Roberto Cavalli Uomo Golden Anniversary

Wir nutzen Cookies in unserem Shop. Einige sind notwendig, während andere uns helfen, den Shop und die Besuchererfahrungen zu verbessern. Bitte wählen Sie nachfolgend, welche Cookies gesetzt werden dürfen, und bestätigen Sie dies durch “Auswahl bestätigen” oder akzeptieren Sie alle Cookies durch “alle auswählen”:Uomo Golden Anniversary Edition. It opens with the signature Uomo DNA. I get a bright, sweet, yet dark opening. The fragrance reminds me of other fragrances; Uomo Silver Essence, Issey Miyake Ambre Noir, Bulgari Men in Black, Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signiture. The opening is interesting; sweet violet, dark leather,Tonka/coffee goodness. The fragrance settles down into a rich leather, slightly sweet berry fragrance with a touch of skank. I enjoy the fragrance, it would work well in an intimate setting, projection is moderate, longevity is solid. The fragrance is distinctive, enjoyable and interesting. A very solid designer fragrance.

This is sweet, leathery goodness. I am very happy I blind bought this for the collection. The sweetness comes across fruitier than I expected, which pairs nicely with the balsamic accord. Reminds me of the fruity-sweetness of Wanted by Night. It’s slightly dark and dirty. Definitely sexy. Just moderate projection. For me, this quickly became one of my favorite fragrances. Addictive and very good quality. This line is severely underrated.
Wow this stuff is so hard to find, but finally I have it. Believe the hype, it’s real … absolutely incredible fragrance – my reaction was similar to Cubaknow’s (check out his YouTube video, it’s hilarious!). Gorgeous fragrance and lucky to find it here in the UK at SeeScents. They say they’re the only place in the world that has it in stock and I think they’re probably right.I was skeptical as all hell. I dont really subscribe to the idea of buying fragrances because they are hyped by reviewers. When i’ve done that in the past… let’s just say it rarely works out. I also did not like cavalli uomo la notte, which i just recently sold. However, i bought this knowing ill never find it in stores. Let me just say this one… this one smells incredible. It caught me completely off guard. This is a gorgeous, sweet but spicy scent. I have a collection of about 35 fragrances, about 60% niche… and this hits way harder than i ever expected. I can see wearing this in a similar situation that you’d wear spicebomb extreme, or noir extreme parfum, but i like this more than both (which i own). I am actually very surprised at how good this is. If you can find this, buy it… honestly. For $120CAD its well worth it. (About $90 USD).

Since it cannot be found and I have a full bottle, I want to share my opinion. I am a fan of the series and have had all but La Notte. This one is the closest to the original and the violet in both smells similar. It is pretty nice and detectable and I like it. While it is more dominant in the opening of the OG, here it comes with the spicy and warm notes. The biggest difference is that the leathery note is more dominant here and a spicey note (maybe the balsam, or something else) is added to it. The end result is a richer, fuller, a little sweeter smell based on the original. Also, no relation to Dior Sauvage Elixir, and I have that too. Imagine 2/3 of the original mixed with 1/3 of spicebomb without the cinnamon. It is not a beast mode, rather a date night scent. It performs like Prada black. I would wear it to the office, and in the Autumn days. It is not performing well for cold winter days. The performance is similar or a touch better than the original. I think for a price of 50 Eur/$ it is a good purchase, for more I would not pay for it.add me to the skeptic list. Typically the hyped fragrances are garbage. Admittedly, i previously owned the cavali in the blue bottle and felt it was slightly above average, so i was okay jumping in to see what this is all about. So – what is it all about? Well, it’s all about sweet leather – and damn, it’s good. while i’m not necessarily smelling anything new – nor would i consider this to be a breakthrough in modern men’s perfumery – it simply executes and deploys the ingredients to perfection. it’s quite literally one of the best.This is my first Cavalli fragrance purchase and yea I’m a little late to game and probably overpaid. I got my 100ml for around $85 after taxes and shipping. Really wasn’t sure about the opening, not bad but I did get that urine smell faintly for a couple seconds. The suede and violet is mostly what I smell. Decent projection because I have one spray on my lower forearm and I can smell it like I bathed in it. I’ll definitely keep it in my collection but as for first impressions say a 6 out of 10. I like it I don’t love it.Hyped to the hilt, not available anywhere. Another fragcom unicorn. If you make a high quality juice, just release it properly without any of this limited release nonsense. The next standard Cavalli men’s release will likely get nowhere near the critical acclaim that this seems to be getting

Nice fragrance but totally not worth the hyped up price it’s going for these days. Reminds me of 1 million intense which is now discontinued. Brings me back those old good memories with a touch of original uomo black. No way near the quality of stronger with you leather. This bad boy plays it’s own game.
Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Čeština, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית.Amazing release by Cavalli. This sits between the original Uomo and La Notte. It will be extremely difficult to find it as this is a special edition and was released for the Arab market so there will be even fewer units being sold in Europe. I was lucky to get the first and only unit that my regular online shop received. Paid around 40eur. This is an absolute blind buy if you are familiar with the Uomo line. If you are lucky enough to find one for sale do not hesitate or you’ll regret it later once the hype will start online with all the influencers as I’m sure it will.

Roberto Cavalli Uomo Golden Anniversary by Roberto Cavalli is a Leather fragrance for men. Roberto Cavalli Uomo Golden Anniversary was launched in 2021. Roberto Cavalli Uomo Golden Anniversary was created by Christophe Raynaud and Philippine Courtière.

The hypetrain is real (for once) about this one. Sweet boozy dark violet opening with at smooth suede/leather drydown. Gorgeous! Almost niche quality worthy of almost niche price…anything below and you haven’t overpaid. Above average longevity and slightly above sillage. Class in a bottle!
This smells absolutely nothing like Mont Blanc individuel at all (as someone suggested). This is a well blended, sweet leather fragrance with a slight animalic hit at the very back of the fragrance. Is this worth 100 bucks in the states? That’s totally up to the individual buying it. Is this a leather fragrance that would be seen as extremely unique to the vast majority smelling it? Without a doubt! Leather, violet, saffron, oud. This one is very strong and very manly. Bold and loud. It is half way between Boss Bottled Oud Saffron and Classic Grey Karl Lagerfeld. There is a bit of this mix of beer and urinal smell in the drydown. Made for macho men. Dry down is honey and leans toward Hugo Boss Number One. Discover the Uomo Golden Anniversary a woody leathery Eau de Parfum Intense for a distinctive and magnetic signature. A pure extract of masculinity thanks to a core masculine lavender-violet heart blends with a wild leathery tonka.

Roberto Cavalli has created a global brand, a glamorous Italian house. His fashion is sophisticated, luxurious, show-off and extravagant. Roberto Cavalli enjoys a high level of awareness worldwide. He is truly a PR driver, he’s the rockstar of fashion and as his initials RC say it, he is the king of Red Carpet. His taste in fashion is reflected in the fragrance architecture that he creates: exuberant, sophisticated and provocative.For this special occasion the distinctive Uomo bottle have been dived in gold for a fragrant golden mirroring effect revealing all the richness of this new fragrance. A precious lacquering from which perfectly emerges the crocodile cutting of the sides of the bottle.“Discover the Uomo Golden Anniversary a woody leathery Eau de Parfum Intense for a distinctive and magnetic signature. A pure extract of masculinity thanks to a core masculine lavender-violet heart blends with a wild leather and tonka beans”

“A tribute to people who never go unnoticed, For this special occasion, the distinctive Uomo bottle has been dived in gold for a fragrant golden mirroring effect revealing all the richness of this new fragrance. A precious lacquering from which perfectly emerges the crocodile cutting off the sides of the bottle.”
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