Iracing 2023 Season 2 Schedule

At the time of writing, just one track has been announced as part of the Season 2 update in iRacing. Jerez is a Spanish circuit often associated with motorbike racing. Although in past years, it has been used for Formula 1 pre-season testing. It even hosted a Grand Prix back in 1997.All this upcoming content will release during Week 13 of the current season. Expect the major update to take place on March 7. The official races, however, won’t launch until the week after following iRacing‘s traditional schedule.

Visually similar to the Formula Vee open wheeler that joined the simulator in Season 3 of 2021, it adds another level on the open-wheeler ladder. Thanks to its larger 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine, manual six-speed transmission and slick tyres, this new model should slot in between the Formula Vee and Formula 4. As such, a D-Class license series is most likely for this model. The previous iRacing season update gave racing fans two of the most high-profile cars in motorsport. It’s already been two months since both the BMW M Hybrid V8 prototype and Mercedes W13 F1 car launched. But Season 2 has lower-level, more regional championships in its sights. An old-school venue lined with grass and gravel traps, Circuito de Jerez provides little room for error. The layout itself isn’t particularly friendly to beginners either, with a mix of high-speed corners and tricky braking zones.It’s that time in the simracing calendar once again. The current iRacing season is coming to an end, and the developers are revealing all the new content coming in the Season 2 update. A selection of club-level cars and an underrated track are among the announcements. Working on a quarterly release schedule, iRacing is approaching its second content drop of 2023. This Season 2 update of the year comes 13 weeks after Season 1. The last update brought two of the most popular cars in the game, the BMW LMDh car and Toyota GR86 Cup. The first car joining iRacing this season is a Formula Ford racer, although it carries the more anonymous Formula 1600 name in-game. In fact, Ford branding has been dropped, likely to avoid any licencing costs. Instead, the brand name has been replaced by the car’s manufacturer, Ray Race Cars.

How much money has iRacing made? is a small technology company based in Bedford, MA with only 93 employees and an annual revenue of $6.1M.
With the TCR cars currently running championships in both the D-class and C-class licenses, the Clio Cup car could make for an excellent rookie class series. In fact, rookie racers in iRacing currently only get to drive the Mazda MX-5 and Formula Vee. Giving lower ranked drivers the chance to race this touring car would expand the variety early on in the game. Though for that to work, the Clio would have to come at no extra charge. Whether or not that happens, only time will tell.

In its Season 2 update, iRacing is clearly focusing on regional championships. The second car joining the sim in a few weeks time is the Renault Clio Cup car. Fans of the TCR cars will certainly smile at this new addition as it should provide another level on the front-wheel drive touring car ladder. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. It’s coming! 2023 Season 2 Release is one of our quarterly software update releases and will include brand new content, new and updated systems, and dozens of fixes. Get ready!The iRacing Test Drive service will be enabled prior to the beginning of downtime, and will remain up for 24 hours after the deployment has been completed. You may use Test Drive with ANY vehicles you have downloaded, even those you do not own! You may only Test Drive on tracks you own. (Brand new content becomes available in Test Drive shortly before the following season release.)

What is the iRacing update for 2023?
It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: a massive new iRacing build! From new cars and tracks to an expansive set of new AI content and a complete overhaul of dirt racing, 2023 Season 3 has a little something for everyone.
*Hosted sessions are allowed to be created and run that do not overlap the “Race Servers Unavailable” time. For example, 6 hours before the maintenance period begins, you can create a hosted session that lasts up to 5 hours, but not one that lasts for 6 or more hours.This is an internally generated cookie that we use to hide our SMS form if our users have signed up or indicated they are not interested receiving SMS notifications. It is there to improve your site experience by saving your preferences.We’ve developed cutting-edge sim racing technologies, including impressive vehicle modeling and a hyper-realistic physics engine. We account for high-speed mathematical algorithms, data-driven calculations and dynamic forces to give virtual racers the exact same physical dynamics that real-world drivers experience on the track. Accuracy and realism are the foundations of iRacing.Oftentimes, racetracks won’t let just anyone saunter onto the track for a spin. You’ll first need to find a racetrack that’s nearby and then you’ll be required to prove your skill and qualify. Sure, many tracks allow you to purchase day passes and take a few laps, but racing takes time, money and skill.

Compared to other car games, iRacing is favored for its flexibility among users. Our members race against who they want in private and public leagues that are open around the clock. You’ll also be able to race wherever you want (choose from more than 70 unique racetracks and counting) and create your own scoring systems, if desired.
This allows us to make our Facebook ads more targeted to our ideal audience. It basically lets us know what kinds of customers are interested in iRacing before targeting these types of customers on the Facebook platform.

iRacing employs racers-turned-designers-and-engineers to ensure the most lifelike racing experience imaginable. No other racing game offers as many simulation racing tech breakthroughs as iRacing. From NASCAR Cup cars to Sports Cars, iRacing ensures that each and every vehicle in our fleet is meticulously replicated for record-breaking speed and an authentic feel.You’ve seen the headlines and watched live as some of your favorite racers lost control and crashed. Racecar drivers put their lives on the line with every race. No matter how much training and equipment you have, traveling at 200 MPH in a metal box will never be considered safe by most standards.

We use this cookie to see what our users do after they click on an ad. This helps us understand how effective our marketing campaigns are in leading to product purchases.Real-life racers have to be trained in the sport, and racing school can be incredibly expensive. The top-performing race schools in the U.S. charge tuition upwards of $6,000 — and that’s only for the basics – not to mention the cost of track passes, equipment and your car or rental fees. The fact is, unless you’re a seasoned professional, racing is an incredibly expensive hobby.

You choose sim racing games for their authenticity and lifelike racing experience, and iRacing is committed to ensuring the same standards for each new track we develop. iRacing tracks are precisely modeled using proprietary technologies, including 3-D laser-scanning and active weather effects, to make your PC experience indistinguishable from a real-world lap around your favorite track.So you’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of a real-life racecar? Car racing can be a real thrill, but the fact is, it’s costly and requires knowing the right people. Check out this comparison of iRacing against the real thing. Real racing is:

If you’re looking for the best PC-based sim racing game, don’t choose just any driving simulator. iRacing is the sim racing leader in graphics, physics, track technology, car technology and overall realism thanks to our proprietary technologies that focus on authenticity. iRacing outperforms all other console and PC racing games by a considerable margin, and here’s why:
It’s no doubt that iRacing has an optimization issue that forces poor framerates and poor quality at times, even on higher end computers. Further fixing could lead to a better experience later down the road.Speaking of graphical fixes, the only big track update in this patch comes with the new version of the Chicago Street Course. This track now has updated signage and branding around the circuit, although Barney’s flag stand still reads Windy City 110, the name of the eNASCAR Pro Invitational event from back in 2021.The second patch following the release of the 2023 iRacing Season 3 build dropped on Thursday (22nd June) and with it, some updates and tweaks to the new and existing content.

While the new cars, which include the Cadillac GTP, the Ligier LMP3 and the Porsche GT3 R 992, all received some further adjustments, fixes and BoP-ping, one of the key takeaways from this patch has to be in the graphic optimization that’s found in the Simulation section of the notes.
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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: a massive new iRacing build! From new cars and tracks to an expansive set of new AI content and a complete overhaul of dirt racing, 2023 Season 3 has a little something for everyone. Here are just some of the major new releases and features included in this build:
ADAC SimRacing Expo #ForTheRacer – ADAC SimRacing Expo & RennWelten team up! 29. March 2023 ESL R1 ESL R1: McCormack shines on return to Spa 29. March 2023 ESL R1 ESL R1: Bennett untouchable in Round 3 17. March 2023 Assetto Corsa Assetto Corsa 2 Set to be released Spring 2024 16. March 2023 Assetto Corsa Competizione ACC Update to be released on 19. April 15. March 2023

As mentioned, there are three new cars for the new season. The Renault Clio R.S V, Ray FF1600 and a new Late Model Stock. The Ray FF1600 is released as free content and is thus available to all members.The iRacing UI is also finally getting an update and the focus is on the popular “Dark Mode”, as well as some performance updates and new techniques that should speed up the development of the UI.We are all set. Here’s the new season with free (and paid) road tracks and cars, IA racing roster improved, etc. The complete release notes are available in a post published yesterday.It’s the moment you all wait for every quarter: the release of the latest iRacing build! 2023 Season 2 is here, and it comes with three new cars, a new track, tons of new AI unlocks new features, and much more. Here’s a quick look at some of what to expect from the new build: Never miss a checkered flag again! With over 27,000 subscribers already on board, our daily newsletter is the premier destination for sim racing news, events, and more – sign up for free today and stay up to date on all the latest in the sim racing world! ACC, on the other hand, has an immersive FFB system with a “Seat of Pants” effect designed to bring you closer to the action. However, if you wish to have an experience similar to that of iRacing, you can turn down some of the parameters in your game if the iRacing feeling is something that’s more up your street.When it comes to tracks, laser-scanning is par for the course. Hyper-realistic track surfaces built from real-world scanning data, it’s the most accurate way to enjoy your favourite track when sim racing. Whilst some titles such as F1 22 and the original Assetto Corsa mostly feature tracks that have been designed without this data on top of the occasional laser-scanned track, most specialised sim racing games tend to solely have laser-scanned tracks.

With the exception of Zandvoort, every circuit in ACC is laser-scanned. This is because, according to the developers, the Zandvoort model built for the original AC game was so highly-praised for its realism that they didn’t need to remodel it. The circuits featured in ACC are from the 2018 and 2019 seasons of GT World Challenge Europe, the 2019 Intercontinental GT Challenge, the 2019 British GT season, as well as three circuits from the 2021 GT World Challenge America season, all of which you can learn with our Track Maps. Whilst the tracks in the game are limited to only those featured in an SRO-sanctioned series, a total of 22 tracks gives you plenty of variety and challenges that will take tens of thousands of hours to perfect. To start, the looks. ACC uses Unreal Engine 4, which means that it looks absolutely stunning. With all the bells and whistles on top, including ray tracing and ultra-high-end VR support, it’s a title that will let you get the very most out of your system. If that’s not quite your style, or if you sim race on a budget, there are graphics options out there for everyone. However, at the lower end, you are likely to have to strike a compromise between frame rate and image quality. iRacing’s physics model is reflective of this attitude. The tyre model is relatively rudimentary compared to ACC, to the extent that most Road series setups will run the car at minimum tyre pressures for the fastest lap time. The main thing you want to avoid with your tyres in iRacing is overheating them, especially in Oval disciplines. Once you get heat into your tyres, it’s incredibly difficult to get the heat back out of them. Ask anyone who’s carried out an aggressive slide job, it’s very easy to spin once you’ve put that much heat into your tyres.

ACC’s realism comes from an immersive graphics experience, with a taste of severity in the damage engine but some lenience too. Whilst it is possible to earn yourself the racing equivalent of a wooden spoon, the much-maligned meatball flag, it is only likely to set you back a couple of minutes whereas iRacing will happily take hours out of your day to patch the car up for you. This is perhaps where the biggest crossroads comes in terms of realism – do you want a form of realism that presents you with the brutal nature of racing or would you rather have an immersive experience which still offers some relative risk?
It’s hard to get an apples-for-apples comparison between the two titles when it comes to handling and physics, however, perhaps the greatest example is in GT3 racing. Before Kunos Simulazioni picked up the SRO licensing, iRacing hosted the sim racing equivalents of Blancpain GT racing (now GT World Challenge). The two platforms take different approaches to GT3 racing, with iRacing’s equivalents lapping multiple seconds per lap faster than ACC’s cohort. Part of this is to do with the downforce models of each sim, with iRacing’s GT3s generating far greater downforce whereas ACC’s speciality is the comprehensive tyre model that includes graining, flat spotting, as well as the occasional puncture.

This is perhaps the most emblematic difference between the two titles. Not only does it tie up the differences in ideology between the two sims neatly, but it also embodies the areas of the market that they represent.
iRacing’s tournament system is as elaborate as the list of series that it boasts. In addition to having regular series that start every 15 minutes, you can also take part in a variety of different Leagues hosted by your fellow iRacers. With a variety of current and legacy content being used in these series, there’s a little bit of something for everyone on the platform.

ACC has a retail price of £34.99, with DLC packs varying from £7.99 for the 2020 GT World Challenge Pack that added Imola as a circuit as well as the updated Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo and the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO to £17.99 for the GT4 pack. All-in, you can pick up everything for ACC in one go for around £110.

Does iRacing need 16GB RAM?
iRacing requires 8GB of RAM, but I’d suggest stepping up to 16GB.
Since Assetto Corsa Competizione launched in 2019, it’s always been held up against the sim racing yardstick that is iRacing. In this article, we’re going to delve deeper into the debate between these two sim racing heavyweights and look at the merits of each of these titles.Sadly, in this area, iRacing struggles compared to ACC. A PC exclusive, it also requires users to be able to accelerate, brake, and steer on separate axes. That means that you should ideally have a wheel, if not a high-end gamepad, in order to race. On the other hand, ACC is also available on Xbox and PlayStation platforms and can be played using a mouse and keyboard if you so wish. Whilst ACC does not carry crossplay features like other racing titles such as EA’s F1 22, this means that PC players are able to experience regular updates whilst not having to wait for extensive beta testing for each patch in case they break the console versions.

What is the new content in iRacing 2023 season 2?
It has three new cars, a new track, some major ui updates and tons on new ai unlocks, so this new build has something for everyone. As mentioned, there are three new cars for the new season. The Renault Clio R.S V, Ray FF1600 and a new Late Model Stock. Cached
And, if you thought that was challenging enough, iRacing takes that several notches further. With a variety of traditional road courses, ovals, and dirt-covered varieties of the two, to master all of the tracks you need to know how different cars handle different surfaces to the best of your ability. On top of that, with multiple possible layouts available for many of the tracks on the platform, the total of over 120 different tracks in the game is only the start of the story. And, with each one telling their own tales, it’ll take decades of continuous driving before you’re a virtuoso of every track and layout that the sim has to offer.With ACC, on the other hand, you are largely dependent on third-party hosts for online racing. Kunos run their own “Competition Servers”, however, these are one-off events and you need to have a Safety Rating over 70 to be able to access them. With services such as Low Fuel Motorsport making up for this by offering regular races similar to the iRacing model, you can still get a similar experience albeit not provided by the developers themselves.

The Force Feedback in both titles is emblematic of the ideologies behind both of them. iRacing symbolises dedication to simulation and the edge-of-your-seat feeling, whereas ACC values the overall user experience.
iRacing’s sense of realism is an unforgiving damage model that can punish you for the smallest mistakes. The New Damage Model, now available on most of the popular cars on the platforms, means that wheel-to-wheel contact can lead to you losing your wheel and a small tap from behind can be enough to remove whole body panels from the car. That also applies to track surfaces too, so if you’re in a Mercedes W12 you best be avoiding those pesky traffic cones!Whilst iRacing doesn’t boast the same graphics quality as ACC, it isn’t as graphically intensive in most situations. With a simple slider to help you maximise either quality or frame rate, and the ability to have your settings adjust automatically depending on the on-track situation, it’s certainly an accessible option on the graphics side. Whilst the quality isn’t as impressive as ACC, we can certainly help you make iRacing looks as good as possible with our guide to optimising your graphics. If you want a little bit more from the base game though, you should try out the free add-on, Reshade, as recommended in our guide to taking the best screenshots in iRacing.

Part of this is because of the fact that ACC has wet-weather racing, something that iRacing is still teasing as a future feature in the sim. This means that ACC’s models have to work as well in the wet as they do in the dry, which iRacing doesn’t have to worry about at present. This necessitates a comprehensive tyre model, something which ACC is setting the par for the sim racing course with. The ability to quickly gain or lose pressure, temperatures, and grain your tyres into the nth dimension is imperative to ensure that the competitors on the platform can have an immersive experience.iRacing’s FFB is focused purely on the effects that each wheel feels. Anything that a driver would feel through a steering column, from bumps in the track to wheel-to-wheel contact, is something that you will feel in iRacing. Whilst your immersion might suffer from a lack of “Seat of Pants” effect, where you can’t feel the car losing grip in aerodynamic-dependent cars such as the Mercedes W12 or the Dallara P217. You can use tools such as irFFB to reduce the impact of this, a free app that we included in our 10 Must-Have Free Apps for iRacing which we have previously explored setting up here at the Academy.

Does week 13 affect Irating?
They do not count towards irating or safety rating though the sporting code is still in effect so don’t just wreck people.
iRacing, on the other hand, is a subscription-based service with additional purchases being made for individual pieces of content. This means that owning every piece of iRacing content would likely cost over $1500 at present, on top of the subscription that starts at $7.80 for your first month (then $13 per month afterwards) or $119.40 for 2 years of iRacing (which renews at $200 after that). This makes accessing iRacing difficult for the casual sim racing fan that doesn’t have masses of disposable income, unlike ACC which is solely one-off costs.ACC, on the other hand, has a lot more weapons at its disposal in the handling and physics departments. Its tyre model means that you can put more heat through your tyres in the short term, but only if you trade it off for tyre longevity and a sharp drop-off in grip in the long term. In addition to this, the variety of racing conditions on offer in ACC means that it’s possible to have a tyre working perfectly at one moment only to have it offer no support the very next moment.Join 27,500 subscribers who receive tips and tricks about driving and sim racing every day. Sign up for free today to avoid missing out. Find out more.In this metric, you have a debate of quality vs quantity. ACC specialises in GT racing, with cars from various Stéphane Ratel Organisation championships. You get GT3 racers from 2018 onwards and GT4s from 2019, as well as single-make championships such as the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Ferrari Challenge, Porsche Cup, and BMW M2 championship. This is a wealth of cars that dives further into GT racing than iRacing does, with even greater variety within each class than iRacing can offer, and you can pick up setups for all of them with our subscription service here at Coach Dave Academy.iRacing, on the other hand, is a Jack of all Trades. It has GT3s, GT4s, and the Porsche Cup that ACC has. However, the other cars that iRacing has make it a world-beater. From the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup, a series we now cover in our Lap Guides, at Rookie-level to the NASCAR Next-Gen Cup cars and the Mercedes W12 in the upper echelons, there’s a bit of something for everyone and, in some cases, cars that you can only race on the iRacing platform. If you wish to read more into what cars iRacing has, we’ve got you covered with the Complete iRacing Car List.When it comes to compatibility, there are several ways to measure it. From availability on different platforms to the peripherals that can be used on said platforms, accessibility and compatibility can be a big deciding factor in which sim to race on. Whilst you can find excellent series for both titles over on our sister site of SimGrid, there are few specifics about each title that sets them apart from the other. So I can’t use this car I just bought? Of course you can! Just because it’s not being used right this moment in an official race doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Check out the “hosted” tab and check out the races put up by other members or create your own!

When Do Promotions Happen? Promotions and demotions are finalized at the end of week 13. If you need just a little more SR you can use the official series listed below.
Where are all the races? Week 13 is not run like a normal part of the season. Instead of the normal official races, there are a number of unofficial races for fun. They do not count towards irating or safety rating though the sporting code is still in effect so don’t just wreck people.

What is week 13? Week 13 is the week that takes place between the 12 week seasons that iRacing runs. During this week they roll out the quarterly updates and new content. Week 13 mostly has unofficial races so that if there’s something wrong with the update it doesn’t ruin someone’s season.
So then every race is unofficial? No. There are still a few official series that take place during this week. If you need that last bit of safety rating those races are your only chance. Check out below for more details on which series is official this week.You’ve heard these terms before tons of times from the iRacing initiated, but what does it mean? If you’re new to the service and want to know how our content updates and public race schedules work, look no further!

Every three months, iRacing releases a brand new Build of the sim. Each iRacing Build is a comprehensive quarterly update of the sim that includes new and updated car and track content, adjustments to driving experience, and additional features in the sim. Think of it as getting a brand new product every three months—one that includes everything you loved about the sim before, plus as many new features as we can throw at you!
A select group of official series, such as the NASCAR iRacing Series, don’t follow the traditional Season model. These series exist instead to mirror the real-world championships that inspire them. Series of this nature continue to schedule races across multiple Seasons and may even stage races during Week 13, and typically crown their champions at the same time that their real-world counterparts do.

How long is a season on iRacing?
12 weeks Seasons typically last 12 weeks (with the occasional 13-week Season depending on the calendar). Each week, every iRacing public series takes on a new track, with drivers looking to score the most points possible in public races across various series in order to earn a championship.
Patches and Hotfixes are smaller updates centered on specific parts of the iRacing service. These are deployed regularly throughout the year, in order to continue delivering the optimal sim racing experience for users. Patches and Hotfixes are not designed to be regular sources of new content the way that Builds are. Builds happen regularly every three months, and are deployed on the first or second week of March, June, September, and December (typically on a Tuesday or Wednesday). During this time, iRacing is inaccessible for public or hosted racing; users may still access Test Drive or the iRacing Forums at that time. When the deployment is complete, users may log back into iRacing and try out the new content and features! iRacing’s public racing is broken up into four Seasons per calendar year. Each Season represents a new opportunity for you to hit the track in public series up and down iRacing’s License ladders (A, B, C, D, or Rookie level) and race for the championship across your favorite racing disciplines and divisions. Each iRacing Build deploys after one Season has ended, and just before a new Season will begin.

Seasons start at midnight GMT on the Tuesday after a Build is deployed. Seasons typically last 12 weeks (with the occasional 13-week Season depending on the calendar). Each week, every iRacing public series takes on a new track, with drivers looking to score the most points possible in public races across various series in order to earn a championship. When the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday, the track changes to the next one on the schedule for each series.

Because of the interruption of iRacing service during each Build week, a special, isolated week called Week 13 (sometimes 14) takes place at this time. Week 13 hosts its own, single-week championships, with tracks changing every day instead of every week. Many of these series are designated as “fun” series, meaning they don’t impact iRating or Safety Rating, and can either feature our newest content, or unexpected combinations of cars and tracks that don’t run in the real world.
On occasion, we’re able to release a highly anticipated car or track months before a Build. Certain content may also be delayed until a handful of days or weeks after a Build after product testing and development is completed. However, a majority of new content and features will be deployed immediately with new Builds. If you’re a little unclear about what exactly iRacing is, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In short, it’s a driving simulator, and while that term has been thrown about a bit over the years, iRacing has consistently elevated its experience on the realism scale compared to the competition thanks to its laser-scanned cars and tracks and finely honed driving physics. I can also say that virtual reality adds yet another link in the chain that can possibly go wrong. I’ve personally had my Oculus Rift S disconnect on me midrace, which is not a good thing when you’re battling for the lead — or, in my case, scrapping in the midfield.

That’s especially true if you’re considering going with a three-monitor setup, which is how many the pros run. That setup will give you an expansive field of view, nearly replicating that of VR, but at great cost to your GPU.
If you want in on iRacing you’ll need a PC (or a Mac running Boot Camp), but I’m glad to report that the system requirements are actually quite low in the grand scheme of modern PC gaming . That’s at least partly because while iRacing is frequently updated and retooled, it has its roots in classic games like NASCAR Racing 2003.

However, it’s the competition that really puts iRacing above the rest. The service was quick to partner with various professional racing bodies, turning this “game” into a feeder series of sorts for real-world racing. That, plus a constant string of online challenges and championships, has created the best place to go racing online, bar none.And storage? Well, 10GB is a minimum, with iRacing saying you’ll need 40GB if you’re a big spender and get all the cars and tracks. I highly recommend you use an SSD if possible, because while you won’t be stuck starting last if your PC takes the longest to load before a race, being tardy to the grid is no fun for anybody.

What makes iRacing so realistic?
Unbeatable Track Technology iRacing tracks are precisely modeled using proprietary technologies, including 3-D laser-scanning and active weather effects, to make your PC experience indistinguishable from a real-world lap around your favorite track.
“For someone on a budget you cant go wrong with the trusty Logitech G29/G920 setup,” Casey Mahoney says. “You can have a complete wheel/pedal/shifter setup for around $300.” These wheels also have the benefit of working with your PlayStation 4 or your Xbox One if you’re coming from console racing.This is why so many pros use iRacing, either as practice for their real events or just for fun. And you can rub virtual fenders with them — if you don’t mind paying for the privilege. In addition to the hardware requirements, which we’ll get to in just a moment, you’ll need to subscribe to iRacing itself. “Our simulators are powered mostly by,” Casey at Carolina Sim Works said, “which in my opinion is the most realistic simulation service in the market.” On a month-to-month basis, iRacing costs $13. Pay for a year up-front and that drops to $110, or $199 for two years. However, with all the excitement at the moment, iRacing is currently running a 50% discount, meaning two years is just $99.50 for new subscribers.

For many modern PC games , the graphics processing unit, or GPU, is king. It’s what handles all the heavy lifting of making games look great. However, for a driving simulator like iRacing, the CPU is at least as important, handling the big-time calculations to make the cars feel right, not just look right.
For the CPU, iRacing requires a quad-core at a minimum, and iRacing specifically calls out the AMD FX-6300 and Intel Core i5-4430 as minimum. For a GPU, iRacing needs a unit with 2GB onboard, and cites the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD 7850.However, the sense of immersion VR adds truly is special, and it has another benefit: the relative low-resolution of even an Oculus Rift S means your PC won’t have to work as hard to deliver solid frame rates.

What does week 13 mean in iRacing?
For our newest racers, iRacing Week 13 is our week between the four quarterly iRacing seasons where we debut new content, give our most serious racers a week to recharge between championships, and have some fun with a handful of out-of-the-box ideas. Cached
Casey Mahoney suggests you start a little higher. “There are some really good entry-level graphic cards on the market right now, you can start as low as sub-$150 for an AMD Radeon RX570 or the Nvidia 1060 for around $180. A good bang-for-the-buck combo would be an [Intel] i5-9600k for $250 and an Nvidia GTX 1660Ti video card for 300.”iRacing requires 8GB of RAM, but I’d suggest stepping up to 16GB. There’s certainly no harm in going to 32GB if you feel like it, but in my experience the game won’t really use it. However, don’t skimp out and go with the cheap stuff. After stepping up to an Oculus Rift for VR race simming, I was suffering from a bottleneck I couldn’t find. As it turned out, it was my old DDR3 1,600MHz RAM.

But, if all the terms above are a bit lost on you, turning to the pros is a very good idea. Casey Mahoney said that an entry-level, triple-monitor gaming rig will likely cost you between $1,500 and $2,500 if you let them build it over at Carolina Sim Works.
I could write a whole article on this topic, and indeed, I plan to, but it’s important to note that you don’t have to opt for one of the professional wheel-and-pedal setups that could easily cost you thousands of dollars.Virtual reality companies are still struggling to convince gamers that headsets are a necessary part of their lives. According to Mahoney, it’s no different in the sim racing world: “Most people still prefer the fixed monitors over VR. VR is extremely cool and immersive, but the screen resolution still leaves a bit to be desired in most cases. Also, headsets can become uncomfortable over a long period of time.” If you’re going to get in on the action yourself, you’re going to need some hardware to run it — but you don’t have to dive in with an Nvidia 3080. The reality is you can get racing with a much more affordable setup. I’ve been running in iRacing on and off since it launched in August of 2009, so I have a pretty good idea for what will get you in there. But, I thought I’d put a call in to the pros to confirm. I talked to Casey Mahoney over at Carolina Sim Works on what he recommends people buy. There are plenty of gaming PC builders out there to choose from, and I’d certainly recommend you shop around, but I will say there is some benefit in going with a sim-racing specialty shop if you can. Why? Well, sim racing puts some unique demands on your system. If your rig locks up during Half-Life: Alyx, you’ll just need to load your last save. If that happens when you’re battling for the lead with Dale Jr., you might be a bit more upset.That’ll get you in the game with a good selection of starter cars and tracks, but you won’t get far without buying more. Most cars will set you back $11.95, tracks a slightly more dear $14.95. Yes, this can get expensive quickly.

Tempted to try your luck at iRacing? You’re not alone. With the online race simulation blowing up in the wake of the coronavirus shutting down most forms of global motorsport, iRacing has skyrocketed to become an esports powerhouse — particularly in NASCAR.
Finally, there’s the question of build vs. buy. I’ve been building PCs for decades and it’s easier than ever, especially with services like PC Part Picker helping you figure out whether that CPU will work with your motherboard’s chosen chipset. If you’re a bit handy with a screwdriver and have sufficient patience, building your own PC can certainly save you a fair bit of money — assuming you can find all the requisite parts at the moment.Why should you trust Mahoney? Well, when pro racers like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Matt DiBenedetto, and Leilani Munter needed a rig to run iRacing, they called Carolina Sim Works. Auto Fuel can be enabled from the black box menu by pressing F4 on your keyboard by default, or whichever button you would like when edited in the controls panel. You need to run a few laps first for the tool to work out usage, and the Auto Fuel check box will be enabled for you to activate the tool. Front-wheel drive, low-powered touring cars might not sound incredibly appealing on paper, but they’re exceptionally popular in real-world racing and have similar levels of race participation in iRacing. With the 2023 Season 2 update, iRacing aims to build on the success of similarly classed cars.Formula Ford single-seaters have been the proving ground for newcomers to open-wheel racing for decades with its combination of enjoyable handling and a need to understand the fundamentals of mechanical grip.

Is iRacing easier than ACC?
Sadly, in this area, iRacing struggles compared to ACC. A PC exclusive, it also requires users to be able to accelerate, brake, and steer on separate axes. That means that you should ideally have a wheel, if not a high-end gamepad, in order to race.
Being an open-wheeler means that small mistakes when going wheel-to-wheel with an opponent can be punished heavily, but nevertheless, when driven to its limit, is a great car to be behind the wheel of.

Circuito de Jerez – Ángel Nieto, simply known as Jerez, has been added to the service in two configurations. The track has hosted Formula 1 events in the past and currently hosts MotoGP and several other racing categories, making it one of those circuits that don’t get the most attention in Sim Racing but certainly deserve it.
You can also add a fuel margin, measured in laps, to add a safety buffer, and that’s it. Your virtual crew chief will automatically add the required fuel at your next stop.We all want new cars, new tracks and cool new features, and iRacing’s Season 2 update of 2023 delivers. Whilst the new content drop doesn’t bring a huge volume of cars and tracks, 2023 Season 2’s new circuit and multiple cars are going to be great to get your hands on and are, of course, all brought to the sim with the same exceptional quality you’d expect from iRacing.

Whilst our Lap Guides schedule is getting an overhaul, we are also making some changes to the list of cars we provide weekly setups for as part of our iRacing Setup Subscription. Now covering a total of 20 vehicles with three more to come as the season progresses, 2023 Season 2 is set to be our biggest on iRacing to date. Oh, and remember, all of the setups and data packs we provide can be easily installed using the free-to-download Coach Dave Delta app.
As we do every iRacing season, here at Coach Dave Academy, we are looking to up our game. With an expanded Lap Guide schedule – which now will include at least five guides per week across the Falken GT4 Series, VRS, IMSA, the Porsche Cup Series and the Ricmotech iR-04 Challenge – we will be producing more content than ever to help you find lap time in iRacing. You can check out all of our Lap Guides below, as well as our ever-growing Hotlaps channel:

The main new feature in this season’s update is Auto Fuel. It’s essentially an automatic fuel calculation and management tool intended to remove the worry of running out of fuel and the effort of working out how much fuel to top up when making a scheduled stop.
Much like the next car introduced in the 2023 Season 2 update but on ovals rather than road courses, the Late Model Stock is a crucial step on the stock car ladder in real life and its reputation of producing great wheel-to-wheel entertainment is due to be carried over into iRacing. It will be well-loved on many of the sim’s short ovals.The Renault Clio R.S. V joins iRacing to compete in a single-make series scheduled for very short 15-minute races over the standard 12-week season, making it a true sprint series. The car is available to drive from the Rookie license class upwards, making it another challenger to the historically favoured beginner vehicle the Mazda MX-5, but we’re sure that drivers with higher licences will enter races just to enjoy a quick quarter of an hour race driving this exciting car.

What are the updates for iRacing Season 3 2023?
2023 Season 3 Balance of Power Adjustment: Engine torque has been reduced slightly. Fuel Pressure warning label has been updated to Fuel Level warning. Fixed an issue where the fuel hood cover would not be present at some tracks unless the car had taken damage.
The Ray FF1600 is used all over the world in various Formula Ford series and it’s free on iRacing, targetting rookie drivers that plan to move up into higher classes of open-wheelers and even prototype racing. As a staple in many junior careers, it’s a great car to aid your journey in understanding the role of mechanical grip in racing.

Three new cars have been introduced this season that cover open-wheelers, oval racing and touring cars. Whilst the new content might be disappointing for some when keeping rumours of potential LMDh endurance weapons coming to the platform in mind, the three new vehicles in the sim will most certainly provide a platform for both great racing and a good time.
iRacing has also made changes to the UI, added more cars and tracks for AI Racing and updated hundreds of car setups. With the new update also comes an improved ABS model that should make driving a GT3 car a little bit easier. This feature essentially turns ABS into a true driver aide and reduces the issues related to lockup and tyre wear caused by overheating.

It’s quite tight and twisty but is wide enough to encourage overtaking and alternative racing lines. The kerbs are flat enough to be attacked heavily without worrying too much about track limit penalties, but whilst Jerez isn’t really suitable for large multi-class fields, it will be perfect for F3, touring cars and other short-format classes of racing.

With over 400 horsepower from its V8 engine, the Late Model Stock is aimed at drivers progressing up the oval racing ladder to the Nascar Cup series. It’s a short-track racer with relatively low grip compared to the power available and it has a more simple handling model, favouring racecraft and precision over outright pace and hotlapping.
There is only one new track this build and it comes from the Southwest portion of Spain. Circuito de Jerez is a 4.428-kilometer (2.751-miles) 15-corner circuit that is mostly utilized today as a MotoGP course – that Moto course is slightly shorter (4.424-kilometers or 2.749-miles) with only 13 turns. For Oval stock car racers, Late Model Stocks are some of the most popular local series cars on the East Coast. Across the pond in Europe, the Clio Cup is probably a good comparison with a much smaller type of car. There’s a new Auto Fuel refuel mode that is explained below, plus in case you missed it, the iRacing UI is continuing to get further updates, including a visual refresh this build, and that means that the membersite sunset will be postponed for the time being.

The new Late Model Stock Car will replace the existing Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS currently on the platform. That particular car is getting retired instead of being made “legacy” content, so those who currently own that old SS will get the new LMSC for free, but it won’t be selectable anymore.
In total, there are three new cars and one new track that will be added to the service. One of the cars, possibly two depending on if you owned a prior piece of content, will be free additions with subscription.

iRacing will have some further updates and added features included in the new build. First to note, iRacing AI will expand with 26 more track configurations and four additional cars, the three new ones and the Mercedes-AMG Petronas W13 E Performance Formula 1 car.
With that, one car will be retired from the service due to the addition of the new Late Model Stock. More details on that below. Existing pieces of content will also be updated. Here’s what to expect when the new season drops at the beginning of next week.

Take off the fenders and let the wheels be open, and you’ll find the Formula 1600 for the open wheel crowd, a popular starter seat for beginners. Those three cars are all coming to the service this week.
It doesn’t read that this car will have the New Damage Model, unfortunately, but since the Toyota GR86 from the previous build is getting it in this build, it could be something that comes at some point later on. This car does have AI Racing enabled, however.

A feature introduced last year – the iRacing Start Zone for oval tracks – will hopefully be improved and no longer deal improper black flag penalties when turned on. Speaking of ovals, the NASCAR NEXT Gen cars should hopefully have better performance with graphics in the new build.
As it happens, both of those layouts will be included with the track at launch, but unfortunately iRacing doesn’t have any motorcycle racing. Anyway, this course used to host Formula 1 racing, so there’s that.The Clio is a subcompact car (or if you’re European, a supermini or B-Segment) produced by the French manufacturer Renault. You may find many regional Clio Cup Series all across the various countries in Europe.This particular car is popular to use in many single make championships. It has a Renault HR13 engine and weighs in at 1030 kilograms with a wheelbase at 2579 mm. This thing is going to be fun to battle against others with.