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If you want to add some drama to your bathroom but you’re afraid to go floor-to-ceiling black, you can incorporate it by painting an accent wall, refinishing your vanity, or installing new tile. Colorful fixtures are making a comeback, too, so chances are it won’t be too hard to find an incredible black tub that can serve as the focal point in your bathroom.

We’ve rounded up 25 stunning black bathrooms you’ll be completely obsessed with — and maybe they’ll inspire you to join the dark side on your next design project.
Doing up your bathroom on a budget? Accessories are a cheap and easy way to introduce on-trend colours to a room. We love H&M Home for gorgeous, affordable homeware, and this marble soap dish and the matching dispenser could be all your bathroom needs for a chic update.

Houseplants are a really easy way to break up all the black and bring a bit of softness and texture into your room. If your bathroom lack natural light, we would say go with fake plants – Amazon have loads of great options at really affordable prices.
It’s a fantastic look but one that requires confidence and an overall vision – the results, however, can look fabulous. Using the same tones for the walls and floor create harmony and trick the eye into making the space feel bigger.’

‘Choosing rich deep, dark shades to create a dramatic, snug space conjures a sense of elegance and sophistication that you might find in a boutique hotel bathroom.Asides from being the dream black bathroom idea for the undecided, this maximalist bathroom idea can incorporate surplus tiles from different DIY decorating projects. By using up old kitchen tiles and mixing with contrasting wallpaper, you can create a design that’s truly unique to your space.Helen Shaw, UK Director of Benjamin Moore says, ‘A monochromatic scheme can be used to create an impactful style, black and white used in tandem is the most straightforward way to make an eye catching effect. Black wall tiles are a great choice for black bathrooms of all sizes, although they will look their glamorous best in a large family bathroom. With a variety of textures and finishes on offer, you can create either an inconspicuous background, or a feature tiled wall. To keep your black bathroom from becoming too dark, make sure you incorporate plenty of mirrors and reflective surfaces too. A large mirror above the sink will work but add in metallic lighting too and bathroom accessories to bounce even more light around.Hebe joined the Real Homes team in early 2018 as Staff Writer before moving to the Livingetc team in 2021 where she took on a role as Digital Editor. She loves boho and 70’s style and is a big fan of Instagram as a source of interiors inspiration. When she isn’t writing about interiors, she is renovating her own spaces – be it wallpapering a hallway, painting kitchen cupboards or converting a van. David Snazel, Hard Flooring Buyer at Carpetright says: ‘We have seen a recent trend for embracing the lack of space rather than trying to cheat the lack of light and floor space. And the beauty of it means that you can add as much or as little as your heart desires. While metallic bathroom lighting ideas are a classic choice that won’t go out of style, fancy and ornate faucets are definitely here to stay! How delicious are these glossy black metro tiles? More dramatic than paint or wallpaper, bold, dark tiles add heaps of glamour but are still in keeping with that moodier vibe. If this look is a bit too Tim Burton for you, try using black bathroom tiles over a smaller surface area like a splashback, the walls of a shower or around a fireplace. A great advantage of a monochrome bathroom scheme is the opportunity to play with a variety of textures. From smooth tiles to matt stone and shimmering, multi-toned mosaics, you can express your individual style by juxtaposing different types of wall tiles.

Whether you want to keep the walls light colored or ramp up the black-on-black effect of dark walls and dark window treatments, water-resistant black shutters are a practical and good looking option for a bathroom.
‘If you are going to try this do remember that scale is important if you choose patterned flooring. Too large a scale will cause the repeat to be lost and if it’s too small the flooring can look a little too busy.It’s unusual to hang wallpaper in a bathroom, but if your room’s well ventilated and the wallpaper itself is water resistant, or won’t be splashed, consider the strategy. Use a wallpaper paste that’s suitable for damp rooms, too. Here, the wallpaper by Little Greene repeats the charcoal colors in the bath and Roman blind creating a really cohesive black bathroom.

When looking to bathroom paint color ideas, black and white are both inoffensive shades that lend themselves well to a minimalist and modern bathroom design.’If working with a small bathroom, embrace a clean white color scheme to open up a space, then use accents of black on paneling, skirting boards or as a linear divide to the room to make a real statement.’ ‘The new Grande Radon Black tile is perfect for channeling the Art Deco vibe within any interior scheme. Use in a small en-suite, or a compact cloakroom; the key is in the styling. Team with opulent gold and brass accessories for a vintage look with a modern twist.’ ‘A striking marble effect tile with dramatic white veining, this supersized tile debunks the unwritten rules about how and where large, dark tiles should be used. At 600x1200mm, the reduced grout lines mean there are less surface breaks, creating a larger, seamless space and with its high gloss finish, light is bounced around to open up the room.’Rather than thinking that this’ll make the space look too same-same, use this opportunity to hunt down different textures of homewares and finishings to add impact and interest to a luxury bathroom design.You must have seen them all over Instagram. Just like black bathrooms, black showers are in. This gorgeous set up is from Meir (black tap and shower specialists) and the whole site is just so swoonworthy you must go and check it out.Seeing a theme here? But if you aren’t feeling brave enough to paint large areas of your bathroom black, painting the woodwork instead can be a safe and easy way to introduce a darker colour. You can DIY, just check out our guide to how to paint a door – you’ll probably want to pick the best bathroom paint for the job, too.

Painted floorboards are on trend, so if you’re lucky enough to have floorboards in your bathroom, why not create a really dramatic effect by painting them a dark color? It’s a DIY job: just follow our guide to painting floorboards, and remember it’s easy to update them in the future.

If you’ve ever wondered why on earth most bathroom sinks are white – showing every speck of dirt – then a black sink may well be for you. There are loads of different designs available from the more traditional to the super modern. We love the simple square design of this black sink. Oh, and we think we might steal the idea of hanging monochrome prints in a black bathroom, too.
Are you partial to a bit of pattern clashing in your everyday wardrobe looks? Or a bit of a rebel when it comes to the interiors rule book? Then take note – this one’s for you.The simplicity of this biophilic living wall does this job, striking a balance to ensure that you are still making a design statement, while also providing a textural focal point that brings the outside in. By adding this touch of nature, it creates the perfect backdrop for a spa bathroom design.

A black bathroom wallpaper design can looks chic and stylish, but to prevent the look from becoming too cave like and claustrophobic, you’ll need to add a pop of color.Add a little razzle dazzle to your washroom by investing in a fan-shaped mirror reminiscent to the shapes and styles adopted by this era. Finally, complete the look with a velvet scalloped bathroom stool to add a soft seating to your black bathroom decor.

Deviating from the masculine connotations of black bathroom design, why not add a punchy or pastel pink to make the boys (and girls) wink. Not only will it feminize your space, but it also add decadent French style to your salle de bains. This floral motif by The Curious Department is the perfect girly-yet-grown-up design.’While many homeowners would choose to avoid using dark colors in small rooms, it is possible to give the illusion of a larger living space with a dark gloss tile,’ says Jayne Adamson, marketing manager at Verona.

If you’re worried about committing a black bathroom and investing in fixtures and fittings, a coat of black paint is a great alternative. An easy weekend refresh, it may take a few coats to cover over again, but at least you can reverse the decision when a new look is called for. Get plenty more bathroom paint ideas in our feature.But, if that’s too big a commitment, pair black with grey bathroom decor for a slightly softer look. It’s a look that’s bang on-trend on Instagram and won’t go out of style quickly. Here, we’re loving this charcoal scheme which adds a smoky accents to this environment.

For another budget-friendly black bathroom update, opt for some black bathroom storage. We love ladder towel storage and Tikamoon makes a really similar design to the one below for just £29. Black storage baskets are also a great call – practical and pretty.
Keeping the darker elements of the room to the lower half, with white or neutral furnishings and decor in the upper part, will help the space feel lighter and brighter all round. Geometric flooring rather than a solid black, which will show up every mark and speck of dust, is a smart choice.

These black and white monochromatic bathroom floor tiles are a perfect nod to the good old times. While they are the star attraction in this space, don’t underestimate the cohesive look that the matching bathtub and toilet seat gives to this space.
Roll top baths are a big investment, so choosing a versatile, neutral color that will go with anything if tastes change is a great idea. But rather than traditional white, why not opt for black for a design that’s equally flexible and amenable to being combined with other colorful bathroom schemes? If an all-black bathroom doesn’t float your boat, you can also create plenty of impact with a contrasting black-and-white scheme. The two colors can be mixed and matched as you please. Our tip is to go roughly half and half (think black wall and white floors or vice versa) for a striking effect. We’re not sure about you, but we’re a bunch of Magpies at Real Homes. Asides from glistening in reflective light, glam golds and brilliant brass accents add oodles of expense to your bathroom. We’ve found the most gorgeous black bathroom designs that take all sorts of tastes into account. From minimalist modern bathroom ideas, to pattern clashing and the ever-popular Art Deco inspo, there are plenty black bathrooms that have been beautifully executed. Hebe joined the Real Homes team in early 2018 as Staff Writer before moving to the Livingetc team in 2021 where she took on a role as Digital Editor. She loves boho and 70’s style and is a big fan of Instagram as a source of interiors inspiration. When she isn’t writing about interiors, she is renovating her own spaces \u2013 be it wallpapering a hallway, painting kitchen cupboards or converting a van.

Stone tiles are a great choice for black bathroom floors and walls. Durable and water resistant (if properly maintained), black stone can also add plenty of character to your bathroom. Polished finishes will be less porous, and therefore more long-lasting, but watch out – if laid as bathroom flooring, they can be slippery, so a mat or rug is appropriate.
However, do err on the side of caution when adopting this combination. This is because the squeaky clean black bathroom design can appear somewhat sterile and clinical.

Contrary to popular belief, black is a far cry from the depressing emblem of doom & gloom it’s long been associated with. Black is the color of night and subtle decadence, the very air that surrounds the man who prefers a little mystery even in the everyday details. These top 60 best black bathroom ideas are your chance to take the bowtie off but keep the cultivated spirit alive day in and day out.Black is a color many relegate to formal evening wear and gloomy mourning attire. A color at once sophisticated and dramatic but hardly the stuff of dream decor – until now. Black has been making waves in the design world for some time now, with the aesthetically elite adapting the onyx into everyday living.

The bathroom often gets shortchanged when it comes to interior upgrades, an afterthought in the grander scheme of one’s home. For those who view the bathroom as a retreat and chance at some well-won luxe pampering, black lends some serious metropolitan edge to an otherwise innocuous necessity. From sink to shower, a black bathroom speaks of the man who takes his personal rituals seriously.
The far from the faint of heart don’t just use a little black here and a little black there for trim appeal; no, the truly bold trendsetter takes black to the max – all the way to the bathroom, in fact. You don’t have to follow the Goth code to implement an all-black bathroom into your abode; inspirations lifted from the classic Art Deco era to the nouveau 21st-century catalog offer a wealth of possibilities for the modern man in black. You can even go for the traditional black-and-white color scheme if you want to break things up. Black and white floor tiles can be a classic and timeless addition to a black bathroom, as they create a striking contrast that can enhance the space’s overall design aesthetic.Adding a black bathtub to a black bathroom can create a stunning and dramatic effect. A black bathtub can be the centerpiece of the bathroom and can help tie together other black elements in the space, such as black tiles or black walls.

Black bathrooms can show dirt and dust more easily than lighter-colored spaces, so it’s important to keep the space clean and well-maintained. Consider using cleaning products specifically designed for black surfaces to prevent streaking or damage.

A black bathroom can make a small space feel even smaller, so it’s essential to consider the size of the room when designing it. Consider using a large mirror to create the illusion of more space and using light-colored accessories to break up the darkness.
Incorporating plants in a black bathroom can bring a touch of natural color and life to the space. Consider plants that thrive in low-light conditions, such as snake plants, ZZ plants, or ferns.

Incorporating a black vanity set in a black bathroom can add a sense of elegance and sophistication to the space. Black vanities come in a variety of styles and materials, including wood, metal, and stone.
Designing a black bathroom can create a dramatic and luxurious look, but it can also be challenging to balance the darkness with the functionality of the space. Here are seven tips to keep in mind when designing a black bathroom:

Adding artwork to a black bathroom can create a focal point and add interest to the space. Consider hanging a piece of art on the wall or displaying a sculpture on a shelf or countertop.
Lighting is crucial in a black bathroom. Consider using ambient lighting, such as sconces or pendant lights, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Task lighting, such as above the vanity, is also important for practical purposes.Incorporating different textures can add interest to a black bathroom. Consider using matte black tiles for the walls and floors, and shiny black fixtures for the sink and shower.

Consider starting with a neutral base for the walls and floors, such as white or light gray. This will create a contrast with the black elements in the room and prevent the space from feeling too overwhelming.
Adding a black marble wall to a black bathroom can create a luxurious and elegant ambiance. Black marble can also add texture and depth to the space while reflecting light and creating a brighter atmosphere. When paired with other luxurious materials, such as gold fixtures or a white bathtub, a black marble wall can create a stunning and visually appealing contrast.Adding black window trim to a black bathroom can create a striking and dramatic effect. Black window trim can be used to frame the windows and create a sleek and modern look. Mirrors can add depth and light to a black bathroom. A large, frameless mirror can be an excellent addition to the space, reflecting light and making the room feel more spacious. Adding metallic finishes like gold, silver, or copper to a black bathroom can create a glamorous and luxurious look. You can incorporate metallic finishes through faucets, showerheads, lighting fixtures, or hardware.When it comes to designing a black bathroom, adding a gold mirror can be a great way to elevate the space’s overall design aesthetic. Gold is a color that has been associated with luxury and sophistication for centuries, and incorporating it into a black bathroom can create a sense of opulence and elegance.

To prevent a black bathroom from feeling too monochromatic, consider adding pops of color. This can be done through accessories, such as towels or a shower curtain, or by incorporating a colorful piece of artwork.Black bathrooms can be a striking and elegant design choice for a modern and sophisticated look. To add elements to a black bathroom, you can consider the following options.

Black is in and it’s no longer just the color of your leather jacket, it’s also the color of luxury bathrooms. From marble tiles to perfectly curved mirrors and lavish bathtubs, black bathroom ideas will set you apart from the crowd.
Adding black bathroom shelves to a black bathroom can be a great way to increase storage space while enhancing the overall design aesthetic. Just make sure to choose the right size, material, and style that fit your bathroom’s design and storage needs.

A great way to add contrast to a black bathroom is to incorporate white fixtures and accessories, such as a white sink, toilet, or bathtub. White towels and bath mats can also create a visually appealing contrast against the dark walls.
When you visit the site, Dotdash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your devices and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site. Black brings on the drama in this contemporary bathroom by Orange Coast Interior Design. The damask wallpaper adds texture, while the shiny silver sink and black granite countertop add reflective surfaces for the light fixtures. The ceiling chandelier makes an interesting play of shadows and light over the white surface, which definitely adds to the overall dramatic style here. This beautiful bathroom by Palmer Todd shows off its traditional style with a black double vanity and large cabinets on either side. Modern light fixtures and minimal faucets give the space a touch of contemporary style. Colorful pink accessories pop out against the monochromatic background.

The judicious juxtaposition of the black hex tiles and white subway tiles make this bathroom a stylish space for your daily routine. A feature of Nord House, this bathroom uses the black and white contrast to evoke the Scandinavian style: full of light, practical, minimal, and stylish.
We don’t often think of black as a proper shade for bathrooms because it shrinks an already small space. Black can sometimes feel a little claustrophobic, but if you’re after a timeless, classic look that also makes you feel like you’re entering a secret cave, black can be an excellent choice.Here is a good example of how an all-black bathroom can actually work. This design for Wood Melbourne works thanks to the very low light fixtures, plentiful green plants, and a floating light wood cabinet. Somehow, this feels cozy and safe, rather than claustrophobic and oppressive.

You can cut your black walls with a band of wallpaper, as in this original bathroom by Perkinson Homes. This reduces the overwhelming effect of an all-black room and gives the space a characteristic ambiance. Note the brass and silver faucet that’s installed through the mirror, increasing the reflective effect.Dark and luxurious, this powder room by Jamie Bush + Co features low hanging lights, black subway tile installed vertically, and dark wood enhanced by a single picture of greenery. The cozy, comfortable style reminds you of a secret cave where you can take refuge from the busy world outside.It’s difficult to pull off an all-black bathroom unless it’s large or has lots of natural light, but black, along with white and bright colors, can be used in all sorts of interesting ways to show off your design skills.A white egg-shaped freestanding tub set against a black subway tile sets the tone for this modern-eclectic bathroom, by Alden Miller Interiors. Note the shiplap contouring under the large window and the black-and-white tiling, which bring balance and light to the whole.

A gauzy black drape marks the entrance to this Parisian-inspired bathroom, designed by L’Interior. Damask tile marks the two sinks, and the space between them is filled with a wonderful French-style cabinet painted over with stripes.

Straight edges and a dark palette give this gorgeous bathroom by Branch Studio Architects a sharp, modern style. You’ll see more and more of the concrete tub and vessel sinks in the future, as this style is gaining popularity. The marble illusion cube tiling brings a touch of softness and movement, much needed in a bathroom built on straight lines and square angles.
This black bathroom by Chrissy & Co combines modern and traditional features for a unique, personalized look. A small chandelier and distressed-looking mirror frame blend perfectly into the modern, black background of this powder room. The neutral pedestal sink could suit either of these styles and really ties the room together.

Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term “Master Bedroom” (or “Master Bathroom”) as discriminatory. “Primary Bedroom” is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.
A chessboard-style floor and black subway tile lend a sophisticated air this bathroom by Robin Wilson Interior Design. The Moroccan mirrors add movement and a white granite countertop provides a wonderful contrast.Black never goes out of fashion, so using it ensures that your decor doesn’t go stale. With a few decor tweaks once in a while, you can refresh a black bathroom at a low cost. Black and gloss go together like peanut butter and jelly. This cool traditional bathroom with a modern twist, by Kara Mann, shows how you can avoid the dreaded cave effect with a little bit of reflection. Lots of mirrors and vanities with a shiny finish add space, light, and sophistication. Are your decor tastes more sinister? Maybe this Gothic-inspired bathroom will suit your decor style. This bathroom by Philip Nimmo Design has a dramatic touch—perfect for those homeowners who eschew the ordinary. Crystal balls, an ornate mirror, surreal artwork portraits add to the sophisticated Addams family aesthetic.

A matte black wall is a daring feat for a bathroom, but Norris & Pip manage this beautifully by adding a large, unframed mirror, a simple wood floating shelf, and distressed industrial-style hardware in brass. This makes for an intriguing yet stylish space.
In this modern designed bathroom, three-inch glossy black hexagon porcelain mosaics and patterned cement hexagon floor tiles have covered the shower and bathtub area. Also, the modern-look radiator design completes the look with the style and the color. The ceiling is left white and makes space look taller and more spacious.Many parents complain about their children draw on the walls, this bathroom with the black chalkboard walls is creative heaven for the children or anyone who likes drawing or writing. The sink is kept very small to leave the wall to the drawings and the window lets the sunshine in, prevents the room from being dark with black chalkboard walls.

This large walk-in shower is covered with black porcelain tiles, which are placed by reducing the size of the tile at the middle and filled them with a light contrast joint where shower faucets are located. Shampoo shelve is also lined with the middle part and again it’s black, everything looks very subtle, except the flowers, which are setting the mood into romantic but they are very replaceable accents.
Either you apply the black on the background, or bring it to the front, it will always be a sophisticated choice. Black backgrounds always create big contrast and emphasize what’s on the front, if this is what you prefer.This modern, elegant and classy powder room is a one-of-a-kind example with the artworks, framed drawings, wooden thick block basin with undermount black sink, freestanding classy mirror, wooden black plank walls, black ceiling, glass ceiling lamp, porcelain wood-look floor tiles, black-framed large window over the basin which lets a lot of sunlight in.This classy vintage-modern mixed style of this bathroom is in the details. All-black walls and ceiling, wooden floor, trunk stool, brass detailed vintage pendant lights, and wall lamp, framed old drawings, small vintage rug, simple modern polished black wood basin cabinet and large thin vessel sink with black wall mounted faucet; altogether these elements create a very harmonious look and every small detail counts.This bathroom is an example of black and wood rapport, the designer used porcelain mosaic walls and floor tiles and ceiling as black, also the countertop of the wood cabinets is black waterfall style, with an undermount sink and frameless mirror. The shower has wood-look tiles that match with the cabinet and create contrast with the other parts of the room, and there is a big window that has a wonderful forest view that changes all the vibe.

In this shower design, we see a very dramatic effect of the black porcelain wall tiles which have different sizes and gloss amounts, they catch the natural light coming from the window and create different shades on them. Black Wall-mounted faucet and shower head complete the look. The floor is covered with concrete-look porcelain tiles. This is definitely not a cozy bathroom, contrarily it has a very cool and sharp feeling.This is an example of the large luxurious black master bathroom that includes a simple yet impressive freestanding bathtub and Nero Marquina marble-covered all over the room, as a mosaic in the shower area and 60×60 in other areas. A one-piece big glass partition separates the two-headed shower area from the bathtub, and we wouldn’t forget to mention that big glass chandelier that completes the luxury feeling.Black porcelain mosaics are combined with different shades of dark neutrals in this design. Pretty much every surface reminds the texture of concrete. Porcelain floor tiles, concrete vanity with large and tall mirror, concrete-look wall paint with a tint of the brown, black mosaic shower with mirror niche, very simple matte gray wall-mounted faucet, and floor mounted thin shower faucet create this contemporary monochrome look altogether.The contemporary modern idea is enriched with natural amorph-shaped elements and contrast color choices in this design. The black cabinets are used with textured black wall paint. Wooden vanity top and wooden covered niche on the wall creates a rich contrast, porcelain hexagon gray tiles complete the modern look, on the other side amorph stone vessel sink and soap dispenser add a different taste to the style. Industrial style is applied very well in this bathroom, the concrete vessel sink looks very stylish. Black porcelain plank tiles, a wooden small countertop with steel frame and metal sheet backsplash, black thin framed mirror, linear wall lamp, and half tile half white wall complete the industrial look. From the mirror we can see the door is also a black framed wooden leaf, it’s matching with the countertop nicely. This walk-in shower idea has a very modern style, using gray textured porcelain wall tile and black pebble mosaic. The shampoo niche and the window in the shower line each other and work together as a composition. The black pebble floor gives a natural seaside feeling and the wood stove creates a contrast with other elements of the design. Wall mounts don’t stand out, they melt into the monochrome look.This is a one-of-a-kind shower design with black glossy porcelain wall tiles in the shape of a butterfly wing’s pattern. These tiles take the window as a beginning point and follow a growing pattern from that, the white joints complement each other with the white ceiling and the floor, the floor is a one-piece surface and the faucet & showerhead are wall-mounted and made of chrome material. This is a bathroom that uses black as wall paint and combines with the black and white cement floor tile, white subway wall tile, and gold accessories as faucet, mirror, and scones. Cement tiles give a vintage effect, walnut, and faucet support it, but the overall shape and style of the cabinets and mirror are modern. White tiles provide an open and airy atmosphere. This mono-color and mono-surface small modern bathroom design is surely very salient and eccentric, pure matte black floor and walls have all same finish, this creates an unusual visual, white ceiling and white toilet creates contrast and shower faucet is also very minimal.In this small industrial style bathroom, black glossy porcelain tiles covered the shower walls and all the floor, the wavy surface of the tiles and the way the light reflects from them create a vintage style. Industrial double sink, vintage metal framed mirror cabinet, black and white rug, and colorful towels are very supplementary in this composition.

We see an industrial style bathroom which is made of the concrete ceiling to the floor, even the door is covered with concrete to create this one material look. This is a bathroom that reminds us of the “less is more” idea, there’s nothing fancy about this bathroom other than its simplicity. A wall-mounted industrial basin is used with wooden addition which serves as a soap holder, combined with the wall-mounted simple faucet. There’s a wooden covered niche outside the bathroom that steps forward in this one material look.
Contemporary modern style and Industrial elements are combined in this example, covered with black mosaics on the walls, shower floor, counter, and the rest of the floor with porcelain floor tiles. The shower is walk-in style with single partition glass and the floor is a little bit raised. One wooden drawer is used and it’s separated from the counter, works as a shelf, and creates great contrast and depth in terms of visuality. The vessel bowl sink, valve handles, and pipe faucet add an industrial taste to the design.

MSc Architect& Designer. Ceren’s love of architecture began with inspiration from her mother’s work as an engineer and the unique blend of artistic and technical considerations. She earned her masters of Architecture from Politecnico di Milano with strong skills in modeling, drafting, and design. With her architectural background, she enjoys integrates design and human comforts into a functional space with an aesthetic.
In this modern-looking dark shower, concrete-look black porcelain wall & floor tiles are used and combined with wood-look materials which are on the floor and cabinet with different shades. White vessel sinks are creating contrast together with the eye-catching yellow towels which remind us of the tiniest little detail that no one thinks creates a huge difference in the overall vibe.This modern shower idea is made of black subway tile walls and penny mosaic tile floor and shampoo niche, on the walls the subway tiles are installed in a manner that each one lines others half and sometimes their size increase or decrease so it creates a rhythmic pattern with the contrast white joints, whereas the penny floor tile mosaics are white with black joints, the floor, and wall tiles complete each other and the way that wall tiles don’t continue till the ceiling supports the modern idea more.

This is a small, elegant, stylish, classy powder room with black glossy wainscotting walls and black & white striped mosaic floor decor, chrome leg console sink, golden framed artworks, vintage style wall, and ceiling lamps, classic white ceiling. There are mirrors on the two side of the room that creates an illusion to feel the room much spacious than it is.
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This modern industrial mixed style small powder room has the classy black and gray harmony with gray textured matte stone walls and black stripe details, also from the big mirror the stripes continue as visual from this perspective, and this idea strengthens the overall design. All the other products used in the design such as wall-mounted sink, faucet and toilet, other fittings, soap holder, and toilet brush also complete the design with their black matte look.

This eclectic style bathroom has black porcelain wall tiles and black porcelain mosaics on the floor, black pop up everything in front of it and makes them look brighter, in this case, there are some gold decorations and accessories such as mini sculptures and floral scones, small tables, white vessel sink, and patterned curtain and they appear very high-contrast in front of the black.
This is an example of contemporary modern bathroom design which includes porcelain walls and floor tiles of the same material installed in variable sizes, this manner created a rhythm and depth in the room. White ceiling, black vanity with white sink, linear led lamps, white toilet, and chrome accessories are combined with the porcelain wall and floor tiles, the plant adds a fresh touch to the cold gray environment.