Jesus Calling February 9th

Thank you Jesus for your perfect trade 🙏 . I am unworthy of it but your love for me and free gift made me worthy. I am you love child . I can never thank you enough. The best is yet to come 🙂 This blog contains post from Sarah Young’s daily devotional book, “Jesus Calling”. The posts also contain the recommended Bible verses that are a part of each day’s post as well as some other related scriptures. These verses are from the New Living Translation (NLT) of the Bible. Lord our God, we stand before your presence. Look in mercy upon us poor, weak children, who do not know where to turn unless you help us with your mighty hand. We trust in you. You will help us, you will always be with us, and even in hard times you will accomplish your will for what is good. Bless us today as we gather to hear your Word. May your Word always be our strength and joy. Your Word gives victory in us and in the whole world so that your will may be done on earth as in heaven. Amen.

So.. a friend of mine was/is doing a daily devotional called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I decided to head on over iTunes and see what they had since I had a gift card for iTunes. They had it so I got it. I really like it. The one I got is more like an app than the audible book but I still like it.
I do really need to lean on Him more when I am going through trials and not just give up because it is easiest. I need to seek His face, lean on Him, let Him lead me and give me that strength I need!!Seek My face more and more. You are really just beginning your journey of intimacy with Me. It is not an easy road, but it is a delightful and privileged way: a treasure hunt. I am the Treasure, and the Glory of My Presence glistens and shimmers along the way. Hardships are part of the journey too. I mete them out ever so carefully, in just the right dosage, with a tenderness you can hardly imagine. Do not recoil from afflictions, since they are among My most favored gifts. Trust Me and don’t be afraid, for I am your Strength and Song.Beautiful in Jesus exists to encourage people to know God and make Him known; renew their minds and grow spiritually; put on Christ-like attributes, and be beautiful on the inside through the teaching of God’s Word.As I walked into the waiting area of the train station, I noticed a card with the face of Jesus, which someone had deliberately left on a window in a strategic position. The words on the card read, “He is calling. Will you answer?”

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My first reaction was “That’s really nice, maybe some non-Christian will notice and hopefully contemplate giving their lives over to Christ.” Initially, I didn’t think the words on the card were for me. After all, I had already answered Jesus’ call by being an active believing born-again Christian.

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I really love these simple reminders, Chizobam. You’re wise in pointing out that we “seasoned Christians” often assume that we’re past the basic gospel messages. How wrong and foolish we are! Thanks for sharing this with us at Grace & Truth.You were taught with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitudes of your mind; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. Ephesians 4:22-24

Throughout the world, people of all religions recognize Jesus Christ as an example of love, compassion, sacrifice and service. Reaching out to the poor, the suffering and the marginalized, he provided moral leadership that continues to inspire countless men, women, and children today.
To honor his life and teachings, Christians of all races and denominations have joined together to designate June 10 as Jesus Day. As part of this celebration of unity, they are taking part in the 10th annual March for Jesus in cities throughout the Lone Star State. The march, which began in Austin in 1991, is now held in nearly 180 countries. Jesus Day challenges people to follow Christ’s example by performing good works in their communities and neighborhoods. By nursing the sick, feeding the poor or volunteering in homeless shelters, everyone can play a role in making the world a better place.

I urge all Texans to answer the call to serve those in need. By volunteering their time, energy or resources to helping others, adults and youngsters follow Christ’s message of love and service in thought and deed.
Several months ago I asked for prayers for Joshua. He completed his 12 treatments for cancer. He is anxious as is his parents for his next set of scans. Some of his pre-treatment symptoms are returning. My heart aches for the them as they navigate this time. Please continue to pray for Josh and his parents (Mark & Kim). Help them to truly see God is with them every step of the way, even (especially) during this time of uncertainty. Amen.Still so blessed by your encouragement and Spirit guided words dear Maplewood! Continuing to pray for you dear sister and for your Mom and son and sister.Thank you Father, for your Peace and blessings over all families feeling strife and worry. Bless Desiree and increase her desire to trust in you for answeres.

Thank you so much dear family. I am doing pretty well and working on my Bible group prep as I rest my back. I am blessed that God gave me a trial to test my faith. I already Him that with a smile. He will lead me through it as He always does. Was thinking I forgot to pray for Ellen and her daughters, Camille’s eye, Linda and her daughter and Suzanne and so many more but we are all praying together for them. Lots of love. Thanks for your prayers and love💗😊🙏
Praying ABC. Holding this family up to the throne of grace. Jesus, You sit at the right hand of the father interceding for this dear family. Show them Your mercy that’s new every morning. Peace that cannot be understood, grace abounding, healing of this disease. Amen.

Heavenly Father, please help me to see You with the eyes of my heart and to enjoy the love and peace that You bestow upon me. Let me remember that as I am walking through this hardship, You are there, right beside me, every step of the way – I am not alone. If I start to stumble, let me call out for You and grip Your hand tighter and You will be right there to lift me up with You. Thank You Jesus. “Thank You ” just doesn’t seem like enough to say for how I feel, but I know that You know what’s in my heart. I will Praise the Lord continually and always 🙏.
Adding my Hallelujah dear Sassy Mom! and joining my sisters Brie, Jan and Mindy and all our JC Family in raising my arms in praise and gratitude. We serve such a good and faithful God. Hallelujah!Lord, You know my heart. You know I don’t want the hardships. But I pray Lord, that You help me embrace them and remember that Your greater glory will be made known thru them. Amen.

Amen Peter and Jan! Each day a closer walk with the Lover of our souls and the Keeper of our hearts. We must learn to love all people with His unconditional love so others will be led to give their complete hearts to Jesus unto salvation.
William, coaching is a real privilege. I found I cou
ld get closer to young people in an athletic venue far better than I could from the pulpit on Sunday morning. I coached football and softball for 10 years, performed many marriages for the athletes I coached and now maintain contact with many of them through social media. God will let you know when it is time to move to another form of service to His glory. God bless! Lord Jesus, take us deeper in intimacy with You. You alone are the Lover of our soul. You alone died to save us from sin and ourselves and saved us to live with You eternally. Thank you for Your passion, in loving us You persue us until we are fully Yours. You are the Bridegroom, we Your body are the Bride who You gave up everything for. Take us deeper in this Heavenly romance ,and as we respond to You, ignite us with Your fierce love to love the unsaved for Your sake, so that they may fall head over heels in love with You too, Amen. Requesting powerful prayers for Natalia. She got the results of the biopsies of the two lumps in her breasts. They were malignant. Her mother had had breast cancer too. She is hopeful and But trusts her doctors and they are doing some tests now. I told her not to be afraid but take everything day by day and pray for God’s healing. I told her I would be her little prayer warrior and we would pray together. Please keep her on your prayer list for a complete recovery. Thanking God that they caught it early and He will guide her doctors to the perfect treatment. She is a beautiful mother of a little girl and she believes in God. God knows her heart and He will hold her close as we hold her in our prayers. Thank You Jesus.

What is the Gospel of the Day Sept 9?
Gospel – Luke 6:39-42 No disciple is superior to the teacher; but when fully trained, every disciple will be like his teacher. Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own?
Maplewood, thank you again for your input as above in 2020 and in 2021. Others have mentioned this which I too experience, that I only have to read two words of your posting and instantly get the thought ‘this is Maplewood’, I then scroll to the end of the posting and there, sure enough is your name. All I can think is that the Holy Spirit dwelling in you connects with the same Holy Spirit dwelling in us, and we are blessed. Precious thought.Thank you my sweet Jeanne. Your prayers bring me much hope and joy. Thank you Jesus for Jeanne; all my J’s and you Jesus, my number 1 J!! Amen and Amen!!

Prayed for quick healing/ recovery for you MadFox 🙏🥰. Success in the procedure. Our God is an awesome God! He watches over us. Not one detail is overlooked.
Thanks my dear ones. ☀️💗🙏😊What a blessing to receive your love today just when I needed it. Lying on a bag of frozen broccoli because my back is out. But I got an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow. God is helping me and I pray He is helping all of you! So much love to all and gratitude! Thank You Jesus!O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my soul thirsts for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. (Psalm 63:1). The LORD is with you while you are with Him. If you seek Him, He will be found by you; but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you. (2 Chronicles 15:2). Seek the LORD and His strength; seek His face evermore! (1 Chronicles 16:11). And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13). For thus says the LORD to the house of Israel: “Seek Me and live”. (Amos 5:4). I was sought by those who did not ask for Me; I was found by those who did not seek Me. I said, ‘Here I am, here I am’, to a nation that was not called by My name. (Isaiah 65:1).

Amen dear Fern and God’s daughter! We are so blessed to come here each day and be filled by Bob and Maplewood and so many others of our family. And the devotions, prayers and older posts never cease to inspire us. Our love for the Lord is the same through the years as His love is to us. Our JC Family always lifts my heart and blesses my soul. Praying for our family’s needs and requests. Thank You Jesus for more answered prayers and protection, healing, strength and peace. Much love to all.

Praying with you Tom that God will save, shelter and protect His people, and heal the wounded, and comfort all those who are mourning lost loved ones. Father, Thank You for making a way in their tragic circumstances and wilderness in Jesus’ Name. Amen
Father, please bring Your peace, comfort, strength, and love to this family and strengthen their bond in unity and not division. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen 🙏.

What is Jesus calling reading for August 9?
Sometimes you forget that My righteousness is a gift, and you feel ill at ease in your regal robe. I weep when I see you squirming under the velvety fabric, as if it were made of scratchy sackcloth. I want you to trust Me enough to realize your privileged position in My kingdom.
Joining you dear warrior for prayer for all these loved ones. So many needs, but never too many for our mighty God! Hallelujah! May your back heal fast Jeanne.

Always hard to hear hardships are part of the journey. Suffering is something we avoid, of course! but it does bring us closer to God. It strengthens our dependence on God for the the treasure, that is the glory and presence of God in our lives. Dear Lord help me to remember you are with me every step of the journey, good and bad. Help me to not turn away from You during good times but seek you always! Amen.
I know what you mean Janet. At times our human language doesn’t seem to be sufficient enough to express our gratitude & worship to the Holy God of the universe. Good to know He knows our heart. Amen to that. I put my whole family in His able Hands. You are a brave prayer warrior sweet Audra. We trust in Him because He is divine and cannot lie. We have already seen His faithfulness. But is sometimes hard to accept His will. That’s where the trust comes in dear sister. Thank you Jeanne. Joining with you in prayers for all that you’ve mentioned (and those not mentioned). I pray your back heals Jeanne and that you are pain free. I also pray that your heart is renewed by our Lord, the healer and miracle worker. Father, I know You hear our prayers, please place Your anointing on this group of believers and their loved ones and friends. Let peace rule our hearts. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen 🙏.

What does the Bible tag Jesus calling September 6th?
Do everything in dependence on Me. The desire to act independently–apart from Me–springs from the root of pride. Self-sufficiency is subtle, insinuating its way into your thoughts and actions without your realizing it.
Amen dear ABC. God permits the hardships to polish and test us but He takes our hands and leads us through them. We need him in the hills and the valleys.

How does Jesus call us today?
He calls us daily to put off the flesh and put on Christ. … He calls us to be his ambassadors and to share the gospel to the people in our world. …
Amen Janet, I’ve been there too when “Thank You” just didn’t seem enough and I knew that He knows our hearts. I will Praise the Lord continually and always along side you. God Bless you dear sister.Many years ago as I was finishing my time as a coach of high school athletes, I was disturbed by a growing attitude I was seeing in them. I am not faulting them because they were what they were learning from the world in which they lived. That attitude was one that would rather have it easy than good. They asked for practices to be easy rather than demanding by which they could improve as individuals and as a team. They had little success as a team but they were fine with that because they did not want to work hard to be successful. When Jesus went into the Garden of Gethsemane, in His humanity, that thought crossed His mind, “Lord, if possible, take this cup from me.” But His spirit nurtured in the love of God, would not tolerate His personal ease at the expense of the advancement of the Kingdom of God. So He quickly chose the difficult, “Thy will be done”, for the sake of the eternal good it would accomplish. Our life on earth will not be heavenly because this world remains filled with many demons and their targets are us, the beloved children of God, thus comes all the struggles of life. In serving our Lord, it is unreasonable to expect life to be easy. But it will be good through the love of God within us. As the negatives of life assault us. let us be willing to face their challenges for in doing so the Kingdom of God comes by the power of the Holy Spirit at work within us. And that is good, for ever and ever. God be with you this day and always.

MadFox – I lift both arms as high as they will go praising and thanking my Jesus for answered prayer. Disappointed it wasn’t instantaneous healing. I accepted the fact it was my Thorn in the flesh and prayed “As long as I can raise one arm, I accept your decision.” Months later when preparing for bed, (never giving it a thought) I automatically raised my arm! I suddenly realized I wasn’t supposed to be able to do that and thought “Jesus, I know I’m not supposed to tempt You,I wonder if I can do it again” I raised both arms as high as they would go, Thank You Jesus! The next morning at church everyone wanted to see me lift my arm in praise. I laughingly said “I’m afraid it will get stuck up there.”Appreciate you sharing your journey. Also, in His tenderness, while calculating and holding our suffering, we can often see that without our suffering, we would not be who He is fashioning us to be as we learn our identity and strength in Him.

You have captured so well the essence of ‘seeking His face’. Thank you, Maplewood, NJ, for opening your heart to us all. We are blessed; may you be blessed this day as well. God be with you!

Joining PEBGDesigns in prayer for Natalia dear Jeanne. Asking the Lord that with each visit she will hear good news, that this dreaded disease will completely leave her body! In Jesus’ name! Amen! Hallelujah?
Father, please forgive me. Help me to move aside and let You lead. Help me to remember that I am not the one in control – You are – only You – You do not need my help. Thank You Jesus.In thanks to God, I declare all infections, sufferings be banished from our home. Turn this timid woman fearful of pain into the brave warrior you created her to be. Strengthen my trust in you Lord, in your will, in your timing. In Jesus name I pray! 🙏✝️♥️

What is the significance of September in the Bible?
September has many Bible timeline events including the first of the Fall Feasts, the Feast of Trumpets, and the Creation week.
Thank you for including me in your prayers. It is always and forever appreciated!! God is my refuge and strength and ever present help in time of trouble. Joining you in prayer for all listed above and those who also seek prayer and assistance from our Lord. God bless you and keep you may his face shine upon you and give you peace.Our Father in heaven I thank you for your love and protection over my families..for your healing, your comfort, your peace, your grace. I haven’t been posting lately; praying always for heart broke over NJS’s loss of her precious niece Jess. Comfort her Lord..her family; hold them ever so close to you. My daughter gets her 2nd covid vaccine Friday; her first one made her ill. Calm my spirit Lord. Jesus I trust in you; come holy spirit. Much love to all my brothers and sisters in Christ. Maplewood I think of you often, praying for you; hope all is well.

Thank you dear Maplewood! Still loving this post and your Spirit guided words so much. You speak to our hearts about how accessible our God is. He is always waiting for our voice. He longs for His children to sincerely seek to know Him better. May God bless you dear sister and all your family.
Prayers for Natalia. These days early detection with specific new chemos and highly directed radiation are producing excellent long term remissions and cures. May she be blessed in that way, Amen.Father, please place Your hands on Joshua and remove this affliction in him and restore him. Bring peace, healing, comfort, and strength to him and his parents. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen 🙏.I will be anointed tonight at 6:30 pm for pain in my left rotator cuff area. At the moment it is 4:30 in my area. Please pray for Pastor Greg and Elders of my church. Thank you for praying.Praying for Brie, Larry and Keith today as Keith gets settled into short them care facility so Larry and Brie can have a respite getaway. May your day go smoothly and your travels be blessed! ♥️🙏 Dear friends, please pray for my daughter who had the hysterectomy. She is now having severe cramps that have caused her to go to urgent care. Her physician is ordering tests. Thank you. My daughter who had colon cancer is doing well, working full time as a teacher and getting checked with scans every few months. We thank God that she is stable and healed and pray for continued hedge of protection around our family. God is good and has always been with us, as has this group of prayer warriors. Dear LCA, Praying your daughter will have an easy time after her second vaccine and no side effects. Praying for God to calm your beautiful heart. Much love.What a wonderful message on Aug 18. I needed this today. Praise Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am praying to remember to always really on Him and that His timing is perfect even when it seems too far ahead 🙂 Blessings, Protection, Perseverance to all of you. Live, Shaun The power of prayer! It’s here in us, yes, “this is how we fight out battles it may look like we’re surrounded, but we’re surrounded by you!” Thank you BFF for the walk through and understanding of our uniform 😉 UPDATE!…..I asked you for prayers yesterday for my niece, Jessie, and late last night I received a text from Jessie saying: “I accepted a day shift position today and thought you’d want to know.” Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all for praying for Jess! I truly believe the intercession of prayer to Our Lord and awesome Healer was heard! I can’t thank you all enough for your help. Glory be to God! Love and blessings to you all!

Janet my prayer is with you for peace, comfort and wisdom to get you through these times. As you know, as you’ve written. God never promised us a life with suffering, BUT SO THANKFULLY, he did promise He would be with us every step of the way. Jesus I trust in you! Amen.

What day is Jesus Day?
OFFICIAL MEMORANDUM To honor his life and teachings, Christians of all races and denominations have joined together to designate June 10 as Jesus Day.
Watch Me working on your behalf, as you rest in the shadow of My Almighty Presence. Well I did get a glimpse today, bit I didn’t do so well from the resting in the shadow part. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers, I want to see you more clearly by and by.

SUCH comforting and truth spoken words, Maplewood. Thank you! I am saving those words in my notes to reference and recall your awesome thoughts in the future. May blessings surround you and yours today!
Can always count on you, Brie, to provide a clever way of expressing a profound truth. Sort of like Jesus did with the parables He used. Keep bringing them, please. God be with you.Our BFF! How good it is to see your post today! I just completed your 2020 posts on the Armor of God! They are keepers as well as awesome reminders! Thank you for sharing them with our JC Family. Love you all.

Update on the two school interviews. One school offered a great salary and then said they will employ when the number of children increase in the school so by 5th September they will get back to me! That left me feeling uncertain . The second school offered me a low salary after paying for rent and transport I wouldn’t have much left for food. I know I am an awesome team and I know my worth I wonder if I should take it so that I have rent but it will be a challenge. Pray that God makes a way , this is just making me cry all daySo well said, twin bd sis! As I have practiced physical conditioning in my life, I know it is most helpful when it becomes more difficult. Having it easy has limited value. The soul is much like a muscle in the body; it becomes stronger through adversity. Having it easy can provide a time of recovery and refreshment which also is necessary but it is adversity that builds strength. God be with you, my twin bd sis. Lifting up Janet in prayer.God Bless all of you, Dear JC Family. My DH and I thank you so much for your prayers and love. All of you are in ours, as well and will continue to be. Fervent prayers for your family, Jan. Our dear sweet loved sister-friend in Christ, Janet. Even when we can’t see Him, He’s working! Because He never stops, no, He never stops working, because He is a WayMaker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in The Darkness. His Blessings are being prayed for you and our entire JC Family. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. Your posting on Ephesians 6 has been a wonderful blessing, mon ami! Many thanks. A great way to end for it is through prayer that all the previous pieces of the armor fit us well. As I suggested to Janet in her post above, the simple act of taking a deep breath is a prayer. The word for breathe and Spirit is the same in the original language of scripture. The body benefits from the oxygen received in a deep breath and the soul benefits from being filled with the Holy Spirit. Again, thank you for blessing us with your posts. They reflect His dwelling within you. God be with you.Going to visit Family early today so I just got on to say I’m praying for all of you, my dear JC Family. Have a blessed day knowing He is behind us always fighting our battles, healing our weaknesses, forgiving our iniquities, and guiding us to every good thing to His glory. So much love for all of you. Be blessed today in His glorious light and presence. Thank you for this post…I am in the middle of adversities, but God is always present for me. When I’m to the edge of my own abilities, I look to Him to see what He provides, He is faithful, and He loves my family and will heal them. “Expect to encounter adversity in your life, remembering that you live in a deeply fallen world.” JESUS, JESUS, JESUS! Thank you for your guidance and always going before me when I face a Satanic Attack.

Heading to bed. What a LONG day. I feel as if I’ve been watching the clock since 5 PM, thinking, “BED!” Heading now, but had to thank you again for all of your prayers. God will get us through this…love and prayers to all of you, dear JC Fam.
Thank You Father for reminding us to yield to resting and recharging underneath the shelter of Your Umbrella in 2021 and beyond! I ask. I seek. I knock. I praise. I thank. I yield. In Jesus’ Nane. Amen.

What Bible verse is 10 September?
and Bible Verse. Lord our God, we stand before your presence. Look in mercy upon us poor, weak children, who do not know where to turn unless you help us with your mighty hand. We trust in you.
Yes I too continue to keep you zfuntastic in prayer. With God all things are possible. Hour by hour, day by day. Addiction freedom worth the effort. Amen. Thanks, NJS! Tell Jessie we all wanted to know. Also, let her know how much she is loved by people she has never met. That’s what praying causes to happen. God be with you. Lord, I need you always, especially in the situations where it seems impossible. My trust and faith in You gives me such peace and strength. Please help me to turn to You always in these times as reliance on myself alone will fail every time. I love You JesusI loved your little prayer dear Janet! Thank you and Amen! Joining in and asking God’s breath to fill all of us to the brim, and renew us in body, mind and spirit. Amen!

Thank you for this online version! When I do not have my book with me, this is so wonderful and handy! I have gifted this book many, many times for celebrations and for tough times I always hear back from the recipients as they love it so much and have bought it for gifts as well. Sarah’s daily devotion might be brief,but the message is so powerful and divinely inspired that it stays with me for a long time. I am very grateful for this.♥️ Thank you!
In my studies of the joy of intercession I am reminded that we pray FROM victory, not for it. Thank you Jesus for the joy of your finished work from which all requests can flow.Good morning from sunny Nairobi Kenya .The Presidential results are out, sadly there was so much rigging I really dont really know who won. But we thank God it has been peaceful. Pray for peace and saftey for our great land !

Dear sweet Brie! First, thanks for always making me smile and even laugh out loud. Now let me just get my beach towel so I can join you under His Giant Umbrella! Much love💕
Sometimes that pain is a blessing. Been there. But, the gift I received was the gift of life instead of hell on earth – every day! No, it was not easy. No my life did not change immediately. I still had to face the consequences of MY choices. No my friend, not an easy journey but you will find a better, different way of living walking it. Blessings and prayers and it’s one day at a time . 💕Praying that you and Marc and Paul are all seeing His work in your lives and health. Amen sweet Audra. We will all understand it well in the sweet By and By.

Dear god I cry for you everyday why are you not fighting for me like this blog says In sorry to question you but I really need you to fight for my family.And you as well, Jeanne. God be with you you in gathering with family this day. In spite of ups and downs, family remains one of our greatest blessings this side of heaven. God be with you.I needed this reminder today! I have a bunch of adversity and difficulties in my life currently. I have been trying to depend on God, but I get weary and needed to be reminded to keep at it. Dear God, you sre aware of the host of difficulties in my life. Please help me. Please guide me through. Help me to get out of the pit I am in and allow my thoughts to turn toward you when I am feeling this desperation instead of feeling like I am sinking further. Oh Jesus, I surrender myself to you; please take care of everything. I say those words; help me to live by them. Amen.Ellen, Joining with my Family here and praying for the difference God is making right now in your situation and life. We must go through the storms so we can be thankful for the brilliant sunlight that follows.Thank You Jesus. Breathe Your breath into me and make me new in You. Praise the Lord continually and always. You are my everything Lord. I will bless, praise, and rejoice in the LORD continuously and forever. Amen.God bless you dear Maplewood. God allowed you to go through your hardships and fire to hone you so the stronger and wiser you became, the greater the instrument of God’s Grace and wisdom you are. Now a Bringer of His light and wisdom to us each day. He had his plan in you and you had to be brought low to the ground before you could climb up to reach and capture His light above. God knew you would have to experience pain, sorrow and emotional suffering so you could have the special understanding of others’ trials to give you the gift to lift, teach and encourage others to God’s glory. I am thankful for every tasty morsel you throw my way and feed me every day. Love you dear sweet Sister.

God you are our rock, shield, provider and strong tower, among so many other things. Lead Min Ahadi to peace. May she hear your songs regarding her worth deep in her soul. Amen. ❤️
Thank you Lord that you allow circumstances in our lives to stretch out faith and conform us more and more into your image. Everything is for your glory. We love you!

God actually did answer my prayer for my MIL, Primetta. She was so ready to go home to Him and our most awesome and loving God took her in her sleep. Answered prayer for sure. He certainly does know best, Maplewood. You’re right about that!We fall down but we get up again. Keep taking steps towards your goal. Next time you will do better. God knows your struggle. Call out to Him. Get back up. In Jesus Name. Praying for your deliverance. Blessings

Praying for HIS Wisdom and HIS Guidance and HIS Resolution to your situation and circumstance, Min Ahadi. I am thanking HIM for giving you two roads, and asking HIM to lead you on the road that is for the highest good of all concerned. He Did. He Will. He Can!

Thanks for your prayers sweet Norah. So happy you’re finally getting your rest dear sister. Holding you and your Best Man tight in my prayers and trusting God will lead your DH through it all. Praying for good news. Praying with you for Jan’s granddaughter’s recovery, and may all of her family be protected against Covid. Thank You Jesus.
Continued prayers Min for the election to reap positive effects. Your heart for your country is inspiring. May the Lord bless you and your country men with God’s desire fulfilled. Amen!🙏💞

I’m still here trying to get through this addiction to alcohol. I cannot live with or without it. It’s such a horrible state of being. I am praying daily. I’ve forgotten how to surrender. I should be able to do this. The physical part is so hard to deal with. The pain is unbearable. I lasted 12 hours without a drink but I fell back again this morning.
Amen! Help me Jesus with the challenges I face today. grant me the wisdom, Peace and clarity in communications for the greater good in the work I do. Thank you!

I can see and hear the JC army of intercessors is growing. Bless you, our family of prayer warriors, you are doing God’s work to change lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. We thank you in Jesus’s name!
Thank you for these words from last year…God has been so faithful! My daughter is going back for her first scan today after her cancer surgery while being off chemo for 12 weeks. We EXPECT good things. God is so good! I am so grateful that I can go back and see past posts and answered prayer..this blog is full of reliance on God! Thanks so much for your prayers.Dear Norah, joining warriors in prayer that “the God you know” will walk you & DH through this yet another challenge without fear of the unknown. That’s His territory! He knows the terrain! There’s a pathway for you &, your loved one to walk through. His outstretched hand is ready to grip yours & DH. FEAR NOT! He is with you always. We love you guys 💞🙏

Good to read the update Ellen! The blog is out reminder to rely on God in full expectation of his promises to make all things new. Blessings to you and your daughter today, and to our JC prayer-ers, posting or not.zfuntastic-You got this! One small step at a time, hour by hour, Jesus IS with you every step of the way. Stretching faith is hard, He will give you strength. to bolster your weakness. My prayers are with you today and each day. Amen.

What is Jesus calling today August 18?
Expect to encounter adversity in your life, remembering that you live in a deeply fallen world. Stop trying to find a way that circumvents difficulties.
I can understand your need to cry over these offers, Min. While they’re job offers, they both still leave you questioning and hanging, really. Ugh. Praying God gives you discernment and guidance as to which way to go. Remember God is faithful and we can put our trust in Him! Holding you in my prayers, sweet Min.Thanks Rose! Our Lord works in mysterious ways but always for good. I’m so thankful for all the victories and more answered prayers. May He continue to bless all of us with His faithfulness, and lift us up out of our trials and heal our weaknesses, as only He can. Thank You Jesus! Thanking God for His faithfulness in granting Jessie the day shift! Praise Him for His loving kindness and tender mercies! May He heal her in all things. Amen! Just so proud of you Zfuntasic. Now you are following hard after righteousness in your life. God’s faithfulness has touched you in a wonderful way and your determination and faith have brought you up out of your problems to a sweet place, all to the glory of God.Thank you Jesus for allowing me to put yesterday’s problems behind me, and to not make them today’s problems. I trust you Jesus and I love you. What a wonderful JC reading today and scriptures. KS

Been praying for your yielding dear Brie! Time to recharge your beautiful battery, refresh your heart and strengthen your body and soul. Just love that Audra. Applying my Sonscreen too! But happy to stand together with all of you in the Sonshine!
He who promised is faithful. If He has told us not to try to fix problems and issues, then it means that He already has the solutions, and we can be sure He will see us through.Dear Ellen, Continuing to pray for your dear daughter’s good report. She has been through so much, and you and your other daughter have been through your own difficulties. Praying always for your strength, safety, protection and healing. God is so faithful to those who trust Him and wait patiently on Him. Dear Min Ahadi, I pray God’s Spirit will lead you to making the right decision. Trust in God’s guiding Hand. You have no way of seeing the future but God already knows it. I pray He will close one door so you will walk right through the open one He has prepared for you. Thank You dear Jesus! Good morning dear ones. Joining SC in asking the Lord to bless each of you. Asking for prayers for my 12 yr. Old granddaughter, the one who came with her daddy from Texas to visit us. She is down with covid caught at the skating rink. Honestly it makes me so sad that even an innocent activity such as this can be a threat to our young people. Please pray that her sister, dad & grandparents will not get it, her mom had it last month. Thank you warriors.💞🙏

What Bible reading for Dec 9?
First Reading: Isaiah 41: 13-20 13 For I am the Lord thy God, who take thee by the hand, and say to thee: Fear not, I have helped thee. 14 Fear not, thou worm of Jacob, you that are dead of Israel: I have helped thee, saith the Lord: and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel.
If I take the time to see Him in my adversities, at times they have become fun. He is with you, Ellen, I can see Him from here; I see Him in the prayers being offered for you from your sisters & brothers in this blog. God be with you.

Amen Shaun, Bob and Rose! God guides us to come here to be filled with His Spirit and Truth and to receive our true sustenance. God knows except what we need and fills us with the Word and encouragement to lift us and make us whole in Him. The other day He pushed me up out of bed because He had put a glorious rainbow in the sky right in front of my eyes! It blessed me so much. His timing is perfect and beyond compare. Hallelujah! unknown unknown I am praying for you and your family! I know sometimes it seems as if God is not listening but He is always there working for our good! He truly knows what is best for us…he is a good good Father! He sees you trying so hard to stay faithful and will answer your prayers…but it will be in His timing! Praying for hope and peace!������ Amen Brie! Your brother Keith spoke right in saying: “Jesus is in The Plan”. He is the Author of our Future, and the Lover of our Soul, and the Keeper of our Heart. We are in good and capable Hands. Just loved that vision of all of us under His Big Umbrella using His Sonscreen and dwelling safely under His wings. We shall overcome dear Sister! The best is yet to come because He is in charge. Thank You Jesus!Sweet Janet, You are on an uncertain road and have had to suffer many hardships. God knows them all and every word in your trusting heart. Your steadfast faith amidst this difficult storm is an inspiration and an encouragement to so many. I am sure He has wonderful things prepared for you. He loves you with an everlasting love and He already knows where your path leads. Your beautiful prayer reached His ears and He will not let His beloved daughter fall. You are not ashamed of your faith and I am sure you are a brilliant beacon to all who meet you. Let His light shine. Keep giving Him the glory and praise and He will open all the doors you need to comfort, strength, self sufficiency, love, acceptance, fulfillment and peace. Love you dear one.

Thank you dear SC Anonymous. Your beautiful blessing lifted my weary heart today. So happy to celebrate your victory. God is so good. He really leads us through our trials and supplies our needs of body, mind and spirit. Sometimes I feel His love like a hug just when I need it most.Thank you, Janet. I have found that pausing and taking a deep breath can become a fulfillment of your prayer. It is good for my body and good for my soul. God be with you.

Thank you BFF for reminding us that God does not send us out the door without fully equipping us for all we might encounter in this fallen world. With our Armor and our feet firmly planted on The Rock, we are more than conquerors in all things.
Thank you for your sincere prayers. We pray for each other because we remember His faithfulness in our lives and we know He hears every prayer. Prayer from a sincere heart of faith is powerful indeed. Amen! We have the greatest army in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!!! He knew you would greatly benefit from the message today, Shaun, thus the Spirit moved you to be here. So often I have experienced the same and it can come through a multitude of ways. Coincidence? Hardly! The love of God through the Spirit always! Thanks for your prayer, Shaun, and the same back to you. God be with you. Dear Maplewood, You’re standing strong although there are raging waters all around you. You are tethered to the Lord and He loves you with a never ending and complete love. Hold on and keep leaning on the truthfulness of His words. The BATTLE is the LORD’S. It is all in His Hands. Trust in His promises. They are reliable, not like the promises this fallen world offers. It is so much better to trust in God than in Man. I’m sending a warm, tight, safe hug. I love you. Turn all your battles over to Him. He is so much more powerful and MIGHTY to SAVE.

I can feel a difference since I reached out here but it is an increase in my pain. I guess I’m being forced to make a change. Thank you for your prayers. I am going to make that change.
Thank you my dear ones for each ofyour prayers. Wow! The power of it came through. There were so much joy at the table. Though some family members were late in coming, so what, we laughed it off. We tayalked about the move & getting together again, joy & laughter overshadowed the sadness. Your prayers took no detour, it went straight up to the heavens. Love you all💕

What is Jesus calling today July 16?
Jesus Calling: July 16th. Self-pity is a slimy, bottomless pit. Once you fall in, you tend to go deeper and deeper into the mire. As you slide down those slippery walls, you are well on your way to depression, and the darkness is profound.
YUUP! Audra, I love being at the beach with you as well. Rip Tides are another story for another day 😊 But for now, we will ride the tide. Love you abd all of our JC Family.I once visited a grapevineyard several years, and looking at the grapes I had a hard time knowing where the vines ended and the other began; they just merge into each other. If, like the branches, we remain in Christ, we will draw our nourishment from him, his life will flow through us, and we will become like him.

Happy anniversary sister! May you and Larry receive extra blessings today, maybe some abundant fruit that is symbolic of your dedication to God and each other. Here in northern CA it is peaches, plums and blackberries. You are fifty years of marriage ahead of us (that blows my mind) as we celebrated our 5 th last Friday. You inspire me. 5 is the number of grace, as we gratefully receive it and pray it for all.