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Off the Top was designed with high quality, comfort, and relaxation in mind. Also with the idea that one client get all the attentiveness of the barber with an appointment exclusive business model. The idea is quality, not quantity.

There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. CHECK OUT OUR OTHER TABS AND PAGES! We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.I offer everything from traditional and classic barbering such as straight razor shaves and services, to relaxing hot towel experiences, to the latest in men’s styles short or long, no matter the texture, color blending if needed, and more! I have nearly two decades of experience in the industry, worked in the most exclusive shop in Portland, and I was an educator for advanced barbering and hair styling techniques for up and coming talent in Portland for years. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed! Come check out why Off The Top is a Cut Above!

Hi, thanks for visiting Off The Top. You may have noticed by now, We. Are. Different. Off The Top is a unique business model specializing in CUSTOM design, geared towards choosing looks that are fabricated to fit the client specifically for their features with an emphasis on balance and Symmetry, face shape, bone structure, hair type, etc. For the right individual, this correct and unique approach will give you a look that is perfectly suited just for you. (See mission statement)
A trip to this shop is more than “just a haircut.” The goal is to make your visit an experience. We offer free beverages, suitable for all ages, and maybe a few that aren’t suitable for all ages. For the young ones there are coloring books, puzzles, toys, and places to play outside in our playground so the kids don’t feel stifled while waiting. There is more for adults too: there’s a spacious deck to relax on with a table for your coffee or a cold one, depending on your mood. While you’re there, take a look under the apple trees. Chances are you will see a family of deer unencumbered, relaxing in the shade in the quiet of the day. There is so much here, too much to write, and all with a great view! It’s a unique experience you won’t forget and I guarantee you’ll be back again!

The clipper guard AKA haircut number refers to the length of hair that is left after the clipper has been used, with each number representing one eighth of an inch of hair.
Ask for a number five if you want a longer cut that can be styled. The number five haircut length will result in a look that is groomed and slightly more classic than the four. It’s also a good cut to ask for if you want the sides of your hair to be tapered without the extreme contrast of a zero or skin fade.Also a popular choice for men who like to keep it short and neat, the number three is the highest number used in fades. Again, it’s a good choice for anyone with thin hair, although a three also works well with thicker hair types. If you ask your barber for a number one cut, you are asking them to cut your hair so it is an eighth of an inch long. If you ask for a number eight cut, the hair left on your head will be one inch. Only a fraction longer than a zero cut, a number one haircut is a very short buzz cut. The number one clipper guard is also used to create faded sides.Follow this with the Invati Men™ Scalp Revitalizer which invigorates the scalp and instantly makes hair look thicker, making it ideal for those with thinner hair who still want to go short.

How do I tell my barber a little off the top?
Tell him how much you want taken off and where “Short and long are all relative from barber to barber,” he says. So say things like “an inch off the top” or “a quarter inch off the side.” If you don’t know exactly how much you want taken off, let your barber know you don’t know.
Barbers usually opt for the size seven clipper guard for customers who are looking for a crew cut that can be styled. It’s similar to the six haircut length number before it, just with that added extra one eighth of an inch of hair. You don’t get any shorter than the zero haircut. A zero cut means your barber won’t use a clipper guard. This hairstyle is basically a skin fade or a shaved head. Let’s start with the basics. Haircut numbers are connected to the plastic guards that are attached to electric hair clippers. The majority of hair trimmers come with eight different sizes of guard.

Who is the barber to millionaire?
Bengaluru’s Ramesh Babu is called the ‘billionaire barber’ and he is arguably the owner of the biggest collection of luxury cars in India. Ramesh Babu owns around 400 luxury cars, including Rollys Royce, Mercedes Maybach, Range Rovers and Bentleys.
If you’re looking for something a little closer to a crew or brush cut as opposed to a fade, try asking for a number four haircut. Less edgy than the numbers that precede it, size four clipper guards allow for a slightly longer and more conventional cut.

Making sure your scalp is healthy is a must for any type of haircut, regardless of length. But it is especially important if you’re going for a zero or number one haircut length as both of these are so short, the scalp is visible through the hair.If you’re still looking for a stylish men’s haircut that is on the shorter side but you want more freedom to play around and create different styles – for example a side parting or a slicked back look – a number eight cut will leave you with a full inch of hair.

What does it mean when a barber says 1 or 2?
Haircut Length Numbers: The Basics The clipper guard AKA haircut number refers to the length of hair that is left after the clipper has been used, with each number representing one eighth of an inch of hair. This means that the lower the number, the shorter the hair, and vice versa.
We’re now moving firmly out of buzz cut and into crew cut territory. Like the five, this is a hairstyle that can be brushed and styled. The size six clipper guard is also often used to create a more subtle tapered side.

Telling your barber what you want doesn’t have to be difficult. But the key to leaving the salon with the haircut you had in mind is to know what to ask for. After all, your barber might be a whizz with a pair of scissors but they’re (probably) not a mindreader.
Although still very short, the popular number two clipper guard is also used for buzz cuts and fades. However, because the hair is a quarter of an inch long the scalp is not exposed in the way that it is with a zero or one cut. This makes it a good cut for guys who have thin hair or who are balding.

Who is the best barber shop in world?
Top 5 Barber Brands in the WorldBlind Barber; New York. Blind Barber is the biggest barber brand in New York City with outposts in Chicago, Philly, Los Angeles, and Miami Beach. … Sky Salon; Puerto Rico. … Bali Barber; Bali in Indonesia. … Bogdan Kovch; Ukraine. … Barba Roja; Colombia.
When you first sit down in the barber’s chair, try to give him a general description of the style you want. Are you looking for a crew cut? Are hoping you to look like Don Draper? Perhaps you want a more modern style. You might want to bring in a photo of the look you’d like to achieve. Once you’ve got this covered, you can then get into the specifics.Many thanks to Steve Hankins from Red’s Classic Barbershop in Indianapolis, IN for chatting with me and offering his barbering wisdom. If you’re in the Indianapolis area, check Red’s out. It’s a classic, manly establishment where you can get great haircuts, shoeshines, and good old fashioned hot lather shaves.

Rounded. A rounded neckline simply takes the corners off a blocked nape finish. Like the blocked neckline, the rounded nape can start to look untidy once hair starts growing below the neckline.
Layered. When you have longer hair resting on top of shorter hair, you’ve got layers, my friend. If you have thinning or balding hair, layers can give your hair the appearance of depth and volume.

If you want to avoid this fate, you have to learn how to talk to your barber. But telling a barber what you want can be intimidating for a man, especially with all the special lingo they throw around. Well, never fear. I called up registered master barber Steve Hankins from Red’s Classic Barbershop in Indianapolis, IN to get the scoop on how to confidently communicate with your barber. With his tips, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on what to say to your barber so you get exactly the haircut you want next time you plop down in that chair. Let’s get to it.
Razored. When a barber razors your hair, he uses a straight razor to trim the ends instead of scissors. “Why,” you might ask, “would I want the barber to use a straight razor to cut my hair?” First, it’s badass. Second, it helps the hair lay flatter on your head and diminishes bulk. “If you have really curly hair, you might ask your barber to trim the edges with a razor blade,” says Steve.One of the best parts of the barbershop tradition is that as you partake of this manly ritual, the barber can become your buddy, someone you’re not only comfortable with, but look forward to seeing. After awhile, all you’ll have to say when you plop down in his chair is, “Give me the usual!”Thinned out. If you have a thick, bushy mane, ask the barber to bust out the thinning shears to take some of that volume off your brain canister. Thinning shears look like regular scissors, but they have teeth that cut some hair strands and leave other strands uncut. Men with normal hair thickness will be okay getting their hair thinned every other visit to the barbershop. If you have a giant furry animal living on your head, Steve suggests getting it thinned at every visit.Blocked. A blocked nape means cutting a straight line across the natural neckline. When done correctly, your neckline will have the appearance of a squared block. If you’re self-conscious about your skinny chicken neck, a blocked nape can give you the appearance of a wider, thicker neck. If you already have the neck of a drill sergeant, go with another type of neckline. The biggest drawback with blocked napes is that they will appear untidy as the hair grows out. Once the hair begins to grow under the neckline, the new hair growth sticks out like a sore thumb. If you decide to go with the blocked neckline, it’s recommended you go back into the barber once a week to clean it up. Or better yet, learn to do it yourself.

After you’ve told the barber what you want, Steve suggests shutting your yap and listening to your barber’s suggestions. “A lot of guys come in with an idea of how they want their hair, but it’s just not possible with their hair type. Or what they’re asking for won’t look good with their face. Customers need to come in with an open mind and they have to be flexible,” says Steve. Listen to what your barber has to say and trust his expertise.

When you’re at the barber, you’ll likely hear the word “taper” thrown around quite a bit. If you’ve been nodding your head all this time and saying “Yeah, give me that!” even though you have no idea what a taper even is, here’s a quick rundown on what a taper means when it comes to haircuts. A taper gradually changes your hair length from the top of the head down to the nape of the neck. The taper usually starts off long at the top and gets shorter as you go down to the neck. The length of the taper can vary. You can have a really long taper or a short taper. Most men’s haircuts involve some sort of taper, but some men prefer that their hair length be the same all around their head. Make sure to tell the barber your preference.
Finally, tell him how you like your sideburns. Basic details you should give him include how long and how thinned out you want them. Possible sideburn lengths include:High arch. You can ask your barber to cut the arch around your ear higher into your hairline. That will leave more space between where your hairline ends and your ears begin. Men with smaller ears might consider a higher arch as it can make the ears appear larger. The disadvantage with having a higher arch is that it can look messy and awkward as your hair grows out. And if they’re too high, they make you look pretty dorky.

Tapered. Instead of creating a strong line at the nape of the neck, a tapered neckline follows the natural neckline and gradually shortens the hair as it gets closer to the bottom of the neckline. A tapered neckline can slim a wide neck. However, the biggest advantage to the tapered nape is that as your hair grows out, the neckline remains blended and neat. You won’t need frequent touch-ups as you would with a blocked or rounded nape.

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Choppy. When you need a bit of volume to your hair, ask for choppy. Choppy hair occurs when the barber uses point cutting. He’ll pick up the hair at different lengths and cut it at a 45 degree angle. You can then run product through your hair and style it as you please. The result is a nice, textured look.Many of the more modern men’s hairstyles incorporate some sort of texturing. Steve the Barber recommends using these terms with your barber if you’d like to add some texture to your hair:

After you tell your barber what general style you want, tell him exactly how much you want taken off. Don’t just say, “Give me a trim, Mac” or “Just a little off the top.” One barber’s trim is another barber’s close shave. To avoid getting your hair cut too short, Steve says to be specific with how much you want taken off. “Short and long are all relative from barber to barber,” he says. So say things like “an inch off the top” or “a quarter inch off the side.” If you don’t know exactly how much you want taken off, let your barber know you don’t know. What he’ll probably do is just cut a bit off to see if you like it. Then if you want it shorter, you can go shorter. If you’re a clippers man, memorize the numbers of the guards you use. Then you can just walk into the barber and tell him “I want a 2 on the sides and a 3 on the top.”Your relationship with your barber is like any good relationship-communication should be a two-way street. He should listen to what you’re looking for and give you feedback and advice. A good barber will ask you if you’re happy with how your hair looks as he goes along. If your barber doesn’t communicate at all and doesn’t listen to your preferences, it’s probably time to pick a new barber.

A lot of men don’t think about how their neckline looks because they hardly ever see it, but the masses of people who walk and stand behind you get to eyeball it every day. If you don’t keep it clean and trim, a great haircut can suddenly look unkempt. When choosing what sort of neckline you want, you have three options: blocked, rounded, and tapered. Each has their pros and cons.Think back to your last haircut. How’d you feel about it when you walked out of the shop? Disappointed? While your disappointing haircut might have been due to poor barbering, it’s often the case that your poor communication with the barber was at least partly to blame. Barbers can’t read minds. If you don’t tell them exactly what you want, you’re going to get whatever haircut the barber feels comfortable giving. For example, I knew an old barber (and I’m talking old) who’d give every customer a crew cut if the customer didn’t explicitly say exactly how he wanted his hair cut.

Is it OK to show barber a picture?
Bring a picture (but only of your hair) As Capizzano puts it, “barbers are visual people.” Pictures really help barbers visualize what you’re looking for in a haircut and serve as a great guide.
Natural arch. For most men, keeping their natural arch is the way to go. That’s what Steve the Barber recommends; “It just looks better,” he says. Tell the barber to keep your natural arch and he’ll just clean it up with some short trimming.Don’t miss a game this March Madness! At Off the Top Barbershop, we’ve got enough screens to make sure you never miss a play while getting your haircut. Walk-in today or call to schedule an appointment!

Who is the richest barber ever?
Bengaluru resident and barber Ramesh Babu is a billionaire. Ramesh Babu has been collecting expensive cars for over 30 years now.
Hear what people are saying about Off The Top Barbershop! We’re so thankful for the Ann Arbor community and their support. Come in today for your haircut in Ypsilanti, MI!The New Year is a great time to celebrate new beginnings! Let’s welcome 2020 together and kick the year off right with the best barbershop in Ann Arbor!Are you looking for the best haircut in Ann Arbor? Off The Top Barbershop provides excellent services and fair prices! You’ll be greeted with a smile, enjoy fun conversation, and leave with exceeded expectations. Come see us today in Ann Arbor!

What does a trim off the top mean?
I mean it’s literally how much length do you want cut off of the top. A rule of thumb is that most people’s hair grows . 5in a month so if you get your hair cut and like the length, if you come back 4 weeks later for another cut, you just ask for . 5in off the top.
I know this is a dumb question and is self explanatory, but when they do, are they asking about how much hair (in inches) I want cut off? I’ve been asked that question about around the beginning of August and, to this day it kind of confuses me.By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising.For more manageable hair, ask the barber to add some texture to the top. Texturing will thin out the bulk of your hair and is great for anyone with thicker hair.

How do I ask my barber for a haircut?
To tell your barber the haircut that you want, tell them the name of the hairstyle. More often than not, the barber knows the haircut. The other way is to describe the haircut. Indicate the length on top and how you want the sides cut or styled.
And don’t worry — different people’s hair doesn’t really grow at different rates. That’s a myth, Boston-based barber Van Capizzano at Ball and Buck told Business Insider.

There’s a catch though — the best photo you can bring in to show your barber is a picture of yourself after a haircut that you really liked. A picture of someone else’s hair doesn’t take into account your hair’s individual traits, like thickness, texture, and hair line.
Make sure to specify how sharp you want your hair’s transition from long to short to be. For no transition, ask for a shaved part (long on top, buzzed on the sides). For a more conservative style, ask for a natural or blended transition.Men with longer hair especially need to be clear about how much hair they want cut off. Most will tell the barber just to keep the hair off their collar. This gives a neat, professional look.