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“Happiness is like… there’s literally loads of us in the room on that track. Locked eyes… doesn’t really have much structure. It came through like jamming. And we haven’t done that in like years. So we just wanted this record to be really like a captured moment and not be too constructed and even produced that much…. We did it in like a day or so. And it’s us having fun. And I think that there’s this real desire in art to see something remarkable with as little technology as possible.”It serves as an introduction to the consistent theme of Being Funny in a Foreign Language, one that expresses opinions about love, happiness and appreciation.This has good foundation toward being a great song bio but it has some room for improvement. Namely it contains metadata restatement and probably could use some bulking up of the parts that actually discuss the song. I also do not think it needs to discuss the music video. At the moment, that is not adding much. A great resource for song bio best practices can also be found here.

The track, which is full of horns and jazzy percussion, returns to a sound that fans of The 1975 are more familiar with, in contrast with the album’s experimental lead single “Part of the Band”.
The official video depicts frontman Matty Healy turning off a stereo which was playing “Part of the Band”, before breaking into song and dancing as “Happiness” begins to play.

‘Happiness’ is where we acknowledged that there was a certain lyrical and sonic identity to what The 1975 was. We felt like it wouldn’t be a ’75 record if we didn’t have a song that owned what we did best. The thing is, we weren’t actually very ’80s; we just used loads of sounds that grunge and Britpop made unfashionable because they were associated with Phil Collins or whoever, but we were like, ‘No, that sounds better than that.’ It’s a live record, so there’s a lot of call-and-response, a lot of repetition, because we were in the room, jamming.
*Als Songtexte.com PUR User kannst du entscheiden, welche Inhalte von externen Anbietern wie Youtube, Instagram oder Facebook auf Songtexte.com geladen werden. Alle Informationen dazu findest du in unseren Datenschutzbestimmungen.Although there isn’t much to break down here, I still think it’s worth analyzing. How the repetitive, minimal lyrics are sung is reminiscent of how your brain works when you’re in love. It’s almost like you can’t comprehend thoughts because you are so in awe of this person.The verse does end with him saying for another time that he’ll never love again. This is just further showing the listener that this person is it for him; regardless of whether they stay together, he will never find a love like the one he has for them.

When you are happy with another person, you feel it’s impossible to have this feeling and emotion for anyone else. Being in love is scary, and the thought of losing that is terrifying and can send us into a spiral of our own thoughts, which isn’t very healthy.
Often when people in relationships talk about meeting, they say “we met at the right time,” with emphasis on the “we,” or they say “I met them at the right time,” with emphasis on the “I.” Here, Healy is emphasizing that he is in the right spot in his life now and that his partner met him in a place where he could be in this relationship and be the person they need him to be.

In the chorus, Healy is asking his partner to show him their love, he’s asking for them to see this relationship in the same light that he does. He wants them to see how much it means to him.In “Happiness,” frontman Matt Healy sings about the joys he feels in a relationship and the lengths he’d go to for the other person. The lyrics and beat of the song perfectly encapsulate the feeling of being excited about a person and your relationship/future with them. Now without further do, let’s get into the lyrics! Whenever you ask a married or engaged couple how they knew the person they are with was “the one,” they always say they just had this feeling that they got, something they’ve never felt before with anyone else. Healy also uses this line in the first verse, saying. Madison is graduate of Temple University with a BFA in Film and Media Arts with a Concentration in Screenwriting and a Content Writing Intern at Magnetic Magazinecan have a double meaning. In one sense, it can refer to Healy acting like he knows who he is now since this person has come into his life. On the other hand, it could be him almost joking with himself, saying how now he’s acting like he knows what love is and what it’s about.

In the song’s first verse, Healy tells us how much this person has changed his life, and he talks about all the things he’d do just to have them stay in it, the sacrifices he’d make. He uses the lines.

The band released “Part Of The Band” earlier in July and received many mixed reviews, but fans and critics highly anticipated the fifth album from the group.On August 3rd, The 1975 released their second single, “Happiness,” from their upcoming album Being Funny in a Foreign Language, which comes out October 14th, 2022. So, after vibing the hell out to this song for hours, I decided to actually sit down and really digest the lyrics while I listened to it. Now, I’m pretty sure all, if not almost all of us, are aware that nothing this band ever makes is meant to be taken at face value, but something about Happiness’ lyrics is hitting me hella hard. And I think it’s also important to note the couple fighting in the music video. Maybe this is just me relating to the song because of my own personal experiences, but it when you see the couple fighting and going to both the right and left out of the shot almost seems like it can be taken from the perspective of someone who is still madly in love with an ex-partner and is convincing themselves that the ex-partner was perfect and right for them while simultaneously knowing that the opposite is true and being ultimately faced with a frustrating amount of cognitive dissonance.A cool tidbit about this part is if you really sit and listen, the “show me your love” lyric is sung louder and more proudly than the “why don’t you grow up and see?” In fact, matty almost mutters the second portion, like the person really wants this partner to hear their frustration but doesn’t want to actually confront their behavior.

Then, in another breath, the person realizes that despite what they’ve been saying to themselves, this (ex) partner is holding back and isn’t reciprocating the way that they think they should or want them to.

Idk what are y’alls thoughts? I know music is subjective and can be tailored to different people and experiences, but as far as I’m aware, there isn’t any statement from matty or the band that explains the song and its official meaning, so I’m having a ball coming up with theories (especially with how frequently Matty makes sure to create music with multiple layers and deeper meanings.
The person they can’t let go of is destroying their mental health (and could be treating them better, perhaps after repeated arguments about the same things) and despite that, they still don’t WANT to let go.By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising.

This one hits this concept even harder; if the ex-partner is AWARE that the person that matty is portraying is still in love with them and either takes pity on them or knows that they’re maybe self-sabotaging, perhaps they would, in essence, “mind [their] mind,” if ya catch me?
Obviously, this is the first part of the song that stuck out to me, because it quickly shifts from “she showed me what love is” to “I would go blind…to see you” and “I’d go too far…to have you near.” So obviously the person knows that their behavior is outlandish and would seem crazy (and is) to themself and others.They flip super quickly between happiness and what can be interpreted as overwhelming sadness. This would make perfect sense, because the name of the album is called “being funny in a foreign language”—when most people listen to a song in another language, they’re not going to try and figure out what the lyrics are saying, they’re just going to enjoy the music. I think that’s what matty is going for. Most people will take the song at face value because it’s such a VIBE and specifically crafted to make the listener feel good and want to dance, but

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