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The PSL was adopted by Romania in 1974. It was exported in large numbers, both for civilian sales and military use. The PSL is in widespread use in Africa and the Middle East.

The PSL is a semi-automatic sniper rifle of Romanian origin. It was developed since the Soviet Union didn’t allow for license production of the SVD. Externally the PSL looks very similar to the Russian SVD and Yugoslav M76. These firearms are often wrongly identified as Dragunov SVD. The PSL looks very similar to the Dragunov SVD and overall performance is similar. The PSL is based on a modified PM md 64 (RPK) receiver and unlike the Dragunov SVD uses a long stroke gas piston. As such it is more akin to the Yugoslav M76 than the SVD. The 4x LPS-4 scope is similar to the Russian PSO-1. The PSL fires the 7.62x54mm Russian round from a 10 round magazine. Normally sniper grade ammunition is used, but regular rounds can be fired as well. The PSL is a semi-automatic weapon, making it suitable for the designated marksman role. Maximum effective range is about 800 meters.Gun collectors, retailers, and shooters don’t simply know the technicalities of a gun and how to shoot, they are also passionate about the history of firearms. And, there have been many interesting rifles manufactured over the decades that warrant our attention. Collectors are interested in analyzing the detail of a rifle’s original fittings when first issued and how it evolved over the years. With the PSL rifle, the original receiver is removed before being exported from Romania with the original receiver block intact. There’s the former USSR’s SVD Dragunov and China’s NDM-86 that are both flexible, slender and elegant combined with practical simplicity. However, they are becoming expensive as demand grows and not many of these rifles make it to the USA. But there was the SVD short-barreled equivalent, the TIGR which was a lot cheaper than what it is today.It’s heartbreaking for a collector to come across SVDs and modified commercial counterparts that were adapted from the original design, like seeing a 7.62x54R Chinese NDM-86 up for sale where the original scope and carry case was replaced with a Russian PSOP. A collector would have paid a premium for the original rifle.

Many of the PSL rifles come with the magazine, cleaning equipment, and sling. The slings vary from used or new leather or a new web sling. And, all slings are designed from the SVD where at one end is a metal loop clasp and D ring with a square buckle on the other end.
Join 212,000 avid gun enthusiasts and claim your print-at-home shooting drills. Receive exclusive gun deals once a week and all our great reviews right in your inbox.The scope is adjustable and repeatable with quality glass. Two different thicknesses can be found on the reticle, the most common being thicker and better in low light. The scopes have a grey crinkle painted surface, typical of PSO designs, although somewhat darker than the Russian PSOP scopes.Hi! I’m Mike, one of the oldest writer of Sniper Country! If you have any feedback or question about my articles, please submit it here, it’s always appreciated!

The Front Sight Base also comes in two different types with the first providing for the plunger lock in the Flash Hider indicated by a small hole in the base above the barrel facing the muzzle. The second type has no drilling for the plunger and more commonly used with the second type of Flash Hider.
The use of the Romanian PSL rifle is prolific, especially in the Middle East, so owning one in a collection is a rare privilege. While we may not be lucky to see a vet bring one back in our time due to US law, the rifle will one day draw the keen interest of collectors and shooters alike when they start disappearing from the market.A proper PSL kit includes accessories like the magazine pouch for four 10 round magazines and the dismounted PSO type rifle scope. The pouch design is made from an OD Green cotton weave with four front magazine pockets. The edges have a brown or reddish synthetic leather piping on two of the three types of pouches, while the third one has a more modern edging. Its spacious compartment has storage for additional accessories such as cleaning kit components.There are other factors at play when it comes to modifying a rifle such as selling off parts for extra cash or wanting to modernize it with alien components to “improve” on it. Unfortunately, people underestimate the loss of real value when altering the real McCoy, specifically if the original wood was replaced too. To keep a rifle’s collectible worth, keep its original parts, which ideally should be numbered to the rifle.Only two scope covers are used for the Romanian LPS scope and both don’t have internal pockets like you would expect from a WWII PU scope cover. Instead, they use leather closures with buckles. The first scope cover is a heavy-duty cotton canvas twill in a dusty green/tan color and the second is an olive colored modern tight nylon weave, which is more water resistant than the first.

Now, if we look at the Romanian PSL sniper rifle with scope and accessories, it’s currently affordable and may never hit the pricing range of the SVDs. This is because it doesn’t have an original receiver, but it’s the only version of this rifle that can be legally imported (the original military receiver is illegal). If you’re hunting for a new collectible that represents what our troops are using overseas, the current batch of PSL snipers is a top pick, with or without the original receiver.Rifles may or may not come with the original wood. Mostly, the rifles have a dark yellow tone typical of Com-bloc weapons. The finish will differ between dull reflectivity or a high shellac finish. Although not common, unit markings have been found inside the buttstock.

There are two different types of Flash Hiders found on the PSL rifle. The first has small dimples around the circumference and with the plunger lock located on the fore of the Front Sight Post, it’s used for locking the flash hider in place. Most rifles with the first type have the plunger in place. The second Flash Hider type has a hump on the top. A pin is driven through this to lock the Flash Hider in place.
Active shooters are mostly buyers of the PSL who more often than not choose a rifle without a scope because they intend to modify it for target shooting using a higher magnification Russian PSOP. In contrast, the collector will buy the full original PSL kit with all the original parts used in service.This rugged Romanian origin sniper rifle is designed for repeated usage, simple field stripping and comes standard with a 10-round curved box metal magazine.

A durable matte black oxide finish protects PSL’s metal parts. The laminate wood thumbhole stock, handguard and forearm components are attractive, blond and replete with attractive striping lines and contour swirls. For extra strength, the gun has a reinforced front trunnion.

A nifty feature is the gun’s side-mounting rail for the 4×24 scope. This permits the nitrogen-filled scope to be used without interfering with the included front post and adjustable rear iron sights.Fronting the barrel is a fairly unique four-slotted muzzle brake. The single wooden buttstock/grip is skeletonized. It includes an integrated cheek rest/cheek swell, wide pistol grip, a big thumbhole and a protected strap loop at back.

The Century International Arms PLS-54 semi-automatic rifle is an American-assembled version of Romania’s celebrated PLS-54. PSL stands for Pushka Snaiperska cu Lineta, Romanian for Sniper Rifle and the gun is the country’s DMR (designated marksman rifle). In turn, the PLS-54 descends from the famous Soviet AK-47 and its derivative, the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD). The heritage is so strong, the PLS-54 uses the AK-47’s action, 7.62x54R rimfire ammo and a Russian-made PO all-weather waterproof 4×24 scope.

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Romanian PSL 54c for sale sniper rifle with surplus wood furniture and original Romanian CHF chrome-lined barrel. However, shoots the inexpensive and powerful 7.62x54r round. Also, this is an early import by Century Arms and imported from Romarm. Furthermore, the firearm is in very good condition with a trunnion date of 1974. Also, the original barrel is dated 1974 as well.

All four mags came in pouch only one had minor rust and all had a cosmoline coating that cleaned up with ease. Pouch is in perfect condition. for being a surplus package all items are in great condition. I buy a lot of surplus items and these happen to be one of best deals I have found. I do gun shows and these mags are going for $100+ each when you can find them!
New manufactured PSL Rifle. One of the most famous DMR rifles ever made, the PSL is just packed with features. From the sleek skeleton stock to the tip of the muzzle brake, this powerful rifle is a head-turner at the range and out in the field. The 4 groove barrel has a 1:10 twist. Comes with one 10 rd. magazine, and a Russian-made PO 4×24 optic. This rifle is manufactured exclusively in Romania for import by Eagle View Firearms.The Romanian Military has utilized the PSL Rifle series as a Sniper and Marksmen rifle for many years. These have been fielded in several combat theaters around the globe. They are similar in appearance to the SVD Dragunov but the PSL rifle is closer to the design of the AK47 Rifle. They are built with a reinforced front trunnion & receiver for high power 7.62x54R. Chambered in 7.62x54R, the PSL is able to engage targets at extended ranges. Optic rail on the left side of the receiver so you can add your favorite sniper scope. Great rifle to add to your Cold War collection or just have fun blasting targets at the range! Comes with 1 -10 round magazine. Extra mags are available. Does not come with Scope.Quisque velit nisi, pretium ut lacinia in, elementum id enim. Curabitur non nulla sit amet nisl tempus arcu convallis quis ac lectus. Lorem it ipsum dolor sit amet, suscipit id nisiadipiscing elit tortor.