Its Time To Change The Genre

This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page.My man she doesnt dislike it , she just tired lmaoo apparently the role is reversed in this manhwa ? like usually the woman who obsess with dress stuff but luka and the rudiger seems so into it

Judith decides to be a good aunt to Luca this time, and, after handing him over to his rich relatives, to remove herself from the story and live quietly somewhere else, while keeping eye on her nephew, and try to prevent the tragedies that are supposed to strike him. However, when, as per script, Luca’s uncle, Ruediger Winterwald comes to take him home, Luca refuses to let go of Judith, and she’s forced to accompany them to the Winterwald estate, where she poses as Luca’s mother and is surprisingly warmly welcomed.
A young woman dies one evening, hit by a car on her way back home. However, she wakes up reborn in the world of her favorite novel, The Owner of the Winter Forest, as Judith Mainbaum, the abusive aunt of the main character, Luca. Judith was killed halfway through the story, which ends with grown-up Luca becoming Lonely at the Top after taking revenge on people who killed his loved ones and drove him into hiding in order to get their hands on his inheritance.It’s Time to Change the Genre by Ken (also translated as The Villainess Flips the Script!) is a Korean light novel, also adapted to a webcomic. The novel is finished while the webcomic is currently ongoing.

Luca is an illegitimate son of Judith’s sister and Ruediger’s deceased older half-brother Jonas, whose mother was the eldest daughter of the previous king, which, due to certain dealings between royal family and Winterwald dukes regarding railways, makes Luca the preferable heir to the House Winterwald. However, there are other relatives vying for that position, making Luca’s situation rather precarious. There are also several mysteries, including Jonas’ rather suspicious death, strange history between current Duke Winterwald and his wives, Luca’s unusual behavior and Judith’s ancestry.

I entered the world of my favorite novel and genre through someone else’s body. Of course, out of all the characters, I just had to enter the body of the protagonist’s aunt, the woman who abused her nephew, the selfish villainess. According to the original storyline, in any case, my nephew was expected to leave my side soon. Compassion for him grew, so I put my most sincere effort into tending for him until the day we parted- “I realize it is rude in asking since you have been taking care of Luca until now, but may I take Luca to Winterwald with me?” There’s no way that won’t happen! I mean, I suppose I could’ve rushed to send him off and then live comfortably, but unexpectedly, my nephew wrapped his arms around my waist and shouted. “M-mom!” How did I become his mom all of a sudden? +The College Language Association, founded in 1937 by a group of Black scholars and educators, is an organization of college teachers of English and foreign languages which serves the academic, scholarly and professional interests of its members and the collegiate communities they represent. The CLA Journal is a multilingual, peer-reviewed quarterly publication by the College Language Association. Established in 1957, the journal fosters the publication of socially engaged, innovative, and groundbreaking scholarship in language, literature, linguistics, and pedagogy cultivated by the diverse, international membership of CLA. CLAJ is the voice of a community of scholars, the first in establishing a forum for intellectual discourse among black scholars in language and literary studies. So, even though the MC only had a month to change their relationship instead of the year she thought she had, and hadn’t really been able to get Luka to open up at all before her time was up, the brat still didn’t want to lose the one family member he already knew, so he made the uncle suspect that she was his birth mother, and essentially manipulated things so that she had no choice but to go with them.There’s no way that won’t happen! I mean, I suppose I could’ve rushed to send him off and then live comfortably, but unexpectedly, my nephew wrapped his arms around my waist and shouted.

that he’s doing that in order to scam her into coming with him. Though the original owner didn’t take care of Luka properly, forcing him to be independent, there have been hints (such as him feeling betrayed by original aunt when she sent him off with his uncle, and the fact that they both tr*sh-talked each other, a habit that I know from experience is an occurrence in a household where neglect and abuse is normalized) I’m pretty sure he did have some familial love and hidden fondness for his tr*shy aunt, if only a little.
Really, though, it’s the right choice for her. As she already said before, it was and is only a matter of time before the distant family that seeks to harm Luka finds her to get at him. Staying with him, and being under the uncle’s protection, is really the only obvious answer.

These sort of stories don’t tend to have much characterization for the male lead other then doting husband/parent, but my gosh did the author not hesitate to rush it his switch. Why is he in anyway doting towards the MC at this point in the story? The MC has done nothing but politely try to give him Luca and show a little bit of affection towards Luca. Why did he spontaneously buy so many dresses for her? His dialogue is also kind of flat. Could the author not have waited 10+ chapters for this development?It kinda feels like the baby-boy is not so childish? And he has foxy attitude??I’m not so sure about that but I really hope to see the fluffy and funny moments between this lovely aunt-nephew duo

Luca should not be so loving towards the MC. Abuse is not merely erased by a month’s worth of kindness and love, especially not from a mother-figure. Not when all the abuse happened during formative years. In the original work, he was clearly attached to his aunt enough to leave him traumatized, and he most likely appreciates the new change in his aunt, but he is completely out of character for an abused kid. There needed to be a reason for the MC to go along with Luca to his home, but the author chose what could have been a decent reason and executed it terrible. Let me make it clear- just because someone is abusive does not mean the victim is not attached in some way. However, Luca has gone full blown into ‘lovey dovey’ on the MC as far as I can tell. He did play up the part, but he has no reason to remotely enable the spending spree his uncle has for the MC. The MC/aunt’s spending made him starve. He has gone beyond the line of unhealthily attached.

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Of course it would be like this, I’m not the main character in my new life either. Even though I knew that I was just the Villainess in this cliche story who dies at the hands of her husband at the end, I thought I could make it work as a new opportunity to live a new life after having an unjust death before, Or at least that was until I realized that I might can’t get out of the flow of the original storyline! But if I’m going to die just like the original Villainess, Then I’ll at least give a kiss to my extremely handsome husband! He’s going to learn how to treat me right despite being the “Flower like snake woman of the Rigelhof family that he thinks I am”, And who knows? Since I’m the one in this body… maybe the plot of the story could actually change?