Massage With Happy Ending In Bangkok

Our happy ending massage is very popular. Why not ending your sensual massage session with a blowjob or a handjob? Happy ending massage can be offered to both male and female clients (surprise!).Visit or other websites HoneyBee Massage, Kiss Bangkok Massage, Absolute Massage Bangkok, Thai Candy Massage, Bangkok Bunny Massage, and our outcall only Bangkok Outcall

All our rooms are clean and equipped with hot shower. We have a larger room with two massage tables and also a large Jacuzzi room (perfect for couple massage); therefore Honey Bee Massage is a good choice whether you are a man, a woman or a couple seeking a nice sensual private experience.
Honey Bee Massage is a massage parlor located on Sukhumvit Soi 22 in Bangkok. We are proud to be the leader of incall and outcall erotic massages in Bangkok and we have been doing this successfully for many years.Visit our other websites for more packages Kiss Bangkok Massage, Bangkok Passion Massage, Absolute Massage Bangkok, Bangkok Bunny Massage, Thai Candy Massage, and our outcall service only Bangkok Outcall

Honey Bee Massage provides a varied choice of erotic, sensual, kinky and tantric massages. Our masseuses happily and skillfully perform lingam massage, yoni massage, body to body massage, nuru gel massage, erotic bathing & soapy massage, foot fetish & Stocking massage to men, women and couples. Your erotic massage can finish with a happy ending or a full service massage.
Our young Thai sexy masseuses will be pleased to make your experience with us unforgettable… sensual, erotic, kinky and tantric with a happy ending massage (blowjob or handjob) or full service massage.

Do you wear clothes during Thai massage?
You will remain fully clothed for a Thai massage, so you should wear clothing that is comfortable and can stretch easily.
This area has no fish tank, and the females sit on a couch on the stage. Different couches are priced differently. The majority of the females working here come from the Nataree Soapy salon, which was shuttered due to a raid.Depending on the time and day, there may be up to 100 females available. Smooci provides several fantastic features, such as date tracking through the internet. After you’ve reserved a lady, you can see where she is right now and how long it will take her to arrive at your hotel or residence.

When a guy goes to Thailand, his first thought is to go to Bangkok and get a nice soapy massage. So, just what is a soap massage? For those who are unfamiliar with this massage approach, it starts with a visit to a massage parlor, where you may relax with a drink while a female is chosen.Only the females in the fish tank provide the soapy massage; the others simply give you a regular massage. The staff is really pleasant. You may get food and drink here. This was Bangkok’s greatest Soap session Parlor, and the session lasted 1.5 hours.

There are only around 10-12 females, and only one of them is attractive. For just 1.5 hours, the females charge roughly 2900 baht. The location is readily accessible.
The Annies Soapy Massage Parlor in Bangkok is not worth going or spending money on since the females are very obese and unattractive. Because it is the only massage parlor on Nana Soi 4, it is a popular salon.The s*xiest females were in Nataree massage soapy parlor in Bangkok. On Friday night, there were around 50 females or more, and the price of these ladies in the fish tank was about 2,000 baht; these girls are often older and heavier. The ladies can either come to your hotel or apartment, or you can meet them in the lounge, and they will securely and discreetly give you a soapy massage. There isn’t much seating, and the mothers are a little aggressive about picking the girls. There are no fish tanks in this room, and just a little barrier separates the females. The massage lasts around 1.5 hours.Body Bliss Massage provides a wide range of treatments in your home, whether it’s an Airbnb or a hotel in Bangkok. All you have to do is book a bathtub-equipped room, publish what you contact them with, and ask which females provide the finest service. In Bangkok, you may get a soapy massage. Absolute massage is located in Sukhumvit 22. This massage establishment in Bangkok provides home, in-home, erotic, sensual, kinky, and tantric massages. They also provide couples massage, foot fetish, and other services. There are several massage in bangkok establishments in and around Phetchaburi. The issue here is that the rooms are too far apart to stroll from one to the other.The Poseidon Soapy massage parlor features a bar and lounge area where you may relax, and the staff is really nice. The girls are standing behind the fish tank.

Amsterdam Bangkok Soap Massage Parlor is a short walk from the Huay Kwang district, or you may take a cab there. Girls cost between 2,500 and 6,000 baht. Some of the females here will provide the soap massage, but the more beautiful ones are hesitant to do so.
The lounge is pretty low-key, yet they provide some excellent services. To discover more about their services, go to their website. This Bangkok salon provides an excellent soapy massage. A well-known soap massage business in Bangkok called Natalee was raided a few years ago, and numerous masseuses and customers were hauled away for interrogation at the police station. Caesars is just across the street from Nataree. They only have a few females whose costs range from 2,900 to 6,500 baht. The females do not do a Soap Massage Bangkok, but they do provide an oil massage that lasts 1.5 hours.

At Hi Class Soap Massage Parlor in Bangkok, a few females provide the soap massage while others provide Thai massage. You may ask the mamasan to find out which females perform soap massage and which do not.

So, if you want to experience and enjoy the greatest soap massage in Bangkok in a very secure and private manner, check out Kiss Bangkok Massage Parlor’s services.

The Lord is not one of Bangkok’s cheapest soap massage parlors, with females starting at 5000 baht. However, in terms of quality and service, it is without a doubt the finest in the Huay Kwang region.
The s*xiest young ladies on the chairs cost roughly 2600 baht. Finally, in a corner, there is a bank where the females came for a price of about 4,000-6,000 baht. So there’s enough skill to go around.Bangkok Bunny Massage, situated on Sukhumvit 22, is a relatively new massage business that provides a broad selection of treatments with a happy ending or complete service included every time. The service rates are set and displayed on the website.

Emmanuel Soapy Parlor is more equipped, with a huge sitting area and a bar. There are several chicks to pick from, as well as numerous hot soapy girls. Depending on the female, prices vary from 2,800 to 6,000 baht.
This eliminates the stress of waiting for hours, particularly for those gals who don’t simply drop by on occasion. The whole procedure is discrete and confidential. You may look at the Thai Girls.

There is a yellow line in this room. You may have anal intercourse with the females that stand in front of this yellow line. Girls who do not pass the yellow line do not have anal intercourse.Each massage lasts around 2 hours and is a typical massage. The salon has three storeys, and the higher the floor you go, the hotter the ladies are, as well as their price. The top-floor girls might cost up to 10,000 baht. Poseidon Soap Massage Parlor Bangkok is Located in the Huay Kwang neighborhood and is about an 8-minute walk from the MRT station. The location is easy to identify, and the name of the salon is inscribed on the side of the building. This facility included a couch as well as a fish tank section, and you could also talk to the females in the sofa area. However, Nataree was closed due to allegations of underage employees. The Nataree girls have relocated to several Bangkok soap massage parlors.

Are Happy Endings necessary?
A happy ending isn’t always necessary. A happy ending is just one of the many possibilities we have at our fingertips. It’s easy to think that we have to end things in a pleasant, positive way. Yet, as writers, we are never tied down.
Smooci is the most convenient method to receive massages at home. You may pick a date using their website; just enter your time and number of hours, and the site will show you all the available females to visit you.

This location is readily accessible via cab or MRT. This page contains a list of soap massage parlors in Bangkok, some of which may or may not provide soap massage but are situated nearby.Check out Bangkok Passion Massage if you’re seeking the greatest soapy massage in Bangkok. They provide a variety of treatments, including soap massage. They offer a lounge on Sukhumvit Soi 22, and guests are welcome in your room.

Does Thai massage include groin?
Third, some of the areas they work on are just simply more intimate than your regular Western massage. Your butt, inner thighs, outer thighs, and your groin area are all fair game.
We have 3 rooms that can fit more than 4 people, perfectly designed to spice up your couple life. Most of our masseuses are happy to give yoni massage. You can choose 2 of our female masseuses.

Many other massage shops propose similar massage services but since we have large rooms, we therefore can propose a few services not many other shops can provide
This package is for the party people. You have the whole top floor which is the Jacuzzi room and the soapy room. This package is only available with 2 masseuses minimum. Kiss Bangkok Massage has made its customers happy for years and recently we have redesigned our massage shop on Sukhumvit Soi 22 to even better accommodate our guests. We have now larger rooms; When it comes to get a proper sensual, erotic, kinky or tantric massage, every detail counts; a lot of people complain about the prices being too high, the place being too tiny, or the masseuses not friendly enough… many aspects that do not help to create an atmosphere propitious for a sensual or erotic massage.This package has been carefully crafted for men. Choose your favorite masseuse and one of the following massages; erotic lingam, body to body, nuru gel or a soapy massage

And then there are also Paradise Massage, Bangkok Passion, Honey Bee and more in Sukhumvit Soi 22 (picture) which all have the same owner and they do it smart by renting a few shops and sending over the girls wherever there is demand.The last massage hotspot on Sukhumvit Road is Soi 24/1. If you’ve never come here you’ll be quite surprised because there aren’t many bars in this area and you feel like you reached the dead end. But then you enter that small 50 meter alley and find one massage salon after another. Most of them are actually massage parlors offering the full program from 1,600 Baht upwards for 1 hour. They all kind of target Japanese customers and many of the places are Japanese owned, too. Still open to everyone so just check it out for yourself. All the places mentioned in this guide have employed (mostly) young and middle aged Thai women. However, if you are looking for something new and are curious if ladyboys do their jobs really better than the girls as “they know what a guy wants” then you might check out my guide to the ladyboy massage salons in Bangkok. Even though you can find massage salons here and there all along Sukhumvit Road, it just makes more sense to visit one of the few “clusters” that have several shops right next to each other so you have a wider selection of girls to choose from and don’t have to walk for hours in the heat until you find one you like. The courtyard of Soi 5 across opposite of Foodland is one of these typical clusters. The massage girls there tend to be more naughty than usual, dressed in a different way and also have some really unique body shapes.The massage salons are usually also the places that most western men make their first experiences with paid sex. So the way of thinking is like “I don’t want to be jerked off or anything like that, but she seems really nice so let’s just try out a Thai massage.” And it’s a lot more discrete to spend an hour in a private massage room instead of walking down the street hand in hand with a bar girl.

Do they stand on you in Thai massage?
Performed on the floor or a firm mat, a typical Thai massage session lasts around 90 minutes. Practitioners use their entire bodies, including their hands, elbows, feet, and knees to stand, kneel, or walk on the recipient and create deep pressure. Unlike Swedish massage, oils are not used during Thai massage.
This cluster of happy ending massage salons in Soi 23 is not just great because the girls tend to be younger and more attractive than in a lot of other areas, but it’s also super convenient to reach both by MRT (Sukhumvit Station) and BTS (Asoke Station). Just leave the station and walk down Soi 23 for 50 meters and you’ll find the first three massage salons (two on the right, one on the left) and then another 100 meters down the street there are even more shops with even better looking girls.Different to the massage industry where business is thriving, maybe the prices have gone up a little but the ever increasing number of tourists (and most expats) are happy to pay 800 Baht for an hour of very healthy entertainment. It’s quite safe to say that there are more happy ending massage salons in Bangkok than ever before.Yes, you read it right. Since the massage industry in Thailand is booming, there are now opening salons who specialize on these special type of erotic massages in Bangkok. Analisa Massage in Sukhumvit Soi 6 and Akane in Sukhumvit Soi 33 are such places, they’ve got some attractive girls and Akane even mirrors on the walls of the rooms.Upon entry you’ll be presented with a menu and offers like Testicle Massage (1,000 Baht), Prostate Massage (1,300 Baht), Naked Body to Body Massage with Hand Job (1,400 Baht) or with Sex (1,800 Baht), Nuru Gel Massage including PM and Toys (1,800 Baht) or Tantric Massage (2,200 Baht). It’s a whole different experience than your standard massage with happy ending as these ladies really know what they do, want to pleasure you and there is no need to bargain with them for a price as you pay the money upfront. When you think of Bangkok, what’s the first picture that comes into your mind? Spicy food? Traffic jam? Shopping malls? Quite possibly yes – if you were reading some other sort of Thailand related blog. But right now you are on Thailand Redcat and I bet the first thing you think of when you hear someone saying “Bangkok” are young Thai girls in short skirts who eagerly smile at you in front of a massage salon. The area most frequented by sex tourists and sexpats in Bangkok is Nana, and the biggest clusters of massage salons are found all along Soi 4. Since there are so many different types of entertainment places in this street, it’s not uncommon that you change your mind while looking for a massage and head into one of the dozens of beer bars or go go bars instead or pick up a street prostitute for the same price as an hour of massage with happy ending. With most people looking for their special massage in Sukhumvit and Patpong, there are also a few massage hubs only known to few foreigners. It’s usually areas that have big and renowned hotels, but are somewhat off the city center and tourist radar. The best examples for these little known massage hubs are Ratchaprarop Soi 8 (Ratchaprarop Airport Link Station), Pracha Rat Bamphen Road (Huai Khwang MRT Station) and Soi Charoen Krung 42 (Saphan Taksin BTS Station). Just off Phrom Phong BTS Station is Sukhumvit Soi 33. It’s full of Japanese style karaoke bars and Japanese oriented massage salons (not to be confused with massage parlors). But don’t worry since the mostly young, cute and innocent looking girls are more than happy to welcome you as a Farang as well. Especially during the afternoon on weekdays when everyone seems terribly bored and playing the latest Line game on their phones.

In this guide to happy ending massages in Bangkok I’ll give you the complete overview of the best streets and areas in this category. You can find the exact locations of all mentioned places on the map at the end of the article.
The red light scene in Thailand is undergoing changes these days, with many foreigners complaining that the service, attentiveness and entertainment especially in the beer bars isn’t quite what it used to be.

If you are wondering why I’m mentioning Soi 22 after Soi 23, well that’s because we started with Soi 4 (Nana) in lower Sukhumvit and while Soi 23 (Asoke) is located further “up” Sukhumvit Road, it comes before Soi 22 that’s located on the opposite side and another 300 meters further up. If you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about, it doesn’t really matter, just look at the map towards the end of the article. What does matter though is that you can find literally dozens of naughty massage salons all along Soi 22, among them some truly extraordinary places offering services like prostate and tantra massage (see below).
If you are a young backpacker and reading this then you are probably wondering why I have completely ignored Khaosan here. Well yes, there are plenty of massage places in Khaosan, but they are all totally “normal” and don’t provide extras. The average massage woman in that area is also well beyond the age of 30 and they all wear traditional Thai massage dresses. You are better off to just have a few cheap beers in the bars (80-100 Baht for a big bottle) and then look for a girl in one of the night clubs.

The Patpong area isn’t that famous for its massage salons, but more for its Go Go Bars, the town’s biggest gay bar area as well as two of Bangkok’s best blow job bars. The average massage girl in Patpong isn’t nearly as young or attractive as down in Sukhumvit so I don’t really recommend you this area unless you just happen to stay over there, then sure just walk down Silom Road and Surawong Road where you will find 90% of the massage salons in the Patpong area.
In the Bangkok Sex Massage Parlors, the prices and the procedure are usually always the same. It is a question of brothels, as it were in Europe. You enter the lobby, der Papasan (Manager) assigns you a place, you take a seat and order a drink. The prices for a beer are pretty fair with 100 – 150 Baht. Or you can choose one of the girls directly, calls the manager, and pays in advance at Papasan for the desired services of the woman. The Bangkok Thai massages with happy ending through sex, A handjob or a blowjob can be found in many places. We have marked the most popular locations for the Sex Massage Parlors in Bangkok on the map below. Most massage salons are located in the back streets of the Nana Plaza red light district in the district Sukhumvit. The area is easy to reach with the BTS Skytrain from the Nana stop. The happy ending offer for a Thai massage in Bangkok is enormous, In addition to the massage salons, there are also some good and cheap restaurants and beer bars with ➩ Thai women to linger. There are also beautiful massage girls in the Soi 23 and the Parasan back road. The streets can be easily reached by MRT via the Sukhumvit stop or with the BTS Skytrain via the Asoke station. A Bangkok Thai massage with happy ending and sex is available at Several Massage Salons. The red light district Soi Cowboy with several go go bars is in the vicinity. Also below in the Soi 22 there are numerous massage salons with happy endings. The Room* The massage salons are much better here than in the Soi 11 & 13.In principle, you lie down naked for every Thai massage. Many also only ask for an extra service during the massage. This could of course have the disadvantage, that the woman calls higher prices and can no longer negotiate with her. In addition, you are already too excited and you don’t care about the price.

What happens in Thai massage in Bangkok?
A Thai massage is a little bit different from your typical sports, deep tissue, or Swedish massages that use oil. Thai massage does not use any oils and you are fully clothed while receiving the massage. The therapist will apply pressure along the me
ridian lines of your body and stretch you during the massage.
The La Belle Entertainment Sex Massage Parlor can be found in the Phetchaburi region of Bangkok. The MRT stop is only there 200 Meters away. The pink La Belle Massage Parlor has many and pretty ➩ Thai Girls. Some even claim, that this Sex Massage Parlor is the best in Thailand. The massage rooms and facilities are equipped with jacuzzis and air conditioning and are quite modern. There are standard and VIP rooms to book. From the outside, the La Belle resembles the Christin Massage Parlor from Phuket.

At the Patpong evening market there are some Bangkok Thai massages with happy endings as well as go go bars and Blowjob Bars. However, the Thai girls in the massage salons in Sukhumvit are much more attractive and prettier. What else there is to experience in the oldest red light district of Bangkok and which bars and night clubs are all worthwhile, we have in our article ➩ Night Market Bangkok explained in more detail. The Bangkok Thai Massage Salons in Patpong can be reached via the BTS Skytrain station Sala Daeng.Therefore you should reserve one online in advance or start early 18 PM visit the Poseidon Bangkok Sex Massage Parlor. In the 2. The normal Fishbowl Girls are on the 1st floor. The service and the rooms are good, Condoms * are free. The standard women in Poseidon are also sexy and make an effort.

Die Soi 24/1 is about 50 Meter long street with 8 Thai massages with a happy ending offer in Bangkok. It’s much quieter there. The massage salons are all decorated in a Japanese style. Most of the guests are Asians. For 1 Hourly oil massage with a happy ending and sex is roughly what you pay for 1.600 Baht.Also in the Soi 11 & 13 you get a good and cheap Bangkok Thai massage with a happy ending. There the sexy girls often ask you on the street for a handjob or sex in one of the massage salons. An Oil Thai massage is not absolutely necessary, to get his money’s worth. The women are between approx. 22 to 45 Years. From the stop it is about 2-5 Minutes walk. The two Old German Beerhouse restaurants are in the immediate vicinity.

Die Sukhumvit Soi 33 is located directly at the BTS stop Phrom Phong. There are young and pretty girls there, who offer you a happy ending massage in one of the many massage salons. At the beginning of the street is the Love Teen Massage, in the middle the Heras massage and at the end the Akane massage. All massage salons have a happy ending offer with a blowjob, Handjob or sex. Above is still the Akane Massage, which also special services such as a prostate, Testicles- or Tantra Massage offers. In the Soi 33 There are also many karaoke bars and European restaurants with gyros and pizza.
A huge one awaits you in front of the Poseidon Bangkok Sex Massage Parlor on Ratchadaphisek Road Statue of Poseidon above the entrance area. The Poseidon Body to Body Massage is one of the most popular Bangkok Sex Massage Parlors. On site, the women are classified into two different categories: There are the normal ones Fishbowl Girls and the category of models. In the 3. On the 1st floor are the pretty model women with light skin and large breasts. The prettiest women are of course always booked up quickly.From right to left they will be in 8 classified in different price categories. On the right are the cheapest women. By and large, almost all women are very pretty and have large breasts. Many of them will smile at you, to draw attention to yourself.

Most Bangkok Thai massage salons with a happy ending offer have air conditioning in the room and are open almost continuously. Sometimes you can even hear from the neighboring rooms, how other guests have sex. The salons usually pose Condoms * to disposal. Shortly before the end of the women’s shift, you get the cheapest prices for sex and a happy ending massage in Bangkok.You can also tell the Papasan his wishes and preferences and ask all questions about women. Then the woman comes to you, you can have a drink with her or go straight to your room with her. There is a Thai massage and bathing in the jacuzzi pool – depending on the agreed service. During the massage, the woman slides on a mattress with her naked body over yours. This will be plenty Shampoo* used. Then it goes on to sex. After making love, you can still shower in the room and freshen up again.*For links marked with an asterisk, we receive a small commission, when a booking is made via the linked provider. There are no additional costs or disadvantages for you.How were your experience with a Bangkok Thai massage with a happy ending? Have you visited a sex massage parlor in Bangkok?? Did you find the Emmanuelle, Poseidon or the La Belle Entertainment Soapy Parlor is best? Are the prices and the procedure in the Sex Massage Parlors still up to date?? Or have you organized a cheaper masseuse through one of the dating sites in Thailand? Write us your experiences in the comment field below the contribution to the Bangkok Thai Massage with a happy ending in the Sex Massage Parlor.

What happens in Thai full body massage?
Thai massage combines compression, acupressure, and passive stretching. These increase the range of motion in your joints and muscles. This can also improve your posture.
The prices for a Bangkok Thai massage with a happy ending are usually negotiated before entering the massage salon. Often the women speak to you on the street or they hold cards in their hands where the prices for extra services such as handjob or sex are. However, the prices are always a matter of negotiation.The Entertainment Emmanuelle Sex Massage Parlor Bangkok is located next to the Huai Khwang MRT Station and is easily accessible. Because of its lighting, the Emmanuelle Sex Massage Parlor is similar to den Hotels* in Las Vegas. The pretty, bright Thai women sit on sofas lit up and you can look at them well and then decide on a lady.

Of the Plaza Entertainment Complex is a bit remote and is still unknown to many. The Makkasan Airport Phetchaburi MRT stop is just a short walk away 500 Meters from the Plaza Entertainment Complex. On site you meet about 40 pretty Thai girls. As the evening progressed, there were fewer and fewer women. In the lobby you can comfortably relax Beer* drink and then choose one of the women and disappear with her to the room.
The prices for a Thai massage in a sex massage parlor in Bangkok often start from here 2.500 Baht. Soapy Parlors are more expensive than normal roadside massage parlors, that offer a happy ending service. But you also get better service and mostly prettier women. The rooms are also much cleaner and more modern. The cheapest are the Sex Massage Parlors in Pattaya.In the Soi 24/1 do they exist Boss Massage, Teen massage and Angel Massage with a happy ending offer. You can get there with the BTS Skytrain from the Phrom Phong stop. Many of the Bangkok Thai massage parlors on Soi 24/1 have extra rooms with a bathtub and offer a happy ending service 2 Thai girls for 1.800 to 2.300 Baht an.

What actually happens in a happy ending?
For the uninitiated, a “happy ending” is exactly what it sounds like: an orgasm for the client, courtesy of the masseuse, at the end of the massage. Weirdly enough, while the rest of the beauty industry is largely dominated by female clientele, it’s a service almost exclusively aimed at men.
Bangkok Thai Massage with Happy End: Where is there a Thai massage with a happy ending offer in Bangkok? which are the best Sex Massage Parlors in Bangkok? How much does a Thai massage cost in Bangkok? How do I express my wishes for a Happy End Massage or for a blowjob or even sex? We asked ourselves these questions before our first visit to a normal Thai massage Massage Salon in Bangkok also posed. In this article we report on all information about a Bangkok Thai massage with a happy ending and give tips on the prices and the procedure in the Sex Massage Parlor.

Most of Bangkok Thai Massage Parlors, that offer a happy ending service, can be recognized by the women in front of the massage salons. Most of the time these already look sexy and wear tight-fitting T-Shirts* and are well made up. The women should wear green robes, then it is usually a normal massage salon without happy ending service. Often smaller shops also offer this service, where not too many guests are in the entrance area.
Overview of the best Bangkok Sex Massage Parlors with happy ending service and sex like Emmanuelle and Poseidon. The Room* in the sex massage parlors they are usually all clean and much more modern than in the happy end massage parlors on the roadside. The women in the Sex Massage Parlors in Bangok as well as in La Belle Entertainment or Plaza are much more attractive.Should you not like the women in the respective Bangkok Sex Massage Parlor, then you can easily leave the parlor again, without much discussion. You don’t have to be afraid of the managers either, the Thais are all very reserved and discreet and want to offer good service.

In the Sukhumvit Soi 4 & 5 Most Bangkok Thai massages have a happy ending service. There you can also meet cheap freelancer Thai girls (prostitute). Die Soi 4 & 5 is located close to the Nana Plaza red light district and is therefore always well attended, especially by sex tourists. The numerous beer bars and restaurants also invite you to linger. When arriving with the BTS Skytrain, you have to get off at the Nana stop.
Keep in mind for that amount of money you can visit a very nice soapy or get full service, or even join a dating site and meet girls of the same quality for free.Foot massage are usually done on the ground floor where people can walk past and see. A Thai massage involves you wearing baggy clothing and you’re normally in a room with other people who are getting one too.You can also find plenty of erotic massages in Asoke, don’t be fooled by the girls saying they will give you a Thai massage for 400 baht, read between the lines.I seriously doubt it. He probably just paid for the massage (200B for the actual massage…which is a bit cheap) and 50b as a tip. A reasonable amount for a legit massage. All the reading I’ve done says a happy ending massage would mean putting out at least 500b for a tip.

What is a fishbowl massage in Thailand?
All soapy massages in Thailand have either a fishbowl or sideline girls and in few parlors the “modelling girls”. A fishbowl is a big room which has a glass wall. You’re on one side of the glass and the “soapy girls” sit on the other side.
It looks like body bliss has a full service offering on their website now. Does this mean that they are offering full sex and not just hand jobs now? What’s the appropriate way to confirm what services I’m purchasing in general? Most of the places avoid talking directly about sex in writing.Created as a true temple of sanctuary for gentlemen and couples, AYA is an enchanting OASIS, an escape from the frenetic city of Bangkok, surrounded by architectural treasures from Morocco.

Update (Dec 2018): prices for the most part have not changed since I wrote this article. It still costs between 500-100 baht for a hand job depending on the venue and girl.
Ladyboys are a lot more forward than normal girls, I think they have issues and seek validation. So each time they get a guy it promotes their idea that they are actually women, IDK but each time I go to Nana ladyboys are telling me I can do stuff for free, but I always kust keep on walking.None Thais cannot work in the massage industry. Your best bet would be to get a European freelance hooker, but the massage will not be good and you’ll have to pay 5k+.

I have been to some of the legal brothels in Nevada USA and they all check your dick for STD´s under a magnifying glass with strong light. Maybe the farang-owner is from USA. Anyway I don´t mind having my dick checked for STS´s, as this is also safety for me. Probably quite a few guys with STD´s dn´t care and will still visit brothels if they can.
Erotic Bangkok Massage is open 24/7 with massages coming to your hotel or apartment. To view their full services and girls visit their website: Yes you’re correct. In Bangkok you’ll not receive a happy ending for less than 500b unless you go out into the boondocks, and even then you’ll be lucky. The best time to go is after 9pm, they are usually open 24/7 though, it’s a little bit seedy, the rooms are really small, and you can sometimes hear the guy next door having sex or being tossed off. Here’s a few more pictures of what to expect when you are on Soi 11.They stopped the hair dresser extras stuff a long time ago. It’s a new day in Thailand. They don’t need to hide it anymore. Now you have places like Dr BJ’s advertising blowjobs all over the world through their website. It is still available at one barber shop on Sukhumvit near Times Square, but maybe only because that place hasn’t gone out of business yet. Otherwise, the practice is still alive and well in China, South Korea and Vietnam!

If you cannot have a dialogue with him about whether he had a happy ending or not, I really don’t see your relationship lasting, either that or you have some internal trust or self-confidence issues. But to answer your question, I don’t know, most times you pay the women in the massage room and not at the counter on her way out.
Tourist areas – massage shops near Soi Cowboy and Nana are much more likely to offer extra services than shops located near tourist malls or markets. Just think about it for a second, who visits Nana and Cowboy? Men looking for girls.There are a few hand job joints across Bangkok that I’ve listed above called Kapoo Clubs. They usually have girls between the ages of 20-25 who are studying at university and are giving massages with hand jobs to make money on the side.

Soi 33 is mostly full of Japanese karaoke and HK bars, you would be better off going to Soi 24/1 or 26. Prices are all about the same more or less. 2-2.5k.

How much is a full body massage in Bangkok?
Thai Massage Charges There is no entry cost of Thai massage in Bangkok unless one goes to the Wat Pho temple where there is an entry fee of 100 baht. Thai massage Bangkok prices vary between 200 baht to 400 baht (6-12 USD) (INR 822), occasionally 500 in the more posh places.
There’s not many options for erotic massages for women in Bangkok, the shops I’ve listed above do offer services for women, so it’s best you contact them directly.Any experience with Ayutthaya Massage on Soi 18 off of Sukhumvit? Its right across the street from Yardpet Massage. Nice girls, all dressed demurely, calling out to my girlfriend and I to come get a massage. She had a chair foot massage and I had an oil full-body massage upstairs. She offered me ‘You want the hand?’ when I did the flip and was tempted.

Neon lights – if a shop has neon lights outside, that is a good sign that they offer sexual services, the shop front will also have tinted windows so you cannot see inside from the outside.

If you go to the end of the Soi on there’s a place called Rakuten Spa, although it looks very nice and clean on the outside and even the reception, a lot of the girls offer extra services from around 500 baht upwards, which is the going rate for a happy ending massage in Bangkok.
I know some of them offer body 2 body massages with happy ending service for 200-2500b depending on girl, but don’t expect to get full sex here. It also helps if you can speak Thai.

Some Thai girls may ask for more, so always be ready to negotiate, some won’t do it for less than 1,000 so just pay whatever you’re willing to pay. Tips are not necessary but not uncommon either, it’s really up to you. Soi 11 would be your cheapest place for a happy ending massage, but you’d also get the worst service and rooms, Soi 33 and 23 would cost a little more, but the girls tend to be cuter and much better-looking rooms.
For example, the sign above and the ones behind it are obvious what they offer. If you see a cluster of shops next to each other like this, they offer sexual services.

There are many ways you can gauge whether a massage shop in Bangkok offers extra services such as handjobs, Bangkok blowjobs bars or full sex, they include:
My first (and definitely the last) time in Club 102 Massage I picked a beautiful girl with big tits named Jessi, but on first contact/closer look, she is old, has had a baby before, done up lots of plastic surgery. She could speak fluent English as well, which is never a good sign. Having gone for massage in Bangkok for the last 7 years, I sensed something amiss immediately, but carried on to pay at the counter and headed upstairs for massage. WRONG CHOICE.Located on soi Ari and not far from BTS Phnom pong in a small soi away from the crowd Madame Claude is easy and fast to access, but still gives you privacy away from eyesight.I vl be visiting bangkok wth my wife for 6 days sex tourism.. pls advice the places for couple massage wth happy endings. Nude beaches and good pubs/ discos

This isn’t to say all massage shops near Nana and Cowboy offer handjobs, but there’s a greater chance than a massage shop located in Siam which is a popular area to shop. In these areas you can tell because the girls are calling you and usually dressed up in skirts and a lot of make up.
Women outside – if there are women sitting outside the massage giving you cat-eyes and grabbing you to come inside, this is another sign that the massage offers extra services.This article is about happy massages in Bangkok (hand jobs) and erotic massages, if you want information on normal non-sexual massages then go back to my home page.To give you some ideas of price, I have had friends who paid as much as 1,000b for a hand job from what I consider a real hot girl, whereas full sex can start from 1,000-2,000b. This price does not include the massage (you can ask them to just skip the massage they are not very good here anyway).

Daisy Dream is one of the most exclusive happy ending Massage Parlor in Bangkok bringing sophistication in a one-of-a-kind 1900’s Shanghai-style décor. You get the vibe that you wandered into a high-class Asian bordello in some time past.
You should never ask them out right. What I suggest you do is book yourself an oil massage, this will mean you’re in a private room alone, or at least there are curtains closed so nobody else can come in. For most oil massages in Thailand, you will need to strip to your boxers.

As I mentioned already if you want a happy ending always get an oil, aroma or a massage where they put oil on your body. Nobody will offer you an handjob, blowjob or full sex if you get a foot massage or Thai massage.
If you want to get sex in Thailand for free then check this article.Well you’ve come to the right place, in this blog post I will list dozens of places in Bangkok where you can go and get yourself a nice happy ending massage. Hell it would be rude to come to Bangkok and not get one! If you’re looking for normal Thai girls in Bangkok check out my post on finding a Thai girlfriend or how to get Thai girls in nightclubs.Our girls are not only beautiful, but they will also give you an unforgettable performance. So leave the busy streets of Bangkok and jump back into the naughty Paris of the sixties for a time laps in our luxurious Madame Claude Blow job bar. You can view their website here: Despite how nice the place is, the prices at Daisy Dream are surprisingly reasonable. You will be invited to select one (or several!) beautiful and highly skilled massage therapists and she will guide you upstairs to one of their luxury rooms for an experience you will not forget easily. The massages usually last for 1 hour unless you have asked for a longer one. They may sometimes ask you to take a shower, which is in the same room they sit down and you shower while they watch. You can always tell them to leave and come back once finished if you’re feeling shy. You then go into the massage table, fully naked just covered in a towel, and then get a

Never go to a massage shop and ask if a girl does it, they will tell you yes even if it’s not true. If that fails you should try a private escort that offers that service. Demonia does S&M so perhaps go there.
One of the easiest and most well known handjob, tanatra, prostate and kinky BDSM massages is the Analisa Massage branch in Asoke. They offer in-call and outcall, with private rooms and a shower.Does anyone have experience of Passion massage on 261/33 Sukhumvit Soi 22. Khlong Tan, Bangkok? They offer full service massage ( includes penetration – protected) on their web site. I would prefer an older woman, thinking that they have pleasured more men and been in the massage buisiness longer so would provide a better service. So has anyone used Gina, Kim or Dolly?

Hi harvie you seem to me really informative. I am looking for some foot fetish/domination i been to many soapy massage shops but girls really don’t understand the concept another place I tried online like Smooci but girls are fake in the sense different from photo can you tell me about this and these massage places like exotic massage, Analisa how do they service as they claim they give kinky service I don’t wanna be ditch this time. Jessi from Club 102 Massage is a huge time watcher, she is lazy and has a terrible attitude. You know how a Thai massage girl behaves during work; feminine, polite, overall at the least, good service, friendly, doesnt speak much English (if any). So you can see my immediately utter disbelief knowing I chose a lousy/wrong girl at such an expensive place. (God knows how many more bad service girls there are in Club 102) . I suggest taking off your boxer shorts and just lying on the bed naked, head facing down. Then the ball is in the massage girl’s court and she can decide. From my experience if you do this at most massages they will ask you for extras although it’s not always the case.Update (Dec 2017): many of the massages on Soi 11 have now closed. I do not know if this is a perment move or tempoary but it seems they are trying to clean up Soi 11 and make it more toruist friendly.

How do you get a happy ending?
Then stop the conversation. And do not book that person i give you permission. That if there are any questions about draping. And the very first moments of contact.
To find the massage shops you need to walk up about 150 meters and before you know it, you will be welcomed by several average looking Thai girls varying from 22-45 asking you for erotic massages services in Bangkok.