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Predator 212CC Aftermarket parts are growing at a faster rate than the OEM Parts. You will find the parts here that we provide for the Aftermarket Predator Parts. Please make sure you are aware of the Style engine you have. The New Style Hemi-Head Predator Engine is growing faster than prior versions of the Harbor Freight Predator 212CC Engine, also known as a 7HP.The increased performance has a direct effect on its top speed. On the one hand, you have the Predator 212 that has a top speed of about 25 – 35 mph, and on the other hand you have the Predator 420 that has a top speed of about 30 – 50 mph.

How much horsepower is 670 cc?
22 HP 22 HP (670cc) V-Twin Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine, EPA.
Therefore, if modding and upgrading is in your wheelhouse then the Predator 212 may be more suitable for you with a variety of mods and parts available.Take note that this top speed is only a reference and applies mostly to standard go-karts and will of course depend on the type, size, weight and aerodynamics of the go-kart itself.

As transmissions are mounted directly onto the crankshaft, the bore of the clutch or torque converter needs to be compatible with the crankshaft diameter of the engine.On the other hand, the Predator 420 engine delivers much more power and is therefore only recommended for heavier or larger off-road go-karts; or racing karts that are all about hitting top speed. Due to the raw power of this engine, it’s more suitable for adult karts or heavy equipment. The Predator 212 has a shaft diameter of 3/4″, whereas the Predator 420 has a shaft diameter of 1″. Most transmissions come with a 3/4″ bore, so it may be hard to find a compatible transmission; they are certainly available, but just a little harder to find. To sum it all up, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Make sure to see which of these aspects are most important to you and how it suits your go-kart before deciding between the Predator 212 or Predator 420.There are various features that the Predator 420 has over the Predator 212, for example an electric start, which makes starting the engine much more convenient than using the recoil starter on the Predator 212. Here’s an image of the electric start feature with a key.

How much HP is a predator engine?
6.5 HP Predator Engine 212cc (6.5 HP) Harbor Freight.
The Predator 420 also features an electric start, which makes cranking up the engine much more convenient. There’s also a built-in recoil starter for backup purposes. Overall, this engine delivers a lot of power, but is also much larger and heavier. Is it a worthy upgrade? Let’s find out!In this comparison, we’ll take a deep-dive into the similarities and differences between the Predator 212 engine vs the Predator 420 engine. I’ll be discussing the specifications, performance, top speed, transmission, additional features, size, suitability, modifications and price range. Let’s get to it!Let me summarize all of the points that we have discussed into a list, which helps you easily decide which of these predator engines is more suitable for your go-kart or equipment.GoKartGuide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to A higher displacement also means that the Predator 420 draws more fuel and air into the cylinder, which ultimately leads to it having a superior output. The Predator 420 has an output of 13 hp, compared to the 6.5 hp of the Predator 212, which is twice as much. This Predator engine has a displacement of 212cc and an output of 6.5 hp, being able to power pretty much any type of go-kart. At 2,500 rpm, this engine produces a total of 8.1 ft-lb of torque.

The Predator 212 is arguably one of the most popular and best go-kart racing engines on the market, as it’s considered to have a great cost-to-performance ratio. This means that it offers a considerable amount of power, at a relatively affordable price range.
At 2,500 rpm this powerhouse of an engine produces 18.4 ft-lb of torque. That’s a great amount of power for any type of go-kart or equipment. Take note that the Predator 420 also features Hemi and Non-Hemi versions, however the Hemi version is more common.

The heavier Predator 420 engine is also more voluminous at 2.581 cubic feet (18.9″ x 13.8″ x 17.1″). On the other hand, the smaller Predator 212 engine is only 1.527 cubic feet (15.4″ x 12.6″ x 13.6″) making it 69% smaller.
It’s also important to acknowledge that by default, both the Predator 420 and the Predator 212 have a speed governor that limits it to operate at 3,600 rpm. Therefore, in order to realize the above stated speeds, the speed governor would need to be removed.Predator engines are well known for their reliability, affordability and high performance. Overall, they offer a great cost-to-performance ratio. Two of their most popular models are the Predator 212 and the Predator 420 engine.

How much horsepower does a predator 459cc have?
15.8 HP This PREDATOR® 15.8 HP (459cc) Max Performance OHV Horizontal-Shaft Gas Engine has precision-engineered components to provide smooth and quiet operation plus up to 10% more output than standard engines.
While you’re also able to upgrade and mod a Predator 420 engine, finding stage upgrades and modifications is much harder. This is because the dimensions and specifications are different from the smaller, yet more popular Predator 212 engine.This engine comes in a Hemi and Non-Hemi configuration and has a traditional recoil starter. An electric start is only available through an aftermarket upgrade. However, one reason why this engine is so popular is because of various Predator 212 mods that are available. Overall, the Predator 212 offers great performance at a reasonable price range.

Therefore, the Predator 212 is a great engine that seems to be suitable for regular racing and off-road go-karts (and also other types of tools and equipment). As far as go-karts are concerned, this engine is suitable for youths and adults.
The Predator 420 is typically found on heavier and more powerful go-karts, as this engine is much heavier and also delivers much more power. With a displacement of 420cc, it manages to produce a total of 13 hp.

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the similarities and differences between the Predator 212 and Predator 420. I’ll go into more detail by comparing the specifications, performance, top speed, transmission, additional features, size, suitability, modifications and price.

Both engines are suitable for go-karts, as they have similar mounting patterns (despite the Predator 420 being larger) and both have a horizontal shaft. From a technical point of view, the only thing separating both engines are the physical dimensions and the performance.
The Predator 420 is a much heavier and larger engine than the Predator 212. At 73 lbs (33 kg) it weighs 95% more than the Predator 212, which weighs 37.5 lbs (17 kg). This is important as it will also increase the overall weight of the go-kart.

As the Predator 420 is a much larger engine, it has a much higher displacement. To be exact, its displacement is 96% higher compared to the Predator 212 engine (420cc vs 212cc).Let’s first take a look at the complete specifications of both engines. You’ll be able to see that the Predator 420 has much larger dimensions, due to the increased displacement, and it is also heavier. Here’s a complete table comparing all of the specifications, measurements and features.

Whether you opt for a torque convertor or a clutch as a transmission, you’ll have to take note of the shaft diameter, which is also known as the crankshaft diameter.
When it comes to mods and upgrades, the Predator 212 really shines. This is because it’s by far the more popular engine and has a lot of upgrade options available. Feel free to check out my guide on the best Predator 212 mods.Other features include an increased fuel tank, and a charging system, which means that you’ll have an easier time hooking up a lighting system for your go-kart. Although the Predator 212 doesn’t come with a charging system, you’ll be able to install an aftermarket charging coil so that you’ll be able to do the same thing.

Both engines also vary in price, as they are different in size and also perform differently. The Predator 420 is typically about twice as expensive as the Predator 212. Below you’ll find a price indication of both engines. In summary, the Predator 420 engine has about twice the displacement (212cc vs 420cc), twice the output (6.5 hp vs 13 hp) and more than twice the torque (8.1 ft-lb vs 18.4 ft-lb) compared to the Predator 212. When installed on a go-kart a Predator 420 engine is able to increase the top speed by about 50%. So, which is the better engine: the Predator 212 or the Predator 420? Well, if we’re talking about performance, then the clear winner is the Predator 420. However, if your focus is on fuel efficiency, compatibility, mod potential and cost, then the Predator 212 may be the better choice for you.However, while he may be cocky, the City Hunter still adheres to the Yautja code, sparing a pregnant woman because killing her would mean killing her baby as well, and the baby isn’t able to defend itself. In the end, his cockiness is his undoing. Lt. Mike Harrigan, an LAPD officer, feigns injury to bait the City Hunter in close and then kills him with one of his own weapons.

Scar eventually claims his shoulder cannon – a badge of honor earned by killing a Xenomorph and marking himself with its blood – and goes toe-to-toe with a Xenomorph Queen. While the Queen does eventually kill Scar, he also manages to immobilize the Queen, leaving her vulnerable enough to be killed by a human named Lex. It’s pretty fair to call that fight a draw.Updated December 19, 2022, by Evan Regan: Since there are only a few Yautja that didn’t make this list, it seems only fair to make it a complete catalog of all the Predators who have appeared over the course of the franchise’s 35-year history. While none of them are about to topple the Jungle Hunter from the top spot – that Predator is simply too iconic to be denied that position – Celtic, Chopper, Falconer, Tracker, and Ultimate Hunter have all played a role in defining an iconic sci-fi movie monster that continues to inspire new and exciting takes on its mythology after all this time.

That fight is against Hanzo, the Yakuza enforcer who was kidnapped and brought to the Yautja hunting grounds where the movie takes place. Hanzo and The Falconer have an epic showdown, exchanging blows that demonstrate the combat skill of both parties. The Falconer also demonstrates some adherence to the Yautja code of honor, something his fellow Super Predators fail to do.
Evan is a Communications student based in Edmonton, Alberta. Formerly a sports writer, he was drawn to Game Rant by his longtime passion for video games. An avid gamer since the age of 13, Evan has played and enjoyed games across all genres and platforms. He is also an avid binge-watcher and reader, and prefers his music on CD or vinyl. He has two cats that frequently plot ways to ruin his day.This is an example of a Yautja who makes use of a small amount of screen time to have a huge impact, both in terms of his character and the lore of the Yautja species. The Crucified is discovered by Royce and the remaining human survivors, and Royce makes the bold decision to set the imprisoned Predator free.Another Predator that doesn’t get a lot of screen time, at least the Falconer has a strong enough showing to deserve a bit more attention. His standout biohelmet and unique drone technology make him unique among the Yautja on this list, and although he doesn’t survive for long, he puts up a great fight.The Berserker is the most purely evil Predator in the entire franchise. He strings up members of his own kind and kidnaps his prey for the hunt, killing them whether they can defend themselves or not. There is no code of honor for the Berserker when he hunts. All he cares about is the kill.

Wolf is a total badass. He’s missing a mandible and has a huge acid scar across one side of his face (presumably caused by Xenomorph blood). Among his many weapons, he also carries a whip fashioned out of a Xenomorph tail, and he uses it to kill a Xenomorph. How awesome is that? Despite the poor reception of AvP: Requiem, fans have been clamoring for more Wolf ever since its release.
Wearing one of the coolest-looking biohelmets in the entire franchise, Celtic’s battle with the Xenomorph is a showcase of the brute strength and fighting prowess of the Yautja. Using a unique reversible wristblade, Celtic very nearly takes down the alien but was seemingly unprepared for the creature’s acid blood, which eats through first his body armor, and then the net he captures it in. Eventually, one misstep grants the Xenomorph the upper hand, but prior to that it was anyone’s fight, and it’s hard not to root for Celtic as he tosses the Xenomorph around like a child’s toy.By virtue of being the last Super Predator standing, the Berserker is the most powerful Yautja in Predators. He hunts with deadly precision and is equally adept at killing humans and his own kind. The only way he was eventually killed was by beheading, which Royce is able to do after a hell of a struggle. The Berserker took every other hit like it was nothing and even laughed a few off.The Predators – or Yautja as they’re sometimes known – have been around for 35 years now, ever since audiences got their first glimpse of the alien who hunted Arnold Schwarzenegger and his platoon through the jungle in 1987. Unlike the Xenomorphs to which they’re often compared, the Yautja are not all identical. They’re each an individual with unique abilities, technologies, and motivations.Looking for the latest gaming news, features, interviews, reviews, and deals? Want to stay up-to-date with the industry? Get the very best of GameRant sent straight to your inbox.

Tracker does manage to isolate his prey, trapping Nikolai away from the rest of the group, stunning him, and impaling him on a wristblade. It’s only Nikolai’s willingness to blow himself up in order to take his enemy down with him that catches Tracker off guard. It’s a memorable death, but it’s unfortunate that Tracker isn’t given more screen time before he goes down.Although, by now, the Yautja should probably have learned that traveling to Earth (or messing with humans at all) is a bad idea, their search for a dangerous hunt keeps them coming back. While some never posed much of a threat beyond their intimidating appearance, others put up one hell of a fight. Here are all the Yautja hunters ranked by who’s strongest.

Out of any Predator to appear in any medium across the series’ history, Chopper is by far the least memorable Yautja to ever make an on-screen appearance. He is literally just a target for a Xenomorph kill, and beyond that, has no memorable characteristics or moments.
There is an unfortunate lack of backstory for this Predator, who is one of the most prolific killers in the Predator franchise. After earning the title of Elite, Dark is dispatched to investigate a distress call sent by a squad of youngbloods hunting on an alien world (BG 386). Dark arrives with a significantly reduced arsenal – just a wrist blade, shoulder cannon, and a bio-helmet with reduced vision modes – and instead claims his weapons from the corpses of other Yautja.The Ultimate Hunter lacks any kind of backstory or motivation for being on Earth (or any justification for being called “Ultimate”). He has next to zero impressive kills, no unique abilities or technology, and even visually he looks cool, but he’s not in a particularly noteworthy way. There’s just not a lot that draws in (or scares off) viewers with this Yautja.

What is the best predator engine?
Predator 212 Engine The Predator 212 is arguably one of the most popular and best go-kart racing engines on the market, as it’s considered to have a great cost-to-performance ratio. This means that it offers a considerable amount of power, at a relatively affordable price range.
That decision is rewarded, as the Crucified adheres to his code of honor and protects Royce from the attacking Berserker Yautja that arrives shortly afterward. While the Crucified is eventually killed in that battle, he exemplified the Predator code and drove home the raging conflict between Yautja sub-races that may otherwise have remained a mystery.Nearly every Yautja on this list does their hunting in remote areas, usually deep in the wilderness. The City Hunter prefers the urban sprawl. He operated in the middle of LA in the 90s and got more than his share of kills while doing so, some of which are truly memorable. He even toys with a few of his targets.There is really no other pick for the top spot on this list than the Yautja, who went toe-to-toe with Arnold himself. The Jungle Hunter is a master, so good he remains totally invisible for the first half of the movie. He’s also up against some of the most highly-trained humans that any Predator has faced, and although they aren’t aware of what they’re dealing with, Dutch’s squad isn’t exactly unprepared.Some of the most apparent evidence for the idea that The Predator suffered from studio meddling is the film’s use of the Fugitive Yautja, who is by far the more intimidating Predator in the movie but is killed off midway through and replaced with the aforementioned Ultimate Hunter. It’s hard to know if that was Shane Black’s original intention or not, but it was certainly a letdown.

As far as any Yautja not named Berzerker goes, Tracker gives the fugitives in Predators the most trouble in the movie’s early going, and he does so without even revealing his presence. True to his name, Tracker employs a pair of hunting hound-beasts that flush out his prey. The beasts themselves are no pushovers, and once they’re vanquished, in comes Tracker and his awesome biohelmet.After a failed hunt on Earth in the 1930s that cost him his eye, Scarface fails to kill himself (as dictated by the Yautja code) and is exiled to a hostile alien planet with just a wrist blade and a spear. One hundred years later, he is offered a chance at redemption.

How many HP is 420cc?
13 HP 13 HP (420cc) OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine, EPA/CARB.
In total, Chopper probably owns a grand total of one minute of screen time. He plants his boot firmly into a human when he first appears, and then is impaled by a Xenomorph tail mere seconds later. So ends Chopper, the least impressive Yautja ever. At least his helmet is kind of cool. Dark kills dozens of Xenomorphs and human Marines while he is on BG 386 and even takes down a Predalien (a cross between an Elite Yautja and a Xenomorph) while taking minimal damage himself, all before destroying the Yautja hunting grounds and escaping the ensuing explosion alive. He acquires the mask of a Legendary Predator and is last seen making his way to the Xenomorph homeworld. A brave venture indeed. What makes the Feral Hunter fascinating is that his technology is more primitive than the other Yautja in the franchise. His only ranged weapon is an inaccurate bolt caster. Otherwise, he sticks to blades or his hands. He’s also not as adept as other Predators and is wounded frequently while on Earth. All of this doesn’t make him any weaker, though. If anything, it makes his persistence and lethality more terrifying because he has so much less technology and experience at his disposal.Chopper’s presence in Alien vs. Predator really only serves to provide motivation for Celtic, his youngblood brother. After Chopper’s death, Celtic seeks revenge on the Xenomorph that killed him, and while he doesn’t quite get it, he certainly gets his shots in.

Scarface returns to Earth to retrieve stolen Yautja technology, which has been used against other Predators in the century that’s passed. Scarface achieves all that and more, retrieving the technology, wiping out a Xenomorph nest, and even killing a Predator-Human hybrid. His honor restored, Scarface rejoins his clan in what is the most badass character arc of any Predator in the entire franchise.
It takes Dutch using the Yautja’s own tactics to finally draw the Jungle Hunter out and kill it, and even then, the Yautja still manages to take out everyone else in Dutch’s platoon. Most Predators don’t fare too well against humans, but this one was a single kill away from a successful hunt. That last kill just happened to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It’s a shame that The Predator turned out to be such a down moment for the Predator franchise, and a big part of that was the focus on the Ultimate Hunter. Shane Black’s directorial entry into the franchise (he also played Hawkins in the 1987 film) was a significant misstep, reportedly brought about by the studio meddling with Black’s vision for the film.
The Fugitive explodes onto the scene, effortlessly killing several armed human guards while he himself is unarmed. Killing more dangerous enemies while not making use of Predator technology is worth serious clout among the Yautja. Then there are his parkour abilities, which would make a Predator significantly more deadly in an urban jungle environment, but oddly is not something that other Yautja hunters make much use of in the franchise.

While Alien vs. Predator: Requiem as a movie is a disaster, Wolf is easily the best part and steals every scene he’s in. He is likely the highest-ranking Predator fans have ever seen in action based on his numerous scars and trophies and his awesome throne room on the Yautja homeworld. He may even be a King.The latest Yautja to grace the series, the Feral Hunter arrives on Earth well before any other member of his species, nearly 300 years ago in the Comanche Nation. Fans have speculated that he may have been a youngblood, but it’s unusual for an uninitiated Yautja to be allowed to hunt alone.

How much HP is 420cc?
13 HP (420cc) OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine, EPA/CARB.
The leader of a group of Yautja youngbloods sent to Earth to hunt a colony of Xenomorphs, Scar is by a wide margin the most capable and deadly member of his squadron, given that he is the only one to kill any Xenomorphs. He also takes out quite a few humans in this mostly silly 2000s “Vs” film.

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How much horsepower does a predator 459 have?
This PREDATOR® 15.8 HP (459cc) Max Performance OHV Horizontal-Shaft Gas Engine has precision-engineered components to provide smooth and quiet operation plus up to 10% more output than standard engines.
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What version of Predator is the strongest?
1 Jungle Hunter – Predator (1987) There is really no other pick for the top spot on this list than the Yautja, who went toe-to-toe with Arnold himself. The Jungle Hunter is a master, so good he remains totally invisible for the first half of the movie.
Please note: This Stage 2 modified engine makes its power at 6300-6500 rpm. It can be considered for improved mud motor top speed ONLY. It will NOT improve your hole shot/takeoff or get you on plane any faster than any other engine.

How much HP does a Stage 2 Predator have?
6.5hp STAGE 2 MODIFIED 6.5hp HARBOR FREIGHT PREDATOR 212cc (Approx 13hp)
Titanium retainer kit. Designed to be used with the DJ-1057 36lb Valve Spring. Fits 5.5mm stem aftermarket valves only. Requires the use of DJ-1051 HP lash caps. Sold Individually*SOLD INDIVIDUALLY* .187 Diameter chromoly stock length used in Honda GX200, 196cc Clone, 1st and 3rd generation Harbor Freight Predator 212cc engines.

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This Predator 670cc V-twin 4-stroke gasoline engine delivers more power in less space than similar displacement standard twins. The horizontal shaft makes this gas engine an ideal replacement for most standard engine configurations. The powerful v-twin gas engine features a durable cast iron cylinder making it the perfect replacement engine for: Mowers, water pumps, high pressure washers and dozens of other machines.Predator 212cc are the fastest growing small engine in the market!  Buy performance parts for your Predator 212cc to use on your go karts, mini bikes, drift trikes, mud motor, and any other outdoor power equipment you can think of. 

Harbor Freight Predator Engine Upgrades – Go Faster! Get more power and replacement parts for your engine.  Everything from stock carburetors, to billet flywheels and rods, upgraded heads and cams. This is the spark plug you want for high performance Gasoline or Methanol. We have seen as much as a 3/4 HP gain simply by changing to this plug. Predator 212cc , Predator 301cc, Predator 420cc Honda Clone 196cc, GX160, GX200