Goku X Reader

You were at Chi-Chi’s house babysitting Goten for the night since Gohan was too busy studying to be babysitting. Not to mention you were very good friends with Goku since you both were born pure-blooded sayians and were friends since birth.

However, the laughter was short lived when the door slammed open and Chi-Chi stormed in grumbling and cursing under her breath. You heard her go upstairs and another door slam hard enough you were concerned the door broke off.
Goku hid his head in his hands and you bit your lip unsure what to do. You decided to get her side of the story and told Goku to go find the boys. You walked over to the home and as soon as you walked into the kitchen you found Chi Chi already packed with an entire suitcase. You and Goten started laughing and he glared for a couple seconds, but soon after grinned and scooped up bubbles himself. You shrieked and ran but he chased after you and eventually wrapped an arm around your waist to rub the foam in your face like he was giving you a whitewash. They nodded and Gohan took Goten outside. Once you were sure they were gone you stepped outside with Goku until you were a safe distance from the house.”She said she was filing for a divorce and it was pending but now…I messed up more than a few times tonight and she told me as soon as she gets home she’s leaving.”

Goten laughed hysterically and you huffed and much more carefully threw a handful of bubbles in his face. You all started laughing and you wiped your tearing eyes with the back of your arm, laughing too hard.Authors Note: So I want the story to remain as canon as possible (despite Chi-Chi divorcing Goku (^ – ^ ‘ )! So Goten will be 4 and Gohan will still be in high school so about 16? Okie.

You chuckled and shushed Goten as you scooped up a big handful of bubbles and crept up behind the boy. When he stood up and turned around you smothered the bubbles in his face. He let out a cry of surprise as he was suddenly blinded by the foamy soap. Also, I went to my moms over the weekend but I forgot to grab my computer charger and lately I’ve been using an application to write instead of wattpad cuz it keeps glitching for some reason like with my Hit x reader I need to fix. Music was playing loudly in the kitchen as you and Goten did the dishes, you were doing the washing and Goten was doing the drying. The little boy was adorable needing to stand on a step-stool to reach the counter.Hello there! We take your privacy seriously, and want to be as transparent as possible. So: We (and our partners) use cookies to collect some personal data from you. Some of these cookies we absolutely need in order to make things work, and others you can choose in order to optimize your experience while using our site and services. It’s up to you!

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Goku giggles, putting his food trays down beside his hip, leaning back and looking up at the afternoon sunset. He closes his eyes, “He was bein’ a jerk. Couldn’t help it!”
You push your palms against his chest and grip him by the gi, yanking him towards you with all the force you can muster. Your whole body blooms with heat at his closeness, and the smirk that upturns his lips sends a shiver down your spine.

It feels like you’re going to remove yourself from him, but Goku isn’t ready to lose that fuzzy feeling in his belly, so he reaches his arm around your shoulders and anchors you to him. You respond with one arm clinging to his waist to help hold yourself up, your head easily falling to his shoulder.A wave of warmth washes over his skin. Goku is used to being hot-blooded, his Saiyan genes account for that. However, he’s not used to the bubbles that start to rise up in his stomach, making his usual loose tongue heavy in his mouth.

Goku stops just short of the doorway of Kame House, turning to look down at you from over his shoulder, “You won’t get a hit in on me if you’re tired and hungry!”
tag list (message to be removed or added): @thegodbucky @vegetaslilboots @lokipea @nubiadethemyscira @dbzteam @hi-jess-is-here​ @brieffs​ @thotful-writing​ @vegetandbulmaism​ @dragonballwritingandnonsense​ @gokus-wife-and-lover​ @judasbeast​ @vegeebs​The duality to his words is a shot to your heart. You wish he were pinning you down beneath his hips, hands on your face as he rolls himself against you, however, you’ll take what you can get. It started a few days ago when you woke up to him doing push ups on the other side of the room, grunting as he went.

There’s a resounding smack as Goku returns the favor, his large palm coming in contact with your ass. He pats you a couple of times, effectively shutting your mouth as he carries you through the doorway. You’re deposited on the couch before you can object any further, Goku disappearing into the kitchen to check on Master Roshi’s dinner plans.

The two of you eat in silence, the only true sounds accompanying you are the gentle waves crashing on the shore and Goku’s throat as he scarfs down his food. You’re twirling some noodles around your fork when he finally speaks, “You remember the first time we took a ride around on Nimbus?”
You dig your heels into the sand and bury your feet halfway. The memory brings a heat to your cheeks as your chest tightens. That day was the final straw, the last arrow that needed to pierce your heart before you realized that Goku was it for you.You shake your head, but your mouth doesn’t work. Your tongue is like a weight in your mouth and all your mind can do is process the way your body would look underneath him.

The Saiyan is taken aback by your admission; the fragility of your voice, the way you use him to hold yourself up. He allows his mind to drift for a moment to wonder how long you’ve been doing this – how long have you been relying on him to be your strength?
Goku squeezes your shoulder and you let yourself soak in the sun and the waves, cherishing a moment of closeness like this because you’re never quite sure when it might be ripped away.The soft way he pushes you into the ground makes your heart cinch withing your chest and you wonder why you didn’t suggest this stress reliever sooner. Summary: A daily installment series of one shots on being in quarantine with Goku (special appearances made by master roshi and others!) Come back each night starting 3/18 for a new fic for the next 14 days! You share a laugh and get back into your fighting position, crouched with your arms protecting your midsection. Goku shakes his head and grabs you by the wrist, “Nah, let’s eat! We’ve been training for a couple of hours and my belly is makin’ all kinds of noises.”It’s hard to remember a time when you weren’t totally captivated by Goku’s entire being. You’ve been friends since Goku first started training alongside Krillin at Kame House, and you’re not sure if there was a moment that made you question the way you felt. Fascination is how you first explained it, but later, once you could understand the way your heart beat within your chest and your throat tightened whenever you were close to him, you knew it was something else.

He’s throwing you over his shoulder before you can understand what’s going on. You grip him by the hips so you don’t topple over, even though he’s probably strong enough to hold you there with just his willpower alone. Without thinking too hard about it, you reach down and slap him on the butt, grunting, “Goku, I need to get a hit in on you before we eat!’A choose your fate style fic where the first chapter is your introduction and then each chapter is a what if based on the choice given at the end of the first chapter. What happens when your past controls your life? Do you let it feast upon your mind and take hold? Or do you push the bad memories behind you and move forward? The story of (y/n) throughout dragonball. After tragic events in her past, (y/n) found herself in an interesting group of friends. She may seem rough on the outside but maybe once her friends dig deeper they will find the innocent young girl she used to be. I don’t own the rights to Dragon Ball or any of the characters in it (other than the reader). All credit goes where it is due, especially to the original creators of the Dragon Ball characters.While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

First chapter is an introduction. All will be one-shots, and will be reader x various. If you want to request a character, or characters please let me know and I will try my best c:
Zamasu had a sister who was a mortal as he was a sayian but they were never closed because of the fact Zamasu thought he was a sinner. She left to universe 7 as Bulma’s new sister just so she can be safe. When Y/N is forced to meet a god,her safety is completely ruined as it becomes hell as it makes obsession happen everyone

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Yin finds herself caught up in a struggle bigger than herself. For starters, she’s somehow managed to make every Saiyan around fall to their knees in lust! what will she do, with so many hot and heavy warriors?!
You are a Beta Saiyan and going through your first heat years later than everyone else. You’ve been assured that you’ll be fine as long as you stayed indoors, had plenty to eat and drink, toys if you needed to satiate yourself and most importantly of all, kept away from any and all Alphas.A collection of short smut stories dedicated to different characters from the Dragon Ball Series! Each chapter will focus on a certain character, with a bit of a storyline for each character. It’ll be easier to do multiple characters at once instead of doing separate fics for each one. Enjoy 🙂 Valentine’s day special! Open to ideas! A dystopian AU taking place many years after Super. Goku Black is roaming the Earth through different timelines, wreaking havoc wherever he goes. He is on a mission to hunt down the last of the Earth’s inhabitants, determined to leave no survivors. Y/N is the younger sister of a certain royal hot-head. Unknown to you Vegeta’s goal of traveling to Earth would turn your life upside down, both figuratively and literally. Searching for the Dragon Balls was always a part of the plan. But falling for a soft-hearted fool like Kakarot, that was something you never intended to happen.What would happen if a female Saiyan lived? What would happen if her ship crash landed onto Earth after getting trapped in an asteroid field? What would happen if she set off Goku’s inner Saiyan instincts?

Given their genetic resilience and elongated life spans, a handful of Saiyans are left to fight for their survival. They’ve retreated to a shielded area located under a mountain range, carefully hidden from Goku Black’s sinister gaze.
Alice McClain has always adored martial arts ever since she was a child. Growing up, she was told that fighting wasn’t for girls and that she should be more interested in finding a respectable job. She always felt that no matter what, nobody would believe in her. That’s until she met Goku and Vegeta. Adoring her fiery personality, they took her under their wing and began training her to become stronger. They could see the potential within her. However whilst training her, Alice starts to develop feelings for them both. Do they feel the same? How much can she push the limits between student and master?With the threat of the androids only just behind them and their new foe before them, they’re met with a stranger who simply is fighting for the survival of not only herself but her race. It’s a heavy burdon to bare but if she doesn’t try, who will…?

Set in an alternate universe (AU), you are the last female Saiyan alive. After your ship crashed landed on Earth, you lose some of your memories. Normally, people would grown upset at this factor but you find it doesn’t bother you much for some reason.
You are one of the last remaining humans, trying to survive the hostile terrain. One day, a radio message leads you to the Saiyan’s shelter, where you meet Gohan, Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks (and later Broly). You are the first non-related female they’ve seen in years, and your peculiar pheromones quickly start to drive them to the edge of madness.

I let out a sharp, weak sigh, rolled my eyes, and then turned my head to face him. We were alarmingly close, but he smiled kindly, and we started flying again. The sky was painted by an incoming sunset and the orange light was glittering against his dark eyes, which darted between me and the city below.
It was embarrassing to admit such a childish fear, but something in my mind was strangely at ease despite the terror that had stilled me. Even though Goku was a still a stranger at best, there was something about his gregarious nature that made it comfortable to look like a coward or a fool (probably because he was a fool himself). There was something sturdy and unshakeable about him, and although it was a lot, his sunny disposition simply put you at ease. Something deep within me was sure of this takeaway. Swallowing, I slowly released my death grip on his back and timidly questioned him.She flew to her feet and the patio glass door slammed open and closed. Goku’s eyes darted between her and the door in alarm, then he smiled at her as she caught her breath, bracing herself on the coffee table.He turned to face the door, and I wrangled my tired body into a position to slide the sweats on. I had to get a drink of water after, but I was better than I seemed.

“When I was a kid, I could know things all the time. It was like other people’s thoughts were poured directly into my head—I could feel their feelings, remember their pasts and get glimpses of their future.”

I could only stare in shock. I could only look in helpless terror as Goku created a mountain of bowls, plates, pots, pans, cups, and glasses, and showed no signs of stopping as it grew and grew. I frequently glanced over to Bulma for some confirmation that this was really happening in front of me, in a public restaurant (and a fancy ass restaurant at that), and that this wasn’t an elaborate prank being played on me.“Why are you doing this anyway? They both seem perfectly happy on their own. If you’re just frustrated there are easier ways to solve that than playing matchmaker with innocent people.”

“At first, yeah. Then it became less about liking, and more about obeying. Word of advice: if you ever get a job, don’t date your boss, not matter how charming or charismatic or kind they seem to be.”
I’d been aspiring to get out of bed and back on my feet the moment I puked up the feast Bulma fed me and woke up in the medical ward. Unfortunately, my body didn’t share my zeal. The silence after his words was heavy as I stared at him, hand grazing the other one he touched, a flush in my cheeks. He just kept holding my stare, seeming perfectly content staring into my eyes forever. Heart leaping in my chest, I sat up, looking away. My arms had grown tired after an hour and a half of slow flying, and my stomach had only begun to growl louder, which made me even more embarrassed than I already was clinging to him with my nails in his back. Unfortunately, I was paralyzed and couldn’t even try to change my position.Goku watched the two bicker thoughtfully, arms crossed over his chest, thinking of Bellatrix back at the party with that grave hollowness in her eyes and an eagerness to leave. It had been three days since the last time he’d seen her, practically melting despite the heat being only moderate and scowling politely while quickly retreating into her apartment. Although he didn’t know much about her, he figured good things didn’t exactly happen to her while she was alone. “He thinks she’s beautiful,” she reported proudly, a smile beaming on her face, “And Bels was being cryptic when I asked when she thought of him, so there’s definitely something to build on.” “Why don’t I go now,” Goku finally said. He could feel her impatience infecting him; this was all pointless when he could just go and see what was going on.

“It’s been decided for a while that while I am intelligent, I’m ultimately nuts and can’t function without supervision. I have an ‘unnatural mind’, but people can’t seem to decide if it’s in either a good or bad way.”The wind was dancing through his wild head of hair as he gave me a playful glance and started speeding up. I held on around his neck again, struggling to breathe with my nose so close to his face, and gave a light chuckle.

When Bellatrix moves to the city after a personal tragedy under the wing of her friend Bulma, her life is completely turned around after she leaves everyone—including herself—stunned with the discovery of her own powers. Suddenly she finds herself swept up in a world of aliens, new bizarre planets and training, along with prospects of romance. One problem, though; she can’t leave the past behind to answer the new life that’s knocking at her door.
After about fifteen minutes when the temperature rose, Bellatrix started to stir. She took a sharp, deep inhale, groaned quietly, then opened her eyes.“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Bulma said firmly, then smirked, “I’ve been thinking of it ever since Bels finally broke up with that nutty stalker ex of hers. Goku’s perfect for her! They’re total opposites: she’s sardonic, keeps to herself—total nerd, and Goku’s a—“

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He didn’t bring it up again though, so it would be plausible that he’d forgotten if it weren’t for his reactions when it was alluded to. His eyes would sharpen in a way I can’t explain well; they’d pinpoint on me and scan all of my features for something that was a mystery to me. The dark color of his eyes suddenly seemed heavy, and it only gave me the options to be sucked into them helplessly or to avoid them completely until the moment passed and we could go back to normal.Whatever Bulma’s scheme, Goku seemed to not know much of it—there was a simplicity about his body language and attitude that told me he had no ulterior motives aside from bringing me things I’d like to cheer me up, which was pleasant. Though he was only an acquaintance so far, a friend of a friend, his kindness and familiarity felt like I’d been his one of his dearest loved ones for years. Usually I wouldn’t care for it, but from him it made being bedridden with chills and migraines better. He was just that pleasant of a guy.Bulma squealed, then followed after. “Okay, so since Bels is clearly going to have to stay home while she gets off of those insane pills, I was thinking it was the perfect opportunity to get her and Goku familiar with each other. You know, one on one?”

She was still unresponsive, sunglasses askew on her face, a memory of drool on at the corner of her mouth, slumping over as Goku tried to keep her upright. He checked her hands and cheeks to see if she was frozen—but on the contrary, she felt completely normal, even warm. He checked her pulse; it was normal, so he sat her upright on the couch, took off her sunglasses, turned the thermostat up a bit more and waited quietly.
She got to her feet, and left Goku in the living room, remaking her bed. When she went back to the living room her stomach growled vengefully, immediately catching Goku’s attention.He shivered his way to her vacant bedroom, then bathroom, and then he checked her closet to see if she was hiding from him. After using her bed comforter as a blanket, he returned to the kitchen and found her next to the open pantry sleeping peacefully on the floor.

He could sense her energy inside, and it was surprisingly strong, so she must’ve been ignoring him. Soft music bled through the glass. He waited a bit more, placing his hands on his hips, tapping his foot impatiently, then finally teleported inside.
The word summoned a shift in the air around us. I looked down at my hands at the sight of his gaze changing, eyes alight as they were the night of Bulma’s party.To my shock, he suddenly placed his hand on mine. I almost jerked away, but I just jumped a little. His hands were rough, calloused but warm. They felt gentle. I looked at him in uncertainty.

Goku managed to stop eating for a moment, then let out a loud, blissful sigh, patting his stomach and smiling at me. Honestly, he looked so happy I wondered if I should’ve asked for something more specific—could food bring happiness? I awkwardly smiled back.
I sighed, moving my face away from his neck and inhaling the fresh air. “I don’t feel safe up here, but up there, I would. It’s just always felt safe to me. Safer than here, at least.”“You think everyone’s annoying. And you still have no idea what you’re talking about. Bellatrix is one of the strongest, bravest and most determined people I’ve ever known. Of course she’s strong, why else would I think of pairing her an Goku up? I’ve put a lot of thought into this: they both grew up isolated, they’re both hardheaded and care for their loved ones, they’re amazing at what they do, they’re both adventurous and make questionable choices—“ The floor had grown icy with the lowered temperature and it soothed my body completely. I welcomed a pleased smile to my lips and shut my eyes. I’d just lay here for a moment; it was so hot outside and I had a terrible headache and the more the cold seeped into my bones the better my body felt. If i could finally get a good night’s sleep, I wasn’t going to let it slip through my fingers. I was nervous that he would be put off, but I realized he was more amazed than disturbed. Some of the knots that had formed in our silence loosened, and, bolstered by his expression, I talked more.“Vegeta, have a little faith! Goku’s not entirely hopeless, he can manage himself. And if there are mistakes or accidents, the better—those are perfect opportunities for romantic tension. A brush of the hand, a lingering gaze, getting just a little too close…”

“People believe wrong things all the time, so I’ll allow that for now. But it’s too late to back out—now that you know, you’re a part of it. And don’t even think about saying a word to either of them.”

“So, Bels is a tough nut to crack, but with enough consistent pressure, we should be able to break that outer shell so they can actually get close. She’s very introverted, though, and super independent so that’s what makes this whole withdrawal thing so valuable.”
“It should’ve been,” Vegeta dismissed, “But even if he wasn’t an idiot, your earthling woman would be no match for a Saiyan, even a low level one like him. Saiyans choose strong mates—challenges. Your earth woman is just annoying.” He scoffed. “I don’t look any different than I usually do. And I’m not helping anyone yet; I still believe that your earth woman is no match for a Saiyan of any kind.” (it’s going to be more fun than it sounds; manic pixie dream BOY; s3x; crushes; grief; hiding the past; friendships; jealousy; slow burn; “friends”, healing; growing; will-they-won’t-they; tension babyy)The idea of staring this handsome man in the eyes while he cradled me in his arms made me want to take my chances with gravity, but I doubt I was strong enough to escape from his hold.The two Saiyans watched as she stared up pointedly at the ceiling in impatience, tapping her foot anxiously and biting her lip, eyebrows knitted in concern. She cursed, tossing her phone away.

I blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to the wind and the flood of light. The world was a blur of clouds and tiny buildings and I couldn’t make heads or tails of it and it felt like my head was going to topple right off my neck and hurtle to the earth and everything was so goddamn bright–
I wrapped my arms around his neck timidly as he jumped from the window and cruised up into the sky. Partly from fear and tiredness, I shut my eyes and leaned my head onto him. He laughed.

“Do you really think I could be this gorgeous and wealthy and not have dozens of men on speed dial? I’m very satisfied, thank you very much. This has nothing to do with my libido at all.”
“Sometimes we like people a lot, but they just don’t end up being the one. They’re just too different; want different stuff. It sucks, but we manage. You’ll find someone who can keep up with your way of life. I mean, who wouldn’t want their own personal superhero?”He obliged and flew higher, and butterflies filled my stomach at the sudden movement. An involuntary giggle left my lips, and Goku smiled, doing it again and again until I was laughing wildly with the wind beating against us as we bobbed and weaved up and down through the clouds, the golden sun shining against us, cheeks aching from our adrenaline-spiked smiles. I stared up at the sky in subdued wonder, reaching out for the clouds. Goku slowed down and moved closer to let my fingers pass through it. It didn’t feel like anything other than air, but it still thrilled me. A couple hours passed and Goku met his goal happily. He came over and gave me a hi-five before taking his seat next to me again, a light sheen on sweat on his face. It was freezing. Goku clutched onto himself, shivering violently the longer he was inside. Teeth chattering, he looked around in confusion. It was very dark and cold, and almost felt totally empty. He turned off the stereo, looking around curiously.He only laughed apologetically; I wasn’t sure if he was trying to placate me with endearing behavior, but I was admittedly endeared. I dropped my look, glancing at the sidewalk.

I broke out of my thoughts, chuckling. “Yeah, except she found that unacceptable. She wanted me to change everything about myself to be up to her standards. Normal people would just break up, but…not her. Instead of a sign, she thought of it as a challenge.”
“Fine, I’ll tell you,” Bulma exclaimed, whirling around and glaring at Vegeta, who’d been tracking her around Capsule Corp for the last hour, “I’m trying to set them up!”It was like trying to escape quicksand, but eventually I was able to make it home and rest in my air-conditioned haven. I collapsed onto my bed, feeling my muscles and bones aching from physical exertion, and dragged myself up to my feet to turn the temperature lower. As a chill passed over my body and goosebumps rose on my skin, I let out a relieved sigh. Although I didn’t miss much from before this, I did miss the weather and the silence of the mountains. I pulled the blackout curtains back over the windows and turned on some soft jazz, taking stock of what I had to replace in the kitchen after Goku’s invasion. I let out an irritated sigh as I wrote down my fruit, all of the ingredients of my pre-made meals for the week (chicken, spinach, noodles, beef, carrots, potatoes, rice, etc…), and my favorite snacks and beverages. I let out a sigh as I felt fatigue tugging my body to the floor. So much work to replace this. Too much. Especially when I was so tired.

She sat up slowly, placing a hand on her forehead and swallowing. Goku placed a glass of water in front of her, slightly overflowing. She gulped it down instantaneously with taking a breath, then looked with displeasure was the water ring it left.

“Right, your superpowers,” I said with a nod, “Well, you might want to let my parents, the mountain of doctors, psychiatrists and therapists I have seen, and my ex know.”
Bellatrix bit back screams as she felt the sureness of the earth disappear from under her and her stomach shoot up into her throat. She wrapped her arms around Goku’s neck and squeezed desperately with a iron grip, whining softly, keeping her eyes shut, trying not to think of the world under her that she could splat right onto with a single wrong move. Goku heard the whining and turned his head slightly to look at her.“Pretty,” I firmly corrected. “And what are you trying to make happen, exactly? Do you think I’m equipped for anything remotely like a relationship after I finally got rid of…her?”

It wasn’t like Goku was throwing signs that he was seconds away from getting into my pants if given the opportunity, but his upfront flirtation the first night we met was hard to clear from my mind, partly because yes, admittedly, I did find him pretty too. He was handsome, athletic, friendly, and great company. But we were still barely acquaintances, and this was creating an awkward forcefield around anything regarding attraction for me.
“They’re out, together, alone, adventuring or whatever, this is perfect! Bels is obviously warming up to Goku faster than I thought, maybe we can turn up the heat a bit…”Days passed as I recovered from my withdrawals in Capsule Corp until the watchful eye of a couple medics and, once again, Goku, who kept bringing me books from my house to read, my favorite blanket, my favorite ice cream flavor (salted caramel, which I begrudgingly shared with him), and so many more things that screamed Bulma, Bulma, Bulma’s up to something! “I think another wrench in your strange little plan is Goku,” Vegeta interjected, “He’s one of the most dense people I’ve ever met in my entire life, and not just emotionally.” “That woman has been through awful shit, and I’m tired of watching her end up spiraling and suffering alone. I want her to lighten up, have some fun, do dumb stuff. I want to see her alive again amd it’s something she can’t do on her own. And, let’s be honest, Goku needs someone with a good head on their shoulders, and Bellatrix is just the right balance of bossy and indifferent to be able to deal with him without losing it—bless ChiChi’s heart—they’re well suited for each other.”My eyes were starting to focus better, and I couldn’t break my gaze from the entire city below us. I could feel my hands tighten around Goku’s shoulders, my back tense up, and I wasn’t sure if I could breathe or not.Imagine if you will, loving a man, with all his faults and doubts, but also his charm and adorable quirks. But most importantly the way he loves you in return. Now take that man and duplicate him with all those bits you love about him and his love for you, only the double is physically bigger and more brazen.

Once again, you lean upwards, pressing his lips against your own. As you told yourself before, it would just be a quick peck. At least that’s what it was supposed to be. His hands move to your body, roaming up and down your torso. You wrap your arms around him, deepening the kiss further. You want to pull away, but every fiber in your being is screaming at you not to. This kiss is different from any other you’ve had before. It’s electrifying.
You watch Vegeta shoot a blast of blue energy at the Saibamen, blowing up the creature into millions of tiny pieces. He smiles smugly as the group of earthlings stare at him in terror.“Sounds interesting.” The large Saiyan sits down beside you, his burning gaze lingering on your face. “You’ll have to explain the rules to me, though.” You have a hunch Raditz is already intentionally trying to piss you off.“Oh, no. I’m curious to hear what else Yamcha has to say.” You place a hand on the man’s shoulder. Even though he stands several inches above you, you’re somehow looking down on him.He chuckles deeply, nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck. His hot breath fans over your neck, setting your entire body aflame. “You wanna know what’s unfair.” He nips on your earlobe, causing your body to stiffen. You can never win with Vegeta. You’re wrapped around his finger, and your stubborn nature will never let you admit it. “You. Everything about your existence is unfair. You make me—”

Your eyes dart down to your pile of chips. You’ve already made a significant sum of money tonight. “I don’t know. My mother always told me to quit while I’m ahead.”
“Oh, that.” You contemplate if you should even tell him. What’s the fun in revealing all of your secrets, but then again, the Namekian won’t live to recount them.“Well, I mind! You constantly speak without thinking! You don’t care about how anyone else feels or even how I do. And you—” You’re cut off mid-rant by Vegeta pressing his lips against your own. You stand there dumbfounded as your body turns stiffer than a statue. “Well.” He sheepishly rubs the back of his neck. “It’s just— you know.” You cross your arms over your chest, scowling at him. “The fact that you’re a lady and all.” “Then we won’t play for money. The winner gets a favor from the loser.” Now that does sound appealing. Having a prideful Saiyan in debt to you would definitely bruise his ego. You think you’ll make him staple his mouth shut, permanently.