Neptune E Coder

Neptune’s E-CODER)R900i™ is designed as an all-in-one package – pairing absolute encoder technology with the reliable connectivity of any Neptune R900 System endpoint. The E-CODER register provides an easy-to-read LCD display combined with flexible AMR/AMI connectivity and is compatible with any Neptune mechanical meter. Integrated endpoints eliminate the hassle of wiring while reliably delivering accurate data to optimize system performance, improve customer service, and support water conservation initiatives.

What is a Neptune E-coder?
The E-CODER® is an electronic absolute encoder register designed for use with Neptune’s Automatic Reading and Billing (ARB®) System. This register operates with Neptune’s R900® and R450™ MIUs, providing advanced features such as leak, backflow, and tamper detection.
Neptune has helped thousands of utility customers across North America save time, labor, water, and money through our innovative AMR and AMI Systems. See what we can do for you by signing up today for a free demo.

What does Neptune technology do?
More Info on Neptune Technology Group Neptune is a technology company that has served water utilities across North America since 1892. Neptune makes data actionable by providing effective measurement tools, networks, software, and services designed for the business of water.
The City of Benicia, California, comprised of nearly 10,000 residential water services, recently set out to upgrade its metering technology to better serve its residents.In either of the above cases, the municipality will carefully select which meters need to be replaced or upgraded. Not all homes in your area will have meters that need to be changed. For more information, please contact your local municipality.

How does a Neptune water meter work?
Your water meter is connected to a transmitter, which takes consumption information and sends (transmits) it to a remote reading device that collects this data. This information is then used for billing purposes.
Durant cette période de transition, vous verrez peut-être ces deux logos dans votre région. Veuillez prendre note que pour l’instant, Neptune a autorisé l’utilisation de ces deux logos. Si vous avez des questions ou des inquiétudes, n’hésitez pas à contacter Neptune Technology Group au 1-800-667-4387.Important Logo Change Announcement: Neptune Technology Group has been contracted by your water utility to install or upgrade the water meter at your property. The purpose of this announcement is to make you aware of Neptune Technology Group’s recent logo change.

What does Neptune company do?
Neptune Wellness is a publicly-held, consumer-packaged goods company that aims to innovate health and wellness products.
Yes, it is possible. If an installer is in your area and the municipality has granted Neptune authorization, he or she may attempt to knock on your door and offer to do an installation with no scheduled appointment. If you are uncomfortable with this situation, simply tell your installer you would rather schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you may request to see the installer’s identification. You can also call Neptune at 1-800-667-4387 to confirm an installer’s identity.A newer version of this transmitter may be installed as a part of the water meter replacement or upgrade. In some cases, this may also require the installation of a new wire. This wire would connect to the meter inside your home.

What is Neptune E-coder solid state absolute encoder?
The Neptune E-CODER® solid state absolute encoder register provides consumption data, including insight into flow direction, flow rate, and leak status – all without the need for a battery. CachedSimilar
The typical life of a meter is 10 to 20 years. Like most mechanical devices, they eventually need to be replaced. In other cases, municipalities can decide that it is time to upgrade the meter so that it is compatible with the latest meter reading technology.

Annonce importante de changement de logo : Neptune Technology Group a été contracté par votre département de service d’eau ou a installé un compteur d’eau dans votre domicile. L’objectif de cette annonce est de s’assurer que vous soyez au courant que Neptune Technology Group a récemment changé de logo.Water meters can occasionally be found in these spaces, or an installer may have to pass through such a space to gain access to the water meter. If the entry access to your water meter is less than 4 feet from floor to ceiling, the installer’s entire body needs to enter the limited space to complete the job.

What is e-coder R900i?
The E-Coder)R900i provides high resolution, 8-digit remote profiling and meter reading data along with value-added features, such as leak, tamper and reverse flow detection, plus hourly data logging consumption. Utilities have enjoyed E-Coder PLUS data, such as leak, tamper and reverse flow detection.
In order to do so, a 15”x 15” access hole is required. If authorized by your utility, Neptune installers are trained to cut into drywall neatly and precisely. Once the installation is complete, this hole can be covered using an access panel that can be found at most local hardware stores.

While Neptune transitions to this new logo, you may see both logos in your area. Please note that both logos are authorized. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Neptune at 1-800-667-4387.
You will be notified when Neptune is in your area via an Appointment Notice sent directly to your home or commercial building. This Notice might be a letter or a pamphlet. When you receive the Notice, please schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Prior to commencing any work, the installer will inspect the plumbing to ensure that it is in suitable condition to handle the stress of the work required. If it is determined that the plumbing is not in good enough condition, the installer will recommend upgrading the service line to current standards. Any costs associated with this would be the homeowner’s responsibility.Yes. Water meters are located inside, typically in the basement of homes or commercial buildings. The technician will enter the home or commercial building to replace the meter and/or change the wiring that connects the meter to the transmitter. The transmitter will typically be installed outside the home or business. The full scope of work will be determined by the technician and communicated to you prior to commencing work.

There is typically no charge for a water meter or for the installation of one. In instances where there is a charge, payments will be handled through your municipality. Installers associated with the project will not ask for money from homeowners for any reason.
The installer will require a clear walking path to the meter area, as well as enough space to kneel down comfortably in front of the meter, with a small tool bag at his/her side.The water meter is usually found in the basement, near the main water shut-off valve. This shut-off valve is located where your water service line comes into your home. Again, this is usually in your basement. If you are having trouble locating the water meter, you may want to check your furnace room, utility room, or near your hot water tank. Most water meters are connected by a wire to a transmitter on the outside of the home. Please see below for images of what this may look like. Once the meter and the transmitter are installed, your municipality can obtain transmitted consumption data using reading equipment, without entering your home. A water meter is a device that records water consumption. Your water meter is connected to a transmitter, which takes consumption information and sends (transmits) it to a remote reading device that collects this data. This information is then used for billing purposes.