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Pure indica strains have evolved a whole lot as time has gone by; many banks have done a lot of crossings and phenotype selections in order to find the perfect strain. Nowadays there are thousands of hybrids made from indicas and sativas with a wide range of different properties that can easily meet the needs of any consumer. Today we’re going to talk about pure indica strains that can grow wild in various places across the world and have also been created by breeders, offering strains that are 100% indica.Hindu Kush: These plants wild in the Hindu Kush valley, a mountain range in the Himalaya’s that covers half of Afghanistan, extending all the way to the Pakistani borders, and from India to China, hence the name. This strain has been used for thousands of years due to its spectacular effects and taste, and it’s not even a hybrid or a crossed strain. Its high CBD-THC levels make for an intense and vivacious effect, combined with a mental state of mind full of peace and clarity. Proprietary cookies: they are strictly necessary cookies. They allow the interaction of the user through the website using all its functions. (Duration between 23 days and three months). Mr. Nice G13 x Hash Plant: These precious plants have an incredible taste, born from the cross of two of the most resinous plants ever, G13 and Hash Plant. It’s unsure where the G13 comes from, although it’s known that it was illegally taken from an American government site. This hybrid has a spectacular amount of resin as well as some unbelievably high THC levels. It has a quite peculiar taste, similar to cedar wood, making the resin stand out even more.Hola, por favor que es el mas buena indica. Yo connoce el california (dinafem), el sad (sweet seeds), el afghan (rapido) de world seeds. Yo soy in el norte francia ( cultivar ,,con natural luche)…abritar de agua. Muchas gracias.If you do some searching you’ll find hundreds of 100% indica strains on the market, both original and hybrids, offering up a world of endless possibilities. Check out GB Strains, Nirvana Seeds, Seedsman, Barney’s Farm or Ministry of Cannabis, as they all have some amazing indica dominant alternatives.

Crosses are done to give these plants some amazing characteristics like more resin, reducing flowering times and increasing relaxing effects. Strains with indica genes generally tend to share some characteristics; they tend to have a small, strong and compact structure, as well as having a high resin production rate; their branches are strong, resistant and have a short distance between nodes; their yield tends to be high, fast, and theit buds are much more compact than their sativa sisters. Pakistan Chitral Kush: This strain is 100% indica and it grows in the wild in a Pakistani province called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It stands out due to its spectacular resin production, making this plant one of the most used in as far as hash extractions. It was imported to Spain in the 90’s, and since then it has been used to make hundreds of hybrids, so a whole lot of strains have PCK’s genes in them. Its resistance to extreme rain and cold climates is a lot higher than many strains, allowing it to finish the flowering period even without the necessary amount of light. Deep Chunk: This is a strain that also comes from Pakistan, and was exported to California in the 90’s, where a few specimens were selected to keep this amazing strain’s heritage alive. It’s characterized by its dense smoke that has a very pleasing taste, extremely characteristic in every strain that’s a descendant of this amazing plant. It also produces a rather large quantity of resin, although this strain is used mostly for gas extractions.

What are the effects of Harry Potter strain?
Harry PotterSTRAIN HIGHLIGHTS.Feelings: Uplifted. Creative. Relaxed.Headache. . Dry eyes. . Dry mouth.Stress. . Muscle spasms. . Pain.Harry Potter effects are mostly energizing. Cached
Mazar: This strain was born in the 80s from a cross between a potent Afghan and a Skunk strain, conserving its 100% indica lineage. It was modified again in 1997 to feminize this strain’s seeds, which in turn made this strain its seed bank’s most sold seed. It grows compact, resinous buds that make it a favorite in certain areas due to its taste. This champion seed has won various prizes, like first place in the Forte Bologna cup in 2008, second place in High Times 1999 and second place in Highlife 2002.Double Glock: This precious, young strain was developed in Spain after sorting through a selection of Afghan seeds that were similar in some ways but extremely different in others. The resulting strain is more stable, uniform and productive than most hybrids on the market right now. Its buds are quite sticky and rock-hard, with a thick layer of resin covering them from top to bottom.

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Night Queen: Another strain originating from Afghanistan, this beauty was exported to Amsterdam by the Dutch Passion team in the 80s to later evolve it through natural selection. Like all good Afghan strains, it has a high resin production and extremely fat, dense buds that are covered in a colorful layer of resin trichomes. Some consumers say that its effects are deeply strong, relaxing the body so much that you’ll wake up without remembering having fallen asleep.
I smoked some Blueberry. hit me like a brick to the head, real fast. couldn’t move out of my couch. but still coherent enough to play some rounds of call of duty black ops cold war!

What makes Harry Potter so strong?
To his credit though, one thing that Harry does possess in abundance is bravery, which is easily his biggest strength. He backs this up with a decent understanding of the dark arts and a never-say-die attitude, which, together, allow him to persevere in situations where lesser wizards might otherwise falter.
Most Indica strains take about 10 weeks to reach full maturity, though some are faster growers, like the Indica Crystal Supreme, which reaches maturity in as little as 7 weeks. We felt that ILGM’s White Widow and Crop King Seeds’ Granddaddy Purple were the best Indicas in terms of total satisfaction, quality, and consistent growth. The moderate THC level (19% max) makes it a good novice Indica, meaning you probably won’t have to worry about paranoia, “couch lock”, or any other “dank” physiological effects. The purple berry-grape-type scent is also pleasant. You can expect flowering in about 9 weeks and about 350g or more for indoor plants and over 500g for outdoor plants.

The plant is compact, making it ideal for indoor use, and actually flowers in 45-55 days, making it the fastest non-autoflower plant we’ve seen in a while. Expect approximately 400g per plant, which is more than enough for novice growers.
The difference between Sativa and Indica marijuana is that Sativas are taller and thinner with thin leaves. They also take longer to mature. Indicas are shorter, bushier, have thicker leaves, and have higher levels of terpene myrcene. They grow faster and produce more buds than Sativas.

Adaptability: We paid extra close attention to Indica strains that could thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments. Autoflower Indica strains scored higher on our list for adaptability.
Some of the most popular and well-known strains have Indica genetics, including Northern Lights, White Widow, Skywalker, Afghan Kush, ICE, and Grand Daddy Purple.Indica makes you feel a mellow, chill, and suddenly extra-sensitive to everything pleasurable in the world. The heightened state of mind is great for foodies, intellectuals, and even worriers, who (if the THC is low enough) will feel the relaxing and calming effects for a while.

Indicas started in the mountains and deserts of Central Asia and India, whereas Sativas started in East Asia and eventually spread west – as far as South America.

Cannabis Sativa and Indica have grown for centuries and survived all sorts of elements to come to you, not to mention enduring years of hybrid breeding and cultivation! It’s a plant that always grows even in less-than-ideal settings.
Sativa plants tend to be stronger than Indica plants as they have more THC overall. Although there are always exceptions to the rule – like low THC Sativa and high THC Indicas.Distinct Effects: Cannabis Indica strains are well known for their sedative properties. However, some Indica strains have a higher percentage of Sativa content which makes them more cerebral and energetic.

First originating in a mountain range 500 miles between Afghanistan and Pakistan, it’s safe to say Hindu Kush is a survivor when it comes to growing. In fact, growers believe the heavy crystal trichomes provide a layer of protection against many outside elements. Hindu Kush is also a phenotype of another popular strain, OG Kush.
However, determining the strongest Indica strain really depends on the user and their unique body chemistry. Furthermore, the Indica and Sativa balance, as well as the quality of the genetics, ultimately determines how pleasurable or numbing the high can be.First, the Original Afghan has brought us many top Indica strains in the present-day cannabis industry, like Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze. Afghan Kush has about 85% Indica, which is less than Hindu Kush, but a higher level of THC – at 22%. Afghan Kush also has higher CBD content.

Now, after this short history lesson… let’s talk about what you came here for. Below, we’ll talk about the best Indica strains with high THC content (20-30%), good yields (300-500 g), and divine effects.French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was the first to figure out that Indica and Sativa are genetically different because of the environments they grow in.

Yes, in addition to White Widow Autoflower being one of the best Indica marijuana classics, it’s also easy to grow. Expect a healthy yield, about 200-400g per cannabis plant, and with a cannabis strain that’s earthy, spicy, and woody.
Sativa is stronger than Indica when it comes to THC content. However. Indica is better at numbing the body, whereas cannabis Sativa is better for causing more powerful psychoactive effects.Grand Daddy Purple is aptly named, given that it’s “fathered” so many other popular Indica strains worldwide. We ranked it #2 because it’s a pure Indica strain which means heavy sedative effects, ideal for a relaxing buzz all evening long, with a peaceful sleep at night. White Widow Autoflower is the grand old dame of this party, having been internationally popular since the 1990s and even won the Cannabis Cup in 1995. It’s also the paragon of Indica marijuana – a 19% THC chill without the intensity and with a mix of cerebral and relaxing effects. In simple terms, that means White Widow Autoflower can grow “automatically” in just several weeks and without changing the light cycle. Peak height is about 24 inches, so it makes a great indoor Indica.

The fine genetics (80% Indica and 20% THC) explain why it’s a crystal-rich cannabis plant that resembles snow, given the healthy resin glands. The cannabis strain came to us from India and has been bred with many other cannabis strains over the years, leading to many variations.
The different types of Indica seeds are regular (male or female), feminized (only female plants), and auto-flowering (no need to change the light cycle).This cannabis strain is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with a 16% CBD content and a startling 1% THC. That means it’s practically non-psychoactive (except for the extremely sensitive) but still manages to give its growers some pleasant feelings. Used as a medical cannabis Indica, Hindu Kush has a moderate 18% THC content, making it ideal as a sedative and yet not as intense as more psychoactive Indica strains. Users claim smoking Hindu Kush can alleviate stress, panic, inflammation, and even insomnia. Overall, White Widow Auto is the best Indica strain for the reasons we’ll see below. But let’s not spoil the fun, here’s our detailed list of the best Indica strains!

What is the hardest indica?
What Are the Strongest Indica Strains? The strongest Indica strains are Hindu Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and Indica Crystal Extreme for their high 20-30% THC levels.
Blue Cheese comes to us from the great European stoners, crossing Blueberry with UK Cheese, which also comes from Skunk #1. With 80% Indica and 19% THC, Blue Cheese is potent and yet gives a surprisingly tolerable “chill high.”Northern Lights is every smoker’s go-to cliche when describing Indica marijuana. The cannabis strain has frosted buds, with a low 15% THC level to avoid getting couch-locked. It’s a 70% Indica-dominant hybrid strain, hence the deep relaxation and sleep, along with 20% Sativa and even 10% Ruderalis.

White Widow is a classic that has been bred to make many other popular Indica strains (like White Russian and Blue Widow), but one of its most outstanding features is that the White Widow Autoflower has been made with cannabis Ruderalis – a third option in the great Indica/Sativa debate.

Are any strains 100% indica?
Pakistan Chitral Kush: This strain is 100% indica and it grows in the wild in a Pakistani province called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It stands out due to its spectacular resin production, making this plant one of the most used in as far as hash extractions.
That means it’s not just chill and calming like other Indica strains, but it can also help muscles relax. Many users claim that after smoking Sherbet Queen they felt relief from muscle pains, tight tension, or even headaches and migraines. High THC levels have a strong effect on releasing the tension, and Sherbet Queen is like a relaxing massage of the brain.

Blue Cheese also has higher than average CBD content, about 2%, which is just enough to make a significant impact on various physical processes. Some users claim that smoking Blue Cheese helps with improving appetite and relieving body pains.Blueberry CBD is a remarkable creation, coming from the original 1970s Blueberry, which was a cross of Afghani Indica, Purple Thai Sativa, and Thai Sativa. Since then, there have been variations of Blueberry, including one bred for CBD content and the similar Oregon Blueberry.THC/CBD Level: While high THC definitely makes us take notice, we were also interested in cannabis Indica strains that had high CBD. In some cases, the low THC and higher CBD content make the strain particularly useful to people who can’t handle psychoactive effects. Besides their calming effects, these high CBD Indica strains can provide benefits and potentially relieve inflammation anxiety, nausea, and other symptoms

Most also agree the drowsiness and sleepy sedative feeling are kept to a minimum in the first few hours. It’s an evening smoke instead of a late-night smoke, and the relaxing effects, combined with the appetite increase, make it ideal for a dinner with friends, followed by a deep sleep.
Easy Growing Techniques: Some cannabis Indica strains fared better because they grew faster, were mold and bacteria-resistant, or required little maintenance besides basic watering and temperature control. While Hindu Kush has a relaxing effect on the body and mind, Afghan Kush may have some additional medical benefits. Many users claim that Afghan Kush works wonders for headaches, arthritis pain, stiffness, and other chronic pain. But what everyone remembers about Northern Lights is its earthy, pinewood aroma and almost honey-musk taste. It’s like smelling and tasting wet grassy mountains in your mouth. The cannabis strain is also easy to grow and flowers in 8 weeks, making it ideal for people with a short growing season.The 19% THC Indica-dominant hybrid strain has a diesel smell and what some believe to be “healing properties” besides just a nice body high. Reviewers have commented that Skywalker is a natural antidepressant, helping with stress, anxiety, and other medical symptoms.

This Indica-dominant hybrid of South Indian Indica and Brazilian Sativa landrace originated in the Netherlands and contains mostly Indica but with some beneficial Sativa content as well. Depending on where you buy it, you may get a 60/40 or even a 50/50 Sativa balance.
Crop King Seeds, established in 2005, offers Grand Daddy Purple in feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds. Please note that the autoflower GDP has lower Indica, with some Sativa and Ruderalis.

What are the top 10 strongest strains?
10 of the Highest THC StrainsCandy Margy. … Lava Cake. … Apple Cookies. … Sundae Driver. … Super Glue Haze #12. … MAC. … Kush Mints. An evenly-balanced hybrid with mild mood-elevating effects. … Banana Runtz. Last but not least, this fan-favorite hybrid tops off our list of highest THC strains.
Medical Benefits: We were particularly interested in user experiences with Indica strains, where they mentioned relief from chronic pain, such as arthritis, headache, and muscle pain, as well as muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, inflammation, poor appetite, and overall relaxation.ICE, or Indica Crystal Extreme, may be hard to find if you’re just looking for Indica Extreme. It’s more commonly known as White Ice and is a cross between Northern Lights, Dutch Skunk, and Original Afghani.

Sherbet Queen is an 85% Indica strain that combines some of the best properties of Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbet, which also includes Girl Scout lineage. The strain is loaded with THC and guarantees a heavy sedative experience.
Indica cannabis is considered a downer because of the physical change that happens in the body, as opposed to just a cerebral high. Indica strains tend to leave growers feeling more sleepy than happy because their brains slow down and their muscles relax.Definitely gonna take ice cream cake over it any day and anytime. The taste and flavor just does not sit well with me. It also gives me dry mouth that is not nice.

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This weed is like a wand in the hands of a young warlock! smoking gives me a full body relaxation. The high hits hard but does not fade away easily. it clears headaches, migraines and depression like magic. It offers the best of both indica and sativa pro The wizard’s best trait, however, is arguably its tried and tested physically soothing high. It calms inflamed areas by ease redness while reducing swelling to prevent them muscles from involuntarily contracting. At the same times, it helps appease the pain caused by spasms and cramps. This is not to say the plant will not grow well outdoors. On the contrary, it produces higher yields with a distinct taste that only soil in farms or gardens can bring. But, it will need to be protected against various environmental factors such as humidity, fluctuating weather, as well as pestilence.

Like the character, Harry Potter does not beat around the bush. It is a straightforward bud that delivers its effects almost immediately after a puff or two. Its initial onset is often an uplifting buzz that invigorates spirits and leaves users feeling happy from with.
Outdoor growers should see Harry Potter bloom in October, from the first to last week. A vigorous producer, it is not uncommon to harvest at least 14 ounces of buds per plant.Because of genetics, Harry Potter has an Indica structure with narrow Sativa-like leaves but may express itself differently depending on where it is grown. Regardless, it produces semi-dense buds that are coated thickly in trichomes with subtle purple hues that develop when it is exposed to colder temperature.

What strain is Harry Potter?
Harry Potter by Sasquatch Gardens is a combination of Blissful Wizard and Fire Alien Kush. The strain was so named for the famous wizarding novel’s titular main character. The top reported aromas of the Harry Potter cultivar are citrus, lime, and sweet fruit. Its flavors are said to be sweet citrus, berries, and wood. Cached
The nature of Harry Potter’s effects makes it an ideal smoke for the latter part of the day. It is a great tool for unwinding, doing extra tasks beyond work hours, or as an added boost that helps lighten the mood during occasions. So long, of course, as it is used in moderation.Its 15% to 17% THC casts various other spells too. For example, it can have users giggling with delight as it delivers a delightful out-of-this-world head high. Its body buzz, on the other hand, totally relaxes the muscles while keeping one from experiencing the immobilizing effect of a Petrificus Totalus.The mental clarity renews perspectives and allows users to think in ways never done so before. As such, it is not uncommon for one to review a recent problem and find a solution for it. Moreover, the spark of creativity fills the mind with new, more innovative ideas as it creates a pathway for thoughts to flow and form smoothly.

Cannabinoids are instrumental in the positive effects of Harry Potter. Its THC, for example, does not only induce a recreational high but also relieves stress. Its calm euphoria provides clarity to an otherwise clouded mind filled with negative thoughts or overwhelming dread. In doing so, it temporarily manages symptoms of depression and other mental health issues.

Harry Potter has an indoor flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks. It usually yields 12 to 14 ounces of buds per square meter. Applying either the Screen or Sea of Green method will help increase yields.
In the books created by J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter is a half-blood wizard determined to triumph over evil through the use of magic. In a similar manner, its namesake bud fights off unwanted, perturbed thoughts with a patronus that will keep it from sucking the life out of users in a similar way that dementors do.

There are many growers who prefer cultivating the strain indoors using organic mediums like soil and coco coir to improve terpene flavors. However, soilless mediums such as hydroponics will produce cleaner buds that are not doused in chemicals or insecticides. It may need to be topped early if spaces are too tight although its height is rarely a cause for concern. To increase yields, one can use the Sea of Green method accompanied by other Low Stress Training techniques.In developing the wizard, Sasquatch Gardens took Blissful Wizard for its magical effects and seemingly pleasant terpene profile. Not only that, the award-winner is a powerful magus with potent levels of THC with a propensity for healing potions. Later, it was crossed with Fire Alien Kush to improve the high-flying, broom-riding head high.For casual users, the renewed thoughts are often great conversation starters. And, with an improved confidence brought about by self-contentment, it encourages even the most reclusive of introverts to share stories or experiences with others.

StrainRx operates in compliance with state laws regarding access to cannabis and the information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Information is shared for educational purposes only.
By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising.The effects first take shape with a head high then follows with an incredibly calming body high. Moreover, because of its exceptional potency, this strong strain can linger in your system for 8+ hours. Additionally, Godfather OG is a 2013 Cannabis Cup Winner, and this can tell you just how remarkable this baby is.

White Widow is a classic strain with punchy effects that impress even the most experienced smokers. It’s also believed to have powerful medical benefits, including chronic pain relief.
Labs put the strain’s THC levels at a tremendous 30-35%. In fact, Godfather OG is touted as the world’s strongest marijuana strain. This potent strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid and hits within minutes of taking the first smoke. Godfather OG is estimated to have an average THC level of 30%. Some labs even put the THC levels of this particular strain at 35%. This marijuana strain delivers upbeat energy but then gives you a deep sense of relaxation. Still, if you’re torn between a Sativa or Indica-dominant hybrid strain, you might opt for Gorilla Glue 4 for its balanced genetics. Even more, Chemdawg is another strong yet highly unique strain for its stimulating and relaxing benefits.In other words, this is the most potent strain that can be smoked both in the evening as well as during the day. It’s also particularly good for socializing.

What is the strongest strain ever?
Godfather OG Godfather OG – Quick Overview Labs put the strain’s THC levels at a tremendous 30-35%. In fact, Godfather OG is touted as the world’s strongest marijuana strain. This potent strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid and hits within minutes of taking the first smoke.
But fortunately, ILGM is also the best seed bank in the US, so you can get it there without thinking twice about it. They provide a 100% germination guarantee, so you know their genetics are good.Being about 60% Sativa, Bruce Banner packs a stimulating punch. She’s also relaxing too. But not the type of relaxer to make you feel weary, it’ll instead make you focused. Suffice it to say, it’s a great daytime strain. Suggested to be a Sativa-dominant hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies will inspire you with a cerebral pump. Moreover, she’s kinda tasty too especially if you love sweet mint flavors. THC content is inseparable from potency in the cannabis world. Generally, a high THC strain is more potent than a similar strain with an average THC level. We solely picked high-THC strains with the longest-lasting effects. A good number of these strains might provide some effect even 8 hours after smoking. This means that Gorilla Glue 4 gives you a massive burst of energy at first. You’ll feel a soaring euphoric high with some creativity. This will later evolve into you feeling very relaxed. Because of its immense potency, Gorilla Glue 4 might give you a couch-lock effect.

The increase in weed strain potency could be owed to the advancement in growing technology and techniques. Breeders can nowadays optimize their growing environments to get the most out of their marijuana plants. Some growers also cross-breed marijuana strains to come up with even better ones.Sour Diesel is a daytime user’s buddy. This fast-hitting Sativa strain will make you feel uplifted and chatty. The strain gets its name from its pungent diesel-like aroma, which also has notes of citrus.

The strain is also available on the famous Crop King, known for improving seed genetics, so it’s highly possible you’ll get a cutting-edge Strawberry Banana on the site.
You can get feminized and auto-flowering GG4 seeds on ILGM. These seeds seem to have great genetics as they’ve received over 800 positive reviews on the website.If you’re feeling down in the dumps, this strain will swiftly lift your spirits with euphoric effects. And, yes, it’s as sweet as it sounds. Some Reddit users even describe it as drinking a lip-smacking smoothie.

If you want sheer cannabis horsepower, then you’d make no mistake with Godfather OG. I mean, doesn’t its magnificent 30%+ THC content speak for itself? Currently, this potent strain s almost exclusive to ILGM.
Don’t like ILGM? You can also find fresh GG4 seeds on Crop King Seeds. This famous seed bank has 15+ years of experience and offers a good 80% germination guarantee.Want another option? Seedsman stocks auto-flowering Chemdawg seeds at pretty good prices − around $44 for 5 seeds. Having existed for 20+ years, their seed genetics are also very good.

Afghan is one of the most potent strains, so make sure to clear your schedule before you hit it. Being a pure Indica, Afghan can give you heavy chill effects that may make you not want to do anything.
Well, you made it to the right place. As marijuana enthusiasts ourselves, we went on a deep search for the strongest weed strains to write this article.

Is your favorite strain just not hitting as much as it used to? Frustrating, eh? Or perhaps, you’re just curious as to what the strongest strain of weed is?Several cannabis consumers on Reddit even report that this strain has a relatively sweet earthy taste. So, that’s a plus if you’re not into Indica’s usual pungent and sharp flavors.

While this is an Indica-dominant strain, it somehow beats the odds to be quite cerebral and uplifting. The effects are also remarkably enduring. With this, beginner cannabis users are advised to start with a small dosage and work their way up.

What is the strongest sativa strain in the world?
What Sativa Strain Is the Strongest? Cafe Racer is the strongest Sativa strain, with up to 35% THC content. Sour Diesel, Chocolope, Durban Poison, and Jack Herer all have a reputation for being strong Sativa strains, but they’re not nearly as potent as Cafe Racer.
Yes, weed strains are getting stronger. As a matter of fact, the US Drugs Enforcement Administration reports that the strongest weed strains in the late 1990s had an average THC content of 4%. Today, potent strains clock 20+ and even in some cases, 30%+ THC levels.To be honest, Godfather OG is a rare strain that’s hard to find. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t find it on any other reliable seed bank than ILGM. Not even on Seedsman that stocks 4,000+ strains.

The books don’t provide nearly enough detail about the Hogwarts founders to accurately assess their magical might, but there are one or two key takeaways. It’s stated, for example, that the four of them were among the greatest witches and wizards of their era and also that Slytherin valued power above all else.
Despite Harry serving as the central character in the books and movies, he’s far from the strongest wizard to feature in them. Many of the supporting cast have proven themselves to be far more capable than the young wizard on multiple occasions and there are plenty of other powerful witches and wizards mentioned elsewhere in Harry Potter lore as well.

Introduced as part of the Fantastic Beasts movies, Credence Barebone was the bastard son of Aberforth Dumbledore. After several years of physical and psychological abuse, Credence developed an Obscurus: a dark parasitic force that feeds upon the magical essence of damaged young witches and wizards. Usually, those afflicted by an Obscurus die before they turn ten, but Credence somehow managed to survive into adulthood.
Hermione’s capacity for and relentless pursuit of knowledge makes her one of the most powerful characters in the Harry Potter universe. Of course, she doesn’t look it, but there are plenty of times when she demonstrates this throughout both the books and the movies.

Like Harry and his friends, Merlin attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where, many years later, he was immortalized in portrait form. Although he was sorted into Slytherin, Merlin hated the dark arts and was a sworn enemy of the dark witch Morgana (also known as Morgan le Fay), who just so happened to be King Arthur’s evil half-sister.
After returning to the Dark Lord’s service and killing his friend and mentor to protect an innocent child, Snape manages to hide his true intentions from Voldemort using the power of Occlumency. Considering that Voldemort was thought to have been the most capable Legilimens alive, Snape being able to successfully shield himself suggests that, in some ways, at least, the Half-Blood Prince was stronger than Voldemort.

That Lord Voldemort was ultimately defeated by love could perhaps be seen as a cheap cliche. In some ways though, it seems fitting that it took an unquantifiable and intangible force to bring about his downfall. After all, no witch or wizard in recent history could match the Dark Lord when it came to raw hatred, and his ability to channel this hatred into death and destruction was as impressive as it was terrifying.
That Voldemort was able to cheat death on multiple occasions surprised many, while his willingness to tear his soul apart in pursuit of this temporary immortality showed the lengths that he would go to just to stay on top, as too did murdering Snape. Though the lack of love in his life is ultimately what led to his downfall, it’s also what allowed him to rise to the very top and remain there for as long as he did.

Is there a 100 percent Sativa strain?
Durban Poison is a good strain of Sativa. In fact, it is arguably the most popular Sativa in the world today since it’s a 100% pure Sativa strain and well known for its calming and cerebral effects.
When Snape flees Hogwarts following Harry’s eventual return, it’s McGonagall who steps up to protect the school and its students from the Death Eaters. Even knowing the stakes and what exactly they’re up against, she doesn’t think twice about caving to Voldemort’s demands and mounts a truly admirable defense that’s able to keep most of the young witches and wizards under her care alive.He may be the titular character, but Harry is far from the most powerful wizard in the wizarding world. Sure, he does eventually go on to take down the greatest dark wizard of all time, but his success comes more as a result of his mother’s sacrifice and the support of his friends than it does his own brilliance.

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The fact that old Salazar was able to hide a secret death chamber right beneath his co-founders’ noses suggests that he was probably the most gifted of the bunch, especially as rumors of its existence began circulating after he left the school. His affinity for dark magic — which the series’ lore seems to suggest can make a witch or wizard far more powerful — only serves to back this notion up.Second only, perhaps, to Lord Voldemort, Grindelwald was among the most dangerous dark wizards of all time and believed in a world in which muggles were subjugated and ruled over by wizards. His “for the greater good” mantra wouldn’t have felt out of place in nineteen forties Germany, nor would some of the terrible atrocities that he committed in pursuit of his ideal world. Updated March 8, 2023, by Tom Bowen: There’s a lot to love about Hogwarts Legacy: an open-world RPG set deep in the heart of the Wizarding World. Perhaps the most tantalizing thing about the game is the chance to learn more about the series’ rich lore, which is something that’s skipped over quite a bit in both the movies and many of the earlier Harry Potter games. The likes of Harry, Ron, and Hermione don’t appear in Hogwarts Legacy, but the game does introduce plenty of new characters, some of whom are among the most powerful witches and wizards in the Harry Potter universe. That she later goes on to become the Minister for Magic seems to suggest that Hermione’s upwards trajectory continues even after she leaves Hogwarts. It’s bittersweet, really, as had she not spent the majority of her childhood walking in her best friend’s shadow, she may well have achieved this kind of recognition much earlier on.

One of the things that really set Bellatrix apart was the pleasure that she took from doing the Dark Lord’s bidding. More so than any of Voldemort’s other servants, her dedication to her master was unshakable and she took great pride in carrying out his orders. The fact that she goads Harry after killing Sirius and later Neville having tortured his parents is a clear indication of this.

With the exception of Voldemort and Grindelwald, no dark wizard has more blood on their wand than Bellatrix Lestrange. Throughout the books and movies alone, she’s responsible for the deaths of Sirius, Dobby, and Tonks, but her true body count is thought to have been considerably higher. Of course, there are also the ones who she left alive.Like some of the other witches and wizards throughout the books and movies, the true extent of Professor McGonagall’s power is never really explored. She’s able to survive every challenge she’s presented with though and, having worked with the great Albus Dumbledore for as long as she did, likely benefited greatly from his vast and extensive knowledge of the magical world.

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Even after his best years are behind him, it takes a combination of Mundungus Fletcher’s cowardly betrayal and Voldemort’s immense fury to bring Mad-Eye down. He effectively gives his life to protect Harry due to his unwavering belief in Albus Dumbledore’s judgment, which in itself requires great strength. His strength of will is only a small part of what made Moody such a powerful wizard though.As he grew, so too did the power within him, making him one of the greatest known threats to the wizarding world. Grindelwald tried to weaponize this power against Dumbledore, using the hate and resentment that Credence harbored toward the family that abandoned him as a baby to bend the young Obscurial to his will. He’s ultimately able to overcome his issues though, forcing Grindelwald to come up with a new strategy.Though Grindelwald’s name does pop up from time to time throughout the mainline Harry Potter books and movies, it wasn’t until Fantastic Beasts that fans of the franchise really got an idea of what the dark wizard was all about. His relationship with Dumbledore certainly makes him all the more intriguing, but, in the end, it’s his immense power that really defines him.It’s been more than fifteen years since the release of the final Harry Potter book, yet the franchise remains just as popular as ever. Not only did the early 2020s see the release of a new wizarding world-inspired open-world RPG in the form of Hogwarts Legacy, but also the third installment of the Fantastic Beasts spinoff series. With this in mind, only a fool would bet against there being more to follow in the years to come. To his credit though, one thing that Harry does possess in abundance is bravery, which is easily his biggest strength. He backs this up with a decent understanding of the dark arts and a never-say-die attitude, which, together, allow him to persevere in situations where lesser wizards might otherwise falter. Snape rarely gets the credit he deserves, despite dedicating most of his life to protecting a child who he could barely stand to look at. The strength of character he displayed in doing so is impressive, as too was his willingness to risk his life by double-crossing the most powerful dark wizard of all time. Luckily for him, his magic was as strong as his willpower and determination.