Russian Lips Before And After

Creating the Russian lip requires double the amount of time that the standard linear thread technique takes, depositing tiny droplets of product between the lip tissue takes time, resulting in a smooth uniform finish, with that lip lift effect.

The look is very contemporary and model-like, as are the Russians, and shies away from your typical ‘ done and overfilled look’ but again without any compromise on volume or lift.
There may be a slightly longer downtime than your usual lip fillers, due to the swelling that follows the procedure and in some cases, bruising can be more substantial. This is nothing to worry about and will settle without any concerns.For anyone who has not previously experienced lip fillers, then the Russian Technique is highly recommended and can be carried out as natural or as structured as required. For those who have had previous filler, the decision lies with whether you want to remove this, as removal is mandatory 6 weeks prior to your Russian Lip appointment.

The process involves placing tiny droplets of filler, injected vertically into the lip, compared to lines of filler underneath the border. This technique widens, lifts, and opens the lip body without any compromise of projection.
The technique produces extra volume in the body of the lip with zero chance of migration (product sitting above the lip). It can be used to create intentional plumpness or to give a supermodel natural fullness.Their clinics are at the forefront of cosmetic injectables, and our very own ‘Look by Louise’ nurses and practitioners have successfully mastered the skill here in London with the highly regarded Russian doctor Dr. Marina Aisina MD, enabling us to offer you this lip filler technique directly from Russia.

The best canvas to work on is one that has not previously been touched, however, if you do have previous product in the lip carried out by us, or a clinic elsewhere then this will have to be removed by dissolve prior to your appointment. We do prefer to carry out the dissolving process ourselves to ensure complete removal.
The Russian Lip Technique requires no filler whatsoever placed around the border of the lip, so for the technique to be carried out to its full potential, a dissolve of your previous lip filler is required.

Absolutely not. There are fewer entry points used and only one in the border (this is where the sensitivity comes from) so pain really is kept to a minimum.
Lip fillers are best carried out with no anaesthesia, the light handedness of our injectors and the injection sites of this technique means there is zero pain or sensation during treatment so it really isn’t required. Anaesthesia has been known to affect swelling of the lip causing asymmetry of results and more downtime post-procedure. Our product range is all combined with lidocaine infusion (numbing inside the product) so numbs as we go.As with any technique, the injector needs to be very accurate regarding the placement of filler, and calmness and patience are definitely required to promote tissue separation for a seamless result. Augmentations can last anything from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of filler to inject and the density of lip tissue.

What are Russian Lips? Well, they’re the new craze, and if you are familiar with the world of Aesthetics, you would no doubt have come across the term ‘Russian Lips’ already. So what is it and how does it differ from the ‘Classic Lips’?
The classic and most common lip filler shape works with the client’s existing lip shape, adding volume using a horizontal injection technique. The classic lip shape suits certain types of faces. For example, if your side profile has a strong projection, generally you would require the lips to have a similar kind of projection for profile balancing. Therefore the classic lip technique would be best suitable for you. At Simply Clinics, Dr Youssef can achieve tailored lip shapes using the Cannula method. With this specialised technique, he is able to add volume to the lips whilst also adding height. Dr Youssef’s Cannula technique means there is significantly less bruising and swelling as there are considerably less injection points. Results will settle after 2 weeks. If you are still unsure which technique and lip shape would suit you best, book in for a consultation with our doctor to discuss your ideal results and aesthetic.The Russian Lip technique is solely used to add height to the lips, lifting them vertically. This technique is suited to someone who has a longer philtrum (distance between the nose and top lip) and for those who have a very thin top lip. Using this technique, you can pull the bottom lip lower from the middle giving the illusion of a V shape. The lips appear flatter from the side profile and more lifted from the front. This technique is shaped using the fanning method of injecting. This technique works marvelously for people who have a longer philtrum or very thin top lip. Though every individual has a unique lip shape and needs multiple injection techniques to achieve the best results, Russian Lips is a term many use to add height to the lips rather than just volume. The specific technique will add volume mainly to the mid-section of the lips. This technique is ideal if you are looking for a flat side profile and more volume and height, specifically to the top lip. Both techniques pose the same side effects and risks and both take a similar amount of time to carry out. Check out some of our Lip Filler treatments here. During the consultation, Dr Youssef will assess your lips and the desired expectation. We will go through your medical history and if the Dr feels you are a suitable candidate, you can go ahead and have your treatment on the same day. The procedure takes around 30 minutes and most patients describe it as a comfortable treatment. You will then be given after care advice and you can go about your daily activities with minimal downtime. At KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster, we only use FDA-approved and CE-certified lip fillers and as the lip tenting, pillar technique means using a little more product, your Russian lips could typically last 12 to 18 months. However, you might wish to have a touch up procedure every 6 to 9 months to maintain the results.As there are several injection points with the Russian lip technique, you may find that you have slightly more initial swelling and some bruising after this procedure. This treatment may cause more discomfort than a normal lip filler treatment due to the multiple injection points your injector needs to use.

With the Russian lip technique, the injections are administered vertically into the base of the lip, drawing out to the outer edge. The lips will be shaped to lift or flip the lip, rather than add excessive volume. This we also call lip tenting or the pillar technique and can enhance the cupid’s bow without adding a pronounced side profile or more volume into the lip border.You can help to minimise this by avoiding alcohol the night before your treatment, using arnica tablets a week prior and a week after your treatment, using an ice pack before and after your treatment and avoiding hot baths, saunas and steam rooms for around 48 hours after your treatment. The procedure itself takes around 30 to 45 minutes, but you may need to allow some extra time for any numbing cream that might be used, to take effect. Due to the extra time and product that is sometimes involved with lip tenting, you may pay a little more than you would for a normal lip filler procedure. However, this extra investment could mean that you get the exact result you want and the results may last longer than a traditional lip filler treatment.

If you are looking to enhance your lips and are interested in a lip lift, rather than shaping the outer border of the lips and adding volume to your facial profile, you may prefer to have the Russian lip filler technique here at KL Cosmetic Clinics. At KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster, we offer this innovative technique to those who are looking for a dramatic and intense lift to the lips and the Cupid’s bow without adding too much volume to the profile of the lips and who don’t necessarily need the border of the lips to be re-shaped or augmented. When we look at the techniques involved in a more common lip augmentation using dermal fillers, the product will usually be injected into the vermillion border and then potentially into the body of the lips using a cannula or needle, working from the outside of the lips, inwards. This will create a more prominent lip border to enhance their shape and add volume so that the profile of the lips are enhanced and can be seen from a side angle.Before your dermal filler treatment, we will always invite you to a pre-treatment consultation, so that we can determine exactly what you’re seeking by means of results, take your medical history and advise you on which of our range of dermal filler products would be suitable for your individual requirements.

This treatment offers you the opportunity to have maximum lip lift for a superstar look which exudes glamour, leaving you with the perfect pout, worthy of any selfie!
Your lips will be assessed, and you may need a hyalase lip filler dissolving treatment beforehand. By doing this, your old filler can be safely and efficiently removed and then your fresh Russian shape can be injected. Speak to your practitioner at your consultation about lip filler dissolving if you are considering it.If Russian lips are on your mind, or you want to create a dramatic look without excessive volume in your next lip filler treatment, contact our friendly team to arrange your no-obligation consultation. We look forward to meeting you at KL Cosmetic Clinics. After any swelling or tenderness has subsided, Russian lips should not affect how you kiss and can even make your lips feel softer and more kissable. A plump and sexy pout is so attractive and most guys will love the look of your new lips! They won’t be able to tell you have had anything done when they kiss you! Lip tenting doesn’t have to be done on both the upper and lower lips. In some cases, we will use a combination of traditional methods and the lip flip to create the best look possible for that perfect pout.

The swelling, tenderness or bruises are perfectly normal with this technique however and will subside, leaving you with a stunning result that will be the envy of your friends and a kissable desire to the man in your life!
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Although voluminous lips make the person look aesthetic and attractive, the upper lip should not be more than 2 millimeters ahead of the lower lip for natural-looking lips. Because too much forward of the lips makes it look like a duck. The easiest and most effective way to give volume to unfilled lips is to have filler injections. In the lip augmentation process made with hyaluronic acid fillers, the lips give a natural response when volume is added due to the active and dense vascular structure. However, the fashion of lip models changes from time to time, and too much filler distracts attention, disrupting ideal proportions and natural anatomy.Rose lip shape, when we look at the part from the end of the nose to the tip of the chin, we see enough distance, or even more. This lip shape; It can be applied to women with a narrower lower face, prominent cheeks and sufficient chin volume. If the facial features of the patient are suitable, the rose lip style can give the face a very pleasant appearance.

It is extremely important to use filler injections correctly. The area in the middle of the lips, that is, the point formed by the sum of the middle of our upper lip and the corresponding place of the lower lip, is called the lip heart. It is a very popular and aesthetic innovation to define and contour this important point with filler injection that gives volume. However, in order to give volume to the inside of the lip, it is necessary to use hyaluronic acid, which also contains vitamins. In this way, moist lips that grow towards the middle can be obtained. It is not a dream to get the full lips that many women desire. With lip augmentation, you can have full lips without surgery and in an extremely comfortable way. However, before using fillers, you need to choose a form suitable for your face. Here are the most popular lip shapes of recent times;Op.Dr. Yasemin İmamoğlu Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery 2021 All Rights Reserved. All materials on this site are Op.Dr. It cannot be used without written permission of Yasemin İmamoğlu.Butterfly lip form is the rarest lip shape. This lip shape gives women strong expression and youthful appearance. Women mostly have this type of lip shape during puberty. Doing lip augmentation in a dose gives your lips a natural spring form. You can also have a more youthful and attractive appearance with the butterfly lip shape.Hollywood lip shape is the most preferred lip shape by women, where the upper and lower lips are full but not exaggerated. It is the lip style preferred by people in the world of cinema and entertainment. upper lip; If we divide it into three as the lip heart, and its two sides, this lip form fills all three parts of the lip. The lower lip is volumized proportionally to the upper lip.

What's the difference between Russian lips and normal?
The Difference Unlike traditional lip filler, an injector using the Russian Lip technique injects the product vertically starting at the base of the lip and drawing the product outward toward the lip border. Rather than starting from the lip border and working inward, the injector works the product from the inside out.
The drop lip structure is the lip shape that looks like two teardrops on the lower lip. These two tear forms indicate that the volume effect of the lips is active and a younger appearance. The drop lip form on the lower lip is combined with other lip forms. If you have drop lips, you should know this well and know that the complement of lower lip thickness is always smooth and shiny teeth. In addition, each of the teeth must be of sufficient width and length for this lip form.

Do Russian lips suit everyone?
The Russian Lip technique is solely used to add height to the lips, lifting them vertically. This technique is suited to someone who has a longer philtrum (distance between the nose and top lip) and for those who have a very thin top lip.
The masseter is the strongest chewing muscle located on the side of the jaw area. The enlargement of this jaw muscle to be apparent from the outside is called masseter hypertrophy (masseter enlargement).

Creating the Russian lip requires double the amount of time that the standard linear thread technique takes. Depositing tiny droplets of product between the lip tissue takes time, resulting in a smooth uniform finish, with that heart shape effect.If you’re looking for extra savings on lip fillers (including the Russian Lip technique), consider becoming an Urban You member. Members get exclusive savings on cosmetic injections and have the opportunity to combine Brilliant Distinctions rebates and points towards injection costs. Take the next step, become an Urban You member, and save on maintaining your perfect pout.

The Russian lip technique is very contemporary and model-like. It shies away from your typical ‘done and overfilled look’. Side profiles stay beautifully balanced with this technique. Just google Russian lips, you’re sure to find photos of women using this lip filler technique.
Are you ready to hop on the latest lip trend? This filler technique demands an artist’s touch so it’s even more important to find a trustworthy injector. Call, DM, or book online at one of our locations.Unlike traditional lip filler, an injector using the Russian Lip technique injects the product vertically starting at the base of the lip and drawing the product outward toward the lip border. Rather than starting from the lip border and working inward, the injector works the product from the inside out.

Russians are considered to be one of the most beautiful nationalities. Many Russian women portray thick lips without the dreaded “duck pout” look. The Russian Lip filler technique shapes the lips into a subtle heart shape with more volume near the center, much like a Russian doll.

What is the most beautiful lip type?
Science has found that the most attractive lip shape has an upper-to-lower lip ratio of 1:2. Lips are most desirable in different shapes and forms for different people – 60% of people prefer a 1:1 ratio where the lips are completely symmetrical and evenly full.
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It tends to lift the lip rather than add excessive volume so it’s ideal for lip filler newbies or those seeking a natural finish. You will also notice a ‘flatter’ appearance as height is the goal, rather than plumpness. (Although both can be achieved if that is what you desire!)
Due to the extra time and product involved in the Russian Lip technique, you can expect to pay a little bit more than you would for traditional lip fillers. The extra investment is worth it to get exactly what you want!

Continued care between treatments is essential in ensuring the best results from filler, laser, or other UY services. Urban You For Me carries luxury, medical grade skincare products that can be delivered right to your doorstep! These products contain powerful ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and retinol, which are clinically tested and proven to be effective in anti-aging! The products on Urban You For Me not only protect your skin from harmful environmental elements, but also encourage healthy skin cell growth and rejuvenation!Absolutely! This is best for lips that have not had filler previously but this isn’t a necessity. Whilst the pain level is usually no different, the Russian technique does risk significantly more bruising and swelling initially, so this is something to be mindful of if you’re considering this procedure. Despite this, some of our patients feel that the Russian technique is less painful and more comfortable than some other treatments e.g. injections along the vermillion border. You can read more about our lip filler treatments, hereThe procedure is adequate for natural lips, as well as for lips that have already undergone an enlargement cosmetic treatment. For a personalized experience, you will need to mention at the initial consultation any other procedure that has been applied before and how much time has passed since your last filler treatment. If you have natural lips, the Russian lip filler technique might look even better for your lips.

What not to do after Russian lips?
Avoid make-up on your lips for up to 24 hours after. Avoid kissing or massaging your lips directly after the procedure and up to 24 hours, especially if it is your first lip filler injection. We recommend to avoid having a facial massage for at least 2 weeks.
Most reviews state that traditional lip fillers and Russian lip fillers have very similar healing periods. The pain level is also similar, or even lower. The main difference is the final look of your lips and the longevity of the aesthetic cosmetic procedure, as some of the traditional lip fillers can absorb in a shorter time. The Russian lip filler is famous for the special shape that can offer and can give you a doll-like look enhancing your cupid’s bow and giving a natural look to both your upper and lower lip.Here at Medical Cosmetics, the lip enhancement procedure is performed by an aesthetic doctor. The procedure is quick and safe, and our team will make sure you are informed, comfortable and happy with the result of your procedure.The results are noticeable immediately, although your lips will be swollen right after the aesthetic procedure. The swelling will reside after approximately 2 days and you can enjoy your new look as soon as the injection area heals.

Do Russian lips look more natural?
Russian Lips derive from the ‘Russian Doll’, where they form a heart shape in the centre with a flatter, higher appearance. However this look isn’t for everyone, and although this technique does avoid filler migration, it doesn’t necessarily look more natural than the more common lip filler technique.
The classic lip creates a heart shaped lip, lips maintain a nice and full shape centrally. From the side lips look juicy and hydrated. The key difference with the Russian lip technique uk is that it keeps the lips flatter from the side. Unlike traditional lip filler, an injector employing the Russian Lip technique injects the product working from the inside out, rather than starting from the lip border and working inward. Russian lips may also require slightly more filler than other methods to achieve the desired effect. The below images demonstrate the classic lip filler technique.

The level of pain that you will feel during the procedure might vary. To ensure minimal discomfort for this lip treatment, our aesthetic cosmetic clinic uses a topical anesthetic to numb the area before the injections are done. Within the first hours after the aesthetic procedure, the area of the injection can make you feel a moderate level of pain or discomfort, that will fade in the following days, as the swelling subsides.
If you want to make sure that this lip enhancement technique is suitable for you and for your face shape, our aesthetic clinic has created two filters that can help you decide. You can find them on our Instagram page and you can send us a picture of the filter you wish to look like.If you want to get this type of aesthetic treatment and you’re worried about your busy everyday schedule, you’ll be happy to know that it takes only 30 minutes. Our team will make sure you are ready for the procedure and will inform you about the aftercare of your lips so that you can enjoy the results of this aesthetic treatment for as long as 12 months after your injections.

What is the rarest type of lips?
Butterfly lip form is the rarest lip shape. This lip shape gives women strong expression and youthful appearance. Women mostly have this type of lip shape during puberty. Doing lip augmentation in a dose gives your lips a natural spring form.
It would be best to get this procedure at a specialized aesthetic clinic, that has an experienced team and uses the safest fillers. Here at Medical Cosmetics, we use a form of hyaluronic acid that is similar to the one that your body produces and we take pride in our specialists and their skills. If you’re trying to decide what clinic is the best for you, our advice is to fully research their method and references, and you can also read their aesthetic clinic reviews.

The trend began due to the desire for lips that are larger in volume and plumpness, without the worry of filler migration or the ‘duck lips’ look that many want to avoid. Russian lips are especially popular with those that desire noticeably larger lips, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. Below are a few examples of very different styles and outcomes that can be achieved using this technique.If you need help making a decision, our team can give you more details regarding our lip enhancement procedures, so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

Many women ask if there is something like lip filler migration and we have to say that this side effect is very rare. Of course, you can avoid russian lip filler migrate by choosing one of our extremely qualified doctors at Medical Cosmetics. If fillers are not performed by experienced and qualified doctors, then you can face filler migration, although this is really out of the ordinary.
Lip enhancement treatments use hyaluronic acid lip injections, which are injected directly into the lip area. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found within the cells of the body, but which can diminish over time leaving the lips looking flat and deflated. Here at Medical Cosmetics we use a gel form of hyaluronic that mimics the effect of the body’s own stores, creating a boost which enhances the natural appearance of the lip. As a non-invasive beauty treatment, lip fillers are a safe treatment when carried out by a trained practitioner, like our Dr Siddiqi and when using high quality injectable products. With the lip injections that we use, such as Teoxane and Juverderm®, it is expected that results will last anywhere from 6 months to one year.

At Medical Cosmetics you can get different types of lip augmentation procedures, according to your wish for the final look. Our lip enhancement procedures are mainly focused on enlargement, reshaping, and rejuvenation of the lips, but can also help you achieve a more defined and smooth look.
The term “Russian lips” refers to a technique that raises the pink of the top lip higher, whilst the bottom lip drops lower giving a deep ‘V’ shaped curve toward the chin. This technique tends to lift the lip rather than add volume, giving a flatter appearance from the side. This shape gives a “Russian doll” aesthetic.If you’re near Nottingham, our team can help you get a safe and quick lip filler procedure. To find a doctor near you, reach out to the aesthetic clinics in your area and see which one can offer you this specific procedure. If you want to give your lips that plum, rounded shape, that makes you look like a Russian doll, you will need an amount of 0.5 up to 1.0 ml of lip filler. Our prices for lip filler procedures start at £175 and can vary accordion to the technique you prefer and the amount of filler required for the injection. Have you seen our new Instagram filters? We have created two filters which enable you to try out what you could look like with lip fillers. Try our more subtle, natural look or our larger Russian lips filter. Just head to our Instagram profile and click the filters tab. Why not share your look with us? Tag @medicalcosmeticsltd so we can take a look! We’d love to see. Lip augmentation using half a syringe of a hyaluronic acid filler. This injection also allowed to slightly lift the upper lip. This technique is sometimes referred to in Los Angeles as a lip flip. We use some of the best hyaluronic acid fillers including Versa, Restylane, and Juvederm UltraPlus XC, and Voluma. These are hyaluronic acid-based gel derived from non-animal sources. Different areas of the human body, including the skin, contain hyaluronic acid. We do not use all the available fillers on the market. These fillers differ in their thickness, cross linking, and ability to draw water. So, certain fillers work best in specific areas of the face. Having tried nearly all fillers over the years, we selected these hyaluronic acid fillers for their versatility, best safety profile, and high patient satisfaction.Many patients in Los Angeles presenting for lip fillers also undergo injections of botox for forehead or periocular wrinkles. In addition, many patients undergo filler injections to augment the chin, cheekbone areas, accentuate the jawline, or decrease the appearance of the smile and marionette lines.– Lip augmentation using the technique referred to as the Russian Lip Technique. This lip filler injection technique helps produce more pouty lips, accentuate the cupid’s bow, while maintaining a natural shape. This is a very popular technique requested by many women in Los Angeles.As of January 30, 2021, there were three people who developed facial swelling in the areas of prior cosmetic filler injection within a few days of receiving the Moderna COVID vaccine. None of those patients required hospitalization. Their swelling resolved with antihistamines/steroid treatment. This type of swelling in patients with facial fillers is very rare. We recommend that patients wait one month after receiving a COVID vaccine before undergoing facial filler injections. Patient who have facial fillers who not avoid getting a COVID vaccine and should inform their health care provider administering the vaccine that they have facial fillers.

The fillers last months to years depending on the person’s metabolism and area of injection. In the lips and smile lines, the fillers last months to a year. The fillers last up to a year or more in the cheeks, jawline, and chin and several years under the eyes in many patients.Bruising, swelling, and lumpiness may office and resolve over time. Certain pre-existing facial asymmetries and imperfections may not be correctable with fillers. A very rare complication called embolism may occur when a filler is accidentally injected into a blood vessel resulting in a decreased blood flow. Allergic reaction to lidocaine in the filler is possible in people with allergies to Lidocaine.

A hyaluronic acid filler was injected in this patient using a Russian Lip technique. The volume of the vermillion border and cupid’s bow were enhanced, and the volume of the vermillion was augmented.
The amount of filler needed depends on the patient’s starting lip volume and goals. Most patients need one syringe for both lips. In some patients, half a syringe will be sufficient to achieve the desired result.Lip injections take about 10 minutes to perform. Most patients prefer to have the lips anesthetized using a numbing cream, which is applied for about 15-20 minutes prior to the procedure. For better communication between the patient and the person performing injections, it is important to understand lip anatomy. Basic lip anatomy is illustrated in this photograph of our patient who underwent lip augmentation. The safety of filler injections has not been studied during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Until more information is available, it would be best to postpone filler injections till after finishing pregnancy and breastfeeding.Patients should avoid medications and supplements which may increase bleeding and bruising including aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication ( e.g Advil, Motrin, Excedrin, etc), alcohol, fish oil, vitamin E, and herbal supplements 1 week before the appointment. Fillers can be used to decrease the appearance of the smile lines and marionette lines. In addition, a jawline contour can be improve with fillers. Injection of fillers, in the smile and marionette lines to achieve a smoother contour of the face is sometimes referred to as a liquid facelift procedure. Most people tolerate injections well. We apply a strong numbing cream that contains three anesthetics including Lidocaine, Benzocaine, and Tetracaine prior to injections. In addition, the fillers we use contain Lidocaine as well which numbs the area as the filler is injected. Natalie performs lower lid injections using a cannula technique to minimize the risk for bruising. The risk of bruising using a needle to fill the undereye (tear trough) area can be 30-60%. However, the risk of bruising using an injection cannula is less than 5 %. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin dermis and epidermis. It keeps the dermis hydrated and gives the skin a youthful turgor. As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid present in the skin is reduced resulting in a decreased skin turgor and elasticity.Dermal (facial ) fillers are used to fill facial grooves ( e.g. smile lines or marionette lines) and /or enhance the volume of the chin, cheek areas, jawline, or lips. Botox and like neurotoxins are used for facial wrinkles caused by the muscles of facial expression ( such as muscles of the forehead and around the eyes). Neurotoxins weaken those muscles and the ability of those muscles to cause facial wrinkles.

This patient underwent upper lip augmentation using a soft silicone lip implant. Small (3mm) incision was placed in the corners of the mouth. The small scar cannot be seen. The lip feels smooth to touch. Silicone lip implants offer a permanent solution for lip augmentation.
Lip Implants – Dr. Grigoryants offers also permanent lip augmentation. Silicone implants for lip augmentation are available in the United States. They are very soft and provide a natural feel. These implants are inserted through a small incision in the corner of the mouth. Different sizes of implants are available. Samples of these implants will be shown to you by Dr. Grigoryants during your consultation to decide what size would work best for you. We have experienced a very high satisfaction rate with these lip implants.This patient underwent lip filler injection to increase the pout and volume of lips maintaining a natural look. Versa, a hyaluronic acid filler, was used.

Natalie, RN is an expert injector specializing in facial injections. She has been thoroughly trained by Dr. Grigoryants and is the primary injector at our office. Many women and men in Los Angeles and out of town come to Natalie for injections. She performs:
This patient’s lips were injected with one cc of hyaluronic acid filler using the Russian Lip Technique. The definition of the Cupid’s Bow was enhanced in addition to lip volume increase.Accessibility Statement: We are committed to accessibility and ensuring that individuals with any disability have access to the information on this website. Should you have any difficulty accessing this website in any manner and would like to receive accommodations regarding using this website, please contact our accessibility manager at [email protected] or (818)396-5551.

Compared to classical lip augmentation, Russian lips aesthetics is considered much better in terms of both the method used and the application materials.
When the lip augmentation process with the Russian technique is done correctly with expert hands, the lips will gain volume and have an attractive appearance. There will be no problems such as an amorphous enlargement or the appearance of a duck lip.Russian lips technique, which is one of the aesthetic lip applications that not only adds volume to the lip but also affects its shape to give it a more aesthetic appearance, has become one of the most popular lip aesthetic applications of recent times.

Russian lips lip augmentation focuses on compensating for the loss of volume in the lips, as in similar filling applications. The application is extremely effective if it is carried out by a surgeon who is an expert in the field.
Although it is popularly referred to as lip botox or lip augmentation, it is actually a specialized type of these procedures. Causes such as aging, some environmental factors, and nutritional regimen cause the lips to weaken in volume over time. To solve this problem, non-surgical, practical, and effective methods are in demand. The main goal of people who plan to have the procedure is to achieve the desired appearance of their lips. Those who have Russian technique lips augmentation generally give positive feedback. The application should be made by a surgeon experienced in the field.

What is the downside of Russian lips?
The most dangerous aspect of this technique is the greatly increased risk of vascular occlusion, due to the anatomy of the lip and the angle of the needles. A vascular occlusion is when blood is no longer able to pass through a blood vessel because it is blocked with filler.
Russian lip augmentation has a flat, high, heart-shaped appearance in the center. While classical fillings do not change the shape of the lips, Russian lips also shape the lips. So, it looks less natural.

It is possible to see that this application has a distinct advantage compared to classical lip augmentation. Thanks to the procedure, not only the lip but also the lip contour becomes prominent.Lip augmentation is not a surgical operation. Therefore, there is nothing special that needs attention beforehand. However, people who take blood thinners regularly and should not stop taking these drugs should make a good decision about the filling process. Because this will increase the risk of side effects such as swelling and bruising. You can make the best planning together with your doctor.

There is no specific lip type sought for this filling process. The application can be successfully applied to any lip. However, such an operation is usually not required for thick and properly shaped lips. If you have decided to have a filling, your doctor will evaluate your lip in terms of the procedure and make the necessary planning. Before the procedures, people are informed, and recommendations are given.
The hyaluronic acid in the filling material is compatible with the human body and does not cause any harm. Therefore, it is not expected to cause an allergic reaction, but some temporary side effects may occur. These also disappear within a maximum of five days.

It is your right to meet your aesthetic needs in the best and correct way and to have a wonderful appearance. By contacting our beauty experts, you can have detailed information and achieve natural beauty without any problems.
Aesthetic procedures to add volume to the lip are the name given to the process performed for thin or worn, weak lips. It is a procedure that requires medical knowledge and is performed only by a surgeon. Russian lips are a popular aesthetic procedure that is among aesthetic procedures aimed at making the application area fuller.Only an experienced surgeon should perform the procedure. Otherwise, various problems may be encountered, especially the risk of infection. At the same time, instead of an aesthetic appearance, you may be faced with a shapeless lip.

The lips are the most commonly used part of the human face. Our lips have a special importance when laughing, talking, and shaping our gestures or facial expressions. In today’s perception of beauty, lips that look fuller are more attractive. For this reason, Russian lips lip augmentation has become very popular lately.
The permanent filling material is generally not preferred during the process. It is not possible to say an exact time for the duration of permanence. Because factors such as the lip structure and age of the person can change the duration of permanence. To give an average time, it can be said that the permanence of Russian lip filling is between 15-22 months.

Whether it’s because they have a defined shape or a full, natural-looking pair of lips, these celebrities have been determined to have the most attractive lip shapes.Julia Roberts’ lips are described as a “trout pout,” meaning she naturally has an equally full top and bottom lip with no defined Cupid’s bow – they stay full even when she smiles, putting their pout high on the beauty scale. This is the desired result for many people who receive lip filler to add volume to the upper and lower lip or just their top lip.

Lip shape attractiveness is more related to symmetry than a specific size or shape. Science has found that the most attractive lip shape has an upper-to-lower lip ratio of 1:2. Lips are most desirable in different shapes and forms for different people – 60% of people prefer a 1:1 ratio where the lips are completely symmetrical and evenly full. However, the 1:2 ratio would apply to someone with a defined cupid’s bow and fuller bottom lip.Similar to Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johnasson has a beautifully full, sultry lip shape, with both lips having the same thickness, giving Johansson the often desired 1:1 ratio. Unlike Angelina Jolie, Scarlett has a slight Cupid’s bow, making her pout more natural-looking.

What are the risks of Russian lips?
The most dangerous aspect of this technique is the greatly increased risk of vascular occlusion, due to the anatomy of the lip and the angle of the needles. A vascular occlusion is when blood is no longer able to pass through a blood vessel because it is blocked with filler.
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Often the first person to be mentioned when talking about lip shapes and fillers, Kylie Jenner has a signature “bee-stung” lip shape, achieved with fillers. This pillowy look has been sought after since her debut, with many desiring to have a similar, less-natural, full pout.
Many plastic surgeons agree that Rihanna and Taylor Swift have the perfect examples of defined yet full lips. Rihanna’s lips are extremely well-proportioned and balanced, making it easy for her to pull off a bold, red lip. This lip shape is both head-turning and natural.Taylor Swift’s lip shape is often described as very romantic, with her well-defined Cupid’s bow giving her mouth a heart shape. She often emphasizes her beautiful lip shape with bright lipstick or a classic red shade – many people opt for this lip shape for a more defined, natural look that is reminiscent of classic beauty.

For over ten years, Dr. Christopher Pavlou’s global approach has combined the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine with tried and tested reliable methods to achieve a naturally rejuvenated appearance. During your initial consultation, you can discuss non-surgical lip alteration costs, results, and requirements with one of our experienced technicians.
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Angelina Jolie’s lip shape is the most requested shape regarding consultations for lip shape alterations. She has a very full, sensual pout with natural volume and roundness. To achieve this shape, it is common to use fillers and neuromodulators like Xeomin and Botox to lift the corners of the mouth and fill the lips.
For those who would like the “height without projection look” and this is really the majority of patients, please just tell your injector that and have a discussion with them on what it is possible to achieve. Feel free to bring images as well.We wouldn’t say that it is “scammy” but there are important considerations for patients who want to have lips with a lot of height but minimal extra projection.

How long does Russian lips last?
12 months The effects of the Russian lip filler last for as long as 12 months, and you can repeat the procedure after this time has passed.
The before and after images appear to have a noticeable increase in height of the lips but with minimal projection ie not a “ducky appearance”. More a “flat” upper lip type appearance.The main issue is that the before and afters are only in a similar type of lip that for an injector is easy to lift without too much projection. The unfortunate part is that some patient’s lips, due to their anatomy, will not be able to achieve the results that are seen in these heavily advertised before and afters.

“Russian Lips” as a phrase, has a lot of different meanings for different people. One thing that may be agreed upon is that the before and after images have a certain look.
Prices for dermal filler and lip augmentation vary depending on clinic and location, but the Russian Lip technique can actually become more expensive than the usual lip filler treatment offered. To achieve the flat, heightened look of the Russian Lips, more dermal filler is needed, which can therefore bump up the price.

What are the disadvantages of Russian lips?
Lips that have been overfilled are more prone to filler migration, which is where the filler moves outside of the intended area to other parts of the face. This is not harmful, but can look a bit strange from time to time. We also want to make it known that Russian lips are not suitable for everyone.
Lip filler lasts between 9-12 months, however regular top-ups are advised to ensure your desired shape is kept. To enquire for more information about lip filler and our other aesthetic services, please get in touch!