Non Veni Pacem

then cried jesus in the temple as he taught, saying, ye both know me, and ye know whence i am: and i am not come of myself, but he that sent me is true, whom ye know not.MyMemory ist der weltgrößte Übersetzungsspeicher. Er umfasst die gesammelten Übersetzungsspeicher der Europäischen Union und der Vereinten Nationen sowie einen Abgleich der besten domänenspezifischen mehrsprachigen Webseiten.MyMemory is the world’s largest Translation Memory. It has been created collecting TMs from the European Union and United Nations, and aligning the best domain-specific multilingual websites.

gesù allora, mentre insegnava nel tempio, esclamò: «certo, voi mi conoscete e sapete di dove sono. eppure io non sono venuto da me e chi mi ha mandato è veritiero, e voi non lo conoscete has global traffic rank of 3,509,368. has an estimated worth of US$ 9,675, based on its estimated Ads revenue. receives approximately 883 unique visitors each day. Its web server is located in San Francisco, California, United States, with IP address According to SiteAdvisor, is safe to visit.da rief jesus im tempel und sprach: ja, ihr kennet mich und wisset, woher ich bin; und von mir selbst bin ich nicht gekommen, sondern es ist ein wahrhaftiger, der mich gesandt hat, welchen ihr nicht kennet.

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Recognizing the value of consistent reflection upon the Word of God in order to refocus one’s mind and heart upon Christ and His Gospel of peace, we provide several reading plans designed to cover the entire Bible in a year.The Latin Vulgate was translated from the original languages into Latin by Jerome in A.D. 405. For over a millennium, it remained as the preferred translation of the church. This version of the Bible is in the public domain.

There’s a ritualistic safety to Mass. You always know what’s going to come next, no matter who is celebrating it or what church you happen to find yourself in. I remember on vacations attending Mass at local parishes, it always started out a bit awkward; but eventually I melted into the familiar words and rhythms, feeling at home and secure. The only truly nerve wracking part is the homily. With an unfamiliar priest in an unfamiliar parish, you always run the risk that you may not like what this particular priest has to say.
Cabrera’s myocarditis first became known in December 2021, when he suffered a syncope (fainting) during a Spanish Amateur Basketball League game. He left for the hospital on a stretcher.That day I spent in New Jersey, Taylor Swift would be my pastor, MetLife Stadium my parish, and the Swiftie community of the tri-state area my congregation. There would be familiarity there, and safety, but also uncertainty: Could it possibly be as good as I’d hoped?

Exclusion creates nuclear security risks. Exclusion and unfair treatment of queer individuals and other minorities by a homogenous, cis-heteronormative community of practitioners also creates vulnerabilities in nuclear decision making. Cis-heteronormativity is the automatic assumption that someone is heterosexual and identifies with the sex assigned to them at birth. It creates the idea that being heterosexual and cisgender is normal and natural, whereas being queer or trans is a deviation.
The defendants carried out “ideological and profit-driven medical abuse” when they prescribed her puberty blockers and hormones and, later, performed a double mastectomy, Charles LiMandri, one of the lawyers representing the plaintiff, Layla Jane, said in a statement. Queer identity is also relevant for the nuclear field because it informs theories that aim to change how officials, experts, and the public think about nuclear weapons. Queer theory is a field of study, closely related to feminist theory, that examines sex- and gender-based norms. It shines a light on the harm done by nuclear weapons through uranium mining, nuclear tests, and the tax money spent on nuclear weapons ($60 billion annually in the United States) instead of on education, infrastructure, and welfare. The queer lens prioritizes the rights and well-being of people over the abstract idea of national security, and it challenges the mainstream understanding of nuclear weapons—questioning whether they truly deter nuclear war, stabilize geopolitics, and reduce the likelihood of conventional war. Queer theory asks: Who created these ideas? How are they being upheld? Whose interests do they serve? And whose experiences are being excluded? Speaking on the margins of the two-day Ukraine Recovery conference in London, Cleverly said the UK was “very, very supportive” of Ukraine being able to join Nato without the usual need for it to meet the conditions set out in a Nato membership action plan (Map).At that time, Herod himself had sent and apprehended John, and bound him prison for the sake of Herodias the wife of Philip his brother, because he had married her. For John said to Herod: “It is not lawful for thee to have thy brother’s wife.” Now Herodias laid snares for him: and was desirous to put him to death and could not. For Herod feared John, knowing him to be a just and holy man: and kept him, and when he heard him, did many things: and he heard him willingly. And when a convenient day was come, Herod made a supper for his birthday, for the princes, and tribunes, and chief men of Galilee. And when the daughter of the same Herodias had come in, and had danced, and pleased Herod, and them that were at table with him, the king said to the damsel: “Ask of me what thou wilt, and I will give it thee.” And he swore to her: “Whatsoever thou shalt ask I will give thee, though it be the half of my kingdom.” Who when she was gone out, said to her mother, “What shall I ask?” But her mother said: “The head of John the Baptist.” And when she was come in immediately with haste to the king, she asked, saying: “I will that forthwith thou give me in a dish, the head of John the Baptist.” And the king was struck sad. Yet because of his oath, and because of them that were with him at table, he would not displease her: But sending an executioner, he commanded that his head should be brought in a dish. And he beheaded him in the prison, and brought his head in a dish: and gave to the damsel, and the damsel gave it her mother. Which his disciples hearing came, and took his body, and laid it in a tomb. -Mark 6:17-29

Queer theory also identifies how the nuclear weapons discourse is gendered: Nuclear deterrence is associated with “rationality” and “security,” while disarmament and justice for nuclear weapon victims are coded as “emotion” and a lack of understanding of the “real” mechanics of security. The Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, a 19-year protest against the storage of US nuclear missiles in the United Kingdom, called attention to the gendered nature of nuclear weapons. The camp’s inhabitants—many lesbian—recognized that the same male-dominated power structures underpinned the oppression of women and nuclear armament. Their protests, often involving feminine-coded symbols like pictures of children, defined nuclear weapons by the existential threat they pose, instead of the protection they supposedly offer. From the queer perspective, the allegation of “derailing” substantive discussions through a non-traditional perspective on nuclear weapons is itself an attempt to exclude marginalized voices and reinforce the idea that nuclear weapons are a domain only for “serious” and “rational” (i.e. male) actors.The issue of the terms on which Ukraine is offered Nato membership has been dividing allies before a Nato summit next month. There have been concerns in the US and Germany that early Nato membership for Ukraine might provoke Russia, and change the Nato structure.

While three doctors said Jane was too young for cross-sex hormones, she was eventually referred to several other doctors who prescribed her puberty blockers and hormones. Within six months, they removed her breasts.

The French foreign minister, Catherine Colonna, was more cautious but said circumstances had changed since 2008 when Ukraine was last offered Nato membership on the condition it met the terms set out in an action plan.
As conversations started to flow easily about favorite songs, album rankings and especially shared disdain for Swift’s brief romantic dalliance with Matty Healy, my fear and anxiety started to disappear…It reads like satire, but it’s real. And it really is a mental illness. The people who wrote this, and their readership, truly believe these things. Try to stay with it to the end, it gets worse as it goes along. God help us. -nvp

“Defendants did not question, elicit, or attempt to understand the psychological events that led Kayla to the mistaken belief that she was transgender, nor did they evaluate, appreciate, or treat her multi-faceted presentation of co-morbid symptoms,” the suit reads.

I got a damn Myocarditis from taking a f-cking vaccine. (I got 2 doses of Pfizer) And I knew it! Many people warned me. But guess what? It was compulsory or I couldn’t work. I am an international professional athlete and I am playing in Spain. I have no health problem, nothing, not hereditary, no asthma, NOTHING! I suddenly collapsed to the ground in the middle of a match and almost died. I’m still recovering and I’ve had 11 different cardiology tests done and guess? They find nothing. I have no cholesterol, no fat, nothing! 7% body fat 93% muscle. When they give me the diagnosis, they tell me that I won’t be able to play for at least 5 months until my heart goes down again and they can’t give me that medicine.“They should not allow mentally ill people near weapons of mass destruction.” That was one of dozens of derogatory tweets that the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation received in response to a December 2022 panel discussion on LGBTQ+ identity in the nuclear weapons space. Most of these tweets were purely hateful, written by trolls. But some respondents explained their opposition, saying that talk about queerness was inserting a non-issue and “derailing” discussions of nuclear weapons. All showed a keen determination to misunderstand the purpose of the event… the disparaging tweets illustrated the common belief that queer identity has no relevance for nuclear policy, and that examining the relationship between queerness and nuclear policy is intended to push a social agenda rather than to address substantive issues… the visible representation and meaningful participation of queer people matters for nuclear policy outcomes. Discrimination against queer people can undermine nuclear security and increase nuclear risk. And queer theory can help change how nuclear practitioners, experts, and the public think about nuclear weapons… Following his death, social media posts surfaced where Cabrera claimed the heart condition came from two doses of the COVID vaccine — which he was required to get for work. During the test, a medical professional attaches electrodes to the patient’s chest. These electrodes connect to a machine that records the electrical activity of the heart (ECG). By watching this screen, doctors can record the heartbeat while the patient exercises.Today is the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, born without the stain of Original Sin, thanks to the miraculous grace of his gestational Baptism at the moment of the Visitation. When John leaped in the womb of Elizabeth, at the approach of the Blessed Virgin carrying our Lord in her own womb, John was Baptized in his own amniotic fluid. Pretty cool.

“Instead, Defendants assumed that Kayla, a twelve-year-old emotionally troubled girl, knew best what she needed to improve her mental health and figuratively handed her the prescription pad. There is no other area of medicine where doctors will surgically remove a perfectly healthy body part and intentionally induce a diseased state of the pituitary gland misfunction based simply on the young adolescent patient’s wishes.”…
When the stakes of making best-informed decisions are as high as they are with nuclear weapons, governments cannot afford to lose out on the human capital and innovation potential of queer people. Informed by their life experiences, queer people have specific skills to offer that are valuable in a policy and diplomacy context. LGBTQ+ people often must navigate being different from those around them; develop the ability to listen and empathize; and mobilize the skill and perseverance to make themselves heard… Diversity and inclusion are especially important for the policy community dealing with arsenal development and nuclear posture.