes constantly. Our range people told me I was limp writing it. Maybe, I had carried my privately purchased Sig Sauer P226 for about 18 months and put a couple thousand rounds through it. Never once had a malfunction. The 115 grain 9mm was not doing the job so the city issued Glocks in .40 cal. I also received a Gen. 1 model 22. It was a better quality tool finish and I had a lot less malfunctions from that platform. I have since retired and still have the model 22. I would still feel more confident with my old Sig Sauer P226. I have been shooting all types of platforms since I was a small lad, (thanks Dad). The Sig is my favorite of all time. The P226 is no concealed carry weapon, so there is that.I am not new to handguns I have owned handguns since the time you could get a CZ75 new for $275 or a Rugger Super RedHawk for $400. I grew up with Walther’s, CZ’s, 1911’s, AMT, Colt Anaconda’s and Pythons first gen, Dan Wessons. I was at Ft. Benning in 1988 when Glocks hit the market in the USA so I was around all kinds of gear.

Should I buy a Glock 45 or 19X?
The Glock G19X has no clear advantages; unless you consider color and a lanyard loop advantages. The Glock G45 has all of the new Gen 5 upgrades. The Glock G19X only has most of the Gen 5 upgrades. The G45 has front slide serrations and a flared mag well.
This little Austrian pistol changed the world of duty pistols. To design the original Glock 17, Gaston Glock teamed up with a council of engineers, professional shooters, military members, and police officers. A machine-pistol variant came to be, and then the compact variant of the 17, the Glock 19, was born.I agree completely. It doesn’t matter what your gun looks like or is made of, all that matters is does it work when your life is on the line? I have 2 glocks a 17 gen 5 and a 19 gen 5 and I have NO doubt they would both work perfectly if my life depended on them. No matter what they just work.

What pistol do Navy SEALs carry?
The M11 Sig Sauer P-228 was introduced in 1989. It is a compact version of the Sig P-226, just 7.1 inches long and only 1.5 inches wide. The Navy SEALs and Special Boat Teams consider it a favorite, and use it as their standard carry pistol as it is small, light, durable, accurate and easy to conceal.
The Glock 19 is considered a compact handgun, but don’t let that fool you: it’s still a handgun large enough to fill your hand. The weapon features a 4.02-inch-long barrel, an overall length of 7.28 inches, a height of 5.04 inches, and it weighs a little over 30 ounces, fully loaded with 15 rounds of 9mm. It liked it so much I got my oldest son one for his 19th birthday. Thousands of rounds latter it still has not malfunctioned and neither has my sons. A lot of companies are making plastic fantastics that are striker fired and super reliable! Prior to covid and during the first part of Covid I got an M&P Shield 9 for $249+Tax on two different occasions from a big box gun store. It fits my hand better than any glock and my wife’s hand my children’s hands and my Mom’s hand. It is thinner and prints less than any Glock.

The problem is that they have not passed any of their cost cutting measures onto to the customer and offer little to nothing that can not be had from many other manufactures today.
TTI TR-1 Ultralight: Wick uses a Taran Tactical Innovations TR-1 Ultralight, fitted with a BCM Gunfighter Mod 0 collapsible stock, BCM KMR Alpha 13″ forearm, BCM pistol grip and vertical foregrip, PRI Compensator, 1-6×24 Trijicon Accupoint scope with an RMR on a canted rail, and Magpul PMAGs.TTI STI 2011 Combat Master: During the Continental shootout, John Wickuses a Taran Tactical STI 2011 Combat Master chambered in 9x19mm “Major” given to him by Charon.

TTI Glock 34: Wick uses a Glock 34 pistol as his primary weapon in the first film. The Glock 34 is a 9mm handgun with a long slide and barrel, which gives it improved accuracy over shorter-barreled models.
Like the Taran Tactical Sand Viper model, nothing has been compromised in making this serpent’s hidden fangs strike. With the addition of a built in static fiber optic front sight, single port compensator, ghost profile adjustable rear sight, Extreme Engineering LiteSpeed Fire Control System, Aftec Extractor, and seamlessly blended grip safety delivers reliability, accuracy and ergonomics like no other. This is the ultimate handgun.TTI Benelli M4 Super 90: Wick also uses a Benelli M4 shotgun in the second film. The M4 is a semi-automatic shotgun used by military and law enforcement agencies around the world.TTI SIG-Sauer MPX Carbine: At the New York Continental, John Wick equips a Taran Tactical SIG-Sauer MPX Carbine fitted with a Trijicon MRO sight, Streamlight TLR-8 weaponlight/laser module, TTI +11 base pad, and BCM adjustable stock.Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) is a firearms training and accessory company that was founded by Taran Butler, a professional shooter and instructor. The company offers a wide range of products, including firearms and firearm accessories, tactical gear, and training courses for both civilian and law enforcement professionals. Taran Tactical Innovations is known for its high-quality products and its focus on helping customers improve their shooting skills. TTI is known for its custom firearms and accessories, and has built and modified many of the weapons used in the John Wick films.

Taran was called upon once again to create the ultimate pistol to help John, quite simply put, kill them all. The Pit Viper was created specifically for JW4, to be the apex fighting pistol. Not only is this gun poised to take the crown for the most badass handgun in Hollywood history, Taran sent it (incognito) to take the overall title at the first ever USPSA 2-Gun Nationals in 2021. The Pit Viper was designed before the Sand Viper, but had to wait in the shadows to strike until now. The Pit Viper let its sister take the limelight—which completely set the industry on fire with no Hollywood movie behind her… (yet)
Companies competed within this program to replace the Beretta M9 as the Army’s service pistol. The M9 had been the sidearm for decades since its introduction in 1986 during the Cold War era.Some of the best companies in the world participated and submitted pistols incorporating their latest advances and developments. The pistols were all world-class, but in the end only one could be chosen for the contract.

Is it bad to dry fire a Glock 19X?
It’s ok to dry fire your GLOCK pistol, but we recommend using a snap cap or dummy round if you will be dry firing for a long period of time.
Initially designed to provide the Army with the very best personal protection sidearm in the world, now civilians can get access to the G19X pistol with Glock’s very latest advances for maximum personal protection.As part of the Army’s Modular Handgun System competition, the G19X pistol was created to ensure that Soldiers had the best, most reliable and accurate pistol to protect themselves in the most extreme and relentless battle conditions.

The G19X was created for a vital purpose. When a soldier needs to draw a sidearm to save his or her life or that of a fellow soldier, then that weapon needs to be utterly reliable and accurate.
The goal of the Army’s Modular Handgun System program was to provide soldiers with a new sidearm for personal protection. American military members deserve the very best – and this program aimed to give soldiers the very best pistol.The specially-formulated nPVD treatment looks fantastic and also provides enhanced protection against tough weather like snow or rain. And it shields the pistol against rough and tumble from sand and mud, as well as corrosive elements, according to Glock.G19X was designed to ensure exactly that – so when a Soldier would reach for that G19X sidearm in a life or death moment, it would always perform, and perform accurately.

And a key part of delivering reliability is durability. The pistol needs to be robust enough to withstand years of wear and tear from combat conditions – and still deliver completely reliable performance whenever it is needed most.A good size for everyday defense, but perhaps not ideal for everyone for concealed carry, the G19X is 7.44 inches long and 1.30 inches wide. It weighs 24.83 ounces unloaded and has a 5.8-pound trigger pull.

The G19X is an excellent pistol that will deliver users maximum reliability in a size that is practical for everyday self-defense and personal protection.

Many Americans are concerned about scenarios like an armed home invasion or a deadly attack in a dark alley. One new solution for self-defense against attacks is the military-grade Glock G19X.Recently shot my first GSSF match & several competitors use thes on all their guns . I’ve tried them & had to have em ! They feel awesome & although I haven’t been to the range since installed I know I will love them . Several friends have them on their Glocks & they really help with maintaining ur grip

The pistol grips will not move or shift once installed, however, they can be removed cleanly at any time, returning your pistol to original factory condition. You can expect 1 to 3 or more years of benefits from a TALON Grip.I recently received a set of Talon Grips I ordered on the advice of a fellow firearms instructor at the Academy where we teach. Installation was easy and the end result was a perfect fit. Being located in Florida it goes without saying that you will deal with damp humid conditions if you spend much time outdoors. Since I installed the Talon Grips my grip is much easier maintained and I have noticed less fatigue at the end of an 8 hour class. All in all in over 40 years of Military and Law Enforcement as a trainee and a trainer this is the most least expensive item for a firearm I have purchased that yielded the most positive benefit to my shooting experience. This product is well worth the price. *Free shipping to USA. International orders will be shipped using FedEx International Priority, shipping cost and transit times will vary based on the shipping destination. Install was simple and to the point. The adhesive is high quality and doesn’t lose its quality even after rigorous range days. Sandpaper grip is my pick but any of Talons grips are high quality for sure.I used a slip on rubber grip at first but it did not give me a complete comfortable secure grip. The Talon grip was like magic! The grip is now secure and very comfortable. I am completely satisfied with Glock 19X at this point, thanks to my Talon grip.

Gun grips are slippery making it hard to get a secure hold. We make textured stick-on grips that help you improve performance, safety, and confidence so you can maintain control.
These new grips for a 19X are really great. This is one on several orders as I use the rubber texture grips on many of my guns. They provide a very comfortable tactile feeling grip that allows for a really good purchase on the gun which for me enhances my shooting. I will continue to buy these grips when needed.This is an awesome product and cost effective way to add either a cooler look or more grip to you 19x, I was truly impressed with the reasonable shipping time and how easy it was to install this product. I will be buying more of these in the future for my other guns! Thanks for the awesome grips!TALON Grips are textured, stick-on gun grips that help you get a secure hold on your firearm improving performance, safety, and confidence so you maintain control. Installation is quick and easy.Rubber-Moss: This is the same textured rubber material as the one above with all of the same great benefits. The only difference here is color. This is our version of Flat Dark Earth (FDE). This color is NOT an exact match to other gun manufacturers FDE.Rubber-Black: This textured rubber material is our most popular and versatile material. Great for concealed or open carry as it is non-abrasive making it comfortable when in a holster, against the skin or in the hand. Over 80% of all grip sales are in this texture.

PRO: The PRO texture combines the best characteristics of the granulate and rubber textures. This texture is comfortable enough for most people when carried against the skin in concealed carry applications and provides a strong enough grip for competition use. This texture performs very well in wet and dry applications.
Granulate-Black: This texture is our most aggressive texture. Often compared to skateboard tape or sandpaper, this abrasive texture is non-slip. We recommend this for open holster carry only, but some users can carry concealed with the proper setup. TALON Grips are the best aftermarket gun grip upgrade for the Glock 19X pistol. This stick-on grip is a gun tape is a custom grip for your Glock 19X handgun. These thin grips (less than .5mm thick) are available in rubber, PRO, and granulate (often compared to sandpaper or gun grip tape) textures. The rubber grips are very versatile and are ideal for both concealed carry (CCW) and open holster carry. The granulate grips (sandpaper gun grips) are more aggressive and best suited for open carry. The PRO grips combine the best characteristics of the granulate and rubber textures. The surface of the grip which is made of ground up rubber, provides an aggressive grip without being abrasive. The PRO texture is comfortable enough for most people to carry against the skin, however it can be used in competition if desired. You can customize your gun with a black rubber grip tape or FDE rubber grip tape that we call Rubber-Moss. This pistol grip improves comfort, control and performance. Unlike grip sleeves that only cover part of the gun handle and stretch out over time, TALON Grips for handguns cover more of the pistol handle and stay in place for years. TALON tactical gun grips help every shooter improve in all conditions. TALON Grips are easy to install with the included instructions. If you have any questions about this product, please email us at [email protected] Gen5 Glocks come from the factory with the smallest (No Backstrap) version out of the box. The medium backstrap (2MM) will fit both the medium and the medium beavertail backstrap. The large backstrap (4MM) will fit both the large and the large beavertail backstrap.If you like the 17 and 19 models, the 19x is a perfect combo of the two. I love how it feels in my hand. No finger grooves which makes it very comfortable for small hands like mine. I was apprehensive about the new sights but so far I’m very accurate with them. It’s so fun to shoot! My husband found it to be comfortable also. #GlockGirlForever

Super great gun fits hands better than any other Glock made . This gun has less recoil than any hand gun I have ever shot. I have owed almost ever pistol made . This one is the top. Try one Carry’s very well. I am 280 lbs and can carry in side pants or out. I love it. Thanks
Bought one of these for my wife. She had been looking at the m&p shield and various other pistols because she wasn’t a big fan of the 19x coyote tan color. However, she could not find anything that fit her hands like the 19x! After she held the Glock 19x there was no going back to anything else. Having taken it to the range, I must say I’m most impressed with the low recoil and perfect balance that the longer grip adds to this firearm. It is an awesome gun & Im going to buy one for myself.Ok, so I saw one and decided to grab it before it was gone. Gotta say this is by far the best “out of the box” Glock I have purchased or fired to date. I own several to include a G17 and G19 and carry a G19 every day for my work as a secondary weapon. One thing I noticed immediately is the difference in the trigger on this Glock. It is not the typical out of the box Glock trigger, this one is smooth, the take up has a different feel and the break is more distinct. The night sights are a nice touch as well, and I like the two tone color, with the slide being slightly different than the frame in shade. The added mag capacity is nice as well. Again, I know a lot of folks are complaining about this not being what the “Glock Fans” have been asking for, but for me it is a winner. I have only been to the range once so far with it and without fail it ate everything I put in it, no issues.

I have been chasing the 19x since it’s release. I finally picked one up and it is perfect! Amazing shooter and despite what everyone thinks it isn’t all that hard to conceal! Love it 5 stars
Absolutely love this Glock, I really wish the army would of took this instead. I love the color and the finish on the firearm. It shoots like a dream and you get some high capacity magazines with it. Overall it’s my every day c
arry now. I would recommend finding a range that has one and try it out, you will not be disappointed.this is the first Glock pistol I have owned I thought they were a meme. I love everything about this gun I shot gen 3 and 4 but this is the best out of the bunch. straight away I could tell the triggers were improved over the gen4 and the grip felt more comfortable without the finger groves. I switched from the S&W to the XD to this and will never look back. Glock has gone above what I expected and I just want to share this I made a mistake and dropped my 19x from waist height (right on the spot rear where the trash 320 the US Army took over this) and it did not fire I feel completely safe with this weapon. Thank you Glock you have a customer for life.

It’s long overdue. Carried a 17 since 86 and have never had any issue although it nowhere near stock. Also love the 19 but never purchase due to to shortened grip. Problem solved in the 19X. Love to see it chambered in .357 Sig. A G31X. Also I miss the finger bumps of the Gen 3. Outstanding weapon guys but make it in Black or FDE. Thanks Glock. Bullseye with this one.
Everything you want for a duty pistol aswell as for EDC. It rides so well at 12 o clock carry EDC and with the longer grip and extended mags give you a quicker draw from the kydex on duty. Perfect cross over between the 17 & 19 with Gen 5 upgrades. No finger groves is a plus. The wider mag well is a plus. I am a lefty so the left mag release and slide is also a plus. Very minimal recoil. If you are looking for a hybrid for EDC and duty all in one this is for you. The longer grip is easily concealed without the extended mag. The coyote tan is a good touch being that it was made for US Army side arm. Its a good touch for civilians.