Lifted Yukon Denali

An intake is a good addition with a tune to help bring more air into the engine and allow for better timing adjustments with tuning. And lastly, a colder thermostat doesn’t really provide any gains itself but will help unlock some power via tuning.

The intake manifold gasket has individual gaskets for each cylinder port. When these fail it will cause an air leak, also known as a vacuum leak. You will notice some performance issues like rough idling, sluggish acceleration, and so on.
The Chevy 5.3 Vortec engine has steadily gained a reputation over the past two decades as one of the most reliable and capable motors in the GM/Chevy line. The 5.3 L V8 engine is also known as the Vortec 5300. It has powered many Chevy and GM trucks and SUVs over the years, including versions…

There were also two 6.2L LS engines: the LS9 and the LSA which is a version of the LS9 with a smaller supercharger. The LS9 was used exclusively in the Corvette ZR1 from 2009 to 2013 and the LSA was used in the Camaro ZL1 and Cadillac CTS-V. Since both of these engines are technically LS engines and not necessarily the same as the 6.2L Vortec variations we are mostly focused on the other engines in this article.
The 6.2L Vortec had a relatively short lifespan as it was eventually phased out for the 6.2L EcoTec3 engine. Additionally, it was not the most common of engines as the primary upgrade in the Silverado and Sierra trucks, a well as in HD version of these trucks was the 6.0 Vortec as the 6.2L was never available as a diesel replacement and was only available in the high-end trims of the 1500 series trucks.

We will cover a few of the basics here and provide some details on more advanced setups but we won’t go into as much detail as things like cam upgrades, turbos, and superchargers warrant their own articles.Most of the excess oil consumption is caused by active fuel management, so this is less of an issue for the L92 and L9H variants. However, it can still occur on these engines. A degree of oil consumption is normal and okay – a lot of engines experience this issue as oil is naturally consumed.When the 6.2L is properly maintained it has proven to be a strong and long lasting engine. With that being said, the 6.2L V8 was never used in the bigger HD trucks with GM opting to stick with the 6.0 Vortec. Some speculate that is because the 6.2L can’t hold up to the duty cycle required from HD trucks which suggests that this might not be the best engine for long-term work truck use like towing. But – we haven’t seen any issue with these engines even when used heavily for towing so we don’t have any concerns over its use for heavy duty applications. Gains from bolt-ons are mostly going to come from tuning. A good tune will supply the majority of the gains but will also amplify the gains from the other components. Just adding an intake and exhaust won’t do much without tuning as well which is why tuning is the best 6.2 Vortec mod. Jake is a founder of 8020 Media and has been creating automotive content online since 2017. He has been the lead writer for Chevy Trucks and has transformed it from the old and outdated site it was into what it is today. Jake creates a ton of GM related content for the 8020 Media YouTube channel and specializes in Duramax and Vortec information but has a wealth of knowledge across all GM cars and engines. Jake believes the L5P is the best diesel on the market today.

Valve cover gasket failure will result in an oil leak. The oil leak will be noticeable in the engine bay with oil on the side of the block and will also leave oil behind on the floor. You might also notice the smell of burning oil coming through the AC. Fortunately this problem just requires a new gasket, but it can lead to bigger problems if the leak gets bigger and causes low oil levels. If you want to push past 350whp you will need to look into some bigger mods like cams, turbos, and superchargers. You can toss in some 215-degree cams and add about 50whp without losing any daily driver capabilities. If you go more aggressive than that you will need to look into some converter upgrades. The L92 is a bit more hamstringed because it doesn’t have E85 fueling capabilities. However the L9H, L94, and L99 do and therefore can handle about 700whp on the stock fueling system which makes it easy to drop in a turbo or supercharger and see some big power gains. You’ll also want to look into upgrading the cam alongside adding forced induction.Neither the L9H or the L92 have active fuel management (AFM) which is a big bonus. Fortunately, the L9H is the most popular version of the Vortec 6200. However, both the L94 and the L99 variants of the Vortec do have AFM. Active fuel management or displacement on demand is the system that shuts down half the cylinders, turning this V8 engine into a V4 for fuel saving purposes. is a website dedicated to modern, classic, and vintage Chevrolet Trucks. The site focuses on maintenance, do-it-yourself, and performance modification guides amongst general Chevy Truck articles. We are a team of automotive enthusiasts with deep knowledge of GM vehicles. However, excessive consumption can mean the piston rings have failed which is typically what happens when AFM takes out a whole engine. For the most part, disabling AFM will prevent this from being a big issue.All GM vehicles with AFM have been plagued with lifter failure, making it common to disable the AFM system. When the lifters fail it can also cause the pushrods to get bent, turning it into a rather expensive problem to fix. In certain circumstances it can even cause catastrophic engine failure, albeit this is rare. Additionally, AFM is known to cause excess oil consumption too.

How much HP does a 6.2 Denali have?
Probably a wise maneuver on their part, as this rig has some serious muscle coming from a 6.2-liter V8; 420-horsepower and 460 lb-ft. of torque.
Released in 2001 the 8.1L Vortec was the biggest and last of the GM big-blocks to be produced. It replaced the 7.4 Vortec and was around until 2006 when it was phased out in favor of the smaller and more fuel efficient Vortec engines. The Vortec 8100 was built off of the GM 454 engine…The L9H engine was an E85-capable version of the L92, both of which were predominantly used in the Cadillac Escalade and high end GMC vehicles like the Denali versions of the Yukon and Sierra.

The Chevy vortec engine line spans from small block V6’s to big block V8’s and also includes some inline 4, 5, and 6 engines used in less popular GMC brands. The term “vortec” is simply a marketing name used by Chevrolet to communicate its use of “vortex technology”. Chevy’s vortex technology creates an air vortex…
Chevy first debuted the compact S10 truck in 1982 as the successor to their outgoing LUV truck. Among Chevy fans, the S10 was one of the top trucks of the 1980s-’90s, and it was known for its versatility, style, and reliability. General Motors also sold rebadged versions of the S10 under their GMC, Isuzu, and…Outside of issues with active fuel management, the 6.2 Vortec doesn’t suffer from any serious engine problems. Common problems like gasket failure and motor mount failure are relatively small in nature and won’t have any material impact on engine longevity if properly addressed.

Is Yukon Denali v6 or V8?
6.2L V8 Engine (Standard on Denali Ultimate and Denali; Available on AT4)
While these upgrades aren’t really all “advanced” in nature (such as fueling or an intake manifold) they are things that aren’t quite necessary until you want to push past the limits of a turbo or supercharger setup. We won’t go into details here but running aggressive cams and porting the heads, boring out the cylinders and things like that are all options you’ll want to look into if you want to break the 1,000hp mark.While this list isn’t exhaustive, it is about the only things we could find as being somewhat “common”. Outside of the AFM issues these engines are generally very reliable and strong. We’ll cover each of these problems briefly and then provide a high level synopsis on 6.2 Vortec reliability.

For a brief period in between the Gen IV 6.0L Vortec and the Gen V 6.2L EcoTec3, GM produced a 6.2L Gen IV Vortec engine. It was predominantly used in the Escalade, Yukon, and Denali vehicles but was also offered as an upgrade over the 5.3L Vortec in the Sierra and Silverado 1500 trucks from 2009-2013. In addition to its use in the luxury full-size vehicles a variant of it was also used in the Camaro SS.
The L9H then received AFM and was given the new L94 engine code, making the two engines virtually identical with the exception of active fuel management. It was also only used in the high-end GMC vehicles like the Denali.General Motors/Chevrolet produced the Vortec 5300 V8 engine for nearly two decades from 1999–2014. It spanned two generations of their small block V8, and was finally succeeded by the 5th Generation EcoTec3. Known for its reliability, performance, and stout design, the 5.3 Vortec engine was hugely successful for GM/Chevy. Though it was discontinued nearly a…

Is Yukon Denali a luxury SUV?
Model Overview. 2023 GMC Yukon Denali. Full-Size Luxury SUV.
Being an LS-based engine, the 6.2 Vortec has good performance potential. While the stock numbers are pretty impressive at 400+ horsepower and torque we understand the never-ending desire for more power and performance. The 6.2 Vortec is a slightly less popular engine compared to something like the 6.0, but there is plenty of aftermarket support for all kinds of power levels.

Outside of tuning headers will provide the second biggest power gains. I put a cat-back exhaust on the list but you really won’t see much more the a few horsepower gains from this part of the exhaust system.
The L99 engine was essentially a de-tuned version of the LS3 that added variable valve timing and AFM and was used exclusively in the Camaro SS from 2010 until 2015.Ultimately, AFM is a problematic system on the 6.2 Vortec and can lead to costly repairs for the L94 and L99 variants that have it. Owners with the L9H and L92 engines don’t have to worry about this problem.

Gaskets leaks are common on just about any vehicle. Gaskets seal surfaces together and naturally wear down over time from heat and other external factors. On the 6.2 Vortec the two most commonly failed gaskets are the valve cover gasket and the intake manifold gaskets.
In 1996, Chevrolet released their 7.4 Vortec V8 engine, also known as the Vortec 7400. It was part of Chevy’s penultimate generation of their big block series, and it is sometimes called the 454 Vortec. It is distantly related to the 454 LS6 V8 that Chevy put in their famous 1970 Chevelle SS — hence…

Motor mounts secure the motor within the engine bay. Because motors shake and create vibrations the mounts are flexible and allow for some movement of the engine to prevent components from breaking. GM’s 6.2L Vortec engine is big and heavy which puts a lot of stress on the motor mounts and can cause them to fail.
Motor mount failure is a notoriously common problem on these engines due to their size and weight. While it doesn’t have a huge impact on the performance you will notice a lot of vibration or shaking of the engine which can impact handling and eventually lead to bigger problems.The 6.2L V8 Vortec engine is extremely reliable. It should be able to last upwards of 250,000 miles without any major engine problems. With that being said, the L94 and L99 versions with AFM are less reliable and do have a shorter lifespan unless they have had AFM disabled.

Is a Yukon Denali as big as a Suburban?
They feature the same engines, similar performance, and most of the same features. The Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon XL are the same size, while the Yukon is a little smaller and features less cargo space.
Designed with bold proportions to stand out from the crowd, Yukon Denali and Yukon Denali Ultimate deliver a premium look that speaks both power and uniqueness.Due to current supply-chain shortages, certain features shown have limited or late availability, or are no longer available. See the window label or a dealer regarding the features on an individual vehicle.

Travel hands-free on more than 400,000 miles — and counting — of compatible roads in the U.S. and Canada with available Super Cruise driver assistance technology. Under the proper conditions with an attentive driver, Super Cruise can permit hands-free operation of the vehicle.

Is Yukon Denali bigger than Tahoe?
While the Yukon has more cargo space overall, the 2022 Chevy Tahoe SUV offers best-in-class cargo space when combined with the amount of second-row and third-row leg room.
Safety or driver assistance features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. Read the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for more important feature limitations and information.

You are currently viewing (United States). Close this window to stay here or choose another country to see vehicles and services specific to your location.Always pay attention while driving and when using Super Cruise. Do not use a handheld device. Requires active Super Cruise plan or trial. Terms apply. Visit for compatible roads and full details. Automatic Lane Change and Lane Change on Demand are not available while trailering.

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Can you lift a Yukon XL?
Add a suspension lift kit to your GMC Yukon XL to add additional height and fit larger diameter tires. Once installed gain an aggressive off-road look and better performance.
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Is the GMC 6.2 engine good?
The 6.2L V8 Vortec engine is extremely reliable. It should be able to last upwards of 250,000 miles without any major engine problems. With that being said, the L94 and L99 versions with AFM are less reliable and do have a shorter lifespan unless they have had AFM disabled.
LIFTED!! DENALI!! AWD!! 6.2!!! Lifted 2015 GMC Yukon Denali on 20 inch wheels wrapped in 35 inch tires. Heated and cooled seats. Sunroof. Rear entertainment. Power folding 2nd row. AM FM XM CD MP3. Bluetooth. Navigation. Tow package. Running boards. Roof rack. Keyless entry. Keyless start. Leather. AWD. 6.2 L Vortec. Premium sound. Power seats. Power windows. Power locks. Tilt wheel. Cruise control.The 2023 Yukon and Yukon XL 7-Passenger & 8-Passenger SUVs give premium a whole new meaning. This powerful full-size SUV is the epitome of GMC performance, advanced technology and first-class design.Receive three years of the OnStar and Connected Services Premium Plan with your new 2023 Yukon, including the Connected Vehicle Plan and the OnStar Safety & Security Plan.

Is there a difference between Yukon and Denali?
Denali is a trim of the Yukon line up so technically GMC Yukon Denali would be the correct name. Denali is a trim to several of the GMC models including the Terrain, Acadia, Canyon, Sierra, and Yukon.
Experience the pinnacle of Denali styling, luxury and technological innovation. Engineered with available Super Cruise™ driver assistance technology, Vader Chrome accents, topographical laser-etching and head restraint speakers, the Yukon Denali Ultimate offers a full-size SUV experience like never before.

Travel hands-free on more than 400,000 miles — and counting — of compatible roads in the U.S. and Canada with available Super Cruise. Under the proper conditions with an attentive driver, Super Cruise driver assistance technology can permit hands-free operation of the vehicle.This not only allows for better packaging inside, but combined with Air Ride adaptive suspension and GM’s Magnetic Ride Control, it makes for the smoothest running Yukon ever. That air suspension also allows you to pump it up 2-inches for additional off-road ground clearance. And to take full advantage of that, is a first ever off-road ready Yukon AT4.GM’s trio of big SUVs is all-new for 2021; and since we’ve already tested the everyman Chevrolet Tahoe and the over-the-top Cadillac Escalade, time to narrow our focus even further on the tweener of the two with this 2021 GMC Yukon Denali.While there are some words in our automotive lexicon that are unnecessarily ambiguous, when it comes to GMC, we all know what Denali means. It says that you’re getting the best that GMC has to offer. So, let’s see how that applies to GMC’s all new Yukon full-size utility.

Is it safe to lift a SUV?
Lifted vehicles increase the chance of rollovers, which are some of the most devastating car accidents you can be involved in. Unmodified SUVs already have the highest rate of rollover. Add a lift kit or large tires, and you increase the risk of rollover even further.
The Denali is without a doubt a special experience unto itself, more than ever before, actually; as instead of just some added leather and woodwork, Denali’s now get a unique interior from other Yukons. The dash, with integrated touchscreen and rising control center, are totally different; there’s special seats, a huge 15-inch multi-color head up display, and of course upscale materials.

When it comes to the exterior, professional grade or not, there’s no denying it has a very commanding presence. Denali details include an even larger chrome grille, signature lighting, and up to 22-inch wheels.
Whether or not you buy into GMC’s whole “professional grade” marketing mantra, the Yukon offers buyers a lot of options; bridging the gap between Tahoe and Escalade, while offering a few unique features, and what is perhaps our favorite exterior look of the trio. So, is the 2021 GMC Yukon Denali a bargain Escalade or a better Tahoe? The answer to that, is yes.Probably a wise maneuver on their part, as this rig has some serious muscle coming from a 6.2-liter V8; 420-horsepower and 460 lb-ft. of torque. Denali buyers can also opt for a 277-horsepower 3.0-liter I6 Duramax diesel, while the standard engine in lesser Yukons is a 355-horsepower 5.3-liter V8. The GMC Yukon debuted for 1992, as a replacement for the Jimmy. We found it as brawny as it was beautiful; and GM’s GMT 400 platform has become legendary for its toughness and durability, with many examples still being daily driven to this day. And impractical or not, how cool was this 2-door? Now, practicality is where the current Yukon really shines. Room is up everywhere throughout the cabin, but most notably in the standard 3rd row, and in the cargo area behind it, jumping from 15.3 to 25.5 cubic-ft., expanding to 72.6 and 122.9, as seats are folded. Of course a Suburban-sized Yukon XL is also available if you need even more cargo space. Denali’s come with 2nd row captain’s chairs for a 7-passenger capacity.But our focus here is in the swank Denali, and as with every other member of this family, any type of aggressive maneuver you can make with the steering wheel triggers some aggressive braking from the stability system, no matter how slow and smooth you make your inputs.

At Mason Dixon Dragway, the 6.2-liter pulled this Denali to 60 in just 6.1-seconds. That’s the fastest of the trio, coming in a tenth quicker than the Escalade. It felt great off the line, and even better as speed builds; seamless shifts from the 10-speed automatic, and great V8 rumble completed the ¼-mile experience, which for us lasted 14.7-seconds at 96 miles-per-hour.Add a suspension lift kit to your GMC Yukon XL to add additional height and fit larger diameter tires. Once installed gain an aggressive off-road look and better performance.

* Some items excluded due to manufacturer restrictions. Leaf springs sold individually or in pairs are excluded. Only one coupon code my be applied per order. Coupon codes may not be combined with other discount codes or applied to prior orders. Coupon codes may or may not apply to sale items depending on the item.
In the inside of the 2021 GMC Yukon Denali comes distinct Denali exclusive features such as the open-pore mystique Ashwood accents, the Denali exclusive perforated leather seats, and an 8″ driver infotainment center.GMC Yukon vs Denali, which is correct? Denali is a trim of the Yukon line up so technically GMC Yukon Denali would be the correct name. Denali is a trim to several of the GMC models including the Terrain, Acadia, Canyon, Sierra, and Yukon. The GMC Yukon is available is three trims, the SLE, SLT, and the Denali.

One of the reasons the Denali is commonly misunderstood as its own model is because the trim comes with a very distinctive look on the Yukon. With the Denali, you get a Denali exclusive grille, chrome accents, Denali badging, and larger wheels. The Yukon comes standard with 18″ bright machined aluminum wheels, but the Denali comes with two 22″ available wheel options.If you would like to take a closer look at the GMC Yukon Denali or any other Yukon trim, stop out at our McGrath Buick GMC Cadillac location or shop our full inventory online at As part of our 2017 Summer Safety Series, we’re weighing in on balancing the aesthetic & performance reasons to lift a vehicle versus the risks these vehicles pose. Before you invest money in lifting your car, truck, or SUV with larger tires or a raised suspension, we ask that you consider these potential dangers. The drivers of lifted vehicles face a wide variety of risks. For example, the extra height makes it more prone to rollover accidents. Understanding the nature of these accidents is essential if you intend to pursue a claim for damages.Accidents involving lifted vehicles can cause significant damage to another, even when lifted only 6 or 8 inches. Vehicles need to stay at a certain distance to allow drivers in all cars to see more of the road and to avoid hazards. Lifting an automobile decreases range of visibility and increases blind spots.Rear-ending someone in a normal vehicle can cause potential injury or death, although unlikely at slow speeds. But at any speed, hitting a car from behind while driving a lifted vehicle can be devastating. The raised bumper level has the potential to total a low-profile car, truck, or even SUV, causing vehicular damage at the least, and serious injury or a fatality at the worst.No matter how your accident happened, the critical question is whether negligence played a role. If the driver of a lifted vehicle caused an accident after driving carelessly, they could be at fault. Holding them accountable for their actions is possible with the help of a skilled attorney from our firm.

The state of Texas has clear requirements for the height of passenger cars and trucks on Texas roads. All drivers should be aware of the current laws for safe vehicle heights.
If you’ve been injured in an accident with a lifted vehicle, the attorneys at Patterson Law Group would like to talk to you. Reach out to us by filling out the contact form on this page.

Lifted vehicles in parking lots increase the risk of injury in a setting that’s already naturally dangerous. Small children, elderly, impaired people, and those who are just not paying attention can come into the blind spot of a lifted vehicle that’s maneuvering forward or backing up.
The headlights on lifted cars, trucks, and SUVs are higher than almost any other vehicle on the streets. This means that anyone driving in front of a lifted vehicle can be blinded by the lifted vehicle’s headlights.Tall vehicles have a high center of gravity, which makes it difficult for their drivers to suddenly stop or avoid hazards if necessary. Even at very low speeds, a high center of gravity works against the most alert drivers.

Lifted vehicles increase the chance of rollovers, which are some of the most devastating car accidents you can be involved in. Unmodified SUVs already have the highest rate of rollover. Add a lift kit or large tires, and you increase the risk of rollover even further. In addition, these vehicles have farther to fall during a tip-over, so there’s a higher risk of injury.
The raising of a vehicle is permitted up to 75mm without certification, testing or specific approval, provided the vehicle continues to comply with all other vehicle standards requirements. The 75mm lift limit can be made up of a maximum of 50mm suspension and/or 25mm tyres only.A vehicle lift up to 150mm is permitted with certification by an approved person. The maximum 150mm limit can be made up of a maximum of 75mm suspension, 25mm tyres and 50mm body blocks. Tyre lift heights are 50 per cent of the tyre diameter, for example a 25mm tyre lift results from a 50mm increase in tyre diameter.

*Tyre lift heights specified are 50 per cent of the tyre diameter, and do not apply to passenger cars other than 4WD (MC, NA and NB1 vehicles). For more information, refer to the section on tyres and rims in the Vehicle Standards Bulletin.Answers submitted on this optional form will be used only to send you the newsletter you request. We will not give this information to third parties without your consent, unless required by law.More information about privacy

What is the maximum lift on a car?
The raising of a vehicle is permitted up to 75mm without certification, testing or specific approval, provided the vehicle continues to comply with all other vehicle standards requirements. The 75mm lift limit can be made up of a maximum of 50mm suspension and/or 25mm tyres only.
Other modifications that are combined with the lift, such as changes to steering, suspension or wheels must comply with the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modifications.

A vehicle may be lowered provided the vehicle maintains a minimum running clearance of 100mm and the requirements in Australian Design Rule (ADR) 43/… are met*.
*Generally, a vehicle which maintains a minimum clearance of 100mm between the ground and any point on the underside of the vehicle, except a point on a tyre, wheel, wheel hub, brake backing plate or flexible mudguard or mudflap, will meet ADR 43/….For many different reasons, drivers alter the height of their vehicle. Sometimes it is for four wheel driving (4WD), and other times it is to improve the look of their car.The QPS acknowledges the First Nations – Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as the Traditional Owners of the lands throughout Australia, and their connection to country and community. We pay our respect to all Traditional Owners, and to their Elders past, present and emerging. We pay our respects to the First Nations’ ancestors of this land and their legacy. The foundations by these ancestors — our First Nations people — gives strength, inspiration and courage to current and future generations, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

ReadyLIFT® is now shipping a premium-grade lift solution for the all-new 2021-2022 GM 1500 SUVs (2WD/4WD. Our new 69-31300 3” SST Lift Kit is engineered specifically for the new Chevy Tahoe, Suburban and GMC Yukon vehicles with standard coil suspension and Magnetic Ride Control. (Kit excludes models with Adaptive Air Suspension).

The new 69-31300 3” SST Lift Kit is the highest-quality, best engineered bolt-on lift system you can install on a new GM SUV. The kit includes our popular ReadyLIFT tubular control arms with corrected ball joint cup angles, heavy-duty one-ton ball joints and maintenance-free non-bonded TCT pivot bushings that ensures proper suspension geometry and functionality. The front lift is achieved with new heavy-duty steel top mount front strut extensions, while the rear is lifted with fabricated steel top mount spacers and CNC-machined billet Aluminum rear coil spring pre-load spacers. The rear pre-load spacers serve the GM SUV’s well by adding just a touch of rear spring rate, ideal for preventing rear sag when the vehicle is loaded down or carrying many occupants. This new kit checks all the boxes. We even include new relocation brackets to allow for slack on critical suspension sensor wires. Founded in 2006, ReadyLIFT Suspension Inc develops innovative and economical suspension leveling products that make it possible for SUV and truck owners to level their vehicles so they can install plus-size tires and wheels. The company specializes in cost-effective products that do not compromise fuel economy. Part 69-31300 is the ideal bolt-on, no modifications required lift solution to achieve a substantially taller stance, all while maintaining the factory ride and handling experience. With this new SST lift kit, you can run up to a 285/60-20 tire on a +18 offset wheel with no trimming. A 295/60-20 with a 0 to +14mm offset can be installed with trimming.