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If you and your partner view sex as a challenge where both of you enjoy her quickly “winning,” then training will teach you to become a fast cummer suitable for females who enjoy quickies. You’ll end up being a man who will very quickly orgasm every time you stick your penis into a vagina, and especially so with females who enjoy defeating a penis quickly and decisively.
Now I just try to enjoy every second, since I never know when the point-of-no-return suddenly happens. The orgasm sensation itself is wonderful and extremely intense. That’s in part because when you move slowly and carefully, the sensation doesn’t get lost in intensive mechanical movement, and in part also because of the delightfully naughty thrill and shame of being a premature ejaculator whose cock is just helpless in the overpowering presence of femaleness.

Like any sexual preference or desire, finding pleasure in quick ejaculation can be a wondrous thrill. Why it is so erotic to some of us no one knows. To most males it’s an unwanted thing. To a few it’s a huge turn-on. But how can one realize the fantasy, make it real? Here’s what might help make your desire come true:Interesting question. Most men ask themselves how they can last longer. But then there are those few who find the very concept of premature ejaculation erotic. The reasons for this vary. For some it’s the humiliation that comes with not being able to hold back and ejaculate too soon. For others it’s the thought of a pussy overcoming their cock, like in a battle. And for yet others it’s the thought that femaleness is simply too powerful for their cock and all they can do is wonder how quickly it will go off.Our current view is the desire to be, or become, PE is simply an exciting sexual fetish. Sexuality is perhaps the most powerful force in humanity. While the basic urge to procreate is simply a biological imperative (else the human species would quickly become extinct), the great variety of sexual fetishes is much more difficult to explain or interpret. Many fetishes just are. We have no idea why a certain activity, visual, object, sound, command or action has vast sexual power and may become the very center of our sexuality. And that’s no different for the PE fetish. Sex itself has changed in that I am at 90% from the very start, so I have to be very careful to not let things get away from me instantly. On the positive side, being at 90+% during the entire experience is incredible. Essentially I am always at a point of excitement that in my pre-PE days I just mechanically went through on my way to orgasm without being able to enjoy it as I do now. Why would anyone willingly become a premature ejaculator? After all, it’s a condition untold millions of males the world over are trying to get rid of. There is absolutely no mention in any medical literature of any males trying to acquire the condition. And yet, we know for a fact that there are many males who do seek to become premature, and many of them have been desperately trying for years to attain PE status. In fact, many of you right here in this class have stated in your application questionnaire that your goal and wish is to become premature ejaculators.Premature ejaculation is about falling in love with the idea that you have no control. It’s about embracing the delightful shame of knowing your penis will squirt whether you like it or not, whether it’s erect or not. It’s about falling in love with knowing that you’re becoming a premature ejaculator. It’s about getting hooked on having no control, to the extent where you know you’ll squirt because just thinking about it is a sexual thrill.Why is that so? No one knows for sure. Not even the faculty here at PEU. Many possible reasons have been stated in sexuality research papers as to why males may be, or become, premature ejaculators. An early female researcher suggested some males seek to be PE out of a hatred of women, to deprive women of pleasure by cumming very quickly. No one took that seriously.If, on the other hand, you seek the embarrassment and humiliation that ejaculating prematurely brings to a man, things are quite different. The conditioning and training must then be tailored to making you learn that simply being inside a vagina will bring you to orgasm, without actively seeking ejaculation by banging away.

There’s the anticipation of what might happen that’s both thrilling and a bit disconcerting, since I now never know how long I’ll last, and how soon I will cum. That anticipation is very enjoyable.If you follow this, chances are that you may end up becoming a true premature ejaculator. But be careful what you wish for. Becoming a premature ejaculator is relatively easy. Losing the fetish and regaining stamina and control is much harder.

Dear Professor vanSnelst, do you have any advice for becoming premature? I would like to become a real premature ejaculator. I can still last a minute or two, but that is too long for me.
This will teach your mind and body that it’s normal to cum very quickly during sex. After a while ejaculating prematurely will become normal for you. Your mind has absorbed it and your body has learned how pleasurably it is to cum very quickly.This lecture presents an introduction to concepts, ways, means and methods that can help an individual become a premature ejaculator. The lecture will be presented as a series of questions and answers. I certainly have many fond memories of fucking when I had stamina. But now that it is gone, I consider myself lucky to be able to get so much enjoyment out of my new reality. Dear Professor vanSnelst, I am very turned on by the thought of becoming a premature ejaculator, and I would love to be trained to become one. I have a question, though: Have the sensations you experience during the buildup to orgasm and orgasm changed for you since you started having premature ejaculations?Well, if you are not currently a natural premature ejaculator, your partner is a female, and you guys decided it would be very cool if she learned how to make you cum very quickly, then it depends on what you two are trying to accomplish. Do you want to A) learn how to have her make you cum very quickly? Or do you want to B) lose the ability to control your orgasms? The two are different. A) is about the desire to quickly be vanquished by a female. B) is about helplessly shooting as soon as you’re close to or inside a vagina.

Dear Professor vanSnelst, I love your research and articles about premature ejaculation. I would like to be a premature ejaculator. I don’t last real long, but I would like to be more premature. How can I?
Dear Professor vanSnelst, I need some advice from a pro. Would you be able to provide me some ideas for my partner to instruct and encourage me to become a premature ejaculator?

When I did have stamina, intercourse was often a very mechanical thing. Bang away, but make sure you don’t feel too much. And once the goal was reached (i.e., her orgasm), then it often just became a matter of thinking of something sexy to make myself cum. Ho-hum.If your desire to become a premature ejaculator is strong enough to change it from fantasy/turn-on to a real life condition there are a few things you may want to try.With hand jobs it’s pretty much the same thing. A willing female who enjoys bringing males to quick orgasms will learn what gets to him, will know exactly what to say to have him get excited, and know how to touch him for maximum effect. She will find ways to condition him to orgasm very quickly as soon as she has him in her hands. Soon he will depend on her hand and know that he’ll squirt as soon as she touches him. Females do have that power.This will teach your mind and body that you just can’t help cumming very quickly during sex. The harder you try, the quicker the point-of-no-return will be there and you’ll helplessly ejaculate prematurely. Your mind has absorbed that you cannot handle a vagina and your body has learned to ejaculate as soon as your penis feels vagina, no matter what.

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I have had this premature ejaculation problem all my life (38yrs). This is with women and I don’t even last long when mbing on my own. At times I can last for 1 or 2 mins, other times not even that.

I have a wife who is understanding but we dont talk about it much. That’s my experience if it helps anyone here, you would not be the only one with this problem for sure.

Hello everyone, PE has been a problem following me from the beggining of my sex life (not long ago though) and I know it’s mostly because of my anxiety issues.
An estimated 1 in 3 men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. It can lead to confidence issues, severe embarrassment, avoidance of sex and all the resulting relationship fallout. Ouch. The only way I found to make a small difference is a bit of alcohol or sometimes if I am very tired (but thenthere can be other problems). In some ways I have gotten used to this as just the way I am. But it has caused me unhappiness and insecurity, more as I got older. AUA is a bit vague on the matter. You’re a PE if ejaculation happens sooner than desired, either before or shortly after penetration, and it really bums out both of you. Not all that scientific either.How long do men last? That, again, greatly varies depending on which study you look at. One survey says US men estimate their IELT (Intravaginal Ejaculation Latency Time i.e, how soon you cum after entry) to be almost 14 minutes, while the more honest Germans estimate it to be just seven minutes. Actual studies with stop watches suggest that the great majority of all males ejaculate within five minutes or less upon entry.

Ejaculation simply means delivery of seminal fluids from where it’s made, inside us guys, to where it’s supposed to go, inside females. To make sure we take this seriously — and we must or else we’d go the way of the dinosaurs and the dodo — nature invented orgasm. Making us feel really, really good about doing a task is the best way to get us to do it. And I think all of us will agree that nature did a bang-up job with orgasm.
And those old sex gurus from way back when, Masters & Johnson, they were vaguer yet. You’re PE if you can’t control ejaculation for a sufficient time. Or if you can’t satisfy your partner at least half the time. Not particle physics here.

WHO said that you’re a premature ejaculator if you just can’t delay ejaculation, it happens within about 15 seconds upon penetration, but it’s still “sufficient to enjoy lovemaking.” Very much up for debate, that one.

So let’s sit back and talk a bit about the main subject we’re dealing with here at PEU — ejaculation, and especially the premature kind. What does it all mean?
And that, dear students, is the male curse when it comes to sexual intercourse. We’re built to fail. And that goes for those with perfect stamina as well as for all of you aspiring or current premature ejaculators. It’s ladies first in real life. But down on the shop floor in the species propagation department, it’s generally guys first. Mother Nature saw to that. Unless the stars are all aligned or we do a really, really good job, or we just luck out. So there.

Same with Mother Nature’s decision about male and female orgasms. Job #1 was safe delivery of the payload. So best design the female orgasm to make harder to come by. The male tries, for that’s good male sexual etiquette. If he succeeds at bringing the female to vaginal orgasm, great, payload will be delivered. If not, well, it’ll be delivered anyway.
Well, my dear students, your Professor senses a need to get back to basics. Over the past several weeks you have been bombarded with a great deal of information regarding premature ejaculation, have been asked to memorize, analyze, contemplate and report. You’ve been given assignments, field practice, exercises, and interaction with your own personal trainer. That’s a lot.

Premature ejaculation is a complex issue. There is no clear definition. Many questions are best answered with an emphatic “it depends.” One thing is for sure: males are designed by nature to cum quickly. It has to be that way. The dance of the genders, giving each other pleasure, be considerate, that all came along with civilization. Think about it: back in pre-historic times, those who ejaculated quickly were probably far more likely to pass on their genes. Which would make PE a double-whammy: Nature wanted it so, and the PE gene was more likely to be passed. Looking at it this way, it’s a miracle that any male lasts more than a few seconds at all.
And what does all that mean, really? It means that — paraphrasing Microsoft — premature ejaculation is not a flaw, it’s a feature. Mother Nature wanted for us to cum first and quickly. WE are the ones doing the job right, not the stamina Olympians.Those with acquired PE, and your Professor counts himself among those, will experience PE at some point in life, even if they didn’t have it before. They also have very little or no control, but there’s usually a reason for it. Those reasons are stated as organic or psychological, though here at PEU we also add sexual fetishes and PE training to that.The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM), for example, decreed that in order for a male to be considered a premature ejaculator, he had to ejaculate within a minute of vaginal penetration AND be unable to delay such ejaculation AND suffer form negative personal consequences due to such failures. Talk about taking the joy out of sex!

Your Professor’s particular favorite when it comes to things PE, Dr. Waldinger, is more reasonable and more precise. According to him, a lifelong premature ejaculator will have PE always or nearly always, with all or nearly all female partners, generally last less than a minute, has the condition for life, and truly has no control over his ejaculations.
That’s because Mother Nature gave females desires, too. If that were not so, females would likely see absolutely no reason to allow clumsy, brutish males violate the sanctity of their bodies. And humanity would quickly die out. So there are orgasms on the female side as well. Only, over there it’s a bit more difficult. Ideally, Mother Nature might have rigged it such that female orgasm occurs precisely when the payload is delivered. Male orgasm, female orgasm, beautifully synchronized and coordinated. Everyone would have been happy. Always.