Hi Capa Custom

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Which Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa is the best?
To my knowledge, there are only 2 TM Hi-Capas, the 4.3 and 5.1. There are multiple renditions, but at the end of the day these renditions are built on the 4.3 and 5.1 base guns. So rather than list off all the various trims of the 4.3 and 5.1, I’ll simply say this: The 4.3 is accurate but 5.1 is the most accurate.
Customize your Hi-Capa with some of the finest custom upgrades brands on the market. CowCow, Airsoft Masterpiece, AIP, Wiitech, Nine Ball are brands that we recommend when you want a custom Hi Capa.

Tokyo Marui is a Japanese manufacturer based in Tokyo, famous for having designed the first Hop-Up system and AEG. Its name is synonymous with excellence and reliability.
Stainless Enhancement, For MARUI HI-CAPA GBB Series Weight : 3 gMaterial : SUS301H Stainless/Thermal TreatmenlColor : Stainless OriginalItem No.: CAPA-27630 Steel Material, More Solid & Durable!For MARUI HI-CAPA All GBB Series Weight : 12 gMaterial : SteelColor : Black, P-Process surface finish technology.Item No.: CAPA-77(BK)CowCow Custom Grip (Gray) For Marui Hi-Capa GBB Polymer constructionReplace standard pistol grip set of Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa GBB PistolGray Color Weight: 65gMateriel: PolymerItem Code: CCT-TMHC-146630 Steel Material, More Solid & Durable!For MARUI HI-CAPA All GBB Series Weight : 10 gMaterial : SteelColor : Black, P-Process surface finish technology.Item No.: CAPA-76(BK)630 Stainless Material, More Solid & Durable!For MARUI HI-CAPA All GBB Series Weight : 12gMaterial : StainlessColor : StainlessItem No.: CAPA-73(SV)Optional Parts:Chassis Internal Parts CAPA-07・Steel Hammer Strut V10-27Suitable for Marui / WE / KJ GBB Pistol, WE GBBRs and VSR-10 compatible Air Cocking Rifles – Tight Rubber Seal- Narrow Entrance- Improved Velocity- Better Pressure Geometry- C-Clip Enhanced Lip Stiffness- Ideal for Higher VelocityItem Code : 23-TH06A50 / 60 / 70 / 75

Aluminum NC Process with Anodizing+Ceramic Anti-Scratch CoatingFor MARUI HI-CAPA 5.1 GBB Series Weight : 76 gMaterial : AluminumColor : FDEItem No.: CAPA-62(S)FDE

What is the world's fastest full auto airsoft pistol?
High. Performance top of the food chain airsoft sniper rifles.
Suitable for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa / 1911 Series GBB Pistol – CNC 7075 Aluminum Construction- After installed into your pistol, it can SPEED-UP the hammer movement and DECREASE the blow-back power Weight: 3gColor: BlackMaterial: Aluminum / Stainless Steel ScrewItem No.: AIP020-51-BKAluminum NC Process with Anodizing+Ceramic Anti-Scratch CoatingFor MARUI HI-CAPA 5.1 GBB Series Weight : 76 gMaterial : AluminumColor : FDEItem No.: CAPA-62(V)FDE

Aluminum NC Process with Anodizing+Ceramic Anti-Scratch CoatingFor MARUI HI-CAPA 5.1 GBB Series Weight : 76 gMaterial : AluminumColor : FDEItem No.: CAPA-62(I)FDE

What is Hi-Capa a replica of?
The generic term Hi-Capa is a term that includes all replica handguns based on the Colt 1911 design. The M1911 is a single action semi-automatic pistol designed in 1911 and manufactured by the Colt company.
Note: Once order was made & payment confirmed, It cannot be Withdraw / Refunded or Cancelled. It may required 10-20% on re-stock & administration fee. *which included 5% non-refundable transaction fee charged by PayPal. Rainbow 8 processes all orders in HKD. While the content of your cart may be displayed in another currency, you will checkout using HKD at the most current exchange rate.Suitable for Marui / WE / KJ GBB Pistol, WE GBBRs and VSR-10 compatible Air Cocking Rifles – Tight Rubber Seal- Narrow Entrance- Improved Velocity- Better Pressure Geometry- C-Clip Enhanced Lip Stiffness- Ideal for Higher VelocityItem Code : 23-TH06D50 / 60 / 70 / 75

630 Steel Material, More Solid & Durable!For MARUI HI-CAPA All GBB Series Weight : 11 gMaterial : SteelColor : Black, P-Process surface finish technology.Item No.: DOR-07(BK)
630 Stainless Material, More Solid & Durable!For MARUI HI-CAPA All GBB Series Weight : 12gMaterial : StainlessColor : StainlessItem No.: CAPA-72(SV)Optional Parts:Chassis Internal Parts CAPA-07・Steel Hammer Strut V10-27

We do not offer refunds, but if the build malfunctions in the first 10 days of use and it is not a user-caused problem, the customer may send in their gun to us to be fixed free of charge.
The Requiem Edition, if for those of you that like style to go hand in hand with performance, with the Requiem variant sporting a more blinged out, white on chrome aesthetic, that sure to catch eyes and turn heads at skirmishes. Available in a single or dual package.

If you need something GLOCK 19 sized but the blocky look of the European pistol doesn’t satisfy your needs, take a look at the Army R607. The R607 is a compact Hi-Capa pistol sporting handy size along with aggressive styling; with a ported slide, stippled pistol grip, and attractive angular slide serrations this pistol definitely looks like it means business!
Out of the box, the SSP5 5.1 boasts light-enhancing iron sights with green inserts, making it great for low-light environments and CQB, but is also pre-cut for an optics plate meaning with the Novritsch optics plate you can add a red dot sight to further increase your speed advantage! Whether you hook it up to HPA for a seriously speedy speedsoft setup or you run it as a sidearm to your sniper rifle in the depths of the woodlands as the main man himself does, the SSP5 promises superb performance to keep every skirmisher happy!For a pistol ready for some serious breaching, the Hi Capa 7.0 Dragon’s size is a lot faster than its size might suggest. With a split slide to keep cycling down to a lightning-quick speed, this pistol is for those of you that wants to make their mark on the field and is perfect to run as both a side and a primary.

How much FPS does a Hi-Capa have?
300 – 330 FPS Black & GoldSightMuzzle Velocity300 – 330 FPS with 0.20g BBsInner Barrel6.01 – 6.03 mmOperationGas Blowback (Green Gas)Standard DotPistol Weight2.27 lbs
If you want the fastest Hi-capa on the field but you don’t want to build one yourself, the SSP5 5.1 is what you need! This full metal Hi-capa 5.1 GBB pistol is designed by Novritsch in Austria and has been considerably revamped to provide near-unparalleled slide speed thanks to its split slide configuration.Split slide Hi-capas are designed to go fast, and they do. With the split slide configuration, only the rear of the slide moves back and forth with each shot which improves gas efficiency and increases the pistol’s cyclic rate thanks to the reduced weight of the slide. This has the balancing factor that the pistol is more vulnerable to dirt and debris making its way into the action during a skirmish, so you have to be on top of your maintenance to keep a split slide Hi-capa running at its best.

Who owns La Capa Customs?
Sutton Smith – Business Owner – LA Capa Customs | LinkedIn.
RAVEN are back! This time with a series of beautiful Hi-Capas which offer an impressively strong recoil and cold-weather performance all in one. Coming included with a set of low-light ironsights and a 20mm Pistol Rail, this is a strong contender for king of the Hi-Capa platform. Dive deep into Airsoft Pistols with more information from our series of articles on the subject. From picking the right Airsoft Gas, to what’s the best Airsoft Pistol to buy, we have all the information you need right here in one place. Whilst the surface of the Airsoft Hi-capa world has barely been scratched here, the sheer number of options available to the Hi-capa user means if I detailed every single one in this article it would be dictionary length! Speed-soft obsessed? There’s a racy bright coloured swiss-cheesed Hi-capa for you.The Army Armament R604 is a Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol based on the Hi-Capa frame, which is known for its good gas performance due to large Magazines. The lightweight Slide also benefits the Pistol’s performance, by having less weight to move around, giving it a snappy Trigger Response and better cold weather performance than standard.

Are BB guns realistic?
Some BB guns look real, feel real, and even sound real. However, these are not actual guns.
This Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol is a compact member of the Hi-Capa family, constructed from Full Metal, with an Alloy Slide, Frame and Magazine. This makes it very tough and realistic, whilst still retaining the awesome performance of the Hi-Capa Platform. This variant of the Pistol features a Vented Slide, Wave Grooves and Full Auto/Semi functionality, making it the perfect Sniper Backup or something to keep handy… for close encounters.Hi-capa AEPs are a recent innovation by CYMA in the form of the CM.128 and CM.128S and are based on the Tokyo Marui Automatic Electric Pistol system, with a tiny metal gearbox inside just like the bigger AEG platforms on the market. AEPs are generally more affordable than their GBB counterparts to run, needing no gas and comparatively little maintenance, though they are a bit boring to shoot if you are used to GBBs as the slide stays fixed in place. The Hi-capa 5.1 was the original Hi-capa pistol, and is a full size pistol, matching the frame, slide and barrel length of the original 1911 pistol on which the design was based. The Hi-capa 5.1 is by far the most popular Hi-capa and forms the basis for many custom built Hi-capas, including our own Bolster Armouries QUARTZ 2.0 Precision GBB Pistol. The Vorsk Hi-Capa 5.1 Split Slide w/ BDS is a Gas Blowback Pistol based on the Hi-Capa Platform, which means it has large Gas Magazines that can easily clear an entire Magazine. The awesome Gas Efficiency and Trigger Response is further helped by a lightweight but tough, CNC Machined Split Slide that makes the Pistol and excellent cold weather performer. This version of the Pistol comes included with an Integrated Red Dot Sight installed on the portion of the Slide that does not move, for accurate, aimed shots.Airsoft Gas is usually a popular choice because of the blowback feature, adding an extra level of realism for the player. Gas comes in three main types, Green Gas, CO2 and Propane.

VORSK bring us another unique and cutting edge entry in their lineup of ever popular pistols. Being a hybridised version of the iconic 1911 design, this pistol breaks the mould by taking Hi-Capa magazines, bringing this sidearm to cutting-edge new heights. The VX-14 features a tonne of ultra- modern design choices such as grippy V-textured side panels, cut slide grooves for ease of racking and a 20mm RIS pistol rail for aftermarket tactical devices to bring your competitive pistol shooting to a new level.
It’s not all yawns though, Hi-capa AEPs have a hidden full auto fire mode so you can hose the enemy down with a torrent of BBs when needed and are well known to perform far better than GBB pistols in cold weather. At temperatures approaching freezing, GBBs are very inefficient due to reduced gas pressure, but AEPs continue doing their job as they always have done. Many snipers choose AEPs as a sidearm due to the combination of having full auto, ultra-compact magazines and a far less dramatic and noisy muzzle report than a GBB, but you won’t find an AEP in the hands of a Speedsofter as they simply aren’t fast enough!If you’ve been looking at grabbing some Airsoft Gear but you’re a little thrown by all the jargon and terminology surrounding the many Airsoft Guns, Accessories, and Equipment, do not worry! As our buying guides are here to provide you with all the information you need to make a well-informed and confident purchase.

The Hi-capa 4.3 is slightly shorter in overall length than the original Hi-capa 5.1, being close in size to the 1911 Commander models. This makes the 4.3 slightly quicker to draw and slightly more efficient with gas use than its bigger brother, with the balancing factor that the accuracy potential will be lower due to the shorter barrel and less access to parts on the aftermarket.The first Airsoft Hi-capa was made by Airsoft legends, Tokyo Marui, who introduced their Hi-capa 5.1 GBB pistol in response to the increasing popularity of AIPSC in Japan, which is essentially competitive shooting with Airsoft pistols against the clock. Skirmishers rapidly got on board the Hi-capa train when it became evident the large gas reservoir of the Hi-capa gave it a true edge when it comes to rapid firing, and now the Hi-capa is a skirmish staple!

Hi-capas come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes, with split slides or full slides, and to decide which Hi-capa suits you most you may want some intel on each type and what they do best. Hi-capas are usually named for the barrel length, with the numerical part of the name denoting the length in inches. Click each header below for more info on each Hi-capa type!

Fast forwards a couple of decades and Airsofters now have a multitude of Hi-capa pistols at their disposal, ranging from full metal Hi-capas from WE and Army Armament to Tokyo Marui’s more recent Hi-capa revamp, the Hi-capa 5.1 Gold Match GBB pistol. If you want to see some cool Hi-capas available right now in a ton of unique flavours, check out our Hi-capa Catagories video below!
The real world Hi-capa pistol descends from the venerable 1911 pistol which saw the US Military through two world wars and the Vietnam conflict. Being a bit of a boomer pistol, the 1911 needed an update for the 21st century to cut it amongst the Glocks and Sigs, and that update came in the form of the STI 2011 pistol, a 1911 platform with a modular grip assembly which accepts double stacked magazines, increasing the capacity of the 1911 platform considerably.

Is a hi-capa a real gun?
The real world Hi-capa pistol descends from the venerable 1911 pistol which saw the US Military through two world wars and the Vietnam conflict.
With the advent of more recent releases, the Hi-capa 4.3 is now available in many new styles, with the most notable examples being VORSKs ultra-modern angular styled 4.3s with a built in red dot sight, and the WE Europe WET Force Allosaurus. The 4.3 is also offered by our very own Bolster Armouries in the form of the MOONSTONE [Special Edition] made from the best upgrade parts money can buy by our highly experienced in house techs. Upgrades for the 4.3 are becoming more and more common, and this more compact Hi-capa is hot on the heels of the 5.1 variant!The 3.8 variant is a fine choice for those who already carry a primary and a sidearm, and want something extra for frantic situations where both weapons have run dry and the enemy keeps on coming! Equally, a Hi-capa 3.8 would be a good choice for those with smaller hands and less space for their sidearm within their loadout, such as Support Gunners. While the Hi-capa 3.8 does not have as much access to upgrade parts as the bigger variants, the 3.8 still has the same frightening Hi-capa performance as the big boys and is compatible with the same magazines.In the market for something to store your spare magazines, bbs, personal effects, hydration, and tactical snacks whilst you are on the skirmish field? This article should leave you well equipped to set yourself up with a basic, functional rig suited to the role of an Airsoft rifleman.But the real trick the VX-14 has up its sleeve is the inclusion of a suppressor, as well as an inner barrel extension. The suppressor can be installed with or without the barrel extension, giving you a choice of FPS, depending on the conditions at hand.

Full slide Hi-capas are the standard Hi-capa configuration with a single-piece slide which cycles with each shot, providing jarring recoil and an immersive and realistic firing experience for the shooter. Full slide Hi-capas are a fine choice for those who require a realistic looking pistol with solid performance, and those who like the conventional looks of the 1911 but require a bigger gas reservoir for better rapid fire and cold weather performance.Split slide Hi-capas are obviously less realistic than the full slide options as the real 2011 pistol requires that the slide be a certain weight to allow the pressure in the system to drop to a safe level before the slide moves back and extracts and ejects the spent shell, but is great for Airsoft performance, especially when it comes to rapid fire, making the split slide configuration perfect for speed soft playstyles where the realism comes second to performance.

This latest new player video features Patrol Base Pete and Patrol Base Mike, who are here to discuss one of the most important topics to anyone who owns a Gas powered Airsoft replica: The differences between all the main Airsoft Gas Types.
The advantage of a full slide Hi-capa is that it is more realistic and has a better chance of resisting dirt and debris ingress, meaning less frequent maintenance and less chance of an accidental mud bath rendering the pistol useless. Full slides can often also have ports in the design which serve to reduce weight so if you want something realistic but speed is also a priority there are options in between a split slide and a full slide out there.

The Hi-capa 3.8 is affectionately known as the “baby Hi-capa” and it really is! This Hi-capa is equivalent to the 1911 Detonics, the pocket-sized 1911 designed for concealed carry. For obvious reasons, concealed carry is not a thing in Airsoft, but as a last ditch backup, you couldn’t ask for more firepower in such a compact package.
Red Dots, Holographic Sights, Magnified, Short Dots! Flip to side magnifier!? Plenty to take in we know, but we’re here to help clarify the different optics available to help you choose what suits your play style and setup.Hi-capa 5.1 pistols generally have more access to aftermarket parts than the shorter versions, with a extremely wide range of frames, slides, grips and other bits and bobs offering the opportunity to make your Hi-capa truly one of a kind. The Hi-capa 5.1 is also the chosen pistol of most competitive shooters thanks to its great ergonomics, superb accuracy and the various speedy upgrades available for the 5.1.

Is Hi-Capa full auto?
Hi-Capa 3.8 Full Auto Velociraptor Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Color: Black / Silver)—WE-Tech.
RIS, M-LOK, KEYMOD, URX!? We get it, there’s a big mix of rail systems and attachment interfaces, but we’re here to help you identify what each rail system is and decide which rail system works best for you.

Let us help you take your airsoft game to the next level with our high-quality parts and exceptional customer service. Browse our website today to see why LA Capa Customs is the go-to supplier for all your airsoft gun needs.