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It’s clear from her poetry that she had sexual and romantic relationships with women, but apart from the short biography by Rexroth and Chung in their book Women Poets of China, it’s impossible to find a biography in English that does more than hint at her lesbianism. According to them, she had many female friends and lovers during her life, and wrote erotic poems to several courtesans, including this one. After reading it, I like to imagine her and Ch’ing Lin hanging out in her bedroom, painting each each other’s eyebrows and making out, like some kind of 19th century Chinese version of a sexy high school sleepover. Historian Dorothy Ko’s article “Pursuing Talent and Virtue: Education and Women’s Culture in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century China” gives a fascinating overview of how these women viewed their own morality and education. Men couldn’t take it, basically, and this misogynistic aphorism reflected patriarchy’s anxiety more than the state of women’s education. Basically, Wu Zao was joined by more noteworthy and paradigm-shifting women writers and artists saying “fuck that noise” than at any other time in Chinese history.[One should also note, that the vast majority of the non-gentry population of the time, both men and women, were illiterate in the Classical Chinese reserved for poetry and politics.]

Her work was highly praised by poets and scholars, and her songs were sung all over China. She hobnobbed with other great artists of the age, both male and female. In her middle years she retreated from the world and became a Taoist priestess. (Or a Buddhist one, depending on who you ask). She died in 1863.
Wu Zao (or Wu Tsao) is considered one of the great female poets of China, and one of the greatest lesbian poets of all time. Very little of her work has been translated into English, but the most beautiful translations are the handful by Kenneth Rexroth and Ling Chung (the above being the best of the bunch, IMO).

Just wanted to add that one of the major reasons why the dictum “a woman without talent is a virtuous one” first appeared in 17th century China was due to the unprecedented flowering and increased publication and dissemination of women’s writing and a major rise in literacy among gentry women of the time. Combined with the poetic and artistic talents of the many women depicted in the classic A Dream of Red Mansions, published in 1791, who were explicitly stated to be inspired by the author Cao Xueqin’s female relatives and friends, I think Chinese women of the more privileged classes were definitely taking a serious interest in literary pursuits.[Translation from Women Poets of China by Kenneth Rexroth and Ling Chung; biographical information primarily from Women Poets of China, The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry and The Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women].

Born in 1799, Wu Zao was the child of a merchant, and married to a merchant (in an arranged marriage, naturally). Both relationships are believed to have been unhappy. There were no literati in either family, and no one knows how she learned to read, write, play music and paint, since women of the merchant class were rarely taught these skills. A common dictum in the era was “A woman without talent is a virtuous one.” She basically said, “Fuck that noise,” and became a productive and talented poet, playwright and composer; one of the few female writers of the period. She used her writing to express her longing to break away from a traditional view of women’s roles, including an opera about a woman who cross-dresses and paints her own self-portrait, while lamenting her inability to use her talents because she is a woman and the gender roles of the era are stupid.
lesbian related discourse tires me out sm. first it was aro/ace lesbians then it was nonbinary lesbians then it was he/him lesbians and it/its lesbians and now its bi/pan/mspec lesbians like when are all of you going to realize that the lesbian experience is extremely diverse and has never been as strict as “women who only identify as women who love exclusively women who only identify as women”. like this goes for many identities but lesbians end up at the forefront a lot and it makes me wonder if any of you actually give a shit about queer history because istg lesbian separatism has been reinvented like 50 times in the past decade.someone’s identity does not have to make sense for you to respect them as a person and realize that exclusionary behavior is nothing but a crabs in a bucket type mentality. not only have “weird” queer people existed since fucking forever, but even if they didnt the human experience is diverse and we still dont know everything about the world and why the fuck would you decide that no actually if it cant be understood it must be bad and you need to find out reasons for it to be bad. focus on the people who are actively hurting others, taking advantage of vulnerable people, dont become one of them. dont become one of the people who scorns anything they dont understand and hurts innocent people in the quest of getting rid of anyone who they deem is abnormal. its fucked up and being any type of exclusionist is fucked up. i love you queers who are unabashedly yourself no matter how strange people may find your identity, and embrace deconstructing the norm and supposed rules of identities. to any mspec lesbians (and hell, any mspec gays) who are reading this: im proud of you and theres nothing wrong with recognizing that your identity is complicated and maybe even contradictory. its Your experiences and no one has the right to say that youre inherently a bad person simply because they heard some strawman arguments and decided to believe in fallacy over reality. and because its probably obvious why im making this yeah maia arson crimew is literally fine its an absolute legend actually and i hope that its okay. fuck anyone who was a piece of shit to it because they cant handle someone being openly complicated and contradictory and unabashedly “Weird” bi lesbians, as an overall community, is just a bunch of people who decided that a complicated label fits their complicated attraction and thats Fine. it is literally fine. being a lesbian was never about being strictly a woman who strictly loves other women who are strictly women. its about loving women in a gay/queer way, whatever that means for the individual. if an individual person is using it in a transphobic way, then thats a fault of the person, not the label. but at its core, all the identity is about is about recognizing that attraction is complicated and identity is complicated and not everyone is comfortable putting themself in neat boxes for other people to scrutinize until they Get It. shoutout to all my fellow lesbians who are told theyre not “”really”“ a lesbian, i see you and stand alongside you and love you. youre wholly and completely a lesbian, your lesbianess is not dictated by anyone but you 💖i love you weird queers. i love you neopronouns. i love you microlabels. i love you labels people deem confusing/contradictory. i love you label hoarders. i love you kinky asexuals. i care you loveless folks. i love you queerplatonic relationships. i love you attractions outside of just romantic and sexual. i love you vastness of the queer experience.

its not shit like bi lesbians or mogai or aroace people or gnc people or “trenders” or it/its users or whatever fucking bonafide weirdos that are ruining the community its the people who want to sort everyone into neat little boxes because they cant handle that sometimes you arent going to understand other peoples experiences. its fine if mspec lesbians dont make sense to you. its fine if it doesnt make sense to you how someone could use it/its, if it doesnt make sense how a lesbian could consider himself transmasc, if it doesnt make sense how someone could seriously mean “my gender feels like a star”, if whatever queer experience you run into doesnt make sense.
happy pride ! to the faggots and freaks, the trannies, the boygirls and girlboys and the he/him butches and she/her twinks ! to the gendervague and the genderfucked !! to every trans and nonbinary person at whatever stage they’re at !! and to the eggs and the questioning ! to my bisexuals and pansexuals and omnisexuals and polysexuals and the lesbians w/ boyfriends and gays w/ girlfriends !! happy pride to the queers who wear battle jackets and the queers who stealth and every single one of you in between !! happy pride to my aces and aros !! happy pride all you funky sexual deviants and kinksters !! to my elders who faced decades of bigotry and lost many a loved one, and the youngsters learning our history and experiencing it themselves !two alternate versions for the pixelated gradient! in order its mspec lesbian, bi lesbian, pan lesbian, poly lesbian, and omni lesbian! these are all 10 times the size of the normal sprites, so they show up more clear in post format.

stop convincing each other that the queer experience is nothing but strictly defined boxes and labels that can always be condensed into one sentence. lesbians can experience a lack of sexual attraction and a lack of romantic attraction and lesbians can be nonbinary and lesbians can be gnc and when you actually go into what those last two mean you should realize that yes this means sometimes lesbians are men because genderfluid and bigender and trigender and transmasc and whatever gender lesbians exist and when you actually goes into what THAT means you should realize yes actually people combining labels like mspec and lesbian makes perfect sense because of fucking course orientation and gender and whatever else you consider to be apart of your queer experience is all fluid its all up to personal interpretationDescription: Tiktok from user littlefreak26. They say “Ayo I’m sick in the head check, listen to my worms.” They hold the camera close to their head and make weird squirming noises. They move the camera back to their face and say “I love those guys!”

ianthe tridentarius fans want ianthe tridentarius to be vriska serket. vriska serket fans want vriska serket to be amy dallon. amy dallon fans want amy dallon to be euthanized
Had an incredibly fun time drawing this with @olegianote Again, has to be one of my favorite collabs. Might even be my favorite artist to collaborate with in general. They are super pog and cool, I am super sleep deprived but that won’t stop me from telling you guys to go follow them right now or I am sending clones of your entire family to shank you in your sleep /J anyway good morni- I mean good night179 notes | 3 weeks ago Tagged: #reblogs are appreciated! #flapjack the owl house #flapjack #owl house #the owl house #luz noceda #willow park #amity blight #gus porter #hunter noceda #enamel pins #mine

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I’m trying to get into contact with someone I really care about. She lives in another country. The last time I heard from her was about 2 weeks ago… I tried everything, messaging and calling her on all social media platforms we are mutuals on and calling to her phone..
choosing to believe that nick’s memory of the betrayal only having three of the other kiddads following him wasn’t an anthony mistake but that one of them stayed behind. and im also choosing to believe that one was sparrow! and until anthony clarifies this himself you cannot convince me otherwiseDespite himself, Sparrow listens. He screws his eyes together tight, takes a deep breath, and inhales the scent of lavender and moss that clings to his father– so potent that it lingers even here, in a dream.

either that or they’ll reveal that they were the one who started a popular hc/ship that you hate and it’s like meeting satan himself in the chili’s bathroom
“It’s not real,” Henry says, kindly, and he gently rubs Sparrow’s back, fingers combing through his hair and tracing circles against his shoulder blades. “Close your eyes, baby bird. Take a deep breath. This isn’t how it happened at all, is it?”being on fandom discord servers is crazy bc someone you’ve been talking to a while will reveal they were the one that wrote your absolute all time favorite fic it’s like meeting god in a walmart at 7am”I hope you find someone who doesn’t make you sad at night and someone who reminds you how much they love you every day and who laughs at your jokes and wants to listen to your music and who genuinely what’s to be with you and doesn’t make you second guess their love for you. I really hope you find that. Because you deserve that.”

Photos from a gay wedding near Philadelphia, PA, taken in 1957. The owner of the drugstore where these images were developed deemed them inappropriate and never returned them to the grooms. ​60 years later, the photos were found, though archivists have been unsuccessful at locating any of the men pictured.
🤍 favorite characters : I HAVE A LOT OF FAVS TOO but off the top of my head… Diesel, Mavis, Percy, BoCo, Edward, & more (TTTE) and Hercules, Ten Cents, Boomer, Lillie Lightship, Billy Shoepack, & more (TUGS). i would try and name the rest but trust me that’ll be a mile fkn long.

inspired: Edward’s fairly older than the others but 120+ years of playing family peacekeeper have aged the BEJEEZUS out of him, get this man some tea and a neck-warmer for crying out loud

Often on his deliveries Diesel would pass the old mill. He would hear the wind whistling through the holes in its walls & hear the creaks of rotten wood.
🤍 BYF : i may go quiet at times but this is literally only because i am shy and suck at convos. my askbox is open and i really would love to chat so don’t be afraid to send in an ask or two! please ask me through DMs for my discord and only if we are close enough friends !⚠️ WARNING — this AU contains scenes of violence, gore/body horror, depiction of war, and other scenes that may be intense for viewers. please tread with caution!

Lesbians have to listen to things like “you just haven’t found the right man” from homophobes/lesbophobes just for the LGBTQ+ community to support things that contribute to people thinking that we’re actually deep down attracted to men (cis/trans men) 😍

I think it’s sad because it’s always someone undesirable who has a miserable life so they waste their time having an entire blog dedicated to invalidate a whole identity.
It’s 🌙 thank you so much for responding and you were very helpful(: it was around the same time that I realized I like girls, a couple months before I came out as a trans man is when I realized that and I never thought about that before.. that absolutely could be it. As I’ve grown and learned I do envy the way men can love women and women love them with essentially no repercussions. It never felt like I could do that

– Most posts are more focused on lesbianism, but there’s a few about the queer community and other identities. So even if you want to talk about other identities my blog is also a safe space for that.
– DNI if you’re: homophobe, racist, misogynistic, TERF/radfem, lesbophobe, transphobe, biphobe, aphobe, or if you’re (or support) someone who is a “bi lesbian”, “bi gay” or someone who is a man and identifies as lesbian.From what I’ve observed, a majority of them are terfs/radfems/transphobes and favor the gold star term…..honestly you’re right to block them and pay them no mind. I’ve even seen one of them claim that most asexuals are fake and confused. Most of them are bisexuals just trying to speak over our feelings and experiences.

The same thing I say about fictional men and male celebrities goes to women: being “attracted” only to fictional women and female celebrities isn’t necessarily a sign you are actually attracted to them.
What’s even funnier is that I actually went to check one of those blogs that I blocked before writing this out and they received an anon asking if they know a lot of lesbians who are against comphet and they answered along the lines of “I don’t know, I have never talked to my lesbian friends about being against comphet”…….hmm I wonder whyI am the anon who went Into graphic details about men. I need to clarify that it wasnt to harrass anyone or that I see being lesbian as doom. Maybe it seems pretty obvious to others that I am attracted to men, But I have ocd, which makes me doubt anything about my sexuality. I wrote to you because I wanted to hear if others could relate kind of before they came out as lesbians. That is why I wrote to two lesbian blogs. I have questioned so much that I question now if my attraction to men was all fake or not. Because I read the masterdoc. And because I have sexual trauma with guys. But I have thought back and forth I am pretty sure I have never been having a crush on a women. Like I have felt sexual feelings for some in movies But I never thought ‘omg she is so pretty I want her’ or stared or checked out women irl. Guys catch my attention and I get warm seeing good looking guys and get butterflies and imagine kissing Them and such. It is just confusing.

I’ve been really vibing with a lot of the discussion of comphet and whatnot, mainly because my experience has been quite different due to being trans. When I was a boy (and I am ok with that description even though I’m in the minority of trans ppl who think of it that way) I always knew I was attracted to girls since puberty hit, but it always kinda felt wrong and gross coming from my end. Girls were these beautiful, godlike beings, and I was the terrible, dirty human *boy* unworthy of their attention. My attraction to girls was inherently degrading of them.Interesting to see how allo cishets will never recognize how allo cishet men are the problem in many situations, they will only recognize that when they use it as an argument to attack minorities.