Odd-eyes Pendulumgraph Dragon

Hi May i ask how does “unaffected ny other card effect” works in yugioh game play? For example : does mount of the bound creator protects apoqliphort tower from beung targeted by other card effect?why? Example 2 : sno39 effect ” ur oppt can not activate card or effect during battle phase”. This effect affect the player or the card on oppt possession?and why paleozoic xyz Monster on field can activate their effect when sno39 attack? Your reply with detailed explanation would be appreciated Xiangtan93 (talk • contribs) 13:27, December 7, 2016 (UTC)

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[ Pendulum Effect ] During the End Phase: You can add 1 Ritual Spell from your Deck or GY to your hand, then return this card to the hand. You can only use this effect of “Odd-Eyes Pendulumgraph Dragon” once per turn. [ Monster Effect ] You can Ritual Summon this card with “Odd-Eyes Advent”. Must be either Ritual Summoned, or Pendulum Summoned (from your hand). Each time your opponent Special Summons a monster(s) from the Extra Deck, inflict 300 damage to them. Once per turn, when your opponent activates a Spell Card or effect (Quick Effect): You can place this card in your Pendulum Zone, and if you do, negate that effect, then, if this Ritual Summoned card was placed in the Pendulum Zone this way, you can Special Summon 1 “Odd-Eyes” monster from your Extra Deck.You should probably be able to tell how early you’re able to Pendulum Summon based on your opening hand. This should indicate how you should approach your early game plays and how aggressive you can be. If you can assemble both Scales early you can be more aggressive with your board since you can follow up your aggression with the huge boost from Master Skill (Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon) . If not, you’re going to be much more reserved, making sure you preserve your resources as much as possible, biding your time until the point where you can eventually Pendulum Summon your Odd-Eyes.

Pendulum Summoning revolves around the concept of Pendulum Pendulum Scale. You need both a Red and a Blue Pendulum Scale (given by various means) to be able to perform Pendulum Summon, which will allow you to Summon one Level 5 or higher monster without tributes. You can only hold one of each Pendulum Scale at any given time, and both are consumed once you have Pendulum Summoned.As mentioned before, you need both a Red Pendulum Scale and a Blue Pendulum Scale to be able to Pendulum Summon your Loading… and gain the boost from Master Skill (Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon) . The primary way to get these Pendulum Scales is through the Pendulum (Red) and Pendulum (Blue) Skills. You generally want to max out your ability to use these Pendulum Scales to advance your game plan of Pendulum Summoning your Odd-Eyes for a big mid-to-end game push. Another important card for gaining your Pendulum Scales is through Loading… , which gives you the opposite-colored Pendulum Scale of a monster you control. Aside from the mandatory Pendulum Summon pieces, you want to have monsters that either appreciate the boost or are able to make the boost more potent. As such, monsters with Pierce or Provoke or instances of ATK Support are appreciated.If you’re able to get your Pendulum Scales online, you want to prepare for your Odd-Eyes turn by turning on the aggression, having your highest-stat monsters set-up in position to attack your opponent’s Life Points.The second, simpler approach is to simply refine the free-to-play concept with higher quality cards. Improving the easily-summonable monsters like adding Loading… for recouping card advantage and Loading… for improving early pushes for the center center card. You can also run some spells like Loading… for its utility and Loading… to turn the massive buffs from Odd-Eyes into Damage.

We only have four total Pendulum Monsters (two for each Pendulum Scale) and Loading… in the Rare pool. As such, the free-to-play Odd-Eyes Deck will end up looking closer to your standard aggressive beatdown deck.
When it’s time to summon Odd-Eyes, try to also summon your ATK Support monsters to hopefully push through a ton of Damage all at once with your massive stat buffs. From there, you just want to keep playing aggressive to close out the game.Swing into action! Loading… is the first foray into Pendulum Monsters. While I believe this mechanic is fairly clunky in its current iteration with its current support, it’s definitely the mechanic that can and will be much more powerful if and when it gets additional support. Despite its current flaws, if you are able to Pendulum Summon Odd-Eyes the buff it applies to your entire board will prove incredibly overwhelming for your opponent’s to deal with. There’s a couple directions you can go with the more expensive builds for Odd-Eyes. Regardless of which direction, however, you are going to want to add both Loading… and Loading… for a third iteration of each Pendulum Scale allowing you to summon your Odd-Eyes more consistently. When it comes to additional Skill Slots, your choice somewhat depends on what path you’re pursuing. If you intend on running more high-level monsters for subsequent Pendulum Summons, you will most likely want Pendulum (Red) to help facilitate that. If you’re not planning on using Pendulum (Red) , I would recommend using any and all additional slots on ATK Support which will turn your 800 ATK Buff to a 1200 ATK Buff, emboldening your aggressive plays even more.The first approach to Odd-Eyes you can take is using the additional Pendulum Scales to justify more high-level monsters. You could add in a Loading… or Loading… with their respective Special Skill and/or Loading… with Pendulum (Blue) . I personally do not feel that this is the optimal route despite having a higher ceiling because it has the potential of giving you worse opening hands. If you do, however, want to pursue this route might want to cut down on Spells and Traps and run some monsters with Double Material to help mitigate your worse hands.

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Can you Pendulum Summon blue eyes?
Since you can Special Summon 1 Normal Monster from your hand with the Pendulum Effect of “Sea Dragoons of Draconia,” you can Special Summon “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” from your hand and attack!
As the game slowed and Effect Monsters became more common, Summoned Skull lost its title of the best Tribute Monster. However, it still plays an important role in Archfiend decks, acting as the face of the Archetype. Summon Skull remains one of the highest Attack Monsters that can be summoned with one Tribute.

Gem-Knight Garnet got the spotlight as it was the best Gem-Knight Monster to use in conjunction with Brilliant Fusion. If you drew it, it still had decent stats at 1900 Attack.
Johnny Garcia is a long time gamer and writer based in sunny California. Having worked many odd jobs, including article writing, he is now a list writer for TheGamer.com. Having grown up around video games and being raised on them, his knowledge of video games is as high as it can be. Aside from video games, he also has an avid interest in trading card games, namely Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering.Looking for the latest gaming news, features, interviews, reviews, and deals? Want to stay up-to-date with the industry? Get the very best of TheGamer sent straight to your inbox.Exodia is one of the most iconic Monsters in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and one of the most well-known alternative win conditions — even for those who do not play the game. In order to win with Exodia, it requires one of each piece, all of them being Normal Monsters except for the head.The Gladiator Beast Archetype was once the dominant deck of the metagame. It was a Battle Phase-focused deck that could easily cheat out just about any of their Monsters at any given moment.

Gem-Knight Garnet is such a popular Normal Monster, the term “Garnet” is named after it. A Garnet refers to a card that you do not want to have in your hand, and would rather have in the deck. This is due to the fact Gem-Knight Garnet was used for Brilliant Fusion, which required all materials to be in the deck.

Gladiator Beast Andal is the only non-Effect Monster that’s a part of the Archetype. Like its other Gladiator Beast brethren, Gladiator Beast Andal can be brought out with the other Monsters in the Archetype. In the hand, it can be used for certain Gladiator Beast cards to draw cards, all while having a solid 1900 Attack body on a Level Four Monster.
Many Dark Magician support cards rely on the original Dark Magician to be used, oftentimes helping to cheat it out. Dark Magician rarely sits in your hand in a Dark Magician deck and unlocks a lot of powerful cards by utilizing it.

Elemental HERO Neos became the face of the GX anime after Jaden took it on as his Ace Monster. Due to the sheer popularity of both GX and the HERO Archetype as a whole, Elemental HERO Neos has become one of the most useful Normal Monsters out there for HEROs, particularly the Neos side of them.Summoned Skull was once the most terrifying Tribute Summon in the game. For one Tribute you were able to put down a 2500 Attack Monster capable of destroying most Monsters in the game. Games were often a race to get Summoned Skull out first, and whoever did often won.There are plenty of powerful Neos Fusion Monsters that all require Elemental HERO Neos to make, such as Rainbow Neos. Thanks to powerful Fusion Spells like Neos Fusions, you can even get around the requirement to Contact Fuse, allowing you to use Elemental HERO Neos as Fusion Material without needing to summon it.Despite looking terrifying, the Ojamas are a surprisingly useful set of Normal Monsters. Thanks to their status of Archetype belonging to a fan-favorite anime character, the Ojamas have been given a plethora of great (albeit sometimes convoluted) support.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is far and away the most well-known Dragon Monster in the game, and arguably the most well-known Monster in the game. Not only that, but it is the best Normal Monster in the game by a rather significant margin. Thanks to the plethora of Blue-Eyes support cards, Blue-Eyes White Dragon is one of the few Normal Monsters you want in your hand.
Cards like Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragon rely on having the vanilla Blue-Eyes White Dragon to summon, and thanks to its Level, it can be used for cards like Trade-In.

How do you summon odd-eyes?
This card can be Tribute Summoned with one Tribute using “Performapal Whim Witch”, “Double Coston”, “Totem Dragon”, “Keeper of the Shrine” and “The First Monarch”.
If the main three (Ojama Green, Black, and Yellow) are on the field, they have access to a one-sided board wipe with Ojama Delta Hurricane. They also synergize well with Light Machine Type Monsters thanks to Ojamassimilation, which also is one of the most confusing support cards, but a solid one nonetheless.The pieces are useful not just because they help you meet Exodia’s win condition, but they can be used to get to that win faster. Thanks to their status as Normal Spellcaster Monsters, the Exodia pieces can be used to draw more cards to get to the important cards to win even faster.

Can odd-eyes pendulumgraph dragon negate monster effects?
It carries effect negation/destruction as long as you can cycle Pendulums back into the Deck from the Extra Deck, and off the Special Summon Vortex Dragon can bounce an attack monster of your opponents.
Red-Eyes Black Dragon is one of Joey’s most iconic Monsters (even if it wasn’t his originally). Thanks to this, Red-Eyes Black Dragon has become incredibly useful and important to play in Red-Eyes decks. Even though it’s weaker than its Blue-Eyes counterpart, it still packs a punch in the modern game thanks to the Red-Eyes support cards.Mokey Mokey is a rather unamusing Normal Monster. It has rather poor stats and, and an awkward Level to do anything with since it isn’t a Tuner Monster. What makes Mokey Mokey one of the better Normal Monsters is the support cards that come with it.

As the game has progressed, however, Normal Monsters have slowly but surely faded away from the metagame. That does not mean they’re completely absent, however. Many Normal Monsters still see use in modern decks, and in some cases continue to see heavy metagame use. The best Normal Monsters tend to compliment other cards, and in some cases are required for them.Red-Eyes Black Dragon also plays a key role in the Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon engine, which is one of the most powerful Fusion Monsters out there. It’s so good that duelists would put Red-Eyes Black Dragon into their decks without any other Red-Eyes card (except Red-Eyes Fusion) to use it. Mokey Mokey Smackdown can buff all Mokey Mokeys up to an incredible 3000 Attack to do devastating amounts of damage. This allows it to beat over just about any Monster that might be on the opponent’s Field as well. Mokey Mokey can be Fusion Summoned into Mokey Mokey King, which can make for decent Extra Deck plays as well. In the game of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Normal Monsters have been present since the very start of the game. In the earliest iterations of the meta, Normal Monsters were some of the strongest cards there were, with cards like Mechanical Chaser and Summoned Skull dominating the scene.

Dark Magician is perhaps one of the most iconic Monsters in the entire game. Over the years, Dark Magician has received a ton of support cards, rivaled only by HEROs and Blue-Eyes for the most in the game. As such, the vanilla Dark Magician has become increasingly important for Dark Magician decks.Ritual/Pendulum say what? Closing the week is Odd-Eyes Pendulumgraph Dragon. Light/Dragon, Level 7, with 2700 atk (and 2500 def) all good there. Scale 4 which is okay for these guys too. Alt Summoning method (or card, at least) with Odd-Eyes Advent is appreciated, and we see for an oddity (see what I did there) you have to Pendulum or Ritual Summon this card from the Hand. 300 Damage to your opponent EACH time they Special Summon may not seem like much, but I promise, that’s a nice little admit to accumulate very quickly. A Once per Turn, Quick Effect, lets you place this card in your Pendulum Zone when your opponent activates a Magic Card or Effect. If you’re successful, you negate the Effect. Note, you do NOT Negate AND Destroy, simply negate. Finally, you also gain a Special Summon of an Odd-Eyes Monster from your Extra Deck when this Ritual Summoned card moves to the Pendulum Zone. As it should, so you should always be getting that, as well. It’s a combo card if there ever was one, but both sides help each other out. Speaking of…

Art: 2/5 Much like the Performapals, I’ve always found the Odd-Eyes family to be very disturbing, being dragon chicken abominations with random gems and all. Yuya needs better taste.
Pendulumgraph Dragon can get you straight to any of the potential 23 targets in the Extra Deck that are “Odd-Eyes” if you Ritual Summoned it and moved it to the Pendulum Zone using the previously-mentioned negation. The 23 includes Pendulum Monsters that may have ended up in there, if excluded, you have up to four different targets that will always be in your Extra Deck. Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon is the best of the four, not needing to be Fusion Summoned or needing materials attached. It carries effect negation/destruction as long as you can cycle Pendulums back into the Deck from the Extra Deck, and off the Special Summon Vortex Dragon can bounce an attack monster of your opponents. Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon can Special Summon something out of your Pendulum Zone, but Meteorburst can’t attack that turn and effect lockdown during the Battle Phase pails in comparison to Vortex’s negation ability.Finally! The week is over (but it won’t be the last of Pendulum for Dimension Force), ending with Odd-Eyes Pendulumgraph Dragon, a new boss for the Odd-Eyes, and by extension Pendulum and Performapal, archetypes. Pendulumgraph is a level 7 LIGHT Dragon Ritual Pendulum monster, currently the first and only one of its kind in Yugioh. There are plenty of ways to search it, from Duelist Alliance to Preparation of Rites, so accessing it isn’t a huge issue. Having a Pendulum scale of 4 is a little weird, since I’m only familiar with Performapals spamming level 4 monsters, but I guess it matches the original Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. 2700 attack is fine for a level 7 monster, as is 2500 defense, so how does the first Ritual Pendulum stack up effect-wise?

How do you summon odd-eyes with a pendulum?
As mentioned before, you need both a Red Pendulum Scale and a Blue Pendulum Scale to be able to Pendulum Summon your Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and gain the boost from Master Skill (Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon). The primary way to get these Pendulum Scales is through the Pendulum (Red) and Pendulum (Blue) Skills.
Pendulumgraph Dragon is a Level 7 Scale 4 LIGHT Dragon Ritual Pendulum (the only Ritual Pendulum in the game to date) with 2700 ATK and 2500 DEF. Pretty strong Level 7 stats, being a LIGHT Dragon is great, and Scale 4 isn’t too rough if you’re going a more pure Odd-Eyes route. Pendulum Effect of this triggers in the End Phase (similar to the original Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon) letting you add any Ritual Spell from your Deck or graveyard to youur hand and then return this card to the hand. It’s nice to be able to get any Ritual Spell, but you’ll only really run this in a Pendulum Deck, mainly Odd-Eyes, so you’re likely searching something to summon this specifically. Don’t like the End Phase search, but you do have a way to search the Odd-Eyes Ritual Spell without this at the very least, and there is a purpose to this effect honestly. Hard once per turn on the search, which I’d expect all search effects to have. Monster Effect first mentions you Ritual Summon this with Odd-Eyes Advent, the old Ritual Spell we got back when Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon was released, which isn’t really a bad Ritual Spelll. It must either be Ritual Summoned or Pendulum Summoned from the hand, a balance we might expect on more future Ritual Pendulums to not completely kill the Ritual part of the strategies. Each time your opponent Special Summons a monster(s) from the Extra Deck, inflict 300 damage to them, which is a nice little burn effect to inch you closer to game. Finally, we get a soft once per turn with a Quick Effect when the opponent activates a Spell Card or effect to place this card in the Pendulum Zone to negate that effect, then you can summon an Odd-Eyes monster from Deck if you placed this Ritual Summoned card to the Pendulum Zone. It’s nice negation with how common Spells are in many strategies. It gives more of a purpose to the Pendulum Effect adding a Ritual Spell and returning itself to hand once you do, ensuring you can Ritual Summon this again and restart the process that way instead of a Pendulum Summon. You would have to clear your Scales out to make sure this can place itself in the Pendulum Zone once you summon it, but Pendulums have several options to empty their Scales after Pendulum Summons. Pendulumgraph Dragon is a cool boss monster that’s extremely searchable since it’s a Pendulumgraph card as well. It’s a fun piece for an Odd-Eyes strategy.Pendulum/Ritual, does not sound good off the bat but Pendulumgraph Dragon improves upon that immediately. As a Pendulum, Pendulumgraph Dragon is a scale of 4, which is decent. Ritual Spell searcher in the End Phase and then pops itself back to the hand immediately puts Pendulumgraph Dragon online next turn and saves one of your scales. Use your Pendulum Summon after playing Pendulumgraph during the turn, then get your search in the End Phase and the Ritual Monster the Spell will likely summon. If you choose to tech this into a Ritual Deck for some added search ability (even though you have to wait to the End Phase), you’ll have fodder for the Ritual Summon cost, Pendulumgraph being Level seven.

Pendulumgraph Dragon, even as a Ritual/Pendulum is pretty good. The negation is good and can instantly pay you back with another Odd-Eyes monster from your Extra Deck if you have the Pendulum Zone open for it (and it was Ritual Summoned). You get the negation no matter what as long as you have the spot open for it, which is a definite plus, great stats for the level, and as a Pendulum Spell it sets up its own Ritual Summon the next turn.
On the Pendulum side, Scale 4 for this Theme can work, During the End Phase, you net a Ritual Magic (any Ritual Magic) from your Deck OR Graveyard to your Hand. Options for the Theme (and even more if you need) as well as versatility. You then return this card to your Hand, and that Effect is, of course, Once per Turn, as well. I like this card. The arsenal is only growing, and this is a really fun card.Pendulumgraph’s Pendulum effect is a hard once per turn, allowing you to search a Ritual Spell or add one back to your hand from the Graveyard during the End Phase, returning Pendulumgraph to the hand afterwards. End Phase effects are usually lame, but in the context of this specific card, I think it’s okay, since you can do a little mini-loop with this guy. Of course, “can” is the key word, and we’ll get to why it’s not the best later.

What is the odd-eyes gravity dragon effect?
You can Ritual Summon this card with “Odd-Eyes Advent”. When this card is Special Summoned: You can return all Spells and Traps your opponent controls to the hand. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this effect’s activation.
As a monster, Pendulumgraph Dragon can be summoned with the Spell it likely searched: “Odd-Eyes Advent”. If you Pendulum Summon Pendulumgraph Dragon it has to be from the hand, so no face-up in the Extra Deck for you. Soft burn damage to your opponent when they involve their Extra Deck, 300LP per Special Summon from the Extra Deck is nothing. It would have to be something like 1000LP and even then it may not matter. Pendulumgraph Dragon can move to the Pendulum Zone and negate a Spell or effect each turn, which will then pop itself back to the hand in the End Phase with a Ritual Spell search if applicable. The negation is great, and you can leave a Pendulum Zone open, especially if you previously bounced Pendulumgraph Dragon back to get that Ritual Spell search.

Is Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon rare?
A single individual card from the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading and collectible card game (TCG/CCG). This is of Platinum Secret Rare rarity.
Pendulumgraph’s suggested Ritual Spell is Odd-Eyes Advent, which makes sense, since the card already existed for the previous Odd-Eyes Ritual monster, Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon. You have to either Ritual Summon it or Pendulum Summon if from the hand, so you can’t Pendulum Summon it from the Extra Deck at all. Each time your opponent Special Summons from the Extra Deck, they get burned for 300, which is a fairly pitiful amount but it can come in handy during time, I suppose. Pendulumgraph’s primary effect is a soft once per turn Quick effect, which lets you negate a Spell effect by placing it into a Pendulum Zone; additionally, if you Ritual Summoned Pendulumgraph, you can Special Summon any Odd-Eyes monster straight from your Extra Deck. One of the more popular choices is Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon, which not only can bounce on summon, but also functions as an omni negate. The catch, unfortunately, is that you’d have to bait your opponent into activating a Spell that Pendulumgraph can negate. Spells are actually quite common in the current meta, between Branded Fusion, Emergency Teleport, and Swordsoul Emergence, but smarter opponents will dismantle Pendulumgraph with monsters first, or even just render it inert with Forbidden Droplet or Dark Ruler No More. Pendulumgraph isn’t a terrible card, but it’s hard to justify going through the effort of summoning it; I really think the negate should’ve been an omni negate instead of just a Spell negate.Team Net is a gaming center located in the south of Atlanta, right out of exit 233 of I-75 S. Come hangout and with your friends, meet new allies, and challenge new opponents on your favorite games. We offer gaming PCs, console, and tabletop.

How do you use the Dragon effect in Odd Eyes Rebellion?
If this card is used as Synchro Material, unless all other Synchro Materials are “Odd-Eyes” monsters, place this card on the bottom of the Deck. If this card is in your hand or GY: You can target 1 Level 7 or higher “Odd-Eyes” monster you control; reduce its Level by 3, and if you do, Special Summon this card.
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What is the strongest non effect monster in Yugioh?
The best Normal Monsters tend to compliment other cards, and in some cases are required for them.1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon.2 Dark Magician. … 3 Gem-Knight Garnet. … 4 Elemental HERO Neos. … 5 Red-Eyes Black Dragon. … 6 Exodia Pieces. … 7 The Ojamas. … 8 Mokey Mokey. …
Pendulum EffectDuring the End Phase: You can add 1 Ritual Spell from your Deck or GY to your hand, then return this card to the hand. You can only use this effect of ‘Odd-Eyes Pendulumgraph Dragon’ once per turn.Monster EffectYou can Ritual Summon this card with ‘Odd-Eyes Advent’. Must be either Ritual Summoned, or Pendulum Summoned from your hand. Each time your opponent Special Summons a monster(s) from the Extra Deck, inflict 300 damage to them. Once per turn, when your opponent activates a Spell Card or effect (Quick Effect): You can place this card in your Pendulum Zone, and if you do, negate that effect, then, if you placed this Ritual Summoned card in the Pendulum Zone, you can Special Summon 1 ‘Odd-Eyes’ monster from your Extra Deck.