Paul Mcbeth 6x Disc

Genom att skicka din e-postadress i samband med din värdering eller din recension, går du med på att Discsport får använda din e-postadress till att kontakta dig beträffande recensionens status och andra administrativa ändamål. this is the must have disc in every player bag! flight is really straight with small fade. these 6x claws seems to be a bit more stable than stock versions and might have some dome on it. plastic is soft and grippy PERFECT! We were captivated by the flying disc craze of the 1970’s. To interact with a spinning disc and watch it fly is truly a beautiful thing. Our frustration at the time was over the quality of the discs that were available; flight patterns were inconsist […]

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Some differences are clear when the disc flies. You can easily see what makes a flatter, sharper-edged distance driver disc type different from a putter with a rounded edge and deep rim. One disc flight is designed to cut through the air and achieve maximum distance when thrown at high speeds. The other is designed for optimal control on short approach shots and putts.You will notice that some discs have a much more “domey” profile when you look at them from the side. Discs with more dome (especially distance drivers and fairway drivers) tend to offer more glide, but also a bit more stability. This is why you often hear pros talking about looking for a good “pop-top” disc with a lot of dome and a flight plate they can pop in with their thumb while ripping a max distance throw.

Thumb Track—Some Innova putt and approach discs like the Rhyno or Pig feature a thumb track, which will either be a raised or lowered shoulder along the upper rim profile. The Sonic has more of a grooved thumb track like you might find on a normal catch or ultimate disc. Again, it is a personal preference of some players who like the grip and control provided by a disc with a defined thumb track.A “puddle-top” disc is just the opposite. Its profile may be board flat or sometimes even a little concave on top. This can take away some stability and glide, but usually offers more control (especially in a headwind). And like with many other disc anatomy characteristics, sometimes it is just a feel thing. Some players like the feel of domey discs. Some don’t. Some like domey drivers, but prefer puddle-tops on their mids.

Understanding the different parts of a disc golf disc and how they may affect its feel and flight path can help you when figuring out which discs might be right for your game.
The rim is the outer edge of the disc and will have the biggest impact on a disc’s speed and how it flies at high and low speeds (i.e. overstability vs. understability). The rim itself has several key components that can all vary greatly from disc to disc. Each mold produced by Innova has a unique combination of rim characteristics that determine the flight numbers (speed, glide, turn, fade) and will give you a different feel in hand.Though the design of a flying disc may seem relatively simple, there is a lot of science that goes into the architecture of each mold. It’s more than just a plastic circle that magically floats through the air. Disc golf discs are molded with certain aerodynamic qualities and features to achieve very specific flight characteristics.

Does Paul McBeth push putt?
Did. So we’re gonna have the same freeze frame here you can see. He doesn’t pull it back quite as low but he still releases. It basically at the same point and it’s even straighter than paul’s motion.
Bead—Some putters and mid-range discs will have a bead, which is a defined raised edge at the bottom of the disc, where the lower rim profile meets the rim wall. This can affect the disc’s flight characteristics to some extent, but is also more of a grip/feel preference for some disc golfers. On the disc golf course, some players like a putter with a pronounced bead. Some don’t.At the very bottom center of the disc, you will find the injection point (also known as the sprue). This is where the plastic is injected into the molding machine and then shaved off during final production. The top side of the injection point is often called the “button.”

What are the 6 time Paul McBeth discs?
The 6 McBeth Line discs include Luna, Zeus, Anax, Malta, Hades, and Athena. While the 6 Discraft molds include Zone, Buzzz, Force, Undertaker, Vulture, and Heat.
The primary surface area of a disc is known as the flight plate. It’s the center of the disc. The upper flight plate is what you see when you look at the front of the disc. The bottom flight plate is the portion underneath. Both can be shaped with different thicknesses of plastic and amount of dome to provide different levels of glide or shot-shaping ability.Looking for a signature disc that will help you achieve success like Paul McBeth? Look no further than the Paul McBeth 6X McBeast ESP Heat! This disc is perfect for turnovers and roller shots, and is a great choice for players who don’t have the power of the pros. With its reliable performance and signature McBeast design, you’ll be able to play like a pro with the Paul McBeth 6X McBeast ESP Heat.We at Daddy Disc Golf will accept any item for return for any reason, so long as it is still unused (in terms of discs that means unthrown!) We do not refund shipping fees or credit card fees, and we will absolutely not issue a refund for a disc you’ve already thrown and then decided you did not wish to keep.

What is a McPro aviar?
McPro Aviar – The most popular putter in disc golf! At least based on number sold throughout the years. The disc that spawned a million variations =P. Big Bead, KC, JK, McPro, James Conrad, Yeti, Aviar3, AviarX3, VAviar, etc! This variation was to support Paul McBeth when he was with Innova.
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The Discraft Athena is a new (2022) neutral fairway driver and is the 6th disc in Paul McBeth’s signature lineup. According to McBeth, it’s a similar to the Anax, but a little slower. Based what McBeth says, it sounds like the Athena will be a neutral fairway driver. We’re guessing that the numbers will be similar to an Innova Thunderbird or Teebird 3 – both of which flight types are missing from the Discraft lineup.He’s bagging two different putter molds. PS! He always bags two putting putters, just in case one goes into the water. McBeth uses Discraft Lunas as his go-to putting putters and for throwing putters, he’s currently using Discraft Z Zones.

Paul McBeth carries ~20 discs at all times, in his latest in the bag video he showcases 11 different molds he likes to carry, meaning he has several backup discs just in case he loses one.

Do Domey discs glide more?
You will notice that some discs have a much more “domey” profile when you look at them from the side. Discs with more dome (especially distance drivers and fairway drivers) tend to offer more glide, but also a bit more stability.
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Thesedays the easiest way to buy disc golf discs is to order them from an e-shop. I ALWAYS recommend if you are looking to buy discs with reasonable price and fast shipping.Paul McBeth, from Huntington Beach, California, United States, is considered as one of the best Male Professional Open disc golf players of all-time. At the beginning of the 2021 season, McBeth signed a 10-year, $10 Million endorsement deal with Discraft, far and away the largest in the sport’s history.Paul McBeth 6X World Champion McBeast ESP Athena 7 5 0 2 ?Introducing the Athena, the sixth disc in the Paul McBeth lineup. This 7 speed driver is for control shots with a dependable fade. Similar shot shaping flight characteristics to the Anax with reliable over-stability.

What disc does Paul McBeth putt with?
Discraft Luna What Disc Golf Putters Does Paul McBeth Use? For putting putter Paul McBeth uses Discraft Luna in CT plastic.
Discraft ESP Plastic is ultra tough with outstanding grip. Offering advanced polymer plastic that’s grippier than Z line and higher durability then X line${BrandName} | ${PlasticName} | Available: ${iAvailableQty} | Price: €${nSalePrice} | ${nWeight}g | ${sPrimaryColor} {{if sAdditionalInput != “”}} | ${sAdditionalInput} {{/if}} {{if E_TagName != “”}} | ${E_TagName} {{/if}} {{if E_sStamp != ”}} | ${E_sStamp} {{/if}}

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By clicking OK you agree to allow our collection of information through cookies.At Discraft, they are so proud of Paul McBeth and all his accomplishments this past year both on and off the course. In celebration of the 6x World Champion, they will be releasing a special run of discs.

What disc does Paul McBeth use for rollers?
For midrange discs, Paul McBeth uses Malta, Big Z plastic Buzzz and Z plastic Wasp. Paul McBeth’s go-to fairway drivers are the Discraft’s Predator, Anax, Undertaker and Heat. And lastly, for distance drivers, McBeth’s using Discraft Zeus and Force.
*Please allow for one business day for us to review price match. We can not offer price matching on select reseller websites and we reserve the right to deny any price match requests at our sole discretion.Paul rounds off his 5th disc release with the Hades. A stable, maximum distance driver. Think of this as a compliment to the iconic Zeus. Controllable power that’s manageable by all skill levels.

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By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising.When do you think Discraft will release the 6x stamped discs? I’m sure they’ve been planning designs and such for months now already so I can’t imagine it’ll take too long for them to start dropping. Any ideas?

The original 4X Claw discs were released in 2019 with a reference to Paul’s 4 titles as world champion at the time. Later in 2019, Paul won his 5th World Championship title, and this became the background for the release of the 5x Claw series in 2020. Both 4X and 5X discs are highly sought after and they are sold second hand among both players and collectors for very high prices.
With the new 6X Claw series, it is the first time that Discraft prints McBeast on signature discs for Paul McBeth. The McBeast stampede is released on the disc Vulture, Heat, Zone, Buzzz, Force, and Undertaker.The design of the new discs is clearly inspired by the original 4X Claw series and a reference to Paul McBeth’s nickname “McBeast”. The total 6X Claw release contains 2 series of discs which come with a McBeast stamp and a PM Series with a slightly more muted Claw stamp.

Paul Mcbeth had to wait until 2022 instead and here too it ended in a playoff but this time against Aaron Gossage. The first hole in the playoff was decisive after Aaron’s throw ended OB and Paul could therefore be crowned 2022 PDGA Pro World Champion.With the 6X Claw series of discs Discraft pays tribute to Paul McBeth and his achievements in 2022 both on and off the court. The crowning achievement was the victory at PDGA’s Pro World Championship – the official world championship of disc golf. The victory at the world championship in 2022 is Paul McBeth’s 6th title as world champion and at the beginning of 2023 a total of 12 discs will be released with a new 6X Claw stamp to celebrate the 6-time world champion. The series will only be published this one time as a limited edition.Paul McBeth is recognized as one of the very best disc golf players in the history of the sport. Maybe even the best ever. In addition to the 6 world championships, Paul McBeth has another 4 second places from the world championships and thus a total of 10 times as number 1 or 2. He is only surpassed by Ken Climo who during the 1990s and 2000s won a total of 12 world championships in disc golf.In addition to the McBeast disc, at Paul’s request, the PM series of discs will also be released with a new design in a single standing release. These discs also carry a 6X Claw stamp with reference to previous editions of the series, albeit a bit more subdued. Here you can find discene Luna, Zeus, Anax, Malta, Hades and Athena.Many thought that Paul McBeth would win his 6th World Championship title in 2021, but he had to see himself beaten in a playoff after James Conrad forced the playoff on the 18th hole in the last round by throwing his disc into the chains from 75 meters away. James Conrad had to have the disc in the basket to prevent Paul McBeth from winning, and he did. The throw has subsequently become known as “The Holy Shot” and perhaps the most important throw in the history of the disc golf world championships.The Paul McBeth 6X Claw series of discs is a tribute to the 6th PDGA disc golf world championship that Paul won in 2022. Release time is 3. February 2023 at 06:01 (morning – DK Time)

What zone does Paul McBeth throw?
The Zone Elite-Z 5x Paul McBeth Golf Disc will hold the line without flipping on long approach shots and holds up great in strong wind. The Zone delivers very consistent slow flights, ideal for skip approaches, spike hyzers and forehand approaches. This is the x5 Paul McBeth Zone folks!
This site was created to showcase professional disc golf players and the discs they throw. Through seeing all of the information in a simple structure, it can inform how we can build out our own bags to improve our games or experiment with new playing styles.The Luna is a new putter co-designed from start to finish with Paul McBeth. The Luna features a new and unique plastic blend, combining the fan favorites of Jawbreaker and the durability and extra tackiness of rubber. The melding and firming process of these two materials makes for a great feel in the hand and gives the utmost confidence on the course. The Luna is a great neutral flying putter, making it a staple for heavily wooded and open style courses. This control allows The Luna to take advantage of any angle or putting style and showcase it at its full potential.

What does OTB mean in disc golf?
Only The Best Discs – Only the Best Discs.
You may have noticed the flight numbers on the Luna have been updated. This is to better reflect the true flight of Luna, the disc mold has not changed.Paul McBeth is now a 6x World Champion and with that comes the brand new 6 Claw discs from Discraft. With two different stamp offerings among 12 molds, you can find the Discraft mold that is perfect for your bag.

The 6x World Champion Paul McBeth discs come in Swirly ESP plastic that is accentuated by the claw stamp work. The 6 McBeth Line discs include Luna, Zeus, Anax, Malta, Hades, and Athena. While the 6 Discraft molds include Zone, Buzzz, Force, Undertaker, Vulture, and Heat.
Here is what Innova has to say about the mold: “The Aviar Putt & Approach is our most popular disc model and the number one putter in disc golf. It is versatile and is dependable in all conditions. A must have disc for any serious competitor’s bag. This is the beadless model that provides an excellent grip. It is a straight flier with a predictable finish.”There are a whole lot of world champions crowned while throwing the Aviar. Definitely the most accomplished putter in the disc golf history books… for now Grab a variation made for the most accomplished current player with the McPro Aviar.