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Underlayer hair color, also known as the peekaboo or color blocking trend, is the perfect way to have that pop of fun color without the full commitment. These combos can be as subtle or as in your face as you want through using different placements and color palettes.Spicing up natural brown tones with a thick underlayer of bright red is a fun way to completely change your look. With this vibrancy you’ll be sure to turn heads your way!

What is the difference between peekaboo and halo hair?
The main difference between the two collections is that the Peekaboo Halo® extensions are meant to be worn to only add a pop color to your hair whereas the regular 16” Halo extensions are much thicker & are a one-and-done solution to adding both volume and length to your hair.
This fun assortment of underlayer hair styles offers awesome ways to change up you or your client’s look. Stepping aside from a solid hair color and adding a pop of something bright and bold can take any head of hair to the next level.

A money piece is a bold pop of color in the front perfect for someone feeling a little brave but still not looking to fully commit to a color. This look is using two tones of color in the hairline to give a layered effect.
Adding multiple colors is such an exciting way to bring out your creative side. These different hues combined create the perfect color melt to show off under any hair color.Have fun with it and never stray from letting your creative side shine through. Hopefully, I can inspire some exciting new looks in the future on my Instagram vanity_byrose. I am fortunate enough to have awesome clients that give me the gift of creating hair art every day. Come check me out, I can’t wait to see all your fun and exciting new looks.

Purple is the perfect starter color for anyone wanting to dip their toes in the vivid hair color world. Goes perfectly with any natural color and with a placement like this, it looks awesome in a braided style.
Silver and black are such a satisfying pairing. Another example of the halo technique was used, where the silver color was applied around the hair line to ensure it pops from the top and underneath.For those short cuts that want a fun added color, this trend is perfect. In this look, the pop of color was placed under short layers and will always be visible no matter the style. There is no end to the amount of creativity that can go into these hairstyles! Here are 20 different fun under layer hair color looks that are guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye. This subtle piece of hair dyed canary yellow really makes this awesome haircut even more awesome. An edgy cut is always paired best with an edgy color.Dark hair with this gorgeous glowing icy white blonde popping underneath can give you the best of both worlds without the trouble of high maintenance. No need to worry about roots when they’re hiding underneath!Not only do these colors complement each other so well, but this placement is so different from the norm. The bold line of yellow on the ends is such a way to express creativity.

There is nothing more fun than rainbow hair. This technique of mid layer color can even look almost iridescent when you see the pops of rainbow coming through your natural base color.
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Is Halo hair worth the money?
The 8 reasons why you should invest in a Halo Hair Extension are: Won’t damage your hair; So you can have perfect hair now while your own hair grows. Quick and easy to use; you’ll have thick long hair in seconds – every day. Long lasting; they last between 2-4 times longer than ordinary hair extensions.
Who hasn’t always wanted to be a mermaid? These dreamy multi-color peekaboo highlights allow you to be just that. The purple and blue colors look beautiful next to dark hair, although this look would be just as magical on lighter hair as well. You can wear your hair down to hide the color—but why would you want to?You’d think at first sight that this adorable bob was an impressive bleach-and-tone, but one toss of the head or flip of the hair and you’ll catch sight of a vibrant cotton candy blend peeking out from below. Bodt recommends using color conditioners to keep your contrasting tone vibrant and long-lasting.Price: This all depends on how much contrast you’re looking for. It may be the same as the cost of full or partial highlights at your salon, so consult with your colorist first.These delicate blue highlights look beautiful against dark hair that is lightly layered with beachy waves. Baby peekaboo highlights are a versatile way to get in on this colorful trend. This highlighter yellow hue is hard to miss, even with its peekaboo placement. Any colors surrounding the top layers of your face frame are sure to stand out. Kim Possible fans will love these Shego-inspired green and black highlights. A subtle wave and tuck behind the ear is all you need to display this beautiful hue.

Highlights are a classic foundation for many of our hair color goals. Be it a naturally blended blonde or an allover color change, highlights are the route that take us where we want to go. Peekaboo highlights are the latest color trend taking over our feeds, and they’ve been used in a variety of ways. Whether you want to add a pop of bright, bolder color into your natural hue or give some added interest to your updos, the playful placement of this color trend is what makes it so fun and unique.
Traditional peekaboo highlights are under the top layer of your hair. Your colorist may pin the top layer of your hair up, and apply the color to the underneath portion so it “peeks” out. You can also apply delicate or “baby” highlights for pops of color around your face or at the ends of your hair for a subtle peek of color. While still in the orange family, these pumpkin spice highlights are much more subtle than the bright orange highlights above. This color would look beautiful on auburn or brunette hair. Peekaboo “skunk” highlights are one of the hottest trends of the year. They manage to be both edgy, yet also totally wearable. You can pull your hair up to show off the gray, or wear your hair down if you want only a hint of gray to show up.A microweave can offer babylights for any shade of blonde or hint of playful color. But it’s weaving just beneath the surface of the hair that allows for those peekaboo moments where your color can peek through and offer some interesting dimension.

Often worn beneath the surface, around the face, or gradually tinted from front to back, peekaboo highlights are an impactful, pleasantly unexpected surprise to any hair color or style. We tapped expert colorists on the best way to wear this trend.

If you want to give the illusion of peekaboo highlights without the high maintenance color job, rely on your preexisting grown-out highlights to do the trick. By switching up your parting and pulling the hair up into a faux bob, it’ll look as though you’ve got an intentional round of peekaboo highlights effortlessly grazing your ends.Make sure you are using a shampoo that is made for color-treated hair. Avoid shampoos with sulfates, or those that are labeled as “clarifying” as they can fade your hair.

Playing with pops of color doesn’t have to be a fully highlighted effort. “Peekaboo highlights are the perfect way to try out a fun color!” says Tang. This burst of purple is a total surprise, hanging off to one side of the hair.
Due to its large molecule size, red hair color fades the fastest and will often start to fade in two weeks. Purple also fades fairly fast, and it may turn to a pink before it fades completely. To maintain your bright color, use a shampoo for color-safe hair and don’t wash your hair every day.If you want a pop a color that you can easily hide, these purple rain highlights will be right up your alley. The highlighted section is kept underneath, hidden underneath your top layer of hair. To show off your highlights, wear it half-up, in a ponytail or in a chic top knot.

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This peekaboo orange gives us major sunset vibes. The platinum blonde hair and orange highlights are the perfect pair. This is a bold look, however you can ask for more subtle highlights if you want to tame it down a bit.
These neon highlights are the opposite of subtle—and we love it! These bold colors may fade fast unless you make sure you are washing with color-safe shampoo.If you opt for bright peekaboo highlights, be prepared to touch up the color as it starts to fade. Some shades of color will fade faster than other shades. You will also need to make sure you use color-safe shampoo to keep your color bright.

What is the most low maintenance hair?
The most low-maintenance haircuts are very short haircuts like pixies and cuts with long layers that make styling easy and don’t require a ton of salon maintenance. While you’ll still need to see your stylist every few months to keep your cut looking its best, you can go longer between appointments.
If you can’t settle on just one color….why not pick them all? These rainbow peekaboo highlights are truly Instagram worthy! These do require a colorist that is experienced in these type of highlights. The darker your natural hair color, the more it will need to be pre-lightened before hand for the brighter colors.These blocks of blue add a fun peekaboo moment to dreaded hair, no matter how they’re styled. Worn up or down, a hint of blue gradients can be seen casually yet thoughtfully placed throughout.

As if a bright blue wouldn’t blow anyone away with its outspoken hue, the peekaboo placement against naturally lighter hair tones is sure to give major impact to your ‘do.
The beauty of adding some peekaboo color into natural texture, especially when brushed out as seen here, is that those little color moments will really spread out as each curl separates, giving the illusion that larger chunks of hair have been painted. “If you are going super light,” says Bodt, “lay off the super-tight hair ties and say hello to scrunchies and jaw clips to avoid tight tension that can cause breakage.”The pink-tinted tendrils may be front and center, but amid a full head of healthy, naturally dark curls, they’re a peekaboo highlight that’s sure not to be missed.

Peekaboo highlights don’t have to be woven by definition. These blondie splices are fully highlighted chunks that lie just beneath the darker strands at the surface for a most interesting contrast.

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Peekaboo highlights are called like so for the obvious reason – they are trying to give you that ‘peekaboo’ moment. These are applied underneath the top layer of your hair, and they are not as easy to spot once you wear your hair down. However, once you put it in a ponytail these highlights will be quite visible. They are also easy to spot if you go for a wavy hairstyle. This is why most women prefer getting bright-colored peekaboo highlights – they will look amazing with that pop of color.

Are you thinking about switching your hair color? How about you consider getting some peekaboo highlights? These are a huge trend at the moment, and it seems like they will stay around for quite some time. Keep on reading and explore different highlights down below that will suit you!
The choice is up to you! There are no strict rules since it is your hair, meaning that you can do anything you want to it. Consider going for red, bright orange, hot pink, blue, green, or yellow (try to make it pop if that’s your preferred style).Peekaboo highlights can be worn by anyone! You can go for a dramatic neon color that is party-perfect, or you can go for a light beige or blonde if you are a minimalistic person. Natural & more neutral colors are office-friendly and perfect for women who can’t do a dramatic change with their hair at work.

In the end, which one hairstyle is a must-have in your opinion? Let us know your top pick when it comes to these 50 hairdos, we would love to know your favorite. This cool-toned masterpiece by hairstylist Cherin Choi is just blonde enough but not too light that it would look out of place when her naturally darker roots start growing out, as evidenced by the before photo. Try as we might, whenever we sit down in that salon chair to get our hair colored, we can’t help but feel as though we’ve signed our soul over to monthly touch-ups or hiding grown-out roots. The commitment made after getting a high-maintenance color is unlike any other outside the bond of matrimony. When the roots start showing, we’re not always booked at the salon that week, nor do we eagerly anticipate the task. So we’ve been thinking: Why don’t we just color our hair strategically in ways that blend with our natural hair and eliminate the endless hours (and dollars) spent at the salon for upkeep? These low-maintenance hair colors show the types of highlights and shades that can make your life just a tiny bit easier. It’s officially time to turn those salon trips from monthly to seasonal.You might think any bright hair color like this chic mauve by hairstylist Kim Pham would be high-maintenance, but when executed with an ombré effect so that it appears at the bottom half of the hair follicles, it can easily be grown out or cut if you want something new without another color job.

Blonde hair dye is notorious for its difficult upkeep, but this look by hairstylist Cherin Choi starts with a warm honey base that will look much more natural as it grows out.

Once you’ve found the low-maintenance hair color that best works for you, be sure to care for it correctly between appointments. Color-safe shampoo and conditioner in conjunction with not washing your hair every day are must-do steps between appointments, hair colorist Lacey Coleman says. If you can avoid using heat tools above 375°F your color will thank you, she adds.
Hairstylist Cherin Choi dubbed this dreamy color golden brunette. These subtle honey highlights will easily grow out without the need for constant touch ups.Would you believe this cool color job by Guy Tang is actually a year old? This is proof that when done well, even face-framing highlights will look stunning grown-out. Hairstylist Kim Pham gave this client a fresh haircut that totally updated the look without the need for more color.

You might think that highlights this bright on brunette hair would not be low-maintenance, but hairstylist Jaye Edwards used a technique that will make this look beautiful over time. Since he started with a root shadow, her roots are still dark, therefore it will look natural as her hair grows out.
If you’re just dipping your toes in the hair color water, even the smallest change can have big impact. These minimal highlights by hairstylist Cherin Choi added dimension to this natural look, and there’s no commitment to keep them up after they grow out. Instead of trying to go from brunette to blonde, which would require tons of maintenance, a transitional color job like this soft bronde by hairstylist Cherin Choi is the ideal way to lighten up without such a big commitment. Ribbons of copper highlights immediately warm up any brunette look, as hairstylist Sue Tyrrell showcases here. You can tell she kept the client’s natural color as a base, so the grow-out will be effortless.

Delicate babylights add a sunkissed glow throughout the natural curls in this look by hairstylist Jaye Edwards. Since he didn’t start the highlights at the scalp but rather wove them in naturally throughout the hair, there won’t be an awkward line where you can tell her hair started to grow out.
Using a tri-layer system, when the hair is knotted, the knots are below the silk concealed between the layers, the hair is then injected through the silk material making the knots 100% invisible, giving the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your scalp.

You can cancel the order as long as your order status is not set to “shipped”. However, all the cancellations will be subject to a 10% handling fee. Please be sure to contact our customer representative if you want to cancel your order.
Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list here at UniWigs. To better our customer shopping experience, we have refined our return and exchange policies. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for up to 30 days after delivery if they are eligible products and remain in their original packaging.

Product details of your order may only be modified within 24 business hours from being placed as long as your order status is not set to “shipped.” Please be noted that we cannot change the product specifications of your order after 24 business hours from being placed.
Submitted reviews, images and video become the licensed property of UniWigs. Videos may be edited for length. Your submission will be reviewed and posted as soon as possible.When you wear your hair down, the highlights are covered up. To show off your fresh hair color you can do quite a few different fun styles. A half up hairstyle will show your peekaboo highlights nicely; one of our favorite half up styles is this triple dutch braid. You can also do a vintage ponytail; make sure to comb your hair so that the highlights are shown.

Into red hues? Go for this auburn tone for a sun-kissed look that’s super natural and easy to wear. We love the way these brunette and red hues blend together to create a gorgeous and dimensional fiery brown look.

You can’t ever go wrong with highlights on straight hair. This silky smooth look draws extra attention to your peekaboo highlights and gives them a real chance to shine.
Try out a mask, like Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose 2-Minute Magic Masque, which works to provide your hair with deep moisture, leaving your hair looking healthy.

Give your color an instant lift. Style hair into a voluminous curly style to draw even more attention to your freshly colored look.This is a gorgeous look for anyone with natural coils and curls.
To make sure you keep your hot new color totally perfect, have a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to use when you get home from the salon. We like Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo and Conditioner to help keep our colored hair vibrant and healthy. You’ll also need to incorporate a weekly hair mask into your hair care regimen since bleaching treatments can do damage to your hair.Looking to wear your highlights long-term? Opt for copper highlights. This hue works no matter the season and mixes perfectly with a deep brown base for a dimensional peekabo highlights look you will love.

You don’t have to settle for a drastic change. Muted tones can work wonders. We love the mix of colors here and the way the blonde highlights peek out from underneath the brown base.
If you want to play around with bold hair colors but don’t want anything that’s super distracting, peekaboo highlights may be the way to go. Adding color to the underneath section of your hair is really fun because you can still show off bright hues without worrying about the extra upkeep of dyeing your whole head. Plus, you can easily show off the highlights in updos and braided styles.Icy hues are having a moment. Mix it into your look for a nice frosty glow to get in on the OG version of the peekaboo highlights trend. This is a great way to experiment before going full out with icy hair colors.

Your stylist will first ask you where you normally part your hair so they can get the correct placement for your peekaboos. After brushing through your hair and sectioning it off into manageable areas, your stylist can start on the highlights. Working from the bottom up, bleach will then be applied to small sections to lighten the hair. Usually, the foil will be used so that the bleach doesn’t transfer to hair that isn’t meant to be dyed. To make sure they are peekaboo-style highlights, they usually stop about an inch away from your part so a layer of hair will cover them. Peekaboo highlights are a great way to add bright colors to your style or warm up your look overall. Keep scrolling to check out our favorite peekaboo highlight looks. Peekaboo highlights are a fun way to add pops of color to your look. If you’re feeling adventurous, add neon blue and green peekaboo highlights for an unexpected look. These shades look best on dark hair colors.Peekaboo highlights are highlights that are generally applied to your hair underneath the top layer, so that when you wear your hair down with your normal parting, you don’t see them. They are usually applied towards the front of the head, no closer than an inch or so down from your natural part.

Give your bob a more lived-in feel with a textured wavy bob style. As we mentioned above, a wavy hairstyle is a great way to show off your peekaboo highlights and give them a chance to shine.
A wavy style can change your entire look in an instant. This style is ideal for peekaboo highlights as the wave allows the highlights to peek out even more and make more of an impact.Peekaboo highlights are all the rage in the hair world. These hidden highlights are the subtle sister to the hidden rainbow hair we love so much. But we know you may still be asking, what’s the deal with peekaboo highlights, and could they work for me? We’ve got all the information you want to know about this awesome hair dye technique. Read on to learn more about peekaboo highlights to see if they could be a good hair color choice for you. Give your short hairstyle a new look with peekaboo highlights. Flip the color story and opt for a rooted peekaboo look. This mix of brunette and blonde is the perfect combination for some subtle yet impactful dimension. Before heading to the salon, decide how many peekaboo highlights you want and in what color. Do you want to go super subtle or totally change up your look? At the salon, ask your stylist for peekaboo highlights, describing your preferences. Make sure you both agree on the look before starting the dyeing process.ROSE VERSAGA is a Writer & Editor at Sitting Pretty with a focus on hair care, skin care and wellness. With a Bachelor in Education from UCLM she has a large portfolio of published works in publications such as Organic Cosmetica, Skin Over Everything and Beauty Heroes, just to name a few.

Is peekaboo hair still in style?
Peekaboo highlights are all the rage in the hair world. These hidden highlights are the subtle sister to the hidden rainbow hair we love so much.
On the flip-side: halo hair extension’s NUMBER ONE benefit is that it can’t in anyway damage your hair. Whatsoever! This is because it’s not attached to your hair. Which means you can continue to maintain your beautiful locks in their au natural state. All the whilst you’re rocking perfect, long, thick hair. You’ve probably tried them. If not, you have probably heard of them. And with that in mind you’re aware of the price, and regular upkeep that comes with the commitment to luscious long locks. We have 2 lengths (16 inches and 20 inches) with 17 unique colours and blends to suit every girl. And we have 3 thicknesses for each length and colour to help you achieve the look you want;The same old hair style can become dull and boring. And pretty damn lifeless… However the length, volume and style that halo hair extensions can provide you with means you have MORE hair to play with

Youchoose your Halo Hair Extensionon our website as you normally would.Add your selected Halo to your shopping cart. If you need help choosing your colour you can use our free colour matching service!In the checkout just selectZipas your preferred payment option. You’ll be redirected to to confirm your order. It’s as easy as that!

What is the most low maintenance hair color?
Low-Maintenance Hair Colors That Let You Skip the Salon01 of 10. Golden Brunette. Instagram/@mizzchoi. … 02 of 10. Highlights with Root Shadow. Instagram/@jaye_edwards. … 03 of 10. Soft Bronde. … 04 of 10. Pearl Ash Blonde. … 05 of 10. Warm Blonde. … 06 of 10. Sunkissed Babylights. … 07 of 10. Cool Beige Blonde. … 08 of 10. Champagne Mauve.
Hair Extensions can sometimes look very Amy Winehouse circa 2008. This is one of our pet-hates of hair extensions. Here’s the thing; one of our halo’s best features is that it looks completely natural! No one will see it. Ever.Thick, long, luscious hair just got easier. With ZipPay you can buy your halo hair extensions with 4 easy bi-weekly instalments. This way you can have dream hair now, and pay for it later.

With ordinary hair extensions like weaves, beads, tapes as your hair grows out the extensions will become obvious and visibly noticeable. You’ll need to visit the salon where you got your extensions from to “take them up”.
Ordinary hair extensions, like the ones listed above, can cause a huge amount of stress to the hair follicles. And over time this leads to a hair breakage, and in severe cases, bald spots.Forget about those hour long salon trips to have your tapes re-installed, weaves re-tightened…re-WHATEVER! Or an extra 45 minutes of placing individual clips through your hair before girls night out.

The Halo lasts as long as you let it. With good maintenance of your Halo Hair, it can last from anywhere from 6 – 24 months. We advertise 6-12 months. But we often get customers coming back after 3+ years purchasing new ones.
On the other hand, a halo hair extension provides so much flexibility. You can put it on and take it off in a matter of seconds. With ease. And absolutely no damage to your own hair.

Is peekaboo hair high maintenance?
Peekaboo highlights are a great low-maintenance, less-damaging option for anyone who wants to play around with brighter colors without fully committing.
And then, once you’ve seen their reasoning you can make your own mind up. Because the thing is this; halo extensions are incredible. I’m not gonna lie.Maintenance is super easy too… Caring for you Halo is SO easy that you’ll be able to wash it, blow dry it, comb it and watch the Bachelor all at the same time. On the flip side; our halo is a one off investment. With no pricey maintenance! Which saves you buckets of cash in the long run. To spend on margaritas (what else?) A combination of both the weight and strain of permanent extensions such as Weaves, Tapes and Microbeads can eventually cause the hair to fall out. This is known as Traction Alopecia.

That’s a great question. And again, it’s not a black and white answer. Because there’s a place for everything. That’s why we wrote ‘What Halo Extensions Are And Why They Are Different.’

So whether you’re going straight from work to dinner with the girls, or you just want that extra bit of lushness to get that style you always wanted; the Sitting Pretty halo shaped hair extension is the PERFECT accessory to get you there.And you’re in luck because our halo is super comfortable. If you’re prone to headaches then you may feel something as you’re adjusting to wearing them. But with ordinary hair extensions you would be experiencing headaches even if you’re not prone to them. I thought I’d sneak this in for you. It’s definitely worth mentioning. Why? Because if you’re like most of our customers then you’ll probably wear yours most days of the week. So comfort is important or you won’t wear it. Go to to set up your account- it’s quick and easy!Add your halo extensions to your basket.Choose ZipPay at checkout. You’ll be redirected to the website to confirm the order. Simple!

Although we can’t guarantee delivery times we recommend you place your order promptly, choose Express Shipping, and email our team with 1-3 hair-selfies so that we can confirm your colourmatch before your parcel is shipped. We’ll also ensure your parcel is shipped as soon as absolutely possible.
This is normal for international purchases. We don’t collect or benefit from these taxes. The customs fee is not part of the shipping fee. Shipping is charged by the courier, and customs is charged by the local government.The courier may pay these fees in advance on your behalf in order to clear customs faster. You may then be required to pay these fees prior to being able to receive the delivery. The rate of these fees are applied by your country and we are unable to advise on how much they might be.

The Sitting Pretty Halo is technically classified as a Hair Extension. But it’s so different! And it’s the best option for achieving either length, volume or both – in literally seconds.
Our halo hair extension doesn’t just provide length. It provides an amazing amount of volume too. Especially important for those who have delicately thin hair and would LOVE volume that’s a little more Beyonce. Please note, we provide estimated shipping time frames on our website. These are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Sometimes delivery is faster than these estimates, and sometimes (on rare occasions) they can be much slower. Please keep this in mind. 3. During checkout just select Klarna as your preferred payment option. You’ll be redirected to or the app to confirm your order. That’s it!Zip is an Australian company founded in 2014, servicing over 14 international markets. They provide consumers with access to transparent, flexible and interest free credit.

I’m not gonna tell you why “You MUST get a halo extension!” But I’ll share with you the reasons why tens of thousands of girls choose Sitting Pretty halo hair extension every year.

If it’s your first time using AfterPay, the first instalment will be automatically charged to the card you provide at checkout. And then again in fortnightly cycles after that.
Shipping time varies depending on your location and whether you choose Express or Standard Shipping. See our shipping information page for more details. Most hair extensions will last about about 6 months. MAX. Because you wear them in your hair constantly. You sleep with them. Gym with them. Shower with them. Our Halo Hair Extensions Shampoo is specially formulated to enhance your Sitting Pretty Halo’s lifespan and softness. It is completely colour-safe and won’t damage your Halo like some other shampoos and conditioners do.We offer free shipping which means we pay for the cost of delivery. But international customers may be responsible for paying duties and taxes to local customs authorities.

Is peekaboo hair trendy?
Peekaboo highlights are the latest color trend taking over our feeds, and they’ve been used in a variety of ways. Whether you want to add a pop of bright, bolder color into your natural hue or give some added interest to your updos, the playful placement of this color trend is what makes it so fun and unique.
Can I use ZipPay to buy halo hair extensions and pay it off over time?How do I buy halo extensions with ZipPay?Am I eligible to use ZipPay to buy my halo extensions?How do I set up a ZipPay account?Can I use ZipPay to buy my halo hair extensions and pay it off over time?

Can you sleep in halo hair?
We do not recommend sleeping with your Luxy Hair Halo® extensions in, as this can be quite uncomfortable, and may cause tangles within your extensions and your own hair. Since they only take a few minutes to apply, and seconds to remove, please do this daily to maintain the integrity of the hair.
For your convenience, our website will calculate your fortnightly payments just below the ‘add to cart’ button. That way you’re well aware of what the repayments will look like.Since I wanted something on the subtler side, Cindy sectioned off a few, fine strands of hair around my neck to bleach to a pale blonde. (Note: Brighter shades won’t show up on dark hair unless it’s lightened first.) While my hair was processing, she mixed a palette of red, orange, turquoise and indigo blue gloss with an ashy grey gloss to tone them down a bit. We were going for an “oil-slick” effect rather than a Lisa Frank one (though I see that in my near future).Their popularity lies in their versatility. Though peekaboo highlights are most often applied to the underlayer of your hair, so that when you wear it down you don’t see them, you can also have them frame your face, just on one side, in baby-fine strands or in bigger blocks of color.

What is a peekaboo hair color?
Peekaboo hair color is when color is applied to your bottom layer of hair. When you run your fingers through your hair, the hue beneath “peeks” through your top layer of hair to reveal a pop of color.
Several hours, a thorough shampoo and one masterful blowout later, I emerged from the salon with cascading mermaid waves and a hidden surprise of highlights that reminded me of a desert sunset. The colors blended in seamlessly with the rest of my hair, making a quick appearance only when I moved or tucked my hair behind my ears.

Shortly after saving a few (dozen) of my favorite photos to my phone, I found myself in the chair at Nova Arts Salon in Los Angeles. My stylist, Cindy Pak, and I looked through the photos together and decided on an underlayer of rainbow shades that would melt into my naturally dark hair.
Pre-lockdown, in early 2020, I had a shoulder-skimming lob and fresh fringe; by the summer of 2021, my hair reached my mid-back and my bangs had become long layers. I was ready for a change, but not ready for anything too drastic.

Do halos damage your hair?
Unlike like permanent or clip in hair extensions, Halo Hair Extensions do not damage your hair. In fact, not only do Halo Hair Extensions not damage your hair, but they’re also better for hair that is already damaged.
My take? Peekaboo highlights are a great low-maintenance, less-damaging option for anyone who wants to play around with brighter colors without fully committing. It’s a style that can be as showy or as subtle as you want it to be depending on your plans for the day–and what could be better than that?