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Ireland’s festival is the largest in the world, and the festival lasts a full three days, with an astonishing attendance of almost 300,000. The perfect combination of participation (this is something of a farmer’s party!) and uniqueness makes it an ideal candidate for the list of popular festivals in Ireland.The Burren Slow Food Festival is one celebration dedicated to knowing and understanding where your food comes from and the economic, political, and agricultural aspects of the entire culture of the food processing industry. This May festival offers food and cooking demonstrations, meet and greets with local food producers who keep their farming local, and sampling of some of the freshest, Ireland-produced food around.The native Galway Flat Oyster comes into season every September through April and is one of the best festivals in Ireland we’ve ever attended. There’s no better or Irish way to celebrate this wild Atlantic and salty oyster than with a giant festival, a few pints of Guinness, and live Irish music in Galway Bay Harbour.With the arrival of December, the Irish festivals around the country take a turn towards the Christmassy. With the holidays fast approaching, festive events pop up left and right, such as Bavarian-inspired Christmas markets, holiday music events, and city-wide decorating. We love getting to off-the-beaten-path destinations and aren’t afraid to go it alone. We hope to inspire other independent travelers and provide them with the resources to do so. Nearly 70 years later, the festival is only growing in size with each passing year. Nearly 400,000 attendees come from all over the country, with around one-third of visitors arriving overseas. Local orchestras, live street music & dance, walking tours of the historic city, and organized concerts held in various venues around town are just a sliver of what’s on offer at this renowned festival. Note that most of the events are ticketed, so be sure to obtain them beforehand on the festival website.

The venues involved are bars and pubs, among the city’s oldest or most popular venues, including An Spailpin Fanach (founded in 1779) and Oliver Plunkett Bar. So not only will you get to hear some of the best regional folk music the country has to offer, but the ambiance and setting will complement the tunes just as nicely. (Plus, we know from personal experience that a Guinness goes perfectly with Irish folk music, especially when it’s live.)
If you are wondering when the best time to visit Ireland for good weather is – it’s summer. You stand your best chance of good weather in Ireland between July and early September. Temperatures range from 15°C-21°C.For anyone who hasn’t yet come across the term, ‘slow food’ is, in short, a movement: it is a celebration of food that is made and eaten slowly, intentionally, and mindfully. There is also a heavy emphasis on a production process with a small footprint; if it is actively fighting against harming the environment, chances are it qualifies as slow food. Locals enjoy the sunny weather and festivals in the countryside and the city. It’s the perfect time to enjoy a pint of Guinness outside and watch life go by! Read more about the best time to visit Ireland. We’ve all had our weekends where we overindulge in sweets a little more than we’d have liked, but when there’s an entire weekend festival dedicated to chocolate and baked goods, you’d be crazy not to partake.One thing about Ireland is for sure, and that’s that any Irish festival is sure to be a party. There’s no denying that Ireland can sometimes seem a sleepy, quaint country. But alongside the miles of rolling green hillsides, sheep-laden fields, and beautiful coastlines, there is an underbelly of liveliness, adventure, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The sheer size of the festival means that events, shows, and workshops will take place in several venues located around town – from trendy bars and swanky hotels to classic ballrooms – but it is headquartered at the Gleneagle Hotel. If you can get a room there, you’ll be close to the action!
Spend time in the taste marketplace to connect with artisan culinary producers to find the best of the best when it comes to ingredients & supplies – these vendors stock only the best when it comes to food and drink. This is a ticketed event (€28 for a standard entrance), but it’s worth the investment.

The GIAF (Galway International Arts Festival) happens in July each year. Now in its 43rd year, the festival sees installations and contributions by musicians, dance companies, theater productions, and more. The festival has grown to such a size that it overtakes several venues within the city, many with extra accessibility and sustainability initiatives.
However, September is a great time to visit the best festivals in Ireland. Of course, St. Patricks Day is the most famous Irish festival, so you’ll have to deal with Irish march weather if you want to experience that.

Throughout the year, the city draws in visitors from all over the world for world-class events, like St. Patrick’s Day in March, the Galway Races in the summer, Galway Jazz Festival, the Comedy Festival, and Galway International Arts Festival in October.
It may have started as a little gathering of a couple of dozen people, but it has grown to include several thousand people and truckfuls of oysters. While you can enjoy oysters all year, like Oyster Pacific Oyster or Giga, the festival highlights the native flat and is quite the party!Over two decades of this festival in Ireland has culminated in something extraordinary. The Gathering is a widely-loved festival for Irish tradition in its richest forms – including music, jig, storytelling, and ceilidhs.

There are even masterclasses from musicians to teach the art of instrument craft. Whether your interest lies with the fiddle, accordion, flute, or another instrument, there are workshops and experts to show you the tricks of their trade.Every city will, of course, have its own festival, parade, or other fun show, but the largest of them is undoubtedly the annual St Patrick’s Day Festival in Dublin City. This celebration spans a full five days in mid-March and is geared towards those with an inner party animal. Think Mardi Gras, but for nearly a week and with a lot more beer.

The events offered across the five days cover a lot of ground: you can tour the 300-year-old Marsh’s Library, take a city walk to retrace the steps of St. Patrick himself, fill your stomach at a craft beer & food festival, listen to live music left right and center, and the cherry on top: a huge parade that works for hand in glove with theatre and pageantry companies to put on a show, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
Keep in mind that Ireland is actually two countries! The Republic of Ireland, which takes up most of the island of Ireland, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, occupy the Northeast. The Republic of Ireland uses the Euro (€), and the United Kingdom uses the British Pound (£). You can learn more about travel in Ireland here.

You can add this to your list of unique festivals in Ireland. While not focusing on traditional Irish tunes or the finest dining the country has to offer, the National Ploughing Festival is still a significant cultural event in the country.
In celebration of the season, the Galway Oyster and Seafood festival happens on the last weekend of September every year and has over the previous 64 years.Think anything and everything, including street dancing performances, giant puppeteering, and on-the-spot live music jam sessions. Whether your particular arts interests lie in the theater, music, dance, visual arts, or comedy, there are sure to be dozens of shows you’ll be ecstatic to see. If there’s one thing Ireland knows how to do, it’s music. This year, Cork is hosting the annual folk festival for the 40th year in a row, and it promises to be a seriously good time. This isn’t your average folk festival where indie singers and bands come from all over the world; instead, this is a homage to Irish folk music. Are you wondering what to wear in Ireland and what clothing in Ireland is best? We’re here to help with this informative guide. While Ireland is known for its lush…Another festival in Cork, the Baking and Chocolate Weekend, happens over a weekend in the last half of November. So it’s a perfect way to start feeling festive in time for the arrival of December. The decadence and immediate interest with which most greet this festival landed it pretty quickly on our list of popular festivals in Ireland.

The annual recorded talks are also on display, where people ranging from red carpet stars and playwrights to CEOs are interviewed to talk about their perception of issues faced by our world today.
Over the two-day festival, top chocolatiers and bakers from Ireland and abroad will host demonstrations, and attendees can partake in 30-minute tasting sessions (because what good is a chocolate festival if you don’t get to eat any?). If you’re traveling with children, there are even workshops available for both samplings of the goods and for any kids with an interest in baking themselves!Happening annually in St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin City, the Viennese Christmas by Candlelight is a one-night affair where the London Concertante arrives to play through their festive orchestra list of pieces, from Tchaikovsky and Brahms to Strauss.

One of the nicest months of the year, some of the best traditional music Ireland as a whole has to offer, and five straight days of musical and artistic indulgence. The Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann festival takes place in Drogheda every year, having started with its founders dreaming of bringing Ireland’s top musical talent to their small town for five days a year.
The tap water in Ireland is lovely to drink, so best not to waste money or plastic on one-time-use water bottles. Get yourself a travel water bottle and keep refilling it!

What happens in Ireland in May?
Being the end of spring, May in Ireland sees the weather starting to gradually warm up. May is considered the last month of spring in Ireland. The weather is a bit cooler than in the summer months between June and August, and with plenty of daylight to travel throughout the country.
This festival is an outdoor agricultural event focusing on – as the name would suggest – the main event consisting of a plowing competition, where the neatness and linearity of the plowing strip are judged against other competitors.Besides the Galway Oyster Fest, we could visit the Halloween Festival and see one of the best Halloween Parades on this planet! The whole city lights up in spookiness. Fall is in the air, people drink beer at the Galway pubs and their scary costumes, and the night ends with an epic Halloween parade.If you have any interest in veganism, sustainability, animal rights issues, or just a general appreciation for food, you’ll want to add the Cork VegFest to your itinerary. This isn’t just about plant-based dishes; VegFest is a celebration of veganism and vegan cuisine and puts a spotlight on local vegan-friendly businesses.

Are you looking for the best things to do in Galway, Ireland? This Irish city is the fifth largest in the country and a major vacation destination for those visiting…
In a time when traditional musicians were not held in high esteem, the goal was to bring morale to an all-time high and reinvigorate the pride and joy taken in the country’s traditional sound.You can find everything here, including demonstrations, product and dish sampling, information booths, and many more. As the vegan industry & lifestyle grows in popularity, so do the options for plant-based food substitutes (and their quality has skyrocketed in recent years, so even if you aren’t vegan, we can promise that you are in for some very fine dining!). Ireland, particularly shrines, in the offseason. I’m not too fond of crowds or high prices, so I love traveling between September and May. We highlight the best time to visit Ireland in this post. At least, that’s how it started out; now, the festival has expanded so that there is a widespread of musical genres to appeal both to the stubbornly traditional and the musical generalist. TradFest’s roots are firmly planted in traditional Irish music, but folk and even rock and roll have a place there. If you’re in the stages of planning a trip to Ireland, we’ve prepared a few Ireland travel tips to help you out! If you’re looking for one of the friendliest,… The grocery store provides excellent value, especially on Italian food like pasta, prosciutto, and grapes. Don’t worry about eating local, as they’re often stocked with many beautiful Italian products.Veganism is growing, and this popular Irish festival shows that the plant-based food movement is starting to reach more and more communities in many countries. Every April, there’s a roster of panel speakers, performers, and educators to add something new to your vegan knowledge. But in addition to the educational aspects, there are fun events such as a vegan (temporary) tattoo station and even a hot sauce competition!

What is the Irish festival in May 2023?
Bealtaine Festival Bealtaine Festival (Various, May 1st – 31st) A month-long festival featuring performances, exhibitions, discussions, workshops and readings by artists working in different art forms all over Ireland.
There are so many wonderful things to do in Clifden. Clifden is the beating heart of the region and the best place for tourists to make a hub to explore…St Patrick’s Day, on March 17th every year, is the biggest and most extravagant of the Irish festivals. Obviously, you knew this would be listed on this list of the best festivals in Ireland. Regardless of your level of knowledge or involvement with classical music, this is something that even the most novice of orchestra-goers can enjoy and is sure to get you in the mood for the holidays. One thing for which there is no short supply in this incredible country is festivals; Ireland is chock full of beautiful places, events, festivals, and fairs to suit various interests. From arts and traditional music to some of the best local food you’ll ever taste, there’s something for everyone. And bonus, the fun doesn’t stop in the chilly months! Here is a list of some of the most popular Irish festivals…for every month of the year!

What is the largest Irish festival in the world?
Milwaukee Irish Fest Milwaukee Irish Fest, the world’s largest celebration of Irish music and culture, is held annually on the third weekend in August on the shores of Lake Michigan at the Henry W Maier Festival Park.
The Temple Bar TradFest (say that ten times fast) runs for five days in the last half of January every year, at the tail end of winter and to celebrate the imminent arrival of spring. This festival is growing in popularity every single year. The festival’s genre is in the name; this is a niche celebration of traditional Irish tunes.

If your accommodation has a kitchen, it’s best to use it. We save money this way when traveling around Ireland. Grocery stores in Ireland are excellent and well-stocked, and one can easily cook a fantastic meal with delicious Italian red wine for cheap.
Welcome to the world, as seen through the eyes of Cameron Seagle and Natasha Alden. On this site, readers will find our experiences, gear reviews, photography, tips, and informative travel guides. Four days in June (5– 18 June 2023) are home to another festival entirely dedicated to food (we know these are numerous, but how could anyone get bored of a food festival?). While this festival has similarities to other culinary-related events in the country (engaging with industry suppliers, chefs, and other professionals), the key feature of the Taste of Dublin is undoubtedly its masterclasses on offer. Always wanted to learn how to make cocktails? No problem. The Wicklow Christmas Market returns and feature chalets manned by local artisans selling everything from handcrafted ornaments, paintings and toys to homemade chutneys and jams. There’s also the brand new Eco-Ice Skating Rink!

The Dingle Lit is a cracking little literature festival in west Ireland. Expect a great mix of discussion and author events across three days. Previous guests at the festival have included Gabriel Bryne, President Higgins and Kit de Waal.
This is a very distinct festival out in Donegal and features immersive and participatory experiences in circus, music, spoken word and theatre, all celebrating a unique people, language and landscape.

The first of six nationwide festivals throughout the year, the Limerick Early Music Festival presents historically informed performances of medieval, renaissance and baroque music, featuring world-renowned artists.May is relatively quiet for Irish festivals in 2023, however, the ones that are taking place are well worth a look. Below, you’ll find everything from the popular Cathedral Quarter festival in Belfast to the brilliant Galway Theatre Festival.The Borris House Festival of Writing & Ideas promises a weekend of stimulating dialogue and discourse with some of the finest writers around. Guest speakers this year include Bernadine Evaristo, Stanley Tucci, Sinead Gleeson and William Dalrymple.Yulefest Kilkenny returns in 2023 hosting a programme of events with something for everyone. Enjoy music from a bandstand, a fireworks display, street entertainment, a scavenger hunt and a santa run, among other things.

Running for ten days from October 5th, Lime Tree Theatre and Limerick’s Belltable present a creative festival for children with a programme of theatre, dance, music and creative workshops.
Head down to the quaint fishing village of Kilmore Quay in Wexford for a fine weekend literary festival featuring talks, readings, interviews and workshops. Very handy for keen readers and would-be writers.When October arrives, so does a plethora of Halloween-related Irish festivals, many of which tell the tell of the origin of the event in Ireland. One of the most popular Irish festivals during this month is the Púca Festival, which takes place in County Meath. Why celebrate Halloween when you could enjoy Ireland’s biggest jazz event? Especially the Jazz Music Trail, which sees the city come alive with the sights and sounds of a music trail spanning over 60 Cork venues. An annual celebration of youth orchestras in Ireland and their members, with a diverse variety of music played by young people, for young people. Now in its 27th edition, two cracking performances take place at the National Concert Hall.Curated by pianist Mary Dullea, the 10th edition of Chamber Music on Valentia takes place in a gorgeous island location in Kerry and features the first installment of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerti alongside Fidelio Trio’s innovative Pop Archive.

The fishing village of Dingle is an amazing pub town but it also hosts a mighty food festival! Highlights of the festival include cookery demonstrations, food trails, over 50 market stalls, children’s events and wine tastings.
Bonjour! Dublin’s Francophonie Festival is a month-long celebration of the French language and French culture, which will see film screenings, literature discussions, talks and debates. Incorporates the Francophonie Film Festival running between March 8th and 11th.Leaves Festival of Writing and Music takes place in Portlaoise and celebrates the diversity and richness in today’s literary, music and film scene. Expect plenty of screenings, readings and workshops across the event’s three days.

What is the big Irish holiday?
Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick (Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig, lit. ‘the Day of the Festival of Patrick’), is a religious and cultural holiday held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick ( c. 385 – c. 461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland.
One of the largest Irish festivals sees out the summer – I’m talking, of course, about Electric Picnic. See out summer in the best way at this big and colourful festival over in Laois. Offering music, art, theatre, comedy and food, the headliners are big this year and include The Killers, Lewis Capaldi and Billie Eilish.

The Dublin Fringe Festival is a multidisciplinary arts festival running for two weeks and offers a platform for new and emerging artists in Ireland to showcase their work, alongside trying out new styles and practices.30 minutes south of Dublin City lies the charming seaside suburb of Dalkey and it hosts a great book festival every June. Big name speakers in previous years have included Bono, Stephen Fry and Sally Rooney.

Taking inspiration from a 19th-century ballad of the same name about a woman called Mary, the Rose of Tralee International Festival crowns the woman deemed best to match the “lovely and fair” attributes in the song.
The Puck Fair is one of the most unique festivals in Ireland! One of Ireland’s oldest fairs, this bizarre festival out in Killorglin in Kerry is centred around a village goat known as the ‘King Puck’.Dublin’s one of the world’s great literature cities and its famous festival hosts readings, conversations, debates, screenings, guided walks, events, podcasts and broadcasts. The prestigious Dublin Literary Award winner is announced on May 25th.

Christmas festivities on Ireland’s west coast. The Galway Continental Christmas Market received over 450,000 visitors in 2022 and featured over 50 wooden chalets, including a carousel, Santa’s Grotto and a German Bier Keller.CIFF is Ireland’s first and largest film festival, showcasing the latest and best Irish features. There are also award-winning films from the international film festival circuit, new discoveries and cinema classics selected by their experienced curatorial team.May boasts a similar number of Irish festivals as April, with five main events in Ireland taking place. Below, you’ll find everything from the wonderful Listowel Writers’ Week to the Dublin Dance Festival. Listowel Writers’ Week is another of the better-known Irish festivals. diverse festival curated by Stephen Connolly in a historic Kerry town, with high-quality opportunities for writers, aspiring writers, readers, and visitors to engage with the world of writing and reading. Hinterland is an annual multi-disciplinary arts festival based in the spiritual home of the Book of Kells, showcasing an eclectic mix of literature, politics, sport, lifestyle and children’s fiction across a fascinating weekend.From what we can tell, there are more Irish festivals taking place in August than in any other month of the year. Below, you’ll find everything from the excellent Galway Oyster Festival and the Dingle Food Festival to some very quirky events in Ireland.

Belfast’s annual festival of music, comedy, theatre, art and literature. The creative blend of established names and emerging acts draws over 60,000 people to over 100 events in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.An in-person festival with programmed work from every facet of the arts world, Scene + Heard at the Smock Alley Theatre is a space for everyone from first-time script writers to seasoned actors to try out ideas.

What is the Irish tradition for May Day?
May Day in Ireland is celebrated on the Monday on or nearest to 1 May and is also known as Labour Day. Traditionally in the Celtic religions, May Day is the spring festival and commemorates fertility and the blossoming of flowers and fruit. In the Irish language, this spring festival is known as Lá Bealtaine.
Going for over 50 years now, the Kilkenny Arts Festival runs across ten days and gathers many of the world’s finest musicians, performers, writers and artists in Ireland’s medieval city for some cracking live performances.Next in our Irish festivals 2023 guide is a chamber music festival bringing the riches of superb artists from Ireland and abroad to West Wicklow in some ornate surroundings. Saxophonist Jess Gillam and vocal ensemble Apollo 5 are two of the acts performing this year.

Where is the Irish Riviera in New Jersey?
Spring Lake is widely regarded as the Irish Riviera and a gem of the Jersey Shore. The origins of Spring lake go back to the 1800’s and a Time Long Forgotten.
Púca Festival is one of the newest Irish festivals and celebrates Ireland as the original home of Halloween, which began as the ancient tradition of Samhain over 2,000 years ago. Salute the Halloween spirits through folklore, food, myth and music!

This curiously-named festival is in its 9th year and takes place in the grounds and halls of 18th-century Killyon Manor in Meath. Expect a great weekend of music, art, conversation and gastronomy.
Not every summer festival needs music! Kilkenny hosts its Cat Laughs Comedy Festival every summer bank holiday weekend and promises plenty of giggles into the evening from Irish and international comics across the city.The popular Belfast TradFest takes place in winter and summer, and this winter edition features weekend workshops alongside a full programme of concerts, talks, lectures, sessions, céilís and a festival club.

What is the most famous Irish festival?
Patricks Day Patricks Day is the most famous Irish festival, so you’ll have to deal with Irish march weather if you want to experience that. Locals enjoy the sunny weather and festivals in the countryside and the city.
Ireland’s biggest film festival presents a programme of 2023’s most exciting international cinema, the best new Irish cinema, a retrospective of much-loved and forgotten classics, conversations with actors and directors and much more.

Bantry hosts one of Europe’s premiere chamber music festivals featuring a whole host of world-class musicians. Acts in 2023 include the Armida Quartet, Pacifica Quartet, Ragazze Quartet, Ardeo Quartet and Ensemble Diderot.
August starts with a bang at the Curraghmore Estate in Waterford with All Together Now. The initial line-up includes Iggy Pop, Jamie xx, Caribou, Loyle Carner, Villagers, Jessie Ware, Sugababes and Billy Bragg.Longitude is one of the livelier Irish festivals and it’s Dublin’s largest outdoor music festival. It takes place the first weekend of July in Marlay Park and this years’ edition features big-name acts including Megan Thee Stallion, Tyler the Creator, Dave and A$AP Rocky.The Cork Midsummer Festival boasts a deadly programme of theatre, dance, visual arts, music and a whole lot more. 2022 was the first fully-live festival in almost three years and 2023 promises to be even bigger.

Running for over 15 years, the Belfast Christmas Market takes place in the grounds of Belfast City Hall at Donegall Square. With over 100 exhibitors from 28 counties, it’s no surprise this event regularly attracts over 1,000,000 visitors!

Europe’s oldest specialised theatre festival, Dublin Theatre Festival has staged major international theatre of scale and hosted productions by the world’s greatest artists, while also showcasing work by Ireland’s finest playwrights.
Sligo’s nine-day arts festival takes over the town’s venues, streets and public spaces. Expect everything from atmospheric dance to performances by Edinburgh Fringe award-winning comics and colourful circus shows.

It’s all in the name! Curated by by fiddle player Martin Hayes, Masters of Tradition celebrates the finest in Irish trad music and it all takes in place in Bantry on Cork’s west coast.From traditional Irish festivals, like Puck Festival and the Lisdoonvarna Match Making Festival, to food, trad music and more, there’s an event to tickle most fancies. One of the biggest chamber music festivals in Ireland, the Dublin International Chamber Music Festival hosts world premieres, family concerts and some exhilarating music from Africa, alongside some wonderful Irish performances. Out in an expansive valley in Slane, the Otherside Music & Arts Festival mixes dance, art, wellness, food, and connection across three days on Rock Farm. Headliners in 2022 included Lane 8 and DJ Seinfeld.The snappily-titled Indiependence Music & Arts Festival kicks off August on a tree-lined 52-acre site in Mitchelstown in Cork with a strong line-up. Headliners include Anne-Marie, Two Door Cinema Club and The Coronas. Sea Sessions is is one of the more popular Irish festivals taking place this summer. A surf and music festival out on Donegal’s windswept coast featuring some quality acts in a cool location. Headliners this year at Sea Sessions Bundoran include Kasabian, Becky Hill and The Coronas. Catalyst Festival presents a film programme prioritising stories and storytellers currently under-represented on screen and behind the camera. Aiming to improve equality, diversity and inclusion, there will be screenings, panels, workshops and masterclasses. With over 100 artists performing at over 22 venues, TradFest Temple Bar celebrates traditional Irish music with a buzzing festival in Dublin’s buzzy Temple Bar district and beyond. Venues include the GPO Museum and St Patrick’s Cathedral. This is one of the most popular trad festivals in Ireland for good reason. S A L T is part of the Galway Theatre Festival and it involves two multidisciplinary beach performances that celebrate the ocean. It takes place on Traught Beach, Kinvara (30th April) and on Ladies Beach, Galway City (1st May).

Where is the Irish weekend in Wildwood?
Irish Weekend 2023, Olde New Jersey Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260, United States, September 21 to September 24 | Cached
There’s plenty of Irish festivals in 2023 set to run during the month of September. One of the more unique festivals in Ireland, the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival, is the most notable, but there’s plenty more taking place.

Few corners of Ireland are better than Galway for seafood and this festival is an absolute must-visit! Take on their expertly curated Seafood Trail and sample some of the West Coast’s freshest finds at what is rightly one of the most popular food festivals in Ireland.
One of the leading arts festivals in Ireland in 2023 dedicated to independent theatre and performance, the Galway Theatre Festival covers theatre, circus, spectacle and storytelling across nine performance-packed days.

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘What are the best traditional Irish festivals?’ to ‘Which food festivals are worth nabbing a ticket for?’.It’s all happening in Waterford this weekend as Ireland’s free summer street party brings hundreds of global artists and musicians to perform, headlined by the festival parade in front of more than 20,000 spectators.

A month-long festival featuring performances, exhibitions, discussions, workshops and readings by artists working in different art forms all over Ireland. Uniquely, Bealtaine tries to inspire creativity among older people and communities.

This will be subjective and will be dependant on what you’re into. Above, you’ll find everything from match making festivals to surfing festivals in Ireland and much, much more.The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival, at over 150+ years old, is one of the oldest Irish festivals. It has a couple of aims – to put on some great music from some of Ireland’s top music and also to provide a space for singles (especially from rural areas) to meet new people.

Fancy a flutter? The Galway Races kick off at the end of July for a week in nearby Ballybrit. This prestigious festival has been running since the 19th century, so put on your best for the glamourous Ladies Day.

What time is the Irish parade in Wildwood?
Patrick’s Day Celebration & Parade. The ceremony begins on the steps of North Wildwood City Hall beginning at 12:00 p.m. A festive parade will begin at the conclusion of the ceremony and proceeds north on Atlantic Avenue to Olde NJ Avenue.
Now in its 10th year, the Bram Stoker Festival celebrates the legacy of one of Ireland’s most beloved and iconic writers. Expect deliciously dark treats on the streets and in venues across Dublin.An all-Ireland celebration of culture and creativity, Culture Night sees the Arts Council partnering with artists, local authorities, arts organisations to present thousands of free events and activities into the evening, in-person, online and broadcast.Take Off Festival sees three international choreographers paired with three Irish choreographers perform across three nights at this festival in Cork, taking place at Dance Cork Firkin Crane.

The Dublin Castle Christmas Market takes place within the grand grounds of Dublin Castle. With over 26 vendors in wooden chalets, voice choirs and tons of food and drink options, there’s a great atmosphere at this one.
Carlow Town begins its summer with a colourful weekend festival full of live music, circus, dance, theatre, visual arts and street art. Grab all-day music passes for just 20 euros. It’s an enjoyable week of mind-bending illusion and it’s one of the more unique Irish festivals.Another of the more famous events in Ireland is the Galway Film Fleadh – a week-long international film festival taking place every July. As well as screenings, the fair also runs an annual Pitching Competition, masterclasses, case studies and forum.

Claiming to be Europe’s biggest Halloween festival, Derry Halloween embraces the Samhain spirit and attracts revellers from all around the globe while showcasing a programme of arts, food and music alongside cultural, contemporary and family events.
This street art festival in Waterford attracts international artists who descend on the city to create some spectacular murals. Check out live art, jam walls and music at the festival hub, alongside workshops and guided tours.This celebration of the summer solstice at Ballinlough Castle Estate is an atmospheric festival of surprises featuring intimate performances from the likes of Aoife Nessa Francis, Sorcha Richardson and DJ Gilles Peterson.

Taking up residence at Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre, the Irish Youth Dance Festival provides a national platform for youth dance companies alongside international guests including Scotland’s National Youth Dance Company.
In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What is Europe's largest outdoor festival?
The Sziget Festival (Hungarian: Sziget Fesztivál, pronounced [ˈsiɡɛt ˈfɛstivaːl]; “Sziget” for “Island”) is one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe. It is held every August in northern Budapest, Hungary, on Óbudai-sziget (“Old Buda Island”), a leafy 108-hectare (266-acre) island on the Danube.
For the last 70 years, the Wexford Festival Opera has made a name for itself by introducing audiences to unjustly neglected works. This year, it’s themed around women and war and includes L’aube Rouge by Camille Erlanger.

A 12-day festival showcasing the best Irish and international dance performances in venues across Dublin to a growing and appreciative audience celebrating the transformative power of dance.
I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out some brilliant Irish festivals from the guide above. If you have a place that you’d like to recommend, let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out!

The West Cork Literary Festival in Bantry is one of Cork’s many summer festivals and promises workshops, readings, professional development, events for children and young people. 2023 guests include Raymond Antrobus and India Knight.Needs no introduction. Ireland’s national festival on March 17th is celebrated in almost every corner of the country with jaunty parades, plenty of good time drinking and great trad music. See our guides to spending St Patrick’s Day in Ireland or St Patrick’s Day in Dublin for more.

New Music Festival offers a platform to performers and music-makers from across the spectrum of Irish new music to showcase their work with a wide audience. Venues include the National Concert Hall.
Ireland’s largest Christmas festival, Winterval, takes place in the country’s oldest city. Waterford hosts magical experiences, festive family attractions, seasonal surprises and an abundance of free and ticketed events for all ages.The leading contemporary arts festival in Northern Ireland takes place in venues across Belfast, promising a variety of live dance, theatre and family-friendly entertainment.

Now into its 22nd year, the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival is a multi-disciplinary arts festival featuring this year performances by Aileen Cahill with Andreea Banciu and composer-performer Eamon O’Malley.
Glow Cork is a massive Christmas celebration with tons of events taking place, including carol services, film screenings, wreathmaking workshops and, of course, the main festival market packed with artisanal chalets.