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Backspin Custom Golf Cart Seats are manufactured one by one in a modern production facility by a team of experienced professionals. We use high-caliber materials that deliver tangible benefits.Our seats retain their beautiful form because we make them with impact-resistant molded foam. As an added safety feature, each Backspin armrest is built with heavy-gauge steel and rugged hardware for durability and strength. Seats install quickly and easily.

Special attention to the procurement of the BEST available materials combined with superior construction and the talents of professional sewers and upholsterers is why BACKSPIN SEATING is at the forefront of quality and comfort!
Backspin Custom Golf Cart Seats are upholstered with low-maintenance, weather-resistant, high-performance textiles. There are neons, brights, camouflage, textures, caution yellow, incredible metallics, leatherettes and more.

Go Bold with the Double Eagle Horizontal Flute design, or add a WOW with the Diamond Tuft style. Give your seat a special FLAIR with Sunbrella Fabrics. These upgrades are available on all our models.
Each of our Golf Cart Seat models are for Yamaha Drive (2004-2016), Yamaha Drive (2017-present), EZGO RXV (2008-2015) EZGO RXV (2016-present) and Club Car (2004-present).

Proudly based in Tennessee, offers a large selection of premium aftermarket golf cart seats and covers at affordable prices. We build comfortable and durable seating solutions using marine-grade materials for all major cart brands: Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha. So whether you’re looking to simply replace your factory seats or you want to upgrade your cart with our luxury style Torino or Collegiate Series, we’re ready to assist with unmatched customer service!Our seats are easy to install, and you will either re-use your old seat hardware or the hardware provided with the seat so you can do it yourself in just a few minutes. There are just a few simple steps, and you’ll have your new seats installed in no time. First, remove the old seats from your golf cart. If there are hip restraints, remove them as well. We don’t include those with our new seats, so you will need to re-install them on your new seat. We provide pre-measured, threaded bolt holes to take the guesswork out of installing the hip restraints on your new seat. Be sure to tighten all the bolts securely. After that, install your front seat hinges, line up the new seats in the proper position, secure them in place, and you are good to go. Finally, test the seats to ensure they’re sturdy and comfortable before putting your car back on the road. You can install your new seats quickly and easily and use your golf cart again in no time!

GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™ is located in Elkhart, Indiana., an area known for its innovation and sourcing capabilities. We value our customers and work hard to make sure your experience with Golf Cart Stuff is unmatched in the golf cart world!GCS™ Premier™ Seats: Our Premier™ seats upgrade your ride style and comfort. The all-black premium bucket style cushions can be customized with various trim colors.Our OEM front seats are designed to match what would have come on your golf cart from the factory. From the seat design to the color scheme, these are the closest you can get to an EZGO, Club Car, or Yamaha factory seat. Although they look like factory seats, our OEM seats will still give you the upgrade in performance you expect. We use HDPE backing instead of wood to eliminate rotting and marine-grade vinyl for the ultimate UV and moisture/mildew resistance. In addition to those features, our thick cushion base will provide you with a comfortable ride. Our Paramount™ and Premier Series seats are designed to be a total upgrade in form and function from your current golf cart seat. In addition to marine-grade vinyl, the diamond accent stitching and accent piping will update the look of your cart. The seats also provide a broader and deeper cushion base with a bucket-style feel to ensure you stay comfortable no matter how long you drive your cart.

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your front seats, our seats are made with marine-grade vinyl, making them a perfect companion for your golf cart. Marine-grade vinyl is a high-quality, durable material that is perfect for standing up to the rigors of daily use. We use UV and mildew-resistant materials to fight against discoloration and fading. In addition, our vinyl is easy to clean and maintain, making it an excellent option for families with small children. On top of that, our OEM golf cart replacement front seats use a high-density HDPE plastic backing instead of wood so they will NEVER rot! Our seats are also available in various colors and patterns, so you can find an option that perfectly fits your style. In addition, our American-made custom seats are second to none when it comes to quality stitching. Our manufacturers have a team of skilled craftsmen that take pride in their work, and it shows in the finished product. Each seat is designed for comfort and durability, and our quality control standards ensure that your seats will last for years. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or just want the best front seats on the market, our seats won’t disappoint.In addition to a folding / flip cargo function, your golf cart back seat kit will likely include or offer a few other very helpful rear seat accessory items:

If you’re looking to upgrade the seating situation on your cart, you have some choices to make up front. But once you have an idea of what you’d like for your cart, it’s time to start browsing! Just click one of the categories below to get started:
Following rear seat kits, the next most popular thing our customers search for when it comes to seating for their cart are custom golf cart seat cushions and golf cart seat covers. People tend to get these two confused, but the primary difference between golf cart seat covers and golf cart seat cushions is:

If you want to get a full custom look on your golf cart (no matter how old or new it is) and truly upgrade the comfort of your golf cart seats with wider bolsters, taller seat-backs and high-quality cover materials then you will want to go the route of custom seat cushions with covers.
When it comes to choosing a golf cart rear seat kit, custom golf cart front seats or rear seats, factory replacement seats, or any type of golf cart seat covers (both front or rear) for your golf cart, there are a few things to consider up front:One of the great things about purchasing a rear seat kit is that most kits are color-matched to your factory front seats. This ensures your cart will look uniform and professionally done (like it came that way from the factory). If you look at all of the images above you can see how the black vinyl seat covers included with the aftermarket rear seat kit on the Yamaha Drive (G29) cart in the pictures perfectly match the front black seat covers on the cart. Nice! Custom staple-over golf cart seat covers reuse your existing seat cushions (as long as your foam is in good condition) for an affordable and easy way to give your cart a semi-custom look. Seat covers come in many unique colors and patterns, and staple directly over your seat factory seat cushions. While custom seat covers won’t change the shape (or comfort) of your factory seats, their bright/fresh material will give new life to your old golf cart seats! Many customers go this route to get the most bang for their buck on their cart when going for a custom appearance. Modern golf carts are used for so much more than just a round of golf. And when a golf cart finishes its life on the local golf course, it typically begins a much more exciting second life in the real world! Golf carts these days are used at lake houses, race tracks, around neighborhoods, at concert venues and for any other use you can dream up for them. And effectively using golf carts for these types of activities (outside of golf) demands more seating capacity. This means golf cart owners typically want to replace their rear bagwell space with additional seating so they can carry more passengers (or cargo). And many golf cart owners want to use the opportunity of buying new seats as a change to give their cart an additional bit of style as well!Custom seat cushions are more affordable than you might think, but depending on the seat cover materials you desire for your cart the price can quickly move upwards. When selecting custom golf cart seat cushions, it is important you choose one of the industry’s best brands, some of which include:

If your seat covers have faded or begun peeling due to age and wear-and-tear then ordering new factory covers can be the quickest and cheapest way to breathe new life into your golf cart. As long as your seat cushion foam is in good shape, you can simply replace your seat covers with a new factory colored set and get a totally refreshed look on your cart!
Because golf carts are used at low speeds and off-road (at the golf course) their seats do not typically feature seat belts. They also do not feature arm-rests. So be sure to keep that in mind as well while you decide on your golf cart seat setup!Custom golf cart seat cushions are typically designed to give a sporty or classy custom look to your cart, while providing additional comfort when compared to factory seats. These seat covers come in a wide variety of cushion shapes and thicknesses as well as material types ranging from vinyl to full high-quality Italian leather.Following only golf cart wheels and tires, the second most popular golf cart accessory sold on the market is the golf cart rear seat kit. A golf cart back seat replaces the bagwells on the rear of your cart with a rear-facing seat. This rear golf cart seat is nearly identical to the one on the front of your cart, but typically features a slightly smaller backrest. Best of all, this new additional seat allows your cart to carry up to four passengers (five, or six if they are young kids)!Add some “Flavor” to your next golf cart or bubble buddy with a custom seat package! Tell your sales representative what you have in mind and our team will go to work for you!

All of our golf cart seat covers are custom made to each individual customer. Nothing is “pre-ordered” or “pre-made”. I don’t operate that way, and want each cover to fit exactly like the seat that was brought to me. All of my pricing and photos of my work are below. Keep in mind, we only use high quality, marine grade vinyl and polyester thread. I can custom make almost any seat idea you may ask for!
All seats are 100% marine grade vinyl with UV protection and thick molded foam that is perfect for support and comfort. Check out the link below for more information. Pick what series and what color you want and we will get it together for you!Suit Seats comes in 40 standard colors and if that’s not enough for you they have custom colors as well! Custom colors are extra. They even have a fancy feature that allows you to roll the arm rest up to make it easier to get in and out of your cart.

Omni Golf Carts is conveniently located in Boerne Texas serving the areas Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch, The Dominion, San Antonio, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Bandera and KerrvilleWith a history spanning over 40 years, Lazy Life Seats has established itself the leader in the custom aftermarket golf cart seat industry. Lazy Life seats offers the largest selection of seat patterns & styles, ranging from luxury high back and premium contour lines to factory replacement options. They do not offer flip arm rests but their style is snazzy & unique!

Suite seats are a United Commercial Upholstery, A U.S company located in New Ulm Minnesota. Their growth and success have been built on creating high-quality seating and production services that are delivered on time and at a fair price.TIP: They also use digital printing and can print any design on the seats for you! Send us a picture of what you want done and we will take care of the rest! Super easy! When it comes to picking what kind of seats you want. We’re here to help make things easier for you. We have some great options for you to choose from, Give your cart that special and unique look you’ve been craving. Suit Seats uses the finest materials to create the best golf seats available. they choose to use the same materials that the marine industry uses for boat interiors!Overall Suite Seats are great and will not disappoint! They have many options to choose from and prices vary. Just give us a call and we’ll get an estimate created for you.