Penn Fc Spring Warm Up

ALL U15-U19 GAMES WILL BE PLAYED ON TURF FIELDS. U13-U14 TEAMS WILL PLAY A MINIMUM OF 2 GAMES ON TURF FIELDS; WITH MOST TEAMS PLAYING ALL GAMES ON TURF FIELDSThe Spring Warm Up provides an excellent competitive experience for teams at all levels as they return to the field in the spring. The event also provides older players with an opportunity to get in front of college coaches early in the spring.

The Spring Warm-Up is an early spring soccer tournament in central Pennsylvania for male and female age groups U09-U19. All teams are guaranteed 3 games. Access to turf fields has been expanded. Friday evening games on lighted turf fields possible for interested teams. This event is designed to provide a competitive tournament environment to help prepare teams for spring cups and league play.
All players on a team must wear the same colored jerseys and each jersey must be numbered distinctively with no number being repeated. Teams are requested to bring alternate jerseys. Where both teams have the same color jersey, the team listed first in the game schedule will be designated as the home team and the home team will be asked to change their jersey. All players must wear shin guards when playing in a match. Socks must be worn in the pulled up position covering the shin pads or guards and shirts/jerseys must be tucked into the shorts. Goalkeeper jerseys must be distinct from the jerseys of the outfield players on both teams.A size 4 ball will be used for U9 to U12 games; U13 to U19 age groups will use a size 5 ball. Each team should provide a game quality ball to the referee prior to the start of a game.*Showcase Format: Teams will play three games on the weekend with no final. Each team will play a single game on one day of competition and two games on the other day of competition.

Teams must register electronically by uploading scanned images of their player passes, roster, and Permission to Travel (if needed) to Further instructions on this electronic registration process will be provided one month before tournament. Each team must submit their credentials to the Tournament Director to include:
Teams are expected to play at the scheduled starting time for each game. If a team has seven (7) players available, play will begin. Any team more than ten (10) minutes late will forfeit the game. The other team will be given six (6) points for the win, plus four (4) bonus points for a win by a 3-0 and a shutout. No refunds will be issued after a team is accepted into the tournament. If a team must withdraw before the acceptance list is posted, a refund equal to the tournament fee minus $50, will be issued to the team as quickly as reasonably possible. The tournament reserves the right to issue refunds by check or credit card as it deems appropriate, regardless of the method of payment used to submit the tournament fee. Any refund checks issued will be sent to the team contact listed in the team’s gotsoccer profile. Please be sure this information is up to date. All teams are guaranteed 3 games unless weather or field conditions or circumstances beyond the control of the Tournament Director dictate cancellation of games. Medals will be awarded to U9 – U14 Teams Champions and Finalist.

In the event of a forecast of severe weather conditions or other events that would require the Tournament Committee to cancel the tournament, team contacts as specified on the Registration Form in Gotsoccer will be notified by email and/or phone of the cancellation prior to the tournament start. If the tournament is cancelled prior to the start a full refund minus $150 (cancellation fee for incurred administrative costs) will be provided. A prorated refund at the discretion of the Tournament Committee will be provided if the tournament is cancelled after it begins.The Tournament will be played in accordance with FIFA rules and adhere to USYS age group and number of players changes, with the following additions and exceptions.

Teams will play three games on the weekend without a playoff or final game. Each team will play two games on one day of the competition and two games on the other day of competition.
The number of points accumulated will determine the order of finish and bracket placements. The calculation of points by GotSoccer will be the final authority on results.U9, U10, and U11 games will have one center referee. All other games will be, if tournament scheduling allows, officiated under the three (3) referee system (one center referee and two assistant referees).

Tournament brackets in all age groups will be organized to provide the best competitive environment possible for all teams. Typically, competition is set up in 4, 5, 6 or 8 team divisions with one or two brackets per division depending on the number of teams and the competitive level of those teams.

Note: The Tournament reserves the right to adjust referee coverage for games as needed. For any reasons beyond the Tournament’s control, any and all referee assignment(s) may be adjusted — including the type of referee system.
The Spring Warm-Up uses multiple tournament sites, and it is possible that the specific rules for use of some sites will differ slightly from those of others. All teams, coaches, and parents are expected to respect the rules of their site of competition and other sites they might visit during the event. The following rules apply to the use of ALL tournament sites without exception:

Any game which must be stopped due to unplayable field conditions will be resumed as soon as possible at a time and field location designated by the Tournament Committee. The referee and Tournament Director are the only individuals that can determine if the field is unplayable. If games cannot be played during the time frame defined by the tournament, the games will not be rescheduled and standings will be determined by all other games played.
A team whose player is ejected may not replace the ejected player with a substitute, nor may an ejected player return to the game from which he or she was ejected as a substitute for another player.This tournament is open to boys and girls teams in the U9 to U19 age groups. U9/U10 ages play 7v7 with a maximum roster size of 14 players and will be using USYS Standards for play with build out lines, no heading, and no punting, U11/U12 age teams play 9v9 with a maximum roster size of 18 players and will be using USYS Standards, and remaining age groups U13-U19 play 11v11 with a maximum roster size of 22 (only 18 players may dress per game). No player may be rostered or play on more than one team competing in the tournament.The Referee or Field Marshall may request a coach to surrender player passes and coach passes to the Field Marshal or the referee prior to the start of the game. Should the coach fail to comply prior to the start of the game, the team will forfeit that game immediately. The passes will be returned after the game.

In the event it in necessary to issue refunds, the refund will be sent to the person listed as the primary team contact in your team’s gotsoccer account. If the tournament is cancelled, a credit to a future Penn FC Youth tournament may be offered.
For play-off games and finals, all games that are tied a full time will proceed directly to a penalty shootout (described above) to determine the winner. Only the players on the field at full time are eligible to participate in the shootout. Penalty Kick Procedure will follow the process laid out in Section 15.

No protests will be entertained. All penalties will be handled by the Tournament Director of designate, who will have the right to exclude a team, coach, or player(s) not acting in accordance with the Tournament rules. The decision of the Director is final.We’ve detected that JavaScript is disabled in this browser. Please enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser to continue using You can see a list of supported browsers in our Help Center.

Costs are based on year-round play (11 months). Each team’s fees vary based on tournament, league and coaching fees. Each team’s individual cost for the 2023-2024 season is only an estimated amount and based on a team’s full year participation, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each team provides a yearly budget that will be used to create the final cost for the team. Many teams fundraise to assist with tournament costs, which will reduce the estimated amounts provided. Each player will also pay an initial club registration fee (included in the estimated cost).This is the 2012 Girls Spirit’s second championship this season, having topped their EDP division with a 7-0-1 record in the Fall season and now winning their first tournament of the Spring. The 2011 Boys Strikers continue to pursue their first championship of the season, aiming to win their EDP division this Spring and to capture 1st place in their next tournament.

Community First Soccer (CFS) is entering its 8th year as a club, providing an inclusive soccer school dedicated to developing exceptional soccer players, disciplined students, and good people in a joyful and professional sporting environment. CFS is based in Union and Maplewood, NJ with students residing mainly in the towns of Maplewood, South Orange, Union, Millburn, West Orange, and Springfield. Our club is open to students year-round, with competitive teams, developmental teams, group training, school break & summer camps, recreational soccer, kids soccer, in-school soccer and special needs soccer programs. We invite you to join our community and grow your passion for “the beautiful game”.
More important than the championships won/lost are the memories made and bonds created among our players, coaches, and families that stayed in a hotel together. The teams shared meals, swam together in the pool, held joint tactical sessions and cheered each other on at games, providing an enriching experience that brought our community closer together, sharing the common goal of winning the tournament, while having a great time on the journey.The Spirit were tournament champions with a 3-0-0 record and 12 goals-for vs 5 goals-against. The Strikers finished as finalists with a 2-0-1 record and 16 goals-for vs 2 goals-against. The Community First Soccer (CFS) 2011 Boys Strikers and 2012 Girls Spirit traveled to Harrisburg, PA on March 18-19th, to participate in the Penn FC Spring Warm Up tournament. Both teams dominated their divisions with the 2012 Girls Spirit winning the championship, defeating ENCO United (PA) in the final, while the 2011 Boys Strikers won two games and tied a third before being narrowly defeated for the tournament championship in an exciting penalty-kick shootout against the PA Classics Elite. East Penn Soccer Club programs promote educational achievement, health and wellness, and character development, while also training youth to develop soccer and athletic skills appropriate to their ages, abilities, and interests.The EPLW Development Soccer Program was created to introduce players 4-15 years old to the basic skills needed to excel on the field. EPLW runs on a intramural coed format. Practice sessions are twice a week with games on Saturday. The program is focused on providing grassroots coaching and training to those interested in the game of soccer.

All camps are run by our Premier/Elite coaches at East Penn Soccer Club and Directors of Coaching. They have been designed to meet the special needs of each individual player based on age and ability. East Penn Soccer Camps are based on a simple coaching principle. Young people learn and develop skills most quickly and effectively when they are having fun. Our main objective is to teach each player how to fully reach their potential as a soccer player.Tryouts for the 2023-24 season have concluded, but we still have open roster spots on some of our teams. Please complete the player interest form below for information and to schedule an opportunity to attend a team training session with one of our professional coaches.The 09 Strikers team formed in the summer of 2017 with girls from across the Greater Susquehanna Valley. The team is currently playing in the Mid Atlantic Premier bracket of the EDP Conference for the fall 2022/spring 2023 seasons as well as multiple tournaments thru out the state of Pennsylvania and U14 indoor soccer at Sports Zone.

Playing in the u19 age group, the ladies played 3 top level teams over 3 days. In game 1, a cold and windy day had an impact on play, but the Lightning were able to find the back of the net twice over a strong Virginia side, Metro United Girls Academy. Score 2-0 : Goals were scored by Isabel Coy (assisted by Liza Suydam) and Kate Econ (direct kick).
Thoughts: The PENN FC Lightning are winning games and winning by big goal differentials. Their opponents are solid clubs, with solid players and coaching. However, it’s been their misfortune to find the Lightning, as they are priming for another deep-run.

A classic Paige Flaugh cross over the top found Liza, who cut around the sprawling keeper, and coolly slid the ball into an open net. PENN FC Lightning 5-0.
Last year on April 17, 2021, the Lightning lost a disappointing match to Fredericksburg (VA) Black 0-1 at the EDP Regional Showcase. Who would have known that defeat would be Lightning’s last loss for the 2021 campaign, which then ran-off a 29-match unbeaten streak and culminated with a National Championship…!

The PENN FC Lightning faced off against the Cedar Stars Girls Academy team, on what appeared to be a recreational-sized field. Although only 48-yards wide, the field was 48-yards wide for both teams. So, play on…The Lightning Ladies played a game each day over the weekend. Friday night, facing PA Classics for the first game since July, began short staffed. With a sub and a number of guest players, the team rose to the occasion. “I never doubted the team’s ability to win,” said McFadden. “They’re the best soccer team named “Lightning’ in the Northern Hemisphere, and Coach Bill (Becher) is one good looking dude, who knows how to coach.” Coach Becher saw his team walk away with 3 goals before letting one in towards the very end on a PK hand ball in the box. Aubrey Strohecker added a goal while Justyce Hollenback added 2 of her own, all on very nice plays and finishes. Aubrey had a few assists as well. The Lightning are now 1-0 for the season.

Game 2 on Saturday was against ECNL foe FC Delco 04. What was mostly a close match ended up swaying towards the Lightning, who scored 4 goals – Jamie Swartz, Justyce Hollenbach and 2 from Aubrey Strohecker guided by 3 assists by Kristen Economopoulos – ended with the win. “And here I thought the ECNL was the cream of the crop,” joked Tad McFadden. “The Lightning girls made it look too easy.” The defense played tough all game. “Delco didn’t even sniff the goal,” McFadden told us. “I almost felt bad for them and thought maybe the girls should give them a sympathy goal. Almost.”Mel Love, Cath Martin, Rylyn Saner, Hannah Costa, and Lindsey Husic helped keeper Kayla Proch keep the clean sheet. “It was the cleanest sheet I’ve ever seen,” reported McFadden. Lightning 04 moves to 2-0 on the year.
The Lightning played a lot of possession throughout the match and worked passes to create opportunities. Rilyn Saner found one of these openings and served up a ball for Jamie Swartz to convert for a 4-0 lead.Finally (thank goodness, the score reporting is exhausting with this Lightning team), Liza Suydam dribbled through the defense the Lightning’s 3rd brace of the day, and an 8-1 victory.

When the PENN FC Lightning won the NATTY in the Lightning Capital, logically the title of Lightning Capital transfers to the PENN FC Lightning, as well.
Bill Becher, as PENN FC Club Director & Coach for the Lightning, was an obvious & deserving choice for the Coach of the Year award. Bill was very quick to add that the Lightning actually have three head coaches, acknowledging the efforts of Jason Pelletier & Clayton Suydam, and their contributions to the Lightning’s success. Together these men have been teachers, mentors, role-models, advocates for college recruiting, and examples of great sportsmanship.

The Lightning was even more silky smooth in the second half, with the outcome assured. Up to their old tricks, Jamie Swartz found a knifing Alex Murphy for a one-touch screamer into the twine. Lightning 6-0.
In 2021, the PENN FC Lightning became only the 19th team from Eastern Pennsylvania to capture a U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship in the 94-years of the competitions. The Lightning stormed through its opponents at each step of their amazing journey:Neary 3-minutes into the match, the Lightning were taking the attack to their opponents. A Lightning corner kick led to a flurry in the box, which eventually found the hand of a Rush defender. Kate Economopoulos calmly planted the penalty kick in the net for a 1-0 lead. Game 1 against Galaxy SC out of Illinois saw a goal given up right before half and proved to be the game winner. The 1-0 score could have gone either way but the Lightning was unable to finish multiple opportunities inside the 18 yard box. The ladies learned one way to get stumped – a force of nature – Lightning itself – delayed and then ended their game on Saturday, March 19 against LVU at LDMS Middle School Turf. Controlling the first half, the first strike came from Kate Econ on a bouncing ball in the box. She pushed through a few defenders and knocked the ball into the frame to go up 1-0. Soon after, Isabel Coy drove swiftly down the right side, stepped inside her defender and slotted a shot passed the keeper to take a 2 goal lead. LVU had a good chance to score but some defending, nice goalkeeping by Kayla Proch and the post prevented the ball from reaching the net. Then the clouds rolled in and the game was called – due to Lightning – before the 2nd half could get going! The score is official and is the first game of the National League as well as the final game of the PRO league.The Lightning had many opportunities that were just off their mark, but they kept pushing. Liza Suydam took a healthy rip, which was blocked by the Rush keeper, unfortunately to an opportunistic Alex Murphy who happily buried the rebound for a Lightning 2-0 lead.