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Our strain reviews are multilingual, searchable and can be very detailed – including data about the grow, aroma, effects and taste! Please upload your Hot Rod Review here to help the other seedfinder users!Hint: Unfortunately your browser does not have Flash Player installed or the Flash Player version is outdated. You need Flash Player to view media in this community. Download Flash PlayerHere you find connected videos about Hot Rod. Please click to the preview-image to play the video directly here in the page (data will be loaded from the external video page) – or click to the title of the video to open the video page in a new window. You’ve stumbled upon a Hot Rod related thread into a forum or growers community? Connect it here and enable othe users to find this information fast and easy! If you are with a big screen and not browsing with your mobile, check out our dynamic family tree map with all known hybrids of Hot Rod! (but this maybe will need some time to load all the data!)Here you can find all info about Hot Rod from Dungeons Vault Genetics. If you are searching for information about Hot Rod from Dungeons Vault Genetics, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy, Hybrids / Crossbreeds or Videos for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!This is my go to shit great for my insomnia. I mean this is what makes me fall asleep easily. It does smell, but its not that bad. Ive smoked much pungier than this one for sure. It doesnt make me cough, but it does make me relaxed and puts me in a verThe invigorating high of the Hot Rod weed strain can help a person temporarily escape from the state of depression. Likewise, cannabis induces hunger, which can help alleviate appetite problems. This strain can also relieve conditions such as: Since the strain is a pure Sativa, it is worth consuming it in the morning to energize for a long time. The high burns into the consumer’s body, not giving him a chance to sleep. It all starts with a slight uplifting mood, but soon absolute daze appears. Concentration comes, with the help of which you can perform some simple tasks. However, this Sativa can awaken heightened sensory perception in you. Other side effects you may experience include: AskGrowers is an encyclopedia with cannabis-related data. All the information available on AskGrowers is only for educational purposes. We do not grow, sell or promote canna products nor propagate consumption or distribution of cannabis. The data about strains, products and their effects, contained on the website is based on the consumer reviews. AskGrowers is not responsible for the accuracy of the information displayed. None statements provided by AskGrowers should be discerned as medical advice. Always consult your doctor or other professional health care if you have any questions or uncertainty regarding your medical condition and appropriate treatment. We strongly advise consult with your physician before consuming any products displayed on this website. Relying on the information from this website is strictly at your discretion. You must take responsibility for abiding the law of the city, country or the jurisdiction where you are located.

What is considered high strain?
High Strain (14-17) – This category indicates increased stress and/or activity which helps build fitness gains in your training. All Out (18-21) – This category indicates all-out training or a packed activity day that put significant stress on the body and may be difficult to recover from the day after.
The Hot Rod is a Sativa dominant hybrid that no newbie can handle. Only seasoned smokers can tackle this cannabis with an almost classic-tasting strain that can take you out of your daily routine. The strain is created by Dungeons Vault Genetics by crossing Grandpas Breath F2 and Motorbreath. Valencene terpene gives the grass a pungent, diesel scent, while terpinolene is responsible for the smell of wood and spicy herbs.Hot Rod Strains have large, mint-colored buds with orange hairs. The pieces are covered with a massive layer of crystalline trichomes. The smell can make you choke with acridity when it breaks, but the taste is not so loud. Sometimes users even note the berry flavor of the weed. The potency of marijuana is roughly 21-23% of the content, making the Hot Rod reasonably strong.

Found about this strain from a friend, and thought I should give it a try. Great flavor, classic aroma, fat compact buds, breaks nice and fluffy, THC pretty low, and… you need some knowledge to appreciate this one.
As a pure Sativa, the plant grows quite tall, approximately 60 to 80 inches in height. Flowering time can take 5 to 6 weeks, and harvest time is at the end of 7 weeks. Marijuana produces more yields when grown outdoors.

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The garlic notes from Wings will pair nicely with dominant terpene, Humulene, from Hot Rod. The Humulene terpenes will add a smoky flavor to the wings. Since we suggest you try Hot Rodbefore a funny movie, you might want to check out our recipe for Cannabis Infused Milkshakes. Get the blender going with this recipe and you’ll take your funny movie night to the next level.The Giggly and Uplifted effects of Hot Rod produce a Head and Body high for cannabis users. Afternoon is the best time to experience this strain. Hot Rod has been reported by users as being used for Insomnia, Fatigue, Depression, Chronic Pain, and Stress.

The difficulty to grow Hot Rod is known for being average. For growers looking to cultivate indoors, you can expect average height to be with a yield of moderate in about 8-10 weeks. Outdoors, Hot Rod should harvest around October you can expect average height and moderate yield. Information found on this site is not meant to be used as or in place of medical advice. Seek advice from a medical professional to address your personal needs. Hot Rod’s primary terpenes are Humulene, Myrcene, Camphene and Caryophyllene. Terpenes affect flavor but also provide their own set of medical and experiential effects. When smoked, vaporized or incorporated into an edible, you’ll get hit with the flavor profile from Hot Rod that includes: Apricot, Blueberry, Lemon, Pineapple and Pineapple, ending with a blast of Apricot on the exhale.

By Dungeons Vault Genetics. Hot Rod has a very pungent aroma. This strain also sports dark green buds with brown orange hairs that give it a nice coloring to the flower.
Are you a business in the cannabis industry looking for ways to grow your business? Cannafo offers multiple ways to grow your brand, find more clients and boost your bottom line. Contact us today and let us show you the many ways we can assist in your business growth!The most exotic weeds include Amnesia Haze, Skywalker OG, and Durban Poison, although there is a long list of exotic strains that deserves special mention. If “exotic” means something scarce in your region, the popularity depends on the availability and enough supply where you live. However, if you are up for a fresh and new flavor, consider trying a few strains with a rich citrusy, and earthy smell, such as Super Sour Lemon or Malawi Gold.

A hybrid of two exceptional cultivars, Snow White and Haze, Snowcap Strain outperforms its parents in terms of flavor and effects. It is characterized as a rich stain with a notable lemony fragrance with a lasting, energizing, and physically-stimulating sensation. For some, it can be used for relaxation.
This exotic strain is indeed gold. Name it, and Malawi Gold has it. It is a highly sought-after cultivar prized for its psychoactively stimulating, pain-relieving, and anxiety-reducing end result. Apart from that, the wild taste and aroma, with a candle-like and citrusy hint, makes users go wild over this variety. The determinants of how much an 8th of exotic weed can cost depend on two crucial factors: local legislation and the supplier. The harsh law makes the supplier lesser, pushing the price higher, ranging from 15-65 USD. This exotic weed is described as “enlightening” to the consumer’s spirit. It has a citrus-like aroma with lasting ecstatic and energetic effects, perfect for a busy and stressful day. If you have low self-esteem, it has been noted to boost your confidence, making it a favorite weed in social gatherings.

What is the hardest indica strain?
What Are the Strongest Indica Strains? The strongest Indica strains are Hindu Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and Indica Crystal Extreme for their high 20-30% THC levels. However, determining the strongest Indica strain really depends on the user and their unique body chemistry.
The name Bleu Cheese is a reference to its fragrance resembling the famous azure, cured dairy. Some weed smokers also note a slight hint of earthy blueberries upon consumption. In addition, it has a high THC content, giving it a spot in the top-tier, high-yielding buds.

Sounds enticing? This is because Honey Cream’s name was derived from its decadently addicting caramel-sweet aroma with a slight kick of earthiness. Also, its agronomic performance in terms of yield deserves to be at the top list of cannabis suitable indoors. In a span of 7-8 weeks, it can produce 550g/m² of buds!If you prefer a lemon tart’s sweetness and rich smell, Super Sour Lemon is a great way to start! Aside from its citrusy aroma, a slight earthy kick is noticeable upon consumption which can last for many hours. It is a more or less readily accessible strain in some states.

Our plant identifier with database of more than 17,000 species is also the best place to Ask the Botanist, get plant watering recommendations, adjust your plant care schedule, try disease identification, and much more!When you’re about to roll a joint next time, take a moment to recall our article and consider if you’re overlooking any exotic options. There’s more to life than oridnary weed, you know… All the way from the Cordilleran belt of Afghanistan and Pakistan, this exotic cultivar boasts its genetically uniform indica strain. With its sedative and tranquilizing end result after consumption, it is a good strain for people experiencing deprived sleep or having trouble getting a good night’s rest. If wines have sommeliers, cannabis also have professional sniffers who can flag a batch of weed, whether it contains a foreign or exotic aroma. The difference can be pointed to the varying terpene profiles of exotic varieties, adding subtlety to its relaxing scent. This ability can develop through time with experience in wafting the local strains of marijuana.A hybrid of two famous strains, Big Bud with Purple Urkle, this purple-tinged indica weed is noteworthy for its characteristic forest-berry, sweet, and aromatic terpene profile. Because of its incredible taste and relaxing benefits, it earned a good reputation as a good parent (or a daddy!) for other strains.

This blue-tinged sativa strain emits a characteristic wild blueberry smell profile. When smoked, you will definitely daydream with its rapid and profound effects. One of the oldest sativa hybrids, Blue Dream, is an energizing strain but is also reported to have tranquilizing effects and reduce anxiety.
Exotic weeds are often stronger or more potent because they contain a more concentrated CBD or THC. For this reason, coupled with its rarity and scarceness, it is a highly prized variety for weed smokers.

Which strain is more relaxing?
Indica strains come from the cannabis indica plant, which is generally shorter and bushier than their sativa counterpart. Traditionally, indica strains are associated with more of a body high that makes you feel relaxed.
A cross between Amnesia and Mexican Haze, AMG is one of the top-shelf buds with substantially high levels of CBD and terpinolene. It has been noted to have a distinct uplifting effect according to some smokers. This variety can be grown both indoors and outdoors.The terpene profile of Chocolate Haze, of course, has been noted to generate chocolaty, earthy, and fruity fragrance, thanks to its genetic build-up that amplifies its remarkable traits. Because of the strain’s amazing smell, it is great for making a premium hash.

While the term “exotic” in botany refers to a species non-native to the region or cultivated outside of its natural distribution, the exotic weed meaning has become subjective and used loosely by many. Aside from the fact that it is out of its origin, it usually pertains to cannabis strains with superior potency in terms of aroma, flavor, and appearance. This excites regular users who want something different. Also, it puts the value even higher while, at the same time, often subject to marketing schemes for the growers and suppliers to profit more. Curious about trying a different taste of your usual joint but don’t want to fall for these trading tactics? The trick is to know what is and what makes weed exotic! This article covers all the basics of exotic weed, its types, benefits, effects, and the names of the best exotic weed strains.Give way to the Four-Way strain for its prominent biting and sharp fragrance! Some may not be adherent fans of this cultivar due to its odoriferous skunk-like smell, but its unpleasant aroma is nothing compared to its beneficial effects: it relieves pain and anxiety.

Yes, but regardless of the cannabis variety, seeds can be present with specific cultivation procedures. The presence may be acceptable, for instance, if it has a seed or two per ounce (28g).
We’ve been asked many times: is purple weed exotic? The answer is a big YES. You are likely looking at a specific strain called Granddaddy Purple which is the most popular kind in the market.

Do you feel more high with sativa or indica?
What is indica? Also known as “in da couch,” this variety of cannabis gives you more of a body buzz (as opposed to a heady “high”) and leaves you more relaxed. Oddly enough, indica strains tend to have a lighter THC concentration than sativa, even though they result in a more “stoned” sensation.
Except for the auditory or the hearing sense, our natural anthropoid ability to taste, smell, see, and touch can differentiate an exotic weed vs regular weed. Here are some of the distinct characteristics to note:Purplish or light lime to olive color buds are some identifying features of high-quality exotic marijuana. You can also find sparkly trichomes that coat the relatively thick and dense buds. In contrast, regular cannabis is notably duller, less compact, and has fewer lustrous trichomes.

Although the price differs from place to place, Cannabis Caviar is one of the exotic strains listed as the most pricey, with a whopping price of 1,400 USD /oz (1.2800 EUR/28 g) of bud.

However, it should also be regulated to avoid abuse in its consumption. This is one of the remaining challenges which is in the hands of politicians, stakeholders, and the involved end users. Everything is good but with moderation. If you belong to a country or state where cultivation is allowed but with some limitations, the best thing to focus on now is to boost the yield.Originating from Amsterdam, Skywalker OG is one of the coveted genetically dominant exotic indica strains. With its therapeutic and pain-relieving effect, it is a good candidate for medical purposes. Smokers have reported its relaxing and numbing sensation after consumption.

Pay attention that growing marijuana may be subject to special restrictions and regulation in your country or state. Please contact your attorney to obtain advice before cultivating cannabis.

What is the rarest Indica strain in the world?
Hindu Kush The strain is said to have a 100% indica rating that many people would die for. Hindu kush is not common in cannabis shops. If you are lucky to find it, you’ll definitely have to pay the price. On top of being one of the rarest strains, Hindu Kush is also one of the purest.
This cultivar has a good reputation for having the most exotic tastes described to play the olfactory senses with its sweet, citrusy, and earthy terpenes. An offspring of two potent strains, Power Plant and Santa Maria, Bubblegum XL features a mind-boosting and physiologically-activating sensation after consumption.If you don’t feel like doing anything, Durban Poison is an excellent weed to consume. Many joint-user testimonials have described its spirited effect, pushing one’s productivity in finishing work-related tasks. In addition, because of its energy-boosting sensation, it is a highly prized pre-workout weed. Our amazing article discusses ways to maximize your harvest, such as low-stress and high-stress training methods! The techniques are validated and proven in some studies. Aside from the fact that growing exotic weeds is a specialized branch in agriculture that can be profitable, the benefits outweigh more than the cost. The advantage of cultivating exotic weeds is that you have a specific target market to enter. Additionally, it has a noteworthy quality compared to regular cannabis regarding its effects, flavor, and aroma. Thinking about growing exotic weed? Consider putting White Widow on your A-list. It is sought-after for beginners because of its relatively uncomplicated growing requirements when grown indoors: it can thrive in less than 12 hours of exposure yet produces a concentrated amount of THC, reaching up to 19%.

The prized active compound, THC and CBD, can be as twice as concentrated in an exotic weed strain compared to the readily accessible kush, although some strains may contain almost similar contents. If the lineage or the origin is unknown, quantifying the content with laboratory techniques is an uncontested method.
This exotic indoor cannabis strain produces foliage reminiscent of a duck’s feet, hence its name. It is popular among home growers because it can be easily hidden–its foliage can blend and camouflage with other plants! Unlike different strains, its psychoactive effects are light, mellow, and uplifting rather than potent.This citrusy foreign strain is a modified and improved version of Four-Way. It might have a terpene profile described as “skunky,” but the aromatic lemony hint makes it more endearing to many. In addition, it has a good remedy for people suffering from chronic pain with its relatively concentrated THC levels.

Growing exotic weeds is a new concept with both good and bad sides to weigh. It could potentially be more profitable if proper legislation is passed into law. Nowadays, there is growing support for the legalization of medical marijuana – in contrast to the past when there was a significant stigma of its usage – as demonstrated and backed by science on the potential benefits.
Wherever Hot Rod F2 is cutivated, growers can expect big harvests of highly resinous flowers that absolutely stink with pure Chemdog/OG Kush terpenes. The impressive trichome production means that Hot Rod has given very high THC levels in laboratory testing.

What was the strongest strain?
The Godfather OG, aka the Don of all OGs or Don of all Kush, was named by High Times as the most potent marijuana strain on Earth thanks to its whopping THC content—34%. Some say that it’s possible that’s even a conservative estimate. But that’s not the only award it has ever won.
The germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. cannabis seeds are sold as collectable souvenirs to countries where the cultivation of cannabis is illegal. All information on this website is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to incentivize people to engage in illegal activities.

Now avaialable at Alchimiaweb, regular seeds of Hot Rod F2 by Dungeon’s Vault Genetics, reported to be the most intensely gassy variety from this top US seed bank combining OG Kush, Cookies, Chemdawg and Grand Daddy Purple genetics in a productive and powerful cannabis hybrid.This union of Motor Breath 15 (Chemdog x SFV OG) and Grandpa’s Breath (OGKB Cookies x (OG Kush x Grand Daddy Purple)) results in medium to large plants that finish flowering in 8-10 weeks when grown indoors and are ready to harvest in late September/early October if cultivated outdoors.Just wanted to elaborate that the picture of the Classix Jar is their version of Hot Rod that I bought from Cannabist in Deptford NJ. 16% Thca. The second picture is a capful of Hot Rod that I also purchased from Cannabist but this time grown by Seed and Strain. 23% Thca and over 1% Cbga. If I was able to post three pictures I also have triple 7s version which came in with the highest THC typically around 30% Thca. Love this strain, it never fails to put me to sleep! ✌️Excellent strain!! Very relaxing for the muscles & the mind. Though it wasn’t as effective at dulling my nerve pain as some other strains, the body high provides significant tension relief for both mind and body. Great head high, very effective for depression & low mood, enjoyed some movies, good convo & a good laugh. If you are a fellow medical patient with multiple needs, including manic depression, PTSD & muscle tension issues, this is a great choice for lower pain level days when you want a fun, kicked back afternoon and evening.Will definitely buy again. ***MD MMJ patient, review of flower***Pretty good strain. Others have stated it’s not exactly my cup of tea, but for those who enjoy a heavy Indica, they would love it. Effects are on point in the review. Awesome high😍 100% RECOMMEND💚 Relaxing, comforting. Anxiety erasing. Feeling super content and optimistic. A real antidepressant for me🥰💚 Will always grab this when available!🙏🏼 Heavy high crossed with giggle weed is the best way to describe this strain. Didn’t help my neuropathy, at all. I’m glad i only bought an 8th. Good smoke to chill, giggles comes and go/ off and on throughout the high. I came down really hard on this. It’s a great medicinal strain, for the right person. It just didn’t really help my leg and feet painlike other strains has. Very heavy high. NOT UPHORIC! I’d say this will make you laugh as you fall asleep. Not my cup of tea. The buds are awesome! Hard nugs! Tricomed out! I will still give it 5 stars, because it’s great weed for someone who likes those kinds of effects.THC/CBD Level: While high THC definitely makes us take notice, we were also interested in cannabis Indica strains that had high CBD. In some cases, the low THC and higher CBD content make the strain particularly useful to people who can’t handle psychoactive effects. Besides their calming effects, these high CBD Indica strains can provide benefits and potentially relieve inflammation anxiety, nausea, and other symptoms

Sherbet Queen is an 85% Indica strain that combines some of the best properties of Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbet, which also includes Girl Scout lineage. The strain is loaded with THC and guarantees a heavy sedative experience.
While Hindu Kush has a relaxing effect on the body and mind, Afghan Kush may have some additional medical benefits. Many users claim that Afghan Kush works wonders for headaches, arthritis pain, stiffness, and other chronic pain.ICE, or Indica Crystal Extreme, may be hard to find if you’re just looking for Indica Extreme. It’s more commonly known as White Ice and is a cross between Northern Lights, Dutch Skunk, and Original Afghani.

Most also agree the drowsiness and sleepy sedative feeling are kept to a minimum in the first few hours. It’s an evening smoke instead of a late-night smoke, and the relaxing effects, combined with the appetite increase, make it ideal for a dinner with friends, followed by a deep sleep.
Cannabis Sativa and Indica have grown for centuries and survived all sorts of elements to come to you, not to mention enduring years of hybrid breeding and cultivation! It’s a plant that always grows even in less-than-ideal settings.

This cannabis strain is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with a 16% CBD content and a startling 1% THC. That means it’s practically non-psychoactive (except for the extremely sensitive) but still manages to give its growers some pleasant feelings.
Blueberry CBD is a remarkable creation, coming from the original 1970s Blueberry, which was a cross of Afghani Indica, Purple Thai Sativa, and Thai Sativa. Since then, there have been variations of Blueberry, including one bred for CBD content and the similar Oregon Blueberry.

Sativa plants tend to be stronger than Indica plants as they have more THC overall. Although there are always exceptions to the rule – like low THC Sativa and high THC Indicas.
In simple terms, that means White Widow Autoflower can grow “automatically” in just several weeks and without changing the light cycle. Peak height is about 24 inches, so it makes a great indoor Indica.

But what everyone remembers about Northern Lights is its earthy, pinewood aroma and almost honey-musk taste. It’s like smelling and tasting wet grassy mountains in your mouth. The cannabis strain is also easy to grow and flowers in 8 weeks, making it ideal for people with a short growing season.
Easy Growing Techniques: Some cannabis Indica strains fared better because they grew faster, were mold and bacteria-resistant, or required little maintenance besides basic watering and temperature control.The different types of Indica seeds are regular (male or female), feminized (only female plants), and auto-flowering (no need to change the light cycle).White Widow is a classic that has been bred to make many other popular Indica strains (like White Russian and Blue Widow), but one of its most outstanding features is that the White Widow Autoflower has been made with cannabis Ruderalis – a third option in the great Indica/Sativa debate.

The plant is compact, making it ideal for indoor use, and actually flowers in 45-55 days, making it the fastest non-autoflower plant we’ve seen in a while. Expect approximately 400g per plant, which is more than enough for novice growers.
First originating in a mountain range 500 miles between Afghanistan and Pakistan, it’s safe to say Hindu Kush is a survivor when it comes to growing. In fact, growers believe the heavy crystal trichomes provide a layer of protection against many outside elements. Hindu Kush is also a phenotype of another popular strain, OG Kush.Northern Lights is every smoker’s go-to cliche when describing Indica marijuana. The cannabis strain has frosted buds, with a low 15% THC level to avoid getting couch-locked. It’s a 70% Indica-dominant hybrid strain, hence the deep relaxation and sleep, along with 20% Sativa and even 10% Ruderalis. However, determining the strongest Indica strain really depends on the user and their unique body chemistry. Furthermore, the Indica and Sativa balance, as well as the quality of the genetics, ultimately determines how pleasurable or numbing the high can be. Used as a medical cannabis Indica, Hindu Kush has a moderate 18% THC content, making it ideal as a sedative and yet not as intense as more psychoactive Indica strains. Users claim smoking Hindu Kush can alleviate stress, panic, inflammation, and even insomnia.Adaptability: We paid extra close attention to Indica strai
ns that could thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments. Autoflower Indica strains scored higher on our list for adaptability. That means it’s not just chill and calming like other Indica strains, but it can also help muscles relax. Many users claim that after smoking Sherbet Queen they felt relief from muscle pains, tight tension, or even headaches and migraines. High THC levels have a strong effect on releasing the tension, and Sherbet Queen is like a relaxing massage of the brain. Overall, White Widow Auto is the best Indica strain for the reasons we’ll see below. But let’s not spoil the fun, here’s our detailed list of the best Indica strains!

White Widow Autoflower is the grand old dame of this party, having been internationally popular since the 1990s and even won the Cannabis Cup in 1995. It’s also the paragon of Indica marijuana – a 19% THC chill without the intensity and with a mix of cerebral and relaxing effects.

Medical Benefits: We were particularly interested in user experiences with Indica strains, where they mentioned relief from chronic pain, such as arthritis, headache, and muscle pain, as well as muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, inflammation, poor appetite, and overall relaxation.
Indicas started in the mountains and deserts of Central Asia and India, whereas Sativas started in East Asia and eventually spread west – as far as South America.First, the Original Afghan has brought us many top Indica strains in the present-day cannabis industry, like Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze. Afghan Kush has about 85% Indica, which is less than Hindu Kush, but a higher level of THC – at 22%. Afghan Kush also has higher CBD content.

Sativa is stronger than Indica when it comes to THC content. However. Indica is better at numbing the body, whereas cannabis Sativa is better for causing more powerful psychoactive effects.
This Indica-dominant hybrid of South Indian Indica and Brazilian Sativa landrace originated in the Netherlands and contains mostly Indica but with some beneficial Sativa content as well. Depending on where you buy it, you may get a 60/40 or even a 50/50 Sativa balance.

Blue Cheese comes to us from the great European stoners, crossing Blueberry with UK Cheese, which also comes from Skunk #1. With 80% Indica and 19% THC, Blue Cheese is potent and yet gives a surprisingly tolerable “chill high.”
The moderate THC level (19% max) makes it a good novice Indica, meaning you probably won’t have to worry about paranoia, “couch lock”, or any other “dank” physiological effects. The purple berry-grape-type scent is also pleasant. You can expect flowering in about 9 weeks and about 350g or more for indoor plants and over 500g for outdoor plants.

Grand Daddy Purple is aptly named, given that it’s “fathered” so many other popular Indica strains worldwide. We ranked it #2 because it’s a pure Indica strain which means heavy sedative effects, ideal for a relaxing buzz all evening long, with a peaceful sleep at night.
Yes, in addition to White Widow Autoflower being one of the best Indica marijuana classics, it’s also easy to grow. Expect a healthy yield, about 200-400g per cannabis plant, and with a cannabis strain that’s earthy, spicy, and woody.Blue Cheese also has higher than average CBD content, about 2%, which is just enough to make a significant impact on various physical processes. Some users claim that smoking Blue Cheese helps with improving appetite and relieving body pains.

Crop King Seeds, established in 2005, offers Grand Daddy Purple in feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds. Please note that the autoflower GDP has lower Indica, with some Sativa and Ruderalis.The fine genetics (80% Indica and 20% THC) explain why it’s a crystal-rich cannabis plant that resembles snow, given the healthy resin glands. The cannabis strain came to us from India and has been bred with many other cannabis strains over the years, leading to many variations.

Is Hot Rod 7 strain indica or sativa?
Hot Rod is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Motorbreath X Grandpa’s Breath strains. following a light earthy profile with a hint of spicy savory diesel as you exhale.
Now, after this short history lesson… let’s talk about what you came here for. Below, we’ll talk about the best Indica strains with high THC content (20-30%), good yields (300-500 g), and divine effects.

What is a 100% Indica strain?
Hindu Kush. A 100% pure indica that’s popular with fans of high THC strains. After smoking or vaping Hindu Kush, expect mental calm and unfocused haziness followed by hours of couchlock and deep relaxation.
We felt that ILGM’s White Widow and Crop King Seeds’ Granddaddy Purple were the best Indicas in terms of total satisfaction, quality, and consistent growth.The 19% THC Indica-dominant hybrid strain has a diesel smell and what some believe to be “healing properties” besides just a nice body high. Reviewers have commented that Skywalker is a natural antidepressant, helping with stress, anxiety, and other medical symptoms.

The difference between Sativa and Indica marijuana is that Sativas are taller and thinner with thin leaves. They also take longer to mature. Indicas are shorter, bushier, have thicker leaves, and have higher levels of terpene myrcene. They grow faster and produce more buds than Sativas.
Some of the most popular and well-known strains have Indica genetics, including Northern Lights, White Widow, Skywalker, Afghan Kush, ICE, and Grand Daddy Purple.

Indica makes you feel a mellow, chill, and suddenly extra-sensitive to everything pleasurable in the world. The heightened state of mind is great for foodies, intellectuals, and even worriers, who (if the THC is low enough) will feel the relaxing and calming effects for a while.
Indica cannabis is considered a downer because of the physical change that happens in the body, as opposed to just a cerebral high. Indica strains tend to leave growers feeling more sleepy than happy because their brains slow down and their muscles relax.

French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was the first to figure out that Indica and Sativa are genetically different because of the environments they grow in.
Most Indica strains take about 10 weeks to reach full maturity, though some are faster growers, like the Indica Crystal Supreme, which reaches maturity in as little as 7 weeks.Distinct Effects: Cannabis Indica strains are well known for their sedative properties. However, some Indica strains have a higher percentage of Sativa content which makes them more cerebral and energetic.

Dr. Femi Aremu is a clinical pharmacist with experience in medication therapy management, custom compounded medications, medicinal cannabis, and is interested in health technology. Additionally, Dr. Aremu is a cannabis advocate with experience in cannabis extraction.Sian Ferguson is a freelance health and cannabis writer based in Cape Town, South Africa. She’s passionate about empowering readers to take care of their mental and physical health through science-based, empathetically delivered information.Kate Robertson is a Toronto-based editor and writer who has focused on drugs, primarily cannabis, since 2017. She has been published in The Guardian, Maclean’s magazine, the Globe and Mail, Leafly, and more. Find her at @katierowboat.

If you’re trying a cannabis product for the first time, a good rule of thumb is to start low and slow — that is, start with a small amount, see how it makes you feel, and give the effects plenty of time to kick in. You can always increase your dose from there.
More than 80 percent of consumers on Leafly report relaxing effects. Several reviewers note this strain may initially cause a bit of a giggly euphoria that slowly transforms into deep relaxation.

What is hot rod strain?
Hot Rod, also known as Hot Rod #7,, is a hybrid weed strain. Reviewers on Leafly say this strain makes them feel hungry, uplifted, and happy. Hot Rod has 27% THC and 1% CBG. The dominant terpene in this strain is myrcene. If you’ve smoked, dabbed, or otherwise enjoyed this strain, Hot Rod, before let us know! Cached
Some strains are reported to contain 25–27 percent THC, which is considerably higher than the 17–20 percent THC that’s usually reported for this strain.Kimberly is a freelance health, travel, and lifestyle writer and editor living in Birmingham, AL. She has previously written for Cooking Light, Eating Well, Coastal Living, Real Simple, Reader’s Digest, and more. When she’s not writing, you’ll likely find her watching “Murder, She Wrote” and sorting her collection of books that she’ll certainly one day find time to read, or planning her next vacation, preferably to an island, please. If you find a strain that works really well for you, try to research its other properties. What are the main terpenes in it? What’s the THC to CBD ratio? Does the label mention any other cannabinoids, like CBG or CBN? Traditionally, indica strains are associated with more of a body high that makes you feel relaxed. They’re often recommended for people seeking strains to help with pain, insomnia, nausea, or poor appetite.Adrienne Santos-Longhurst is a freelance writer and author who has written extensively on all things health and lifestyle for more than a decade. When she’s not holed up in her writing shed researching an article or off interviewing health professionals, she can be found frolicking around her beach town with husband and dogs in tow, or splashing about the lake trying to master the stand-up paddleboard.

This potent mix of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch brings much of what people love about indica strains: relaxation, increased appetite, and sleepiness — together in one experience.
If you frequently consume cannabis, for example, you’ll likely have a higher tolerance for THC. If you’re in a familiar environment with friends, your experience might be different from if you were consuming alone in a new, unfamiliar place.As you read about strains, keep in mind that their effects aren’t always consistent. A strain from one company might feel very different than another company’s version of that same strain. Cannabis and anxiety have a complicated relationship. For some, cannabis works wonders for their symptoms, but for others, it ramps them up. If you’re… Jillian Kubala is a registered dietitian based in Westhampton, NY. Jillian holds a master’s degree in nutrition from Stony Brook University School of Medicine as well as an undergraduate degree in nutrition science. She runs a private practice based on the east end of Long Island, NY, where she helps her clients achieve optimal wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes.Things like terpenes, different cannabinoids (like THC and CBD), and even your history with cannabis can influence how you experience certain products.

How do you know if a strain is exotic?
They usually have noticeable:Prominent trichomes. Exotic strains have more prominent trichomes or crystalline appendages attached to the buds. … Different shape and color. Another critical point to note is the shape. … Strong flavor. … Potent effects.
One thing we can agree on is that there are certain weed strains that are really hard to come by. If you get your supply of cannabis from your local hemp store, you’ll most certainly have an idea of which strains are less common than others. Some weed strains even have some sort of ‘legendary’ status because of how rare they are. Some people even come across these rare strains without knowing it, often requiring the insight of other parties to recognize what is before them. This strain that is named after a county in Africa is also quite rare. It’s rarity is almost at the mythical or legendary level because no one seems to have seen it. Apparently Malawi Gold has been around for centuries and is easily recognizable by its distinct golden hue. This does not mean that any hemp plant that has a golden or light-brown hue is Malawi Gold. You would be surprised how many people are misled or conned this way. Malawi Gold is simply special. It’s rarity can be attributed to its extremely difficult cultivation and harvesting process. The Oaxacan Highland can easily be mistaken for a different plant other than weed. This strain has a really unconventional look that is quite different from what many people expect from a typical hemp plant. Oaxacan Highland is actually one of the oldest weed strains on record. The actual plant grows to heights of up to 12 feet. The strain was quite popular in the 60s and 70s, but it’s nowhere to be seen in today’s world. Some people claim that the strain almost became extinct because of overwhelming hostility in the cartel-controlled areas it was cultivated in.

You’ll not find the Black African Magic in many cannabis stores across the country. This is one of the rarest cannabis strains on the planet. However, it is one of the most easily distinguishable strains due to its black to dark brown color. Its unique color makes it easy to recognize from all other strains on earth. Weed enthusiasts who swear by this strain claim that it is highly potent and rich in flavor. So, if you do manage to get your hands on Black African Magic, you should count yourself as one of the lucky few. It’s simply too rare to stumble upon by chance.
We strive to provide all of our customers with a friendly experience at buds. All of our pricing structures are arranged to be extremely competitive and we focus on stocking a wide variety of cannabis products to ensure your experience.Most rare weed strains happen to be the most expensive cannabis products on the market. However, not all rare strains are super expensive – some are actually quite affordable if you do find them. Listed below are some of the rarest weed strains that you’ve probably never heard about.Another very rare cannabis strain is Puna Budder. This strain was also very popular back in the good old days. If you were alive in the 60s and 70s, you can probably attest to the fact that Puna Budder was one of the ‘coolest’ strains available. The strain attracted a lot of attention from law agencies leading to severe crackdowns in major cities and towns. Fast forward to today, the strain is very hard to find in most cannabis stores. Those who still have access to this strain must be very good at keeping secrets.

Every once in a while, weed enthusiasts will claim to have come across a strain like no other. Most people will have no clue about the particular strain in question and a discussion on whether that particular strain really exist or not will often occurs. But, do these these ‘mythical’ and ‘elusive’ strains really exist or are they just figments of people’s imaginations.A comprehensive list of rare weed strains would not be complete without mentioning Hindu Kush. You have probably heard of Hindu Kush and it’s amazing qualities, but have never had the chance to see or enjoy it. Well, there is no reason to worry as you are definitely not alone. The strain is said to have a 100% indica rating that many people would die for. Hindu kush is not common in cannabis shops. If you are lucky to find it, you’ll definitely have to pay the price. On top of being one of the rarest strains, Hindu Kush is also one of the purest.