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A buzz cut is more of a military style that you rarely see Cavill wear. He didn’t go for the really short version. He left a bit more on top and styled it with some gel, making it a bit irregular but very appropriate.This is where Henry Cavill shines the most. Superman, the Man of Steel, is not only represented through ruggedness and masculinity. A lot of it needs to be transferred to his hairstyle.

Ah, the Man of Steel in all his glory. Or rather, Clark Kent and the classic parted haircut. Cavill does not go the Golden Age route when portraying the Smallville reporter.You can see him as Clark Kent sporting a fully bushy beard. It is a look made even greater due to Cavill’s naturally chiseled chin. He does not wear a big bushy beard as often as he should.

This one is Henry in his normal state. Not a lot of styling here, nor many products used. He let his hair grow and combed it over to the back. He has some natural locks when his hair grows, which is not noticeable when his hair is short.
If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you are not going to have to use a lot of products to style the hair. It works best if you condition it either way and keep it healthy. Style the hair by slicking it back or combing it to the side.

For this one, he grew his hair a bit longer. It is unnatural to see him with long hair, but thanks to some hair relaxers for men and a bit of pomade, he created a comb-back look that can be worn on special occasions.
While he did dawn the infamous black suit from the comics, he didn’t come back with long hair as his on-page counterpart. Instead, he went for a subdued look, more familiar to Superman fans who grew up with the movies.

We all know that this is Henry Cavill’s natural hair, but it looks good. If he wore long white hair daily, we wouldn’t mind it. He wore it long with parts of it tied back in a knot. All the hardcore gamers agreed that he copied the Geralt to a T.
Here we see Henry Cavill at his best. A wavy quiff is something that he sports regularly due to his natural hair. He adds a little product to give some shine but does not overdo it, as the hair already looks perfect.You can’t tell the story about the hair without speaking of the Henry Cavill beard. He does not wear it often, but when he does, it is as excellent as his black Superman suit.Going out in style means having sophisticated gentleman haircuts for Henry Cavill. He dawns it in a swept-over manner, making it seem even more formula and swab.He was seen with stubble here or there. If you ask us, the full beard style is the one he should wear the most, and if you decide to grow the same one, be sure to get some beard combs to style and detangle it from time to time.

You rarely see Cavill go really short. He did need to do it for a part. So we were able to get a glimpse of his short hair with a beard at one point. The beard helped a lot and made him look even manlier.

Henry likes to keep things casual from time to time and it helps to have wavy hair, which is his natural look. Wavy hairstyles only work if you have naturally wavy hair. He lets it flow on the top, allowing a few whiskers to fall on his forehead.This one works as a hairstyle for men with straight hair. It is swab, elegant and chic. Very good for formal occasions, and Cavill has certainly attended his fair share of galas.Show your barber a picture of the hairstyle you want to get. You might need to grow it a bit, though. It all depends on the style you decide to go with.

When he is not filming any movies, Henry Cavill goes for classic side-part haircuts. It is mainly due to his natural and wavy hair that he can carry the classic style easily.
You probably can’t imagine Henry Cavill with a buzz cut. He had, what you would call, a bald haircut in his youth. It does look a bit awkward on him, but due to his chiseled chin and impeccable facial features, he was able to pull it off to perfection.

One of the biggest controversies was related to Henry’s mustache. He grew one for his role in the Mission Impossible movie, where he played a spy named August Walker.
Since he was contractually obligated to wear a mustache for the role, his appearance in the original Justice League movie needed to include him with a digitally removed mustache, it looked awkward and he revised a lot of backlash for it.Playing a spy in Mission Impossible: Fallout saw Cavill appear in a completely different light. First, he had that incredible mustache that everyone seemed to be talking about at the time. His combed back and neatly ordered hair is what completed the style altogether. Henry Cavill changes his style from time to time, depending on his movie role. He is pretty versatile and has made every single one of them work. Maybe he can even pull off some hairstyles for balding men; who knows? The British actor shaved his beard for the character of Clark Kent aka Superman in Man of Steel, but he refused to wax his chest hair. Cavill is a big DC comics fan himself and during many interviews, the Immortals actor explained why the chest hair plays a significant role in Superman’s character representation. Cavill mentioned that because the Superhero’s nails and hairs are indestructible in the story it was important to show it on the big screen as well. The Enola Holmes 2 actor said,Henry Cavill may not return as the last son of Krypton, but his character Superman has amassed a large fan base. Many Cavill fans have been inspired to attain a great physique because of the actor. When Cavill shows off his pumped chest, many eyes are on his chest hair as well.

For a long time, many people were interested in the Mission Impossible: Fallout actor’s chest hair. Cavill has been asked numerous times about his hairy chest in Man of Steel, and in an interview, the actor has highlighted the benefits of his chest hair for sound guys.“I’ve learned that apparently, my chest hair is particularly fantastic for the sound guys. They say ‘For some reason, your hair works perfectly. They generally, say ‘oh yeah you know for some reason your hair works perfectly.’ When they stick it to my chest there’s one under here right now, it doesn’t actually stick to my skin, just to my hair, and so I am developing a bald patch right here but apparently, it’s very sound-friendly here. So I have learned that about myself.” Read More: “But ironically, he was too young”: James Bond Director Shares Heartbreaking News for Henry Cavill’s 007 Future After Actor Lost to Daniel Craig “I gotta say the whole waxing thing has its advantages in that you end up looking more defined, but it is extremely excruciating. So I like my hairy chest. I plan on keeping it.”Read More: “He just looked a little young”: Casino Royale Director Reveals Henry Cavill’s ‘Tremendous’ Audition That Nearly Derailed Daniel Craig’s 007 Career Not only were Cavill’s acting abilities and ruggedly attractive appearance creating waves on the internet but so was his chest hair. Fans were left brokenhearted when Cavill announced that he won’t be returning as Superman. Henry Cavill’s magnificent physique is a sight to behold, and nearly every Cavill fan drools over his massive biceps and flawlessly formed abs. Everything the 40-year-old actor does causes a stir on the internet.

During an interview with ET, the 40-year-old actor explained how his chest hair come out as a great thing for the sound guys. The Justice League actor stated,

This isn’t the first time The Tudors actor has talked about his chest hair. In the past, Cavill has explained to the people why chest hair was important for Superman in the movie Man Of Steel.It’s difficult to determine whether Cavill uses treatments or not, because his hairline has receded quite naturally over the years, at a relatively normal pace. Also, he doesn’t try to hide his hair loss, which shows that he is confident in his appearance, and in his hair.

With treatment, there’s no reason why he cannot hold onto his hair for the next 20 years. Remember, there isn’t a cure for baldness, but some treatments can help with hair loss prevention, which is the next best thing.
Hair loss doesn’t discriminate against anyone, and not even the Man of Steel, himself, Henry Cavill, is immune to the devastating effects of losing his hair.

The Superman actor, soon to be 40, well known for his dashing good looks, chiselled jawline, and muscly physique, appears to have suffered from hair loss since his 20s. At present, Cavill has defuse thinning, and aggressive recession at the fontal hairline.
Cavill measures at around Norwood Hamilton 2-3, which means he is advancing from mid stages to more advanced stages of hair loss. Once the Norwood 4 mark is hit, it is very difficult to stop or reverse hair loss without surgical intervention, and even that doesn’t offer any guarantees.A common pattern in men is a slow progression of recession at the hairline, with gradual thinning at the crown region. Many men can experience this type of hair loss, but still end up with plenty of hair in their later years.

Henry Cavill is showing clear signs of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), which is the most common hair loss type in men. Two in three men experience male pattern baldness by the time they reach their 40s.
As Cavill enters his 40s, without treatment, he will likely experience more receding and thinning. However, it’s unlikely that he will lose all his hair in the coming decade.A receding hairline with thinning at the crown is one thing, but going completely bald is another matter, completely. Many men experience a receding hairline, but not all of these men end up losing all of their hair.

Medical treatments like finasteride and minoxidil come with the risk of negative side-effects, and with Henry being such a gym buff, it is quite likely that, like many men, he would want to avoid using those types of treatments.Going bald can be a pretty demoralising thing to go through in life, and it can get a lot of guys depressed. That’s why, in some strange way, it can be quite comforting see some of Hollywood’s best looking stars going through the same experience as us mortals.Alongside a potential silver fox phase, he’s embracing longer hair overall, it seems. The last time he showed his hair on Instagram was in October 2022 in the midst of the Enola Holmes 2 press tour. Though his 2022 facial hair looked nearly identical to his current mustache and beard, the sides of his hair were visibly shorter. The wavy tendrils on his forehead fell right above his eyebrows.It’s been a long two years since The Witcher’s second season ended in 2021, and as a fan, I’m excited but also sad for the premiere of the first part of season three on June 29. Of course, I’m eager to sink into my couch for the show, but season three’s arrival also means this is the last we’ll see of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia with his white half-up ponytail. Thankfully, he’s bringing some of Geralt’s flair into the real world with subtle silver streaks in his hair and beard.

On June 28, Cavill appeared at The Witcher UK premiere in an all-black suit with his salt-and-pepper hair slicked back into silky waves that curled up at the nape of his neck. You can peep the growing grays at his sideburns and temples. (Those silver pieces are much clearer with a side view.) I’m guessing that if he parted his hair down the middle, the front pieces would be the length of curtain bangs (a.k.a., this is pretty long hair for Cavill to be sporting sans wig).
Zheelana is a writer based in Cardiff. She has a BA Honours in English and Creative Writing and is a certified TESOL teacher. When she isn’t out hiking in the lush Welsh countryside, she fills her days with reading, journaling, and going out for food.This hairstyle here is for the funky fellas with that long luscious hair. You want to grow your hair out till it just past your shoulders (although it can be longer depending which Geralt of Rivia hair phase you’re going for). Head to a unisex salon and ask them to neat up your ends with a soft scissor cut. This will make your hair appear natural instead of blunt. Cut the fringe hairs slightly shorter – aim between your cheek and your chin – to create some framing hair strands. For this haircut you will need to ask your barber to leave things long on top, around six inches or so, to give your hair the weight and volume you desire. Taper the hair off towards the back of the head to keep things neat. When it comes to the sides you can either keep them the same length or go shorter, aiming for around four to five inches as long as it frames your face. (Show picture above for reference). To create this classic haircut, ask your barber to scissor cut the top of your hair till it’s around three to four inches in length. For the back and sides, start with a #2 at the bottom and taper up into a #3 closer to the hairline. Make sure to mention that you plan to slick back your hair because they can adjust the cut so it will work for your particular face shape.These hairstyles are for everyone with medium to long hair, but you’ll have a much easier time maintaining these looks if your hair is thick and wavy in texture. You want your hair to be able to curl away from your hair naturally.You don’t have to be a silver fox to pull off this hairstyle as it looks nice on all hair colours. However, if you want to go that extra step we recommend booking an appointment with a stylist instead of trying anything out yourself to decrease the chance of hair damage. Remember, Henry Cavill is wearing a wig in the series and did not damage his hair for the part.

While many let their hair fall to pieces throughout the pandemic and never ending lockdown’s Henry Cavil managed to keep things looking pretty tidy and managed to maintain his classic gentleman’s hairstyle. The key to keeping his hair as gorgeous as his body was to not shy away from a bit of length and embracing those natural curls.For someone that usually plays the hero it was quite refreshing watching Henry Cavill take a stab at playing the anti-villain in Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018). However, some things don’t change… like those chisel cheeks, bulging biceps and, more importantly, that incredible hair.It doesn’t matter where in the world you live there’s a BIG chance you’ve heard of the handsome hunk Henry Cavil. The American actor stepped into the limelight after playing everyone’s favourite Krypton in the DC movie Man of Steel back in 2013 and has since appeared in its follow-on films such as Batman vs Superman (2016) as well as Justice League (2017). It appears Cavill has a flair for the fantastical as he also plays the gorgeous monosyllabic Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher (2019) which has just brought out its second season. Start with towel dried hair and apply a small amount of Funky Flex Cream throughout the hair. This will help nourish the hair and provide a medium but firm hold for the hair. It will also tame any flyway’s you may be afflicted with when you blow dry your hair. Grab your hair dryer and comb then blow dry your hair on a medium heat. You want to aim your dryer downwards and comb it in the same direction, so the hair doesn’t look poofy. For the ends of your hair, lift and scrunch as you dry to help create those textured waves that Geralt is famed for.

“It’s quite a low-maintenance style to maintain. I would suggest special attention is paid to the sideburn area. Men have a tendency to shave in the sideburn line further and further down each time they shave. With not knowing how much longer this lockdown is going to last you could end up looking more Amos Brearly (Google him) than Clark Kent. So keep the sideburn line level with the cheekbones, then to stop them getting too bushy (facial hair tends to grow bushier than the hair on your head) lift with a comb, keeping the flat edge of the comb felt to the face and angle out at around 45 degrees and bevel that corner so the hair stays flush.“Some of you will have decided to tough it out with your hair during lockdown,” Craig Megg, lead barber at Ruffians says. “No buzz cut or home-done mullet for you – and we take our hats off to you (seriously we are wearing hats to cover up our wild tonsures). Well, you could do worse than to follow in the footsteps of Henry Cavill, who wears his in between lengths with style.”

“This is a great look but it does require quite a bit of length, especially on the top – six inches and upwards is best. The length on the sides and back can be worn shorter, or the same length, as long as it creates the right shape to frame your face.
Ever since his second film, 2002’s The Count Of Monte Cristo, Henry Cavill has been on our radar. With chiselled looks to rival Paris Fashion Week’s most talked-about models, and the biceps (and acting chops) to become the perfect Superman and Geralt in Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher, he’s got a lot going for him.“Square face shapes with more chiselled features will suit the fuller, rounder results more than rounder face shapes. If you’re not sure then start wearing the top longer and gradually grow the sides out to see what effect it has on your appearance.”

“This result is achieved best on washed, damp hair. Conditioner is a must if your hair is getting to this length. A water-based paste like Sachajuan’s Fibre Paste massaged through towel-dried hair will tick all the boxes. Use a large pea-size amount and really work it through the damp hair ensuring it’s coated everywhere. The moisture in your hair will help thin this product and give even coverage. Using a hairdryer to dry the hair, direct it backwards using your fingers like a comb. The hair can be left a little damp as long as it’s holding the end look you’re after.“Harder pastes like Ruffians’ Matte Clay + Styling Paste can be thinned down using a small amount of conditioner. Use in thinner and fine hair is not advised as it would be too heavy. Also, curly/wavy hair can be manipulated too much if a hairdryer is used, so try leaving it to dry naturally after massaging the product in. Enhance curls where wanted by scrunching them to lift them out a little more.

“The area just above and behind the sideburn can get a little solid looking. Comb it all forward flat onto the face and then, with a pair of share scissors, point-cut up into the hair on an angle. This will reduce some of the weight and help with pushing it back into shape and give you a more streamlined style.”
“This style is better on medium to thick hair types and best if you have a pretty decent hairline at the front. So if your hair recession is becoming more of a hair horizon you might want to give this look a hard fly-by. A sweep back on a high hairline can really elongate the face, and with video calls already offering a simulacrum of facial distortion, it might be better with a little more of a flop and tuck (but that’s a whole other story) than this blow-back.

One thing that we often get asked – as well as how can you achieve muscle mass as big as Cavill’s – is how can you copy the British actor’s hair. Perhaps surprisingly, considering how out of this world his appearance can sometimes seem, his barnet is totally achievable.
“Henry’s hair has been cut on the longer side and has a fuller, voluminous result. The length on the front ‘fringe’ area is the longest part of the hair and this acts as the weight – this style needs to be worn backward. The crown and side areas need to have at least enough length to comb backwards. This is important for control.”“The tidier the hairline is the sharper this result will look. Henry has opted here for a more natural, grown-out look. Not everyone can pull this off, but it will be more suited by the thicker, wavier hair types that can flick and curl away from the hairline.

This was a departure for the actor, who had to wear a wig for the role. This wasn’t due to his own hairline, but because the character has long white hair.
Many actors struggle with hair loss, given the importance of their image. Some use hats and hairpieces to navigate hair loss throughout their career, such as Joe Pesci, whose career wasn’t affected by Male Pattern Baldness.

From 2007-2010 Cavill starred in the TV Series The Tudors, another period drama. Cavill’s hair still looked healthy and thick, and it was around this time his role as Superman was announced. Henry Cavill’s hair was slowly receding following his role in 2013’s Man of Steel. However, despite receding to around a stage 2 on the Norwood Scale, his hairline seems to have remained the same since he played Superman again in Justice League in 2017. Here, Cavill looked like he was progressing towards stage 3 on the Norwood scale, where the hair recedes at the temples. At this stage, the bald spot at the crown that would be associated with Male Pattern Baldness hasn’t appeared (but may be in the post).

However, the lead actor was starting to develop a more mature hairline. While the thickness remained, Cavill’s hairline looked a little further back than in some of his earlier movies.
Lots of men recede in their 20s and 30s, only for the process to slow or stop altogether. Some people are genetically predisposed to have their hairline reach a certain stage, and maintain this for decades and even permanently. Others inherit the bald gene from their parents – don’t believe the old wives’ tale that baldness skips a generation!Cavill needed a shaved head for the role as a soldier in the US military. With none of his usual flowing curls covering the temples, it was clear that his hairline was receding.I’ve been shaving my head for nearly 20 years. I’m here to share that experience, good and bad, help you embrace your hair loss, and live your best bald life.Either way, a man as handsome as Cavill is always going to look great. Sand Castle showed us that he can absolutely rock a shaved head, so he has nothing to worry about if his hairline recedes any further.

The idea of Henry Cavill balding when he plays Superman, of all characters, might seem hard to swallow. But in real life, the actor is as human as you or I, including his follicles.
A receding hairline doesn’t necessarily mean that baldness is on the horizon. However, it was around this time that people were starting to question (sometimes unkindly) whether we’d see a bald Superman in future sequels.Hair loss drugs often delay Male Pattern Baldness considerably. While there are plenty of bald actors and celebrities whose career has continued to flourish, you can understand why some people would choose the medicinal route.

The other option is a hair transplant, which Steve Carell may have opted for in 2006 (although this has never been confirmed or denied by the star of The Office). There have also been strong rumors that David Beckham had a hair transplant around 2018.
By the time he reprised the role in 2017’s Justice League, Cavill’s hairline had visibly changed since Man of Steel. The corners had receded into what was starting to look like a widow’s peak in the center of his forehead.This post may contain affiliate links. If you click one, I may earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

However, Cavill has never publicly stated that he uses any hair loss prevention medication, so we can’t say for sure why his hairline has stopped receding.
In 2013, Cavill made his first appearance in the famous blue and red suit. Superman has always been known for his thick, black hair and Cavill’s look in Man of Steel kept faith with this image.

As a younger man, Cavill’s first credited movie role was in 2001’s Laguna. Playing the role of Thomas, the dashing actor showed no signs of Male Pattern Baldness at the age of just 18.
Fans have wondered whether the actor will eventually go fully bald, or whether his hairline has stopped receding altogether. To make things more confusing, Cavill’s hairline seems to be more obvious in certain roles, depending on the hairstyle of his character at the time.